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My wife and I are old and we have issues so, there's no way I would travel without insurance. I don't take a lot of risks and I insure myself against stuff like travel. I have a good friend who travels a lot and recommended Generali Global Assistance. I talked to them, I wanted everything they offered and I signed up. They were professional and courteous and the experience was very pleasant. I would recommend them.

I liked what I saw on the computer. I did comparative search and felt that you had the best coverage to fit my situation. I also liked that I could call and speak to a real person to buy the policy. Thank you. The person I spoke with was very friendly and all was done effortless. I most likely do not need the policy, since I am still very healthy, but like the comfort in case something happens. The fee for the coverage was very reasonable. Thank you. If I do another self planned trip, I certainly would look at your policies first. Of course at this time I have not used your policy, since my trip has not yet started. I hope that all goes well and have no need to test its effectiveness.

A few years back, my wife had an emergency eye surgery the day before we left and I filed a travel insurance claim. The claim went smoothly and the insurance paid off so I thought about getting it again.

I do travel insurance for every trip. And the birding tour company I use had always recommended CSA, the company I have used for years, and Generali Global Assistance took over CSA. We stay in remote lodges on our trips and I sometimes have to pay upfront. And if I have to cancel, I don't get anything back. They're pretty expensive trips, so I always purchase travel insurance. The last time I went on there it redirected me to the Generali. I read into it and it said that they had bought the company.

The site was user-friendly and easy to navigate. I've submitted claims through CSA. I have had to cancel a few times. Or else got sick. Once I got sick in Guatemala and had to get out of there. I've never had any problem. CSA has always been great. So, I hope they're still keeping the same people. My experience has been a pretty blank slate so far. But I assume Generali will be just as good as CSA.

We went on an expensive trip and knowing that things happen, we needed a travel insurance. The agents told me about Generali and we ended up purchasing the policy from them online. Everything that I did was positive because we had nothing to claim, fortunately.

My wife did all our transactions with Generali Global Assistance online and everything went smoothly online. Everything went fine and I'm satisfied, and I can't complain about anything so far.

I knew about Generali Global Assistance from somebody else who had used them. Michael, the customer service representative, was knowledgeable in terms of what his company offered. He took the time out to explain their policies. I have a couple of different questions and he was attentive to what I’ve asked and gave me straightforward answers. If I didn’t understand something, he clarified it for me or went over it again. Generali is a company to look into if you're looking for travel insurance. There was customer service and they were pleasant to deal with.

My daughter, who's an avid insurance person told me about Generali Global Assistance. I bought the policy but have never claimed on it.

One of my friends used Generali Global Assistance and he said that they are good. If something happens, they would cover which was my big concern. I had a claim three months back and I emailed customer service. They asked me to provide the documentation and in my email, I completely explained that I have my tickets and everything. Someone emailed me back and in a couple of weeks, they paid. Thankfully, Generali covered it and they covered a couple of hundred dollars. If they hadn't, I would have lost $500. They handled it very fast and they were cheaper.

It was my first experience and hopefully, in the future, it will be the same because there are all those good information, like if you’re getting sick you’ll be covered this much. It's too good to be true and I’ve never heard of Generali so I'm always worried that at the end, it would be like those cheap insurances that eventually won’t cover any of your claims. But overall, they did a great job because I used Condor which is like a German Airline and there was a delay. They lost our connection and they didn’t pay for the claim because they said it was not their problem. They were awful. Reliability is the most important thing in an insurance that you have no idea and Generali was good and reliable.

I compared prices and found Generali's price better than others. Purchasing the insurance was easy and quite good.

Generali is a well-recognized company and their price compared to other places was a little below average. My experience overall was very professional, expedited and swift. I submitted a claim online and they made a very speedy response by email. They also had a very easy questionnaire to fill out and it was not very cumbersome.

My dad is an elderly person so I wanted to make sure that he has some coverage when he travels. I just went on Generali's website and I entered his information with age. It showed me the options for coverage and I chose one. Their coverage was better than other travel insurance for the price. It was an easy process and the coverage was good so I would recommend it.

When I travel, I always purchase travel insurance. When I did my reservation for Wendover, I saw Generali Global Assistance on the itinerary and I asked the rep about the insurance and she gave me the number. So I called and their rep told me about the prices and I picked one and paid for it. The experience with their customer service was wonderful. In case we have an accident or something happens to our luggage, we have the insurance. I had excellent service overall.

My claim with Generali Global Assistance has been pending for months. Their reps were friendly but I’m extremely frustrated. The first time I mailed in the claim for this particular loss that I had, I didn’t get a response. It has been a long time because the one time I had used them with CSA before, it was a very quick turnaround. I finally called and Generali didn’t have my application or claim form. It was mailed weeks before and someone lost my claim. It had a return address on it and I didn’t get a return to the post office. I had to send another claim and some information that I had with the original claim I didn’t have copies of.

