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good people to work with.
I had received my auto insurance renewal and struck by a 25% increase. I had no claims with this company for the 5 year I had my insurance with them. I called and found out they had re-accessed the state and determined an increase was necessary and would effect all people insured with that company. I called Homeinsurance, spoke with Steve and within an hour he had me insured with a company and saved me $300.
Sarah was very professional in her presentation of both the Home Insurance and the Auto Insurance. She has my vote for the most helpful and knowledgeable person I talked to about transferring my insurance. I made numerous phone calls and emails. She actually was not the least expensive but gave the best information and was the most willing to explain.
We had contacted several Insurance companies to get a quote for our home and most of the quotes that we received were much higher than what we werealready paying, he was able to find us at wonderful quote with a very low deductible at a great price. It only took 10 minutes.
Diane was helpful and found me very affordable insurance! She saved me over $450 dollars! The call didn't take too long and she answered any and all questions that I had!
I was skeptical to call because I had never heard of homeinsurance.com but I'm glad I did! They were able to take very detailed information, compare rates and get me better coverage at a lower cost than I found on my own. Plus, I only had to make one call vs the many I was making to compare rates on my own. Overall, my agent was extremely knowledgable, helpful, patient and did an awesome job. #14355463
Lonnie was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. He answered all my questions and made me aware of some I didn’t know enough to ask – all leading to a completely informed decision. Further he was able to get me a better rate on my automobile policy. He was also quick with return telephone calls – something one rarely sees these days. I would recommend Homeinsurance and particularly Lonnie to anyone. Confirmation number: 14299419
I am so happy to have found homeinsurance.com if it was't for their insurance agents I wouldn't be able to close on the house I was buying. Thank you for helping me through this stressful time.
The Homeinsurance.com representative was very personable, patient, and kind and did a great job in finding me the best deal ! He helped me with my questions concerning proper insurance coverage not too cheap and not too much and I was very satisfied with his answers and knowledge concerning these issues. I would recommend this service to anyone wanting to shop for the best deal in auto & home insurances all in one place.
I've been an Allstate insurance customer for the last 25 yrs. One day they send me a letter drastically raising my insurance rates. I was a life, auto, and homeowner policy holder with the company. Made one claim in the 1980's for a $700 carpet damaged when my water heater broke. My rates increased from $639 in 2006 to $1,659 in 2013. I felt violated and decided to shop around. I made one call and they shopped for me. Mark Z. got me better coverage (from an AM Best Rated A company) at half the price of my old policy.
I tried searching for the best rates on my own and it was a very time consuming ! I called Homeinsurance now....and they got me a policy much better than all my research was able to find. And they gave me a great policy at a great price, all from one phone call. Great friendly service too :)
I spoke to Kristina Gossett, She was very cheery, and resourceful over the phone. I had a great experience with her and would recommend the insurance company to anyone
Was able to combine new homeowners with existing auto and umbrella policy, for significant savings.
I was able to contact one site and have mutiple insurance quotes offered for my home and auto. I was able to get the best insurance combination with my current coverage at a lower rate. Confirmation # is: 4447078
I was able to get a great deal on all my insurance needs - rentals, home, car. Took a little bit to get mine figured out - didn't help that there were 5 homes and a car. It feels like they're not exactly setup to handle a lot of complexity. Not that they didn't find a policy that handled it, but that they weren't necessarily setup to manage it from a resource standpoint. It took the agent I worked with about a week to finalize, and communication was less that I'd desire. Seems like he was getting caught up in new calls, rather than finishing with me. Don't entirely think this is his fault, but when he wasn't on the phone with me, I think they just kept the other calls coming. If you simply just needed a simple quote (car + home, for example), they'd be great. In the end - got on a policy that was awesome. Saved me about $200/mth. Confirmation # 14272622
After getting quotes from several places, I was frustrated and ready to give up. Then, Mark Zwieback called. what a pleasure to work with Mark. Plus, he saved me over $2000 a year on my Homeowners policy and over $400 on my auto. I highly recommend everyone stop what you're doing and contact Mark!!!
Give them a try. They will find coverage for all your needs.
She was patient and informative and feel she found me the best rate. I feel she could have been more personable but she did her job well. I would recommend this company to others.
Meredith Redding was wonderful she found me a insurance company that filled our needs for less money. She listened to what we needed and helped me step by step. We would recommend her to anyone.
