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I wanted to plan for any expenses as I got older so I wouldn't have to worry about it and that we were covered in that way. So, I bought a nursing home insurance from a rep from GoldenCare. He got in touch with me and we spoke on the phone. He did a computer conference with the diagrams and explained everything to us, and he was very thorough, awesome, personable and we had a nice conversation. The process was fine and I was very satisfied with the way things went. Also, we're using a policy on my own mother now. My father bought her one years ago and is currently using the benefits from it. So, I feel good about the security of knowing that the benefit is there when the time comes if it indeed comes. I also share with my friends that we have the policy.

GoldenCare rejected my wife who’s a registered nurse, which was the way that they tried to have me to get some long-term care insurance. But they accepted me and I’m wondering if they would accept her. The sales agent was very understanding and he listened and tried to relate to people. So far, I haven’t had any experiences other than to pay premiums. But I'd tell a friend that GoldenCare might not take your nurse or your spouse, but they might take you.

We have had GoldenCare for two years now. Our agent, Steve, was really laid back, but he knew what he was doing and what he was looking for. I called him and he showed up, and then we signed up for the policy. When he got on the computer, he did a really good job. I hate insurance where my retirement pay goes, but our experience going through and getting our GoldenCare policy went well.

We had experience with long-term care because my in-laws had it. It was good so we felt like we should get it as well. I contacted GoldenCare through something I received in the mail from Indiana Nursing Association. A man came out representing several companies and showed us a couple of different products he had. He also talked about what we wanted to accomplish and even advised us which product he thought was the best choice. When he started telling us about the prices, we told him we didn’t want to pay quite much so he sold us the product that way. He was very nice and we were satisfied working with him. We will tell people looking into long-term insurance how we got ours.

My mother has been in a nursing home since October 2012. She is getting assisted living services which costs $10,000 a month. My husband and I were helping supplement her bill every month since we didn’t want to lose any property she had. Fortunately, I ended up finding something a little less expensive because we couldn't afford $10,000 each if my husband and I would ever end up in a nursing home. We bought the traditional policy for $7000 a month from GoldenCare where they would pay up to five years. The rep came to the house and was very helpful and nice. When he left, some of the policy had to be adjusted because we wanted a deal where they would cover us forever instead of just five years. However, even though I’m very healthy, I’m a little overweight and don’t take any medicine, so they had to let me be covered for five years if I were to go to a nursing home. We made a good choice and we’re happy with it.

My husband is 15 years older than I am and he had to have his leg amputated and we never know what is going to happen. We purchased GoldenCare's long-term care in-house for my husband and the nursing home for me. My husband will probably be gone long before I would go in a nursing home. Steven, GoldenCare's good agent, came to our house and signed us up for the long-term care. He was reliable because he came on time. He was specific in what he talked to us about and gave good written examples. He was very professional and did a good job. Having our GoldenCare policy gives me peace of mind.

We were advised by different people that getting a long-term care insurance is a wise thing to have in place at age of 60. I'm a nurse and there was a special price and stuff for nurses. Frank from GoldenCare was reputable, we were very comfortable working with him and he seemed to know his product so we decided to go with him and we went with Mutual of Omaha which is a long-term care product. We had several conference calls where he answered all our questions and he called us back when we had questions. My husband and I are both retired now, and my husband has stage four kidney cancer. Having a long-term care insurance gives us peace of mind as we age. We've been satisfied and I would recommend them.

My parents both needed long-term care or they realized it's something they needed to prepare for. Plus, I'm in the healthcare industry so all the time, I see people not having insurance or have no way to survive when things happen which puts a big drain on the family. I bought a long-term healthcare insurance from GoldenCare. Somebody come to the house and worked with me and I was impressed with his knowledge of what he was doing. If you're in need of an insurance, you could deal with Steve and he'll do what you need him to do. They handled things smoothly like you would have expected.

I bought the long-term care from GoldenCare and the process was seamless. The rep was knowledgeable about explaining everything to us so it was a good experience. My mother is in an assisted living so it helps out and we're getting up there in age and we fear we might use long-term care. Knowing that if we ever have to use GoldenCare, it will be good.

I got information about long-term care insurance that was an offer for registered nurses so I answered that letter to inquire. We got a call and we got interested in long-term care insurance, and GoldenCare was something that offered a policy and a rider. The GoldenCare sales rep, Wayne, was informative and helpful. I had lots of questions and we went back and forth. We were able to obtain the policy. My husband is the policyholder and we had to do wellness evaluations for him. The policy is very expensive. It's like an investment we hope we never have to use, but are glad it's there if needed. It is something that we look at as a protection to our other assets in the event that we would need long-term care, although neither one of us seemed we are gonna need it anytime soon. It also has a coverage of caring for our own home and that's what is interesting with it too.