This whole thing has been held up because I had gone to the doctor. That’s how I ended up having a claim. I didn’t have the forms the second time around. I just had a copy of my doctor’s statement of what was wrong that caused me to cancel the trip. The trip cost me $8000 because of the expenditures that I’ve had for different countries’ requirements of visas and I just made a claim for $7000 because that was the thing that I could easily verify. That’s what the company that handled the trip charged me. I have been going back and forth. This was last October and at this point, I just want to tell Generali to cancel my claim and to send me back my policy payment because they are not going to honor the policy. After months of waiting, I still haven’t gotten the payment from Generali Global Assistance for my loss and I haven’t had an update in about four weeks.

Generali's price was cheaper and I bought the insurance for just in case when I went on a trip to Panama. I did everything online and it was easy to choose the coverage that I wanted and the price that I could afford and to just do it. I got really prompt emails and then all the information I needed was really quick. I like that because I don't like to worry about it too much. I like to buy it and forget about it.

I called Generali when I purchased the travel insurance and asked a couple of questions. Their price is considerably less than the others. I would recommend them.

I had previous experience with CSA and I chose Generali since they're associated with each other. I got the best value for what I needed within the offerings available from them. They're easy to use and they provided security loans on my trip.

Generali plans offered a the largest coverage amounts on medical and emergency which is our biggest concern. Pricing was very competitive on their website. Cancel for any reason on the premium plan is no extra cost. Premium also covers preexisting conditions.

We submitted a claim with Generali Global Assistance that took a long time and got denied because the date that we ordered it was the date of the policy went into effect. It would be nice if whenever you go ahead and submit payment for it, it's active when you do it.

We were looking for travel insurance companies that allowed pre-existing conditions when after 14 days of the initial payment and Generali Global Assistance was the only one we found. Their price was comparable and they only have one plan that covered the pre-existing conditions that we have. We called them twice. The first one was to get a quote and it was annoying that there was no way for them to give a quote and save it in their system, so we could then easily call up and someone could process it. We had to go through all of it again. The second time was to book, and the second person we talked to was a lot friendlier than the first and we didn't have to file any claim so it wasn't too hard. Overall, the people were nice and things worked fine.

A travel insurance was required for the trip I was doing and Generali Global Assistance was recommended to me by a tour operator that I was using. I also looked at three sites and I found Generali to be the most accessible in terms of telling me what the different travel plans were, what was outlined and what was covered. The website was in a very understandable language and it had very helpful charts. I felt like the coverage was very good and very competitive for what was being offered. Right after my purchase, I got an email that outlined what I bought and told me concise plans. It must have been a 25-page document with a very easy to read chart that shared a very general summary of what my coverage was. There were also specifics outlined by each section. So I was able to get this report and I’m very satisfied with that. Generali seems to be doing it right. I’d absolutely recommend and work with them again.

We have used Generali's predecessor, CSA, on multiple occasions as we always purchased travel insurance when we take trips to the third world countries. We dealt with Generali online, and the interaction was little dicey, but we worked it out. That was when we were caught in Nepal for the earthquake and half of our trip got cancelled. We were supposed to continue into Tibet, but we got diverted. They were asking us for documents from Nepal, and I finally blew the gasket and said, "I am not calling those people, asking them for any documents for the remainder of that trip since they're trying to survive". And that sort of took care of that. Other than that pushback, however, things were easy. Buy travel insurance before you go somewhere where you just don’t have the resources to handle it all yourself. I recommend them.

We used Generali Global Assistance years ago. We chose them because of their price and what they covered. It would be a good value just in case we needed it. Their website was easy to navigate. We had used them years ago on a cruise and my luggage didn’t show up and I would recommend to a friend to use Generali in case they need it.

I was with CSA for many years. I had a claim once and it was worth a couple of $100. I had all receipts and doctors notes which I had to mail to them, then they paid my claim very quickly. I would recommend them.

My travel agent was booking some travel for me in Africa. I asked what I should get for travel insurance and Generali was who he recommended. When I bought the insurance, it forwarded me to Allianz, and they said that the Generali insurance was what I should be using since I will be based out of United States. Generali then became who our organization recommended for travel insurance. I found the website very easy to use and the price very reasonable and for peace of mind when traveling. It's always been a pretty good deal, so I don't usually travel without it anymore. I would tell my friends to use it. I totally recommend it.

My mother knows all about traveling because she does the traveling. When we went on a trip together, she got Generali Global Assistance insurance. When we were in Aruba, I have gotten sick so I filed a claim online and everything went smoothly. They were able to handle it within a month. The check came back and that was great. Now that I know about Generali, I will always do it now and I recommend them. It's great. I even told my boys about it because one of them is going on a cruise.

I took a trip to Ecuador last summer, and I took out a trip insurance from Generali. Their prices were very good. I submitted a claim involving a trip interruption. I did it over the phone, and the claims representative was excellent. The latest time I called, I wanted liability insurance for a rental car and they did not have it, but I was completely satisfied with the coverage last summer.

I hear about Generali Global Assistance through my in-law, and I then bought from them because I was traveling with my kids. I purchased the policy over the phone, and the customer service agent I spoke with was good. I'd recommend it.

