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My husband recently passed away from Leukemia after a long hard battle. I just found out from the company he worked for that Hartford had denied the life insurance claim even though they had been paying for the insurance each month up until the time he died. Harford is stating that since he had been collecting Long Term Disability through Hartford for over 12 months they will not pay us his life insurance money, I don't understand. Hartford was more than willing to accept the payment each month from the company he worked for but when it comes time to doing what's right they don't. I do not even know what to say.

My life insurance company is there to take care of burial expenses, there to payoff financial services, etc. It also covers two of my grandchildren so when they grow-up they can continue and add to their insurance and protect them also. I want to have peace of mind that my final expenses are taken care of.

This is the worst and most unreliable company. The employees only collect a check. If you call customer service to change anything don't count on it being done. Due to the lazy employees that didn't do their job, a policy was cancelled and a senior that is trying to get ssi but has very little income is being fined 2500.00 and now can't find insurance. Thanks Hartford. Rot in hell. Your company sucks. You're supposed to be there for the seniors. Your connection with AARP and all. Do yourself a favor and don't get Hartford insurance.

I purchased an accidental life insurance through Regions Bank approximately 9 or 10 years ago. When I first purchased the insurance, Zurich was the provider. After the first couple years or so, I decided to call and update my information. That's when I discovered Zurich no longer had my policy. I was informed that Monumental Life now had my policy. At that point, I had no problem, because all my info was accurate.

After approximately another 3 years, I called to verify my info again, and was totally shocked at what I discovered. First of all, I was told that Monumental Life no longer had my policy, and that Hartford had my policy now. When I spoke with the representative from Hartford, they didn't seem to know anything about my policy. They didn't know how much I was paying or when it was being drafted from my account. I had to correct them by saying, “No, I don't pay x-amount quarterly, I pay x-amount, and it is drafted each month from my account.” I then asked, "Why don't you know this already?”.

I asked them to verify my beneficiary, and they told me I didn't have a beneficiary listed. I told them I most certainly did list a beneficiary, and there was no way I would take out an insurance policy and not list a beneficiary. They also told me that they didn't have a signature for me on file. So I asked, “If you have no signature, then there's no binding contract, so why are you taking money from my account and there's no binding contract between us?” By this time I was angry and raising about $9000 worth of h----, and threatening to call and report them to the insurance commissioner, so they asked me if I wanted to call headquarters, and if so, they could give me the number to call. I said yes, I would like the number.

They gave me a number, and I immediately called. The number seemed to be a fax number, so I called Hartford back to ask for the number again, thinking I had made a mistake when writing down the number. I was given the same number again, so I said to the representative, “I just dialed that number and couldn't get anyone, it sounded like a fax number.” He then informed me that it was a fax number, and that they had no other number to give, and that was the only number for headquarters they had. I said, “You mean I can't even talk to a live person at headquarters?”.

By then I was totally convinced this was nothing but a fraud that I had paid into for years. I don't excuse Regions Bank, because I think they are just as much to blame for allowing their customers to be defrauded through their bank, but I'm sure they're allowing it because they're getting their share from it as well. I then called a friend of mine whom I knew had taken this insurance through Regions Bank as well, and told them to call and check on their insurance. They were also told that they had no beneficiary listed.

No experience as far as communication with the insurance company goes. No contact with an agent. It was part of our yearly sign up for insurance, and this one was the only choice we had. We do have the option of additional coverage for an extra fee.

I have been calling in payments on a monthly basis on my husband's life insurance policy. For the past three months they have not withdrawn the money from our bank account. I have called and called with long waits and each person says, "Oh yes, you should see this withdrawal from your account within 3 business days." Well guess what, as of July 2, 2015 the money has never been taken from our account. Casey and several others have given me this song and dance for the past three months that the company was doing a computer upgrade and that they are having to do everything manually. Excuse me, it takes three months now going on four to upgrade your computer systems? I have had nothing but lies every time I call there.

