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Have used Grundy for many years with no issues. Great rates and service.
they handled a accident flawless. I talk up the company all the time.Jan
We have been very happy and satisfied with our Grundy Insurance on our Collector cars and they are very helpful if you have a question.
Great service and rates
Awesome helpful company. I would recommend Grundy to everyone
Never a problem withbyfese folks
Once again this year, I was required to send proof of historical plate for the catastrophic fee in Michigan. It seems like someone st the office there isn’t doing their job in putting this information in my file. With the computer age now involved with everything you do, it seems like once this is done and entered correctly in the system, your customers shouldn’t have to continue to repeat this over and over. Very annoying!
We have used Grundy Insurance for 10+ years. We’ve had no problem and there customer service is very polite and professional. We love Grundy insurance and will continue to use them.
Always Stellar service and assistance! Thanks for always helping with little or big issues.
Web page is not the best, also email attachments sometimes do not work.
I’ve had one claim since coverage began. Taken care of quickly with no problems. Completely happy with coverage.
Have 4 cars with them never had a claim so everything is good right now. I would have more cars insured if they would have a motley car discounts.
Website is user friendly. The times I have phoned, my questions were answered immediately. Mark
Fortunately I have had only one claim while with Grundy. Great service. Fair value
Have not yet used the insurance on my tuck and hope I never have to, every time I have called I’m connected right away I don’t doubt if I needed them they will do there best to get me taken care of.i have my truck valued the right price , hope never won’t to sell money is nice if something happened to I don’t need that now showing it meeting new friends and winning shows makes my restoration worth it all.
Never any issues with this Ins. Co. Thankyou Scott S
When you are the best and greatest that's all you can say .Great job for sure.
Easy to say... Just a good place to insure your classic car or truck at a very fair price. Glen van Buskirk Castro valley, Ca.
I have received prompt attention when I have had coverage or premium payment questions.
For the collector cars that they have insured, it’s been a pleasant experience. However they have turned me down on several collector vehicles due to the car itself and not the value which was very disappointing. Their main competitor insured those cars for me no problem and now I’m thinking of switching my entire collection over to them.
I have recommend
Applied for a refund of sold antique car. Did not like proration and waiting almost a month for the refund check.
They have always given me excellent service.
I'm very happy with the service and I'm glad the website was given an update. That was long overdue.
I have been with Grundy insurance for a number of years. Thank God I have never had to file an insurance claim for any of my cars. But if there would ever be a need for one, I know they would handle it appropriately. My yearly premiums are very reasonable, for what is all included in the policy. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a reputable insurance company to insure their classic car with.
Have been very pleased with the price per value for the Hot Rod & Muscle car I have insured through Grundy. Have only made 1 claim (thank you God) in the 10+ years as a customer, a cracked windshield which they covered without question and paid immediately. I recommend Grundy to anyone I meet when the question of insurance comes up.
When my 1934 Ford caught fire, the insurance company stepped right up and took care of the cost of repair.
I wish I could use your company for my every day cars. I have recommended you to different people in our Corvette Club. Contact me if you are interested in insuring my other cars.
Grundy has excellent customer service.
I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold for ten minutes. Then was told he waited at supervisors door and they never came out! Really what an excuse! Also because I missed one thing on my app. they want me to up my personal car coverage because it was not enough for their app approval. We are happy to say we are with HAGERTY ins now! Grundy lost our business!
Several years ago when I was returning from a Classic Auto event, someone hit my 1930 Model A Ford 5 window coupe. I've had it isured with Grundy since I've owned it. I found the best repair shop in the area, got an estimate, Grundy approved it with no hassle and that was that! It was literally a fender bender but it was my baby and I was devastated at the time. Grundy made the experience as easy as possible.
No problem. ...haven't had a need to file a claim so all's good
always easy to deal with and courteous when called
I had a break in at my garage in 2016. Items were stolen and thieves dented my classic car and ruined the hood hinges and placement. Grundy Insurance promptly entered the scene and made things RIGHT.
nothing but great. I have recommended Grundy to many of my friends.
If you ever have a claim, thats when you find out how good your insurance company is! I have not had a claim since I have them, but I'm satisfied with their premium prices!
They have reasonable rates and it's good that you can decide how much to insure your vehicle for. Can't say anything with regard to service as I have never had the need...fortunately.
Excellent Insurance Company Great coverage at very reasonable prices
We would highly recommend Grundy Insurance and have told many people they should consider Grundy when purchasing insurance for their street/hot rod. Thankfully, we've never had to make a claim so we can't give a review on that process. Through the years we've added and removed vehicles from our policy and it's quite easy. Their rates are very good and the Grundy staff is always professional and friendly.
Great insurance for collector vehicles. Having six vehicles insured can cost a lot of money. I've had nothing but great experiences here.
Very happy with my experience with them. So far no claims and hopefully that continues.
