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Last Oct, open season. I was told my plan premium and deductibles would not change. In Jan they did mislead to renew with them. Now I pay deductibles for insulin and much more. While straightening out 50-day supply instead of 90, they sent me drugs from Jan and Feb without a deductible being charged. Thought they would bill me, they. Mar didn't need but in Apr needed to renew my prescription. Made sure it was 90 day and what the cost was to pay $101.

Dr. sent in update prescription and now they won't send me anything until I pay all the deductibles. They neglected to bill me for from the first of the year. That's right! Holding my insulin hostage for their blunder. I could have paid each month's bill but they didn't send it? Or even ask for the money. They waited until I had days left of my insulin and refuse to send until I pay all of it. They don't care if I die or that it was their fault! I could only pay up to the monies I had saved for this month and that paid up for Jan, Feb and will get the new prescription but only have 16 dollars left to get insulin and they won't send it even though they sent it without payment in Feb. They want me to die! Now I must go a month and wait 'til my next SSI check to get my insulin. That's right. A whole month without insulin because this greedy, lying, Health Net insurance company is so incompetent!

I had some questions about my care plan and so I called Health Net. I was disconnected TWICE. On my third call, I have now been on hold for 27 mins!!!! Unbelievably poor. I will never recommend this health care company, and I will also write as many reviews and be as vocal as I can about my poor experience.

My mother has had PPO insurance with Healthnet for 20 years. Now they have not paid claims to urologist for 1 year. Provider and I spend dozens of hours on phone. Now mom is being charged out of pocket, $1100.00 and soon can't return to doctor. I spend an average of 1.5 hours on the phone, nothing. 5 supervisors have promised to get back with me, they do not. Claims rejected for stupid reasons even though provider bends over backwards to address their concerns. Website doesn't work, employees indifferent. Horrible.

I have never been mailed a Health Net ID card despite filling out their online form, contacting them by telephone, being hung up on four times, and being put on hold for more than 30 minutes (literally, not an exaggeration). It seems there is nothing I can do to get my ID card in the mail. I am paying too much for my prescriptions because I have no ID card to show. I shudder to think what will happen if I need hospitalization.

I don't know where to begin and I'm not going to spend more time here other than to list what I've learned from 3 years with this "health plan" and too many hours speaking with "customer support": (1) They are trying to rebuild their computer system and it's a mess. They have 3 different member IDs as they migrate to the new system yet the system does not always "know" about the legacy IDs -- worse yet, some cust support people are unaware. The result is you will often have no way to actually discuss your account with them. (2) Their online website is a total mess. Links are broken, data is incorrect, provider listings are out of date. They even changed their domain without telling members - or even providing a forwarding link. OMFG.

(3) The billing system is FUBAR. I received a bill for hundreds of thousands of dollars (monthly premium!) and -- they will have difficulty just figuring your latest balance. They've actually sent me cancellation notices due to the fact that their system simply has no idea what your balance is -- or: has it mixed up with previous policies that you may have had with them. (4) The "provider directory" is insanely out of date. They claim it's updated but I've called so many of these doctors only to be told that they've left the plan months ago. When this is pointed out they will blame the doctors for not updating their own profiles in the system. It's a joke.

I had HealthNet when I was single and liked it. Some years later, I got a HealthNet stop-gap policy for my family, and it was terrible. Someone at HealthNet filled out my forms with the wrong birth dates for my son; HealthNet then failed to pay for his coverage. Then, as a staff member in the UC system, I got HealthNet Blue and Gold. Its website was abysmal and did not allow me to sign up for coverage; instead, we were assigned to a city many miles away. After I got that straightened out, I changed my children's provider. Although I did that in May, I took my daughter to a doctor's appointment in October and surprise! She was still listed as a patient of the former provider! The clinic then refused to treat us, despite my daughter needing immediate care. I called HealthNet and a woman there confirmed that my son's clinic had been changed in May, but not my daughter's, "So it looks like we may have made an error." She was very kind and efficient and on the ball, and everyone I've talked to has been nice, but my overall experience with HealthNet is one of incompetence and terrible service.

I have no words that can truly capture how horrible the experience of dealing with Healthnet has been. It is really the worst customer service experience I have ever had in my life - so much so that it is even surreal to think about. It is absolutely a nightmare to solve the simplest of problems with Healthnet - you have to talk to about 10 customer service reps (for an hour each) to find one who knows what they're talking about. Each individual invents some sort of possible solution and says they'll refer your issue to another department and to call back in 10 days. 10 days later... you're starting back from square one and it's like your previous call never ever happened.

Healthnet has been screwing up my billing, saying I owe them an exorbitant amount of money for months when I had CANCELED my health insurance and was no longer enrolled. (I then made the mistake of returning to Healthnet later on, lured by their prices.) They then began billing me for that entire gap period in time when I was not enrolled.

All the payments I made the second time I enrolled went to pay back what I SUPPOSEDLY "owed" from before. I decided to stop paying until the issue is resolved, as I dont want to pay if my money is not going to the right place. The issue has not been resolved. Now my insurance has been cancelled and I am left uninsured. Healthnet is truly, truly, truly, a miserable company. You're supposed to be TAKEN CARE OF by your health insurance. This company and its employees are one big ** joke. Do yourself a HUGE favour and pick another company.

Allwell was Health Net and we've been with them for years with no major issues on their end. That has changed with the switch to Allwell. Hours upon hours on hold, more hours trying to change PCPs and in the end, a PCP selected without our input. We've been told our new PCP was entered into the system - once we chose and cards would be arriving in a week to 10 days. That was three weeks ago. When the new PCP allowed us to come in without the cards, we were told by the office administrator the Allwell site has been down for the most part all year. Too late to change to a different Medicare plan now. Stay away from these bozos - they don't know which end is up or how to enroll new members and issue a ID card so you can visit your doctor.

I got quotes from covered California, Health Net $44, went to their site and didn't finish application because they are still asking about pre-existing conditions. So I called them, the guy that answered could not hang up fast enough. First he told me all agents were busy and I would get a call back in less than two hours and he asked for my address to send me info on their insurance. A week or more later, I'm still waiting for call and mail. I called corporate and a woman chewing gum just asked me if I wanted insurance or not after I told her my experience. This is the worst insurance company ever! I would never sign up with them.

I am a health insurance BROKER and I won't sell a Health Net plan to any of my clients. It took them 3 months of constant problems with their computer system to get my coverage going. I have another client who still doesn't have her benefits information and has just received her card after 3 months. Their reps have admitted to me that their computer system is a mess. Just a note to those of you out there, if you have an HMO, please contact the Department of Managed Care and file a complaint. If you have a PPO, please call the Department of Insurance in your state. That was the ONLY WAY I was able to get my issues resolved. Don't call Covered California or Health Net. It's just a mess and a waste of time.

I have called them 6 times in the last three months. It started with a bill, which said I had a zero balance. I knew this was wrong, so I called and asked them to send me a real bill and I would pay. They sent it and I paid it. The next month, I did not get a bill. I called again and was told they changed some programs and the bills hadn't gone out yet. No answer when I asked why they didn't send a letter telling customers about this, but we all know it's cheaper for them if they just let us waste our time calling them. They said I would have it in a couple of days. My third call was a week later when I still had not received a bill.

My 4th call was when I got my bill and it was twice as much as it should have been. I got my bill, the third since this started, and my 5th call was because it was 4 times as much as it should have been. By now I had it with all the time I was spending trying to get them to send me a bill. Once again I told the service rep I would not pay my bill until I get a bill with the right amount on it. I asked to speak to a manager. The rep (his name was Alberto and he did a great job) said nobody was available to talk to me, so I left my contact information and told him I wanted a call back from a manager. Alberto told me he couldn't promise me they would send out a new bill. I did appreciate his honesty or that a manager would call me back. I knew at this point I would not get a call back from a manager. I went to my agent and started insurance with a new provider.

A week after my 5th call, I made my 6th call. The rep told me the billing department was still not sure if they could send me a new bill. I told her that at this point, when I asked to speak to a manager and they don't have enough professionalism to call me back, I have a bigger issue and asked to speak to another manager. I was on hold and she would keep telling me it was just another minute or two. But after waiting for 10 minutes, I told her to forget about it and just cancel my policy. She said her manager was right there and she was filling her in (she was still on the line. I didn't hear anyone filling in anybody), and the manager would be on the line in one minute. I told her she had 30 seconds to put a manager on the line and that I will not pay them, so the policy will be cancelled. After 30 seconds, I hung up.

What kind of company supports managers who refuse to talk to customers who have been affected by their mess ups for three months? Note to Alberto: You did a wonderful job and you are a professional. Please take your skills and talents to an employer who will appreciate them and treat you well. Note to anyone reading this: Don't do business with this company. They don't care about the people. Their actions prove, in my opinion, that they only care about the money. Too bad for them I'm 47 years old, healthy and don't take any prescription medication. My bill was all profit for them and I am happy to say they don't have it anymore!

Ambetter from Health Net - The doctor I wanted to use didn't show up as in being in their network according to the search. So I went to cancel and see another doctor. While all along the doctor WAS in the network, but not listed. Then I went to make an appointment with a specialist who was on the list and when I called to make the appointment, the doctor's office said, "NO", we are not in their network. THE MORAL OF THIS STORY IS: FIND ANOTHER INSURANCE COMPANY AND SAVE YOUR SANITY.

Having insurance through the AZ Obamacare exchange in AZ is worthless. Banner refuses to accept this. It is like being on welfare. Terrible terrible Obamacare = insurance not quality medical care. Top doctors and hospitals will not accept this insurance. Might as well have no insurance. Inferior care, service.

It's unbelievable how Health Net is constantly avoiding any possibility for the clients to ask for infos or file complains. Their waiting time on their call centers is something about 1 hour wait time average, and their forms online are made in a way that continuously generate errors during the submission. It's a real scam!

Tried picking up medical prescription on two occasions and was told I had no insurance. Had to purchase medication as cash buyer $470 out of pocket. I filed a claim and have not received my refund. Health Net claims says no such claim ever filed. Tried filing new claim and CVS says my prescription was covered by insurance. This information showed up as cash purchase when I first filed. My guess, Health Net filed claim with CVS and received reduced amount therefore getting my overage cost and not sending me my money. I call claims and explain. They then say "you're not in claim department" and put me on hold forever. Even had one lady slip up and say she was claims, after holding for 45 mins for claims. Crooks.

