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A client of Grange's caused an accident involving four vehicles, including mine. Six weeks later, still no contact from Grange regarding compensation. Their client was cited by the police, and my insurance has found me not at fault, but the response I hear when I contact Grange is that they are still conducting their investigation into the claim to see who is liable. The adjuster for the claim is Annette **, and she has stated that she still needs to speak with one of the people involved in the accident (6 weeks later) and that the individual isn't available to speak until after 5:00, and Annette only works until 4:30. Annette said she's fine to let this go to subrogation. In other words, that they won't pay the claims from damages caused by their client unless taken to court. Believe all the negative reviews you are reading about Grange. They're true.

I have had it since I got my license. I signed up with my parents and kept it. They have reliable and consistent customer service. Had good local agents and always reachable by phone. However, rate is high for a clean driving record. Should be cheaper with better benefits for no accuses.

Signed up because a friend was employed. Haven't had any issues. Very customer service oriented. Never been involved in an accident, so my dealings with the company are limited. No issues.

As far as purchasing my policy I was referred to them by my old agent that was returning. They are friendly and fast when it comes to filing a claim. They also have the best rates for my insurance needs. And when you need to file a claim you don't have to worry about your insurance rate going through the roof because of an accident. My overall experience with my current insurance company has been excellent.

I have been satisfied with our auto insurance. They are always responsive to questions. Although I haven't had any accidents, we've added vehicles to our plan and asked for recommendations on the amount of coverage needed per vehicle. We have 4 vehicles on our plan ranging from full coverage to liability to the minimal amount of coverage on a vehicle we don't drive.

I hit a deer on my way to work on October 30 2018 and made a claim that morning. That was sent to the garage for repair. Almost 2 weeks later I still had not heard anything from my Grange claims adjuster or the garage. I called my adjuster left a message with no response then called the garage and they said they have been waiting on Grange claims for a answer for over a week to see what to do because there was over $11500.00 worth of damage.

After week got a call finally from the Grange claims adjuster saying it was totaled. The good thing was I had financed gap coverage with my car loan. The bad thing was the gap company needed several documents faxed and it would take 25 days to clear the loan before I could get another car. I have 30 days through my Grange policy on a rental car.

As of today my paperwork still hasn't been sent to my loan company or the gap coverage company and I have 3 more days with a rental car and after that no car to get to work. So I will be at least a month without a car due to the slow response of Grange. If things were taken care of as needed I would have been without a car for at most a few days. During this whole thing I could never get ahold of my Grange claims adjuster. I would leave her a message and hope she would call me back within the next few days. It feels as she doesn't care. I have been a Grange customer for many years. I have my car and house insurance through them and when I daughter bought a house this year she even goes through Grange. So why should I care about Grange and stay with them.

I was rear ended and seriously injured by a Grange insured trucking co. that had serious safety violations and should never have been on the highway. The co. had tags expired for 2 years prior, lots of safety violations, yet Grange insured them anyway. Been a nightmare and very stressful last 4 yrs filing lawsuits against Grange and we have a jury trial approaching. Grange has a whole team of in house attorneys that fight claims. They are totally unreasonable... worst insurance around.

Their attorneys have openly lied to the court, encouraged their insured to lie and fabricate falsified inspection documents, and have committed fraud on the court, by submitting counterfeit docs. I feel more victims need to come forward and hire a fighting trial attorney (not a settlement attorney) and sue this dishonest insurance co. Knowledgeable victims can also file bad faith lawsuits against Grange (many states have these provisions now), and file complaints with their state's Dept. of Insurance oversee-ers.

Grange was the only insurance company in town that allowed me to purchase home and automobile insurance at the same time at a very good price. The Grange branch in my town has a very good reputation of being honest and straightforward with their customers. The policy is easy to read and not full of jargon and claims are handle in a timely manner. A Grange representative contacts you as possible to let you know when a claims adjuster will stop by and look at your vehicle. I wish my premium would go down like other companies that offer the same benefits, like accident forgiveness when someone hits your car and leaves the scene before contacting the police.

Awesome experience from purchasing and on. The customer service is great and pricing is incredible. However, not having access online to my policy is a very big downside. I would like to have access online. Other than that, would recommend to my family...