I was not really impressed with GoldenCare's rep. He left this area and did not give me any contact information. The last time I tried to look him up, he was in Wisconsin. I thought I needed the number and a name in case I needed some information. I had to get a number offline, which I called and talked to somebody. GoldenCare's cost is high, but I'm not dissatisfied. However, they should offer unlimited plans. In the beginning, I was not very satisfied with them, but I have not had problems since then.

I am a nurse and work in an emergency department. I see what rolls in from nursing homes and I needed some kind of security that I can take care of myself when I get older. GoldenCare has a long-term coverage that allows me to have a variety of what meets my needs from in-home care to a facility. The agent who assisted me was very helpful and was able to answer my question. He was able to explain the plan well and put me with the plan that best fit my needs. He was very available and contacted me multiple ways by mail, phone, and emails.

I was getting nervous because I didn't know that much about long-term care, and I saw that perhaps the rates would change as I get older because I know how life insurance could change. I started looking into what my employer would offer so that I could get the insurance through them. I found out that they didn't offer it anymore which was why I got the mailing. I called GoldenCare and I was surprised but pleased to find out that GoldenCare was financially very reasonable since that stuff is expensive.

The biggest drawback was that I was paying snail mail for a while and that was getting old because nobody does that anymore. The set-up wasn't gonna work well with me, and so I had to do it a different way. I wanted to convert over and have it auto withdrawn. Also, I bragged about GoldenCare to other people, but there should be something that I could have used as a tool to refer them. I could tell people that I had a good experience with them and people could have a link to look at and get the 411. Other than that, I was pleased that I heard about GoldenCare and had the opportunity to work with them. It was on my to-do list for a very long period of time.

Instead of burdening our children later on in life, we would like to be able to take that off all of our plates and be prepared. My husband heard about GoldenCare and that's who we went with. Their rep Warner took his time and he made several visits to our home to discuss all of our questions and to get everything worked out. We were happy with our experience. They have a fair price and we hope it doesn't go up in the future because that's a big chunk to come up with and that's about what we can afford.

GoldenCare's rep was a go-getter and a salesman. He was very thorough in telling us what the plan would pay for and he was very good about saying what we'd get and how we were covered if we needed home health care. He did a good job presenting the plan. If we ever need it, we have it and I expect we’ll need it sooner or later. I know teachers have a good retirement. Plus, my husband has a pension and Social Security and I have Social Security, so we’re in good shape. But I also know that if we have a serious stroke and go into a nursing home or needed assisted living, our savings would get wiped out.

My dad was in assisted living for six years and when he went in, he owned a home, had 150,000 in savings, and received 2,000 a month in Social Security and pension. But that six years took everything. He was senile and was very physically active. He needed to be on the Alzheimer’s wing, which was 2,000 a month. So, having a long-term care plan is a good idea and I’d recommend GoldenCare.

GoldenCare had better rates than other companies and bought my policy through Mutual of Omaha. At first, I was going to do a monthly payment and then my agent helped me get the quarterly program started because it was cheaper and less hassle. But the only trouble was Mutual of Omaha tried to sell me a couple of other insurance things that I wasn’t interested in and I was annoyed about that. Other than that, GoldenCare is like an investment policy and their coverage gets better every year. It goes up 3% a year, just like an investment. My coverage actually gets better with age with this type of thing. So I'd recommend it.

I had always thought that getting long-term care in my mid-50s was something I wanted to do. I got on the internet and did some investigating and GoldenCare was one of those at the top 10. Steven of GoldenCar, took all my information and said he would do some investigating for me. Steven made it easy. He got back with me and just delivered the information in a very informative and down to business kind of way, so that it could be easily understood and explained everything including all those completed state laws, which I was lucky that Missouri happened to have some laws that were better than other states. He explained the options, the price and the procedure in going forward. He outlined everything really well. When we were able to talk about specifics, it was more than satisfactory. I got a long-term policy that would cover both in-home care and nursing home.

Luckily, it was a good match because he had a lot of things to look through. I have a really good health history so he was able to find something that was beyond what I would hope for as far as coverage and price. He also asked about my spouse because there would have been an additional discount. Because of his health situation, we didn't qualify for him but Steven introduced me to something that I wasn't at all aware of, which we ended up purchasing and that was an in-home care assistance.

Given my husband's disease process and the fact it's automatic cancellation for any long-term care, I'm just kind of shocked that I'm a nurse, yet I wasn't aware that he would qualify for anything like that. It was kind of an episode kind of based thing that would reset after so many days if you didn't need it, which really fit my husband's disease process. That ended up being kind of a Godsent too or a relief for us that we have something in place there when we didn't think we were going to. Steven streamlined the actual paperwork really well too because he had this online presentation that he did when he made the appointment with me when I would get on my computer and then he would get on his. When we did the paperwork signing it was all through there, so it was like "Wow! Can you make this any easier?"