I signed up my family for the Health Net IFP Enhanced Care PPO plan in San Diego, California because our insurance broker advised us that Health Net had started this new PPO for Scripps Health, where all of our physicians are. We received our cards with our treating primary care doctors names and addresses on the cards (all Scripps doctors). We used these doctors for annual check ups, visits, labs. Then we started receiving EOB's for the provided services. Health Net is claiming all of our doctors are not in network and will not cover any of the charges. We appealed.

Health Net denied the appeal and stated that our doctors are not in network and never have been. Question as to why they sold us a policy claiming the Scripps network was in network and sending us cards confirming the same if in fact they never intended to cover our health care through Scripps? These insurance companies will take your money but when it comes to paying out...forget it. This is fraudulent and I fully intend to file a lawsuit.

Health Net will do everything possible to avoid authorizing service and payment of claims. I have recurrent stage 4 ovarian cancer. I receive care at Stanford Women’s Cancer Center. In April 2017, I was prescribed **, a newly FDA approved drug. It took two months and threats of lawsuits before Health Net was forced to approve this medication. Stanford said that Health Net was the only company that engaged in such delaying tactics. This is an expensive drug. It seems to me that Health Net likes to play a waiting game, hoping that the consumer dies before they have to pay for the medication. In addition, they again engaged in delaying tactics in 2018 to pay for mental health/substance abuse care for my son. Thankfully, we now have a new insurance company and have not experienced these delaying tactics.

This is the worst medical insurance! My husband was diagnosed with cancer on January 23, 2019. He had us biopsy on January 21st but Little Company of Mary wanted to ensure that they received their $500.00 deductible prior to the procedure. His primary doctor scheduled an appointment on January 23rd to check his BP, when we had an appointment to see the doctor on January 25th to get the results of his biopsy. Needless to say, my husband was given his diagnosis on January 23rd, how messed up was that? He paid $20 to find out that he had cancer. We have been waiting for a referral to a thoracic surgeon since January 24th. The first thoracic surgeon scheduled my husband for surgery before receiving the PET Scan results. The primary doctor, Dr. Stanley ** sucks!

He put the referral in for the second Thoracic Surgeon as “routine” when my husband needs a surgeon asap. I called Health Net today only to be referred to my husband’s medical group which is Axminster Group. My husband was scheduled for an MRI by his Hematologist the day after his appointment, what sense does that make? I ended up canceling that appointment until after the MRI. Time is of the essence and I realize that Health Net is about money collection period! They do not care about the wellness of their patients. You can’t reach the primary doctor directly, you have to go through their call center. Who wants to go through that when facing a medical emergency?

I don’t have faith in my husband's primary doctor because my husband has been complaining about chest pains since 2017. What does Dr. ** do? He request an EKG which turned out negative for abnormalities, no follow-up at all! Even though my husband's symptoms have not subsided and now he has cancer. Just because you’re a Dr. doesn’t mean that you scored well or are at the top of your field or that you have the well being of your patient at heart. Please pay a few extra dollars for a PPO, it could mean the difference between life and death for you or your loved ones.

My company switched insurance companies from Blue Cross Anthem to Health Net - I registered for online access to my records as I had done with Blue Cross Anthem but when I went online there was no information. No claims, no approvals, no amounts of co-pays, no EOB's.... nothing. I called them and they said everything would be on my medical groups site but I already know that my medical group doesn't post these things because I didn't change medical groups and I already accessed their online info.

They said they only posted their approvals but I said that they were my insurance company and didn't they have to approve everything. Came down to they don't post this info on the website. With Blue Cross Anthem I was able to manage my medical records because all the information was posted online but this is not the case with Health Net - evidently the less information the insured has access to the better for them?? Terrible customer service and worst website ever.

Confusing website - didn't recognize my subscriber number. Created an account, didn't recognize my password - tried to change password, didn't recognize email or subscriber number. Way too frustrating and didn't even get into website yet.

Let me start by saying that I have had individual insurance my whole adult life. Paid on time, every month. For a couple years my payments were almost $700/month. I'm in my early 30's and hardly ever visit the doctor. I went to my PCP on April 18th 2014 for a physical (haven't gotten one for almost 3 yrs) and a consultation about the possibility of bariatric surgery. We ran the normal labs to check cholesterol, thyroid, kidney/liver function, etc. My lower back has been in so much pain we opted to get it x-rayed. The doctor agreed that bariatric surgery was a good idea.

They sent in the authorization paperwork on May 1 and did not ever get a response from Health Net, so we started contacting them. They said the paperwork was filled out incorrectly and deemed it invalid, but didn't bother to notify us. (Apparently it has to be perfect and they won't contact you to adjust.) We asked for guidance on what they needed and they refused to give answers. We then asked for a list of specialists/providers in order to fill out the authorization properly but they refused to give us names or a list of providers in my network. Their website does not have ANY surgeons in my network.

Then they told me and my PCP that no prior authorization was necessary. Just to go ahead and get a referral in order to have a consultation with the surgeon. That still didn't work. We have gotten so many different answers. Finally we received a list of providers 5 weeks after constantly calling. This was a list of possible surgeons. We had to call each provider to see if they actually take my insurance. The providers weren't sure so they needed time to contact Health Net. The providers also received the run-around from Health Net. No one has answers.

Each time I call, the wait time is about an hour and I speak with someone in member services that has NO IDEA about anything. I am placed on hold and still the answers are vague and incorrect. I am not allowed to speak with the authorization dept. directly. The insurance company continues to tell me that my PCP needs to make the phone calls but my doctor's office is completely lost too. They don't know who to talk to or how to get this process moving.

On top of it all, I got three bills in the mail. Two for the labs that were done and now the cost of my back X-Ray?!?! What's the point of insurance if when you have pain you can't work to diagnose the problem?? Now I'm in a panic at having to contact Health Net yet again for this billing issue. I would love to join in a class-action lawsuit against them for poor business practices, misleading information on benefits, and not looking into claims for procedures that are a medical necessity.

This is the worst health insurance I have ever had in my 30 years of employer provided healthcare plan. Impossible to find a doctor who takes the insurance, and then 9 times out of 10 they deny the claim anyway and you have to wait on hold for extended period to try to fight it and get it straightened out. I would dump it if I was allowed to go without insurance.

Worst administrative staff I have ever seen. Now the end of February 2018 and the website has still not been updated for 2018. The website still has the information for 2017, including my ID #, Doctor, and Coverage. Every time I have to see the Doctor it is a hassle. Every time I call Health Net I get the runaround and empty promises.

2017 rates increased substantially for our family of 3 to $2250 for a mid-level PPO plan! Unfortunately, 2017 was also the year we needed to use our insurance. A family member's substance abuse disease required inpatient care and Health Net have rejected any and all claims for any reason they could. I have been working on these claims for over a year and now have the CA Dept of Insurance working on this as Health Nets tactics and negligence are in line with pending litigation brought on by many substance abuse providers (Google search this).

We have paid for all 2017 care "out of pocket" and are hoping to recoup some of the expense per our policy once we get resolution. It is unbelievable what Health Net has done to us and many others - it is CRIMINAL and am hopeful that the actions by victims will hold this company accountable. If you have someone being treated/needing treatment for substance abuse and Health Net is deploying tactics to avoid honoring the terms of its policy, I encourage you to reach out to your state agency and file a complaint!

On several occasions they would tell me something was covered and then they would change their mind. They never know anything when you called them. On several occasions my insurance was cancelled and right when I was at the doctor’s office and to have it reactivated it would take 7-10 business days. What joke! I am so glad i left this company.

I will give this company ZERO rating. It will takes 25 minutes to get someone on the phone to help you, and if you get somebody they are rude and very arrogant the way they talked to you. This person I talked to name Liz & I expressed to her that she is rude on the phone & right away she just ask me if I want another representative to talk to, and of course I said YES. But after that I'm on hold for another 25minutes. So I decided to call another 800 number listed on the website. Well another nightmare. I was literally talking to a person in the Philippines, who will ask about everything from a federal ID number to your NPI number and at the end of that they still cannot get the information you ask for. I was on the phone for over an hour & the worst part is they will keep asking you the same thing over & over again, like this person asked for the date of birth and I gave him e.g. **. And he responded: Can I get your date of birth?

Wow. If they don't know this format as a date, Health Net should reconsider hiring people in the USA instead of outsourcing. Besides this is our very personal health that's involved. We do not need people that does not understand our health system. For over an hour I still don't get the information that I need which is the subscriber ID number that I am asking for. After that phone call I clearly say that our medical health system SUCKS. This company should show a little care for the amount of money that we are paying for our coverage of insurance.

Was told I haven't paid my monthly premiums. What a joke! The check for my monthly premium cleared my bank. Phoned customer service and was on hold 2 hours only to be told I reached the wrong dept. Was given another phone number and waited 1 1/2 hours before someone answered. Again was told I had the wrong dept. but this time got transferred. Again the long wait! One hour this time. Agent couldn't help me and had no clue how to resolve this problem. The billing dept. is horrible always mailing my statements late. What a Nightmare! American Health Care at its finest.

After being with them for a number of years, several things have happened when they changed my first Primary Care Physician without notifying me. Also they failed to mail me my new card. After many hours of calls beginning in December and continuing through January, I finally received a card but the Physician assigned to me was designated pallative care (in other words, I am able to go to a doctor's office but this physician makes house calls on those confined to their homes). Finally, after many hours I was assigned a new physician and was happy but less than a month later, the physician's office called me to tell me Health Net was dropping his services.

I have called Medicare and filed a compliant but have learned that in order to increase dividends, they have systematically found ways to make profits which I believe is at the expense of providing minimum care. I would advise anyone with an opportunity to sign up with a plan to consider this and the many other complaints that have been filed.

I called Health Net 15 times and spoke with different representatives and the situation was NEVER resolved. They left me with my old medical provider 80 miles away from my old address. I called many times, wrote to them cancelling the first of the year and they never cancel or change the medical group. The last time I called the woman hang up on me. NEVER AGAIN. THE COMPANY HAS THE WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE. As of today I will not be able to see a provider in my area because they did not wanted to change the medical group to my zip code. I DON'T RECOMMEND HEALTH NET TO ANYBODY.

