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I spoke with my agent who reached out to Hanover. A manager at Hanover contacted me later that day and I was able to make him understand the situation.

End result, if I end up paying any of the 1,200 paid in error I simply send the information to the claims adjuster and Hanover will pay it. Yay!

The rating I've given this now is because they acted fast once contacted by my agent and fully explained how it would be handled. I am still not happy with how the adjuster handled the claim but at least I feel better overall.

Hanover does need to train their adjusters to be clearer in their responses rather than basically saying it's too bad and it's my problem not theirs. It may have simply be the way it was worded and not meant the way it sounded but still they need to train them to communicate better so as not to lose long term clients.

I do NOT believe the customer is always right but by the same token, they are NOT always wrong.

We have paid our insurance (always on time) for 30 years. I read a review which is exactly our experience. Our son left the keys in his car (yes not great), but it took a year while they ran down his character and we gave them everything they asked for (even phone records!). Finally, realized they weren't paying and got an attorney. They asked the same questions a year later, and of course our son had the phone records to figure out the timing of the evening. They now say he changed his story by minutes.

This experience has been a charade. They accused him of not being timely (he graduated and got a job that requires extensive travel), but expected him to be there on a dime, when they waited until he was out of college. He took unpaid time to be available to Hanover. He was forthright even claiming a minuscule ding on the car bumper in his claim report, when the car was totaled on all sides.

Our son paid $5,000 in fees to try and settle this with claims of Hanover saying in the deposition that, "Are you "remedial?"" He had some remediation in 2nd grade for dyslexia and this was an incredibly ignorant question designed to get under our son's skin, but he was a professional in answering. The car was buried in the ground, by a tree etc. from the report. We saw our son the next day. He had NONE of the powder or marks one would expect. Our daughter was hit by a drunk driver and it took weeks to get this off her. Not a scratch on our son as would happen had he been in the car. In addition, Hanover did NOTHING to help us recover her expenses and she had to replace a car with low mileage with a cheaper, older car with mileage - where were they then?

We were naive to think that they would pay, that we would be treated respectfully and should have had an attorney long ago. Our son paid the attorney fee in addition to paying off his car as he always does (third time and why he always gets a loan). They heard him say, "I don't like debt" and kept referring to that statement, and he kept being honest. He doesn't like debt and paid off the car and has his title, but no one asked.

What a sham this company is, and we cannot afford to continue to fight this wall of incompetence. They have won, and one wonders why people go uninsured? Finally, in the beginning the investigator in New York called me (I was out of town at a conference) and said, "If that was my son, I would stick my foot up his butt and kick him from one side to the other..." Wow, so unprofessional, and this should have been our first clue of the underhanded and shady company.

Have had for many years through the credit union to which I belong. Haven't had much interaction with them as they do not use agents & I have not had to file any claims. Have periodically checked for lower rates with different companies but find mine is in line with most other companies, if not cheaper.

No Hanover claims adjusters available on weekends, only Mon-Fri 8-5. 3rd party vendor cannot access your information so you cannot get rental vehicle on weekends without paying yourself. My vehicle was declared a total loss and first offer was insulting and used vehicles with less options as comparable, in fact deducted over 3000$ dollars off the comparable which was 3 models down from mine. This accident was 100% the fault of the other driver and accident report states this clearly. I pay for enhanced rental coverage up to 30 days and 1500 but since vehicles is totaled they are saying 7 days including Sundays when dealerships are closed is all I'm entitled to. When I spoke to voice my displeasure I was told 1 day is sufficient to find a replacement vehicle. Why do I pay for enhanced rental coverage?

They are the best company I have ever used. Purchasing my insurance was super easy. I looked at several price comparisons through multiple websites. I was recommended to my insurance agent by my dad. I contacted my agent and I was able to get a quote for everything by email while at work. It was super fast, convenient, and affordable. Also, he was able to bundle my auto and homeowners for a substantial discount while still having some of the best coverage available. On the other hand, I dislike that they rarely contact me to check in.

After having $10000 in damage to my vehicle fixed, I picked it up and began to have numerous mechanical issues. I took it back in and it was diagnosed with several problems. The insurance adjuster said they would only pay for one of the several and that none of the other problems were from the accident. I had absolutely no problems with the vehicle before the accident. After stating that they would only pay for one of the several problems; he also said I would be responsible for the $240 in diagnostic fees. I was never informed of this in the beginning at all. He lied to the insurance company who believed him saying that he had told me this.

Was reared ended by Hanover insurance driver. Totalled my truck. From the day I filed a claim was treated like total **. Was told they were only given salvage value for my truck. Still fighting with these **. The biggest crooks in the business. Stay away and hope one of their drivers don't hit you. ** you Hanover Insurance. Burn in hell.

Eight months after I discontinued my auto & house policies (just because they raised my rates for absolutely no reason), I received a bill for $25.41, "to settle your outstanding balance". I responded immediately with a inquiry, noting that I'd ended my coverage last June & had - in fact - received a refund. The response was a statement of my last year's monthly payments with $25.41 added on the bottom. I (again right away) sent a response stating the statement with $25.41 simply added was NOT an adequate explanation & included my copy of their receipt of my discontinuation statement (from their office).