My husband encouraged me to get into long-term care. He looked into it and got GoldenCare for me. The rep, Anthony, was great and he was pleasant to deal with. He explained things and he knew all of the answers to our questions, but if he didn’t, he got back to us. I was very comfortable working with him. My husband pays for my GoldenCare and he thinks they're wonderful. Overall, my experience with GoldenCare has been fine.

I know how much long-term care costs as I have an experience in my family. I have purchased GoldenCare long-term care through Mutual of Omaha. We decided to be with GoldenCare as they were recommended by the American Nurses Association. We conducted all of our business with them over the internet and through the telephone. Their sales agent was very knowledgeable. I'd recommend this company to friends.

I’m a nurse, and I was concerned about getting long-term care as I get older. GoldenCare's rep contacted me and did a very good presentation online. In addition, he was very informative. He compared the pros and cons of the policy I chose compared to other policies. All in all, he was fine. However, I wish he followed up with me after I got the policy or asked if I had any questions since I haven't heard from him since. I got the traditional long-term and my coverage has increased at a rate I wasn’t told it would increase by.

I'm a sickler and I don't want to have to go to a nursing home if something happens to me. Also, I'm nine years older than my husband and he's a busy farmer and he won't have time to take care of me. We wanted to get insurance to help if something happened to one of us. The GoldenCare representative answered our questions. We both got the long-term care but its cost is high though. I suggest that you look into GoldenCare.

I don't have a husband or a kid so I'll wind up in a nursing home unless I just die of a heart attack. I got GoldenCare for long-term care and the sales agent was very helpful and said, "Now, don't take this out unless you can afford it." He was very upfront about it. I needed a service and he provided it. I was comfortable with him. Having GoldenCare makes me feel more secure.

My mother has been in a nursing home for about a year and she has been to about eight different ones because they kept moving. She also got kicked out of one nursing home because of her actions, and that was the main reason we started looking for long-term care. We got the in-house care from GoldenCare. We had looked at different ones but this was the most affordable one.

My interaction with their reps was absolutely great. They came in, visited us, and talked to us. Two different people interviewed us on the phone and they made me feel very comfortable with everything. They were pretty much upfront about everything, and they had an answer for anything we asked. And if they didn't, they would get one for us. With GoldenCare, I am more relaxed and I feel that down the road, it's going to be a lot better than what we have for our parents right now. I would tell my friends to go for GoldenCare if they asked me about it. GoldenCare really cared. The product is very reasonable and it is what you get.

We knew that long-term care is important, however my husband can't get it because of an already pre-existing condition. I spoke with a sales agent two years ago through the phone and it had been a good interaction. I got from GoldenCare the typical policy through Mutual of Omaha. Right now, the insurance cost isn’t too bad but it will probably go up like everything else. Nevertheless, I would recommend them.

My wife is not nearly as healthy as I would like to see her at her age. The GoldenCare sales rep that I've spoken with was very knowledgeable, professional and he knew what he wanted to show us. We had a few things that he had to call the headquarters to verify. I wouldn't have gone ahead in getting their long-term care, but the way he explained it to us, I felt that it could possibly be advantageous to us in protecting our assets and different things. We also took his advice on some things. Having GoldenCare has given us a little ease of mind.

We were encouraged by other people to get long-term care for my mother-in-law and we thought it would be a good idea. GoldenCare’s rep was very helpful and knowledgeable, plus he listened and explained things. It was a good experience.

My wife and I have no children so we figured that sooner or later we might wind up in a nursing home, so we checked into a few of them and GoldenCare seemed to be the best. Their representative was very informative and she knew what was going on. Their cost is pretty high, though, but so are the other ones. Give this company a call.

My mother has her long-term care policy which really helped out. We also looked into long-term care for both my husband and I. My husband has some medical issues that would put him in a high-risk category and we knew that we couldn't afford it. Ronald, our GoldenCare agent, went over the statistics and saw that women outlive their husband. I'm more likely to need long-term care and the average length of stay in a nursing home or long-term care is about two years. Ronald went through the different options and we came up with something that we felt like we could afford.

I filled out a card and mailed it in. Ronald contacted us and we told him what we wanted. He was willing and always prompt in his responses to any questions I had. It had been an excellent experience with Ronald. GoldenCare gave us a sense of security that we’re not going to be a burden on our children and we have that extra coverage for a couple of years. I would recommend GoldenCare to friends.