I'm a physician and things happen. There are times when I can't travel because I have to do a liver transplant and I have to cancel. So, I buy travel insurance to protect myself and since I pay a lot of money upfront. I spoke to my carrier and Generali was cheaper than others. It also seemed like a good thing so I bought their insurance. Their people have also been helpful to me. They responded promptly with the information I needed and put the policy into place quickly for me. I would tell others to take a look at Generali and shop around.

Typically, whenever I book, the booking already has an insurance attached to it. But I have children and I know that things can happen. So, I booked it all up and got Generali. I did it all online and the experience was good. But it was just for that one trip and we didn't have to use it.

People should get travel insurance and I purchased it for safety reasons. Generali Global Assurance was what AAA pointed me towards.

BEWARE!!! This company just totally ripped me off. I required a guest to take out travel protection insurance when they rented a property with me through VRBO and the guest ended up holding a spring break party at my house and did nearly $800 in damage. CSA told me that he... yes, he... denied doing the damage so they are only paying for a small amount of what he did. Seriously???

I lost money on this rental. The renter just outright lied and said he didn't have a party, and CSA tells me he is the one insured and protected. RIGHT!!! He is protected up to $1500 so why will they not pay me for $800 in damages when I provided photos, repair estimates, a list of damages, and offered to provide eyewitness accounts to the 50+ person and 20+ car party he held at my house? Because CSA is a money-making scam is why.

All he had to do is say he didn't do all the damage — possibly because I gave him a rating of one star on VRBO??? And CSA, who is laughing their pocketbooks off when he says he didn't do the damage, reports back to me that, "Oh, sorry, he is protected from you with this policy... not you are protected in case of damages by him." That is HORRIBLE!!! VRBO is not that great of a company in the first place (horrible customer service) and this just tops the cake!!!

Travel insurance was required by my travel operator. Considering what I needed and the price, I went with Generali. I bought it online and their prices were very similar to other places but slightly lower. It's fortunate that I haven't had to use it but I'm satisfied with it.

My husband and I had a two week trip planned for September 2016. We were to attend a wedding in upstate Connecticut and then fly to Paris to take a one week river cruise. Since we are seniors, we usually insure our entire trip portal to portal. Once I had all of our arrangements made, CSA Insurance was recommended to us by the company who booked our cruise. I purchased it July 2016. My husband had been experiencing groin pain for a while and he was getting physical therapy for it. We never considered canceling our trip due to this. However, the pain grew more intense and in August 2016 it was recommended that he have hip surgery. The only date available for the surgery was the day we were scheduled to leave on our trip. Otherwise he would've had to wait four extra months and his pain was getting much so that travel would've been difficult no matter what.

We were forced to cancel our entire trip but felt confident that we would receive reimbursement since we'd insured everything, paying $888 for the complete coverage. We followed all instructions and turned in all the required paperwork as soon as possible. We were shocked when we were informed that we would receive nothing because my husband's condition was deemed a "pre-existing condition". CSA was basing this on our general practitioner's report that he had been referred to physical therapy for groin and hip pain. Our general practitioner never suggested or hinted at a need for surgery. The need for surgery was determined by an orthopedist almost a month after we purchased the insurance. We expressed our lack of satisfaction with CSA's decision. We never had any person to person contact with this company (although they are local in San Diego and about 5 minutes from our home).

They just kept coldly repeating their decision through email and snail mail, based on a couple of lines in their 17 page policy. So, we were out about $4,000. And as far as CSA was concerned, that was our tough luck. They also failed to respond to our questions about their keeping our $888 premium that was paid to protect us while on a vacation that we never took! What did they do to earn that? Absolutely nothing! Since our experience we have learned of numerous other peoples' bad experiences with the "pre existing condition" exclusion not only with CSA but with other companies.

We will never deal with CSA again and are totally soured on major travel insurance in general at this point. We are submitting this review because we want to encourage everyone purchasing travel insurance to read every word of the fine print in the policy. There are loopholes everywhere, set up for the protection of the insurance company and not for the benefit of the supposed "insured"!

My wife and I purchased a travel insurance for an expensive trip. We were going to be gone for a month that we just felt that we needed a little extra insurance on the trip. Everything went well as my wife talked to the reps to make the purchase. She had a good experience so that's why she went through with it. Generali Global Assistance has been great.

Our company has always used Generali Global Assistance and everything was done online. I decided to purchase travel insurance because you just never know.

I was Googling to try and find different services and reviews, and I found some of the other companies charge quite a bit more than Generali. I already have a coverage plan but I was driving a car in a third world country which gets interesting really quick. Generali covered the rental car, which is essentially double coverage. Overall I'd recommend it.

When we go on trips, I buy travel insurance and I used to buy it from American Express for many years but they stopped selling it. I researched online and saw Generali Global. I had a great experience with their customer service. My criteria were the cost of the policy and they took the time to explain how the policy worked. The claims process took around a month and we had to submit certain paperwork, expenses and other information. That was my first time where we actually had to file a claim. Everything was explained and they had very clear terms. I would highly recommend this insurance.

