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Before I purchased my home I had renters insurance with Geico. The process was easy and I was able to get it all online. I loved being able to combine it with my car insurance and save extra money too. The customer service was great and helped me right away when I needed them. While I personally have never had to file a claim on my Renters Insurance policy I would recommend Geico and their services because with everything else they were very helpful and accommodating. My policy option experience was wonderful. I was able to go online and choose the options that I needed. It was very simple and easy to go online and pick what I wanted. The coverage options that I was available for me to choose from was great. I was able to choose policy limits that made sure to cover all that I needed it to.

They have good rates compared to their competitors. Everything went well with claims processing except the waiting when called. Their automated system is one thing I would change. I would rather speak to humans but their rep was nice and they were helpful in answering questions. They have policy options that allows you to make the right choice for what you need. Overall, they have a very good policy. The coverage is sufficient to meet all the needs. It helps to know that you're covered in case of an emergency and it makes you more comfortable about the day. I would also recommend them to most people who seek insurance because this is a very good company. The commercials are interesting as well.

Ok so where do I start. First off this is by far the worse renters insurance I've ever had in life. The adjusters are very unprofessional, they do not work diligently for you and never call you back with status updates. I called my adjuster for 4 weeks straight, requested to speak with her manager and everything and was just given the run around after all their false promises kept failing.

I had a theft claim, that was worth well over 5,000 in value, but these folks bull crapped me around, fed me 1 million excuses as to why they were only able to pay me $433. I submitted every document they asked for, from pictures, to receipts and even the police report. I am utterly dissatisfied with this company and will not be spending anymore money with them and do not recommend that anyone else does as well.

My claim was promised to be finalized in no more than 30 days (which is expected)... Hell it took almost 3 months, only for them to say they could only pay 433 dollars. And lastly, this is isn't even through Geico directly, it's a 3rd party company which was also misleading. Moral of the story, DO NOT spend your money here.

We've had Geico renters insurance for a while now. We had an accident with a lawnmower that we have, in which they stated all personal property items inside and outside is included, and now they refuse to do anything about it cause it wasn't a act of God. Now contacting a lawyer, and getting a hold of the insurance fraud line here in Missouri. This is complete and total lying and misrepresenting and stealing of hard working people's money. After this crap is settled I'll definitely cancel all of my Geico insurances.

Only customer service was in payments of premiums - no claims were ever filed during the time the renters insurance policy was effective. Would assume that things would have been satisfactory, if a claim had been submitted. Policy options were adequate, based on the worth of the items to be covered. Since this was renters insurance that was somewhat limited, but there was some flexibility. Contents and deductibles were the basics of the coverage options available on a renters insurance policy. There would be no need to cover the unit itself.

I went online to look into renters insurance thru Geico because I have car insurance with them. I filled out a couple of forms and got a rate I felt was fair for what I wanted the policy to cover. I knew there wasn't enough money in my bank account to cover the payment, so I requested a date a month out so I could make sure I had the money in the account in plenty of time. What a mistake THAT was!!! Two days later I check that bank account and they've attempted to hit the account for the payment I purposely directed to start on March 1, 2014!! Of course there wasn't enough money in there, so I got hit with a $29 fee!! When I called to explain what had happened, I was assured that they would give cover the overdraft fee - no problem!

Fast-forward 4 days later and still no fee recovery! So I called AGAIN (let me tell you what a pain their phone service is! Usually they tell you it's too busy and to call back later!! Yep - I've got all day to just continuously call! I know the trick is they figure you'll just give up and stop pursuing your issue!) and was told that a supervisor review my request and denied it because I agreed to pay for the plan the day I signed up - even though my policy wouldn't start for a month. WHY WOULD I DO THAT? Stay away from GEICO!!! Even if you have to pay a couple more dollars for your coverage, in the long run I am confident it will be worth every penny!! After this, I'm writing to the BBB and the Insurance Regulatory Board. I am looking for new car insurance coverage as we speak!!! What has happened to customer service in this country??

