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I have a perfect driving record, have been driving for 38 years, no tickets, no accidents, until early last year a lady who had a bad driving record and hardship insurance hit my car. The police report clearly stated she was at fault but Hartford decided it was 50/50. Their cost to repair my car was $331. My renewal came in with an accident penalty and went from $1290 to $1900. They do not stand behind their customers! Instead of arbitrating they take the easy way out and say 50/50 leaving drivers who aren't at fault with marks on their records! Progressive wrote a policy for me today for 42% less than Hartford. Hartford was overcharging the whole time on top of requiring me to purchase Triple A membership. Do yourself a favor, save money and don't go with an insurance company who won't stand behind their customers and who overcharges!

I paid my premiums for a year on all my insurances with The Hartford. After several days I was sent a monitor to connect to my car, it is not like connecting it to a cigarette lighter or putting this thing on your dash board, you have to get under the driver side steering wheel and try to match the holes to a part under the steering column (not good position to get in to and out of). I was told that if I did not put this monitor on my car I would not get a 10% discount. I complied, was told that I would get an email and envelope to send the monitor back. It has been more than a month and the only communication I have gotten from them is my initiating a call to them and the response saying that the return envelope would be mailed. They were shady in that had I known beforehand I would not have used them as my insurance company. Taking too many liberties concerning our privacy is not good!

I was in an automobile accident while traveling in Tenn. I was a passenger in the back seat on the side that we were hit. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital. I had a fractured pelvis, sacral fractures, etc. I did not have medical and the orthopedics would not take me with the Hartford papers. I never went to doctors so I did not have a family doctor. I tried to get a family doctor but no one would take accident victims. Hartford said that they would send me a card so I could get some medical attention, but they never sent anything and quit calling me.

I had Hartford automobile insurance for 10 years. Back in 2014, I had a car accident with another driver who had Geico insurance. It was determined thru arbitration that is was 100% NOT AT FAULT. After my yearly policy was up with Hartford, they increased my new policy $600 more. They claimed it had nothing to do with the accident but other non incident issues. This year, they increased my new policy another $200. I never called to inquire because I didn't want to hear anymore lame excuses.

It's obvious that Hartford will consider you a high risk if you have any type of incident or accident whether at fault or not. They can't drop you because they state you're "insured for life". But what they can do is force you to leave. I have left Hartford and switched to GEICO. I have the same policy I had with Hartford for $800 less a year. Funny, The accident a had was with a driver who had GEICO. Yet GEICO is willing to give me a policy so much cheaper than Hartford. So for anyone who has Hartford, I wish you luck.

My parked vehicle was side-swiped by an advanced age driver. There were four witnesses that saw this happen and the driver immediately admitted fault. Only about 1k in damage, mostly parts. Should have be a quick and simple process but it was NOT. It took four days to get them to take my claim. It took them two more days to text me a link to an app to take pictures of the damage for them. Meanwhile, I am driving around without a side mirror and that seems acceptable to them? Promises to contact me were never met, there were significant delays and they ultimately gave me a ridiculous low ball estimate where the listed replacement parts don't even match my vehicle. Despite my calls and emails, I can't get a returned call now. The claims reps are downright rude. I don't know how this company is still in business. At this point my only option is to go to the expense of getting an attorney.

Switched to this company recently after previous company doubled our homeowner's coverage. The Hartford has much better rates for equivalent coverage for our vehicle insurance. They also have a user friendly website and good payment plan options.

I called the 888-629-7725 on 11-20-2015 for a review of the quote I had received on 11-17-2015. The quote I received on 11-17-2015 was good until 11-21-2015. I was told by a rude agent that the quote was considerably higher and would not honor the previous quote even though it was supposed to be good until 11-21-2015. I asked to speak with the person who gave me the quote and she said she could not locate who I spoke with. I then asked to speak with a supervisor or someone who could handle this and she said there was no one available to talk to. She then said I would have to accept the quote she gave me. So I declined and hung up. I called back and got a nice agent named Bailey who helped me through the process, and I was able to get my policy for the amount quoted. Thank you Bailey.

I have had both auto and home with this company for years. In January my parked car was totaled. The adjuster told me 4 days later that the estimate was approved and the car was being repaired. I called the body shop and that was not the case. The body shop kept submitting additional estimates, and the adjuster kept telling me the new estimate had been approved and my car was being repaired. Finally a month or so later my car was declared totaled. I think that 90% of the communication was initiated by me.

I wanted a copy of the police report because a bystander got a partial plate and I wanted to see if they had found the Allied van that reported hit my car. Hartford would not spend the $30 to pay the police dept for the report, they had to wait until some company they contracted with produced it. They finally told me I could spend my $30 and they would reimburse me. At no time did the adjuster tell me what to expect in this process (such as multiple estimates, timelines, etc.).

Unimpressed with the claims department handling of my vehicle repairs. First off they paid a body shop that gave an estimate on my car, however I never took it to them for the repairs. This was discovered when I filed a claim for damage that occurred in a parking lot. The new shop gave a full estimate and were told the first estimate had been paid and would not be covered. Who pays a shop before the customer brings in a car? I was told I had to take my car to the first shop. Why would I take my car there if they never called me to say they had been paid... So fast forward I get that cleared up. I have the approval to go to the body shop and rental car is coverage of $50 a day, for 30 days. Hartford tries to cancel the rental early. Now my car is not complete and they have canceled the car rental at 21 days. Very dissatisfied. I just want the coverage I paid for to be honored.

I am the personal representative for my late uncle's estate. I contacted Hartford in March 2016 to inform them of his death. He was due a $700 refund on his account. I have contacted the Hartford at least several times a month and each time they assure me the check is on the way. Then they sent me a letter telling me they have been trying to contact me regarding this account. I am very frustrated!!! and feeling like they are just leading me on. So beware!!!

I am writing this review because I am very displeased with the Hartford Insurance Company. The Hartford more than doubled my insurance premium on my vehicle after I was involved in a small parking lot accident where I was at fault. No damage to my vehicle, damage to other vehicle only. First year insuring through Hartford, my premium was $1,092. Second year premium same vehicle $1,270 (don't know why it increased) and now after the accident my premium went up to $2,867. I also inquired as to how long the sentence is on the raise in premiums, and was told three years. When you hear the words "traffic accident" the word accident should have some bearing.

Why should someone be punished so severely for having an accident? If you see the Hartford's TV advertisement (which is affiliated with the AARP who are helping drivers over 50 years old) they guarantee that you won't be dropped after an accident. Well with raises in premiums like this they might as well drop you 'cause, who can afford to stay? Apparently they won't drop you, but you will be forced to cancel and seek another company. Beware!!!

As a senior citizen, I would not recommend the Hartford for auto insurance. God forbid you ever get in an accident you can be sure your rates will more than double with Hartford. They did for me. The AARP should consider re-evaluating the Hartford as a company they recommend to their senior membership. After my experience, doesn't appear the Hartford is looking out for seniors citizens, whom most of us are on a fixed income. There are other Companies out there that offer accident forgiveness. I would consider one of them. I hope this is helpful!

I had a small fender bender last year in rush hour traffic on the freeway. The other party informed our insurance company (Hartford) and we were sent a letter saying that fault was 50/50 because we were in rush hour traffic. We were never again notified about the claim. We weren't asked for pictures, nothing. When my mom switched banks over a year later, she called to inform them of the change and to let them know that the bank account that they were withdrawing from was closed and attempted to give them new bank information. The lady was extremely rude and refused to accept the new information, saying they need to continue to withdraw from the closed account and that she should have notified them before she closed the account (like she knew that) and that if they withdraw from the closed account "sometimes the bank will pay that money". How shady!! So when they withdrew from the closed account, they got no money and dropped us!!