I have been a HealthNet of Oregon member for many years now. With the affordable care act, I stayed with HealthNet and chose one of the new plans for my area. HealthNet cancelled my old policy and signed me up for the new plan effective January 1st, 2014. I sent a check for my first premium payment and included the Simple Pay Option form for future autodebits to my bank account. By February 1st, my account had still not been debited. Then, on February 3rd, two days after the premium was due, I received a bill from HealthNet in the mail. (Although the bill had been prepared on January 16, 2014, it had not been mailed from their office until January 30th, 2014). I had tried on several occasions before the February due date to contact HealthNet by phone and was put on hold for at least 45 minutes each time. I simply could not get a live person by phone. I have always been able to reach them in the past to discuss questions or concerns. Now, it seems like there is no one there.

On February 15th, I received a letter from membership accounting threatening to cancel my insurance. Since I mailed the February check as soon as I got the bill and knew they had cashed the check on February 11th, I knew the payment had been received. Here is what upsets me: Why wasn't my account flagged to show that they were behind in setting up the autodebit and the bill wasn't mailed out of their office in a timely manner? Yes, I did get my payment in within the grace period, but I should not have received this letter AT ALL. I realize I will need to pay my HealthNet bill online from now on, since I can't rely on anyone in their billing department to keep accurate records or even answer the phone. I don't think I can continue to go through this every month with them. I have always paid my bills on time and every communication from HealthNet now sends my blood pressure sky high. I feel helpless and frustrated beyond belief.

So like many people, I joined HealthNet because they seemed like the best deal. I've had a few doctor/medical bills. They systematically find a way to deny EVERY one of my claims. In the 3 years I've had them, guess how much money I've received back from them?? 0 dollars. You guessed it. To top it off, I cancelled my policy and then today they send me a bill 3 months later! I called to get it cancelled and they had me on hold for 50 MINUTES just to clear up THEIR mistake! Worst... company... ever.

I purchased a $300 per month PPO plan through Health Net, which began at the beginning of March. Problems started immediately, as soon as I tried to update my insurance with my primary care Doc, (whom I have been well established with for years). I was very surprised when I was told that my primary does not accept Health Net.

I was simply told to get a list of doctors in their network, and see if they will accept new patients. Unfortunately there are no doctors close to my area that accept Health Net. I had also been scheduled to see a cardiologist, (who did accept Health Net), but the catch was they needed a referral from my primary, so I had to cancel. What is the point of having a PPO plan, I am canceling ASAP!!!

I received letters and emails in Oct. and Nov. saying I have not paid my premium from Nov. or Dec 2014. After several phone calls I was assured all payments were received and accounted for and even received an email from their accounting dept. and a new bill saying I owe nothing through the end of the year. I have a cardiac procedure scheduled for next week and just received a call from them that the company Health Net contracts for prior auths "Med Solutions" has not been notified of my account update and corrections and therefore their records indicate I do not have insurance and they cannot give the authorization. I am having symptoms and need to get a stress test asap but cannot afford to pay this out of pocket. Interesting that I have met my deductible and most of my out of pocket for the year with HealthNet that this occurs now at the last of the year. Do they put up road blocks to avoid having to pay claims? In effect, I don't have insurance. I called my contact who told me it was all resolved and got an answering machine. Gave her one hour to call back before I start calling any and all I can think of to complain about this. I am livid after spending hours on the phone with them for 2 mos. and finally told it was resolved to have this come up again. GRRRR.

Terminated my coverage effective 1-1-2016 yet Health Net has deducted my bank account for a January and February 2016 premium. Yes, they are charging me for insurance I do not even have with them! I received a termination confirmation letter from Health Net on 12-10-2015 and have called them numerous times regarding the situation. I get nowhere. Last month I had to request a refund to get my money back, received a check, and then was deducted a week later for February's premium. The most frustrating thing is that no one at Health Net knows how to fix this situation. They don't even see a problem with it! This isn't even legal, yet when I ask to speak to a supervisor I get another employee that I can barely understand. Does anyone know how to get someone in America on the phone?

I was insured all of 2017 and was due to have my second child in February 2018. I was informed my coverage would change and my OB and hospital I chose to deliver at were no longer going to be covered as of 2018. I was offered the opportunity to fill out a continuity of care form so that I could finish out my pregnancy and deliver at the hospital of my choice. My care manager informed me that I was approved and granted a prior authorization for these services. It has been OVER a year and my claims have still not been paid.

When the denials started pouring in I contacted Health Net to discuss issues with claims and I have been promised that they would fix errors and resubmit. I have even spoken to managers and was informed my claims were escalated. Just spoke with someone yesterday who has basically stated that it is the hospital and OBs responsibility to correct issues and resubmit and none of my requests were processed. So I have a serious problem with the insurance and the hospital.

I help my husband as he ages. I make all his doctors appointments, call & pick up all his prescriptions, research all of his medical needs, make sure there is always prepared food available. I handle all of our personal affairs at home - financial, shopping, cleaning, scheduling, etc. Each time I call Health Net they refuse to speak to me voicing HIPAA laws. I fully understand their "right" to take a stand on this law, except when I call to acquire "their" prescription fees, which has nothing to do with my husband’s personal medical records. Twice I have called to request prescription fees. Twice I ended up on the phone for at least an hour and a half in a confrontation over HIPAA laws just to get their prescription fees for my husband’s prescriptions.

I wanted to know "their" costs, not my husband’s prescription costs. I wasn't violating HIPAA laws. I have acquired HIPAA privacy authorization forms I will sign get notarized and mail with required signature to Health Net in multiple copy. I checked other similar insurance companies who offer the same coverage. My prescription co-payments have more than doubled with Health Net. Tier 2 generic with my former is $20 for 2015, with Health Net $45. So far those are the only numbers I've checked or encountered. My husband had a prescription filled at a network pharmacy. 90 tablets Levothyroxine 100mg. We were charged $32. The pharmacist said the insurance picked up the other $72 dollars. I said that drug does not cost $100 - it's generic. I checked around. Wal-Mart has the same drug, same quantity, same strength for $10. I called Health Net asked them what they would charge for the drug.

This is when I encountered the confrontation over HIPAA laws. After an hour and a half of arguing over "laws" and being transferred to several people I was told they would charge $45 for the drug. To save yourself grief and frustration and not even talk to Health Net you can Google Health Nets 2015 Summary of Benefits for your area.

Health Net sent me a summary of benefits - it wasn't even for my county - it was for another county all together. Not only that my personal information - birth date and home address was incorrect for both me and my husband. I filled a prescription for seizure medication at Costco - 90 tablets - 100 mg Topiramate - generic $42.23. Health Net paid nothing because Tier 2 generic drugs have $45 co-pay. Why has Part B prescription coverage? Scan Health Plan has $20 co-pay - I checked. We pay for prescription coverage in our Part B prescription coverage. I have no recourse other than to pay for my prescriptions.

Am trying to clear up denied claim, small mistake on their part. Should be easy to fix but the person in claims cannot speak understandable english so I asked to speak to someone else. Got disconnected. Will keep on trying.

Stay away from these people. I was shopping to renew my insurance in November. Already had Health Net and received a letter that if I didn't make any changes during the open renewal I would be re-enrolled without having to do anything. Went online to check premiums for the plan I had. Heart almost stopped when I saw my plan was now 400.00+. So called Health Net who assured me that the price was a mistake because of the new regulations for 2017. She assured me that my premium would now be 1.00 with the same coverage. Sounds great but too great. So called them again. Another person reassured me it would only be 1.00. Went to pay it today and made a 12.00 payment for the year. Called to confirm that they received it. The lady told me that was wrong I owed 400+ and Health Net had cancelled me because I didn't pay on the 1st. Went round and round and she finally got someone else on the line. He confirmed it was indeed 400+.

Told him that isn't what I was told twice. They admitted that they were looking at the documentation in the computer and someone did indeed quote 1.00 not once but twice. So now if I want to keep the insurance I must pay 400+ for January. Told him he was crazy. He finally told me I could enroll in the Bronze plan for around 180.00 but my rx deductible is 500.00. I took it because at this point I had no choice. So hopefully by next week (what they said) I will now be reinstated for crap insurance. These people should not even be allowed to market insurance. They are completely inept.

I had Health Net and every time I called to report a problem they keep transferring me to different people or giving me different numbers to call or simply the phone call gets disconnected. I am already fed up with all this incompetent health plan. It should not exist. When I finally got to talk to someone to fix the problem she make everything worse for me. My health plan went up to the point I couldn't pay anymore. When I realized their mistake and called them they say it was not an error from their part and that I have to pay the premium.

When I filed a complaint and appeal my case they contacted me saying they wanted to avoid a hearing so they ask me to postpone my hearing that they will take care of the problem and give me a solution. Well stupid me postpone the hearing and now I haven't heard from them. WORSE PLAN EVER! WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE! DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND CHOOSE A DIFFERENT HEALTH PLAN. THIS PEOPLE ARE HUNGRY FOR MONEY!!!

I have spent over three hours on the phone with a person who barely speaks English. His accent is so heavy I can not understand him. I have had to get another person in my office to help to understand this person. We have previous approval for office visits and follow-up testing but were told to make sure through this company. I asked multiple times to speak with a supervisor and Porsira refused to let me. The website states this company does not serve Georgia. I was unable to get information through the website. I have spent the entire time on the phone repeating (multiple times) every bit of information he has asked for.

They are asking for my numbers no other company ever asks for. Tax ID, DEA, license number, medicare number NPI, etc. I have been working for my office for 17 years and have never had so much trouble getting an approval. Information has been faxed to them over 10 days ago. This is no way to treat our country's brave veterans. WORST COMPANY EVER.

I had a Health Net plan throughout 2014, then they made me re-apply. They wrote down a wrong SS# (it was a COMPLETELY wrong#). So THEY created another new account for me. In the meantime I applied through Covered CA and got a confirmation letter from Covered CA that I was covered, and a new Health Net card. Both Subscriber numbers THE SAME but two diff. group numbers.

My payments continued to be auto deducted through my bank and in November I started getting past due notices AND premium refund checks. The first conversation I had with Health Net 888-926-4988 was on 11/22/14 with Alicia where she instructed that I don't pay the past due amount nor cash the check until it gets sorted out. Meanwhile I continued to pay my premium AND to get past due notices AND refund checks. Every month I would call to get it sorted out and no one could seem to help me.

