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My husband had a policy with Globe Life. 3 weeks ago he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away within 7 days. When I contacted Globe Life they told me that his death needed to have been an accident.

I bought myself and my 2 sons policies about 20 years ago. Since they are adults now we switched the policies to term with our present insurance company. I contacted Globe in Mid-October to see what they needed to close the policies. They said they needed a letter verifying that we were changing the policies over to another company.

My insurance company mailed the letters on 10/31. 6 weeks later I was still getting bills in the mail for the payments that were due in November. I should not have been receiving any bills. I spent an entire day - really I was at work, trying to reach someone who was not a ** on the phone, nasty or just plain rude. I was hung up on 9 times after being on hold for over 30 minutes. I finally reached a supervisor who would not give me any information on my sons' policies because apparently they were the owners of the policy even though they are getting the payment from me and my name is on the policy.

I then emailed letters to them verifying that my sons want the policies closed. 2 weeks later bills again in the mail. My new agent's office called Globe to state they had mailed the letters and verify that they received them. They did not have the letters from 10/31. Once again I was on the phone going through people like paper towels. Rude, **, snippy and nasty.

Finally I reached someone I could email the letters to. I emailed them and they assured me the policies would be closed! Ok we are now at 12/21 almost 60 days. A week later bills in my email and bills in my mailbox. My new insurance company corporate office called Globe, they wanted to know why the letters were not be accepted. Globe stated in order to close the policies they wanted the final payment in order to send us a reimbursement? What? WTF does that mean. They do not make any sense!

So I emailed every day until I received a phone call on 1/5 from a supervisor, mind you this is a Saturday, she would not talk to me because I did not have my policy number. I was in Milwaukee for the weekend. I have since called her 6 times and left voice mails, no return call as of today. She wanted to talk directly to my sons, they were in Chicago at a funeral. It took her 4 days to call them back. She would not close the policies without talking directly to them. I have since filed a complaint with the insurance bureau of Colorado. How in the world does this scam company not be shut down. I will wait 2 weeks to see if I have a refund in the mail along with the policies being closed.

My mother has been paying a policy for 11 years. It expired on her birthday and there is nothing she can do to renew it. She has paid thousands into this joke of a company and because she lived too long she is out her money. Read your policies carefully. This is an awful company and I would never trust them. She thought she was providing security for her family and instead they just ripped her off. Globe Life should be ashamed of themselves. I will make sure everyone I can reach knows how horrible they are.

Globe Life is very affordable and easy to apply for. I've had a pleasant experience with Globe Life. Each time I spoke with someone on the phone, They were very polite and knowledgeable. I needed to make payments on my policy. And they were able to take care of it without a problem.

I submitted a claim when my father passed away and they denied the claim without reviewing the medical records. If they would just read, they will see that he developed issues after we had already purchased the policy.

I have the insurance that I was looking for. I feel the price is low and very affordable. I also purchased accidental death at a very low price. The only problem I did have with this company was when I first purchased it, they took a payment out of my account for approximately two months then all of a sudden, my insurance was cancelled because they said I didn't make payment. When talking to the person on phone, she could not explain how this could have happened. I had to send in another payment to get my insurance reinstated.

When I missed 2 payments, Globe Life Agent called me and asked if there was anything they could do to help me. When I explained my financial situation they quickly helped me resolve the monthly payments and therefore I got back on track with my policy that I have had for the past 6 years. They even waived 2 payments and I was still in good standing with the company!! I will always recommend Globe Life Insurance to any and all friends and neighbors. THANKS GLOBE LIFE INSURANCE!!!

I applied for Life Insurance for only a $5000.00 policy, which isn't much. On the app with the health questionnaire it says, "A 'yes' response does not automatically make you ineligible for coverage." I received a letter from Globe Life Insurance with a denial and the reason was, "based entirely on the health information you provided to us." Out of 6 questions I had answered yes to COPD and that was my only yes answer. So they do indeed base their decision entirely on saying yes to any of the questions. Misleading and untrue.