We looked into having a long-term care for wealth preservation in case an event would happen with my wife and I. I'm sure we could be taken care of, whether it be doctors and nurse practitioners on our ends and I'm also sure we would be fine. But we have 10 children and we would be putting the burden down on them. We purchased a long-term care from GoldenCare a year ago. We had an initial conference call with Anthony and he ran us through on the call and showed us the different options. He was very knowledgeable and had his own examples of the pricing. I was impressed that he was very forthright with us. I felt good and my wife did too, so we moved out on it relatively fast. I got a traditional plan but it has little amendments as part of it, so I would still consider that plan as conventional. I would recommend other people to get a price from GoldenCare and have the same kind of dialogue we had to see if they would be interested.

My husband was in a nursing home for a while and it sucked. For that, I got a long-term care policy from GoldenCare that allows me to send x amount of dollars per week so I can stay home instead of going to a nursing home as well. I also got a Medicare for my supplemental care. Their sales agent was honest and above board, and he wasn't pushy. He presented everything, said what they're going to do and how it would cost. And then, he left the paperwork for me to read more carefully since it's easier to digest it when you're sitting by yourself. He called the next day and I got the policy, which they take from my bank account. So far, the cost of the service wasn't too bad. At 68, I thought it would be a lot more. Overall, I have recommended him.

I've been having a problem with GoldenCare and I'm getting ready to cancel it. Their agent was alright, but he just didn't know enough. When I talked to him, I said I want this to be taken out of my savings account at Alabama Central Credit Union. They ended up not taking it out of my savings account, but out of my checking account. When I asked him about it he said that they can't take it out of savings and had to take it out of checking. He didn't give me enough information. I didn't get mad at him, he's got such a humble spirit. But, I'm the one who has to deal with this.

I've been paying this ever since January this year and I have not received any type of identification card from them. I called and asked them to send me an identification card so that if I'm out of it and don't know what's going on, my children can utilize it and know what to do with me. They told me that they don't have any and have never had such cards. I talked to the solution specialist, Candice, and she told me she's going to get back in touch with me in 7 to 14 days. That was back on the 12th of October and it still hasn't arrived yet.

I told them I wanted to cancel and to give me back my money. However, they said they can't give me back my money. I called the insurance commissioner here in Alabama and I was on the phone with her for a while. She called GoldenCare but didn't get to talk to Candice. She talked to some boy and was told the same thing they told me. They didn't give out cards. I'm paying $150.72 a month, but I'm receiving no value. I want to make sure that if something happens to me and I got to go into a long-term care place, my husband is taken care of. However, I'm not getting the service that I'm paying for.

I'm 71 and I wanted to have a backup long term care. My husband is in an assisted living place right now so I'm using his long-term care insurance. I checked with my financial adviser and they thought GoldenCare had a very good rate. I decided that it might be a good idea to get one myself. I'm a nurse and Illinois Nurse Association was able to get me a better rate. In addition the gentleman I talked to was very helpful and adorable.

The sales agent from GoldenCare was good and he told me everything I needed to know and answered my questions. He was very cordial and very nice. I got into long-term care just in case something happens and thank God I haven’t had to use it. My overall experience has been great. It was easy and fast. It was for my peace of mind, and I have recommended GoldenCare to friends.

I wanted a benefit for when I’m older so I can live in a decent place and from the policies that were offered, GoldenCare was the best fit for us. We contacted Robert and we set up an appointment. We talked about the different options then we looked at the pricing and purchased the policy. It was simple. We finished everything on one call. The plan is expensive though. I would tell others to explore their options and make sure it is a good fit for them.

We're getting older and statistics shows that most people will end up needing some kind of long-term care so we looked into getting a long-term care insurance. My in-laws also had a similar policy. We answered a letter GoldenCare sent us and then, they contacted us. The rep had a presentation we could see online about the product. There were a lot of information on what the policy provided and included with a lot of charts and written information. We felt comfortable working with their rep.

I like some of the features GoldenCare has, specifically, the fact that it's like a regular setup where you can just go to a nursing home and you'll use that as a supplemental insurance to pay for it or you could have somebody come to your house and use it to pay for that. It also has some benefits that are a lot easier to get to as compared to the policy that my in-laws have.

My wife and I had it in our minds that getting long-term care would be a very good thing to do. We looked at what the different policy benefits were and thought GoldenCare was very attractive. It had some nice options, including one where I could use some part of the benefits to pay for a family member to do care for you in your home. There was a lot of flexibility that we didn’t see with other policies. We got traditional long-term care policies. We're not yet at a point where we need Medicare, although we're getting close, and the prescription is covered through work.

Ron, the sales rep, came to the house once when we were all done to officially talk about the policy and what kind of options were available. Everything else was handled thru mail and phone calls. He was a very personable guy. He knew the business and had the ability to talk about the pros and cons of different kinds of policies. In addition, he was easy to work with. We also get the regular annual updates. Interactions with GoldenCare have been minimal and whatever interaction there has been, it has been good. I shell out $400 a month and what we’re paying seems reasonable to get peace of mind that if we end up needing this type of coverage, there is something there to pay for it. I’m satisfied and I'm happy.