At one point someone at Health Net told me they saw my payments but couldn't transfer them to the correct account number but she would make sure someone took a look at it and got back to me... no one ever did. In March I was instructed to call Covered CA, who said they showed I was enrolled and I needed to speak with Health Net again. Then Health Net sent me to MediCal, who sent me back to Health Net. On 4/29/15 I spoke with Hon who transferred me to Fiel and brought Covered CA on the line with us - incident number **. On 5/11/15 I spoke with Ken at Covered CA who said I should file a formal appeal with Health Net and ask for it to be escalated with their back office and that I have a mixed family status. My husband is in the last stages of stage four lung cancer and has Kaiser through MediCare and my daughters who are 7 and 10 are covered through MediCal. I am the sole care provider for my dying husband and my two girls.

On 5/31 Patrick called to say there is a formal investigation going on. Then on June 29, they sent me a letter stating they will not reinstate my insurance because the ABD was not done through Health Net and created through my personal bank. "Because you did not change the drafts to pay the correct subscriber number (they are THE SAME NUMBERS) the payments were applied to the incorrect subscriber ID which was cancelled. They advised that this is not an error made by Health Net. Therefore, your request cannot be approved. Furthermore, the payments have been refunded to you."

I have not cashed them, and I can't find all of the checks. I've checked my banks statements and it looks like I cashed one of them at some point, in confusing. They instruct me to contact Covered CA at 888-926-4988 as they will be able to determine if your account will be reinstated. Again, according to Covered CA they can't help me because according to their books I have a health plan WITH HEALTH NET.

Paid premium with proof from my bank. Denied coverage by Health Net. Called numerous times to resolve. Got different answers every time. 'Ca Covered' (market place) for state of CA verified 'coverage and contract' with Health Net and to me... Health Net denied coverage in spite of payment in full and confirmation from Ca Covered (State Marketplace). The worst experience I've ever had. I was denied health coverage by the Insurance Company in spite of doing everything by the book. Paid premium on time through 'Ca Covered' and my doctor wouldn't see me because Health Net cancelled my coverage due to 'non-payment' and/or cancellation of contract by 'Ca Covered' neither of which is true.

As if the care at the VA is not horrible enough this makes it even worse. FYI, to all of you that call them or they call you the veterans healthcare system is giving them ALL of your information. When I say ALL of your information I mean ALL of your information. Your medication lists, your service connections how much and what for, the progress notes and all of it! You may as well print off your medical record and hang it on your front door. They lie to applicants and the employees and say it's a 'federal job' in a 'federal building'. It's a joke!

They have souped up security and hang a few flags around. They like to play some kind of sick mind control games. I swear I think one of the managers was drinking on the job. He was spilling coffee, had glassy eyes and was laughing about something when no one was around. The security officers like to go out off work with the employees and enjoy their alcohol. Anyone who has ever been around someone who has been drinking knows they can get any information out of them. Do you and your loved ones a favor and find a real doctor and a real insurance company. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS!

Wife & I live in Oregon and signed up Dec 2017 for Health Net Violet 2. Jan 2018 noticed that their medical claim dept in Calif had our mailing address wrong. The drug claim dept (at the same address in Calif) has our correct mailing address as does the billing dept who sends us our monthly statements so they get their premium payments! Numerous calls to their customer service over several months and even e-mail to their corporate office has resulted in no correction or even a callback.

Our insurance agent, who we signed through, has tried for months, even working with the Health Net representative who covers our area with no correction. Even asked for help from SHIBA (gov't. agency set up to help senior citizens with health ins problems). Still with no correction. We are concerned about what Health Net has covered or not covered. Our local Post Office has notified us that they are or will start returning the claim notices because of the wrong address.

I called customer service to ask for some assistance regarding my wife. She had a heart attack and was rushed to the emergency at Oro Valley Hospital for treatment, following several days in ICU she was released and told to get a follow up appointment with the Cardiologist. I called her PCP but he has moved somewhere and the group that he was associated with told me they do not have any forwarding information. I know that she will need a PCP referral to go to see the Cardiologist so I called Health Net customer service and explained the problem to their associate that I was connected to and she told me that she would need a referral or otherwise Health Net will not pay for any of her Cardiologist appointments. I told her that our PCP had vanished and his office staff could not help me so what can I do to get a referral? I asked her if she could offer me any help or suggestions and she replied NO.

I'm a freelancer so last year I enrolled in the Obamacare system to receive health insurance. I had a decent plan from Health Net that covered decent doctors with fair copayments including for medication. This year I chose to rollover and stay with them due to my good experience. There was NO WARNING how drastically my insurance was going to change with the exact same plan. ALL of my doctors were no longer insured. LONG wait hours on the phone to figure out who I can actually see for health issues. I finally made an appointment with a doctor for my yearly "free" checkup with my PCP... it was a free health clinic. No exaggeration. Due to it being this type of facility I had to wait 5 HOURS for a general checkup with a doctor I definitely don't have full confidence in.

As I left I asked if I owed anything. I was told since it's my yearly free checkup everything should be covered. I got a bill from the lab saying I owed $45 after my insurance paid what they agreed to. What wasn't covered!? I didn't ask for any additional or special tests. Also, unfortunately I have to take 3 types of medication. The price for my medication has at LEAST DOUBLED for each of them. Did I mention my premium also doubled? To summarize: My premium doubled since last year for the same exact plan; NONE of my doctors from last year are covered anymore; My PCP is not a person... it's any doctor that happens to be at my assigned free health clinic; My medication has at least doubled since last year.

This is truly a nightmare. I feel very unsafe with this healthcare plan. I guess this is better than not having insurance but I really hope I can find a plan I feel safer within 2016. I shouldn't be paying at all other than for medication for the type of healthcare I'm receiving. Thank goodness my diagnoses for those medications were from doctors I trusted last year... who I can no longer afford to see with this health insurance. Truly an evil health insurance company... but I guess they're all evil? I don't know. It's just not right.

I was a Health Net member with my kids for 10 years plus. I paid all my bills, even as the costs skyrocketed to ridiculous amounts over the years. (Major medical).

My husband got a new job with new insurance through work so I gave Health Net notice and cancelled our coverage. My young daughter has asthma and needs inhalers for her issues. I received a letter from Heath Net (case number **, stating that we owe the company $256.47 for an Advair inhaler that was paid for by the company after our coverage ended! I refused to pay this amount due to no fault of my own and always being a good customer.

When I called the 1-800 number they gave me, I cannot even speak to a person about this issue. They just say to take it up with my new insurance carrier. I refused to pay this bill and will take it to small claims if I must with family backing. I would appreciate a call in regards to this matter and thank whoever reads this in advance for any help.

What's happening on the provider side with Health Net through the marketplace and exchange. Difficulty getting authorizations for MRI's, physical therapy and surgery. Hospitals that are listed as in-network that can't get authorization for surgeries so surgeries are canceled. Provider support VERY POOR. Patients angry that they can't get care. No other choice but to Opt out of Health Net.

I've been battling to get reimbursed for a claim for over a year now. I have submitted (and even resubmitted) all of the proper paperwork, and every time I call to check the status it's a new excuse as to why it's denied (they have even started to re-use old excuses, like "you didn't provide proof of payment", which is a total lie).

I'm beyond frustrated, and at this point I feel like they're giving me the runaround until I just give up. Nobody is accountable at the claims department, and they're trained to NEVER transfer you to a manager. They'll just transfer you around to other people and say "we will call you back", but they never do. It's such a scam, and I feel so mad at myself for even having chosen them as my provider in the first place. A company founded on complete disregard for its customers, with zero accountability, and the worst part is that they make you feel like you're powerless. Who is responsible? What do I do when nobody will help me? How do I get what's owed to me? I wouldn't be surprised if there were several others in my position, and if there are then you're not alone. I'm sorry anyone has to deal with this bureaucratic nonsense.

I have tried to call Health Net 5 or 6 times a day starting on 01/02/2014 thru 01/06/2014 and only get a recording that says "We are experiencing a large number of calls, please wait." I continued to wait at least 15 minutes each time and never did get to connect with anyone.

I have been trying to cancel my insurance with Healthnet since October and I keep getting bills for my daughter and myself and even had my policy sent over to an outside collections firm. I've emailed, called, sent certified mail...nothing. They are impossible to get a hold of as you will be waiting for over an hour to reach anyone and they will tell you the same cookie cutter statement to send written communication. Doesn't work. IN addition, their website is horrible. I was never able to connect my daughter's or my policies under one sign in name or pay the bill for her online. One of the worst companies I've ever dealt with.

I wish I didn't need to take to the internet like this to do my business with a payer, but I'm near my wit's end trying to work with Health Net. Everything from their 3 non-communicating call centers, to their lack of accountability, to their paper claims processing, to their authorization issuing and updating, to their record keeping, to their electronic claims processing, to their culture of indifference has made this a nightmarish organization. They made a check out to the CITY that we work out of (and aren't sending another one). They don't respect the authorizations that are on their own sent faxes, and no one knows who's in charge or how to do anything over there. I'm normally very friendly and easy to work with but I'm out several thousand dollars from them and this is ridiculous. SHAPE UP.

I am a new member of Health Net and they are refusing to mail me the member handbook/evidence of coverage information! They said I must request it from my husband's HR department. My husband and I are paying $1,000 a month for this health insurance and I cannot receive basic information from this company. How is this justified? My husband's HR department does not have this detailed information on file. We now have to hope the broker who sold the insurance to my husband's company will help us. Can this really be the way it works?

I have been with Health Net since February 1st 2014. Last time I went to pick up my prescription I was told that I would have to pay $140.00 for my prescription and 140.00 for my daughter's prescription that I usually pay 15.00 for each prescription. After the pharmacy researched the problem I was told my account was delinquent.

I printed out all the payments I had made from my online billing statement and faxed it to Health Net so we could reconcile on 7/18/14. I spent hours on the phone with the account reps and was told this would take 72 hours to reconcile. I called back 7-21-14 and spent another 2 hours trying to get my pharmacy benefits enabled. I was told this could take 72 hours so I waited (in the meantime my daughter and I have gone 6 days without our medicine).

On 7/24/14 I spoke to a rep who said they see all my payments and were sending the pharmacy department (which members are not allowed to contact by the way) an email to let them know my account was no longer delinquent and that the representative will be calling me back later that day to let me know when I could pick up my prescriptions.

When I did not receive a call back I called customer service at 6:00 pm and was told my account was delinquent. I explained earlier they showed all my payments. Again I was told they would research my account and this could take 5-7 business days to post to my account. I have made all payments on time and still unable to get my medicine. I also have no other resources to turn to. As a consumer I feel like my hands are tied.