Wow, it appears I am the exception to the rule because my experience with Globe has been nothing less than outstanding. Back in 1997 I took out a couple of small Whole Life policies on my two young (at that time) kids. In the ensuing 21 years I have made a number of changes to the policies, like increasing coverage, changing names when my daughter grew up and got married, etc. Every time I have contacted Globe Life I have found their customer service people to be polite, friendly, knowledgeable, and committed. Happily, I have never had to make a claim, so I won't speak to that. But based on my 20+ year relationship with them I have every confidence that it would be handled appropriately and professionally.

I'm presently fighting with Globe Life Insurance because I was married 18 years yet we divorced 13 years ago. I continued paying on my policy on my ex husband all these years. He recently passed away in June 2018 and the company hasn't yet honored my policy which I used to pay for his service. Now I'm being told that they may pay for the service but will not pay me the difference being that we are divorced, yet I'm the one that has been paying the policy ever since it was taken out during our marriage.

It is not right for companies to try and take advantage of people during their times of grief or even otherwise. If they will not honor my policy in whole I requested that they pay me back EVERY PREMIUM that I've paid over the years and trust me that's a lot more than what the policy is worth. I personally did not get my insurance through this insurance company, I was with another company that this company took over, and I would never recommend anyone to this company.

My uncle died of accidental causes in February of 2018 and as of May, Globe refuses to pay the $10,000 benefit to his surviving daughter, who is very sickly and on dialysis three times a week. Consequently, she is unable to do battle with Globe. The beneficiary and I initially spoke to "Austin' in Customer Service who was very polite and sympathetic and expressed his sadness about our loss. He gave us the status of our claim as “Pending” which was not very helpful, but he connected us that Claims Department.

Claims said our claim was in Medical Review and it is uncertain how long that would take. So, I asked to speak to a Manager or Supervisor and the Claims rep said that would be Claims Resolutions Department. That’s when we were introduced to “Asia” and the tone of the conversation turned from polite (as was the case with the aforementioned contacts) to defensive to ultimately hostile. I explained that the claims had been pending for three months and the survivors, whom are poor, have to solicit donations from the church, family and friends to scrape up just enough to have Mr. ** cremated instead of a proper funeral with a casket and burial. Asia showed no concern whatsoever and said the claims was contestable, Globe had requested multiple documents from the Madison County Texas Justice of the Peace and Medical Review also remained to be completed.

The documents Asia referenced included an investigation report (which is the same as the Madisonville Police Department report that Globe already has); a toxicology and autopsy report (which is the Montgomery County Forensic Services Department Autopsy report which I personally provided to Globe after receiving it from the Madison County Texas Justice of the Peace office) and “medical records” (Asia did not explain why Globe would think a County official would possess the deceased medical history). When I challenged Asia on these points, she became very argumentative. I asked her if she would be willing to personally do whatever possible to expedite the receipt of any needed documents and she refused. She ended the conversation with an extremely sarcastic “You have a nice day”.

My sister was denied insurance from this company because she is in a wheelchair and has bone disease. They say you do not have to have a medical exam and will not be denied. They based their decision only on a few medical questions. What difference is it WHY or HOW people die? It is inevitable that all humans die eventually! Why even be a life insurance company? My sister has not been ill with bone disease issues for many years - guess that does not matter. So if you know anyone with any health problem there is no use bothering with this company who claims YOU DO NOT EVEN HAVE TO HAVE A DOCTOR EXAM! That is because they can find out about you with JUST A FEW QUICK QUESTIONS and they're really fast NO!

My son died four and a half months ago in an automobile accident. He was a back seat passenger in a truck that hit a tree. Not natural causes. Not a drug overdose. However, the policy was right under two years old. I am still waiting for them to pay out to the funeral home (if they ever do). First it was they needed 2 years of medical records to verify that he had no pre-existing conditions. Then it was 5 years. I am going through the worse thing a parent can imagine and they are trying to get out of paying for his funeral.