At beginning I was not confident about the website. And I felt the agent asked some stupid and too detail questions. But she immediately checked my records, verified my statements, and efficiently complete the whole process as soon as she got all my information. She then sent me the emails with the insurance policy. Well done! Pong
I was in a pinch and needed afforadble insurance. I went online and was contacted in less than a minute. In about twenty minutes I was able to obtain great insurance at a better deal. I would highly recommend them.
Quote for new homeowners insurance was too high with current carrier. After calling around a few companies I decided to try Homeinsurance.com. Glad I did as I was able to talk to just one rep (Tucker Harbour was very good and patient with me) and I was able to get a great quote with a reputable company at a price my current carrier couldn't match. I would recommend them to anyone shopping for coverage. Confirmation # is: 14383480
Nicholas had great customer service He was quick to respond to any questions or concerns I may have had. I feel like this company understand my needs and saved me hundred compared to other companies.
14401096 George Trifoli made the selection and intergration of my new homeowners insurance policy a snap. Plus I even saved some money. Bill Whitehead
Sarah at Homeinsurance made the process very easy. She made the contact with our mortgage broker directly so we didn't have to. She is arranging for the insurance paperwork to be at ready at our closing. And we've bundled our cars with the homeowner's insurance to save more. If we have any future issues there is 24/7 access to help and local adjusters to work with in person. 14318640
I was looking for a lower insurance for my home & got lower home insurance & auto insurance. Met Life has my home & two auto's covered with a better coverage than what I had. This will save me over $1,100.00 a year. I am very happy to be saving so much on my insurance policies. Joshua Jeanes was very helpful & well informed & answered all my questions.
Wow, I am still in shock as to how much I saved ! Over $1,200 on my auto ins. and homeowner's policy. The agent Stephanie B went the extra mile to find the same coverage we had, at half the price ! She warned me I better be sitting down before she told me the savings. LOL I still can't believe it...Hey homeinsurance.com ,Stephanie B deserves a raise ! Check this company out if you want the absolute lowest insurance rates. I'm going to spread the word to everyone. Sherry P
Confirmation # is: 14398937 I was shopping for quotes of both home and auto policies for days. The service I received from homeinsurance.com definitely stands out! The premiums were lowest and the agent was very professional and patient.
Kristopher was able to find a policy saving me $410 per year!
Diane was very helpful answering all of my questions and offered further discounts when combining our auto insurance with the requested home insurance.
Immediately started saving us money, very easy!
I spoke with Randell, who was knowledgeable and thorough. Answered all my questions with no problems and even contactedf me when his system didn't automatically adjust a a portion of the quote. 14301957
when I called the Toll Free number to obtain HOI quotes, I was not expecting such a personable agent to be on the other line. Her series of pertinent questions made the survey go very quickly while allowing me to provide the most accurate information.
All my insurance needs were discussed and the agent actually helped correct some errors in my insurance history. Nice people to do business with. Conf. # 14400044
The phone call took almost an hour. At the end the sales guy was very pushy. He told me he had found me the best rate anywhere and I had to lock it in right away because these rates "change by the hour." These are some fairly important purchases that customers will be paying for several years. Customers deserve some time to at least think about the options presented. I initially was just calling for a quote, but in the end the sales guy was looking for an immediate sale. He acted as though if I hung up the phone he was going to lose the sale. I finally did hang up and looked at a few other companies by myself. All three rates I found on my own were lower than the one quoted to me. All three of the other companies let me think about their quote and gave me the time to make an informed decision. I would never use this company to help me buy insurance. It was like dealing with a bad car salesman. Pushy and overpriced. Confirmation # 14309610
Saved almost 50% on my Home Owners Insurance and even saved some on our car insurance. Very happy with the results.
I normally do not like to conduct business over the telephone but the representative made me feel right at home with the process. He took the time to allow me to compare their proposals on home and auto insurance to my present policies and coverages. I would recommend them to anyone in need of reviewing their insurance needs. Conformation #14339992
I could not of asked for much more in getting home insurance
I have not had enough experience to fully review the company.
Sarah was great. She made the whole process smooth and simple. My only complaint was that Homeinsurance.com should have asked a lot more questions using its online form, in order to speed up the process. Nonetheless, I would highly recommend the service. They saved me hundreds of dollars per year.
