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Great company, found an insurance policy with Health IQ that was tailored to my personal lifestyle and rewarded me for my health. By far, the best insurance experience I have ever had!
A great way to buy life insurance, with due recognition for excellent lifestyle and health.
The team at Health IQ was very helpful and I highly recommend them for your life insurance needs.
Best rates and great service
Everyone was great through the whole process. Plenty of communication. I'm very happy with how it all turned out.
Very efficient and great rates!
Very professional, diligent and with immediate follow up to any queries. I felt like a customer being taken care off. Well done.
It was the kind of experience you wish all companies would aspire to!
After I went to the website, I got a call in minutes... appointment set up for the following was quick and easy
Great, quick, easy, and convenient.
Very impressed with HealthIQ. The service was top notch: a very personal experience with full transparency and fast communication throughout. And ultimately they delivered a great rate/product. Have already recommended to friends/family.
Cut my premiums by 40% with a Lincoln term life policy. Solid customer service. Highly recommend if you’re looking to save money and protect your family.
They were great
It's not always easy to build trust over the phone on matters as important as life insurance. I was curious about HealthIQ's advertisements saying they could save money on life insurance for healthy customers, so I decided to call. Turns out their rep was extremely professional, informative and patient as I we went through the process. Also turns out they were in fact able to save me quite a bit. I now have better coverage for less money, and I actually understand the products better than I did in the past. If you're curious about HealthIQ you should just call them and see for yourself. My guess is you'll be impressed.
I found Health IQ to be a great team working hard to get me the best rates on life insurance that took into account my good health and over 40 years as a pilot. The rate that I finally got was less than half of what another broker had come up with.
Easy to set up. Great service. Fantastic rate that other companies can't beat. All questions answered easily.
Good people and very professional is assisting me with my life insurance needs
Quick and painless and love their mission. Application process was smooth from start to finish and way more thoughtful and detailed than a prior broker, who directed me to an insurance company that denied me coverage because my BMI was too low (seriously). These guys get that life insurance premiums should reward people who make healthy choices. Very glad I found them.
Cassidy and Victoria were outstanding in helping my wife and I to get a far better deal and they were always helpful, never too pushy or harassing in prompting for responses. We lead very busy and demanding lives in a world where pushy harassing peddlers are constantly calling and emailing, so this was an unusually refreshing experience.
Health IQ was responsive, helpful and always in touch to let me know the status of my insurance request. Their staff are friendly and very easy to work with. I bought excellent the policy I was looking for, at a great price and it was super easy.
Great alternative to Standard Insurance Company brokers. Health IQ made better decisions about my life insurance than any other provider would by looking at my unique sports body mass index as a plus not a negative.
Not only does Health IQ have the best rates I have seen anywhere... but the agents are incredibly kind, helpful, efficient and responsive throughout the entire process. Wonderful experience!
Great experience helpful and friendly staff.
I had very good experience with Health IQ representatives . They were very responsive, very informative, always took time with me and always tried to explain everything I asked for. Also their voices sounded very friendly and understanding over the phone, which helps the customer feel more comfortable. Because of that and more I am giving them 5* rating. Thank you!
Would recommend! Josh was the agent who helped my husband and I. He was very thorough and helpful! very good experience with them
The rate is definitely competitive, and the employees very easy to work with.
Great concept, we are not all the same and the fact some of us make better, healthier choices and get rewarded for doing so is awesome! Thanks! Drew
I had a tough few years and had to let a policy go and found myself in need of some term coverage to protect my family until my children finish college. My employer made me wait months for open enrollment thinking I would get a favorable rate as part of a large group.... I was wrong. The rate offered was no better than what I could get on the street with no affiliation. Then I stumbled on a web ad/link for Health IQ and took their online test that determines your cycling IQ. Their questions are designed to weed out newbies and favor those who've been cycling throughout their life. Each question tells you what percentage of the population knows the answer. It's a fun test for serious cyclists even if you're not looking for insurance. Once I finished the test and hit submit, a Health IQ rep emailed and called in less than 48 hours. This is when I learned that this company is no gimmick. They rep top shelf insurance companies and offer amazing rates because the stats show that people involved in regular aerobic exercise like cycling and running suffer from less disease. They sold the insurance underwriters on this concept and me as well. I'm 59 y.o., a non-smoker and ride between 20 and 70 miles a week on a road bike depending on the time of year and weather in southeastern PA. Riding in a northern climate is a challenge and I ride straight through the winter as long as long as the roads are dry and ice free. Now, the important part. My employer's plan offered me $100k in coverage for $74 a month and Health IQ did the same for just $49 a month. There was also a nice discount if I wanted to buy another $100k of coverage and surprisingly, at these levels there we no exams or lab work required, making it super easy to get coverage. It's nice to be rewarded for something I enjoy as part of my weekly routine. Finally, the folks at Health IQ are extremely nice to work with and make the process almost fun. They are helpful and polite. Don't be put off if the first call you get comes from a call center type person. Once they know you're serious you'll get a kind, articulate, and well versed insurance professional to guide you through the process. Sincerely, Eric - Wayne, PA
From the original application until the approval of my policy Health HQ was extremely professional. They answered all my questions and handled everything very professional.
wonderful experience with Health IQ. I would recommend this company to anyone.
