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We filled out application for Gerber life insurance. We were approved. But we didn't want them. There was no communications between them and us ever. Until today a woman called and we said we weren't interested!!! 3 hours later we had to go to bank and found out they just took 138.00 out of our account. When we just said no interest wow. Never told us anything, never asked about a date, nothing - they just as well of stolen it. We had no clue that anything or any businesses would steal money and it took them a minute to steal it and they said we have to put a request in to get your money back (what!!!). They are worse than horrible. I could sue... crazy Gerber life money grubbers!!!

I have had this policy for my son for 17 years. Financial times are tough, so I decided to take out a loan on the policy. They received my loan request form on 4/21. Supposedly they sent a check on 4/28. I never received it, yet I receive all of my other mail with no issues. I sent an affidavit of lost check and they received it on 5/30. Supposedly they sent another check on 6/6. Well it's the 15th and I still have no check! They are keeping my money. It has been almost 2 months to get MY money. Once this is resolved I will be canceling the policy and sharing my opinion of them with everyone that I know. You do not want anything to do with them!

My mom and dad wanted the $10,000 Gerber Life Plan, for the burial, so we got that. We went with Gerber since my dad loves them, he’s the one who saw that plan. The application process has been very easy and it didn’t take very long before we received the insurance plan. And it's of very good value. We just love the Gerber, it's there when you need it. I would recommend it. I wish I had kids, so I could get Gerber for them too.

I purchased a Life Plan from Gerber 30 years ago. It was a $10,000 term life. When my niece was born my mom thought it'd be a good idea if I had insurance. So she's the one that signed me up for it. It was a good price. The application process went smoothly, then I pay the bill every year. Every now and then the premium goes up. It was a surprise but it doesn't really matter. I can't really do anything until I'm dead anyway. Other than that, it's been good so far.

I started this 20 yrs. ago and it is very affordable still. I also started 2, Two children. Great!! Locked them in for their future! They send offers every so often that you can increase your coverage and that of your kids too. Great product! Start your kids early for a great price!

I needed a policy that would pay for my funeral and the application process with Gerber Life was fairly straightforward. I understand it doesn't pay within two years, but when I get the money back, plus 10% after two years, it'll pay the $6,000. However, I hesitated because if they ever paid $6,000, I would have already given them $2,000, but it makes sense for a funeral policy.

I was a single mom and I wanted to be sure that if something were to happen to me in my son's formative years, there would be some start for him so I bought the Gerber Grow-Up Plan. However, one thing I wasn't made aware of was that shortly before the child's 21st birthday, he will then be the owner of the policy, but not necessarily the payor. He then gets complete control over who the beneficiary is. It was not clearly explained to me in the beginning, nor did I bother to ask. But when the child turns 21, parents like myself, who have had the program for so long, forget easily what’s really going on.

I found out the hard way, through making several phone calls, that I’m no longer the policy owner even though I am paying for it. It would have been nice to have advance notice on that and if I wanted to change it, they could have advised on the necessary steps to take, which I did have to do. As it turned out, my son had turned it all back over to me. I sent in a form with my son’s and my driver’s licenses and signatures saying that he was releasing his interest and was giving it back to me. I made myself beneficiary because, obviously, I still am his mother.

Plus I was able to borrow a little bit against the whole life policy. I didn’t even know it was a whole life, I thought it was a term life so that’s how long it’s been. So now I’m back in the driver’s seat of being the owner, payor, and beneficiary but once my son gets married, I’ll change on that. I would say good things about Gerber Life to others but I would also tell them to be aware of what’s going on as far as what kind of program they're being involved in.

My grandmother had all of her grandchildren on an insurance policy until we made a certain age. She waited for us to graduate out of high school then she cashed them out and gave us the money to do what we had to do for graduation. I also started to apply with Gerber Life a month or two after I had my daughter. I signed up then they sent me back the paperwork to let me know what was available and what did I qualify for. I got the Grow-Up Plan and picked the $5000 to start it all off with. It was all done through mail and I didn't talk to anyone when I set it up. After a year or two, I upped it to the $10,000 value policy. I kept paying on it, making sure everything is correct, while her policy matures. I want to make sure that she can go and have money when she's ready to go to college.

I also got an Accidental Plan for myself and when I set that up, I talked to someone about everything that I needed to have and what part of my policy money will be distributed. They also told me how to set up the beneficiaries since my daughter was under the age of 18 and they were very knowledgeable about that. I love this company. Every time I have anything wrong, if I can't get it on the internet at home, they get everything I need done right then and there.

I tell my friends all the time, even my brothers, to go ahead and purchase from Gerber Life. I had one friend who just had a baby about three months ago and I told her, $3 a month is nothing for an insurance policy that her child can grow up into. By the time he graduates out of high school or need the money for college, or anything happens to her, he got something to fall back on. I also told her that she can pay for three or four months at a time and she doesn't have to pay Gerber until they are sending her a message telling her that she got a payment coming up.

My sister passed away on August 6, 2017. She has a policy with Gerber Life Insurance Company. The family filed a claim with a original copy of the death certificate within days of her passing. We were told that a check had been sent to us on August 30th. We received no check, and then we were told that they were mailing a lost check form, so they could send a new check overnight.