When my mom called to ask why they dropped us, they told us it was because of a missed payment and then over a year after the fender bender, decided to tell us that they paid the guy 3000 dollars for the claim!! And supposedly it was 50/50 fault, we didn't get a dime... not even a courtesy call letting us know they were settling the claim and paying out! They didn't even let us defend ourselves! They didn't ask for pictures, info, nothing!! They just paid this dude from our policy without even notifying us. They then decided to deny everyone in our family coverage. This insurance company is a waste of time and really not worth having. What's the point of having an insurance company that's not on your side?!

I called Hartford Insurance for a quote, the quote was high, but reasonable of about $1800 for the year. Considering I did have a speeding ticket on my record, the first in over 10 years. The kicker was that they wanted me to pay $1050 to start the policy. I am 53 years old, single woman with limited income with a good driving record. When I asked why such a large downpayment, the only response I received was because of the vehicle I drive (2012 Jeep Compass) and the first ticket in 10 years that I received in May. Since I have been driving (age 17) I have a total of 4 tickets in my life. Hartford's customer service sucks, and their agents are uninformed.

It was very easy to sign up with Hartford. Fortunately I have had no further contact as I have had no claims. It was very easy to renew my policy when it was up for renewal. And the price was a lot much less than other insurance companies I contacted.

I totaled my vehicle and that of another driver on July 3. Because I'd never crashed before and had no clear idea of what my insurance covered, I assumed I'd have to struggle to get compensation; also I'd broken my collarbone but didn't get this checked out till weeks later. Hartford immediately arranged for towing and a rental car. Their agents promptly responded to questions about the claim and explained in very clear and detailed terms what was happening with it. They let me know when I would receive my check and it arrived in a timely fashion. When I submitted my late claim for coverage of care for my shoulder injury there were no questions about why I hadn't immediately sought care. Everyone I talked or emailed with was pleasant, direct, and helpful.

I have had this company since 2009. Over the years it gets worst and worst. I recently move to SC. I tried to update my new address. I had to speak to 5 or 6 different people and they all had a different version on the story. Do you not take the time to train your employees? I had the first one say to me he had to run a credit report. I said what if I say NO. He said, "You will have to find another insurance company." One of my benefits is a lifetime lack to cancel the policy. I asked him, "Why are you threatening me."

In the end the spiteful little dude put the wrong address on the NEW POLICY he just wrote - interesting, which cost me ALL the loss of my liability insurance because he then raised the policy almost 600.00 dollars. So all the coverage came off the policy. (That would be the bodily liability 100,000, 300,000, 100,000.) Now we are at 25,000! We are elders and we make less and less money (forget about getting all the benefits we worked hard for in this life - it's like pulling teeth to get the 401, or all the stupid pensions that are worthless, etc.)

So my question is: WHY are we being punished to live in South Carolina? Well good luck talking to the rest of the children... "It pertains to the state as a whole." "What everybody else is doing is how they rate." That is not suppose to be our policy! We will not do business with idiots that throw you in a pool and make judgement on drivers, we do not pay for those that torment the roadway. We believe about 90% of drivers should be taken off the road. We can say that, we have been driving for almost 46 years without problems. So this policy is now screwed. As a consumer I am not happy and reading over the reviews I can see others are unhappy also.

So what is insurance? A waste of people's money and 'legal' organized crime with a bunch of babble employees who do not know their ** from their elbow. I also like the big discounts, think I hit it on the head when he said you get a discount for dual airbags. Great what is that $2.00 for the year. PLEASE. They cannot mention this in the endorsements. I also like the fact they thought my vehicles were registered in AZ and we moved to Colorado for two and a half years. Do they think my cars can drive themselves? Guess these children think they can!!! Of course the consumer is at fault. "Why didn't you notify us." Hello why are you sending the statements to the right address with the yearly premium due? Why is the customers doing your job!!!

What this government allowed and what big corporation did will haunt them all the days of their lives; laid off all the elders because of fear. In their big decision, these children haven't a clue how to make money. Which we learned from our elders. May God bless each and everyone the merits they so deserve. Because for disobedience comes punishment not for one but for ALL. Guess that's the point, just look around. Will hunt for another insurance company that is educated, knows how to be fair, knows what the consumers wants. That's how you make money and have God's blessings. If none is to be had, which looks like the top runner today, will drop from society...

I am happy with the Hartford and am satisfied with their customer service. Overall, my experience and my association with the Hartford has been very rewarding to me. I haven't, as yet used their claims process, but I'm sure there will be no problems with it.

I called to make a payment and to inquire about a shopping cart hitting my car. Never filling a "claim" only to find out that I had been cancelled. The rep stated that I just needed to fill out a form and fax it back so I did. When I called back the rep started probing me for questions about the shopping cart hitting my car. I said I will talk with the claims dept if I need too! Made another call to the Hartford only to find out that they will not reinstate my ins because my car was hit by a shopping cart. Wow... I never even filed a claim. She said this is to protect them just in case I wanted to file a claim later and to save the company money. But I have been paying you money just for situations like this.

Are all ins. companies like this? I haven't had any tickets, accidents or anything. Just questions! Just in case you decide to get ins with this company make sure you don't have to use them for anything because they will canceled you afterwards. Just for asking questions!!!

Non-cancellable after two accidents. Lowest cost. Friendly and courteous customer service. Prompt claim reimbursement. No hassle. Good website to view billing information. Easy to pay bills.

I just tried to get a quote from the website after receiving the invitation in the mail. Very disappointed. After 2 tries I received a quote but wanted to customize it so it was the same as my current insurance to see comparison. It kept trying to take me back to my original quote which is inadequate. While looking again online found this site. Think I will stay with State Farm. They have been good to us for 15 years.

Hartford is not my insurance company I have StateFarm (better). My experience with Hartford started on a good leg. I called in the accident the day I was hit by their insured, they informed me that it would take a day or two to get it started but if I called they would tell me where they were with the claim. I called midway through the next day because Thanksgiving was approaching and I wanted to get a rental car before there were none available. Mind you I am a college student that lives in a different state other than my hometown and I planned on going home in my car that was fine before their insured hit me. So when I called the adjuster Crystal ** (ext. **) she was nice at first collecting all the information she needed from me.

I was hit on 11-11-15 and they did not call their insured until 11-13-15. At this point the person that hit me never picked up the phone once, not to call the cops after he hit me nor to call his insurance company to rectify the problem he caused. So because I made plans before getting hit and needed my transportation I decided to call the adjuster throughout the day to check up on my claim. After she told me the only thing that they were missing was the police report I told her that I went and picked one up and would fax or email it to her to expedite the claim. She did not receive the fax on the 11/17/15 so the next day I emailed it to her. At this point I did all the leg work for her trying to move the process along. Also around this time she was starting to get annoyed at the amount of time I called her a day and started forwarding my calls, but I did not care because I needed my transportation.

So eight days after the accident and all the information that was needed had been collected I called her again on 11-19-15 in the morning she did not answer (Crystal **), I said ok I will call her before I go to work at 2pm. When I called her she answered and told me that I called her more than four times today and if she could call me after lunch with an attitude. I told her I actually called you more times than that but you only answered four times today, still in a calm voice, which I kept throughout the whole process. That was NOT customer friendly, if I am constantly calling you there must have been a reason, and telling me how many times I called you does not settle my mind. So I waited one and a half hours for her lunch to be over. When I did not receive a call by 3 pm (they close at 5pm) I took my 15 mins at work and called her back.

Now she would not answer my phone calls at all, so I had to call my mother to three way a call and look who answered the phone right away Crystal **. Not knowing it was me and that my mother was also on the line I asked if she could check up on my claim and hearing my voice she said you have called me more than 10 times today and I can't do my work if you keep calling me. Then of course my mother came in and said that is rude and not something you say to a client, etc. Crystal ** hung up on us and would not answer any more calls. About 30-45 mins later another adjuster called and said that she was helping Crystal ** (a bunch of crap) and that they were ready to forward the money to my bank account at that moment.

