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This is just the worst group of scam artists online. When you cancel a policy what they don't tell you is that you might have secondary policy for something else that won't be canceled - and they will continue to charge you without your permission. Good luck trying to get someone on the phone or someone who can find your account. But if you stop the payment BAM you will get a non-payment letter in the mail the next day along with lots of additional fees for "Bank Funds". OH, the best part, they refuse to send digital copies of any cancellation letters... so things can get "lost in the mail" and there will be electronic trail. Just shameful. Don't make the mistake I did.

I lost my health insurance 2/28/15 because we moved from NY to FL. 1/30/15 I was diagnosed with severe diverticulitis and was bedridden. My husband had an agent visit our home for possible coverage for me. He came twice, 2/1/15 and 2/4/15. The agent knew I was suffering from a pre existing issue, and sold my husband this policy for me. Long story short I have over $50,000.000 in medical bills for 3/1/15 to 5/1/15 and they refuse to cover anything. The agent, R. ** from Fort Myers had no right selling my husband this policy for me knowing my condition, for which the agent was fully aware of. He did not tell my husband that the pre existing condition would not be covered. I was so sick and on a lot of pain medication. I came from bed only to sign the contract, and not reading any fine print given my condition. This agent should not be allowed to sell health insurance, and now we will be paying on these bills for the rest of our lives!

Turned down for coverage due to a pre-existing condition. After being on hold for an hour they explained that their underwriters automatically deny coverage for my condition?? This confused me since they offer coverage for my condition for an extra price when I enrolled online at They took a month to decline me by the way. I called a few times to follow up and each time was on hold for 45 minutes or more each time! Didn't matter what time of day or what day. Worst Customer Service I've ever experienced to date. Now calling to call to cancel my dental with them and since they were rude about the medical coverage. I've add a couple of screen shot of today's hold time as an example... They are awful and I think them turning me down for coverage was a blessing.

Not sure why anyone would go with these guys. Their robot calls day and night and I've never had insurance through them. So the fact that they buy people's information so that they can solicit business tells you how great of a company they are. Just hope they don't get your phone number...

We just found out our HSA premiums are going up $2000.00 this year. Seriously? Fat cats getting richer, poor getting poorer. We don't even use it. I'm getting punished for being healthy.

Don't do it--it's a waste of money. They deny everything and choke them up to pre-existing??? Nothing gets covered and all they do is take money for nothing.

Just received letter 1 day after midterm elections that my premium was being raised. I have had my policy since August of 2012 and have paid $322.00 monthly. They now tell me that they have to comply with the Affordable Health Act and my premium beginning 2015 will be $995.00 monthly, a 209% monthly increase. Have called and received the usual answers, "We don't know, we have to comply".

Do your due diligence and ask the right questions. Primrose failed to mention we couldn’t use our plan for six months and when I tried reaching back out to her numerous times via phone and email, she refused to get back to me. I simply wanted answers. I guess my first red flag should have been when I requested policy literature and never received it (mailed to the wrong address of course).

The plan we had was a complete joke and I cancelled our plan immediately once I learned that I had been sold a bill of goods that served no purpose in the short term. Now, my family might be without insurance completely until open enrollment later this year thanks to Primrose’s brutal dishonesty. So thank you Golden Rule for my first official dose of being screwed over since moving to Florida.

They were suppose to cancel my vision plan in February of 2018 after I told them to cancel my dental, medical, and vision plans in October 2017. They canceled two and told me the other would be canceled in February 2018. They continued to bill me and didn't cancel the plan at all until I called again this morning. Avoid them at all costs and go with a company that actually knows what they're doing. Their plans were horrendous anyway. If you want something affordable and good service, you won't find it at Golden Rule/United HealthOne.

I just don't know what you do about short term insurance. I bought a policy for a month and then had it extended to the end of the second month. Got a cancellation notice that didn't include the extended time. Calling is a nightmare. The IVR wasn't working so I couldn't tell if my policy actually had lapsed. No one answers the phone at all on weekends. There is no chat. I am just glad I wasn't filing a claim. I can't imagine what a nightmare that would be.

Golden Rule just raised my insurance $100.00 a month and their coverage is worthless. I canceled my dental after having two teeth filled and it cost me $178.00 and I believe they paid $30.00. What is it with these insurance companies, a homeless person can go to the dr. or hospital and get treated and you know they won't get a bill. I guess we can blame it all to the Obama Care. And it's not going to get any better till we get a better one in but is there actually any that's better. It seems like each time we get a different one in it just gets worse.

Golden Rule, a unit of United Healthcare, has no trouble taking your money for their short-term health insurance. I was between jobs, recently laid off. I could not afford COBRA, so I went with a short term policy. Unfortunately, I was admitted to the hospital for four days due to a critical illness. My credit card was charged 5 days before the policy start date. Unfortunately, there is a 5-6 day hold on the policy which Golden Rule does not tell you. You have accident insurance on the first day of coverage, but don't have health insurance until the sixth day.