Prudential I understand is taking all of Hartford's accounting over. My husband and I have had these polices for years. First it was Universal Life then they bankrupt and Hartford took over the policies. Casey promised me that she would send me a breakdown of the payments which they claim has been credited to my husband's policy. I worked in acct for years and would someone explain to me how can you credit someone's account and yet you have never withdrawn it from their bank account? I am beginning to get a bad feeling about what is going on with this company, and if I have to I will turn this over to my Attorney. Enough is enough. It's a shame what big business is doing to the old people but God will one day take care of all of them.

On Feb. 7, 2013, I looked online to my bank account statement and there was a deduction for Accidental Death and Dismemberment for $33.00. I went to my bank and asked the teller where this deduction came from. I had no idea and she gave me a number to call, and I called it. This person on the other end tells me that someone with my last name opened an account with The Hartford for life insurance but the address was my ex-husband’s. So I call him up looking like a crazy person, wondering what the heck is going on. Anyway, I call The Hartford back and they tell me the policy is in my ex-husband’s name. My bank still has no idea what’s going on and credits me the money back, closes my account, and opens me another account.

So I go to the police thinking if it wasn't my ex, it was someone who had my account number. I have to call all the companies I get to debit their money out to change all my information. I’m calling The Hartford; I have no idea who these people are. Anyway, they send me a letter I signed back in 2010 for enrollment for life insurance through my bank. So I run up to my bank and they are like, “Yeah, this company has been deducting $33.00 from your account for three years.” I looked at this girl and said, “Are you sure?” I could not believe it because I look at my account online every other day, and I get SS and SSI since 2007; and I do my bills and never saw any deduction from Hartford. I come home and on my statements through the mail - yep there it was $33.00 from them. But the money was always there. It didn't make sense. I’m crying to the bank saying I feel crazy because I never saw the deduction and always had the money there.

Well, I wrote The Hartford and told them that in signing this form, it was my understanding that I was inquiring about a quote for insurance. In three years, I have been paying for insurance I never knew I had. I never gave my medical info or age nor have I received an acceptance form or premium amount or agreed to have any money taken from my account through these people. I feel it’s illegal, and I want to file a complaint. I have no statements or invoices other than the bank who told me they didn't know who they were to begin with; and although the deduction is there, the money never left my account. And this year was the only deduction I saw online. I have moved and divorced since that enrollment form and opened another insurance policy.

This is a great company and has real helpful associates, who go out the way to be informative and pleasant. I have used this company and its services for over twenty years. I have referred many family members and friends to this company. It has been an enjoyable company to use its products and services.

In May 2015 a payment on one of the 2 life insurance policies that I own with Hartford did not go through due to non-sufficient funds at that day. On May 22, 2015 what I found out, I called and ask if they need a payment from another account or resubmit to the existing account as the funds are available. I was told to send a ACH form by fax with the account information again and that is sufficient, so I did.

In June I realized that the payment has not been deducted from the account yet. So I called and inquired. I was told that the routing number is not going through. I informed them that the routing number is the same as before and that is the same as in the other policy which has been paying each month with no problem. The agent said, they will send this to research and will get back to me within 2 week. I asked if I should make any payment manually now and was told there is no need until they finalize the research on the routing number.

On July 6, 2015 I called to follow up. The agent told me that the research was not completed yet. I got a bit nervous so I insisted on giving her payment immediately from another bank account until the research is complete. She gave me the amount due to bring the balance current and avoid the lapse in the policy. The payment was made by phone and a confirmation number was given to me.

By July 30, 2015 the payment made by phone had not cleared my account yet, so I called to inquire again. The agent told me that the policy lapsed on July 3rd and that they are not able to re-instate it and I have to do a new underwriting! I have been paying on this policy for 9 years. Of course they want to get a new underwriting to get a higher premium. Very unethical business practice and sad to see a company with such a long history is now run by gangs who work hard on finding out how to trick you into paying more and take very lightly the seriousness of such a practice to customers who put their trust in them. I am looking into my legal options. Please contact me if you have similar experience.

Had this insurance from when I was working. I don't really know much about my life ins because I got it long ago and am not sure what it even covers now that I am retired.