I have small children and if something happened to me, I wanted to be able to cancel the trip or be taken care of. Generali Global Assistance has a good price and good ratings. Their website is user-friendly and I was pleased with their customer service. I was very satisfied overall and would recommend them.

I am so thankful I purchased the CSA travel protection insurance when I booked our family vacation. My son was in a terrible automobile accident 3 days prior to us leaving for our trip and I had to submit a claim to recover our cost. The process is like any other claim if you have never submitted one, you need to have a copy of the doctor reports etc. I was contacted by phone for initially and then continued corresponded through email. It took about 2 months to process but we received a full refund. It was well worth the small price to pay when you are already spending thousands on a trip. Plan the trip and buy the insurance!

I purchased through CSA before and I had a good experience with them. There was a merger that took place and I was sent over to a new website and I used Generali Global Assistance for the first time. I went through the website and it seemed to work fine. Getting the insurance was very easy and it was very straightforward.

I put a large amount of money down for a summer rental and I wanted to make sure that I do not lose it if something happened. The other travel insurance provider I checked with was a big bank, the one that always went bankrupt, and it was three times the cost of Generali Global Assistance. Generali’s customer service was very good and the rep was very professional. I would recommend them and I would tell my friends they can use the company and be comfortable.

It took a little while longer to process, not because of the insurance but because the airline that I had bought ticket from wasn’t complying and wasn’t getting back to the insurance company. But I got the reimbursement for the trip. I had a representative, a girl from the insurance company who was very, very good and kept calling and updating me on what was going on. They really took care of it everything after I put in the insurance claim.

I purchased protection for my recent trip to Mexico because my brother was admitted to the hospital for a sudden illness. Since I didn't know for how long he was going to stay in the hospital I decided to purchase this travel protection so I could extend or shorten my trip. I had to extend it because he was still in ICU. I called and explain to a CSA representative and she gave me advise and send me the paperwork to complete once I returned to USA. I did what I was told and few weeks later I was told that it was declined because my brother was already sick before my flight.

I don't see any sense in buying travel protection unless you have doubts about your flight or stay. For goodness sake I didn't purchase health insurance (for pre-existing condition) it was a travel protection. I predict CSA going to face a major lawsuit for ripping people off as many other have. If you consumer are reading this please do NOT buy from CSA and also advised your family and friends.

If a sizable amount of money is involved we always take travel insurance and we are satisfied with what Generali gave us. They have the best conditions. We always compare products and they have a very good rate. We purchased it online and it was easy. If we have something to claim then we chat with them online.

If I lost all my clothes, I’d be screwed and since my son has had a great experience in traveling, I went with whatever he said. He sent me a link and I purchased the Generali policy online. It was super easy and I would suggest Generali to a friend too.

We were planning a very expensive trip and a strike could possibly happen. Also, we're old enough that health issues can pop up so we thought that getting travel insurance would be a good idea. I went to a site that compared several different travel insurance providers and Generali was recommended as an inexpensive but good option. Their policy was priced well and working with the company went smoothly.

When you travel, things can happen. So, I feel more comfortable having travel insurance. I searched on the Internet, found a few websites, did a comparison, and came to my conclusion of what I wanted. Because of the cost and benefit and it had the most value, I went with Generali. I paid online and printed the policy, and their website was easy to use. Luckily, I didn't have to use them.

I was going overseas and wanted to make sure that I had insurance in case something happens and I needed it. So, I went online and found Generali Global Assistance. It was easy signing up with them online. Nothing happened on my trip, so I didn’t really use them. But, I’m satisfied with them.

I’ve used Generali a number of years ago. Their online form is very easy to use compared to Travel Guard. It has been good whereas, with Travel Guard, you customize it and spend more time trying to figure out what you want. I’m in my early 60s and the most important thing I was looking for in an insurance is the medical because once you leave the states, most medical policies are not covered. Generali’s policy seems to be pretty good and that was why I got it. And when I go on trips, I never use the insurance policies that are offered by the tour company or the cruise company.

Their website was very easy to use. I call Generali to just purchase the medical coverage and it’s extremely cheap. I can get a $100,000 worth of medical evacuation so it’s $60 a person or less than that. And if people knew how cheap you could get that part of it, they could always buy that part. I’ve had people asked me, “What travel insurance do you use?” And I mention Generali but I just say CSA.

Generali’s customer service has been good. I had a claim in August of last year. I called in and did some of the processes online too. I told them that there was going to be a claim, and then they told me what they needed. They were very busy at the time, especially online. They could have used more people and there were a lot of claims at the time. Whatever information they needed, like the doctor’s reports, the information about the actual cruise about when the departure and when to head back. The process was pretty straightforward. They requested certain information for the claim and then it was paid.

When I compared Generali with another company, it's more convenient for me to get coverage from them because of a lot of positive points. And when I talked to their reps over the phone, they were very knowledgeable. In the last cruise I had with Holland Cruise Line, I had a small complaint. I had contact directly with the cruise company by mail and they didn’t cover some expenses. But overall, I was happy with my experience with Generali.

