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HealthMarkets Online Insurance Reviews

Art has helped me for a few years and is quick to discuss questions and make recommendations on what is out there and how the plans will affect my coverage
Have always had a good experience with this company. Our agent has always been great to work with
I think shiela is the best and very helpful makes the process very understandable and easy, thank you so very much
Scott Brokaw has been just amazing to our family. He has helped in so many ways... explaining what the policy covers, making sure our plan cover our DR.of choice, wonderful at answering the smallest questions. All in all he is a confident agent and I recommend him to everyone. Thank You
Jean helped us to find affordable health Insurance plus vision. Thank you so much.
Janet was and is the best! She helped us in so many ways. She helped me get a great medicare supplement and then when my family of my wife and 2 sons needed insurance, she helped us get a wonderful deal and great coverage. She worked very hard for us and I was able to contact her any time of the day. She is the best!
Really fast and thorough!
Super friendly and personable!
Scott was very professional. He took the time to consider all meds that we are taking. He answered all our questions and led us to a choice of insurance that we felt was right to us.
Offcourse i would recommend to some one i know ans ask for it. Many Thanks
Great experience. Tammy made everything so easy. She was up to date on the plans and was able to help pick the plan that was right for me..
The agent from the Health Marketplace that I have worked with over the past 2 year, Sharon Bloedel, has been incredibly helpful, kind, patient and responsive to any/all requests and actions asked of her. We have been very pleased w/ her help and the Marketplace in general. My BIGGEST complaint about the Marketplace system is the redundancy and miscommunication that has occurred. I have received emails regarding income document requirements and then I receive the SAME requests 3-4 times through mail. I have submitted the documents and still receive requests. I would encourage HealthMarkets to take a look at their system and find ways to improve interaction and communications between agents and the Marketplace/insurers, as well as CUTTING down on all the waste of paper. Otherwise my experience w/ Marketplace and Obamacare/ACA has been very good. Got REAL lucky finding Sharon-she's great!
Picking a new insurance provider took about 15 minuets. The agent (Lizzy Hutton) explained the differences between several providers and I picked the one that my needs best.
We have used Brian Switzer as our healthcare agent for several years. He is outstanding!! We appreciate that he always spends time analyzing our unique healthcare needs and situation. He is very knowledgeable about both specific plans and the healthcare industry generally. He reviews all the details of the policy and makes the entire process simple. Highly Recommend!!
Brett Casey and his staff have provided my family with exceptional service. They have assisted in finding plans that cover my particular needs and have gone above and beyond to help me with other matters.
My experiance with Bryan has been very easy and helpful.
My agent was teriffic and I will recommend him to everyone!!
Michael Gilmore is the best. I feel very fortunate to have found him. He is very trustworthy, honest, kind, and affable. I absolutely will continue to do business with him in the future. I’m feel fortunate to have him as my agent!
Ben Siegfried has been wonderful. He helped and guided me through a difficult situation with Healthcare .gov. and continues to be available for my questions.
Our agent Michael C. Kimball is an asset to your company. Very pleased with the service he provided both of us. Thank you, Carmen Abadilla-Kosai (Valeu)
Our agent never gets back to me when we leave a message with a question. Also wish he would summarize our plans instead of handing out multiple booklets.
Amy has been great and extremely helpful in every way, we appreciate the great service
Agent Jacob Sifuentes was an excellent agent and went out of his way to find the best plan for me. He is truly a credit to the company.
I just love Julia, She is so through and will always find you the best plan for your needs. She always responds to my questions in a very timely matter. Wouldn't go to anyone else.
The lady took her time and explained all my options. She answered all my questions. All in all it was enlightening and informative. Thank you.
The Morris's are very nice and knowledge. They explain everything in ways you can understand.
I have been very happy with health markets. Amber has done a wonderful job of keeping me in the know about my insurances. Would recommend this to anyone looking for insurance answers.
What a concept, to send me someone who is going to help me with my insurance and Medicare! My agent was very helpful and I am happy getting all this taken care of. And I didn,t have to leave my house
Tony is a great guy ! Very helpful and a pleasure to work with.
My agent is super-Scott Hill. Always seems to be honest and has MY best interest at heart. I have never felt taken advantage of.