Crystal ** needs to go train in customer friendly approaches to talking to people. It should not have taken me yelling at her in the last phone call we had to get my claims finished, when all the previous conversations were friendly. I did all the leg work and all she had to do was call the insured and type everything in the computer. What made it a shut and go case was that the insured stated to them and on the police report that he hit me and he was liable. There were no disputes about who hit who, so it should not have taken a week for this particular claim to have been wrapped up. If you deal with Hartford, your claim is a shut and go case, and you have adjuster Crystal ** you will be waiting for longer than a week for her to type the information you probably gathered yourself into the computer.

I did a lot of research before selecting The Hartford. Number 1 reason is their rating, and number 2, they had the best price at the time. Fortunately, I have had no experience with claims. I love that I can do all my business with them online. I pay my premiums, get my ID cards, print out any forms I may need, handle renewals, etc. Their website can be a bit confusing in the beginning, but once you get used to it, it's great. I have been able to find the answer to any question without having to get on the phone and punch in a lot of numbers.

I became a member of AARP shortly after turning 50 years old. I transferred all 4 of my insurance policies over to AARP/Hartford since, I had received a much better quote than from Liberty Mutual. Lately, my premiums have been creeping up a little, but are still lower than other quotes I recently received.

Was sideswiped by a driver who tried to get ahead of me by passing on the right shoulder. Problem was there was someone already sitting on the shoulder in front of the driver so to avoid hitting him, he turned into me. In any case my claim through The Hartford has been handled with the utmost professionalism and compassion by Meaghan ** in the claims Dept. I can't say enough good things about her. My car was repaired within a week after handing it over to the repair shop. I am now looking to work with The Hartford to prove culpability on the other driver's part. I hope The Hartford doesn't hit me with punishing rate hikes but in any case, Meaghan and the claims process has been exemplary. Also a shout out to Peter ** for exemplary service as well.

I have insurance with the Hartford. Have for a lot of years. Home and 2 cars. Every year I go through a battle with this company to get my rate down. It is usually they didn't get the mileage correct, that I don't hardly drive. Now I get hit with a 33 percent increase, and the agents are happy because they say the state of Florida approved it! No discounts for me, unless I want less service and less coverage. No accidents - less than 7000 miles a year - a new car every 2 years. Always pay my bill!

Reasonably priced and above average customer service and claims service. Easy to do business with and a variety of ways to pay for the insurance. What else can I say? I've only had insurance with them for under two years.

It's great, honest, affordable, fair, customer conscious, easy to talk to, understanding, quick response, best decision I ever made. Best company out there, best prices, service, people, best website.

Cheaper than any other insurance but sometimes they were hard to deal with as far as making a claim. They didn't let you know until you went to make a claim that you had to have a extra insurance to cover that incident.

I was fully stopped for a red light when someone hit into my car smashing my back door. The person who hit me crossed over the double line to pass a double park car on her side of the street. I called my insurance company not sure if I wanted to make a claim but did begin to pursue. The insurance co. immediately told me to take my car to a collision place. I went. Got there was told that papers weren't faxed. Went back the next day and the collision person said they were busy that it was best for me to come back. I am disabled. It was 90-degree weather. I called the insurance co. back only to be told I had a different agent. I was given 2 different agents, besides the different person who wanted me to get a accident quote from the collision dealer I actually given 5 different names. They mailed me papers. I decided to just settle it out of the insurance because the person who hit my car said they would pay the collision person.

I brought my car the person paid but now I found they did cheap labor. My car not fixed right. I did take my own pictures before the accident but the insurance company was not helpful to me at all. One man actually told me, "You don't have to worry about the other company paying that is why you have no fault. It is no one's fault. You have the coverage."

It didn't matter to Hartford but it did to me because I was not a moving car. I was totally stopped so why should I have to pay a deductible so now with no help from my insurance company and a car that was fixed at a shoddy place my car not fixed right still needs a new door and it will end up costing me the lowest rate I got was $875.00 that was rec. and they promised a new door panel. The people who fixed my car gave me a door panel that had peeled paint buffed and painted over it. I'm aggravated Hartford does nothing to help their clients not even an apology for their outright rudeness and misinformation they gave me. I hope to switch out of Hartford soon.

I have been with this company over 20 years and I love it. I also have my renters insurance with this company for over 10 years and both of my policies serve and served me well. This is really a great company and I have enjoyed being a member of them.

When I signed up with The Hartford for auto and renters insurance (recommended by AARP), I was quoted a certain premium amount for each. I subsequently received a bill from The Hartford for premium amounts higher than originally quoted. I called and was told by a Hartford billing department employee the monthly amounts I was supposed to be paying and where to send the money. Months later, I get a bill for higher monthly amounts (not a renewal – this is within the yearly policy period). I called The Hartford again and was told I wasn't paying the right amounts. Mike with The Hartford says he doesn't know why I was told the wrong amounts by the previous Hartford billing department employee. The company has done this to me twice now. I wonder if this is their standard practice, because they must be making a lot of money off of the customers who just pay these arbitrary bills without questioning them. AARP members beware!

Insurance claims are handled efficiently and with understanding. Premiums are average but customer service is outstanding. Representatives are courteous and helpful usually responding to your questions or concerns immediately.

OK company. No problems. Have had this company which is through AARP for many years. Never any problems with claims. Have tried Geico and cancelled because they raised rates for no reason.

We were in a pile-up accident July 2016. The Hartford has been our insurance for 30 yrs. When we called them they were worse than being in the accident. We went 10 days without a rental car (can you imagine we had to keep driving our totaled car) because we had to fight the Hartford to get a rental, as in the Hartford Claims Adjuster told us ten 10 days after the accident we were all set to pick up a rental but when we got to the rental company, they told us no authorization so NO CAR. When we called the Hartford Claims Center for rental car help on a Saturday they told us why we had to keep driving a totaled car "Our offices don't open till Monday cb." The sheer egregiousness didn't stop - they switched adjusters without notifying us. They told us that we had to file through other parties insurances. Our insurance broker has been apologizing to us but, c'mon man.

I recently was rear ended. I called on Fri as they were closed Thurs at time of accident. The guy gave me a claim # & said to use that if I need to go see Dr. He said an adjuster would be contacting me via email. Never did. Then I got a call Mon but missed it. I called back left another message. She called back again this am Tues while I was getting checked out to say I don't vehicle coverage which I knew. Plus that claim # the guy gave me isn't valid as I don't have medical coverage???? So now I have a huge Hospital Bill & no help. Adjuster calls back & says she left message for other co to call her back with a new claim #. So here it is Tuesday I have horrible headaches & discomfort. But I can call the ladies in co directly for info. What exactly am I paying this co for? Think it's time for a change. Hartford is the worst I've ever dealt with.

Hartford Insurance. This insurance company is a joke. Find a new insurance co. ASAP. After 6 yrs rates were raised 50% like others with no faults. And I had mold in my apt which was on my policy. Had to stay in a hotel & had property damage. After 2 yrs I'm still waiting on reimbursement. It's in court because they only offered me $1,500. Smart people read reviews first. Get better insurance elsewhere.

I was hit by somebody who has Hartford insurance. All around, it has been a really difficult insurance company to work with. I can rarely get through to the claims adjuster, they are rude and difficult to work with, and it has been nearly 2 months since the incident and I have yet to been able to have my vehicle repaired. I'm not sure how their rates are, but for the amount of hassle working with them I would not recommend them to anybody. If you have to make a claim, you will quickly find out where and how they are cutting corners to give you a better rate and regret your decision to have chosen this company in the first place.

I would not recommend Hartford insurance. They do not want to pay the claims that they are responsible for. Trying to get out of paying it by any means they can. Worst insurance company I have ever dealt with.

We have been with the Hartford for 23 years - so you would think that they would appreciate our business!! Wrong! You are just a number to them. They canceled both our home and auto insurance with no notice to us - I heard from our bank. We always pay the full amount due in advance and have had very few claims over the years. We have a very high credit score. What happened - new technology. Instead of sending our bills and notices out by mail as they have always done in the past - they decided to email everything. Well, the emails did not arrive due to technical difficulties with the server we use. So they just canceled us.