My mother has been paying on a policy for 12 years only to have it 'lapse'. She was informed by the 'nice' gentleman representing the company that she was buying a policy that would help with her burial expenses when she eventually died. She makes a payment once a year and after not receiving her yearly bill, she called the company only to be told that her policy had lapsed as she had turned 80! She was confused and angry because that is not the policy she bought as explained by the 'nice' gentleman. Granted she probably didn't read the legalese in the small printed policy, but the 'nice' man had explained it all to her. So, absolutely no return on the money paid over 12 years. Not only that, but she didn't even get a letter with the last bill explaining that this was the last payment according to her policy. Intentional I'm sure. This company is scamming the elderly and not in the least bit apologetic. What a world we live in.

We have had a small accident policy with Globe Life since 1983, paying a small premium. The premium was deducted from my business account all these years. Recently I retired and needed the premium changed to my personal account. The policy was so old they said they couldn't find it. For two days I was on the phone with them being transferred to various people and finally someone said they had found the policy and that I needed to fax a voided check along with policy number, routing number, etc. Which I did.

Requesting the premium be deducted beginning April 23. I called Globe life on March 27 and said everything had been taking care of. However, when I received bank statement, the premium had not been deducted. So I have called today. The person I talked to found my policy but her supervisor could not. They are supposed to be calling me within 2 hours. What if we had had a claim to be filed? I am not pleased with this company at all right now.

I've been plagued with mail from them. I have no children. I have written to them many times to remove me from their mail list. They keep filling my mailbox; so now I am going to poop in their return envelopes and mail them back. Maybe they will get the hint!!!

We paid $60/year for $20,000 of guaranteed term life insurance on my son since he was a baby. The premium was supposedly guaranteed for life. Suddenly this year at age 26 the policy "automatically " converts to a whole life policy for $300/year. What a crock! Do not fall for this company's false advertising about guaranteed premiums for life.

Cost for coverage is based on your age at time of enrollment. Premiums do not go up unless you choose to raise your coverage. Premium payments can be made monthly if you choose. I pay every 3 months. I am reminded when they send me a payment coupon.

My father passed away in May 2018 and I found out he had been paying faithfully on a whole life insurance policy for me for 30 years. He paid almost $200 a year and the amount available to me is only $1800 in savings. That's not all. I have been trying to have the policy transferred to my name since then. Each time I call they say they did not receive the death certificate. Then they say they did but a note was not made on my account.

Then when I tried to borrow $1500 from the account to help with my dad's expenses, they said the money would be mailed in 15 days. 3 weeks later I call to check on it and they tell me I have to ask for a loan in writing and also give me the same BS that the account was not transferred to my name. They do everything they can to stop you from getting your money. I can only imagine if I died that my kids would NEVER collect the money. This company is a complete fraud and scam. I would advise to NEVER purchase from them.

I've been with Globe Term Life Insurance Company for quite a few years and I'm grateful for the wonderful service I've been receiving thus far, they allow me a Grace period to pay in case for some reason I can not pay my premium on time and that gives me a Great Sense of Peace in my Heart and Peace of Mind. Thank You Very Much. In fact, I have been asked to enroll in all different Life Insurance companies and honestly, I'm just not going to abandon the one Insurance company that took me on as a client when no other insurance company would, but since I've been with Globe Term Life Insurance, I've been getting emails with cheaper premiums and I'm sorry but I'm just not buying it from anyone else.

I got Globe Life Insurance. After 6 years I stopped paying on it in Jan of this year because you are not really getting much money after paying for it. The company called me many times to ask me if I wanted to keep paying my bill. I told them no. I ask them to cancel my insurance. They stated they would sent out a check. That was a month ago. I called today to find out where it was and they stated they took our money and paid the insurance we canceled. I spend hours on the phone with Luke who told me the company took our money. Now they want to refund me only 17 dollars. How can they do that? Terrible company. Because we canceled they took the money back and I will be fighting to get it.

I signed up for 250,000 in term life and another 250,000 accidental death policy. because they could not find anything medically wrong with me they chose to deny my application... I contacted them to find out why I have not received my policy nor has any payment been processed, at that time they informed me that underwriting had denied my application for the above reasons. People get coverage for obvious reasons, for a company to deny your application and not contact you by email phone or mail and inform you of the decision is absolutely absurd. I thought this company was a good company but boy was I wrong!