Have autopay turned on. Geico raised 6 months rate in August 2016 from 900 to 2700 and continued to raise rate thereafter to reach 3100 every 6 months. I did not realize it until I moved to a new home and had to get new home policy. The monthly charge to my bank account was more than 500. I called to complain and they said that is the current going rate. I called three other companies and got 1400-1500/6 months rate. I canceled Geico and went to a new company. If you put your trust in Geico to give you a competitive rate, they will screw you every time and will continue to steal money from your account.

I got a renewal notice and thought it was fraud from American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida. It wasn't until I saw Geico in very tiny letters that I realized it was rental insurance renewal. The premium is much higher this year and I cannot get any human being on the phone. Call the number on the bill and all you get are a circle of prompts with no way to talk to a person. Call Geico's number and it routes you back to the bank's circular system. I'm not renewing. How could I ever get help if I can't even get a person on the line to talk about a renewal? Awful. Geico should not have their name associated with this group.

Helpful, courteous, and very detailed with their explanation. Took the time to thoroughly explain the insurance options and simply answered all the questions. Very thoughtful. Made sure all questions were answered and explained carefully. Went through step by step procedures. Quick with sending an agent out. For the reasonable and affordable prices, the policy is worth every penny. Had many coverage options to chose from. I had 30k coverage and you can definitely go higher if need be. Coverages major damages, guests that were injured while visiting. Or if the roof caved in or damages from the weather.

Only contact was to inquire about it as I have my car insurance with them as well. Pleasant phone conversation. I simply inquired about obtaining it, what the cost would be and if I received a discount because I had my car insurance with them. The person was pleasant on the phone and answer all my questions adequately. The rate seem to be more than competitive as I had already inquired of other companies. Geico insurance has always treated me well over the years offering the best rate I could find for equal coverage.

The only claim I ever had was for a claim when my car was broken into. They were speedy to take care of this and provided an adequate sum of money for the loss that occurred as well as the damage to my car. I was referred to a body shop that did an excellent job on my car in fixing it. I was happy with the overall outcome. They have multiple options for the insurance that completely fits my needs. They are highly competitive with options and their rates for the insurance. It is a company I highly recommend as they have always given me the lowest rate for insurance. I do not recall all the coverage options as they are numerous. The only thing I can say is they meet my needs and I would recommend them to family and friends for their insurance purposes.

The insurance customer service is great and conveniently for me to make a courage purchase. But sometimes it kinda slow in service but still great though. And sometimes it make me mad cause it take too long to make a claim processing throughout the day. I don't know exactly about the policy option just yet. But I will find out soon how this policy options work out for me. Cause this is kinda new for me at this time, the coverage rate is kinda high and expensive at the same time as well.

GEICO is a very good company with great value for the money I am paying. I pay about $20 a month so it is very affordable. They were the cheapest of all the insurance companies. I now have peace of mind. I highly recommend it to all my family and friends. I also use car insurance from them because it is cheapest. Before I was paying $200 with other insurance, with GEICO now I pay $130, so great company overall. I will always use GEICO. I don't think any other insurance company has a better deal. Other insurance companies just want to get as many $ from people as possible. QUALITY. Great customer Service and Good Price!!!

We got renter's insurance right before we left from New Jersey and moving to Nevada we spoke with someone and they told us we will be covered for damages. I asked specially about the moving company issue and he told me not to worry because everything will be protected. We clearly stated we will be moving and I felt like we are scammed. We paid upfront and we told him we are moving then all the sudden we found out they randomly canceled our renter's insurance without our consent and they kept telling us on the phone that we got letters in the mail but we never did. No one informed us on anything.