I am not commenting on Trivago but on CSA travel insurance. If you consider buying it, don't!!! I did, $140.00 worth because they assured me I would receive up to $600.00 if my job ended early. It did by 3 weeks and now they tell me it is only good if I cancel within 24 hours of making the reservation!! Just an alert, don't take their word or their insurance!!

I had some health issues that I was concerned that might cause me to cancel my trip. The owner of the home that I was renting recommended Generali to me. They were easy to work with and informative. It was a very good experience.

When I went to Europe and paid for the trip through Traveldoo, they offered travel insurance, but I wanted to make sure that I was getting the best price because it was going to be an expensive trip. I did an internet search and there was an article listing the top 10 travel insurance provider and what to watch out for. Generali got higher ratings, then I went on their website and liked what I saw. I found their price to be more competitive and with the same amount of coverage.

After I purchased the insurance, I got a thorough follow up email that explained everything and I didn’t find any fine print anywhere, which I appreciated. Everything was very upfront and clear. I understood what my coverage was if a certain thing happens and I wouldn’t be caught up with any surprises. I would recommend them. I wouldn’t buy travel insurance for something short, but I would for an extended vacation overseas that’s really expensive and I don’t know what’s going to happen. Having one with Generali gave me a lot of peace of mind for not a lot of investment and it was worth it to me.

The flight insurance that is provided by your airline is an actual joke, cost somewhere around $10.99. I found that the policy I purchased with Spirit Airlines does not cover loss if the pilots don't show up, I feel like I've been fooled again. So each ticket purchased (4) that they did not refund and my miles on my vehicle round trip twice I live 3 hours from O'hare. This one punched me in the stomach, they don't pay for pilots not showing up for work. So all 4 claims were denied, even the separate policy I bought that does cover airline cancellations and a bunch of other things $70.00 was denied. Stay away from CSA, Generali and AIG Travel Insurance, this was awful!

We travel a lot so we get travel insurance often and I’ve used Generali Global Assistance and Travel Guard before. I chose Generali this time and their website works very well. Sometimes if I go with a group, their insurance can be less expensive than buying it straight from a travel insurance agent or company. And sometimes it’s more, so it depends on what the group offers. We generally get travel insurance depending upon how much of a cost or the refundability issue.

In our current circumstance, my wife’s mother is in a rehab facility right now and her health can go up and down any time. Also, my wife and I are both in our 70s so we also could have something happen. Generali's services are fine and we know what kind of coverage we want. And so, as long as it’s the middle of the road, we don’t need high-end stuff and we don’t need the cheapest either, so it worked out fine. All in all, my experience with acquiring the insurance was very good, didn’t have any issues and easy to do.

We purchased a policy from Generali Global Assistance at the beginning of this year for a trip to Hawaii and one for this upcoming trip that we'll be taking. I used to be in the travel industry and I’ve always used them. I also advised my clients to purchase it through the agency. I helped several clients with claims and it went smoothly. I also advised the clients that when they purchase travel insurance and they need to cancel or change anything, everything had to be heavily documented and I made sure I had a backup. I'm no longer in the industry, but I've never had any problems nor complaints from any past clients.

I purchase a travel insurance every time I travel. I’ve been on trips where I’ve seen people taken off ships and hoping they have insurance to pay for the exorbitant cost. I called my travel agent, Vacations To Go, and I ask them who I should use, and they gave me Generali's number. Purchasing over the phone was very easy and I told the guy what I was looking for. He told me what the insurance covered and the price, of which I said fine. Then, he tried to email me, but, for some reason, I couldn’t pull up the email so he sent me the policy by mail. I gotta call them again on my next trip. I’d recommend them.

It was easy to signup for a policy with Generali Global Assistance.

I canceled my flight based on my doctor's advice. It took CSA three month to review. They requested for all kind of medical records. They denied payment, based their denial on "pre-existing condition " which I did not agree. If I had know I was was going to get sick, why would take chances to travel for a month. Buying travel insurance from CSA is a rip off and waste of money. I will never RECOMMEND them to anyone. If want to buy travel insurance, please look somewhere else.

My trip had a lot of upfront expenses. I paid $6,000 for a private tour and it was non-refundable, so I thought I better have insurance. Normally, I don’t bother if it’s an inexpensive trip or the airfare or the hotels could be canceled, but I had more at risk on this one. I looked online and searched for the terms of different travel insurance, and Generali had the most medical benefits, which was what I valued the most. Once I decided, it took me just a few minutes to get signed up and the procedure was fine. I did it on the web and I had to put in my name as well as how much coverage I wanted.

When I purchased from Generali Global Assistance, it was very easy and clear. I really liked it. Everything was quick and super good.

When I did the comparison of different insurance providers, Generali seemed to be the better of the ones that I was looking at, price-wise and coverage. We were pleased with what the coverage was, with what we were looking for and with the price. Purchasing online was worth it and it was very easy.

Generali Global Assistance has the same protection with the other three travel insurance providers that I checked before calling them, but their price was very good. The amount that I needed to pay was better than the other ones. I called them two or three times and they helped me. They called me back right away and they were friendly. Overall, everything was good.

