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She was very professional and polite I enjoyed speaking with.she could help me anytime thanks.
Christian Baker was amazing today. I just texted my sister to let her know about your friendly service and recommend she look at your health coverage.
Rebecca cheek was very professional. I like the coverage. I didn't have any cause I couldn't afford it. But this i could afford and the deductible is reasonable.
Jordan was very helpful compared to the thousands of relentless calls and I mean thousands, I received regarding a little inquiry about health insurance. I was able to finally find some health insurance coverage, that I haven't had in years. Referred him to my friends.
Great Agent.. Pleasant to Talk to, Explains stuff Well And Very Accommodationg.. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Friendly and professional service. They take the time to review amd find the right policy for your needs.
Great job Cut through all the b:s and had coverage in less then 30.00 minutes
Ryan Coleman made my day! Not only is shopping for insurance complicated and boring, it’s hard to do on my own. Ryan not only made the experience fun and entertaining, he understood my needs and directed me appropriately to the right plan for me. I really applaud his efforts and hope that all dealings with insurance can be as pleasant and informative as this one. Ryan is a total asset to your company. He really did above and beyond service for me.
I spent a few hundred dollars on a health insurance plan that helps me in no way. Does it get any worse than that? I told them my health insurance needs, and they recommended a policy that--I later found out--does not suit my needs at all. I was told that it was rare to find a healthcare provider who would NOT accept my insurance, but I could not find an available specialist who does accept my insurance. Of the very few specialists listed on their site, none were available. Also, after I bought a policy, I was informed that "Short-Term Medical insurance is not considered 'minimal essential coverage' under the Affordable Care Act (commonly referred to as ObamaCare) and that you may be subject to a tax penalty." I did not know that my policy was short term, I still don't know exactly what that means, and I don't know what sort of tax penalty I'll get. On the phone I was pressured to make the decision to buy the policy. They told me I needed to agree right then and there because they needed record me saying "yes." Now I think that was just a sales tactic to keep me from hanging up and checking other policies. Also, the whole process is a mess. Their video makes getting a doctor look like a simple 3-step process, but it's not. There are about a half dozen companies involved in my policy: mybenefitskeeper.com, multiplan.com, hiiquote.com, lifeshield national insurance co., hcfast.com, and others. I don't know what these companies contribute, and I don't know how many people are taking a cut from my monthly payment. I just want one company to take care of my health insurance needs. I have no idea how to navigate their process. I have spent at least 8 hours trying to get a doctor, and I've had no luck. I just want a doctor appointment. That's it. Why is this so hard?
Very pleased with the customer service. Very friendly and willing to help me find good insurance. Thank you.
They were nice and felt like you had someone in your corner to help you very good customer service
I was thrilled to find Christian Baker as she made the usually difficult process of signing up for health insurance pleasant and easy!!! I will gladly refer anyone I meet who has a similar need to her services. She was courteous, knowledgable and professional in every way! I was also able to keep my current doctor.
Had a great experience and the gentleman was very helpful in finding the cheapest, best suitable option for me!
Christian Baker is my agent. She walked me through everything, and took the time to answer my questions. It could not have been any easier. I am going to tell everyone i see about this insurance. I recently started my own business, after being in the same profession for 28 years, i left and had to get my own insurance. I have looked and studied for about 4 months, to find good affordable insurance for my wife and I. I am very happy, Thank You
Very helpful. Informative, fast, and easy. Ryan was able to get me covered no problem.
He was very helpful in explaining. Ever thing. Nice and polite.would tell people about this.
Great service! Christian Baker was so kind and helpful. She helped me find the best heath coverage to meet my needs. She answered all my questions and concerns. I am very happy with the service. Thank you :)
The customer service is wonderful, nothing but good things.
James answered all my questions. It was a smooth process. Thanks!
Everything went well. I’m satisfied
Erica was so friendly and I enjoyed speaking with her! I would refer anyone to her specifically :) Dana G
The process was smooth and saved a fortune compared to what my COBRA offered me. It was a great service!
