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Sarah Pezzaro was wonderful. I started out not knowing a thing about supplemental insurance to Medicare, and by the time I was done I felt I knew all I need to - and then some!! There wasn't a question that Sarah couldn't answer. Plus she filled a lot more info that I didn't know about - so didn't know what questions to ask. I would recommend her to anyone. If all your agents are like Sarah - you have a SUPER organization.
I will be 65 in October and we were overwhelmed with all of the info and options out there for Medicare supplement policies. So glad my wife found GoMedigap, Irma Lerma was so knowledgeable and took the time to answer all of our questions. We feel confident that we made the right decision and bought the right policy for us. Comforting to know that they will be there for us year after year to ensure that we get the best policy at the best price. Thank you Irma!!
I've been assisted in selecting gap medical coverage by these folks for about three or four years. They're always on top of the issues and keep me informed as to the best rates available..
Couldn't be happier with the service I got from Kristina. Very knowledgeable and patient. Helpful and clear.
I have been in with brokers before and what I want the most is number one I can trust they are selling me the product that is best for me not for their sales programs and that they keep me advised when there is a better plan or price that would benefit me. That is where the others fall apart. I have had so much information from this company I have full confidence they will keep me in the loop of everything I want to know --- and then some! Everything was presented to me in a truthful and thorough way and when the application went to the next phase I was pleased that the service continued the same way. I am pretty well used to researching things for myself and it is really tough to get through the maize of information. Gomedigap will end those problems for me.
My conversations where informative and I though helpful. After hard work and several phone calls everything was unraveled by the law. I was going from an advantage plan to a supplemental plan. everything was working until I applied for my part D. It appears that a senior can go from an advantage plan to a supplemental but first must get their Part D provider in place first. While more complicated than this one sentence it is better to contact Medicare.gov first and let them review your position and they will advise you what you can do or can not do..
I don’t know what we would have done without the agent we worked with, Jeff Heyse. He was knowledgeable and friendly, and we felt like he treated us as if we were part of his family! He provided us with different options and helped us figure out which ones would best meet our needs. Before we talked with Jeff I was totally overwhelmed trying to figure out whether we should go with a Medicare advantage plan or a Medigap plan. He explained how the different plans worked and it became clear that the medigap plan would best meet our needs. Whenever we had a question Jeff would clearly and patiently answer our questions. He is a true asset to your company and we will always be grateful for his help!
The rep was knowledgeable with all the plans and had the ability to explain the options in terms you can understand. Made the selection quick and easy.
I had I very positive experience with Analin. While I had narrowed down my choice of companies, she was able to confirm that my number one choice was the best for me and would meet all my needs. It was such a relief to get this decision made and tied down in one spot! I highly recommend anyone with questions regarding Medicare supplement selection to give GoMedigap a call!
This is one of the best sites that I have ever been with, on any site on the internet. The people are terrific, they answer all my questions, even if the question is off base. They are always there so i feel great about calling them and if they are at lunch or a meeting they return the call as fast as they can. I highly recommend this site
Excellent service!!!!, helped me make the right Decision in this complicated process!! Molly Was great !!! Thanh you !
Always pleasant and helpful. I enjoy hearing from them and dealing with them.
Thorough; knowledgeable; helpful; budget conscious...…….
Electing a Medicare supplement plan can be confusing and over-whelming. GoMedigap employees take the time to explain the multiple plans and discuss with you the plan that best fits your needs. They are friendly and a pleasure to do business with. Thank you GoMedigap for your assistonce!
GoMedigap is professional, personable and knowledgeable of the Medigap products. Very pleased with their customer-oriented service.
We received top of the line assistance from the lady who help us, Patricia Lewis. She navigated us though all of the process of choosing a Medigap policy without any pressure to make a decision. Just straight facts were offered and options provided. The whole process went smoothly. Well pleased!!!!
All my questions were answered and I got a very clear understanding of how to make the right choices and selections for medical, drug programs and dental and vision.