I travel a lot. I Googled and compared Generali against other companies. I've been pleased with the rates. They're affordable and that's the biggest straw for me. And I would recommend Generali to another friend.

The tour company I was using in Europe required travel insurance so I did an internet search. I selected Generali Global Assistance because of their price and type of coverage and I did the entire transaction with them online. It was easy to sign up for the policy however when my luggage didn't arrive in Paris on time, I started digging around to try and find information about who to contact for claims and I had difficulty finding anything that way. Good thing my things came in two days so I ended up not going through the claims process. I think it would be handy to have a final policy confirmation with all of the contact information because we do have to answer where we are going to, and having the in-country contact phone numbers would be very useful.

I wanted to protect my money in case I had any problems. I purchased a travel insurance online from Generali Global Assistance and there was no problem navigating their site. I also liked their price. I was very satisfied with my experience and I would recommend them.

We were going abroad and I didn't want to be 70 years old and stuck if something happened. We needed travel insurance, and Generali was recommended to me by a travel agent my sister was using and we did a little poking around. The policy was worth the cost and more. I was very sick, and by the time we got to Paris, I needed a doctor. I called Generali and started working through the process of finding an English-speaking doctor. The rep said she would start working on it, and in the meantime, I was really sick, so just to keep myself going, I started looking for a physician as well.

I found one before Generali called me back, and there was a time frame going on. The Generali person said to go ahead and to go to the doctor I've made the appointment for. From that moment on, she took care of everything for me and made sure everything got paid. She called the doctor’s office, explained to the doctor that there was an insurance and asked if the doctor would accept it. The doctor said yes and I was so grateful. The rep was a miracle worker, and it was reassuring and easy. I felt very taken care of and I would tell friends to be sure they had travel insurance and that it's Generali.

I didn't have any trouble having Generali Global Assistance. Nothing went wrong. It was fine as a travel insurance.

I've used Generali Global Assistance before and had no problems with it. I went for a trip and bought their travel insurance, and their rate is about as well as what others have. Their customer service people were courteous and answered my questions too, which is what I look for.

I purchased a policy for my family for our beach trip. My son-in-law had just switched jobs and we were worried that he may get called into work so we bought the larger coverage and added on the cancel for any reason. Even though we are driving and not flying, we knew we'd lose more than $1500 if we had to cancel, so we felt like we should purchase. Generali had good options and we liked the new website.

I purchased a travel insurance from Generali Global Assistance for security purposes. Signing up online was fine and I liked their price.

In October 2016 our party of 6 purchased airfare tickets through to go to the Bahamas in Feb 2017. We received tickets through Delta and also purchased the travel protection with CSA. In November 2016 our timeshare resort was destroyed by Hurricane Matthew. Half the island had no electricity, poachers took over abandoned hotels, most were evacuated, and the resort advised that the projected re-opening would not be until late November 2017. Since the Bahamas was heavily damaged we opted to cancel our airline tickets. We contacted CSA and they sent us a cancellation packet. The packet was filled out to the T and certified mail was sent. CSA denied our claim stating that they do not cover Hurricanes. Hurricanes are a natural disaster, evacuation was done, and this should of been covered. To appeal you have to take it up with your State's Dept. of Insurance.

The person that we worked with to book our trip to Peru suggested Generali. It was a big trip out of the country and we wanted the assurance that everything was going to be okay if anything happened. There were different programs and plans that we could select and Generali's customer service was very helpful with those.

We've used Generali for a couple of years. We use it when we go on a vacation with our time share in Key West. We had a claim one time and they were real quick and prompt with no hassle. It's been a simple, safe and secure experience, and I'll use them again this next summer. They're great as a company.

It was the first time I've used Spirit Airlines. I heard some bad things about it, so I decided to get an insurance. The people where we stayed and made our reservations recommended Generali Global Assistance. I submitted a claim on the phone. They sent us the documents to fill out and we sent it back a week ago. It was a pleasant experience with their customer service. They were knowledgeable and answered all my questions. So far, so good.

We were going on a trip and we wanted to have extra medical insurance that would cover primary care for our son in case we needed it. Generali Global Assistance's price was probably a little bit higher than the other one, but they seemed to have more primary care options. I set it up on the website over the summer which was pretty easy. However, we had to make a separate call to request a paper copy and we didn’t realize that we had to do that, so it would be helpful to have an option to click off instead if you want a paper copy. Also when you call, sometimes there’s a long wait time that you're on hold. But all in all, the insurance was easy to get, and as of now, we’re happy.

I used CSA Travel before Generali Global bought them. They seem to be offering the right product. I submitted claims under CSA Travel and they paid off very quickly. I’m going on a cruise, and I have to prepay. I went online to Generali Global and I could evaluate all the options. In order to get medical coverage, I had to also insure the full value of the trip. But they don’t cover all the preexisting conditions, and maybe it was a medical exclusion. There was some aspect of the medical insurance that required me to buy more coverage than I needed. I had the trip already insured for free through my credit card. I was buying double coverage and I didn’t like that. But overall, the experience with Generali Global was fine.