My mother passed away on November 9th of 2012. It is now going in to February of 2013. My mother was 91 years old. They sold her a policy for $26,000.00, but if you look at the fine print, which my mom could probably not read, the policy decreases to $13,000 after the age of 70. My mom was 90 years old when they sold her this policy. Her death was an accident. It was clearly stated on her death certificate and on the Coroner’s report. They do not want to honor this policy; they have not returned any of our calls. My sister has gone back and forth with this place, and still we have not heard anything. They have not given us any answer as to why they cannot honor this policy.

I would not recommend this insurance to anyone. By the way, I have worked in the insurance business for 40 years, so I do know a little about insurance. This is a very poor way to treat your policy holders and their family. All the other insurance policies that she had have been settled; they all paid and had no problems. But Hartford is the worst company I have ever dealt with. If I could give them half a star, I would do it. I guess the next step is a lawyer and a nice editorial to our newspaper - they always like stories about elderly people being ripped off by insurance companies.

My Stepfather passed away in 2010 and left me and my sisters a policy for us to split. After we filled out the form we received the check in a month which came at a great time for I was then out of work due to a surgery and my wife and I needed the money. We knew that the law said that due to the inheritance being small enough where we would not be obligated to pay interest to IRS. Well all the sudden, The Hartless sends us a 1099? I didn’t work for them. And when we called we were told they do not make mistakes and they wouldn’t rectify it with the IRS so we are no pay IRS tax on their mistake. I WOULD NEVER USE THE HARTFORD ins. I don't know if anyone can help us because The Hartford believes they are bigger than God, and they do not make mistakes.

At first, very confusing information and slow responses to questions. This has improved somewhat, and we are just satisfied with the info that has been provided.

On 9/30/15 I ingested a foreign substance from a bottle of Boylan Soda. I contacted the company who passed me on to their insurance, the Hartford. I've been dealing with a Ms. **, agent, who has been stalling and stalling with the claim since that initial claim. I had to finally end my contact with ** when she started screaming at me on the phone when I called to check on the status of the testing for the substance. I filed a complaint against her and was then contacted by Ms. **, a supervisor, who told me she would be handling it from there. After speaking to her on 1/6/16, ** then told me I had to get the results from **. ** straight out lied to me, and I'm still waiting on test results and processing of the claim.

I did not buy death and disability insurance. How do they deduct from my bank $33 each month? Hartford did this on 03-06-2013. I am in the Philippines. How could I have gotten this here? I am 72 years old and did not buy this. I am single and have no one to give this to, so why would I buy this? I want it canceled immediately!

The Hartford displaced retirees from the HIG’s group health plan and offered AON Retiree Health Exchange. Why couldn't the Hartford just offer a group rate for all retirees, in lieu, of us picking your own carrier/coverage? I never paid so much for covered visits. The new AON retiree health exchange benefit is terrible.

I receive a letter from Hartford Insurance Company saying I have been declined for coverage because I am overweight. Can you imagine getting a letter like this and reading it on your birthday. I could not stop crying. As I writing this review it's my birthday. I have no desire to celebrate or even eat anything. The company my husband work for is a good company. Why they use this insurance company is beyond me. It has truly stress my husband to know everyone in the family has life insurance except his wife. SHAME ON THEM???

I was abused by Hartford. My husband had a variable life insurance policy for nearly 20 years with automatic payment from our checking account. I received a letter one month stating a cash value low and that we needed to up the payment--they could not say to what amount. We were told to send a blank check, which we did not do. Next month, they lapsed the policy. So now, we don't have any life insurance. We filed a complaint with state insurance commissioner's office but they sided with Hartford.

For the past six or more years, I have received either a snail mail or an email stating (as if it were a fact) "We can save you up to $400.00 on your present auto insurance plan". Each time I call, I have discovered after spending almost 30 minutes, not only was the Hartford claim was totally FALSE! This past estimate of the Hartford's auto coverage was over $400.00 for a six month period and over $800.00 for a one year policy! I would like to ask them politely to "cease & desist" their FALSE CLAIMS! I am finished even discussing this subject EVER AGAIN!