I found this life insurance to be a good price and was not a lot of hoops, pretty straight forward. A nurse came for a health check and paperwork and I had a short wait for insurance to be effective.
Excellent product delivered with first class service from start to finish.
My consultant James was very helpful. He answered all my questions before we started the work on the policy. I had a nurse out for my physical quickly. My policy was in place quickly. I was spending the same amount for a policy that was half the value. Everyone was very easy to work with and I felt very comfortable going with Health IQ.
Fantastic agents that walk you through every process. Best of all, if you are fit and you can run, this is the insurance vendor for you. They can get you great rates and wider underwriting.
Kate from Health IQ was very professional and friendly. Everything happened as she described.
Great idea and nice staff. My product appears to be a good one too!
Customer service was excellent.
Very professional and courteous service… I would recommend them highly!
HealthIQ was very helpful in achieving my goal of lower life insurance. I had gone through another broker and HealthIQ was able to get me a substantial savings compared to the other broker.
Health IQ came through for me big time. In my early sixties but fortunately very active and healthy, they put my high-value 20 year policy out to bid to 3 highly rated life insurance companies. I ended up with the best possible rate, my premium was about half of what I was quoted through a previous broker and strung along for many months. Notably, Health IQ's staff was bright and responsive, a real pleasure to deal with. 5 stars and two thumbs up.
I recently signed up for a life insurance from a provider through Health IQ. I was extremely happy with the services provided by HealthIQ especially Samuelle and Danniel. They walked me through the whole process and made me aware about the different products and options available. They never forced me for any specific products but made sure I have understood everything in detail before signing up. They followed up with me at regular intervals making sure things were progressing as per the plan. Thanks HealthIQ and thanks Samuel and Danielle.
I responded to a life insurance ad that ran on a runners website, and I’m so glad I did. I’m of an age where life insurance premiums are beginning to get expensive.... yet I’m a healthy runner. So the ad intrigued me. From the first contact, everyone was incredibly helpful and professional. Affordable rates from a highly rated company. You owe it to your family to give them a call.
Great rate for the amount of coverage.
I’m in the financial industry and I contacted a few companies and they wanted me to jump through all sorts of hoops to write a policy. Finally I contacted health IQ and spoke with James. He had me done in 10 minutes and the rates he had were better than the rates I found as an insurance agent. I was fine losing the commission because I just needed insurance and didn’t want to go through the hassle of dealing with the companies myself. So easy. I will send others to Health IQ.
Everyone was very informative and communicated with me very well for every step. Excellent!
Process for approval takes awhile longer than I expected. Otherwise, very easy to work with the staff.
I am a very satisfied customer of Health IQ. I heard about Health IQ on the Ten Junk Miles podcast. After I completed my online questionnaire, the onboarding process was very easy and the sales staff friendly, knowledgeable, and never pushy. My agent (Dan) took his time walking me through the initial consultation process and followed up throughout to make sure I completed the physical and final application. Most importantly, I am ecstatic with the outcome as I was able to replace an existing policy that was to expire when I was 64 with a new policy that will expire when I'm 73, while saving $60 per month.
Great to deal with
Health IQ worked to get me better rates on my life insurance before I turned 50. Pleased with the results! Good communication and timely information.
Easy to use. Good price and friendly people.
The entire experience with Health IQ was very professional; communications were good, all the people I worked with including the nurse who came onsite and of course David multiple times, were great to work with.  I felt very appreciated and important to the people I interacted with. And I am also impressed that YOU are reaching out to me and others directly, that is not common in this world anymore!
Kept their word. Stayed in communication about the process as underwriting was evaluating my insurance policy. I'll continue to use them.
Everything was quick and easy even though there were several steps. The Health IQ folks kept in touch and found a FAR cheaper plan for me.
They go above and beyond. It felt like I had a team of people with my best interests at heart. Would definitely recommend
David Jagoda and the whole team at Health IQ were great. They kept me informed through out the whole process. My actual policy was lower than I had expected' so I invested in a longer term. I highly recommend using David Jagoda at Health IQ for your insurance needs.
HealthIQ is an excellent idea and a boon to preventive health.
Process was simple, reps were helpful and I saved $200 a year.
We had an awesome experience with Health IQ-very professional and thorough!
Everyone that I have dealt with at Health IQ has been honest and straightforward. The approval process was very easy.
Julie and her team were very helpful and the rate I was offered could not be beat. I would highly recommend HealthIQ.
Great! They recognize the good health associated with being Vegan.
Worked with me every step of the way. Really made process very easy for me.
I got what I was looking for in a straightforward way. Very happy with the service.
Great job!! Good follow up!!
I cut the cost of my life insurance policy by almost half. They didn't try to sell me anything, and just talked to me about what term policy I already had, mentioned some data based alternatives, and the process was super easy and fast. I thought it would be faster to process from initial call, to being informed that I was confirmed and the policy was in place, it took a month, but overall it was good.
Easy process to get life insurance using Health IQ. I got a great rate and would use them again.