Harassed me until it wasn't worth the bother. We were forced to cancel a long-planned trip due to my son's health. His doctor wrote a letter, and we had paid receipts for all of our upfront expenses. CSA will not pay the claim. Do not use them. They will rip you off.

The place that we vacationed at last summer recommended Generali and has a link on their website. We stayed at an island off the coast of Mexico and their policy is that they offer no refunds if there was a cancellation of the flight over to the island so they recommended travel insurance. It was a $2000 trip and I've been on trips like it before and had no insurance, so I picked one that was basically the cheapest for me. Although I just signed up and didn't use it, getting the insurance was very easy.

Sometimes when we travel, particularly on vacation, we pay a very large deposit upfront made by our plane tickets. If something happens at the last minute, we would be out all that money because it’d be non-refundable. Also, if you don’t cancel out 30 or 60 days ahead of time, you lose your deposit and sometimes our deposits can be pretty substantial. So we decided to look into travel insurance. I was doing an online search on trip insurance companies years ago when I came upon Generali which was CSA Travel back then. They've always been good so I continued using them. I really didn't shop around. I went to them after we came back from a trip and saw that they changed to Generali, so we just kept the same coverage. We’ve got a trip coming up right at the end of the month and we have a policy for that trip as well.

We've done everything from their website. The only time I've actually contacted customer service is when we filed a claim several years ago. We had a claim because we were going out to Wyoming and one of my grandsons was going with us, and right before we left he was in an automobile accident. So, we had to cancel the trip. I called them to let them know that we were going to be filing a claim and they told me that they'll send everything I need. They did and it took a little time but not from their standpoint. We had to wait to get all the official doctors’ notices that he wasn’t able to travel and wouldn’t be able to travel for at least six months. They were very helpful and they paid the claim very quickly once we provided all the information. Their customer service has been really good.

There’s so much going on everywhere and I needed peace of mind. I researched on the available insurance out there, compared a few and Generali has the better deal and better option for me. I purchased a travel insurance from them online. In case of emergency, they offered an out if I was injured or needed to be evacuated. Generali is something you'll need if you travel.

I used Generali several years ago for a trip I took with my parents and I bought the insurance from their campus. I've also used Generali in the past when I was working in Brazil for the first six months to a year and I had a good experience with them. At that time, I had to have a minor operation and I called them to help figure out what was going on and they helped me out a lot with that. The guy who I spoke to and signed me up for my policy was really helpful in walking me through the process. He also told me the reason why I needed the particular version and things I eventually selected. I just had surgery then so I needed a lot of things clarified and he’s able to do that as well. Generali's reps have been helpful and straightforward. I have recommended them to other people.

Everything went extremely well. I needed to get home because I had gotten an eye infection. I was in a lot pain and my wife handled most of the interaction. It was an international flight, and Generali worked with us in order to get reservations that met my needs. It took a while just because it was short term and it was a total of three flights to get home. I was quite pleased and they didn't argue with us on the financial end. I was very pleased with how they treated us. They were very friendly and very courteous though the one person that my wife spoke to early on didn't quite have enough of a grasp of the geography and what it would take to get from point A to point B. Nevertheless, I'd certainly recommend Generali. They were efficient and fair.

I had a contract with CSA when I traveled with a birding outfit and was made to go with Generali. I submitted a claim and Generali did a great job. I like their website and how they set it up so that I can choose what I'm looking for. I've looked at other travel websites and the main things that I'm looking for are health insurance while I'm away and trip insurance if something happens and I can't take the trip. Generali offers those things so they're great. I would recommend them to friends because I would hope that it's the same service that I got before.

I was going out of the country and for health reasons, I decided I’d better have travel insurance. I got Generali Global Assistance as my insurance on my last trip and I purchased it on the internet. I bought it for myself and it was right.

We travel internationally twice a year, and we buy travel insurance if the price is good. Generali got good reviews online and the products that they offered fit my needs and budget as well. And then, I compared the coverage, premium and the plans available, and I liked Generali better than what the tour company was suggesting. It was really easy doing everything online. I got confirmation emails and the website worked well. Our experience with Generali wasn’t complicated, and their website and their products were easy to understand. I was glad I found them and I plan on looking at them for some of our future trips.

When you invest all this money into a trip, something happens. People get sick, somebody breaks a leg, there's unrest, and getting a travel insurance seemed like a sensible protection investment. Generali was recommended by Scandia Air. In choosing my policy, I typed in how much I thought the trip was going to cost me, and I based my decision on that. I did it online and it wasn't too bad. I'm glad that I had trip insurance as it gave me some peace of mind, and my experience was uneventful, which I'm very grateful for.

We are going on this 32-day cruise and we purchased travel insurance in case somebody gets sick, injured, expatriated, or we need to get medical flights out of remote places while on that cruise. Generali Global was recommended to us by Costco and everything worked fine when we got the policy. Their reps were easy to get in touch with and they answered all our questions in a timely manner.