I want to know who oversees Health Net and how can they cash checks that they do not know what account to post the payment to. Any advice would be greatly recommended. Today 7/25/14 I paid my August premium early in hopes that they will allow me to pick up my prescriptions and in the meantime reconcile my account. Any advice would be greatly appreciated on who I can contact in the state of California for assistance.

Medi-Cal Health Net is not an equal rights insurance company. In the state of California they claim your family land as repayment for medical services. This includes all of your genealogy to be left homeless, starving, tormented tortured and under direct distress from past State Medi-Cal precipitant. My own grandmother work for United Domestic Workers they had Union Insurance being the state Medi-Cal. Her last 3 months of life she needed hospice so the State of California chicks for three properties.

Had an emergency overseas. Plan says will reimburse up to $50,000. Submitted a claim in July 2018. No one can provide any information as to why the claim was not been processed. No one ever returns a call. They say they will return. Worst plan ever.

I was a member of Health Net insurance for 4 years. When I signed up, Health Net assigned me to a Dr. Carmel **, DBA Sierra Medical Group, Lancaster, CA. In the 4 years I've been a member, I went to this doctor's office 4 different times AND never saw a doctor!! Instead, I saw 4 different people and their identity is still a mystery since none of them identified themselves or their title! What they were is RUDE!!

I have been trying to change doctors since July 2017. I have called Health Net repeatedly to be told that I do not need a book, "it's all online, just register!!" Yeah right!! I have tried to register on Health Net's webpage. REPEATEDLY!! Each time I get an error message telling me I am not eligible to register at this time, contact Health Net. So I call Heath Net AGAIN!! To be told AGAIN, just register. Then I get this apology letter from Health Net saying that they have corrected the error and I can now register. Again, YEAH RIGHT!! Same error message. AGAIN, I call the Health Net, again to be told the same crap. This time Debbie, a Health Net Customer Service Rep., keeps asking if I was on Medicaid. I keep telling her NO, but like everyone else I've dealt with at Health Net, she keeps asking like if she asked enough times, my answer will change. I AM NOT ON MEDICAID!!

All I want is a list of doctors in my area!! AH!! Miss Debbie comes up with, I can help you pick a doctor. NO! Your company gave me Dr. **! I want to be able to see the names, read their reviews. Check them out myself before picking a new Dr. LOL. After being on the phone with 'Miss Debbie' for almost 30 minutes, Miss Debbie finally asked me for my member number. Hey, Health Net cancelled my membership! My number is no longer valid!! In the months I've been calling, NO ONE bothered to tell me. No notice was mailed! I still get benefit notices! I get calls about yearly exams that are offered! Not my doctor, not my insurance company!

Thank you Health Net! I am sooo glad I picked you as my insurance coverage! Thank you for your Helpful Customer Service Reps, they have been sooo helpful! Thank you for sending me the Physician's Directory in such a timely manner, I first asked July 2017, here it is April 2018 and I'm still waiting! Thank you for all the notices you sent me while I, apparently, was not covered by your insurance company!! Again, YEAH RIGHT!!

I'm a self-employed professional. I set up my first policy with Health Net in February 2014 to be effective active by April 1. Went on the Market Place website week of March 15 and discovered that my policy had been deactivated due to non-payment yet I never received any notification from Health Net. Immediately called the Marketplace and the rep told me I needed to set up a new policy that would be active by May 1. As long as I was enrolled, I would still be within the legal requirements so long as I paid for the new policy by the premium payment date. I immediately set up a new policy to be effective by Health Net by May 1 with a policy payment due April 15.

Week of April 9, I went on the Health Net website and tried to figure out how to pay my first premium payment. Their system wouldn't work. So I sat on the phone for an hour to talk to customer service. Talked to a representative that stated that there was nothing showing in the system for the new policy -- she told me to call the Marketplace. I told her I had just gotten off the phone with them and they stated that the issue was on Health Net's end -- she stated she was going to "escalate" my account issue to the escalation department and they would contact me within 5 days. I received no response (from anyone) after that.

So, I called Marketplace again -- representative stated that it was submitted to Health Net and maybe was still in process. To contact them. -- I told her I already contacted them. She told me that it was out of their hands and all they do is help people select an insurance policy.

I submitted another contact form the week of April 16 to inquire about status which stated on the web page that someone would respond within 24 hours -- I received no response.

On April 21, I logged into my Health Net account and saw that I had a policy with an effective date of May 1 now in the system. I submitted a contact form week of April 23 to try to obtain followup. I received no response. Called in to customer service on April 21 and spoke with a customer service agent named Emma **.

She stated that there was still nothing showing in my account. Told me that she was going to take "ownership" of this issue and would escalate my account again. That I would receive a response within 5 to 10 business days and that on the 9th day she would contact me directly to see if I had heard anything. She stated that based on the information I provided to her about the situation, I would still be within the law and my policy would not laps being that it was Health Net's fault. I asked her if she would please call me back (for sure) because I didn't want to have to sit on hold for over an hour again (which I had done 3 times). She said she would absolutely call me back. She never did.

On May 1, I received email notification messages stating I had secure messages from Health Net. I clicked the link and it asked me to login to my account. I tried several times and discovered that my account had been deleted from their system all together. I then received two more of those same emails and had the same results. I tried twice to call their customer service number and not surprisingly, the call wouldn't even go through. I tried. I really did. I am done.

Wonder if Obama Care will cut people like me some slack. LOL. I think that the Marketplace should have a rating system. In fact, I think consumer reports information should be pulled right into the Marketplace system so we can make more informed decisions.

Health Net is the most incompetent healthcare company I have ever dealt with. I have spent three hours during the past month trying to select my primary care provider. First they told me to set up an appointment with my doctor and that would automatically complete the process. My doctor is on vacation for a month, so that didn't work. Then they sent an email saying I need to select my PCP. So I got online to follow the instructions and the screens online don't match the directions.

I fuddled my way through, not knowing whether I actually selected my doctor. Then I called and the representative couldn't pull my file up by my account number. She found it using my name. But she couldn't tell whether I had selected a PCP, partly because the company hasn't yet allowed them the authority to see a customer's PCP. The worst part is that Health Net gets $13,000 a year from the government for my healthcare -- twice as much as it did two years ago. Taxpayers are getting ripped off. This country needs to go to a single-payer system. Vote Democrat in 2018 and 2020.

I have a baby due in January and am trying to determine whether the HMO or PPO plan that is offered is better to cover the costs of the delivery and baby's first year. When I called Health Net's customer service line, I waited 10 minutes to get connected and then explained my whole situation to a representative who sounded like she was in high school. She then put me on hold for 23 minutes and never returned. When I called back today (November 20 - plan elections due Nov. 25), the representative said their system has not yet been fully updated, and they won't have updated quotes to give until Nov. 23. During open enrollment!! Seems too convenient to be coincidental. The insurance companies certainly make it difficult for a customer to be informed.

I have never been more disappointed and frustrated with an organization in my entire adult life. This is my first year with Health Net Ruby - HMO. I had a simple procedure done on April 29th. and received a bill from the outpatient clinic in Mid - May 2015. Health Net, according to the provider contract disallowed a certain portion of the bill, which is according to the agreement the clinic and Health Net have. That part is alright, except Health Net never sent me any breakdowns however, the hospital keeps billing for the allowable amount. Under the benefit booklet and according to the sales rep for Health Net and numerous phone calls to Health Net over the last three months I am suppose to pay for .15% of the bill and any doctor co-pay.

The situation is Health Net is not paying their portion and billing me for the full amount. Each time I call I get a different response, statements like - "this should have had a prior authorization?" Which is frustrating because it did, and the billing department of the clinic points out that Health Net acknowledged this by disallowing the amount that was not in the contract agreement with Health Net and the Provider. And I had my doctor's office verify before I did the treatment that it was covered and Health Net said we had Prior authorization and my benefits would kick in with leaving to pay only the doctor co-pay and the .15% of the remaining bill. Now every time I call Health Net there is no billing department, they have no supervisors for you to talk. I filed a grievance and appeals and was never notified of the outcome.

I called and spoke to the local sales rep who said it was denied and he gave me a reference number and he also said to appeal again, and that it was a covered benefit. I called the Health Net again and they denied there was a grievance appeal done and that the reference number did not exist. They gave me the appeals number in Van Nuys California, I called them but the phone number was bogus. I called back this rep said it was in pending status to be paid and she would call me in a week with the result so I did not have to wait. I did not hear back so I called again. This time I had another customer rep who said my last call was on June 01st, he could not find records of my many calls in July. Eventually he found one of them and said and put me on hold several times with long wait time. Then he said I had to wait for 30 to 45 days for the pending transaction.

Well we went around and around on that one, after much ado and several long waiting time holding on the phone, the customer rep came back and said it is paid and I asked "what did Health Net pay, what amount to the clinic?" The rep put me on hold again and then came back online and said "the full amount outstanding", which did not make sense to me so I asked the customer rep "what was my portion owing them?" He put me on hold again and came back online and said "the full balance owing?" So I am back to square one, then it was too late in the day to contact anyone else so I waited till Friday July 17th and tried the sales rep again, but he never returned my calls.

I called the clinic about the bill and they said it will to collections soon unless I make payment arrangements. One of the customer service reps said that this is typical, then she has seen claims take up to a year before Health Net pays anything. By that time it is open enrollment time again and if they are still going around I would have to keep them just so I get the claim paid. There is more to this story - the rudeness from different customer reps, the lies, the discussing my health issues by reading the clinic report and totally unacceptable behavior. This is beyond frustration.

No one listens! They just keep referring to the same 2 doctors over and over even though neither of them do the surgery I need to have done, yet both agreed it is my only option. It takes months to get referrals to the wrong doctor. Their "free ride to appointments" gets you stranded for 4 hours on the ride home. Awful, service, if you try to call the main number, when you aren't getting the care you need you get hung up on constantly. After they refer you to 2 doctors that can't help near you they will start trying to send you to doctors that are 2-3 hours away. It took 3 months for my ID card to work for prescriptions, even though I kept getting refund checks in the mail for getting overcharged, no one would get that there was an issue with my Id number. Just impossible to deal with.

I even had to write letters trying to get the right referrals thinking if I wrote it down maybe they would get it. Then I get a letter saying Dr. ** is qualified to handle my case... um, ok he may be qualified but if he does NOT DO that type of surgery. Why should I bother seeing him a 2nd and 3rd time??? It is sad that I don't see one good health insurance anywhere in California... They all have 1 star and horrible reviews.