I filled out information online and they called right away and they got me a great deal fast.... I would recommend to everyone!!
I told the agent that I didn't want more than a $1000 deductible - however, it turned out that the deductible on the Travelers Insurance policy that was recommended was $1500 for "regular" claims was/is $1500 and for wind/hail damage 2% of the insured value; for me, this is $2860!! Yes, I certainly should have read the policy more carefully instead of relying on the agent's word that my deductible would be $1000. Now I have to have my roof replaced because of hail damage and cannot afford to pay almost $3000. All the other insurances that I've seen, talked to, or heard about from others do NOT charge more than 1% for ANY claim. I will never use this company again and will cancel the Traveler's policy as soon as I save enough money to pay for the repairs ( which will not be until after next January.) Again, I realize that I should have read the policy more carefully instead of trusting the agent's word - unfortunately I DID trust the agent. I won't ever make that mistake again. I won't recommend Homeinsurance or Travelers to anyone.
This was the most stress-free decision I've had to make in the home buying process. My consultant did all the hard work to find the right policy for our home and I feel confident that I would not have found a better rate on my own. I am very pleased with the professionalism he showed and he made me feel like he really cared about getting my family the right coverage for our new home. 14323664
I enjoyed speaking with the agent and was pleased with the results of the home insurance quotes as well as the auto insurance quotes.
Agent gave quotes for homeowners insurance and auto insurance. The quotes were great. Saved us money for both policies even though they were not bundled. The agent handled everything on her end to make a smooth transfer from one insurance company to another. Gave direct line if we have any future questions or need help in anyway. 14406687
I was contacted by Christopher Tomlinson (14407944). He was very helpful in finding out which insurance company would be best for my situation. He was also able to have an alarm system company get ahold of me to set up and schedule one to be put in - on MY time. The whole process didn't take a whole lot of time and everything was explained. This was a lot easier than checking out all the companies quotes on my own.
She was helpful, nice, and real. I didn't feel like she was reading a script.
Michael Goodson told me that the best rate he could get for me was with SafeCo at $1900+ per year and that all other companies (including Liberty Mutual) came in at over $4000 per year. I had already received an online quote from Liberty Mutual for just over $1200 per year so I asked Michael about that. He told me that all these lower quotes were just a trick to get me to call them and that it would end up being significantly higher. His quote with Liberty Mutual was over $4000 per year (according to Michael). However, when an agent with Liberty Mutual called me directly and we went through all of the same basic information, My final rate with LM was just over $1300 per year (I chose lower deductables so it raised the rate from the original online quote). If Homeinsurance.com truley represents and searches all companies equally, how could this happen? Seems to me that SafeCo may have a better kickback to the agents! Even the online quote on Homeinsurance.com showed SafeCo as the highest and all others were about $50 less per month. This is illegal under the Deceptive Trades Practices Act. I have alerted Liberty Mutual about this as well. If you are not going to be honest in your representation for all companies and consumers, you should not be in business. Needless to say, SafeCo nor Homeinsurance.com will benefit from my business. I told my lender not to use SafeCo. And yes, I know that SafeCo is a Liberty Mutual company but, they are still competitors. One star only because it is required!
Stephanie was patient and kind, answering tons of questions I had. She gave me an excellent quote for home owners insurance.. I'm so glad for their quick response! Confirmation# 14383977
Very easy to talk to was. very helpful
The experience I had with Anderson was absolutely wonderful! He was very polite & patient with every question & concern I had. Not only was I pleased with the quote, but the customer service given by Anderson is what led me to choose him as my insurance agent! Thanks so much!!!
My experience with Patrick Cummings was excellent (Confirmation #14320591). I got a couple independent quotes from other insurance providers before coming to Homeinsurance.com and Patrick did a great job at finding the best rates for my location that beat my other quotes by a couple hundred dollars through reputable insurance providers that I've heard of before and have excellent customer ratings. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!
Mark Lawrence Zwieback provided excellent service! He was thorough and diligent in finding me the most cost efficient and adequate service. He made my experience pleasant and worth while. Much praise to Mark!
I am very appreciative of Mark's professional manner. He completed our survey very quickly asking the questions and making suggestions which really mattered. Thank you and Mark for a pleasurable experience. Wayne Williams
I dealt with agent Brittany Whitford and I cannot recommend her enough. She got me a better premium on my homeowner's policy and more coverage than I had previously. Can't ask for better than that. She is extremely friendly and professional and not at all pushy. I will definitely tell my friends about her if any of them are looking to get cheaper insurance rates, and who isn't??