I chose between Alliance and Generali and went with the latter because they are a little bit cheaper. Everything was good with Generali. It was convenient. I booked online. It was pretty easy and straightforward with explaining the coverage and what we were getting. I didn’t have to use it so, hopefully, I don’t have to. But if I do, hopefully they’re there with what they’re supposed to cover.

I’ve used Generali several times over the years. I've usually checked out maybe three or four different sources that I’ve used in the past and they were all pretty close when it comes to the price. They’re generally within just a few dollars of each other. There’s some subtle differences sometimes in coverage. But if you try and compare the same kind of policy with the same level of coverage, Generali's prices are pretty competitive. I bought the insurance online and it was a pretty easy process.

I filed a medical claim with them. I got fairly sick on a lengthy cruise, and had to go to the ship’s sick bay. It turned out that I actually had pneumonia. And they had to treat me for that on the ship. When filing a claim I had to go online, get the forms, and print them out. I called their claims agent when we got back from the cruise. The individual was helpful. They talked to me at length about what to do. I was pretty impressed with their efficiency in handling the claim. It was completely non-hassle. I had expected frankly to go through quite a process to get them to actually honor the claim. But that was not the case. It was handled very effectively and quickly. I was very satisfied.

My luggage was misplaced. I went to Barcelona and it went to Rome. When I tried to file a claim, I found out that I could only be paid for the miniscule amount based on the loss issue and nothing for the inconvenience. And so, that surprised me. They could have gotten me as much, but it's just a matter of the rules. If you read the rules very carefully, they follow them. It's my fault for not reading it more closely. What the insurance pays back is a very complex formula and in favor of the insurers as opposed to the insuree. But it's neither misleading nor false advertising. Consumers just generally don't take time these days to read the fine print. I would recommend Generali, but with the understanding that it's really good insurance for the big items - missing airplanes, hotel space, things of that nature. But don't count on it for small things.

I was travelling around the time that there was a hurricane, and I heard about Generali through one of the travel places that I booked. They answered everything I needed answered from them. I would tell others to purchase Generali for peace of mind.

I was going to Italy for two weeks and I bought travel insurance. Generali had really good reviews and they offered the most for what I was looking for, which was that I didn't really want to pay a large sum. I wanted to pay about $100. It had the most plausible services for the type of trip I was going on. I was not going on some sort of wilderness adventure in Africa. Their website was easy to navigate compared to other sites that I looked at. I liked their site as I don't like spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to buy something. With Generali Global Assistance, it was easier to find insurance than it is to deal with picking my own insurance from my workplace. Overall, my experience had been quick and great with a good price.

A long time ago, I scheduled a trip to Turkey and the agent encouraged me to get a travel insurance. Right before I was scheduled to go on the trip, my sister passed away, so I made use of my travel insurance. I've always kept that in my mind because I would not have been able to get my trip refunded at that late time. This time, I bought a travel insurance from Generali Global Assistance just to be safe. There's a website that gives the quotes of different travel insurance companies. You state what you would be spending on your trip and they would give you the different rates. That's how I narrowed my search for a travel insurance company down and chose Generali. I did everything online and purchasing the insurance was an easy process.

I was Googling around, looking for options for travel insurance and Generali had good reviews and the coverage was pretty comprehensive. Their prices were also competitive. I got them mostly for the medical aspect because if something happened my domestic medical insurance wasn’t gonna work very well. I had one question before I bought it and they answered that. It's an easy and reasonable coverage and I would recommend it.

I was going to be traveling to Portugal and I needed to find an insurance provider that had pre-existing condition coverage. Generali was one that I could get within the timeline that I was getting the last ticket purchase and I had more flexibility. Their customer service was good. They answered all the questions I had, were able to explain everything and were friendly and courteous. Also, it was an okay price and I wasn’t blown away by it. I had a good experience with them - I'm grateful I was able to talk to the customer service people and get a good explanation of what my needs were and the price was. It was easy and simple to do and I got what I wanted. I'd recommend it to a friend.

We're taking a trip and there are some circumstances that could develop wherein we needed to have insurance, so we decided on Generali Global Assistance. The price was okay and their representatives were good. My wife did all the transactions and everything she said was positive.

I was traveling to New Zealand and Medicare doesn’t cover medical there. I got my insurance from Generali Global Assistance, and I was able to compare their products to pick the right policy for my budget. Having travel insurance is very valuable in cases where your trip will be cancelled, your luggage will be lost, or you will have an accident. I would tell my friends that Generali Global will provide them travel insurance.

I usually buy travel insurance from CSA. Not necessarily every single trip I take but at least with CSA in the past, if I have had claims I never had a problem collecting them. It was always been reasonably priced and the few times over the last 20 years that I’ve had to file a claim it has been hassle-free. Reliability in paying the claim was very important to me. When I went to buy travel insurance for my son, I bought it through CSA but quickly became aware that it’s now owned by Generali. I was a CSA customer who continued to buy from them but now it’s all Generali. The online process was pretty simple and the policy seemed to be placed well for the kind of coverage that I was looking for. I think everybody expects to have problems filing claims with insurance companies but I’ve never had that. That’s why I’ve been loyal to them.