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Fast, efficient, affordable, and friendly service!
Jason, You are a exceptional consultant and the perfect example of what 5 star customer service is! You were very knowledgeable and made my experience one I will always remember. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and for making sure I had the policy that worked for my needs.
Great rates!
Courteous informing, great product knowledge, Great rates the least expensive
The consultant, Zachary Ferretti was very helpful, professional and straight-forward. I will recommend to others looking for insurance.
The agent is very helpful! He looked for the best deal for me and I can make my decisions without hesitate during the phone call based on the coverage and premium. The agent described the coverage very clearly and gave my some good suggestions. He even let me know the background of the insurance companies to help me make the decision. I am very happy. My Confirmation # is: 15352364
My experience was simple and easy. Maurice was very helpful and patient. Confirmation # 15501728
I never did know a lot about insurance and some of the terminology. Without incident, I just felt like a change from State Farm after 12 "claimless" years. I went back and forth with Fanny Villamar for a few days by phone and email explaining "apples to apples" and last night my wife and I felt comfortable to sign with Met Life. She is definitely an asset to Red Ventures!!! Cindy & Howard McConnell Charlotte, NC
When I called called homeowners insurance, I had the pleasure of working with Jason Bailey. He did not make me feel as if I was taking too long to make a decision. He took his time and answered all of my questions concerning rates, coverage and policies (in terms that I could understand). I am happy to say that he was able to locate an insurance company with the coverage and rates that i was looking for. Because of my experience with Jason, I have recommended Home Owners Insurance to my sister.
Brian was intelligent, confident, courteous, and knowledgeable of the sources available to him. He answered questions almost as if he anticipated them. He was thorough, friendly, and acted as if he could handle himself under any conditions. I appreciate professional, proficient and timely conduct of business such as this Thank You.
The previous experiences I've have with home insurance quotes have been painfull. My experience today was unlike any experience I've had before. The young lady that assisted me was very patient and knowledgeable. She answered all of my questions, listened and offered things that might work for my best interest. I can only hope that all of the employees are like her. Thank you very much, your service was a blessing. #15096316
Easy to talk to, very respectful, very thorough, and most importantly great quote. It was $500 less than the last person I talked to.
A+ Our agent was very helpful in getting our homeowners and automobile insurance policies bundled for maximum savings.
Brian and Steve were very easy to work with. Particularly Brian. I felt as if I were dealing with people who can be talked to verses a checklist, yay or nay, black and white, teleprompted fake person. The service was excellent and I got off of the phone feeling quite satisfied.
Randall Royer was very knowledgeable and saved us on our insurance premiums for both home and car. He answered all our questions to our satisfaction.
I would recommend this company if I was asked about where to find an insurance quote. The service was fantastic and quick. I was very impressed (and I saved money!).
Agent was knowledgeable and answered all questions. Process was qick and easily completed. #14678808
Christy was very helpful and efficient. I was able to find affordable home insurance with her help.
The process should be shortened through more timely application systems. Long pauses during the information gathering and responses from the system. Not the agents fault.
Lucy was very helpful and knowledgeable and courteous. Helped me save money and made the experience enjoyable. Would recommend her to anyone needing insurance.
He was willing to work with me and all of my questions.
Excellent no high pressure service. Helped me save more that I imagined to be saving. Most important, broke it down to plain English for me. Thank You Guys!
All the folks who contacted me were awesome and I had a very good experience with getting the information and quotes I need. I had a clear understanding of what was needed and being asked. Michelle was kind and very personable and I will definitely contact her in the future for any further needs.
Thanks to Charles Hite for honestly answering all my questions and for providing the reasonable premium rate that I was looking for.
I was amazed at how easy it was to start my new policy, the agents were very nice and gave me more then what I expected at amazing rates. I can't believe the coverage I have for the price I am paying. I didn't fill pushed at all either when asked about other insurance available to me. So far this has been a great experience and stress reliever for me :)
Guy Hudson was very professional and thorough throughout the entire homeowners insurance application. He is an asset to the business.
Sarah Baker was the lady who helped us find insurance. She was AMAZING! We love her!
Allen was very helpful, explained everything so that I could understand. I would recommend his services to everyone.
I had a very positive experience with the agent I talked to. He was very helpful discussing every question I had and was not pushy. His knowledge of homeowners and auto insurance was extensive and relative to my needs. I would and will recommend others use this insurance resource.
Joshua, was outstanding, and ensured me everything would be taking care of .