When I found out what had happened, and offered to pay the amount in full on the spot, we were treated like dirt. We were told to find other insurance - they had no sympathy whatsoever for our situation. We did not know for weeks that we were driving around with no auto insurance and that our house was uninsured. We will never trust that company again. We found immediate and friendly service with Progressive. We had also found State Farm to be good.

On July 4th, 2018, I was on my way home from Ocean City when a deer full on sprinted into the side of my car while going down the highway, it destroyed the turn signal housing, fender, front and rear door. After contacting The Hartford it took them OVER A ** MONTH just to figure out what they were going to do. Instead of paying to have my car fixed, which would have been roughly about $4,000-$5,000 they decided to total my car and only give me 2,000 leaving me to pay the rest out of pocket.

I'm currently a college student and cannot afford this whatsoever. Thanks to "Trusting The Hartford" and basically robbing me of my car when the accident wasn't my fault. I've dealt with many insurance companies in the past and The Hartford is by far the worst and the biggest joke on the market today. It's currently been two months and the check for the money they said they would give me has not come yet. DON'T TRUST THE HARTFORD. THEY CAN AND WILL ** YOU OVER.

Beats the cost of other insurance companies. Though I have never had a claim, I find the customer service rep. friendly and helpful. I have cost compared over the years on both home on auto and find Hartford the least costly.

My grandparents have Home/Auto insurance through The Hartford, and I'm convinced that this company exists solely to take advantage of people over 50. I am listed as covered under their policy and my car is registered under my grandmother's name. I had used the car for an independent food delivery service and for months there was no issue. Then, when the delivery driver company needed me to give them my updated insurance forms I called asking for the forms. The woman that answered was very rude and refused to email me the policy page with my name listed. She said that my policy did not have the type of coverage required for my job. All of a sudden this was an issue when I had been open about my job in the past (over 6 months). She then stated she could get me set up on a new policy, but I told her I would just quit working the delivery job as it was a side job anyway (less than 10 hours a week).

I told her I was not the policyholder and that I didn't want to get a new policy because the car was not registered under my name. She did not say any of this would be a problem and I left the conversation feeling a little miffed, but overall happy to keep my policy. Then, without any call to me or call to my grandparents to ask simple questions, they mailed a notice stating that my car would no longer be insured. This letter arrived weeks after my conversation stating I hadn't worked for the company since October and that it wouldn't be a problem for me to quit. The company demanded an official letterhead document stating I was no longer employed by the delivery driver company. I contacted a representative and gave them all of the information needed to send them the official letter. They demanded it be faxed instead of email.

My representative from my delivery job had no problem doing this, but in 2017, almost 2018, I think it's time to move on to email. So now, after having my representatives fax an official letter and supplying them with the representative's name and phone number for further questions, they demand a notarized form stating that I am no longer employed with this company. Because I was technically an independent contractor for the delivery service, it states that I am "self-employed". However, without this company, I am unable to be paid.

So if I have an official letter stating that I am no longer working, there is no point in me continuing to make deliveries because I will not get paid for said deliveries. This company has done nothing but purposefully misinterpret every step of the way and when I switch the car over to my name I will never go back to The Hartford. I am spreading the word to as many people as possible. Do NOT use The Hartford. They treat their customers extremely poorly and have terrible communication skills.

I have had this insurance for about 12 years, and have never had any problems for the 2 claims I have had, 1 collision and 1 comprehensive. The claims were handled expeditiously and with good results. In fact, the one claim, the adjuster added additional parts to replace that was not included in the auto body shop estimate. I am very happy with them and would never consider changing to another insurance company ever if their rates were cheaper.

I have both homeowners and auto insurance through the Hartford Insurance Company. The insurance was offered by AARP and for me, a senior citizen is an excellent buy. I tried several other insurance companies and the cost, on my very limited income, was prohibitive. There is a slight increase every year, but nothing to the increase that everything else in life is costing.

I have been with this company for many years. They have very good rates. Their employees are very knowledgeable and friendly. I have never had any problems when I call them for information. You're never put on hold when they answer their phones. I would definitely recommend this company. It is better dealing with the company directly instead of an agent.

Initial estimate for a car involved in an accident in Trinidad Colorado overlooked obvious damage to the hood and windshield from flying debris. After the estimate and repair and two subsequent visits to the repair shop the windshield was not repaired and I was informed by a broom pushing employee that the Hartford estimate did not include the windshield replacement because they were "told" to repair everything underneath. After two hundred miles or so miles and having problems with Enterprise rental car (no drop off location) in Trinidad, I called the Hartford Company seven times to reach "Josh" and the CSR could not locate him or find his name listed at Hartford. I did manage to reach voice mail and "Josh" called me back. I explained my situation and the apparent lack of communication between the adjuster and repair shop, to include my frustration of course.

My conversation with "Josh" went from poor to worse after I gave him the communication failures from the beginning to the end of the whole entire customer service disaster. Apparently you cannot reach the agent in the afternoon. The CSR may or may not know who your agent is even after you give them the claim number and policy number and English as a second language is sufficient enough of a factor to interfere with normal conversation on their part. I spent time to call Hartford customer service 7 times, and Enterprise Rental car eight times to find assistance and because of my remote location and location took hours for me to find help.

I am not convinced that the platitudes and apologies can make up for a terribly bad experience with Hartford. You simply cannot put a positive shine on this shiny piece of excrement. I recommend a different insurance company with the resources and ability to help the average customer and the desire to give good customer service.

I have been with The Hartford for over 20 years and I have found that they are the least expensive of any insurance company. I have gotten reviews from other insurance companies and none of them could match the coverage I have at the price I am paying. The customer service is great and I do all my insurance needs on my computer and their website.

For 26 years, we've done business with The Hartford Auto and Home Owners. Three weeks ago, I submitted an application for Home Owner's Insurance for our new home that we took ownership today. Yesterday, I called The Hartford to verify if we were insured on our new home. After a lengthy call and put on hold a half dozen times, I was told they would not issue us a policy because we've had two claims within the past 5 years for a total payout of $3,400. I told them that this was not acceptable to because we had no coverage on our new home in the 11th hour. They had no reply, were very indifferent and no response as to why we weren't contacted sometime in the past 3 weeks. As soon as we get settled into our new home, we'll be cancelling our auto insurance with The Hartford and we will no longer do any business with this organization.

I am 53 live in MI where you are already raped to drive a vehicle. 2119 per year. No tickets or accident, bad credit, divorced. Got sick and short paid 50.00. They cancelled me with 138.00 credit then told me in order to reinstate I had to pay the balance of 6 months 974.00. No other options, the only way to keep my insurance. If I let them cancel me then my insurance just continues to go up. I had to take a loan out on a paid off car to keep my insurance over 50.00!!! No one and I mean NO ONE would work with me. I am also sending a complaint to AARP who suggested them to me. I will not renew with The Hartford and if I ever hear of anyone considering them I will steer them away!!

Nothing has changed. Credit score still in the 800's, no new tickets, no new accidents, still AARP members, same address, same town, multi policy discount, multi vehicle discount, etc. Rate increases were very small year after year and expected for the Industry in general. This annual renewal period however was a huge increase close to 50% with no written explanation with policy renewal. Called CS and was told it was a general increase to all policy holders. Told them I'm shopping now and AARP will hear about this gouging to Seniors as well.

I am insured by Hartford. Our car is a new Volkswagen. On Dec 27 2015 we were rear-ended, while stopped, by another vehicle, one insured by GEICO. 9 days and 4 adjusters/claims managers later, Hartford still hasn't processed my claim. They keep asking me for the details of the accident that were supplied in the original claim information delivered 90 minutes after the accident. They say that GEICO admits to the liability, but then later they say that GEICO admits to only the liability to the rear end of the car, not the front where there is damage from hitting a vehicle that our car was thrown into.