I found Aliera to be very misleading, and on multiple occasions given inaccurate information from both the Agent who signed me up, and the Aliera Representatives when I called asking specific questions. Very disappointed and I have cancelled policy and enrolled in another plan.
I am very pleased with the Great service I received at this agency I will come back and I will tell friends and family about the Great service I received...Thank You.
The wait time on the phone was minimal, the representative, Amanda, was gracious and helpful. It went so quickly I couldn’t believe we were complete. Great experience.
Mr.Allen Saponar is very nice, very patient in explain everything. I have and will continue to recomend him for sure
Scott Hill is definitely a Man to know and have on your side. He is always on top of everything and very knowledgeable!! Thank you Scott Hill!!
What a wonderful experience it is working with Gene Bailey..very nice person.
Mark Carter is amazing!
Pat cut right to the heart of the confusing ACA. I appreciate his helpfulness in making sense of this ACA mess!
I was very happy until my insurance went up 100% which means I’m not going to be able to afford it.
Josh has been very helpful.
Pleased with the way handled all.
Bob Ferguson is the best
My Representative gave a really nice presentation. The only item that I do not have covered is Dental. The rules for the coverage are outrageous. I am searching other means, which may lead me away from this company. Thanks BJS
I trust Sue Everett to steer me in the right direction. She has been taking care of my husband and I for the past several years now and I couldn't be happier. She is thorough and very knowledgeable. I tell everyone about her and quite a few of my friends have visited her over the years.
Telemarketing scam.For months they call me many times a day.Im on the dont not call and press their do not call menu.When speaking to people they tried to steal my credit card info telling me they need it to verify the phone number to take off the list.Then other times they curse at you and laugh at you and tell you they will been calling when you ask not to be called. Such a big company has no one to answer customer service calls.Its a generic voicemail. They should be fined and put in jail for the constant harrassment and threats.
Excellent help!
Dawn Soroka is a very competent and thorough agent who understands all of the various issues of health insurance. I will continue to recommend her services to anyone that asks for a recommendation.
Steve is very professional and knowledgeable in his field. We are very happy with his service in finding us the best healthcare that fits our needs.
We've been working with Tim for about 8 months and he is very helpful and knowledgeable. He helped with my dad's Medicare and my husband and me for our health insurance. He answers questions in a timely manner and is able to give multiple options for plans and supplemental options. I highly recommend using HealthMarkets and Tim Santos in the Insurance Rep I use.
Andrew gave us a clear, unbiased description of the various Advantage plans available to us. He helped us weigh the pros and cons of each, based on our healthcare needs. His follow up was quick and complete--within a week we had printed info from our new provider. Andrew is pleasant and professional. We enjoy working with him.
good good good
Rob is a great guy, answered all my questions, and more importantly understood what I was asking. Would not hesitate to tell to give his phone number to any of my friends who need help with insurance.
Agent responsive, knowledgeable, and easy to work with
Zoe Holmes who helped my with my application was extremely pleasant and professional in completing my Health Markets application for 2019.
Excellent – I would recommend this company to anyone.
What a SCAM!!! I have never been so disappointed in my life. I can not believe I feelll for this. I should have looked up this company before I did business with them. I was so excited to have health insurance I was blinded by the sham.
Excellent service,patient and informative
Nicole made my Wife and I feel as if we knew her for years she made us feel very comfortable. Nicole understood what we needed and things went very smoothly We thank you for everything and would recommend you to family and friends. Thanks Again Nicole Ralph &Deb
The agent was very helpful and thorough in working through my needs. I am very satisfied with the service. She went above and beyond to fulfill my needs.
Knowledgeable person excellent job
Excellent service recommend Health Markets to anyone who will listen. Chris Taylor
Courteous people very easy to understand and availability
Rachel Davis was, as always, helpful, knowledgeable, and efficient. She has never steered me wrong or failed to help when needed. I hope to work with her for years to come.
As ALWAYS, Dawn Rae, is the most WONDERFUL, professional, knowledgeable, honest, & most helpful agent! She has really helped me over past few years & ALWAYS RETURNS MY CALLS! :) EXCELLENT!
Roni stayed at her office to help me and a few others with our insurance concerns. It also happened to be a bad weather evening and yet she stayed. Awesome individual.
I was signed up for the wrong plan. By the time I discovered it, it was stuck with it.It cost more and didn't have the HSA I especially wanted.