To make a long story short, they refused to pay any of the claims and waited until the last day of coverage to decline the claims. (It's a 90 day policy.) They said the hospitalization was related to a pre-existing condition. Anyway, I got stuck with all the bills at the uninsured cost. (40 times what UHC contract price is). I called the state insurance commissioner's office and they helped get them to reconsider the claims. The state insurance commissioner helped them to understand what they did was an unfair business practice.

They do not care about your circumstances and treat their customers who file a claim like garbage. I used my 401k money to pay this policy. They should be ashamed of themselves. I can understand why people get financially wiped out from health problems. It's worse when you think you have insurance and do not. When they do not pay the claims, the doctors and the hospitals treat you like dirt too.

I have taken their health insurance policy and had it more than 3 months. I went to have annual medical check up and blood work. After 4 months, they have not paid the Doctor their bills and now I am getting this huge bill to pay. Please do not deal with this company, very poor business ethics. The customer service people have attitudes and don't want to help customers. I wish they have some responsible managers who are listening.

I just got a hold of a customer service rep. I told them I was canceling and he offered no resistance. No "If You Go Away", no singing that ballad in French for effect. And I'm getting a REFUND! A $450.00 Refund! Life is good. No More Gouges!

I used Golden Rule insurance as a short-term option until my company gave me medical insurance. I only used them for a month as not to have a lapse in insurance coverage. I noticed that I had not received a 1095-C from them at tax time to prove that I was covered. When I called the company I was told by two rude woman that I was not entitled to this because the coverage that I had did not fulfill what the government requires. Excuse me? I paid almost 300.00 to be covered for the month and now I'm being told I didn't have enough coverage? This is a scam considering the website claims that this is the reason for taking short term coverage.(Bridge gaps in times of transition to avoid penalty). I am in the process of filing a report with the BBB and other agencies to look into this deceitful company.

I am now on my third attempt to cancel my policy and have currently been on hold for over an hour. I recently got married and I am on my husband's health plan so I have no need for Golden Rule. The first couple of times I was on hold for 30 minutes before someone finally got on the line just to have the rep tell me that they will have to transfer me to the cancellation department. The first time, they disconnected my call instead of transferring my call. Anytime I have tried to call Golden Rule, there is a hold time.

I have been with Golden Rule since 2005. I am finding the increase in premiums tough so I called up (45 minute wait) and asked to have deductible increased and premium reduced. This was Oct 2016. In December 2015 it was still the same so I called again. (53 min wait) I asked what happened to the change I requested. She said sorry, she could see where I had called and was not sure why nothing changed. She was very nice and promised to change it straight away. Jan 2016, the same thing only this time (1 hour and 12 Minutes wait) she apologized and thanked me for my patience and said she would immediately change it and stop any collections of premiums to make sure the change was done.

Today Feb 22nd, they still took to the original premium, online show my deductible is still the same?? I don't know what else to do. Do I call again and waste another hour of my time? Please help. I have no idea how to correct this unless I physically go to my bank and put a stop payment on this. Then I would have no insurance! How can they treat people like this? I am trying to do the right thing but lost with company that takes an hour to answer the phone and does nothing.

Golden Rule has continually raised my premiums over the last three years. I have used the insurance 3 times for regular Dr visits. They just raised again over 40% without notice. I called and they said they sent a letter in April. I pulled out the letter that I had received which stated "NO PREMIUM INCREASE". Their response, "you must have the wrong letter". I can't afford their premiums and the medical bills I pay because the coverage sucks. Better to do without.

Needed to find out my newborn benefits under the 30 day coverage. The wait period to the correct department and/or person was at least 20 minutes. I was transferred 8 times, never got my question answered. This company needs investigation.

It'd be better to burn your money instead of giving it to them. Just call the company and count the time before you speak to a customer representative to get a GLIMPSE of how terrible the company is. They'll deny you coverage and request you to appeal through them. You'll regret that you've spent your money on them instead of burning it.

I've been on hold for more than an hour, and I made sure to call at 1 PM MST, as to avoid all the East Coast calls after 5 PM. This did not prove helpful. It's funny how they answer on the first ring when you try to sign up. They sent me the entire wrong packet with another person's personal info including the entire family's info and SSNs... then refuse to answer when I try to cancel. I wish I could have given zero stars.

All I know is they paid for nothing. I have bills here that cannot be paid. They took over $400.00 out of my husband’s checking for two years. I want all my payments back or I will get a lawyer. I needed surgery and had to cancel it. It’s not fair. Someone has to stop this company. I can’t afford these bills and still with my pain because Golden Rule is a scam.