My ex-husband passed away 10 1/2 years ago. We have 2 boys who are now grown, but at the time of his passing, were 14 and 15. Out of the blue, 2 1/2 months ago, I received a letter (addressed to the estate of my ex-spouse), just two lines, stating they have made several attempts to find me, and that I have not responded (since my divorce 15 years ago, I married 1 time, moved 1 time). They then went on to request 4 things: my birth certificate, our marriage license, his death certificate, and the 1 very short brief form filled out. I immediately did this and rather than mail it in, I first called them because my 1st question was to ask could I have them put this in my children's name as I explained to the operator who answered that we had been divorced at the time of his passing. The person who answered was rude and said, "Absolutely not, this is for the spouse only!"

Since that 1st call, I have been met with nothing but rudeness. It has been almost 3 months and I have given them everything they have asked for, yet they will not share with me even what the policy is. I have gotten an attorney, as they seem to give me no answers. Twice I was even told they mailed me something but when it didn't arrive, I asked them to fax it and they refused. Now they told me technically I am not a beneficiary as he wasn't collecting on his pension yet (as he passed away) so the policy wasn't in play, so technically I am not a beneficiary yet and that is why I can't see the policy...What????

In April my bank suddenly discontinued auto pay to Hartford. Calling Hartford after eternal waits and disconnects. I was told I have no policy with them. After so many years of taking my money - what's going on? I've been ripped off!

We have paid on this policy for 20 years. We have term life insurance for my husband and myself. We took whole life out on our children, 4 of them, and also a disability policy (which is a waste of money also). After the policy's 20 years were up it jumped from $45.05 a month to $133.95 a month. Spoke with Hartford about my policy. She gave me a breakdown of the three different coverages. I have been paying $32.50 a month for our children's policy, 4 boys, gave them their ages and SS#. We told them it was a last child, I had my tubes tied so I was sure. While discussing the boys' policy we said they were only covered until they were 17. I said, "So why are you still taking the money out for that policy and why was I not notified and how do I get my money back?"

After being placed on hold for a long time she comes back and says they continued to take the money so in case I had another child they would be covered. Tried to avoid the money issue all together, then she proceeds to tell me I have to put in to writing that I want that policy stopped and she does not know about the money. I would have to send a letter requesting a refund with the boys' age and SS# (which they already have, the oldest is 30, the youngest is 20), pay for coverage and there is none for several years. We have move twice since we started this policy so I asked her to send me a copy of my policy. Can you believe she tells me they charges $25?

I said, "I have paid you all this money for nothing and you are going to charge me $25?" My last question to her was "So if I close this policy all together how much is my cash payout for the term policy." She says there is NO cash payout. So I lose all that money I paid for 20 years or I continue to pay the higher premium. I would tell anyone to not get involved with this company. I want to include I had a small term life policy for myself through State Farm before we were married and took this policy out and I got a cash payout. STAY AWAY!

Went through an agent that my employer recommended years ago. We selected a policy to fit my needs and budget. Over the years, the agent contacted me through the mail, and whenever I had a question, I contacted him by phone, and he would come to my home and we would discuss my needs. I am very satisfied with the service I am provided with.

Hartford said they sent a check almost 2 weeks ago and still no check. I asked why would they send a $15 000 check regular mail? And it would take them 7-20 days to stop payment in order to overnight another check!!! What the HELL!!! They should have asked how I wanted to get the check in the first place. I did my part and provided what they ask and now they are giving me a hard time about reissuing a check that's not cashed and could be lost. Those **!!!

My life insurance with Thrivent, I have been with them when they were Lutheran brotherhood. When I signed up with them I had put in my life insurance policy if I were to ever get disabled, they would pay my premium. They do that now. Of course my life didn't quite work out the way I had planned. I was still paying my premium till I went in for a review and find out I had that cause in my policy. I received a check back for the premiums I had paid in so I'm very pleased with my policy.

