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I never really had any issues with the claims processing. It usually went through and I never had to file any claims. Of course if I had it probably would have been OK. Never had any issues with customer service because I never had to talk to them unlike many insurance companies I have had in the past. Still can't believe I'm no longer with Highmark. I had to change primary care doctors because they were not covered under my insurance plan, doctors I had been going to for years. I had to pack up shop and leave the ones who knew me. Overall value was decent because I got it through my union, however 2200 a quarter still seems pretty expensive to me considering the company also matched the payment.

I was happy with the process, got the doctors I wanted, and I didn't have to wait for months to be accepted which usually I have issues with this. Everyone was friendly and understanding. They knew and understood their job which was great when they could explain my options. They knew what they was talking about when helping me understand. The coverage is amazing, got the doctors I wanted and more. Also they are simple about special doctors and other services too. Wasn't difficult and that makes me happy. I couldn't be more happier, not only just for me, but my family as well. Good doctors, good service, good choices, I feel comfortable with this service.

They never paid for my husband's back surgery. It was very expensive and we had to take our savings out to pay for it. The doctors were kind enough to lower the price for us. No one would help us. When we called they didn't know what was going on. They didn't care about my husband or any of us. They treated us like a piece of **. They never paid for surgery. EVER. It was like why bother having healthcare insurance?! I want to switch but, I live in WV and that's the only available choice. Terrible! Everything is terrible about this healthcare. They just treat you like a number no matter what. Don't even care about you at all.

My father had a stroke and we are supposed to have 100 days of coverage in a skilled nursing facility. They stopped payment on both the skilled nursing facility AND his physical therapy after only 20 some days. Heartless.

My husband is required to get insurance for his job, and my job mandates Highmark. Since we have to have two insurances, we just buy the catastrophic plan for my husband's which is the cheapest. They rarely cover anything, but since his birthday is earlier in the year, they are supposed to be primary and Highmark is secondary. Long story short, I have spent countless hours trying to get Highmark to provide maintenance of benefits. Many, many phone calls. Eventually, I learned that the most effective way is to go through their message center and send the EOB from the other company. This is ridiculous because the other insurance is also affiliated with Blue Cross. Even when I do this, sometimes it takes several attempts to get the maintenance of benefits to be provided.

My husband and I have excellent credit, and I am terrified that our credit rating will be harmed because we are not paying bills that we should not have to pay for. I don't understand why they will not just put a note on our account to provide the maintenance of benefits. There are also services which are surprisingly not covered, such as newborn care when my son was born in the hospital -- ordinary birth expenses. If I could go with another company, I would.

I sprained my ankle almost 3 months ago. Had several x-ray which came back normal. I have been in extreme pain with my foot. Tried several different braces with no relief. With severe swelling and ankle and foot pain how can an insurance company do this for insurance that I pay for? I have exhausted all avenue on my own. My attorney with be contacting you regarding this matter. This is going to turn into much more than a rejection of a MRI. Because you have a bunch of idiots working in your authorization department. I do authorizations at my job. I work with NaviNet. I know.

They randomly select medications to not cover anymore. Some patients NEED them but just continually get denied life altering medications. Never spoke with anyone that was rude or mean. They are just relaying information. It's to their fault. They offer help as much as they can but their own options are limited. Generally speaking, the coverage is good. Their internal policies are what I believe to be the problem. Plus, they could add a much easier and faster process for people needing exemptions. I was able to see a reputable doctor that fixed up all the issues I had going on. He helped me maintain the battle of getting healthy both mentally and physically.

My major use of claims processing use was for my daughter and the hospital or doctor's office usually handled that as soon as I gave them my card so there was little effort on my part. During the five years that I used this provider, I never once had to contact customer service regarding any issue. The coverage options are extensive and include single and family plans with usually three different tiers to choose from to meet every customer's needs. Through my employer I only paid $50 per paycheck for a family plan which included my wife and daughter with dental and vision also included so I don't think that can be beat.

I have been suffering from pain and numbness since Feb 3. I have had an X-ray and nerve tests, still no diagnosis. My Dr wrote a referral for an MRI. They denied it stating I needed proof of pt or chiropractor for last 6 weeks. Highmark has been paying for both since February so why do they need to prolong my pain and suffering while I get a letter from my chiro that what they have been getting paid for since February really happened. What a bunch of jerks! Wish I had UPMC!

Quality customer representative who make it Very easy to file a claim and getting reimburse for out of pocket funds. The usual claim and reimbursement process was resolved in under a month! The staff was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. They made it very easy to sort out hospital Bills and turned an unpleasant experience into something that could have been a lot more tolling. All in hospital stays are covered. Prescription copays are not that high and routine visits were great. Had a wide range of Drs that accepted. I got a great bang for my buck. It was required by my employer and it was definitely worth paying for. Would see not recommend opting out.

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