Hartford takes GEICO's side, or least appears to... They start by saying there is no deductible, as we were victims. Then they say 500 dollars, then 400 dollars, then no deductible due to a clause in our policy, they back to 400. They must have no computers and work in crayon. Then they send a person to view the damage. An estimate is made, but only if we use off market crash parts, not OEM parts. This voids our vehicle warranty, but they don't care. Perhaps they want to pay me off cheap and sue GEICO for OEM parts.

Their adjusters call and resist email because they don't want to be held accountable. Their adjusters use their first names only, another way to avoid accountability. The company doesn't even use the name "The Hartford" on its insurance cards, instead they use "TRUMBULL INSURANCE". The Hartford answers the phone with "Thank you for trusting Hartford". Well here's a flash: I don't. No one should. This company should be out of business or sold to people who understand what insurance claims mean. This company is being run by people with evil in their hearts. My advice to anyone who is thinking of using Hartford--- "THINK AGAIN". Try someone else. This is a horror show. And they make it worse by calling me and asking me to complete a survey about their claims service. What nerve! Any questions?

Anytime I want to add someone or make sure I am covered for something, they have been really helpful to me. However, when I called them for Roadside assistance, I was on hold for over 1 hour before I finally hung up with no help.

I have had an Automobile policy through Hartford for a long time with no problems until a couple of weeks ago. I called to change my coverage from full coverage to liability, due to age of car. Right off the employee was very sharp spoken, however I told her what I need to do and she said "Well you need to wait till 12/28/15 when policy renews." I informed her I wanted this done immediately. Her reply was she would have to get approval, which did not make sense. It was approved and I got my new payment amount which would be automatically drafted from my account. Two weeks later I get a letter in mail stating they were going to cancel my policy if I did not pay 40 some dollars before 11/17/15. I called to see what is going on and was informed that it was my fault as I wanted my liability coverage immediately.

In the long run what I took from this person is they are set up one way and they do not know how to change it. In the end we agreed I would make a regular payment for Nov and Dec by draft. My drafts are always on the 21st of each month. Today I find out Hartford sent a draft through on the 10th instead of the 21st on my bill paying account and caused an overdraft which the bank charged $34.00. I once again called and asked why and the person so very rude and says it's because I called last time so it changed the due date... I truly lost it. I demanded to speak to a supervisor and she refused to transfer me. They blame everyone except themselves. Those of you who state Hartford is great they are as long as you do not ask for change to your policy. Buyer beware!

I can 100% relate to all the contributors on this site related to Hartford Insurance Company! They are dishonest deceitful and unethical. They claim to have the best policy on the market and charge the premium to match it. The truth is they do not have the best policy on the market and their customer service is non existent, where their staff members prefer to argue than resolve concerns or issues!

Today 27th April I learned that Hartford canceled my policy on the 22nd April without prior notification. In fact from the day I obtained the original quote on their dysfunctional website, (Which is not user friendly) it has been a disaster. I have tried numerous times to set up Eazipay on the website. Won't let you do it. I have informed them several times. Could not even e-sign my policy documents. They said they were having issues with their website! I have to pay online with my credit card or ring in to pay. I have a number of payments that are collected from my card every month by institutions like clockwork, not Hartford.

We were involved in an accident on the 31st March, on Interstate 4 Orlando. It is a stop start scenario day in day out where the traffic comes to a halt for no apparent reason. This happened to us and it was an elderly lady who stopped dead in front of us. We had nowhere to go. Obviously we are deemed at fault which is fair enough. The Police stopped and suggested we swap information but the lady wanted them to make a determination. The damage was minimal. Left side of the fender popped off the clips. No other damage.

The officer found me at fault as we went into the back of her. Not unexpected, but did not write me a ticket as it is a notorious piece of carriageway. In fact the same thing happened 2 minutes later a little further up but in eyesight while with the officer, the elderly lady was indecisive and could not even rejoin the carriageway. The officer had to assist her to get back on the carriageway. We were not given any information on the lady. I tried to inform Hartford numerous times and found myself on hold for up to 45 minutes no answer. I am a Realtor so in and out of meetings.

We received a letter from Enterprise Rent A Car a couple of days ago saying they believe I am at fault and this is the first information I have related to the accident, so I contacted Hartford again today and spent an hour before they answered my call. I told the representative I could not find my policy online as I was trying to notify them about the accident. She said "Your policy was canceled 22nd April for non payment of the installment." I said "I did not know anything about them canceling the policy." Unbeknown to me they changed the premium and collection date. At no point was I notified about either.

The representative said "You can reinstate the policy then deal with the claim." She put me through to customer services to someone rude and nonchalant. I have never missed a payment on the policy. She said "We cannot reinstate the policy for the missed premium." I said "Put me through to your Supervisor." I got the same thing. So I have asked to speak to someone from their executive department. I am told I will hear from them within 48 hours. At this stage I am stunned by their behavior, leaving me without Insurance while my Wife was out with the vehicle! Disgraceful.

After reading all the reviews here I can see I am not alone and indeed there appears to be a history and pattern of the same behavior, shocking company and customer service. The truth is they did not renew because of the accident and then stating they canceled my policy because I missed one premium by 2 weeks though they did not inform me of anything. They said they sent an email. I must have seen it, so effectively calling me a liar. I asked "If you had notified me A) You had increased my premium from $147 to $160 do you not think I would have called to ask why? B) Further if you sent me an email to say I had missed a premium and you were going to cancel my policy I would not have called to pay my premium before cancellation?" This is a joke as are the Hartford.

I am going to sue them for negligence and discrimination. They know what they are doing but they think we are all idiots who have no clue. Honesty it seems is not the best policy. I could have just not said anything about the accident, reinstated the policy as offered by the first representative, then informed them of the accident later! Complete BS. HORRID COMPANY, HORRID PEOPLE, HORRID POLICY.

This company promised to honor my claim against their insured. I cannot begin to tell you what a horrible chain of unexplained unfortunate events I have had since October 9, 2016. First of all the driver immediately admitted fault. They took 2 months to come to look at my car. It took them until December 22, 2016 to make any kind of decision to pay for my injury and decide the disposition of the total loss. It turns out the car was not exactly totalled, but they said the repairs exceeded the value of the vehicle. They never accepted any liability for the engine or parts under the hood. I have been strapped with the cost of repairing a tampered with engine which either occurred at their assessment site or some other location. I rented a car which mysteriously got towed.

Someone put antifreeze in the oil. Someone left the seals out of my oil filter causing major spills under the hood and causing damage to my engine. They are taking no responsibility for me having to rent a car or use Lyft even after they said they would pay for the Lyfts. They paid out the damages to the car in two separate payments and the final one they sent to a closed bank account where the "ENTIRE" electronic payment was eaten up my hacker’s overdraft fees. They were faxed the correct bank information prior to the payment by the bank manager of the correct bank. They replaced the money only after the feds told me to tell them that they had committed banking fraud. At the time the bank deposit hit, my insurance company, which I cancelled, since they wouldn't help me, dipped into the same account for a payment due (which wasn't due since I cancelled them) of $371.00!

How would they know the date of the deposit unless there was some sort of collusion between the two companies? On the heels of that they are saying that since I am an old woman on Medicare, they won't pay me a cent for bodily injury until Medicare says ok. Medicare didn't pay my hospital bill and told them over and over. They want a letter proving Medicare has no lien. As a matter of fact, they paid none of my medicals so I couldn't get treated for a concussion! Now this is not my first accident by a long shot. Somehow they seem to seek me out. I know, however, that there is a work around for that Medicare business. No other company in the USA has done this and they all say there is a formula that you apply to the bills on the itemized statement which is accepted by the Medicare people. That estimate is available from the hospital billing department. Hartford claims is delaying me unnecessarily.