Get lied to. I have gotten the run around. Was lied to about the monthly cost. And they drafted money out of my account without my permission.

I have been on hold for 1:47:19 waiting to speak to a representative so I can add my son to our dental plan. There is still no end in sight! I’m feeling panicked now as, at some point, I’m going to have to go on with my life. This seems excessive! And I feel helpless because I need help today. Now it’s 1:49:41.

This company is absolutely horrible, it takes at least 30 minutes to get anyone on the phone. I hate them so badly and resent that this FOR PROFIT company is providing customers with such terrible service. MAYBE PAY YOUR C_SUITE LESS AND HIRE MORE CALL REPS. Absolutely useless.

I bought a short-term policy for my son when he was between jobs. The health policy was issued separately from the dental, and when the health terminated, the dental should have too. Instead, they continued to bill me for the dental. I missed it on my bank statement, so it was a couple months before I realized they were still billing me. When I called, they refused to refund the money because I was required to cancel the policy separately, even though they NEVER advised me that I would have to do so. There was no way I would have known this as they don't send out bills or receipts - they just debit your account, hoping you won't notice if they continue to debit you for insurance you don't want or need.

Golden Rule Insurance is a disgrace to shady insurance companies around the country. They steal money, overcharge you and then tell you can't send an email when you cancel. Then I called in and they tell me they will email what we discussed and it never was sent to me. This company has horrible customer's service and their agents leave out important information so they can charge you more money for health insurance with less coverage.

Golden Rule never asked whether I wanted to continue coverage after they announced a 25% increase for 2014. I bought other insurance, but they continued to deduct their new, higher premium from my checking account. I called this morning an waited 50 minutes to talk with a representative. I asked to cancel our policy effective Jan 1, 2014. They refused and will keep the $566 premium even though they provided no services. It used to be illegal for 2 insurance companies to provide the same coverage for an individual. Has that changed? This is not the behavior I would expect from a "trusted" insurance company. I consider it unethical and will steer clear of United Health products in the future. Interesting United Health's CEO, Steven Helmsley was paid $49 million in 2012 and a total of $156 million between 2008 and 2012.

Have two bills from 2013 that keep going unpaid, met the deductible. I'm pretty sure a number of these health insurance companies hope you get so exasperated that you throw the towel in and just pay the bill!!! So now I'm real mad and call Golden Rule's phone number out there in Utah. On hold for fifteen or twenty minutes (oh, forget their website for such matters). Finally I have get a live person and ask why the bills haven't been paid (as I say met the deductible)? Well, here's a new one, "We need the provider to send us the medical records of my two teenagers BEFORE they can pay the bills.” Anyone heard of such nonsense? Stall, stall and hope I break down and pay it!!!

They overcharged me $1,498.60. They charge after benefit ends. It is impossible to reach anyone on the phone and solve this. I was on hold yesterday for 40 min. and had to disconnect. Today I am trying again and was on hold for 30 min. after listening whole lecture and choosing half a dozen times and not sure at all I can get my money back. They are thieves - as simple as that. This is scam. I wish I knew that before applying for coverage. Please read reviews and don't make my mistake.

I am on a High Deductible Plan. Golden Rule was about to charge me 66% more than an online lab test service. $291 vs $175 at the same location for the same test on the same day. This lab provider is in their network as well. I pay them around $3000 p.a. premium for insurance coverage to be ripped off for everyday services like this? What can I do?

I have never written a review about a company before but felt an overwhelming need to let other consumers know about the terrible service I have received from Golden Rule Insurance Company. As you may have read from all the other reviews regarding Golden Rule, they do not pay any of their claims citing "pre-existing conditions" as the reason for their denial. I submitted a claim after a hospitalization and after more than 6 months of reviewing my past medical records, they have denied my claim as a pre-existing condition.

Although I had never sought care for this ailment before and had been experiencing symptoms for only a week prior to my obtaining Golden Rule health insurance, they still cite in their policy that a prudent person would have sought care immediately and because I did not that qualifies as a pre-existing condition. Who goes to the doctor when experiencing symptoms for pain for a few days? Most "prudent" people take an over the counter pain reliever or use a heating pad to try a resolve what was thought of as a muscle strain. Unfortunately, I did not read through consumer reviews before purchasing this insurance and I do not want the same thing to happen to you!!! It is beyond my comprehension how this company can have an A rating with the BBB.

I am appealing their decision and plan to continue to fight my case as far as necessary and urge other in this situation to do so. Please tell all you friends, family and business associates to heed the reviews regarding Golden Rule as they are not the ramblings of a few angry people but an exact replica of what has been my experience with them. As other consumers have stated, they most certainly take your monthly premium but cover nothing. As a subsidiary of United Healthcare, I urge you to also boycott any business with United Healthcare too. Be warned, it is not worth it to join Golden Rule as they will not cover any claim you have no matter what the situation.