James Lett Was very knowledgeable, friendly, and a clear communicator!
Jordan was incredibly helpful with all of my insurance needs. He gave me all the information I needed quickly and clearly so I could make an informed decision. He walked me through everything step by step and answered all of my questions. Thanks Jordan.
We were led rapidly and thoroughly through the selection and enrollment process by our representative, Carmen Franklin. The policy looks great, and will serve our family well.
I will never ever get insurance from this company and I am not going to refer your company to anyone.
I called this particular company after about 10 days of calling around for quotes, the problem is I don't really understand insurance... That is until I met Erica, my new insurance agent. Erica took the time to explain what my deductible and benefits meant for my family and our needs. She never pressured me and have me multiple options. Thank you Erica for your amazing customer service, and I look forward to working with you in the future!
We have dealt with Jordan Parham for a few years now and have consistently found him to be friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. He has always gone out of his way to be helpful and kind and patiently answers all our questions and concerns. It has been such a pleasure to work with Jordan that when we were faced with a decision as to whether to seek other (faith based) insurance coverage this year we opted to stay with Jordan because he has been so wonderful! We feel confident in his care. He should be highly acknowledged for the high quality of service he provides through your company. Thank you for providing us a portal to express our views and gratitude. ~ Stephen and Torry Kelley
Erica is the best agent ever! She really helped me with getting an insurance package. Please give her a bonus! Do not ever lose her as an agent! I would recommend this company to anyone.
Asked a few questions, and they were very helpful.
I am a single Mom on a budget. I have been looking for a plan for my son for awhile now. I have delt with many agents and have been uncomfortable with most of them. They are pushy and one went as far as to get me to sign up just so he could make his bonus! Erica Brown made all the difference! She was kind, understanding and made it simple to understand and answered all my questions with no judgment. She is definitely a professional! I would recommend her to anyone looking for a health care plan. Thank you Erica Brown for all your help! You are amazing!
I was very happy to talk to such a nice young man , Mr Lavour Lewis he was an excellent young man in helping me. I would recommend he to anyone I know the needs insurance. He was very well spoken and explained everything to me. Thanks Janice D. Gray
Rebecca Cheek ,was very very nice person she do her job well Good job
Great Rates and Great Coverage
For someone who don't know a lot about insurance and computers ryan Coleman made it very easy for me thank you
The process of obtaining insurance was quick, simple, and affordable. I had all of my questions answered. I am glad to have found them.
The agent took the time to explain the plan and find me the best rate possible. As I was running on a short clock to get insurance coverage while I transitioned to my new job.
I was apprehensive at first but Diane Palacio, my broker, was patient, knowledgeable, and guided me through the whole process of purchasing affordable health care. She answer all of my numerous questions and requests for clarification. Such a lovely girl! I feel very confident that we have found a wonderful company for our healthcare needs! Thanks HCFAST
The Clark that answered the phone was very polite to our needs,and Rebecca Cheek was wonderful in helping my husband and my self.
Ryan Coleman is the worst health coverage agent, because of his mistake I am in some serious debt. I tried to contact him way before it happened and he never replied, until I threaten him with a lawsuit and he called me immediately. Now you know the type of person he is.
Very fast and friendly service. Jordan was very informative and helpful, which made choosing a health insurance option very easy.
Jessica was amazing and so helpful! She got me the coverage in need at an amazing price. I don’t know what I would have done without her helping me. I plan to recommend her to everyone I know.
My Agent James was amazing. He found me something reasonable and affordable he was very detailed on explaining to me what I was signing up for. He broke the plan down for me and monthly payments and said I can have coverage by midnight tonight so I’m very grateful for his help and recommendations. Thank you!
Jordan was professional and knowledgeable! Good experience!
Christian Baker was very efficient in assisting me with my new healthcare plan!