I contacted two long-term care providers and the rep from GoldenCare seemed to have a little bit more information and a little bit more in depth in explaining the different policies and coverage. Also, he got back in touch with me a little bit quicker than the other company. The plan was reasonable so I went ahead and purchased it.

I’m old and I was looking into getting long-term care. I talked to Wayne, a rep from GoldenCare, and he was very nice and helpful. He helped me in making decisions about the long-term care. He did a good job, and I was very happy with the experience. I just pay $98 a month for the long-term care plan that I got. I’m a nurse, so I tell people all the time that they should get long-term insurance. I would tell people to go with Wayne.

I’m a retired nurse and my last job was case management. I saw where people can’t stay in the hospital for very long because Medicare won't pay their other secondary insurances. I thought they needed further care and I figured that was going to happen to me someday. I bought a traditional long-term care plan from GoldenCare through Mutual of Omaha.

The rep seemed knowledgeable and he set everything up for me. They sent somebody out here to do a physical and I had to have some lab work. I was approved and after that, I just started to make monthly payments. I felt very comfortable working with them. Moreover, the cost has been comparable to the quality of service they provide. I have two sons and I feel that someday, they won’t have to take me into their home. I could go to a long-term facility and they could care for theirs. I won’t be intruding into their lives. I’m glad that GoldenCare took me on as a client.

I'm getting old, I've got a few assets and was looking for a way to protect them. GoldenCare's sales agent seemed to be friendly. A lot of times we went through the sign-up process, he explained it and he did a good job with everything. But the insurance got the point where it's pricey for what I'd get out of it. I can't afford to spend more. I can die. I'm a single man and I've got four daughters. They're young but I'm getting up in age and what concerns me is I don't have somebody in life to care for me unless I hire somebody who had to do it and that was the point in getting the nursing home insurance, to deal over that situation if I needed to.

We attended a financial planning thing and one of the things that was suggested that we do was a long-term care, especially if we’re over 60 and we are. We looked into it and GoldenCare was the best one that we found. Also, we liked Julie, the lady who we talked to. She was very helpful, explained things very clearly to us, and we had three phone conversations. The first one was for half an hour, and the second one was for an hour and a half. She was very slow and meticulous, and then, she sent a lot of information to us in writing, and emailed it to us, so we can look at it that way. We’re very satisfied with her. We would recommend her to anybody. We could certainly afford what we’re paying now and as long as the cost stays what it is now for a long-term, for a while, we’re okay with it.

My age and the fact that I do not have long-term care insurance got me getting a nursing home insurance from GoldenCare. They were the name that was suggested and they were reasonable, so I tried it. The agent was really nice, too. However, I canceled that one because I did not feel like I wanted to put the money out. However, I also have a life insurance with them. Overall, I would recommend them.

Getting a long-term care plan was something I had put off. My husband and I decided we would self-fund. But then my stepdad needed long-term car then my mother needed it. Self-funding was not such a great idea after all. And I should have done it 10 years ago. That would’ve been a much smarter way to do it. You can get much more coverage for much cheaper prices if you do it sooner. But that ship had sailed and Julie was very upfront with me about what was not likely to work. And I appreciated that. At my age, GoldenCare was the best offer and I got the traditional long-term care plan.

Julie and I talked about what my reasonable options were and she was very helpful in explaining what was available and how the process would go. She explained that I would have to pre-qualify and I got her all my information, my doctors and my med list. It was a nuisance. But we took the time to do that and Julie would always get back to me very quickly. I sent all that information over to her and she sent it to the group that did the pre-qualifying. Then a nurse came out to the house and did the assessment. After that, we talked about the different products that would be available and what I would be qualified for. The process was very straightforward and it went very smoothly. Julie was top drawer and I would highly recommend her.

Getting GoldenCare was a really easy transaction. We don't have to worry about financing and if we had to do that, then the kids have nothing to worry about. I looked at different policies and they all seemed comparable to each other. Some had benefits and some did not. However, GoldenCare's policy had. It's like any insurance. One has to decide which one fits best and go with it.

I am over 60 and being a nurse, I was getting notifications from a nursing association that there was a long-term care policy available. I purchased the policy through GoldenCare over the phone with Avram. He mailed me what I needed and if I had questions on the forms, I called him back and made my notes on the forms. I’m glad that I have the policy. Now that I’m close to retirement, it worries me that I have an annual payment, but I’ll just keep it. I've already recommended GoldenCare to a friend and I've given a couple of people Avram's name.

I'm an RN and I knew I needed some long-term care insurance. An offer from GoldenCare came through the mail. Their rep, Julie, knew what she was talking about. I liked the fact that she was able to set it for my needs and what worked the best for me and my circumstances. I also liked that there was a little bit of flexibility and she helped me navigate the waters very well. I was very comfortable working with her.