I really disappointed because at this moment my wife was hospitalized about appendix rupture in Montclair where I have had a lot of lack a service. But it was better than where we are. Now this stupid insurance and me to West Covina hospital which is really bad. Bad. I was telling them that I want to stay there but is hard to talk to or understand them. They keep sending me to talk to other people. When I finally talk to the one supposedly is going to help me they just say "you have to move or you paid for the bill." Stupid insurance.

Also at the beginning of this problem I call them to see where was the hospitals where I have to go. They never call me back. My wife almost die because it was an emergency surgery and they just said we are waiting for an approval. They really stupid. Excuse my language. But they are. When she finally got surgery "Oh, we have to move you from hospital." I am not paying one dollar. I've paying thousands of dollars just for your bad service and then the hospital that I have to stay is a **. Man. I really mad.

On Sept 4th, I woke up with excruciating kidney stone pain. So my husband decided to call my general doctor which is ** at Sunset blvd. They told him to take me in to the office and that I will be taken care of, meds would be ready and a referral for an urologist. We get there and no one at all knows what's going on. We talk to a very unprofessional receptionist that clearly only wants our money and offered no help. 15 minutes waiting and still no mention so my husband asks if she can find the person my husband spoke to on telephone. She said fine. Another 15 minutes pass and my husband confronts the receptionist asking to see the doctor a.s.a.p. She asked what for and for the 4th time my husband repeats that I have kidney stones and I'm in excruciating pain, that I need to see a doctor now because they told him hey were ready for me.

She had the nerve to tell my husband that there are others waiting in line with a fever. Clearly, she has no idea (due to her skills) what kidney stones are and the pain they cause. After that, they let us in and they ask the basic questions. I'm seen by a Mediterranean woman, little to no help. I'm then seen by an Asian woman and she helped us greatly. She sent us to the Hollywood Presbyterian ER (I was at Kaiser the previous night, no help) with a note to what to perform on me and the possible diagnosis from Kaiser. They treated me well and gave me a lot of morphine for the pain and a CT scan which did confirm a slow moving stone. Overall, I'm pleased with Hollywood Pres. Not Health Net providers.

They will not cover any of your costs, even for very basic checkups. Their business model is to create so much red tape only a team of highly paid lawyers could actually find a way to get them to cover any costs.

I've had the worst experience with Health Net, their customer service representatives are not helpful nor knowledgeable. I've tried to change my plan several times and have had no luck. I've tried to make an appointment only to go down to the office and see that the medical office was closed that day. I've had Blue Cross Blue Shield before and have never had so many issues in years of service that I've had in one month with Health Net. I would highly discourage anyone from getting health insurance with them.

I am extremely frustrated and not sure what to do regarding this issue. I canceled a policy with Health Net quite some time ago, via phone initially. When I continued to receive a bill I once again contacted their customer service only to be told that a plan could not be terminated via phone, it had to be submitted in writing. Why did the operator to whom I spoke initially lead me to believe that she could cancel my policy in the first place?? Regardless, during my second phone call I was given a fax number that I could use to facilitate my request. Still kept receiving bills even after this. Made another phone call to a surly customer service representative who informed me that apparently there is no one in the Health Net system who checks faxes for this number.

I questioned her, "why would you have a customer fax number and no employee resources to follow through." I was told it was an outsourced department... after being told one incredulous thing after another and receiving no satisfaction, I emailed Health Net Customer Service, printed out the letter and sent a copy registered mail to them as well.

I received a letter from their claims department that essentially regurgitated my letter back to me and in closing Health Net decided that my multiple attempts to close my account were not valid. They kept sending bills and have since sent me to collections. I have notified the collection agency of this situation and have let them know that I am in dispute with Health Net, and that I am happy to send them (the collection agency) copies of the file I have documenting the communications and multiple attempts at account closure that have been ignored.

I have yet to have a response from the collections agency. I feel that I have done everything within my power to take care of this in an appropriate and timely manner and feel that I am erroneously being sent to collections for monies I do not owe. What can I do to settle this? My next step is to file a claim also with the Better Business Bureau to see if they can offer assistance as well. Thank you.

Health Net for our veterans is a completely disaster for our veterans. I have spent the better part of a year trying to find just one specialty doctor, who will accept The Choice Program under Health Net, and in my case thirty five doctors have turned down the VA Choice program, because Health Net is a third party insurance company with requirements that are too stringent, and many many doctors are not getting paid. So, this joke of a VA program by a Secretary of The Veterans Affairs is simply pandering to his personal cronies in the healthcare insurance industry, leaving our veterans to have to go to the VA Medical Centers, where surgeries are delayed, denied, and botched. My advice to veterans is to go online, and look up all of the Inspector General reports at your VA medical center in your area, to see how many veterans are truly at the mercy of many incompetent doctors, and nurses within the surgical center.

The new motto within our veterans speech is " DELAY, DENY UNTIL THEY DIE". This is what happens within a completely corrupt organization, such as The Veterans Administration, run by lobbyists, insurance companies and former executives of corrupt corporations. Just so you may believe my story, I ask that you review the recent death of a Veteran in New Jersey, who set himself on fire and died in front of a Veterans Clinic, where he could not receive his medication for a mental health issue. Didn't make the news did it... Wonder why?

This has to be the worst health provider in the Market Place. They do not pick up the phones. They ask for a call back number but don't use it to contact the person whose call is lost. They lost my case or something, so they claim they do not know me. Covered California claims they have sent over my file and they deny ever receiving it. Bottom line, I was quick to sign up as soon as the Affordable Care Act made enrollment available. Now they claim this or that. I called to ask about my enrollment packet… no luck.

Later I called again to find out why my enrollment packet had not come. They said they were experiencing high volume of calls and so it is. As of today they claim my plan was cancelled. And where do I complain? Trapped in the maze, Covered California has equally high volume and sends you straight to the web page… and to do what? In the mean time I had an emergency and here I am, considered self-paid till these "workers" do their job and finally put the information where it belongs. I was an enthusiast of the Affordable Care Act till today. Honestly!

Just got on Health Net, and in two months already having issues. Getting a prescription filled is an interesting experience, you may not get what you need even with a doctor's prescription. I need to take my medicine twice a day, however this awful company only will cover once a day. Nevermind I'll be spitting up stomach acid and blood with this level of dosage, as long as they can save a couple bucks they'll do plenty of harm to you. We need to shut these third world country type of operations down.

I have had my medical insurance with Health Net for several years, always paid on time, never missed a payment. In Dec. 2017 I did not receive a bill for Jan. 2018 coverage, so I called Health Net in early Jan. to find out why I did not receive a bill, and to pay. I was on hold for over an hour, after finally being connected to a representative I was able to pay over the phone using my credit card and was told as of Jan. 1 I had a new Health Net ID # and to go or pay online I now had to go to a new website. I never received any notice of this. But after paying over the phone I went online to print a temporary new Health Net ID card that would be needed to see my Dr. After entering all information, name, new ID#, SS#, etc. a message said I did not have coverage.

So I called Health Net again, this time waiting again over 1 hour to talk to a representative. They told me my payment that I had made only a week before had been refunded, but they could not tell me why. The Health Net rep said she would check into this and call me back at 9 am the following day. She never called. So I went online again and via Health Net's website emailed them explaining the situation. I received a confirmation email that I would receive a reply within 1 business day. It's been several days and never received anything from Health Net. I called again today and after waiting again a long time to talk to a representative, was told yes my payment had been refunded, but again they could not tell me why they did this. I was never informed by mail or email that my payment was refunded.

Bottom line is Health Net has terrible customer service, but unfortunately my insurance agent told me the other companies have even more restrictive Dr. networks, so if I switch I may not be able to continue with the Dr. I have had for years. I can't imagine any other type of business with such terrible customer service could keep their customers, except in the insurance industry where there aren't many choices. All this after Health Net raised my monthly premium about 20% for 2018, (now over $1500/month for only me, Silver plan, no dependents). Because I have a middle class income, I get no financial 'help' from Obamacare.

What I've seen since Obamacare was implemented is more than doubling of my monthly premium, with significantly higher deductibles, along with much poorer service. It's pretty bad when you have to wait up to 1.5 hours on the phone w/ Health Net to get information, and to pay your bill, and days later find out (only by calling again and waiting on hold another hour), that they refunded your payment and they can't begin to explain why.

I cancelled my health insurance with Health Net on December 2014 because my employment status changed from full time to part time. But they are still charging me membership fees. I signed all the necessary paper work to stop their services when their representatives came to my work at the end of the year and I did not sign up again but they are still charging me. I have never used their insurance because I didn't even know I had it. I just noticed their deduction from my pay check.

This is a fraud. This is crime. People should not be subjected to this kind of maltreatment. They don't even have a phone line to call too. I am only working twice a week and they take $70 per paycheck. The only reason I even signed up is because of government regulation on health insurance. I am so upset, angry, frustrated. There should be more reinforcement. Insurance companies shouldn't be able to take advantage of citizens.

I shouldn't be charged for services I am not aware about. And now health net is stealing my money and there is nothing I can do about it. Citizens go to jail for stealing, I don't see why these companies are not held responsible for their crimes just like citizens are. What sets them different? I want my money back. Every dollar that was taken out of my paycheck since I became part time employee.

I have been stuck with Health Net insurance in order to keep my PCP. I have never had more issues with a website before. I have had to create multiple online accounts because the website is unable to merge different policy numbers for 1 person, despite the fact that I was forced to change policies because mine was no longer being offered. After creating my third account, I was unable to access anything on the website other than my approved application. After being told that initial premium payments could not be made online, I called in, paid my initial premium, and was told that I would be able to make all future payments online. To my utter frustration, I am still only able to view my approved application and nothing else. I am unsure how a company this large survives with such a lacking and dysfunctional website in an era where internet seems to be everything.

I can't even begin to explain my frustration with this company. How they are even in business is beyond me. I don't think their customer service reps go through ANY training and when I call, are making stuff up just to get me off the phone. I was getting billed almost triple what my payment was supposed to be. I called and talked to FIVE different people over the course of a couple months and continued to get billed the wrong amount. They told me it was a problem with Covered California and I needed to contact them. When I did they said that the amount I'm supposed to pay is correct in their system and it was actually a problem with Health Net.