No horror story here ! ! ! In the 30 years that I've owned classic cars I've heard some real horror stories about dealing with classic car insurers. But the one time I needed Grundy, when a YAHOO ran a red light and center punched my Olds Cutlass, they came through and did exactly what they said they would do. They did right by me and I use them for my 4 classics. When my 5th is gone this summer it will be Grundy'd also.
I pay the bill, the price is reasonable, they answer the phone when you call, talk to you nice and adding vehicles is easy. Never had a claim so I can't comment on that part but loyal customer for 15 years or so.
Grundy has been a great insurance company for us. We have our 1968 Camaro insured through them and they have been very easy to deal with. The premiums are reasonable and the renewal process has been a snap.
Good upfront service and practices.
Have been with Grundy a long time now, thank god I have not had to use them for any claims, but have always ben good to deal with policy changes and questions.
Pay quick no hassles
Great company with excellent customer service! They have treated me very fairly over the years.
Awesome service! Thank You Lance
Good company, competitive rates, quick responses
No hassle quick quotes. I used Grundy for my ‘67 El Camino .
good claim service
So far they have been fine but have not had a claim to see how well they work after that.
When you've spent enough on your car, It's nice to have a company that doesn't take you to the bank for insurance.
My experience with Grundy has been a pleasant one. All paperwork was done easily and things have gone as smooth as possible.
Good pricing and good service. I have been with them for over 20 years and have 3 classics insured with them.
Great set up! Reasonable cost
Grundy is VERY professional. Rates are competitive. Claim service is exceptional
Excellent service, knowledgeable customer service representatives, quick & accurate payments
Customer Service has always answered my questions and helped me quickly and professionally
Have been a Grundy insurer for about 10 years.
I would recommend this company to anyone. I have used this company for many years .and I have been very happy with this company.
100% Satisfaction. Although, have never filed a claim. Cannot comment on any claim result. But, I always make a habit of recommending Grundy to friends and family for price purposes.
Best of the best! McDermott. Karl F. Ruppert(Ret’d)
great company to deal with!
I have had Grundy for many years , never once have I had a problem . I will use Grundy as long as I collect.
Peace of mind for many years knowing my classics are protected. Claims handled professionally. David
They have always been more than helpful
I have never had a claim with grundy and have been with them 20+- years. minimal contact directly with them at all but what contact i've had was polite and professional
I have had to make one claim for towing and it was taking care of very quickly. The pricing is right and the service has been great.
Ease of coverage engagement is first rate - customer service by direct contact also excellent. Have not had any claims since inception of my first collector policy many years ago but policy terms leave little doubt any required claim would be handled professionally and expediently.
Pleasant well trained staff-competitive rates-worry free use of my car with Grundy
I have had my 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 Sunliner Convertible insured through Grunday since 2004. Grundy service has been exceptional and the rates for classic care insurance are lower than other insurers. I regularly recommend Grunday to other classic car owners and collectors.
We have three hotrods insured with Grundy. Unfortunately, the 1937 had a problem about three years ago, and Grundy was extremely helpful in getting it repaired in a timely manner.
My experience has all been positive on my collector car insurance.
No claims in 19 years, but a friend did have a claim that Grundy handled beautifully and correctly.
Always been good for our needs!!
I add and delete my account several times per year. Grundy always accommodates my changes without issue. Thanks for being there....
Great pricing
Have had Grundy for many years and have referred many new clients. Full agreed value insurance for a reasonable price the everyday person can afford. Grundy Worldwide is the best insurance for your Classic, Muscle, or Collector Car available.
Excellent. Been doing business with Grundy for many years. VERY competitive very professional. Highly recommend.
I am very happy with Grundy. My insurance rates have remained steady over 7 years, although with no claims or activity. I hope their service is never needed but if it is their ratings suggest they work well with customers.
Great company, very pleased after several years of faithful service provided.
I never expected to need assistance from rock damage not to just one, but 2 collectible cars. Grundy W. did an awesome job from the initial report, the appraisal and the body shop corrective work!
I think Grundy fills the insurance for those where cars are not driven every day and most driven a couple times a year . For low cost you can get protection for your vehicle ..
great rates for collector car owners
Good service at a fair price
I have 3 classic cars insured with Grundy and have had a good experience through out.
Always efficient and extremely competitive. Website is easy to navigate. I've recommended Grundy Insurance to several friends.
Grundy has been my classic insurer for more then 30 or so years Wouldn't change them for anything !!
I insure two collector cars with Grundy. They have provided great coverage at a reasonable price. I have had no claims.
Great service good rates
So far, Grundy has provided faultless service. I haven't seen them operate under adverse circumstances, though, so the pudding needs more proofing.
Great rates. Quick and wonderful response to requests and claims.
Very helpful returns massage very quickly very compatative Thank you for all your help.
this is a very good company to do business with...…...
great place to get insurance
Price is very affordable.
Fortunately I haven't had to file any claims on either of the vehicles I have insured by Grundy, but I trust that if the time comes I will be able to depend on them to restore my car to its former condition.