I had to have my blood pressure measured, which was fine. I did that at the Mayo clinic in Manchester, Minnesota. Mayo said that they've sent it on, but GoldenCare kept saying that they didn't get it. That was a glitchy part of it. Then I received a letter saying that if I didn't send it by this time, then they can't approve. I don't know how many times I must've submitted it. Julie was on the phone with people and the issue was worked out. It seems there must be an intermittent piece that has to do with the screening agency. I'm now a widow and I don't have children who live around me. Having the coverage is very valuable for me and gives me some peace of mind. I'm very happy with the type of coverage I have and it fits me well. I have recommended GoldenCare to some nurses that I know.

Being in the health field, I know that I don't have anybody and I'm going to need some assistance as I get older. GoldenCare is cheaper to get it earlier. I had the health insurance years ago and I know it's a good company. When they sent out a card and inquired, I followed up on it. The guy who helped me was very knowledgeable. Evidently, he helped developed some of the products available. He knew the product and he individualized it to what I wanted. He also knew the answers to my questions.

The service a little expensive and the guy asked if I would be able to afford it if there was an increase in the monthly premium. At that time I was working and I said yes. But now, I can't do it if it goes any higher. Other than that, I recommended GoldenCare and my sister and brother-in-law ended up getting some too. But my brother-in-law has a lot of health issues and wasn’t able to take this packet to where the agent ended up helping and getting him something and following through with it. GoldenCare is an excellent policy and it's necessary. I recommend at least listening to see what they have to offer because with healthcare, you won't be getting any care but just getting observation then you're pushed out on your own.

I bought a one-time premium of $100,000 for our nursing home care. I thought it was a lot better than making monthly payments of $300. The selling point was if I use up the $100,000 plus its earnings, then it triples to 300,000. Then after 10 years, I could pull it all out again with the earnings if I want. The GoldenCare sales rep presented a lot of different options on type of plans I could get and what the monthly payments would be. We got to the annuity side of it and it seemed like it was the way to go. I have recently sold my business, so I had a little cash laying around and thought that should be a good place to put it. The rep checked with five other providers trying to show what kind of interest rates were available at that time. GILICO was almost a percent and a half above the next closest one. It was better than any of the annuities of any of the other companies I had at the time.

I purchased this at the beginning of February of this year and got a packet coming from GILICO saying that I have a plan, the amount, and its interest rate. The plan pays for fees or if we need to go into a nursing home. It covers pretty well everything so I hope I'm pleased with it. The main thing is the money is accessible. If we die, then whatever remainder split up amongst our beneficiaries. But since purchasing, I haven't heard anything from GILICO so I was hoping for maybe a quarterly report because it's supposed to be earning 3.5% interest. I got a lot of other annuities and every quarter, I get a report on them of what they've earned and what they're doing.

GoldenCare's sales agent was very informative, punctual and answered all our questions. I was looking for coverage for long-term care and I bought a policy from GoldenCare.

I looked into getting long-term care as protection for me and my wife on our way through the years if we need it. We talked with four other insurers including Country Mutual, John Ward, and State Farm and we ended up with Mutual of Omaha, which was the most flexible. The GoldenCare rep, Steve, showed a genuine interest in meeting our needs and he was very patient. It was refreshing to talk to a salesperson that's not only focused on getting the sale. I know that's ultimately what he was hoping for, but he worked with me to make sure we're getting what we're looking for, and it was the best one.

The biggest thing about him was that he listened. He seemed to be sensitive to our needs and he worked with us. We talked with him and had several conference calls with him before we ultimately got the insurance. He answered our questions, found out what the best fit was for us in terms of what they're offering, completed the application for the insurance and then finalized everything. That's the first time I did any business with Mutual of Omaha and I think very highly of them based on my experience with them and with Steve. If a friend asks me about GoldenCare, I would tell him or her to call Steve.

I want to be taken care of when I get old and I thought long-term care was something I should have. GoldenCare has a policy for Pennsylvania Nurses so I purchased one from them. I talked with someone and did everything over the phone. Their sales agent answered all my questions and was very good to deal with. The process worked and now, I know I have something when I need it.

Our financial adviser advised us into getting long-term care. I then looked into GoldenCare and spoke with a gentleman who presented the information and gave us options that were different and that I perceived to be better for us. We purchased the traditional long-term care from GoldenCare. Our experience with the salesperson was great and low pressure. He discussed several different options and got information from us. He then made another appointment to come back. One option was not available for my husband but was available for myself and he explained why.

He gave us the information why he was not eligible and we took care of getting the paperwork signed and all the payment information set up. So, it went on over a process of about six weeks. I have peace of mind that part of the investments that we have will be protected under the plan that I have that was not available for my husband. Our children don't have to worry about this part of our care as we age.