Needless to say we haven't received the lost check form either. This is after verifying the mailing address on multiple occasions. Then today we are told that the check came back to them, and they resent it by overnight mail by UPS. Suspiciously they didn't have a tracking number which doesn't happen with UPS. I believe this company is running a scam on people, especially when family needs them. I am filling a complaint with the State Attorney General office in the state of Michigan. Stay away from Gerber Life Insurance Company.

This company is a joke!! Not only do they refuse to refund my money. They illegally charged my bank account on 2/17/2017. They double charged for policies. The Accounting Department lied yesterday, 2/272017 in a recorded phone conversation that they talked to my bank about my refund and had the nerve to send me today, 2/28/2017, a bill saying payment is due. They are a scam. Thieves. Liars. And overall PATHETIC! Stealing from a parent thinking of a child's future.

One of my worst experiences in customer service in a long time! To start off with, I called and was put on hold then given the option to be called back and not lose my place in line. I opted for the call back. I was informed through an automated message I would get a call back in 30 minutes, I waited 1 hour and never received a call. So I called back and sat on hold for 1 hour and 6 minutes before someone picked up, just to be told they can not give me any info in regards to the policies because all 3 of my children are over 21 and the policies are now in their names. Nice!!!

GERBER was more than happy to withdraw monies from my account for the past 11 yrs including after all the children turned 21, but; will not give me any info over the phone in regards to the policies because they belong to the adult/ children. SCAM!! 2 out of 3 adult/children are going to cash out on them!!! THANK YOU GERBER for nothing!! Here's a novel idea!! Leave the policy in the purchasers/parents name until the adult/child is willing to make the payment, otherwise it should be up to the purchaser to continue to pay on the policy or cash out. I WILL NOT recommend this insurance plan to anyone!!!

I purchased the Gerber policies for both of my grandson when they were born. For the past 23 years for one and 19 years for the other I have paid the premium annually. Both grandsons have asked to have the policies surrendered. I called, and waited and waited, to speak with a person about the process...paperwork would be sent to me and I was to return the completed paperwork and a copy of my driver's license, a check would be issued in 7-10 business days. NO CHECK has been received. Again I call and wait and wait--- I am told the check was written on the 7th of March...and it would take 7-10 business days. AS of today March 28th there is still NO check.

OK--- so the other grandson wants to surrender his policy and he is over 21 so he needs to call. He tries and tries on his breaks at work and can't get through as he waits and waits. I call for him and of course I wait and wait also. Finally a person and yes we will send the paperwork to you to give to him... You got it nothing. The kicker today I receive the annual bill for the first grandson's policy that is due in JULY but the statement says due 3/01/2018 - postmarked 3/12/2018. This is the most screwed up company, mismanaged, understaffed and over advertised company I have ever dealt with. I would recommend that NO ONE purchases insurance from them.

This company does not seem to be very reliable. They make it look pretty and nice while they convince you to buy the policy. Then after that they won't answer the phone for information, and if they answer you they don't really know the answer to your questions. They leave you on hold and never answer back again. What a joke. First of all a good and serious company would never ever do such a disrespectful thing to their customers and second if they are that good they should have more workers to success the quality of customer service.

I started my policy in February 2016 the college plan for my Daughter. This policy is suppose to be paid in a period of 12 years so that means that I still have to do payments for 10 more years, but today Feb 22 of 2018 they sent me a piece of mail letting me know that I still have to pay for 11 more years? how come? Scammers. Gerber is stealing me a whole year of payments made and if I cancel the policy all I get is 1 thousand back, so that means they will keep more than half of the payments made. :) Be careful and do not make the same mistake.

A policy is the best something that grandparents could leave behind for the kids or their grandkids. They don’t have to work as hard as I do to get a head start in life. There's no harm, hassle or medical. I have two Gerber Life policies for my grandkids and setting it up was very easy. I did the application Gerber Life sent me, sent it in then I got an email. They informed me and I started paying. I pay yearly and it's been five years now. Also, if I don’t get their reps through an email, I can always call them on the phone because they’re always available. Besides the Gerber Life Insurance, I buy everything in Gerber for my grandchildren.

I got the Grow Up Plan from Gerber Life for my grandsons because the premium stays the same even after the kids turn a certain age. I got it a little over a year ago as I wanted to make sure that they were secured on my behalf in case anything ever happened to them. I got the policy for a good price at $25 a month for both of them, so I'm pretty satisfied. The Gerber name itself sells the policy and I have not looked around and try to find a cheaper one. I’ve also had policies in the past and I’ve always looked at Gerber even for my children.

However, I lost my son two months ago and that was an ordeal in itself and an expense I still have to endure. I was not prepared to take care of his arrangements as I should have wanted to without worrying about them but I can be for my grandsons. So I inquired about increasing the amount on their policy and Gerber told me that there was a time that I could do that and that time had passed. But I didn’t know that.