Within 4 days I received a demand for payment from a lawyer-owned collection agency. Are you KIDDING me? I pay them thousands of dollars over several years & they are going to ruin my credit over a $25.41 disputed (& highly questionable) charge? $25 may seem like no big deal, but to a 67 yr. old single woman, every dollar is important. Obviously, since my credit score is being threatened, I had no choice but to pay it. What a sweet racket they have, here. But, by God, I'm telling everyone I know what they did. And posting this shameful story everywhere, as well.

I have now been trying to get a check from them to get my car fixed. Because their driver rear ended me. Finally after 2 weeks with no response I took the car to get fixed and paid for it myself. Now I'm struggling to get in touch with anyone without get a response. And when I do receive a response "We are still trying to verify details with our insured. Send a 10-day letter today giving them until 5/11/17 to respond. Thank you". Now I'm being told I have to wait "Another few weeks" because they are waiting on pictures from there person to see his damage. I asked them to be more precise. Because they have given me nothing but vague answers every time.

Recommended by independent agent and so far, no problems. Billing is straightforward, monthly deductions from checking account. Discount for multiple cars and house insurance. Good supplemental insurance price.

Feb. 29, 2012, I received a letter stating my premium had been increased from $1500.00 a year for 2 cars to almost $5200.00 for a year. Thinking it must be a mistake, I contacted my agent who informed me that I was in a major accident in Oct 2011 while driving someone else's car and the Merit Board had added points to my license. I explained to her that it was not me, so she told me to call the insurance company that informed the Merit Board about the accident. I called Safety Insurance and told them I know nothing of this accident and they said they would look into It. A week later, I called Safety Insurance back and they informed me they were unable to reach the owner of the car and that I should call the Merit Board and apply for an appeal, which will cost me $50.00.

I did but in the meantime, I must continue to pay $522.00 a month. Now I found out the appeal process can take 6 to 9 months just to get a hearing date. At this point, I am so frustrated. How can an insurance company just go without your knowledge, charge you for an accident and why won't they do more to try and contact this person who has made this claim that I was driving their truck? I have my own truck and car.

A Hanover Insurance customer hit me when I was stopped in traffic, pushing me into another car pushing that car into another car. Today has been 3 weeks! Police report and all driver accounts are consistent. Their driver admitted on scene he was the only one moving! One driver at fault. Meg/Margaret ** still has not admitted liability except for the back of my van which totaled it. Jeremy ** our car adjuster offered me over a thousand less than we could ever hope to replace our car with and I was devastated. I spent all weekend sending current cars for sale with the closest example 1400 more than they offered me. Jeremy ** then offered 400 more which just seemed terrible that he was willing to raise it after I fussed... why not before because it is the right thing to do? I told him I needed more.

I told Jeremy if he has for sale ads of my old vehicle for what he was offering that I would jump all over buying the same car w his money. What he did next blew my mind. Jeremy showed me their system of finding the value. He has to find ONE single car for sale (which they never show you the actual car) to use as the example and then rip your car's condition apart lowering the amount. They deducted for soiled carpet but never told us they were checking any of it. They took over 200 off for a rust spot. The truth is even without any deductions they were 1400 less than we deserved.

We begged for a rental just to work. Meg would NOT agree to an upgrade with enough seats for our needs/job. She made us wait until Enterprise scoured their locations and found us an 8 passenger minivan. They showed us the professionalism and respect we should have gotten from Hanover. We DO NOT want to get an attorney but every day it seems more likely. We met w an attorney who estimated 1500 more in just our car value going through him. We just wanted to replace our car that was hit by their client. No one was asking for spending money and a trip to Mexico.

I have no idea why I believe this can be settled without fighting w lawyers! Is it so hard to give back what we had? Other victims in the wreck say that Hanover had the rudest people they had ever met talking with them. They also said they were offered much less than their vehicles were worth. And to top it all off, the young guy who hit us and walked around saying how sorry he was? He had a brand new car 5 days after the accident and posted it on Facebook. We didn't even get a rental until after 2 weeks. Why is this allowed? We pay insurance so much money and yet they can treat hardworking families this way! We have traveled 240 plus miles looking for another van, missed photography jobs and work because of the fault on ONE person and Hanover doesn't care. When will something change??? If anyone had any advice we would love to hear it!

I canceled my car insurance with them and replaced it with a much lower priced and better coverage with State Farm. Now after receiving all the policy canceled notices and receiving a refund of over payment I made, I'm getting "you owe us over 300 dollars from an Ohio based collections company". What!!! This company is nothing but a bunch of thieves. Looks like a letter of complaint needs to go to the Insurance commissioner regarding their interesting ways of trying to steal from people.

