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superb. lots if help and jusst what i needed.
Tina was great! I will have a second vehicle to add in November.
Great experience. Much better coverage than Allstate for collector vehicle with way better coverage. Searie was excellent.
I got insurance for my recently purchased 2006 Pontiac GTO thru Heacock. The service was excellent and the price was very fair. All in all a very good experience!
Excellent customer service and great rates.
Heacock Classic and specifically Tina were great to work with. They made the process of insuring my Cobra easy and straightforward. I highly recommend Heacock.
It was very easy dealing with Heacock Classic. Great deal on ensuring my car, took all the problems I had with my daily driver Insurance co.
Tina and Mat were outstanding in their combined efforts too insure one of the rarest Miata's in the world. Please do share and express my total satisfaction too them. I will recommend Heacock Insurance to all of my collector car friends. Regards, John Yasenko Home of the worlds first Exotic Supercar, built pre war !!!!!
We have a classic car that we drive very infrequently. We had it insured with our regular insurance company and it was cost prohibitive. My husband talked to Tina at Heacock on the phone, giving her basic information. We then emailed her the documentation she needed to issue our policy. She did it right away and emailed us temporary cards until the paper copies came in the mail. She made it so easy to switch over and Heacock saved us quite a bit of money.
I got services by Jackie, he answered all my questions and the price is reasonable.
Jennifer Millett, was excellent. I found her to be Professional, knowledgeable and fast. Her ability to meet your requirements and meet my needs was the difference from your competition (Hagerty). Even your web site form to gain an estimate was more complete than Hagerty's. I found I had been paying a much higher rate over the last 22 years with Hagerty not realizing I was at a '0' deductible. You allowed me to select what level I wanted. It was not even an option on Hagerty. As Bogie said, "here is to the start of something good." :). RSR
very thorough pre application, covered all details on custom modification to my car. great customer service. highly recommend 1956 Chevy 150 Sedan A.D.
I was to have a payment plan when I renewed my new policy. It was authorized and when they put it through to my bank it went through in the full amount... The lady was sorry and said it would be returned... well its been 5 days and no money was returned. Now I was penalized by my bank for insuffiecent funds. That was the whole reason for payment plan. Thanks Heacock for stalling and giving my money back. I checked with my bank. They have no deposit pending.. Okay Got my response from Heacock Insurance... However someone is a Lier!!! Bank says they don't hold anything for 2 -10 days unless its a personal check. that takes up to 7 business days... Electronic transactions posts the next Business days end... You Decide!
Heacock has always given me the best rates and very quick and setting up new insurance.
They were easy to communicate with and price was excellent. Hopefully I will never have to use their services :)
Great Service, Tina was awesome ! Thank you.........
I dealt with Heacock in Lakeland. Very knowledgeable about classic cars in general and enough latitude to deal with a variety of situations, such as non working odometers, storage sites. Very nice people. Reasonable pricing for stated value. Full or deductible available Very pleased
Excellent,,Especially communicating with Tina,,VERY friendly and helpful,,shrs a wonderful representative of Heacock,,theres a bit to do to get a policy,,but well worth it,,in the future ill probably get a policy on my 78 mgb
Reasonable rates, good coverage, no hassles
Best Classic Car insurance company available. Highly recommended, would not recommend any other. Fairest pricing in the classic car market.
So easy to work with. They appreciate a properly modified S197 Mustang. Saved me from selling my baby