They also told me that I could still increase the coverage by taking out multiple policies, but I’m not in favor of doing something like that. So the only thing I can do is to let the policy stay like it is or, at some point, cancel it and get another one to insure the kids at an increased amount. The length of time doesn't matter to me as long as the policy is in place at the time that it’s needed to be used. But even though I thought it was not right for Gerber to not allow me to add on to the policy, they’re a trusted name and I know I can’t go wrong with them when it comes to children. They stand behind their name and I stand with them.

The name Gerber is very well respected. I've dealt with them not only in baby food, but they're in plumbing parts and toilets too. I also have a small term life policy with Gerber Life because it’s not that expensive and it fit my needs. I’ve had the life insurance close to 10 years and I'm very pleased with Gerber. The application process was really easy and they're very pleasant to deal with. I even made a loan against the policy and they made it lickety-split. I got the check in two and a half days. The value exceeds the cost which makes it well worth it. I’ll give Gerber's phone number to a friend who would ask about their life insurance.

I have Gerber Life’s Grow-Up plan for my daughter, which I’ve had for 21 years, and a life insurance for myself. And the value’s great considering the cost. With the one for my daughter though, after she reached 18, we’d go from $10,000 to $20,000, and it hasn’t done that. They advertised that on TV and things that I received in the mail.

When my daughter needed money for school, we were able to borrow against the policy and then pay it back, and it worked out well. We’ve done that twice, and the process is simple, there’s no delaying getting the check. It can either be paid back in full or monthly depending on what your circumstances are. And that’s a very good option. Everybody should have life insurance and I would recommend Gerber Life Insurance to anybody.

I have had a life insurance policy for my grandson for years. Now all of the sudden every other month Gerber tells me my auto payments are not going through. I've contacted my bank and they have confirmed there has been no attempt by Gerber to withdraw the funds. I work long hours every day and do not have the time to keep calling and wasting my time on hold and trying to fix their mistake. I think Gerber is trying to keep all of the years of payments I've made. I'm thinking about an investigation!

The customer service is great. They go into full description on details about the insurance plan. They give you plenty of time to catch up on your payment and they tell you what they have to offer on different policy like the accidental insurance policy that I have on myself which is very affordable life insurance plan. I also have a plan for my 3 sons as well.

My brother abruptly passed away in January without any insurance and we did not want to experience that. My mom needed a policy and she was denied by different insurance companies. But Gerber Life approved her because of her age and it was reasonable. They were meticulous and did too much medical background check but their application process was real easy and faster than others. Gerber asked general questions and I helped my mom with them. In just a couple of days, she qualified. We did a direct deposit so we wouldn't have to worry about the payments and the cost is big but other places were higher. With a fixed income, $80 a month is still hard and it would help if it were a little bit lower. Overall, it's good to have peace of mind and I would tell others to go with Gerber Life.

Gerber has been a company that I've known and have been buying my baby food from for years. It's a good company so I decided to get the Accident Protection Insurance for me. I have had Gerber Life for so long with my grands and my great grands. I figured it will cover for when it would be needed. I always tell people to get Gerber Life Insurance. I've been recommending it for over 20 years.

My mother purchased a 20,000 policy in 2001 in case of her passing that she wanted to leave me and my brother. Sad to say she passed away in August 2018. They sent me a check for 1000.00. I said that's not correct, it should be 20,000. The lady told me that my mother purchased a policy that is no longer used so they only pay 1000.00 on it. How do they get away with this legally. People spend their hard earned money on premiums to have peace of mind when they pass, and Gerber does this. When is someone going to step in and hold these insurance companies liable for doing this or preying on the elderly. Don't buy from Gerber, you are better off to take that premium per month and put it under your mattress like the olden days. Crooks.

My experience with Gerber Life has always been positive, they have been quick to take care of any problem I've had and to work with me to keep my policy active if I had any financial difficulties. I would and do recommend them to anyone I know looking for a reliable life insurance company. You have a wonderful and reliable company Gerber.

What a crock! Automated services can be such a load of horse **! When I have an issue that I want to discuss with a representative outside of the scope of the Automated services I should be able to get a real person. It's like the company is hiding something... Make a payment; NO. Change you policy; NO. Make a claim; NO. Talk to a real person; SORRY NOBODY WORKS THERE! Push seven to return back to the automated service menu to better serve you????

First I only had life insurance for my son through Gerber Life. They had been very persistent in quality and affordability over the past seven years since I signed my son up. After going through some tough financial times after the death of a close family member, I decided to do some research for my own policy. I didn't want to leave such a burden on my family. I have to admit, Gerber wasn't the first on my list, but I'm so glad that I gave them a chance! Depending on your age, you can get more than $100,000 in term life coverage for as little as $13.00 a month; no physical exam needed. Just fill out the application and answer a few questions, and that's it! Then you wait for your approval letter! It's that simple.

They're very helpful and knowledgeable. I've always found them to be very friendly. My son has had a policy with them for the last 12 years. I figured since they offer adult coverage as well, I should give them a try. The application process is extremely simple, and I am very pleased with their rates. I've never had an issue with Gerber. I would recommend them to anyone.

Gerber Life's college plan looked like something to get within reason so I got one. Their application process was easy and their representatives were knowledgeable.