I’ve had several friends whose parents got sick and they lost everything they’ve had so we decided that we’ve worked too hard to get everything and we don’t want to lose everything for the kids. We purchased a long-term care from GoldenCare almost a year and a half ago. Our sales agent, Ron, was nice. He answered all the questions we had and explained everything. I was happy with him. GoldenCare is something I bought and never want to use, but I’m happy with what I got and it’s what I was looking for. I don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of so I like that. The cost is reasonable so far. They always say that there are no increases in their price and it’s always what we expect so we’re happy.

We like our GoldenCare sales agent Mohammad. He explained everything and is very trustworthy. He would say what we would get so we're happy with him. We have to contact him to make our decision for the next year, but I think the policies will remain the same. It's nice that we haven't had to pay much.

We are seniors and looking to retirement. We also have been taking care of my mother-in-law and my mother, who need to have long-term care insurance, so that made us think about what’s going to happen to us when we get to be that age. That is what steered us into going ahead and doing long-term care. My nursing, the State of Georgia nursing, had the GoldenCare program and offered it to the nurses so I ended up choosing them. The experience with them was excellent. The gentleman that worked with us was professional and well-informed. He answered all of our questions and reassured us. He stayed in contact with us as we were going through the process. He was professional and knowledgeable about the product that he was selling. It was very comfortable working with him. I would tell other people that it’s something worth looking into, and see whether or not it would be an option for them.

My wife was a nurse and they had a special situation where nurses could apply for long-term care policy with their spouses. So, we both applied, but we were rejected. Then, Ronald, our agent, said that I should re-apply. I was accepted at GoldenCare but she was still not accepted. it was an extensive conversation back and forth. He explained the different plans well. However, if I had been a little bit wiser, I would have probably tried to get the plan like in Indiana where you can protect some of your assets if you buy a certain amount of long-term care insurance.

I should have pursued it a little more on my end before we got it. Anyway, I got it for security especially for my wife so she would potentially have some source of money to spend if I was in a nursing home for an extended period of time. The one thing that I was concerned about is that it would go up in cost on an annual basis periodic. He told me one and so far we've made four payments, and it has remained the same as the initial payment.

I figured I was going to be needing long-term care sometime so I have GoldenCare. I saw some advertisement for a company that was supposedly ideal for nurses. So, I totally got involved in it. Their sales agent was very helpful on the phone as he explained things to me and knew what's he's talking about. The coverage I got will cover me on the day that I need it or if I have to go in a nursing home. I’m hoping that it is all okay and all in the up-and-up. I also hope GoldenCare does some follow up for I’ve often thought if I was taken advantage of or if the coverage still exist since I have the policy for a long time and I never heard from anybody since I got it.

Something has been going on in our minds for a while and we just decided to get a long-term care. GoldenCare’s sales agent seemed to be good, but it was a hassle to get the insurance rating that we thought we should get. Golden Care was looking for things to jack up the rate on over what we originally thought it would be. Also, we had to do a lot with letters from doctors, but we got the outcome that we needed.

I have Medicare and then I have GoldenCare as a substitute. GoldenCare was highly recommended by AAA and they compared it to others and we liked it. Also, my husband and I compared it from things we got in the mail and with the magazines I’ve been reading about. We purchased it through a person whom we knew who looks at all of the insurances as well and then he recommends what medication we’re on and things that would be covered. GoldenCare’s coverage came through on many occasions. We paid minimal when my husband got really sick not too long ago and I had a terrible sinus infection. They've been great and I’d recommend them.

With Dementia on the rise, I got in touch with GoldenCare, and Grace was very easy and professional to work with. She was always available to walk me through any questions I had. GoldenCare is cheaper if you start with them before you turn 50 and they're also affiliated with healthcare.

We worked with a guy from GoldenCare on an insurance policy three years ago. We got his name from the nurses' association and we contacted him. He was very funny, helpful and professional. Everything was great with him.

We looked into getting a policy because of the prospect of getting incapacitated and having to be in a nursing home then having to sell everything that you own so that you can get on Medicaid. If you don’t have nursing home insurance then your children won’t inherit any of your property or money. We worked with Steve from GoldenCare and he was as good as he could have been. He was from down south in Kentucky and he came all the way up to Indiana to sit with us. He had some books and he showed us what they could do and what we could get. He was very professional. He showed us different things, and my wife and I were impressed with it. We picked one then we wrote checks. The experience was good and now, I feel confident that if we need any help, Steve will help us. I’d also recommend him to a friend.