They tampered with my bank account (took $1000 + until ACH said they should replace the money and they did), they tampered with my car, they had my rental towed, I was robbed of $500 at the correct bank, I was robbed by a pickpocket of $200, I was robbed of my cell phone twice. I was robbed of my dental partial, the back door of the car mysteriously won't close properly, someone placed the name of the previous owner on my guarantee for the new replacement tires after the accident, they took the rental after a week and that didn't give me enough time to get another vehicle. They paid me less than the car was worth because I am a OLDER WOMAN, WHO HAS A DISABILITY!

THEY ARE THIEVES and it appears that they hire street thieves because too much happened in the aftermath of this incident. Watch out for them. Doesn't matter how old your car is, have a right to have a replacement. Doesn't matter how many claims you have had, you have a right to be treated with dignity. Strebel and her goons have made a fool of me, causing me to rent a car through the entire holiday and leaving me without a vehicle in my 60s. Not only that, they investigated me. But who is investigating them? Look at all of these complaints! But it all comes back.

My son was hit by a 90+ y/o driver that has insurance from The Hartford. #1, why are they even insuring 90+ y/o drivers? I received my initial settlement offer from The Hartford, specifically Johnny ** and it wasn't even for the correct vehicle edition. Nor did they give me credit for any aftermarket parts and only provided me an extreme depreciated value for the 1 week old, less than 1,000 mile wheels and tires I had just placed on the vehicle. I informed them of this and he told me I could research the correct vehicle type and submit it to them along with any receipts I had for the aftermarket parts.

After 2 emails and 3 phones calls, I finally received a secondary offer that was extremely depreciated values of our aftermarket parts, wheels and tires as well as below value for our truck. We only wanted to be made whole through this process and now to re-buy a similar truck, aftermarket parts, wheels and tires, we will be out over $3,000. This company sucks, they only provide the bare minimum of reimbursement, of which will not cover the actual work or damage to fix your vehicle. Still battling them over the medical claim that left my son in casts on both wrist and unable to swim during his junior season and possibly forgo scholarships that have been presented to him. Stay clear of The Hartford.

On a busy Saturday evening in metro Atlanta, a vehicle was driving erratic on I-85 exiting on Sugarloaf PKWY. The vehicle came up speeding from behind and jumped in front of me and slammed on brakes. I avoided the accident and called 911 from my car Bluetooth. As I'm reporting what's going on to the dispatcher the vehicle sped up and slammed on the brakes. At first I thought the driver was just drunk and driving erratic but it was obvious he was trying to stage an accident. While trying to keep my distance and avoid someone colliding into me while merging onto N. Brown Rd the driver sped up as if he was going to join N. Brown Rd since no cars was at the intersection but it had other plans... slammed on brakes and I couldn't avoid hitting him and I rear ended him.

The driver did not exit the vehicle nor check his damages. He was driving an older Mercedes and it was clear he wanted Bodily Injury payout and some quick cash for the damages. It was obvious this was a case of "Swoop & squat". My newer Infiniti bumper was cracked and just paint from my vehicle on his rear bumper. The 911 dispatcher was still on the line when the accident occurred so she dispatched an officer immediately. After telling the officer my story he gave me a citation for "following too closely" because of the type of accident. The officer instructed me to obtain the 911 call and dispute the ticket.

When the accident report became available I contacted his insurance carrier (The Hartford) and I explained the situation to the Claims rep CARLOS ** in TX and he instructed me to forward the 911 call so it can be reviewed. I informed him his customer was committing insurance FRAUD and he said, "IT'S MY DUTY TO BE ON MY INSURED SIDE AND PROTECT THEM!" So I said maybe after he review the tape his feelings will change. WRONG!!! Never received a call or email from CARLOS **. I even contacted his supervisor REBECCA ** in TX and she never reached back out to me. So basically if you want to commit fraud and have a company support you... go to THE HARTFORD!!!

As for the elderly gentleman's complaints about rates going up with now accidents or tickets, it happened to a dear little old lady friend of ours. Clean record, 1997 Ford Escort wagon. Her rates jumped from 1,500 to 2,500 annually. Sad to say, age discrimination is a part it seems. I suggest contacting the Insurance Commission of your area and file a complaint. I have had to with good results, not the best but good.

Hartford cancelled insurance due to someone at their office submitting paperwork that we were cancelling their insurance and going with 21st Century when in fact we cancelled 21st and started a new policy with Hartford. We started our policy on Oct 5 and they had cancelled it on Oct. 25 due to their error. They did not contact us in anyway but said they had sent a check to reimbursing us for what would have been the first months payment. Their records showed the check had not been cashed. The second months payment was not due yet.They left us driving without insurance for close to a month and never once notified us!

We found out by coincidence while searching for a new homeowners policy, at which time we found out about the cancelled auto policy. It was a Friday evening in Nov. that we were on the phone with them for quite sometime after finding this out and trying to get it reinstated. After this time for which they seemed to be correcting it by the questions they were asking but still left a lot of doubt. Even though we were told at that time it was corrected no payment was requested but they stated a three month payment would be collected in Jan. and if the check they sent out for the first months reimbursement payment was received to just tear it up and they would credit our account. I questioned why they were not taking payment at the time and continuing with the automatic withdrawal and we were told it would take that long to set it up. I stated it didn't take that long when we first set up the policy and it didn't make sense to assume we had a reinstated policy for which no monies are collected. I did not receive an explanation that I thought was satisfactory.

The next evening a Sat., we were still worried as to whether we had insurance so we tried to register our account online and the site would not recognize the account number. Once again it makes us believe we still do not have coverage.This left us with having to make arrangements to get to work with someone else since they are not in the office as early as what we need to leave. It is now only Sun and with this worry sleeping is impossible. We have been driving for over 30 yrs. and this has by far been the worst insurance company we have ever dealt with. The fact of driving around without insurance for close to a month and not knowing it has in itself been nerve wracking to say the least.

Now we are left with trying to get a new policy with another company on very short notice because even if we do find out it really has been reinstated I can't trust them not to do something else wrong and cancel it again without our knowledge. We will never, ever recommend Hartford to anyone and it's unfortunate this company gets away with such actions without any consequences. I dread to think what would have happened if there had been an accident!! Our license would have been suspended and possible jail time which in turn could have made us lose our jobs and plus the cost of any accident which if major could have made us lose everything. It is horrendous that they can do this to someone. I hope who ever reads this will take heed.

I have been with my insurance company for 14 years, and they have been a great company. I only had one claim in that period of time and the accident was handled in good time, and I only lost the use of my truck for three days. The insurance company paid for my use of a loaner vehicle. I have tried other companies over the years and with comparing their quotes have stayed with Hartford as the prices are lower.

My mother insured KIA Spectra 2007. They told her that The payment will $175. Later one day they send us papers saying, "Your monthly payments changes because accident that happened". We wonder and call them back. They just Literally changed the payment without reason. We never had Accident with the car. This is disrespectful company. I would have banned the Managers and who ever build it. The agents are rude and disrespectful. I have been on hold on the phone more than 30. We call them back they said, "We gonna transfer to your agent". That agent never answers nor call us back. This is sad how people trusting this and they betraying people. I would've rate -5.

We have a very good report for the Hartford, which is through AARP. My parents had them for a long while and when they did have an accident, I was in charge of getting everything taken care of. They were not injured very much but they were taken to the hospital to be seen by a doctor. We have had them for more than a year and have had nothing that needed taken care. We have full coverage for our van.

I am very happy with my insurance company, The Hartford. They have gone above and beyond to make me a happy customer with their service and great customer care. I have never had a claim filed with them, but every time I have needed a tow, they have been right there for me. They have been very understanding and on the ball.

I have no tickets or accidents on my record. As Hartford advertised, I saved money when I first joined one year ago. Now they just raised my rates and it was hardly worth changing insurance. Disappointed.