Was very satisfied with the professionalism shown to me during the process of getting new Home Owner insurance. I appreciate the savings I received from Tiffany. Thank you for your help with lowering my home owner insurance.
Jessica was easy to work with and very friendly. The sign up process was easy and non-intrusive to my schedule. Plus I saved a few bucks on my home insurance. Thanks so much! Confirmation #: 14713776
He let me know what I needed and what I didn't, he really help tailor the insurance to my needs while saving me over $100 a month! It was a very pleasant experience.
Confirmation #14412964 Stephen was very helpful and answered all our questions efficiently.
I had not even finished filling in the auto portion of my quote request when I got a call from Homeownersinsurance.com. It took, all tolled, less than an hour to have our homeowners' and auto insurance rates up, locked, and ready to go. I give high marks for customer service, both in presentation and product knowledge. Our agent Stephanie Bachmann was professional, engaging, and made the experience comfortable.
Kristy was great and helped me save nearly $1000 a year by switching my home and auto carriers. After having the same ins co for years this was a great win for me! I'm one happy girl.
Fast and efficient excellent to work with.
The insurance agent listened to my needs and shopped the best deal possible for my new homeowners insurance policy. Everything was extremely easy and taken care of very quickly. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful assistance. Confirmation # 15401439
Stephanie was very friendly helpful in finding me very competitive rates for renewing my homeowners insurance. She was very clear with the options available to me and she made sure there was no misunderstanding of what I was purchasing. I definitely will call Stephanie again as my insurance needs arise. Very satisfied with my overall experience with Homeownersinsurance.com
I had a great experience shopping for homeowners insurance. The agent that helped me was friendly, patient, and knowledgeable. The rate quoted was much lower than what I currently pay.
I was shopping around for a lower rate on my homeowner's insurance when I came across this site. At first, I didn't feel like putting in all the information but it was worth it! They called immediately and I spoke with Meredith Redding which btw, was very nice and friendly. Anyway, she helped me to not only find a lower rate, but also keep my current coverage and in some things, actually make it better. This site was truly a blessing so thank you.
Zachary Ferretti the representative for homeownersinsurance.com was attentive and patient. I explained my needs and he was able to assist me. I would refer a friend to homeownersinsurance.com. onfirmation # is: 14547290
David Brown is professional and was very helpful in getting my needs taken care of. He went out of his way to assist me and even changed his lunch schedule to accomodate my time needs, as I had conference calls that made it difficult for me to work on the insurance needs. He called me back on time and with several offers and very well explained the options and benefits of each. Thanks, David for working with me on these insurance needs. I look forward to future opportunities for all my insurance needs. Sincerely, Guy White
My phone rang just as I had sat down to have my first cup of coffee. I was connected to Mr. Hudson to obtain a quote for Homeowners insurance. I also asked him to give me a quote to bundle my Auto with my Homeowners insurance. Not having much knowledge on how to proceed, Mr. Hudson took me through each and every step. He was very thorough and if I had questions, he answered them in such fashion that I understood completely. I honestly wish every salesman, for any company, would take lessons from Mr. Hudson. What a great pleasure from beginning to end. I'm sure everyone at Safeco knows what a great asset he is.
Great service, answered all my questions and helped me save some money :)
I was trolling through the typical on-line experience looking for homeowners insurance. I entered my basic information and hit send. Usually you get a stock email response that someone will contact you... soon. But I got a callback almost immediately. A couple more questions and I'm thinking here we go. Blah, blah blah and a lot of stock spiel until you just want to hang up. But I got transferred to a very knowledgeable agent and ended up speaking with them for over an hour and a half. You might not think that would be something you would want to do but the representative was so cordial and polite. Yes, he asked a lot of questions but explained everything so well it turned out to be quite informative.
Could not be happier. Saved over half compared to American Family Insurance. Process was quick and easy and representative was fantastic !!
The service I received during the insurance process was wonderful. Lauren was very kind and patient. She informed me of the options I had available and the choices I could make that would save me as much money as possible. She was cheerful and listened to everything I had to say. Once the process was completed I felt happy and confident with the insurance I will receive. Thanks so much!
Confirmation# 15367999. I had put off getting new quotes for years though I suspected my current insurance premium was high and it seemed to go up unreasonably year after year (even though I have never had a claim). This year I had enough and sought out quotes. I started online and then next day received a call where an agent worked with me to look up my existing coverage and help me get quotes on the very same level of coverage from other options. In the end I saved over 50% on home insurance. I am quite pleased with the experience and plan to refer my agent to friends and family in the area.