I paid for accidental insurance to be deducted from my bank every 3 months for years. I called to cancel February 5, 2014 and was sent a letter dated February 6th saying "Based on that request we have cancelled the coverage effective March 01, 2014". On March 5, 2014 and again on June 4, 2014 the insurance was taken out of my account. I called the Affinion Group whom I had gotten the cancellation letter from claiming they were plan administrators for Hartford and the rude person said they had no record with my last name. The letter had Affinion Benefits Group, Plan Administrator.

My mom passed away this July at the age of 83. She had paid a life insurance policy sold to her by Hartford knowing that it would pay for her burial. She wanted to make sure that she had enough to cover the cost of that. Knowing my Mom had Parkinson's disease and was living in a rest home, Hartford gladly took from her account the policy payment amount. Upon her death, I called Hartford to be told that it was an accidental death policy and nothing would be paid. Why in the world would a company continue to take from an 83 year old lady, knowing that the chances of an "accidental death" with age being a guideline unlikely? Therefore due to Hartford not paying a cent, my mother was not able to be given her final wishes.

Anticipating a long trip, I wanted to change my contingent beneficiary. I downloaded Hartford's beneficiary change and completed and faxed to them that date. My policy had changed from Time Ins. Co., and I put my original policy number. But I also included my full name and SS number. Instead of taking a couple of moments and finding my Hartford policy number, they mailed it back after my vacation and they stated they couldn't find the policy. This could have been a personal tragedy had my wife and I died in the same incident. This disregard for the policy holders is why I left the insurance business. I suspect most of them are like this. They don't give a **. And they really don't give a ** about you, if you are over 60 because you may collect on your policy.

I recommend one stay away from the big companies like Hartford, State Farm, Aetna, Farmers, Allstate, etc. Find a company with home offices in one's home state with a B+ or better rating. Examples are Farm Bureau, Shelter, etc. And don't miss you premium drafts and comply with requests, all within 30 days by certified mail.

The State Insurance commissioners are simply the industry's training grounds for future lobbyists and sit in the pockets of the carriers. The industry is basically legalized thievery with no heart and morals. I am no Obama fan, but he is trying to do the moral thing, as did Hillary Clinton in basing insurance on a community basis. But he will be crucified as was Hillary's efforts by these thugs who want to escape any kind of payment with a loophole, missed payment, form, or anything they can gouge with. And they own the courts along with the bankers. Read: "The Rich and the Super Rich."

I have read a lot of comments, and the one that sounds like my case is "Linda of Clermont, FL". I have been on Short Term since May 2012. My STD just ended in July 2013. I have been with Hartford since 2007. They have always approved my FMLA and they Approved my STD. I applied for LTD also in July. I have been employed with same employer for 18 years, always paid into my LTD. I have had the same condition and it has retrogressed. It had been 2 months now and they said they have to send it to THEIR 3 party Peer Reviewer that is in a whole different state, never seen me, never talk to me. They just came to the decision. DENIED!!!!!!!! They denied me because the 3rd party doctor said if I am able to advocate for myself with the Hartford Insurer and my Medical doctor then I can do my job as customer service.

I have been seeing my same MD since '07 and have seen her every month on on a regular basis since May 2012. They approved me for all FMLA and all short term, and now I have come to the conclusion they don't want to pay me thru their Insurance company. They tell me to Appeal it, but the Appeal Unit also works for the Hartford, and I found out the 3rd party doctor is on Hartford side also. I have appealed and if that is denied, I will take it to Civil. So my question is, How does Hartford approve me since May 2012, and now they don't want to help me at all since the money is coming from them now and not my employer? You think our government is **??????? I dont know how they are getting away with this and ruining people's lives, but they will not get away with this with me!

How is there nobody in your offices that can make decisions? My wife is on the phone and you have no managers on duty. Employees are told they are not allowed to call their supervisors cell phones. How is this customer service. Holiday or no Holiday, which is two days away Managers or supervisors with the ability to take action need to be on deck at all times. In this information age you want to know who has access to your private information right?! Well if you have insurance through The Hartford and hand over your bank information for electronic payment your private banking information does not stop with The Hartford. If you have not figured it out by now your information gets handed off to one of a few third parties that The Hartford will not name. I would like to know where you are sending my private banking information The Hartford!

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