Professional and efficient
I received excellent assistance and clear guidance on selecting a Medicare Supplement Plan that meets my needs at the best pricing! I had been contacting providers on my own for 2 weeks and gathering plan information but more importantly trying to find the best pricing as all the plans are standardized so it basically comes down to pricing. I went onto the Medicare.gov site and clicked on Medicare Supplement Plans and entered my zip code which listed the agencies familiar with my geographic area. I was contacted by several of these agencies by phone and email and was skeptical, asking a lot of questions. However, after speaking with Diana Roe at goMedigap I felt she was most professional yet personable. She didn't sound like she was in a call center and spoke to me without coming across as rehearsed or chalking up another score. And, even though the other agencies quoted me the same lowest price (it was $30 less per month than any other plan price I had received in making calls on my own), the goMedigap website was better organized than the others and helped me understand how these types of agencies work. It also allowed me to read a bit about the agent, Diana Roe's background, and actually see a picture of her! The goMedigap agency uses a process that is simple, clear and while all agencies have process, and it is a government program, goMedigap did not make it seem "formulized." I also received very timely follow up both by phone and email after completing the application on line from both Diana Roe and Darla Bruener. I will recommend them to my friends and family as they approach their Medicare eligibility year.
Explained the process/system to me. Went over the application with speed and grace. Saved $60.00 over my current coverage which will (now) pay for my gym membership.
Have no complaints at this time and don't expect any. New to this company. Looking to continue with them for many years.
They were VERY informative to educate me, patient with my many questions, were able to e-mail brochures and pricing guides (that some other companies were not able to do), and they have a great followup/support plan in place.
Marcia was very helpful for us and did so without applying sales pressure to us. It allowed us to digest the information and make a decision
Great customer service and concern for you really need
Gomedigap employees are friendly, professional and very knowledgeable . My contact with them over the last few years has been a good and very helpful experience. I have been delighted with their advice and direction.
Despite asking for help with Medicare Part D, no one seemed able to help me. Ultimately, by the time things started to clear up, I have been slapped with a $30 a month fine although I was working with them and asking for help.
We called a couple of other healthcare numbers and could not find anyone to give up all the information that we needed to sign my husband up for medicare insurance and drugs. We found it very confusing. My sister suggested that we call Robbie and after that it was so easy. I called around the end of the day around the time for the office to close. He was still very polite and took the time to answer my questions and made it easy to understand how it all works. He was very knowledgeable and could answer all of our questions. He took some information from us so he could work on getting my husband on a medicare plan that would suit his needs. We made an appointment later so he had time to gather more information for us and then my husband could make a decision for which plan would be best for him. Robbie also followed up with an email and said if we had any other questions before our appointment to give him a call. He came up with a good plan and ever gave us some guidance in choosing a drug plan. He made it very easy for us to make the right choice. Robbie also has followed up with several emails to let us know that he is available if we have any further questions. I would highly recommend Robbie with Medigap any time. These days it is nice to find someone that will actually spend time with your to help you make the right choices and give such great service.
I spoke with Jacob Hinojosa he was very patient and knowledgeable. He walked me thru each step and explained the process and the difference between Advantage plans and Regular Medicare. I was pleased with his information.
Dianne made the process of shopping for a new plan very easy for us. She was informative, patient and very knowledgeable of how the plans work.
The Sales man that helped me was wonderful very patience and kind I didn't know a think about what I needed to do and he took the time to explain everything to me and it wasn't a long waiting period to get signed up. I would recommend this company to anyone and everyone that is going through this process in life. Thank You.
Had to order a Medicare Supplement plan. So many to select. Diana Roe was helpful and I enjoyed her input.
This is the best service and most helpful businesses I have dealt with in a long time- and it was free.
Very friendly and knowledgeable. Helped both my wife and I save on Medicare supplemental insurance. Would use again.
I was truly amazed how quickly the process took.. I will definitely recommend this company to all my friends and family.
eager to help, handled quickly
I was pleased with how my agent, Courtney Martinez, took extra time to answer my questions. She was very thorough and very pleasant, encouraged me to get hold of her with any questions I may have later.
Very personalized service and attention to individual’s specific needs.
excellent and courteous, and helpful team. Appreciated their insight and knowledge to assist me in making an informed decision. Thank you
Thanks to Eddie and Hunter for all their help. They explained the insurance and process of changing great, which made it easy for me to understand. Great Assets to GoMedigap. So glad Eddie called me very friendly. Wonderful experience and easy in changing my health insurance. Thanks again. Becky
It is nice to know someone is watching out for me and my finances.
I really don't like surching out this kind of thing. (Doing the homework so to speak). Seems at times I am going in circles. But these guys did it all for me. I just sat back and waited and listened. I was so pleasantly surprised. Just like that,done deal. How does it get any better? I reccomend this to a veryone.
I had an awesome experience with GoMedigap. Ashley Bryant explained in simple language, all the plans and helped me choose the perfect plan. She was very easy to talk to and was friendly and courteous. I am confident that I made the best choice. She called me the day after to let me know the status of my application, and see if I had any other questions. Very trustworthly gal! I will be recommending this company to everyone I know.