It is now month 4 and they are threatening to cancel my plan due to non-payment even though I have paid the amount that I was told by Covered California. Then I went to get a prescription filled. This is where it gets even worse! My co pay should be $5 for generic and $50 for everything else. The pharmacy informed me that my insurance went through but that for some reason it was charging me $309 for the prescription!!! What?? I declined to pay it and called Health Net. The first guy I talked to after sitting on hold for 20 minutes told me that my deductible was $1000 and that I was responsible for anything under that amount. I had to explain to him that a deductible and a co-pay are two completely different things!!!!

Why am I, with no experience in the insurance industry, having to explain to this idiot something as simple as a co-pay and a deductible. He put me on hold at least 10 times to talk to "a supervisor". When I asked to talk to the supervisor myself the phone somehow got disconnected! Hmmm weird. I called back and waited on hold for another 20 minutes. The lady looked at my account and said, “Yes I see here your co-pay should be $50...” Weird the last idiot couldn't see that. She said I would have to contact CVS Caremark and that it was an issue with them. I then called CVS Caremark where I sat on hold for another 10 minutes to talk to someone... And she said something VERY familiar. "This is not a problem with us. You need to contact Health Net." Ugh!!

So once again Health Net sent me on a wild goose chase when the problem was with them. So I called back, and again waited for 20 minutes to talk to someone. The guy told me I needed to contact Caremark. Ummm I JUST got off the phone with them! He kept saying I needed to contact them. What does he not understand about I just called them and they told me it was a problem with HEALTH NET'S system!! Finally he said he would contact them with me on the line... Finally I thought we were getting somewhere. I waited on hold for 45 minutes. FORTY-FIVE MINUTES!! When he got back on the line there was also a lady from Caremark that said she would look into the issue and the guy from Health Net would call me right back. That was 3 days ago and I still haven't received a call back! I ended up having to go to a free clinic to get my medication.

What's the point in being forced to have health insurance or pay a penalty if I don't get it, and I can't even use it?? And to top it all off I just received another notice stating that I owe them more money because I'm not paying the right amount and I'm going to be terminated because they are STILL billing me for the wrong amount! I can't explain how infuriating it is to waste hours on the phone literally HOURS and get no result... Every single person I talk to says something completely different than the last person and they're always blaming someone else. And when I call them they always say the problem is with Health Net not them! And to make matters worse Covered California says I can't change my health insurance company until the next enrollment period which isn't until October. Sigh!

I started an online application and before I even finished my phone began ringing like crazy. I received about 7 calls in 5 minutes after attempting an online quote. Most of them hung up quickly when I told them I just wanted to sign up online. I finally agreed to talk with the 6th caller and verify my information. She transferred me to a "manager" who gave me some proposed plan prices. As soon as I voiced some dissatisfaction with her quotes she said, "this isn't the 50's anymore" and got very rude. That's hilarious to me because I wasn't born until the 70's. Then she said, "Ok, OK , OK." And hung up on me. All that just because I asked some questions about the price. I had no raised voice, no cursing, no rudeness, on my part. She was just a young obnoxious salesperson who couldn't handle a few questions. Stay away from this company!

I am a physician who decided to accept the VA patients in an effort to help them. Unfortunately they carry the worst possible insurance in the world - Health Net. This company drives my office staff nuts. Can practically never get hold of them on provider line to ask them why they have not paid the properly submitted bills. When you finally get them once in a blue moon they give you a spin around and excuses. Unfortunately the bill has to be passed on to the patient.

5 days and several hours on hold. Supervisors saying they will call back "within 24 hours" because the hold times are so long and then they never do! ESCALATE: Call corporate: 818.676.6000. They will send you to the executive response team. Good luck. HealthNET is pathetic.

This is the second time my pharmacy (Savon, same one I've used since 1999) has had to call me and tell me that Health Net would not refill my prescription for my Invokana for my Type II Diabetes. Evidently Health Net has a partnership with CVS pharmacy (a Savon competitor) and would rather see me go without than allow me to refill at Savon. I am now required to go to a pharmacy I don't know, transfer my prescriptions there, and change working with the people I have known going on 20 years. All due to Health Net's complete lack of customer caring. The bottom line is their only concern. They did the same thing with my High Blood Pressure medication (Lisinopril) a few months ago and now I get it even cheaper through another source ($3.99) that my awesome Savon pharmacist told me about.

On top of the most absurd costs I have ever seen (just paid $105 "copay" for an eye exam! and I now pay $40 for lab tests!) this has got to be the worst customer service company in the industry. Them and the idiots at Covered California who determined that I make enough on SSDI to be able to spend 10-15% of it on my medical costs every month. We are dealing with a bunch of pencil pushers who do not give one hoot about us consumers. Stay away from Health Net or pay the price.

I signed up through Covered CA in December 2013. Covered CA had a glitch in their system that was not giving the Subsidy, so they fixed it on December 31, 2013 and resubmitted the correct information to Health Net. On January 5th, I contacted Health Net to find out about making my payment since I hadn't received a bill yet. They tell me that they haven't received the subsidy information form Covered CA yet, but I could go ahead and make the full payment to get my benefits started and that they would credit me back the subsidy amount when they got the information from Covered CA. My children were in desperate need to see the doctor, so I paid the full amount.

I then contact Health Net on February 3rd to find out why I had not received a bill yet and they state that the bills were sent late and to just make the payment whenever I received the bill. I received the bill on Feb 5th with the wrong premium. I contact their office to find out why it was showing the wrong amount. I'm told that they never received the information from Covered CA and that they cannot contact them over the phone, nor could they take any paperwork from me that showed the correct premium. It had to come directly from Covered CA. Mind you I sat on hold for over 3 hours just to get someone on the phone.

I contact Covered CA and sit on hold for 3 hours and 22 minutes before someone answers and they state that the information is correct in their system and that it was already sent over to Health Net several times and what more did I expect him to do. I told him his job and to contact them by phone to get this handled... He refused and told me to just fax them my Summary page. I contacted Health Net again and sat on hold again for an hour and 56 minutes. The person tells me they cannot accept any faxes from me nor can they log into my Covered CA account to see my information as it has to come directly from Covered CA. They file a report with their ACA department and said I'd hear back from them.

As of today... 33 days later, I still have not heard back from them. I had to file a grievance with the California Department of Managed Health Care in order for Health Net to get in contact with Covered CA to fix my premium issue and I was finally able to make my February payment on March 6th. They still have not address my mailing address issue and now they're saying Covered CA shows me as terminated for March and active for April. This doesn't even make sense. Why would someone terminate coverage for one month? They wouldn't. By the way, I never received notice of this.

I actually received a collection notice from Health Net saying I owed two months of the wrong higher due by March 1 or I was cancelled and I got this bill on March 3rd. They didn't even register my January payment when sending this bill. And their grievance department says they cannot cancel us for 90 days. Then why did I get a bill saying I'm canceled as of March 1st without payment. All they can do is apologize and refer every issue to ACA for it to not get handled. Now my husband is out of his narcotic medication due to a Covered CA and Health Net screw up and non-communication and he's going through withdrawals. He's the only one working right now in our family and is not able to continue to work going through withdrawals. So now he may lose his job because he cannot work and no one cares at either company. DO NOT CHOOSE HEALTH NET BECAUSE THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT PATIENTS HEALTH!!!!

Unfortunately my husband's work changed insurance carriers and went with Health Net. I have never been denied for medication before and I didn't understand why. I have debilitating fibromyalgia and went to fill my lyrica which is the only thing that helps, without it I am stuck in bed and unable to work. If I don't work my family doesn't eat. When this happened I called them and explained what I'm going through and begged for them to accept it. At first they said they need paperwork from my dr and sent them a form to fill out so they did. I then called them asking if they received it and they said no so my dr kept sending the form and applied about 7 times and then I called and they said they just need one more form and I would be able to get my med 78 hours after they get it. I thought finally I'm going to get my med but nope they denied yet again!

I was unable to work without this medication and my family lived off 2 big boxes of cereal my neighbor gave us for about 2 1/2 weeks and ended up getting an eviction notice because we couldn't pay rent. If we're 7 days late they kick us out immediately! I was so scared and called Health Net again and another person said I'm not going to the right kind of Dr. In order for me to get it I had to see a different specialist even though my dr specializes in fibromyalgia. So I do everything they say and they deny yet again saying I have to go to this kind of dr and that the other person I talked to (at Health Net) misinformed me about what they needed for proof that I really do have fibromyalgia.

What the heck is going on with insurance carriers, what if this was them or their family member? People's lives are so precious and more Important than making a buck, shame on them! We went through months of begging family members for help since I couldn't work and because of the lack of food my son and I lost so much weight. Then my dr ended up giving me samples since a Lyrica Rep was dropped off a lot of samples. Now today I found out they're no longer giving samples so I'm screwed again. Lyrica cost about $700 for a month's supply and even if I'm working, which I can only handle part time I can't afford it.

What do you do when you're at the end of your rope? I just not get how some "so-called medical adviser" can review your medical records and still deny? They're not your Dr, they don't come visit to check you out and see your condition for themselves, how in the heck do they know what you need and don't need better than your Dr? How can you fight this when all they do is lie to you saying you have to do this and then change it to this and do this over and over?

Terrible foot injury, went to ER (because I was under the mistaken assumption that emergency rooms had to take people without insurance and not charge them; how wrong was I), had x-ray, no fracture they said. Required to wait five weeks to see if it heals before second x-ray approval from HEALTH NET. Now I have to wait 10 days for second x-ray approval after waiting for a doc appt for 10 days. Who knows how long it would take for an MRI and podiatry referrals? First doctor appointment was canceled. Said they couldn't reschedule for two more weeks. I said “Look I just need an x-ray. Can I see a PA?” They told me that's who I would see anyway. So why did they cancel a doctors appointment if I didn't have one?

I have zero faith in any competence, capability or care. I will pay out-of-pocket and go without food etc. to do so. This is not insurance. I have it through Medi-Cal and it's less than useless. I should've gotten covered California and paid premiums, since I will be paying out of pocket now anyway for decent care. Do anything you can to not have this provider. They're not a provider. They are a bureaucratic morass and will not take care of you. How people work for them I don't know; it must be a terrible experience every day.

They are difficult to reach and once you are able to speak with someone, 9 out of 10 times, they hang up which forces you to call again since they never call you - wait time on the phone is easily 20 minutes. If you are able to speak to someone, after conversing on the phone for over an hour or so, the changes that should have taken place are not done nor do they take the appropriate notes. Horrible company to deal with and their character is represented by their doctors as well. When asked how they qualify their doctors, they literally became silent and completely failed to come up with a answer. Health Net will force a healthy person to become sick.