My experience with Globe Life Insurance was great. My son passed away on September 8, 2018 and they paid the funeral home immediately and then 2 weeks later I had a check in the mail. When I call for the status of my claim customer service was very nice and helpful. I am truly blessed that they didn't give me any problems.

Very nice customer service. I have been with Globe Life Insurance almost 9 years. I love the company and all they do for me. My policy is explainable. Well worth my money. My kids and I are on a policy and it's in my budget.

I recently requested information from a life insurance company but it was not Globe. Suddenly I was contacted by Globe and even though I requested that the mailings stop, months later it still has not. My mailbox has still been flooded with letters of solicitation from Globe. At this point I am so frustrated with their company that I would absolutely NEVER get insurance through them.

2018-09-25: Called to get my policy surrendered. Not to mention the mere pittance they are sending after 27 years, I really did not need to hear about how the Representative's father passed away and was not found for 4 months, with his body completely opened up from rot, etc. How unprofessional can you get! Did not need to get a personality analysis from them, stating thing like "You are a binary type person, aren't you?" NOT YOUR BUSINESS!! Why would they, when I am canceling, ask about my current health, my burial plans, and even my finances. NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! Avoid this place at all costs!

Was checking my credit card statement for the month and noticed my account had two charges for the same amount on the same day from this company. I've never even heard of them. I don't have any policies or business with them. Where did they get my account info? My credit union is in the process of reporting them for fraud. They are scamming thieves who steal account information. Now, I had to have my card canceled and wait for a new one to be issued. You POS's. BTW, ratings need to be updated to allow NO STARS!

Globe does not require a physical examination. You just answer a few question and you are done. You only pay one dollar for the application fee and before your policy is processed a representative will call to verify all the information you send. You choose your premium, you chose the amount you wish to pay and you are done. It's quick, simple and easy. You can also have coverage placed on other members of your family, however the earlier you sign up the lower your monthly payments will be... Simple.

So let me start with my grandmother passed away last year while I was incarcerated. My grandma left some money to me and some to my mother. Well let me tell you Globe Life sent my check to an address that I didn’t authorize which allowed someone to cash the check into their bank. Now mind you I was incarcerated at the time of her passing so I knew nothing about a check being sent to nor did I care. I mean my grandma had just passed. Well long story short every time I call I get told different things. Just last week they were telling me they dropped the check in the mail last week.

Just called today and now they are trying to get it “overnighted”. It’s just one big nightmare. Do not get life Insurance with these people. I am telling you that you will regret it. I want to speak to whoever is in charge here because I am getting ready to go to court about my money! Oh yeah can’t forget how they rush you off of the phone and act as if you are in the wrong for calling to check on your money when they are the ones that sent it out to a address that I didn’t authorize! I have been going through this with them for 3 months now and still no check... Take your business elsewhere. Globe Life is a bad company.

Globe Life has received thousands of dollars from my family & we have no coverage simply because they have not submitted remittances in a timely manner. I get no satisfaction from customer service via phone calls or in writing. Thus, we get newer coverage at a higher cost, everything is ok for a few months, then no timely remittances again & the same thing happens again with customer service (sic).

I made a request for a Life Insurance Quote with this company. I now have purchased Life Insurance with another company. I spoke with several Customer Service Reps at Globe, letting them know I am no longer interested in purchasing Life Insurance. This company has continued to send me applications (more than one) on a daily basis, emails also. This company starts their Term Life Insurance Policies at a low cost to consumers. The cost of the policy will go up every 5 years. By the time you are 75-80 you will be paying $180-$200.00. Most senior cannot afford to pay this amount, so they cancel their policy after paying globe, a low starting price of $35-$40 for 5 maybe 10 years. BEWARE. READ THE SMALL PRINT AND ASK QUESTIONS. Before you sign up with this awful company.