Found their services quite easy, and Lora was real patient with me and answered all my ?'s ( more then once). I felt confident in her knowledge of all the different policies ( which there are many) out there that are available and helped me pick the one that was right for me and I know I got the best price.
What more can I say other than the 2 charming ladies produced a successful result in less than 24 hours.
Shelby tried very hard to find a better rate for our health insurance supplement to Medicare. After reviewing several other companies, we both decided the best thing for us to do would be to stay with the company we have. We left the conversation with Shelby offering to help at any time we felt we were ready to change, and that she would call if any other options became available. I was very pleased with her taking the time necessary to exhaust all possibilities.
I did a lot of research regarding the coverage and costs associated with original Medicare with supplemental coverage versus advantage plans. In the process, I found Diana Roe at GoMedigap. Her extensive knowledge, patience, and ongoing follow-up ultimately freed me from my state of information overload, complete confusion, and frustration. I never felt pressured and in the end was confident with my Medigap policy decision. After that, the application process was simple and the approval was same day. Thank you Diana and GoMedigap!
I am almost 65 and had to enroll in Medicare. I was quite stressed about it for various reasons and kept putting it off.. First of all, it means a change from the usual health insurance that I'm familiar with and I sometimes have big issues with change. Second, I needed to learn about Medicare itself. Third, there seemed to be so many options for additional coverage for something called 'the gap' about which I've heard many unfortunate stories. Last, I was afraid I would be confused with all the information and make a wrong choice and have to suffer the consequences. Finally, two days ago while on the Internet, I saw an ad for GoMedigap. After praying for guidance, I went for it and I was extremely surprised. They were so friendly and helpful! I was treated like a person, not a number. My lady took time to explain Medicare and what it would and wouldn't cover. She didn't rush through and leave me overwhelmed. She explained the gap and the difference between Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement plans in terms I understood. Then she went 'shopping' for me! To make a long story short, GoMedigap provides info about various plan options and shops for the lowest rates for the coverage you need. They even monitor the rates yearly and re-evaluate your plan yearly. They tell you what to look for in the mail and when to expect it. They give you names, emails and phone numbers so you can get hold of them anytime for any reason- no question is too small. I am very relieved and satisfied with their service- which is free. Now I just have to handle the change!
Each person I spoke with were very knowledgeable about the product(s) and made me feel confident in the choices I ultimately made. Its reassuring to me that I'll be working with the same people from day one.
Nothing but praise for the professional treatment and follow through.
Very patient and knowledgable.
Jacob was very knowledgeable, patient, and answered all of my questions
Human beings willing to help with info and guidance.....where else do you find that in today's world.
Very and extremely important options presented to me by Jamie, the representative that was patient and kind and easily helped me to understand my different options
Your agents were considerate, patient and knowledgeable. I had a wonderful experience working with them.
Christa Oller, my rep, was incredible, warm and friendly and always called me when I left messages and guided me in the right direction. Just a wonderful person, Thanks Christa!
very good and comprehensive.
Cassidy Michael has been very patient and responsive. I feel confident that she knows her industry and I'm so hoping that I will be able to rely on her throughout the years to come as plans change etc. My goal was to choose someone that would be a go to person and Cassidy is just that. I highly recommend her. Additionally Dennis Pezzaro was very kind and helpful when setting up my application with Mutual of Omaha. You have two great team member!
very helpful. Explained alot of the way things worked. very nice people!!!
Go Medigap signed me up with the best Medigap plan (for me) on the market in 2014 and they have dutifully contacted me each year since around mid-July to offer their services in reviewing my needs. They do not take a great deal of my time and, while they do offer unsolicited products, they do NOT do a hard sell, and that may be what I appreciate the most, aside from their in depth knowledge of the Medicare supplement market.
Helped me find cheapest policy that fit my needs.
Very professional...made the process much simpler for me.
Professional & helpful service.Thanks for your assistance.
Harold Muhammad was a dream come true. He knew everything I didn't!! Wonderful experience. Couldn't have asked for any more help. Would and have recommended goMedigap to others. Thanks again, Bob
When I first started Medicare, I found it very confusing. In my search for help (that clearly was not going to come from our government), I found Gomedigap. Not only did they help me to get started, and select the appropriate plan, but they contact me annually. They have helped me to get the best coverage at the lowest price. This is all done with courteous, friendly and knowledgeable representatives that are never pushy but always do a great job. What else could I ask for?