Our provider want to help to treat veterans but getting paid has been hard. I am on hold with Heath Net VA Choice for 6 hours and 35 minutes. Health Net has worst provider service and if they treat the veterans, they should be ashamed of themselves and our government should be ashamed that they have given them this contract.

I am very disappointed with Health Net, have been with them since 1/2017. This year despite increase in the monthly premium have paid on time, have not received the new ID card nor know the new group no. or the ID number. Cancelling all the medical appointments with the doctors. When I call no answer on the other end. My pharmacy will not fill my prescription. Do not know what to do. Frustrated.

I received a bill of $1,287 that was Health Net's fault and they even admitted it. They said they would pay all of it but didn't. It's been 7 months now. I called 4 times before seeing my doctor and going to a lab to make sure everything was in-network and that I would not receive a bill. They confirmed that it would be fully covered. Surprise surprise, a month later I received a bill from Labcorp for $1,287. I called Healthnet and they said it was their mistake and that they made a mistake on their billing end. They said they would reprocess the claim and that it would be done in a month or so. It has been 7 months now. All they do is tell you lies so you would stop calling them. You can do everything right and still receive a bill that was not your fault.

I have always had health coverage and always paid for it as I am self employed. This Obarmacare has had me confused but to my understanding I had HealthNet coverage till March 31st, 2014 and on April 1st, my plan was changing to the new system which was without HealthNet. I had to go to the ER 2 weeks ago. I found out on my follow up visit to my doctor the following Tuesday I hadn't got health coverage!! I was shocked and immediately thought about the ER visit. I called HealthNet and they advised me that on 31st December, it had been cancelled. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, no warning, nothing in the mail stating termination of health insurance etc. I am now waiting for the ER bill which will be horrific. I have no idea what to do once it comes in but I do know I won't be even close to affording it... Thanks HealthNet for dropping in more trouble that you can imagine.

I signed up with these guys, but there were no credit card renewals, so my service was unexpectedly cancelled. I called them to renew, but was met with a half-hour wait time, and at the end of that wait time, the agent hung up the phone. I called back, and once reaching a representative, they wanted to charge me a $5 loser fee for renewing my account. I'd rather pay $5 to someone who's not an **.

Last November I went to ER. FOR A KIDNEY STONE. I was there for four hours and I'm getting charged $8,000 for been there for four hours. I used their hospital and still they came out with this amount of money. After deduction I have to pay $2,400 out of my pocket. What if a need surgery? It will cost me thousand out of my pocket. What's the point of having insurance? I asked Health Net to send me a details of my policy in regard to emergency needs. I never received the details of my policy.

I signed up for HealthNet Comunity Care Silver plan for $350 through Cover Oregon. When I contacted HealthNet to set up my current doctor as my PCP they refused. They said that since I signed up though Cover Oregon and not directly though them that they would not assign me my current doctor. Mind you, my current doctor currently accepts HealthNet and they have signs all over the office for Cover Oregon. I'm sure there is not a problem on their side since they are a subsidized community health center.

Now I have to cancel my current HealthNet insurance, sign up again for the exact same health plan for the exact same money. Only this time I need to sign up directly through HealthNet instead of Cover Oregon. I don't get any subsidies and $350 is a lot of money. Apparently what HealthNet is doing in Portland is to send all their Cover Oregon patients to an organization called the Broadway Medical Group. I tried calling the Broadway Medial Group to get health care but they seemed understaffed and overbooked and are unable to set appointments in any reasonable amount of time.

HealthNet are apparently dumping all their Cover Oregon patients on the Broadway Medial Group, who in turn are refusing to see these patients. Then when HealthNet members try to change their PCP, HealthNet just refuses to do that too. I'm sure that there is some sort of graft, corruption, or payback and it is maddening to try and fix it.

I have been a member of Health Net for over a year. Since my rates doubled w/ the ACA, I now have FEWER doctors available and many of the doctors listed on the website are NOT part of my sub-network within Health net. I paid to see my PCP a few weeks ago so I could visit a reproductive endocrinologist, whom I was told, WAS part of my network. Turns out that doctor is NOT and only the doctor's office could tell me that. I called Health net three times and was passed around to numerous people, none of whom could confirm which specialists were in my plan. After spending hours on the phone, I was given a number that would supposedly put me directly in touch with someone in my sub-network group. NOPE, it put me right back to the general phone number.

Also like others, I'm experiencing goofy billing - I'm still getting OLD bills from my former plan. And, coverage is crappy. Even after my new, doubled monthly rate, I'm still paying for doctor's visits and having to pay for portions of care that Health net won't cover. Definitely looking to switch to another plan EVEN if I have to pay more. Was with Kaiser for years and will most likely go back to them.

I called customer service about adding vision and dental in my health coverage. I was informed several times (4) from December 2014, January, February, March that I can add this coverage to my plan after May 15, 2015 and it will cost me $20.00 per month. I called customer service last June 10, 2015 and was informed that they don't offer any vision and dental coverage. Had I been informed about this when I first inquired about it, I should not have waited and suffered without any dental and vision service which I badly needed. This company sucks big time and they don't have any care about the consumer.

I'm POA for my elderly father who has dementia. Coverage was canceled after they arbitrarily canceled his bank draft. Didn't find out about it until his MD sends a bill for $9000. Petitioned to have it reinstated and paid all back premiums. Finally get autodraft reinstated and they withdraw over $5700 from his bank account with no explanation. Can't get statements from them because they can't find the POA I faxed to them 3 times over the last 4 months. And they are happy to keep the $5700 if I want to pay upfront premiums for... the NEXT 2 YEARS!!!

No thanks, I would like the money back. "OK, we will send a check to the address on file (my dementia ridden father's address) in the next 30 days." How about you just send the money back the same way you took it? Through an autodraft that takes only seconds to post?? This company is horrible. And there's no out because my dad is almost 83 years old and would never get Medicare supplemental coverage from another company. My advice is to avoid them entirely.

My daughter had a root canal and crown placed. They paid for the root canal but denied everything else. So what was she supposed to do, leave her tooth exposed? All the dentist offices I have talked to said they are the pickiest company and nit pick and are denial happy. We need dental insurance reform!!

Received a letter on 12/23 saying that me and my family are being dropped as of 1/1 because they no longer offer it. I was away and didn't receive the letter time. Called customer service who sent me to Exchange Billing who sent me to Sales. Sales guy Edgar was great but we got Member Services in Philippines and they said need Accounting which is closed. Only option now is to change and not be covered for Jan. The worst.

I became a Health Net member under the Affordable Care Act on January 1, 2014. Since then I have paid my premiums on time through an ACH withdrawal from my bank. And every month since February, I have received a late payment notice indicating that I owed for the current month and the one before. I called Health Net and complained, but the late notices kept coming. I finally sent a complaint letter reference these annoying and threatening late notices in mid-May, but they have not responded.

Yesterday I received a cancellation letter from Health Net stating that because I was behind in my payments for the current month and the one before, my insurance was now cancelled as of June 1, 2014. I immediately got on the phone with the weekend crew at Health Net. Unfortunately, all they could do is request that I send a copy of my bank statement showing all my payments, and that they would forward my concern to the ACA Hash Unit on Monday the 16th. Apparently, that's the unit assigned to deal specifically with the mountain of communication problems that have occurred between Covered California and Health Net.

So that's where I am at the moment: waiting for Health Net to figure out the mess they call a billing system. But when Monday comes around, I'm going to call the Hash Unit and complain some more. Then, when they ultimately discover that I have paid on time every month and they reinstate my coverage, I'm going to go shopping for health insurance elsewhere. Any company would be better than Health Net.

And once I find new health insurance, I'm going to write a letter to the California Department of Insurance and inform them of the headaches Health Net has caused me since I became a member. Oh, and I too have had no luck getting Health Net to locate and approve a referral to a specialist who can perform a cervical epidural injection. I have been waiting now for six months with no surgery date in sight.

I am paying for my 13 y/o son to have health insurance through Health Net. In Sept., they sent me a letter stating his rates would go up from the $55 I was paying a month to $63 a month. They said these premiums would take effect January 1st. I returned the agreement stating I understood this. In November, Health Net withdrew $63 instead of $55, then on December 27th, they are withdrawing $127 from my account without notice or explanation.

DO NOT use HEALTH NET. I enrolled in Health Net for the first of April and sent in the binder payment. On the first of May I read a letter from them saying they didn't get the binder payment and I was going to be cancelled. I paid a second time online, on the first, and called explaining the situation and asked to be reinstated. I called the person who signed me up. I got a 3 way.

I spent hours talking with them and they would not reinstate me. They did not refund my money and they did not offer solutions. I told them how my condo had been flooded and I've been overwhelmed for 2 weeks, I relayed how there was no way to pay when I signed up because they had to take a while to set someone up. Trying to get health insurance is now into its second month of agony because after I asked for an online quote I got 100s (no exaggeration) - almost literally - of calls non-stop from different brokers trying to sign people up.

Health Net sucks! It took me a total of 17 hours in a 2 week time frame to get someone to help me find a primary care physician. Awful service. They flip flop calls and have no care for the well being of their members. I'm on this plan by default because it was the cheapest on ObamaCare. However I recommend anyone to choose a different health insurance company. I would pay more money each month to avoid this poor service. They are so quick to accept your payment each month. If you have any real concerns chances are you will remain on the phone forever! Sad excuse of a company.

I use Health Net as my supplemental insurance for MediCare. I pay no deductible when I visit my Doctors and also pay no deductible when I use the emergency room at my local hospital. My monthly premium isn't cheap at $275 per month but my coverage is great. I didn't qualify for Obamacare or MediCal and was glad to have found Health Net. I just wish it included dental and vision because I pay for a dental plan separately with another company. I have had no problems or issues using Health Net and they've paid all my bills without hesitation.

I live in the Palm Springs area where there are literally 1,000s of doctors and medical offices but my plan can't find me a Diabetic Management class in my network area NOR is there ONE endocrinologist in my network area. I have called Healthnet 19 times and keep getting the runaround. I submitted a prior authorization to a local diabetes class but they denied it even though they can not find me one in my network area. I have started the appeal process, but I firmly believe this is intentional to deny services so they can save money. I won't let this go. Plus their website says specialists are in my network but when you call the doctors they say they don't take Healthnet HMO through Covered CA. I believe this is willful deception on Healthnet's part and we need a class action suit against them.

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