Great service! Very attentive and quick to reply to any emails. Great job at explaining things, too.
Great rates, and very easy to work with. The process was clear and streamlined.
Health IQ was a great Insurance Broker to work with for Life Insurance especially for physically active individuals. I have a larger frame at 6 foot and 195 pounds but run 20 miles a week. They worked with Insurance companies that look beyond just simple BMI calculations to get a true read of someone's health. Got some great rates and suggestions.
I saw Health IQ's pop up ad regarding discount life insurance for folks who bike a lot. They were every bit as good as their promises. I obtained the insurance I was looking for at a price that was even better than expected. The Health IQ team was responsive and responsible throughout the process. I was very satisfied with the experience.
Excellent service, very knowledgeable and responsive team, there was not a single issue that took longer than 5 min to resolve. If my contact was not available because he was helping someone else, there was immediately somebody else who jumped in. Doesn't get much better than that, Two Thumbs Up
Health IQ was great to work with. They made everything very easy and we are very happy with the result.
They did what the promised and delivered a solid policy for the best possible price.
My experience with the entire Health IQ process was a 5 star! They were extremely helpful, cordial, and organized. They worked efficiently and offered insight without it sounding like I was being pitched or sold a product I didn't need. Overall, very satisfied and I've even recommended your company to a few running friends!
Great prices and service
Health IQ was able to find me a better rate for life insurance since I play sport. I compare rates from few companies. Also the customer service was great and they answered any question I had in a timely manner.
The folks at Health IQ were very attentive to my life insurance needs. I was pleased to learn that I could afford a sufficient policy for reasonable costs. It is very comforting to know should something happen to me, my wife and children will be taken care of. I have recommended Health IQ to my friends!
Health IQ helped me lower my rates 38%, stay with an A+ A.M. Best rating firm, and increase my coverage level based on a change of circumstance. Overall, there is not really anything more you can ask of an agent.
My agent and the whole team were very helpful throughout the process. They answered all my questions candidly and in timely fashion.
Professional and courteous telephone support staff.
Very easy process, they did all the work and made sure I got everything done that I needed to. Very happy with quote and quality of service.
Health IQ contacted me after an initial inquiry when I was shopping around for life insurance. They got me the best quote for what i was looking for and stayed engaged in the process even during the acceptance of the term life insurance. Once executed, it ended up being a few dollars cheaper from the previous quote. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to find the best rate they need and can afford. Thank you Health IQ!
The process was easier, less expensive, and less stressful than I thought it'd be. Their staff is knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive -- by email, text, and phone.
A great insurance company. Pleasure to work with and amazing rates that reward you for being healthy!
Great Company, good people they work very hard to get me the policy I wanted.
I was able to save over $50 a month for the same amount of life insurance I had because of Health IQ's lifestyle based coverage. I would recommend this insurance to anyone who tries to live a healthy lifestyle. It's like an extra reward for watching out for one's health.
Great help and customer service. Thank you guys for getting me a great rate even though I'm an "overweight" athlete.
I want ro share my experience with the staff. Parth Kichloo my agent, and Heather Westfall not only did they answer ALL my questions but they were patient with me and walked me through the process. They are both an asset to this company but also a breath of fresh air when it comes to knowledge and provided me with excellent customer experience. I highly recommend to everyone.
Efficient option with a great brand, and a solid process.
Excellent and detailed at every turn! Navigating insurance can be overwhelming, but these guys made it a walk in the park!
An easy application process and great to work with professionals. What else is there? I highly recommend this company.
The only hangup was that I got a call about signing the documents at the end when I had already done so. More like a 4.5 or 4.9
It was fast and great rate. My family and friends still not believing me the coverage of life insurance with such low price.
May 2018, I attempted to obtain a life insurance from Health IQ, the initial process was smooth and clear. A nurse/rep came to my work and asked questions, took blood, and received several access to my health information. Weeks-months passed with several exchanges from my case manager and still NO life insurance processed. I currently have life insurance with AIG and the process was exactly the same and I was able to obtain 2 life insurance with no issues. What my case manager is telling me is that Sutter Health Care, a company I work for, has not sent them my health record. I don't believe this because I physically submitted the health record authorization to the medical record department. I have not had much success with the services from Health IQ. A terrible was of my time. I just don't understand how Health IQ is unable to obtain my health record, when AIG life insurance was able to get access with no issues ( 2 life insurance obtain). Im extremely concerned about my medical health record and who has access to them.
Fast response..give me options of types of insurances. Followed up quickly and got me what I wanted in a short amount of time..would recommend
Great Company to work with for my life insurance needs. Really like the speed and ease of applying. And excellent customer service. Go runners!!
I had a really good experience with communications and getting my life insurance figured out. I would highly recommend this company justin
Great and convenient!
I had a completely positive experience with Frank and the other folks I interacted with. Shopping for insurance is about as much fun as, well... nothing,... but it was relatively painless and even though I was pretty specific about what numbers I could live with, Frank always took it in stride and got back to be with results when it was convenient for ME. Ultimately I ended up saving a BUNCH of money every month in the end. Thanks guys!