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Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Co.
Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Co.

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I recently submitted a claim including death certificate on a policy that has been in effect since 2008. I am the policy owner and all my documents were intact. Because this death was police involved (meaning the decedent was shot by the police), they sent my claim to outside investigator to be certain that I was not involved. There is nothing in the case that would lead them to believe that, and my policy is past the time of being suspicious or red-flagged. I am frustrated because it’s going on two months, and as it’s probably common in an unexpected death, there are lots of loose ends and bills to be settled. This on top of the loss is just unnecessary stress. Thank God, my personal policy is not with this company. God forbid I die anytime soon; I would not want my daughter to have to go through this. If my claim is not serviced in the next week, I will contact an attorney.

My mother was scammed into purchasing this policy. Multiple claims were filed and the Company arbitrarily denied every claim for various reasons. The EOBs contains errors by the Company with the incorrect information and dates of service. Additionally, the policy does not have a timeframe for submitting claims, but claims were denied for being too old. The Company knows that the claims are too small that it does not make financial sense for the policyholder to engage an attorney to contest. I would not recommend this Company to anyone. I believe they exist to take advantage of senior citizens.

I very rarely leave a review anywhere, but I feel like I just have to here. All of these people with complaints must have something strange going on. I have had my Medicare Supplement insurance with GTL for several years, and I have never had any kind of problem. None. Last year I was very sick with a cancer, and my bills ran up above 220 thousand. They paid every penny! I couldn't believe I did not get a single bill. I didn't even have to call their customer service line once, which amazed me. My doctors took care of the billing for me, and they must have got paid, because I never heard a word of complaint. Really good service is so rare these days. When I took a look at this site out of curiosity, and saw the awful things some people said, I just had to speak up. THANK YOU GTL for saving my life, literally! Stay strong and don't let the crazies get you down! We Medicare customers love you.

We received a letter stating that this insurance company was terminating our major medical policy and by the letter of the law we're required to offer similar coverage. This was stated in the letter from the company. Our previous policy had a $7,500.00 deductible. Guarantee is offering a policy with a $25,000.00 deductible. In discussion with them I inquired: how is this similar to my previous policy. The answer I got is that it was all they offer. I believe this is grossly unfair and not compliant to the law.

I am the advocate for my Aunt. Her policy was purchased in 2009 when she retired after 32 years of working. I contacted the company about medical reimbursement. They were very timely in sending my aunt her check for hospital and a short nursing home stay for rehabilitation. Thank you GTL for promptly sending my aunt’s check in order for us to help with hospital cost. I am 63 and will be purchasing a Medicare supplement through your company.