I just switched to them because they had much cheaper rates. I have not had any other contact with them so I can't speak about how good of a company they are. Review online's led me to believe that I would be satisfied with them if I needed their services

We purchased our policy through an insurance broker, so we had very little direct contact with Hanover. However, the quote process seemed very easy and quick. All information was straightforward and easy to understand. I like online access to my account for convenience - I can view my policy at anytime, anywhere. I also appreciate the competitive rates. Additionally, I like the deductible we were able to get. We like to do a lower deductible with higher premium, which has been hard to find in rent years. While we use an insurance broker, it would be nice to see our insurance provider to go above and beyond to contact us as a "welcome to the company" or "thanks for being a customer". It would make us feel like more than just a number or a policy. Still, Hanover met expectations.

I like my agent at Hanover Auto Insurance a lot, they are in town and easy to get to. Also partnered with local banks and have friendly staff members and they are a common name that most people recognize in the community. They are quick too about getting coverage set up and cards sent out. However, their pricing could always be better - as with anything in business. Also, they could improve their contact procedures, the amount of info they mail and the amount of paper they use - lots of trees could be saved. But they are fine overall. Not perfect by any means but still a good company with competitive rates. Great as a one stop shop for all insurance needs.

Car stolen in 2012. Still no payment. They are claiming fraud. So now it's insurance commission and BBB. This company is the worst.

I paid my yearly fee but 2 months later, they sent me a bill for $69. When I called them to ask why, they said something was listed wrong on my application and if I did not pay, my insurance would be canceled. A couple of months later, I cancelled my auto insurance with them. They were supposed to refund me $171.80. It has been 2 months and still no check. Every time I call them, it's a different story. I have called them 8 times so far, each time getting another story. JB **, my broker, has been of no help at all. Needless to say, when my insurance comes due again, they shall not be my broker.

Setting up my insurance policy with Hanover was quick and I was able to set it up before going into work! As soon as it was processed, the car dealership got a fax immediately. When I had to file an insurance claim, their customer service was friendly and the process was started in minutes. They get to the point because they're eager to help. The thing I've benefited from most was the Loss of Use coverage. However, when I set up my insurance policy, I wish I would have had more details on what it entailed. I knew the price was in my range but all I knew I had was a full coverage insurance. I wish I would have been informed about my deductible and what is actually covered in my policy instead of crossing my fingers when I call with an issue. Although I wasn't very well informed of what my policy entailed, I was very well taken care of. Having a good experience with the insurance company helped make a great experience for buying my car!

Hanover Auto Insurance is very affordable and covers everything I need especially when I was involved in an accident last year. They have fantastic employees that are very very understanding. They have always been willing to work with my husband and I. So far I've had a great experience.

Never filed a claim so I really can't say as the only thing that is consistent is the quarterly bill -- so they bill quite well and the bill arrives promptly. I have no experience with them outside of paying their bill.

We are having the worst time ever in having our claim settled. To replace the 2004 Scion xB we have been offered a sum of 4896.00 and checking all the available 2004 Scion xB vehicles within our area and extending to a 75 mile radius we were unable to find that vehicle for less than 6500 and the average price was over 7500.00. We have been without this vehicle since June 30, 2013. Today is August 18, 2013. Hanover Insurance has created a hardship situation for our family and they have not negotiated with fairness. We all have insurance so this would never happen. We are very upset.

Absolute horrific claims process!!! Don't buy insurance from these guys ever! One of their insured drove through my large business sign. It's taken 6 months and the claim is still not closed!!! Stay away. Awful customer service. Horrible claims process!

My vehicle was totaled by Hanover Ins. I had the worst experience with them between them not returning phone calls and getting a reasonable settlement with them. Took me 4 months to get a check out of them and it was for less than what my vehicle was worth. I talk to three other insurance company appraisers and they all said I should have received 1000.00 more dollars. My vehicle was an older vehicle. I have a newer vehicle also insured with them so I asked them if the newer vehicle got totaled what would they offer me, they said they could tell me any amount unless it was totaled. I am not with them anymore because I think if my newer vehicle was totaled it would have been many thousands of dollars less than what book value is. This insurance company doesn't want to pay for any claims. I would have not giving any stars.

I've been with Hanover for several years both home and auto, never filed a claim, never had a ticket, and on one icy morning I hit ice and slid off into the ditch. Due to bumps in the ditch it caused some damage to my suv mostly cosmetic, but it was close to 4,000 worth of damage. Not even a week or two later we got a letter stating our auto insurance rates were going up 43 dollars per month, and our homeowners was going up an additional 6 dollars per month as well. Needless to say we will be switching as soon as possible.

My stationary vehicle was a victim of a hit and run by a Hanover client. I filed a police report and they tracked down the responsible party. Initially, I was told by Hanover that they would handle my claim directly, no need to make a claim with my insurer. Two months later, they are saying I have shared responsibility based upon a discussion with their client. The police report states that the client had no recollection of any accident taking place, despite some fresh car damage. I believe this is just a criminal negotiating ploy to avoid responsibility and pay less.