I have had Grange for 3 years. I finally got my smarts back and am switching. I have been paying way too much for car insurance the entire time. I thought Sage auto was bad with overcharging but the one good thing Grange offers is auto pay but they charge you an extra $5 a month. There is no other way to pay so you have to have auto pay. I have a great driving record and no accidents but my policy goes up every year! I don't understand why. I feel horrible for staying with them for this long. MY ADVICE... SHOP AROUND for car insurance! You will see others that are cheaper and don't charge for auto paying the bill. $96 a month for a vehicle that is 14 years old. NO THANKS!! I'm getting renters and auto for $65 through MetLife. Thanks for overcharging me Grange. Guess you live and learn. LOL.

My auto insurance is through Grange and what I love about them is that the price is fairly low for someone who hasn't hit the age of 26 and whose mother is also under the same insurance. We can pay up or pay monthly. There's no excessive charges on my mother's bank account. They also send payment reminders. There's also room to keep getting quotes so that my mom and I can get a lower rate.

I Purchased full coverage uninsured motor. Addition property damage. While on vacation I was hit from behind hard enough to total my 10 month old car. Grange in Columbus, Ohio did nothing accommodating (we were 11 hours away from home). Once claim was filed they came in with a low offer. The second offer just as insulting. There was no negotiation. It was take it or leave it. I have never been so disgusted and disappointed in a Insurance company. I asked to escalate. No calls were ever returned. The lack of customer service or explanation has me sick.

Our suitcases were crushed. The electronic bag crushed. Everything is ruined. I’ve calculated at least $4000 worth of ruined belongings. Grange told me, "Sorry about your luck. Maybe your homeowners will cover damaged belongings." Grange Insurance is someone I will warn as many people as possible. They will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. They are not honest or kind in your time of need. I am sick that nothing is being replaced. I am sick at settlement amount. They are scam artist. The adjuster I have been dealing with is horrible and has not even looked at all the data I had to back up why those numbers were off.

Basically all I’ve heard is, "Sorry about your luck". I can pay my own appraiser. That is only thing they continued to repeat. No supervisors will return my calls. They do not care about the customer and read your policy carefully. I hope this helps someone avoid the mistake I made with having a auto policy with this scam of a company. I also paid a addition 140 for a rental that would get us home not being reimbursed. So disappointed and angry. Don’t let Grange take advantage of you like they have my claim. Thank you for reading.

The people at Grange are very helpful and always find ways to give us great insurance that works with our low budget income. We are very happy with this company and love that it is local and right in town.

We moved home and auto to Grange after over 40 years with State Farm. Up until this past week, no problems. We received our renewal notice and our premium had skyrocketed, an increase of more than 30%. There was no explanation given, never is with Grange. Called company direct, the person answering had no reason. Call our agent, even though we were accident free and violation free, we were told that it was the company’s actuaries who were the reason for our increase. Through their math models (to which no details available even to the underwriters) our household triggered one or more of the variables in their model which caused the increase. Needless to say, we will be taking our business elsewhere. In a world where everyone is clamoring for transparency, Grange is completely oblivious. They hide behind their models even when there are no claims.

Would be nice to be able to talk to someone instead of a computer. Would also be nice to be able to know someone is nearby to answer in questions I have. And the quotes seem a little off. I was told the older you get the lower your insurances goes, I still haven't seen mine go down yet.

Was rear ended by a Grange Insured semi truck with many safety violation issues. Suffered head and neck injuries. Grange drivers fault, yet I have had to go to Court for 4 years now seeking reimbursement. Grange in house lawyers stubbornly fight most claims and will cheat victims out of the fair value of their vehicles and injuries. Very shady Insurance company. Many bad reviews on insurance websites about Grange.

We had a tree branch fall on our vehicle totaling it. They were quick to get us a rental car and we were quick to return all the paper work needed to get reimbursed for our vehicle. We get a call from Enterprise saying we have to return the rental car sooner than we were told leaving us without a vehicle... stranded. Can’t get to work. Can’t take kids to school. We asked how soon we would get the check to replace the vehicle so we would have a car again and they can’t tell us that. So to me it seems they don’t care. I could see if we had been reimbursed and are taking advantage but they haven’t even mailed us the check to buy a new one.

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