The gentleman that I talked to went far and beyond what was required of him to help me. I was confused by all of the plans that I was being bombarded with and their advertising. I knew what I wanted, I knew what I needed I just told the representative who took me to several different plans and I picked the one I wanted. Simple and perfect. Thank you!
she knows her stuff
Ben does a great job. He helps make my decisions easier. With his help I no longer dread enrollment time.
My agent, Harlon, made the process as easy as it could possibly be. He's informative, super friendly, and easy to work with. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend anyone looking for assistance in Texas to contact him.
I work with Lisa at your Lake Meade office in Las Vegas. While she's very nice, she is not very responsive and slow to follow up after several contacts. I think in the future I'll work with another organization for my health insurance needs.
Always helpful
Process was very easy. Nancy Towels was a pleasure to work with.
Bob was very helpful with me obtaining Health insurance for my son Andrew for 2019...any most likely for my oldest son come June/2019
The representative I dealt with was personable, professional and efficient. It's been weeks ago and I can not recall her name but I was so relieved and pleased to get my policy underway. This representative was also articulate and spoke clearly. I did not have any trouble understanding her. She deserves ***** stars or the highest rating available.
Agent was professional, knew her stuff, you knew you could trust her
Todd Titsworth was fantastic in helping us determine what plan was best for us. We will be using him again.
Helped with picking the best plan, explaining coverages, verifying in-network. No worries.
Angie Herber has been great to work with. She's been very helpful and knowledgeable.
Renee is very knowledgeable and helpful I am fortunate to have her assistance in settling up my health insurance for the coming year
I am extremely uneducated in reference to the healthcare industry,there are so many plans and options it is very difficult for me to figure out which plan is best for me. I feel very fortunate to have found Mark, who is very educated in reference to the healthcare industry. I really feel that he has found me the best plan available for me . He had taken the time to explain my plan and educate me in a sense of the main points of my plan. I feel very lucky my parents who are in the mid 70's had referred him to me. I would recommend him to anyone.
Easy sign up even for someone who is not tech savvy.
Matt Smith came to my home and we discussed my needs and what was important for my situation then helped me find a plan that got me the most of my needs and stayed in my budget. Great Job
Agent was very helpful and informative!!
Sue Everett is best
Randy, is always there if you have a question or help with you insurance. I don't understand how someone can work from the time they open their eyes to the time he closes them Randy is great at what he does and I wouldn't want to trust anyone else with my family's insurance needs
Klaus was really good at explaining the policies and worked very well with me. Quite Pleased with him. My concern is I have received no Healthcare Card for 2018 or any information from the policy holder and its almost 2018! They have taken fees out of my TD Bank Checking account so I will guess I have a policy with them but not sure? Need Feedback from Someone? Stewart Watson, Jr. 570-809-4487
Your "cow" commercial is vulgar and insensitive. I have no idea why anyone would find it amusing, and would want to enlist your company on that basis.
Simple process, i was done in a. Very short time. I recommend Health Market to everyone.
My broker Kris went above and beyond to help me find the right insurance for the situation I was in. I absolutely appreciate everything he did and his patience with me. He showed me my options and then had me decide which direction I thought would be best and he then showed me the differences and I was convinced this was real. He was a Godsend and has continued to be so helpful. Thank You Kris for all your help in finding what was for me.
Ryan did an excellent job explaining the health insurance program for my brother Scott. Scott is handicapped and Ryan did an excellent job helping him and I to understand the best program for him.
I am very satisfied with the assistance and guidance to choose a health plan provided by Scott McElvoy when I see him.
Great experience as always as I am in the 3rd year of working with HealthMarkets...very professional.
Nancy was wonderful! Any questions I had she answered them right away. I felt very comfortable with her. She never made me feel like I was interrupting her in any way.
Health Markets and Tony Elkins was great and very knowledgeable! Merry Christmas!
Chris is extremely knowledgeable and very easy to work with.
Doug Johnson is an outstanding highly professional gentlemen we felt very very comfortable working with him, he is very thorough & will definitely recommend him to all friends & family who has insurance needs
Always available to answer questions. If he doesn't know for sure he always finds out & calls us back. Could not ask for a better agent.
Brian is easy to work with. Helps with choosing the right insurance for our needs.