I was with Amica for over 20 years when someone told me about The Hartford's great rates. So I called them and their bundled (home and auto) quote was about $700 less than Amica's! I wouldn't have left Amica for a small savings but $700 is a huge savings so I'm now with The Hartford. Amica is a wonderful company; you call and quickly get a live person. And the one time I filed a claim they were so agreeable. I'm too new with The Hartford to be able to say anything about the company.

After retirement we decided to go with the Hartford because they are a part of AARP. BIG mistake! We have a lapse in coverage and needed an SR-22. We were told that they would send this off. Of course they didn't do it. After receiving a letter from the DMV I contacted the Hartford and was told that they would have to look into it and get back ahold of me. No one CALLED! So a week later I remembered I hadn't heard back from them and called. I was told that they are CANCELLING my policy! I was told, "We don't insure people like you!" I asked if I'm cancelled, where was my letter of cancellation so I knew to get a new policy. I was told that even 1 week later they haven't even drafted a letter to us, it would go out in the next few weeks. By the time the letter would have gotten to me my policy would have lapsed! You guys are so screwed up!

I have automobile insurance with Hartford, which includes uninsured motorists. On 9/15/2011, I was the victim of a hit-and-run driver. I was injured and spent a night at Kaiser Hospital. I also reported the incident to the Police and Highway Patrol. This is the first time I have been involved in an accident in over 30 years of driving.

I filed an Uninsured Motorist complaint with The Hartford and was contacted by an adjuster named Tammy. From the start, she has had a nasty attitude. At first, I had an attorney; and she told him they would not settle. Recently, I agreed to a settlement far lower than what I deserve. After signing an agreement to settle and sending it in, I received a call from Tammy stating that there is a lien from Kaiser Hospital on my claim. She asked me if she should make out the check to Kaiser and my self or should she send separate checks. I told her that Kaiser had not contacted me about any lien and that she had not mentioned a lien when I agreed to the settlement.

When she sent me the settlement offer, there was no mention of a lien or that the money would be taken from my settlement. If I had that information, I would not have agreed to such a low settlement. The amount of the lien is almost 80% of what I am to received. As I spoke to Tammy, she changed her story and said, "It was a collection agency representing Kaiser Hospital." And she gave me a number.

The person I spoke to claimed that he had tried to contact me but did not have my current information, and that is not true. My information was and is available to Hartford, whom he sent the lien to. I thought that I was supposed to know if there was a lien on any money due me. I have previously filed a complaint with the California Insurance Commissioner regarding the treatment I am receiving from Hartford.

I believe Hartford deceived me into signing a settlement agreement without disclosing pertinent facts. At no time was I contacted by a collection agency regarding my settlement. I filed a complaint against the claims adjuster with the State Insurance Commissioner, regarding her unprofessional behavior towards me.

The Hartford is my insurance company, and I cannot believe how poorly they have handled my claim. This latest incident borders on fraud in that they withheld information from me in order to get me to settle my claim. Ms. ** stated that she was going to send me a check with my name and the name of the collection agency on it. Is this legal? When I spoke to the collection agency, I was told that they will be willing to split the amount 50/50 with me. Yet, I have never seen a letter or request for payment from them. I wonder if they are trying to take advantage of the fact that I am 65 years old. Any assistance is appreciated.

I'm a 64 years old woman, retired and excellent driver, no accidents, no tickets with excellent credit. The Hartford increase my premium to $361 more a year. When call to find reason the Hartford employee told me "Because there was many accidents in AZ". Because for my coming renewal I wanted to give up certain extra plans that I have as forgiveness plan, increased my deductible, etc. He told me I can't change anything and if I'm not happy to look for another insurance. Now I'm in the stress to look for another insurance.

They take care of us senior citizens, we drive less so we should not pay as much. We are careful drivers, we have been driving a long time and should be rewarded as such, by having lower premiums. They offer free driver refresher courses and discount for doing so.

Had insurance with Hartford for four years, no accidents or tickets. Last year my rates with up 30%. Now for 2019 my rates with up 50%. Called Hartford and was told that the health insurance cost went up in New Mexico?? What does this have to do with my rate hike? All insurance payout are set amounts!!! Ask if my 63rd birthday in two weeks had something do with it and of course they say no. Very disappointed with Hartford and AARP who endorses them.

My parked car was hit by a Hartford insured commercial truck on 7-25-12. The driver has refused to make a statement. I was told by the adjuster that she would proceed with the claim if a statement wasn't provided within 30 days. Now, I'm being told that they don't have to do anything with the claim if the driver doesn't make a statement! My only car is wrecked through no fault of my own and I'm just supposed to wait indefinitely - hoping the driver does the right thing? The adjuster will no longer return my calls. When I call and leave a message, she issues a letter that the claim is still pending because the insured has not submitted a statement. I guess my only option is to sue in small claims court. I can't wait forever.

These people are the ABSOLUTE worst! I am a disabled veteran, I have been with them several years, and this year has been the icing on the cake! I moved from AZ. to SC. and now they can't seem to get anything right! I let my house go in Dec. because I was lied to about its condition, and could not afford to get it fixed up properly, these people have YET to even cancel my homeowners insurance! I have asked them about it repeatedly, and still after talking to them today, it has not been cancelled, nor ANY money refunded.

I had a Jeep Grand Cherokee, that was on ignition recall, and stopped being driveable. After putting a new engine in it, and other things already, I had to let it go back since it was not driveable. I got another vehicle in Feb., they STILL had the Jeep on my insurance, although I told them I no longer had it. I was at the auto dealer, and we had to call them multiple times to get the insurance on my new vehicle straight. The dealership owner even got on the phone with them! I have asked to speak to a supervisor/manager several times, and I am ignored, even when I contact the website and ask for one to call me. AVOID this company like the plague! Or you will end up dealing with a bunch of incompetent, clueless people, overcharged, and full of headaches.

Was easy to get auto insurance and lowest rates. They take premiums out of my bank account once a month. They have automatic renewal program. Can call round the clock with questions and get answers from a live person.

June of 2011, I filed a claim for broken glass and was told they would notify me in one working day. Three days later, not being notified, I called and was told that the claim had been denied due to our policy being canceled in March.

After repeated calls from my wife and me, we finally got someone to admit that there had been a mistake made by the computer. I asked them to verify that I was still covered for car insurance; it took three more days, and more phone calls by us to finally get a piece of paper faxed to us stating that we had coverage on our vehicles.

They still declined my claim stating I had canceled the insurance on my 2007 pickup in August of 2010. I asked if they could tell me who had canceled the coverage and they could not tell me.

My advice if considering the Hartford: Under no circumstances be involved in an accident, at fault or not. You will be rated as accident prone and will experience an increase in rates, which as starting out were very competitive.

My car was hit in a parking lot by a woman who had Hartford Insurance. The accident was the woman's fault and Hartford agreed. It was 2 days before we had a vacation planned. My husband did not want to take the car on vacation because he was afraid the door could fall off. The body shop agreed to take it in right away and start the fixes so it would be ready when we returned. The Hartford told me the clock starts ticking when they start the work and they said it should take 5 days. Well we planned to be back and just get the car then. When we were on the trip the body shop was notified that the part would delayed and it would be ultimately add 5 more days to us not having our car. We found this out when we returned. The Hartford said they would only pay for 5 days and we should have cancelled our vacation or we should have taken the bashed in car. In their opinion still drivable. They said, "You should not rent a car until the part is in."

They refused to pay for the rent a car for the extra days it took to get the part. They treated us like dirt as if we were cheating them out of money. They said we should have cancelled the vacation even though we would have lost thousands. Why should we cancel it because their policy holder hit us...so we can be victimized more. Their solution was we should have driven the bashed in car on vacation until we knew all parts were in. The claims handler was rude, disrespectful and did not treat us like a potential customer. Exceptions can be made in situations like ours when someone hits you right before your vacation. They were low class in their treatment of us. I would never recommend them to anyone. Zero customer service, zero caring, just treat people like cattle coming through that they can abuse and just push along... Do not buy their insurance or you will be continuing the unfair treatment and practices.