On February 1st 2018 I sent Globe Life A Request for money I paid for Life Insurance you are refusing to pay. I'm not getting any medical records. And like I keep telling your no good company a dead man can't talk. I don't know who he had as his medical power of Attorney. I DO know he named me as the beneficiary of this policy as well as I was the one signing and paying monthly premiums to your no good company. It's now been 3 years 3 months. Send me the money that was spent on this policy. You should be made to pay interest for keeping it so long. I'm not going to send you medical records because I'm not entitled to them. WHAT PART OF THAT DON'T YOU ** UNDERSTAND. STOP PLAYING WITH PEOPLE'S MONEY.

The Funeral Home Service want their money and has held liability on me because I was on GLOBE LIFE POLICY AS THE BENEFICIARY. PLEASE SHARE:

If you have Globe Life as a life insurance I advise you to drop this company. They target middle/poor class. This is my experience. One Company Helping The Other Companies Scam Poor People. Government. I have contacted every NEWS MEDIA. These people aren't here to help us.

I contacted Globe Life about whole life insurance for the amount of $30,000. Everything went well until I was asked if I was mentally or physically disabled. I said yes to one of the questions. I get a call about a week later from the underwriter going in depth about my disability (Which is a mild one). I understand from research that there are some questions they are not allowed to ask. I was very honest. I had not heard anything for a couple of weeks so I called. Yes I have been approved but for only $5,000 not $30,000. Of course they know they can't discriminate on disability so they give me the lowest amount which we know does not even begin to pay for funeral expenses. You try to be honest and this is what happens. I asked why such a low amount and I was told I would have to put that in writing to the company to find out. Do not believe no discrimination, no health questions, or fairness with this company. I'm a good example of that lie.

I have never had a bad experience. Me and my daughter both have insurance with Globe Life. Always easy and fast to contact a customer service representative.

In November 2017, I decided to cancel my 3 grandchildren policy with Globe and go with Gerber. Globe accidentally cancel my son's policy instead of my grandson. I sent a fax on 1/5/2018 with my three grandchildren policy numbers on them. This is what Globe told me to do. However they cancelled the wrong policy. On 1/10/2018 I notified Globe of the error and they ask if I had sent the policy number to be cancel in writing. I informed them that I was told to fax it and I did. The agent said she would pull the fax and the error would be corrected. On 1/21/18 I received a check in the mail for the surrender value of my son's policy. I called and spoke with yet another agent and was told that it was still being investigated that someone would be calling me back. I heard nothing.

On 2/9/18 I called back and went thru the spiel again. This time I was told to send the check back with a letter indicating what happen and that the policy would be reinstated and the correct policy will be cancelled. Called 3/15/18 to get an update. None available. Called back again today 4/3/18. Was told that I was given wrong information and that the policy couldn't be reinstate. I asked the agent where was the check. She kept saying that they couldn't cash the check because it was made out to me. I informed her that I was told to send the check back but I don't think she understood. This place is very unprofessional and I got different stories every time I called about my situation. I wouldn't recommend them at all. To make it even worse I waited on hold for 20 minutes to get help.

My mother had a policy on me and when she passed I took over ownership by sending a copy of her death certificate, as well as changed the beneficiary to my wife. In 3 years they didn't change ownership, my new contact information, or email, nor did I receive a new copy of my policy. This last February I went to pay my annual payment, like they have received it in the past and they said my account was suspended. I told the wife, "Enough is enough" and called next day to cash out. They said they needed my mother's death certificate to verify she was gone and ownership was mine. I told them we did that 3 years prior, but I would resend it.

I called to verify they received it, which they had, so I cashed out. Their service rep said I was owed $1300.00 and should get it in 10-15 days. She also told me to stay after them because they didn't like to pay. I never received my check, so I called and was told if I sent them a check for $89 they would send me a check for $99. It’s November now and still no check. In 3 years they couldn't do simple paperwork, but they didn't have problems taking my annual payments.

I have Life Insurance through Globe LIFE Insurance. They were very prompt and thorough. I needed to update my beneficiaries and I received the documents to update the info very quickly. Thank You Globe for providing LIFE Insurance to me.