These guys were wonderful. They returned my phone calls withing 45 minutes and followed up on everything. I would highly recommend this company. My agent (George) was very knowledgeable and really helped me pick out the very best policy for the most ideal price. What a great company!
Adam Deberry was very thorough in determining my current Homeowners insurance needs and was very efficient in supplying me a very competitive bid saving hundreds of dollars taking up very little of my time. He was informative with his recommendations yet not pushing me in any one direction but giving me options to make my own decisions.
Stephen Lewis's expertise in the insurance field was immediately recognizable when he reviewed our present home and auto coverage. He pointed out how much insurance we needed and the proper deductibles. We saved hundreds of dollars and would recommend Homeinsurance to anyone. Our sincere thanks. #14360969
Never did I imagine I would save so much money on my car and homeowners insurance. My agent was very knowledgeable and helpful in matching up my insurance needs. My agent was patient, friendly and very professional. I would definitely encourage everyone to use Homeinsurance services. #14268895
This is the second time I use Homeinsurance and I have been happy with my results both times! This second time was for auto insurance and my agent was able to find a rate much cheaper than what I could find myself. They respond with calls and emails promptly and their service is superb. I definitely recommend it to anyone. 12302865
just set aside an hour to talk to them. they get the best deal for your auto/home insurance... Confirmation # is: 14313921 Andrew is polite and courteous to work with...thanks..
Stephanie was very professional, most helpful, and honest with her findings. She went over and above my expectations with making me become and feel comfortable, knowledgeable, and not pressured in any way. My highest recommendation! 14336686
My experience with Home Owners Ins Company was a very pleasant one. The consultant was very informed as to what my needs were as a home owner to cover and protect my home .So far I am pleased with what has been presented to me. I hope to receive more info including the packet mentioned during my phone call, Rufus Nash
Andrew was extremely helpful and engaging. He gave all the information necessary without going through tons of unnecessary questions. Looked for (and found) the best quote I had gotten all day! Am very pleased with my experience and will be referring him to my friends as well! :D 14406650
I would recommend this site to anyone. The sales associate was very familiar with insurance and knew all the right questions to ask. I saved over $300 on my car insurance and over $500 on my homeowners policy. If you need a GOOD affordable policy contact Viane Boos at 877-779-9459 Ext 8455 and tell her Darrell Henderson recommended her. You have nothing to loose but so much to gain.
I really appreciate being able to go to one agent that was able work through what company had the best deal for us and explain coverage options to me. Superb service by the agent Adam Benfer who worked through several options to come up with a good solution.
Got best rate over many companies!
Brian is very good at his job. He helped in every way he could and got back to me in a great time frame. I am very glad i used home insurance and couldn't be any happier.
Stephanie was very helpful in finding me the best price on homeowners/car insurance. I highly recommend this service. Thanks Stephanie for saving us $$$ on our insurance policies. You were very pleasant to work with.
I say a Big Thank You to Patrick Cummings for all his help finding me the best rate possible for our home. Then also help me finding a good rate for car insurance. Thank You Patrick for all your help
Through Homeinsurance, Jeff is saving me money and time on homeowners and auto insurance. I've been collecting insurance quotes for days, and let me say that the insurance buck (and the tedious search for adequate and affordable coverage) stop right here. Highly recommend! (Confirmation: 14273591)
The person who helped me, Chris, was very helpful and friendly and to the point. He helped me get the best home and car insurance.
The people are so helpful and it is so convenient
we were looking for quotes on Home owners policies because our present company sent us a renewal that was impossible to believe. We contacted Homeinsurance and spoke with a very nice woman who asked questions regarding coverage needed. She gave us a quote and allowed us to study it overnight. She called back at the appointment time we set up the day before and answered all our concerns and questions. We received a quote that was $400. less than our present company had stated our renewal would be. We were so pleased we decided to change our car insurance as well.
I have homes in two states, cars in three, teenage drivers, so my insurance situation is a little complicated. Sarah worked through all of it with ease, shopped the rates, and had it all wrapped up in a twenty minute phone call. Perfect! Confirmation number: 14365223