Every single freaking time I call to ask a simple question I am put on hold for minimum 40 minutes. In fact my doctor's office had called them to verify my new insurance and even they had to finally hang up because of the ridiculous hold time.

I used to have Good Union insurance. Unfortunately, I lost it because I didn't work enough. So, I had to go on Golden Rule because my husband and kids already had a plan. They were supposed to put me on the same plan as the family. They screwed up and gave me my own policy, which now I'm stuck with because they won't let me move over to the family plan. I'm being charged $148 for just me! And that has recently gone up. God forbid both of us should be in a car wreck because we'd each have to pay the ridiculous deductible. These people will all burn in hell, no doubt, because of the way they deal with customers. Luckily, I'm going to get 6 months of Union insurance next year. Then, I'll be shopping for a new provider for the whole family! Bye bye Golden Rule. You suck!

I'm paying out of the ying-yang for my insurance, but nothing is covered. I don't have a co-pay; I have a full-pay. My prescriptions aren't covered... Why have this insurance? I'd probably be better off without insurance. I'm totally frustrated.

Horrible insurance. You have to pay out of pocket for any doctors visits, your deductible is 5000 which is ridiculous and the prescription rx prices are horrible. It's also not part of the Affordable Care Act and cannot be deducted on your write offs. If you decide to get this lousy insurance, make sure you DO NOT get short term, get long term. Why? Because if your blood sugar comes up a little high ONE TIME, which happens to a lot of people every blue moon, they will drop you for a pre-diabetes diagnosis which we all know pre-diabetes is a joke. The blood test after my slightly high sugar blood test results came back PERFECT and that doesn't matter to them. You cannot appeal. Well, I did but it was a waste of time for me and my doctors office.

For how awful the deductible and coverage is, their underwriting guidelines is one of the worst in the business. I'm healthier than the majority of people weighing in at 184 lbs at 5'11" with low cholesterol, sugar and perfect organ health and vitamin levels and was denied coverage when I went to get reinstated for another short term plan. God forbid somebody has type 2 diabetes, DON'T EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME APPLYING. Shame on you United Health for your narrow minded, terribly strict underwriting guidelines that has lousy coverage to go with it. It makes no sense.

I was advised my dental policy had been cancelled on 4/5/15. On 5/7/15 I was charged $58.59 for this cancelled policy. On 5/7/15 I called 1-800-657-8205 to discuss this charge to the cancelled policy. I spoke with "**". ** advised me the policy was still active and to referred me to "" to assist in locating a dentist in my area. This website was of no assistance. On 5/7/15 I called 1-800-816-3596 for further assistance and spoke with "**". ** advised me that this policy had been cancelled on 4/5/15 and the website that ** had referred me to was no longer active and to go to "". I then requested to speak to a departmental supervisor due to conflicting information.

On 5/7/15 I spoke with "supervisor **" and relayed all the information to him, to which his reply was "ummm-humm". ** advised me that Golden Rule Insurance were the brokers that sold this plan to me and that United Health Care were the ones that administered the benefits. ** advised me to call Golden Rule Insurance @ 1-800-657-8205. On 5/7/15 I called 1-800-657-8205 as ** instructed me to do. AND this number referred me back to United Health Care and once again I am talking to "**". ** advised me she would keep me on the line as she spoke with the "Benefits" division and after 5 minutes ** came back on the line to advise me that their Benefits division showed this dental policy was cancelled on 4/5/15 but no one could find who requested the policy cancellation.

On 5/7/15, ** advised me that she would have a "Specialist" contact me in reference to their mistakes. So as of 5/7/15, I have been charged $58.59 for a cancelled policy. And due to this erroneous charge my account is now overdrawn and I have been charged overdraft fees to my account. I advised **, ** and ** that I wished for this policy to be cancelled and for all charges to be refunded to me and none of these representatives could do that for me. There is no responsible parties at this business to cancel and refund!!!

I purchased Golden Rule medical insurance after losing my job. This is the 4th medical insurance I've purchased in 2018. I was promised full coverage with pharmacy, dental & vision coverage. One medication cost me $400. For a 3 month supply, & other prescriptions were not covered at all. I avoided going to any dr., because I knew nothing would be paid for. On Jan. 3, 2019, I began the process of trying to cancel this insurance, after securing insurance through the marketplace. What a nightmare: I was redirected to other phone numbers & placed on hold for hours, & spent days on my mission to cancel coverage. As of 1/7/2019, I am still uncertain whether they canceled this plan. I "have" to continue the vision plan for 1 year according to the "fine print" in the contract. Very negative experience with Golden Rule insurance.

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