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The customer service was good. I received all the help I needed and it was a good experience. The agent was very kind and helpful through it all. The policy options were almost like all others. You would be a member for years and make sure you pay whatever you need to in order to keep the insurance. Coverage is great. They have many benefits to this. I love it and I highly recommend it to others as well. Read before signing though. Value is fairly good for the insurance. It isn't too expensive and it isn't too cheap for you to think you wouldn't have any type of benefits.

I am regarding a claim about my church electrical surge that happened two months ago (which still has not been repaired). I called and asked if there would be anyone coming out to see the damage. The representative said that they will have to know the damage before anyone can come out to inspect the damage. I replied by saying that the building is quite large, and that I was not my expertise in electrical problems. The representative informed me that they did not have anyone coming out to inspect the issue. Two days later they call me and inform me that they do have someone to inspect the damage. I called my claim representative, and she was not there to talk. The power is still out at my church.

We have had GuideOne for our church, we have filed 2 claims in the 10 years I have been there. One they never paid claiming that blowing rain caused it. The other our cottage for missionary to stay in pipe burst and they claim we should have left the heater on. They also claim to be Christian but I don't think Christians should treat anyone this way.

I am very happy with them as they are very helpful and are always ready to assist me and help me with my financial needs. Their policies are extremely good and are within a common man's budget and I am very happy to have chosen them. I am very happy with their various policies and plans. They include various types of coverage to suit a vast different classes of people. Everyone will have something or the other to choose from. They have something for everyone. My perceived value is $30000 and I am pretty much happy with it. I suggest everyone to try their policies once. I am extremely satisfied with their services.

They are trustworthy. They have very friendly staff members that are willing to help you any way they can. They will stop at nothing to please you. They have one that are there to help all your needs. They are there for you at your time of need. They are cover if anything should ever happen to you. They are there for whatever it may be. It doesn't cost that much but you can afford it and its well worth the cost to have them there when you need them. They value your friendship.

We've had Guide One insurance for about 10 years. 2 times in that 10 years, we've had to call them out for damage done during storms. This last one was hurricane Irma. Both times they sent out a 'structural engineer' that refuses to even get under the mobile home to inspect the damage. Both times writes up a report stating 'lack of maintenance' as the problem not the 100+ mph winds we experienced. 'The shed didn't sustain any damage so the house shouldn't have damage either'. They're great about contacting you for payment and renewals but horrible regarding claims.

We have to take our claim legal because we've had a lot of damage this time. The last time we didn't know there's resources out there for these problems. We paid to fix it, ourselves. They think people don't know to fight it. DO NOT use this company if you have any other option. They won't get a third time with us. We're up for renewal this month and going to another company.