This has the WORST EXPERIENCE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! My issue with this company started over a month again. One month and a week later, the issue is still NOT RESOLVED. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER... No one was able to supply me with accurate information. Requesting someone in management, apparently is unheard of. I'm going to escalate this issue way past this just a review. The only reason they received one star is because I couldn't bypass the option.

A couple months ago I got insurance with them. In Dec 2018 that took out a payment from my bank account then 2 weeks later took another payment. They only have record of 1 payment. I have been given the runaround by customer service on what I need to do for them to credit my account. I have sent in bank statements. Still keep getting the runaround. Stay away from his company. I told them that what they're doing is fraud and Theft. I canceled my account with them. Globe Life has not yet refunded the money they took out of my account and is treating me like I'm trying to rip them off.

This is the most unprofessional insurance company I have ever dealt with. Globe Life sent to me a "pre-approved' application for life insurance. $10,000.00 term life for $17.00 per month, no medical exam needed. I am 59 years old and this appeared to be a fair price. I had been shopping around with other companies. Well, the phone calls started... every day someone from Globe Life would call me and ask particular questions. Problem is, a different person would call and ask the same questions. After several calls, I ask if the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing at that company. I then informed them I am not interested in doing business with them.

In a couple days I received a letter with congratulations that I am now insured for $5,000.00 Whole life at $29.00 per month... instead of the $10,000.00 term life for $17.00 per month. I have been trying for 2 months to cancel the policy and am not having much luck. Again, the people who answer the phone and email do not know what they are doing... very unprofessional company and I would not give them any stars if it was possible. Please consider any other company but this one.

I applied for a $10,000 Life Insurance for my wife per phone. Got a call from underwriting to my wife with several questions concerning her health since the insured was her. Ok... fine! But then we get an email saying she was approved... approved. I assumed it was for the $10000 we applied for. But being curious as I am, I went online to check things out. Guess what... I find she has a $5000 policy with same premium as the $10000 policy. I call GLOBE to find out... "What's going on? I applied for a $10,000 policy." I got some explanation, a name to the coverage, I assume it had to do about her health (which is good but not excellent).

My complaint is that Globe did not inform me of their decision to issue a policy of a lesser amount but at the same rate of the higher rate. I guess I would have not noticed until she died (God forbid) unless I had reviewed the policy when issued. Needless to say "I CANCELLED". Beware of "GLOBE". Make sure you get what you requested!!

I have been with Globe Life Insurance since 2010 with a term policy. Because I am older and in excellent health I thought it would be wiser to change over to whole life. They sent me another policy information form to fill out. On the form I mistakenly checked a box in 2 a that I suffered from cancer, disorder of heart, liver and brain which indicated a yes answer, I corrected the answer by scratching out the yes and indicating a no answer. I received a call from one of their representatives asking me why I scratched out the yes answer. I informed her that it was just a mistake and I corrected the answer on the form. She changed the form to indicate a yes answer and because of this I was denied whole life insurance. My health has been the same since signing with them with no changes. I am in excellent condition. My policy was altered on purpose. When contacting them they just file a complaint. Questions 1 and 2a incorrect.

This company preys on elderly citizens. They pay all these premiums and never realize they were mislead to whom was being insured and whom the beneficiary is. Legal thievery. They should be ashamed!

They offered $100k insurance in the marketing literature but only $50k to me. The whole life premium for that is about $260. Their original offer was 5 year term. I have such a policy through AARP and it is an abusive contract IMHO. I USED TO SELL THESE INSURANCE POLICIES SO I KNOW FIRST HAND OF WHAT I SPEAK.

My father in law passed away Nov 29, 2017. He had the insurance policy and I was his beneficiary because we had a close relationship for about 11 years before he was murdered. I've sent out all required information for the company in Dec - Jan to be able to investigate the policy but I haven't heard anything back from anything from anyone at Globe Life except that they're still gathering his medical records which he didn't have much of at the time because he rarely went to the doctors. I need to know how much longer will I have to wait to find out if they're going to pay out the policy.