We called to make a claim because the moving company damaged our things and now all the sudden we do not have renter's insurance. I feel so scammed and manipulated and lied to. These people make me want to end my life because I’m tired of the lies I am getting and they cannot own up to their own mistakes. We paid in full for renter's and canceled our car policy ONLY with them because we found a cheaper! Not ever did we say cancel our renter's insurance. This is so unprofessional and now I’m out SO MUCH MONEY AFTER THE GUY ON THE PHONE ASSURED ME I WILL BE OKAY WITH THE MOVE AND IF ANYTHING HAPPENS.

I purchased auto and renters policy bundled coverage with auto payments coming out of my bank account for the last 18 months. I was never told that Geico was not the insurance company for my renter insurance and that the payment I was quoted for both policies would not come out together. To make a long story short they auto charged me for auto insurance $142 a month but not the $6 a month for renters insurance. So when I needed to use my renters insurance from Geico I had no coverage even though when I spoke to a rep about renewing my polices and telling her I wanted both policies they did not give me renters insurance I requested. You should get away from Geico ASAP.

Geico's customer service is top notch. It does kind of suck that there's no offices to help me but a quick phone call or email usually gets the job done timely. Claims processing aspect is very good. I've been with them for 2 years and have filed 2 claims and both claims were processed and completed in a timely manner. Geico has a lot of policy options fit for different people. I've changed my policy only once in the two years I've been with them but it's a very easy painful process. The coverage is great. The customer service is amazing and everything is just perfect with them. I love Geico. Would definitely recommend them to anyone.

The policy was very easy to sign up for on the website. I was contacted the following day by an agent. I have a name for the agent I can call if I have any issues. He was very knowledgeable about the policy. I just have the standard policy. He made some great recommendations that I had not considered. I installed security cameras and was able to lower my rates. I would also follow some of the other points he mentioned as soon as I can. Great follow up and would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for renters insurance.

After several years of reliable car insurance with GEICO, I decided to use them for a new renters insurance policy. This was a mistake. They quoted me a figure of $177/year for my set condition ($20,000 property; $300,000 liability; $5,000 sewage with $100 deductible). I received both verbal confirmation over the phone and email verification of the quote.

After calling back to set up the quote and again confirming these figures, I was sent an Evidence of Insurance form that now stated my policy as containing only $100,000 of personal liability. So I called customer service and was informed that they had "no way to verify" that the original quote email was valid; they insisted on raising my premium to $186 to cover the original conditions. While this increase is small, it represents extremely dishonest business practice. Of course, over thousands of people, this little trick will net a lot of extra money for Geico/Assurant. Many people may not even notice. As a side note, the "inability to verify" is ridiculous in the 21st century and clearly fabricated. Why not let me send you back your own company's email? You can check it against the original.

Please do not use Geico Renters Insurance - Assurant. You are paying for nothing. They will use fraud threat or other rider to get out of paying for your loss. Our movers lost all of our clothes, my gmas china, Christmas tree and several totes of goods. Geico denied our claim cuz third party ins co for movers was contacted. These movers got out of paying because they didn’t pack our goods - loophole. Then, Geico victimized us again and denied claim. We were robbed along w 10 other apts with police report. They sent claim to fraud dept to intimidate us. Read online how vicious these people are. I dropped the claim playing into their hand. Not worth what they would put my family through to avoid paying for our traumatic loss. YOU WILL NOT GET A FAIR OR ANY PAYMENT ON CLAIMS. PLEASE DO NOT USE GEICO. You may save $$ but if something happens, you are not going to see a dime and will be treated very badly.

I spent over half an hour over the Phone just waiting for an agent to pick up the phone. They do not provide an efficient website that can add a third party in the policy. This is shameful for a company like Geico! I wish I did not purchase the full year coverage at once!

Just four weeks back I called GEICO and get quotation for my first car insurance. The same time customer service representative advised me that my monthly payment will be $130, she have charged $198 from my Credit Card. So, again I called them and they have deduct the extra amount from my upcoming monthly payment. The funny thing is just last week they sent me a letter saying that I have to pay $270 for monthly payment. This is really unacceptable. I never trust GEICO and will never use them again.