My monthly automatic payment didn't happen when I changed banks. Hartford said, prove the money was there on due date, implying that would fix all! So, immediately did 3-way call, bank faxed proof while still on phone & Hartford confirmed receipt! All fixed right? I thought so, but next thing I hear was a bill from Hartford for partial month premium for that same month the debit wasn't taken. When I called to inquire, then is when I discovered my policy was never reinstated! No notice of cancellation was needed they said, because I had received that when I had called in & had the 3-way call with Hartford & my bank!

Then I explained all to Hartford (also to AARP, named on policy & where purchased) and was promised an investigation, phone call explaining outcome & reinstatement if my story was true. I got the call, the investigation was still happening with me on the phone. The Hartford "investigator" confirmed each fact 1 by 1 & all were exactly as I had said... UNTIL, she was absolutely GLEEFUL, when said that when I had called in to change my bank information now, 4 months ago & before 2 "reinstatements" should have happened. I "was 1 day late notifying them do they billed my old bank." The only logical reason for her to be gleeful & only showing feelings/emotions that one time during our long call, is that she was "investigating" until ANY TINY REASON could be used to cancel my policy!

Why would they cancel? I had never had ANY CLAIM, but my AARP Rate was great & is the reason I had switched to them. But now, with a "lapse in coverage", I was now REQUIRED BY LAW to be insured in the same category as drunk drivers with multiple DUI's.... even if I changed policies to a different insurance company! Wow... what an ingenious, new way to "Bait & Switch". I'd like to know if that Hartford employee, supposedly trying to assist me & do the right thing is actually benefited by FINDING ANY REASON TO NOT REINSTATE! The rest then benefits Hartford & the insurance industry, PLUS is enforced by each of the Fifty States & Puerto Rico! Has this or similar, happened to others?

In September of 2014 I was working on my 2006 Chevrolet Crew cab and needed to move it back a little. I had a Leer Shell on the back of the truck. I left the glass rear cover up and it caught on a strap and twisted the glass and it shattered. I figured it might be covered under comprehensive coverage. I called The Hartford and told them what had happened and asked if it was covered. After checking they said yes. I asked if I filed a claim would that cause my rates to go up. They said no. I filed a claim for $371.19. They paid $82.00.

Last year I wanted to get some rate comparisons with other companies. One of the questions was if you had any accidents or violations in the last three years. I replied no. After checking, one of the companies called me back and said that I had an accident claim in September of 2014. After thinking about it and doing some research I realized that The Hartford had filed my claim as an accident and not comprehensive. I was told by the other insurance company to call The Hartford and see if they would change it from an accident claim to a comprehensive claim. I called and explained the situation to The Hartford, but they would not change it.

As a result my insurance rate quotes with other companies are $500.00 higher for 6 months than what they should be because they have to go by the accident claim. Other companies have told me this should have been a comprehensive claim. This is very unfair as far as I am concerned. They know that you can not change or do anything about it. They will do anything to raise your rates. I would not recommend them at all.

State Farm would not help with accident that was not my fault, had to do myself. Hartford prices keep going up and have not had any claims. Customer service at State Farm, the employees were not friendly, not available 24/7. Prices at State Farm were ridiculously higher than most.

Was set up with the Hartford by my independent agent. The rate charged was less / lower than my current provider. The changeover was seamless and the coverage the same as what I had before. I have not had a claim and my rate has not increased.

Having been with the Hartford for 9 years I was surprised to find my coverage was terminated with the excuse that I missed a payment. As it turned out in reviewing my account I had actually made the payment, it was deducted from my bank account only to be reversed and the check mailed back to me after The Hartford had to pay Medical pay for a auto accident I was involved in that was no fault of my own. I was sitting at a light and was rear-ended by a teenage driver. BE AWARE!! This is a very unethical company and will not look out for you. They only want your money. If you file a claim be ready to have your coverage terminated. Now that I have read the reviews here I am no longer surprised by their behavior and I only want to let people know so you do not have to endure the grief of the rest of us and AVOID this horrible company.

They have always been proactive. They were easy to sign up with and every time I added or deleted a car from my policy they made the transition so easy. They have offered suggestions on how I can save money on the coverage that I have and have helped us in deciding what package is the best for us. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Their payment plans are tailored to everyone's needs. Fortunately we have not had an accident so I cannot respond to how they are in that area, but from what I have experienced to date, I see no reason to believe that they would not be excellent in that regard.

I had Hartford thru AARP giving them raving reviews. Full coverage on both of my vehicles PLUS towing and rental car. I was driving my LeBaron convertible to music event. A guy cut me off with dually truck either had to go UNDER HIS TRUCK...OR make sharp right...chose right...hit large curb. My car was drivable at 15/20 mph. Got home, called Hartford. They would NOT return my call. I called and got some RUDE NON INTERESTED woman. I said I need a car to drive. "Well you own another car." "Yeah my wife's car. She drives to work. So what about rental car?? Hello, hello..." Phone went dead. Never could get my car fixed. No rental car. PROMPTLY GOT RID OF THIS HORRIBLE COMPANY. GREAT as long as you PAY THEM. WISH I COULD GIVE A MINUS 1!!! BEWARE BEWARE!!!

Customer service is great, always ready to answer any questions regarding your insurance. I have researched other companies and have found that this has all the coverage that I am interested in. I have full coverage and their rates are reasonable. Agents are very informative and helpful and can call twenty-four hours a day and speak to a representative. I have been with this company for over fifteen years and so far have been very happy with it. I would highly recommend this company.

6 years later after The Hartford insured caused a fire that destroyed my business, my wife has terminal cancer from it. They admit it's their fault but are refusing to pay. Talked with The Hartford CEO Christopher Swift who laughed on the phone that my wife is dying from cancer she got from this incident. They talk a good game, but have no intentions of ever paying... shareholders should rethink the policy.

Straight to the point - the Hartford insurance is terrible. They show on the commercial that they won't go up on your insurance even if it's your fault for the first time. Well I join them and paid for the whole year and someone split the top on my convertible. And I called them and the girls showed me that they wouldn't go up on my insurance because that one wasn't my fault. Well Lo and behold it took them 6 months to finally fix the split in my top then when I went to renew my insurance they went up $50. And on top of that the people that they sent me to didn't even fix the top right. They gave me a new top but it only go down halfway. It doesn't even go down all the way.

I call the Hartford time and time again and left a message for the person that was supposed to be helping me and she never called me back. So I gave up and trying to call her again and I just deal with my car not putting my top down all the way. A co-worker went through the same thing with them. She said they just won't call her back. So we both saying we're not going to renew anymore. We rather go somewhere else and pay more money and get your business done right than to deal with these people. Because I will love to take my car back and make them fix my top right but I can't get any help from the insurance people to help me with that and if so I don't want to take another 6 months. And that's all I have to say about them. They are terrible and they need to get that commercial off the TV with them lies!!!

My company vehicle was involved in an accident with an insured of The Hartford's. The Hartford was contacted and at first, seemed very interested and anxious to get someone out to look at my vehicle. However, it was my insurance company that got an investigator out to see the damage in a reasonable amount of time. It was my insurance company that provided a complete copy of the accident report to The Hartford. My insurance company, (Geico Commercial Insurance), got the body shop to start working on my vehicle in a timely manner. To date, I don't believe that The Hartford Insurance investigator ever made it out to look at my vehicle. The local police showed the Hartford's insured as responsible for the accident. But to date, the Hartford is still waiting for a photo of the damage to their insured vehicle.

I have worked a lot of accidents as a police officer, and I have never been able to investigate an accident while sitting in my office. They all require some degree of getting out of the office and taking pictures, etc. The Hartford does not return phone calls. Their supervisor does not return phone calls. Despite the police report, which they must not have read, they are still refusing to pay me for my deductible and my rental car costs which is really all I am asking for. I would never use "The Hartford" for an insurance company.