GoldenCare agent Thomas did a great job. He answered all my questions and did what he was supposed to do. He went and got the comparison quotes and he worked with us on reducing the price and fit our budget. We bought GoldenCare two years ago. Long-term care insurance costs a lot if you don't have it and you get it is so that you don't have to worry about having problems and that when you get a possible terminal illness, you have that hospitalization taken care of. I'd known some people that had the insurance and needed it, and they were in a lot worse place. I would tell a friend who would ask me about GoldenCare to look into it. It gives you peace of mind and that's the bottom line.

I have a long-term care with Darrell from GoldenCare for MidAmerica and then that keeps going up every year for the next another year. I also have Humana with him but I'm wondering what’s going to happen with Humana now. I was paying their Humana premiums until last year when I talked to Darrell. I told him I didn’t need that prescription drug because I don’t even take any prescription and so he said go to zero so I’ve been on zero premium.

If I would have to buy a prescription, I think I could do it out of the premium amount that I saved over the year and that’s what I plan on doing this year because he told me to go that route. I’d have to pay a penalty if I ever have to start doing prescriptions again but I don’t know. He doesn’t come to the house anymore, but we talk on the telephone whenever I question him. Everybody’s got their little hang-ups, but I’m satisfied. I talked to other ones that were selling Humana and first opinions mean a lot to me. I’ve seen some of the agents that I wouldn’t even deal with because of their attitude, but Darrell is a good-natured kid.

In case I would need an insurance when I get old, I got a long-term care policy from GoldenCare two years ago and I felt good dealing with Russell. We pay it yearly and having the coverage gives me peace of mind.

I had a phone conversation with Ron from GoldenCare and we went over things. He gave us a quote, we did the followup, and we went ahead with the purchase. Then we had some contact with the insurance company as far as their underwriting. Ron did a good job as far as explaining the policy and its intricacies, and we seemed to have gotten a handle on it. Hopefully, GoldenCare insurance is like a homeowner’s insurance where you own it but you don’t use it. GoldenCare has worked okay for us and I wish that Ron keeps doing what he’s doing.

My financial planner recommended long-term care insurance and I liked the coverage that GoldenCare offered. The representative was very professional and he explained things to my satisfaction. He took a personal interest that I get the correct amount of insurance. But because of the underwriting, it took an extremely long time to have it reviewed and back to me.

We looked into getting a traditional long-term care as a protection for future potential liabilities regarding health and in a situation where I or my wife would need to be housed outside of our home. The sales agent from GoldenCare did a fine job. He came up to the house and we talked about a couple of different products from competing companies. He helped guide me through the option that best fit our needs. His expertise helped educate me in types of insurance packages that I really didn’t know anything about.

The whole process was fairly comfortable. The sales agent made an in-home visit at a timing that was appropriate for me. And his follow through was good, as far as phone and email coverage. Other than that, I feel comfortable with the product that we chose and felt secure going forward. Hopefully, we’ll never have to use it. It’s a rather expensive coverage but the alternative is even more expensive and devastating.

It's important that GoldenCare keep an eye out for consumers like myself. And staying in contact makes me feel comfortable and good about the product that we decided on. There’s an industry information that comes out from time to time regarding this type of product and I don’t always stay on top of it. So, getting an email that might summarize what’s happening in that field might be helpful.

This will be my third year with GoldenCare, which was recommended to me by the Minnesota Nurses Association and that was the only reason why I went through them. I also thought long-term care was a good idea. The rep explained to me, answered my questions and was very patient with me. However, if I ever have to use it, they'll have to guide me and daughter through it.

The GoldenCare long-term care plan is a little expensive. But I was willing to go ahead with it because of the overall experience and also all of the good words of mouth information that I got about the company and to ensure that if I needed it, I would have it. I liked working with their agent, Ron. He was very personable, very informative and just an all-around good agent. I would ask his opinion when I was trying to make a decision, and he would give me his personal opinion as well as all of the information about the company. I trusted his advice and he helped me to make some informed decisions. It would be great if I could use a credit card because I get 2% back on everything I purchase. But other than that, I'm totally satisfied with GoldenCare.

My mom has long-term care policy and that's paying for her nursing home cost right now. It saved us a lot of money. Without it, she would have to use all of her money for the nursing home cost and it's $6,000 a month. So I got the basic nursing home policy for myself from Mutual of Omaha. The lady who sold it to me was very helpful. I would recommend GoldenCare to others because nursing home costs are expensive.

I’m an ER nurse and have worked with home health care and realized that as we get a little bit older, it’s imperative that we have long-term care. Having been in the medical field for almost 40 years, I know that GoldenCare's long-term policy is good and we liked what's included in it. The purchasing process was relatively easy. I filled out the form, then my husband and I had an interview with Darrell, our broker. He was prompt in getting back to us if I had left a message or had a question and I appreciated talking to someone on the phone when I wanted to. The only thing that I was disappointed in was that I didn’t receive the excellent rating and I felt I should. Other than that, I had a good experience with them. The coverage that I got was very valuable and it’s a good policy.

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