It has been 9 days since I filed a claim for "loss of use" after a tree fell on the house I am renting. I provided all the required documents, including the report from the local fire department stating that the house was unsafe and unfit for habitation. I was assigned an adjuster who never answers his phone, never responds to emails, and who has yet to contact me in any way. When I call the claims line, I am placed in an endless voicemail loop and when I visit the website, it is either down due to "technical problems" or the site is up but displays absolutely no progress at all on my claim. This is shameful for a company such as GEICO. I intend to file a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner's office.

I called Geico to get a quote for a new homeowner’s insurance and after giving them the information requested, the insurance agent told me Geico was unable to provide us insurance because we owned an Akita (which apparently is on the vicious dog list) and we had 2 kids under the age of 12! We never had any insurance claims regarding our current house, the kids or the dog! We did not know until now what a "high risk" family we are! By the way, if you own any of these dogs good luck getting home owner’s insurance: Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Presa Canarios, Chows Chows, Doberman Pinschers, Akitas, Wolf-hybrids, Mastiffs, Cane Corsos, Great Danes, Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies.

Great customer service, online website and application. Gives advice, very flexible, able to push out my payments if necessary. Never have to wait for a representative to talk to. Fortunately I have not had any claims yet but my daughter has the same insurance and they were quick to process her claim and resolve issues. They have many policy options to fit your personal needs and pricing. They are the best I have found. I would greatly recommend them to someone looking for new insurance. Great for renters plus you get a discount if you have your auto insurance with them. I am a renter and was able to pick a low price.

My mom had a renters insurance policy with GEICO. After she passed, I was in charge of handling all of her affairs. I called GEICO the week after she passed, and told them that we were still cleaning out her apartment. I was told I could not cancel the policy until the apartment was empty. OK, that makes sense. I called back a couple of weeks later to tell them that the apartment was empty, and they still refused to cancel the policy. I was told that by law they could not close it unless I sent them paperwork naming me as the executor of the estate. I have closed ALL of my mom’s other accounts, including bank and credit cards, with no issue. This is the ONLY company that gave me any problems.

It makes no sense to me why they would do this, except for that my mom had just paid for a year in advance and they do not want to refund her money. They could check with her apartment complex to see that she has not lived there and has passed away, and I offered to send them a death certificate – they were not open to any of that. I will NEVER use GEICO for any of my insurance needs after seeing how they treat customers. There is just no excuse for the way they handled this situation.

Geico Renters Insurance Customer service staff appear to be United States based and are friendly and easy to communicate with. Very professional staff. Geico's claims processing is super easy and efficient. Adjuster was dispatched and arrived on time and handled our situation quickly. The claim was processed very quickly. Geico's Renters Insurance offers several different options that will meet just about anyone's needs and budget. Convenient payment options make them super easy to use. Geico Renters Insurance provides the coverage that I needed as well as all the possible options that I could ever ask for. Lots of options means lots of customizable choices.

The customer service representatives were very helpful and friendly. They were very knowledgeable and went above and beyond to find the best rates. I never personally had to file a claim but the whole customer service experience was very pleasant. I had a policy in no time. The representatives explained different policy options and rates as well as different coverage options. I was very pleased with how knowledge that she was. They had options to cover fire and water damage in case of a disaster and also had coverage for valuable and personal items in case of a robbery.

The customer service representatives were very friendly and knowledgeable. I was never on hold for too long and they were always able to answer my questions. Lucky for me I never had to file a claim. If I had, I think they would have been helpful. They usually took care of my concerns quickly. There were several options for me to choose from to adequately cover my assets and remain within my budget. Some had high deductibles and some had none. Coverage options ranged from the bare minimum to the values of specific items. For example, we had several jewelry items and heirlooms we needed to cover and it was no problem.