Signup was virtually effortless on my part. Everyone was friendly, professional, and answered all my questions and concerns. Would recommend this company to anyone seeking a medigap policy.
TJ worked with me , in a way that i understood . answered all my questions and he said if i have any more questions just to call him.
Austin Houser was very helpful in explaining every thing to me ,but most of all he was patient, I asked a lot of questions. He treated e like I was most important. I am very happy that Medigap called me back,I left messages with other services, but Medigap called me back, thank you!
I was referred by a friend to try this company as I was looking through all of the supplemental insurance policies. GoMedigap helped me with ease figure out whcih supplemental insurance policy was best for me and for my husband. They call me when I can get a better premium on the same insurance and always explain to me what is going on. They are always nice to me and never seem upset with the uneducated questions that I ask. I will refer them to anyone I know trying to figure out the medicare supplement maze!
This company "has my back. I am so happy I selected GoMedigap to help me with all my insurance needs!
Excellent service. Step by step guidance to far superior rates.
Very helpful, patient and answered all questions.
My questions were asked to the best of my ability to ask pertinent ones. Overall quite helpful in helping to distinguish differences between insurance plans.
MediGap, as usual, provided a wonderful experience.
Excellent service. Very satisfied with my decision on a plan thanks to your agent Patricia Lewis
Great service and knowledgable workers
thanks very much for your input and caring for my financial needs
Very good company
With with Ashley Bryant & Nancy Snyder to help us make the best decisions for our supplemental plans. They were excellent in answering questions and explaining programs. Follow-up with e-mails on everything. Great customer service experience which is rare these days.
GoMedigap displayed a level of commitment to providing my wife and I with a medicare supplement plan that is all too rare today. When the going got a little tough Chris and gang hunkered down and worked even harder to help us. They were ultimately successful.
I was very pleased with the level of service and the level of knowledge that I received from the agent that I spoke with. She was extremely patient with me in explaining the differences and the similarities in the supplemental policies offered in my area in Georgia. GoMedigap definitely made the process of my getting my Medicare insurance changed a much easier and less stressful process that I expected.
I am very pleased with the quick response and help I received, thank you for it was a very stressful day for me. Thanks to Dianna and Tammy.
This is a time that is quite confusing, moving into retirement and Meficare. Using Gomedigap has made this transition easy. Thank you.
Medigap's experienced agent listened to my needs and found the right supplement plan for me. Robbie gave me his expert opinions when asked and responded to my emails and requests immediately.
Patrick was professional and accessible, providing me with the information I needed to make a more informed decision.
Our agent was able to find us a great savings and it was easy! I would recommend GoMedigap for your Medicare needs.
I enjoyed talking to Tyler Erb the most he is a good kid and helped me understand a bit more about changing from G to N policy, I just wish there were a better perscription policy out there for seniors, I have Humanna now but tier 1 and 2 doesn't do much if you really get sick...Antonia (Toni) Roberts
Great experience this is the company you want to deal with for your Medicare supplement the people I talked to were very professional an answered every question I had they have a plan for people on a fixed income I will recommend gomedigap to every senior citizen I talk too
Gomedigap alerted me concerning an opportunity to lower my monthly premium. They met my needs and requests promptly and efficiently. This team is on the ball. Thanks to Rick, Laura and Julie.
Great experience, friendly.
Go Medigap has helped me get the best rates and to understand my options both times I've worked with them. Excellent response time.
Wow superb customer contact!! So thankful for all the help and understanding of insurance I’ve received!
My experience was great and I would highly recommend them. We received clear and concise information and they provided us with the best rates possible. I felt that my husband and I were cared for and that our best interests were at the heart of everything.
Laura was helpful in every way. She took the time to answered all questions no matter how dumb they were. Very polite and knowledgeable in all aspects of information.
We've only just signed up, so don't know yet how this company will function if/when I have a claim--a VERY important aspect of a good insurance company. However, the signing-up process was smooth, the agents we dealt with (Mitch & April) were superb: professional, nice, and very thorough with excellent follow-through. Now, let's hope that the claims department is just as responsive and helpful.
The agent was very knowledgeable and helpful in assisting me choose a supplement that fit my needs. I will recommend this company to my friends and family.
Haven’t heard back yet, but service representatives were incredible! Thank you so much. Very personalable, I was impressed.
Beth was great to work with.
Comfortable environment, knowledgeable representatives, timely response to questions and or concerns. Thorough with presentation with answers on all questions, asked and not asked. Great organization for anyone that requires this service.