The agent who assisted me was very friendly and professional. I had to wait on hold for about 10 minutes when I was transferred from the first customer service gal to the agent, but they went through a thorough review of my info and gave me a really good quote on insurance for my new house. The whole process took about an hour so be prepared for that, but definitely time well spent.
Product was solid, rep was very professional, knowledgeable and took his time with me .
Tucker Harbour was awesome--highly recommend. Conf # 14641588
Working with Adam is an absolute pleasure. Pleasant and professional he found me a really superior product in a very short time.
Very sufficient n promt with all the info I need
I found a great way to shop for insurance, it save me all kinds of time, and I did it in a min and had total control of what I wanted and got a hell of a rate, cheap.
When I called Safeco, one of the many insurance companies I called to get quotes for homeowners and auto coverage, I received various and was not given the option to be assisted with quotes with other companies, such as Travelers and Adam Benfer did just that making my day so much easier! Which is what we all want in life!
A few years ago I shopped around for the lowest price on a combined home and auto insurance policy. Since then the premiums have increased each year even though I had no accident and filed no claim. This year my policy increased 18%. I started shopping around for other policies but it soon became complicated and took too much time. Somehow I found Patrick Cummings who in a short amount of time located a home and auto policy that saved me about $300/year. I would not hesitate to recommend Patrick to anyone looking for insurance. 14638314
I was looking for homeowners insurance and I feel as if I came to the right place. Not only did Jefferey answer all my questions he was very helpful and patient and was not pushy or too aggressive, just really made me feel like he would value my business. I made the decision to change and I am quite happy so far. I will recommend this place. Vicki Watlington Confirmation #14527937
After doing business with you. My Credit card used had to have been compromised somehow through your database because, It had been 8 months since the card had been used. and this company was the only company that used this card and 2 weeks later there was fraudulent use. Not happy!
I called my insurance company and then started calling and emailing others. I was having a hard time getting anyone to call me back. I stumbled upon this website and entered in my info. That very day I got a phone call. In under an hour I got the rates of several insurance companies and had insurance. Great experience.
excellent customer service the agent was very helper and informative
I appreciate Homeinsurance contacting me on a Saturday morning. I felt that the service was efficient and quick. Tate Taylor walked me through the process and was able to answer all of my questions. I was very pleased with the service.
Josh made the entire process easy and hassle free. He anticipated my needs and has great customer service. The quote I was given is the best I have found while shopping around. The coverage is ample and the cost less than competitors. I would recommend HomeInsurance.com to anyone looking for super customer service and great rates!
My homeownersinsurance.com agent was exceptional. Professional, sensitive to my requirements for a policy and very thorough. This was the best experience I've ever had when shopping for and buying insurance. Karen found a policy with coverage equal to my next closest policy quote - but at a $500 discount over that provider.
My current home Ins. Co. just doubled my Ins. rate so I called Homeownersinsurance and talked with Joshua and with in 30 minutes he managed to cut my rate in half saving me alot of money. Thank you very much.
Confirmation # 14689539. I experienced a bureaucratic problem with a homeowner's insurance company and needed to get another policy issue in quick order. The agent that help me was nothing short of extraordinary. He took the time to work the issue and get me set up with a new policy in short order and at an excellent premium. He has a long term customer in me.
I hate to deal with insurance but when I called to check on changing insurance companies I was fortunate enough to get an agent who not only was knowledgeable but turned my dreaded experience into a delightful one. He was so courteous, thorough and professional while all the time very concerned about fulfilling my insurance needs. if all agents are a professional and concerned as he I would not hesitate to recommend Homeownersinsurance to any one.
This is the second time I have used this company to obtain Insurance. It has been an excellent experience from start to finish. They work with many insurance companies and there rates are more than competitive. In fact, I saved over 700 per year on homeowners insurance. You also have the ability to contact your agent directly as opposed to just calling a main number and getting lost in the "customer service world". My agent was extremely helpful. He was great at following up and no hesitation to do anything necessary to help me get the best rates, I would definitely recommend this company to everyone
the agent called immediately, he was very personable and found me the best deal available. i got the whole package - car, home, umbrella. 14171960
Everyone that I spoke to was so friendly. They took their time explaining everything but did it in a timely manner. They check out several different agencies to make sure you are getting the best quote. If I think of questions, I just shoot my insurance consultant an email and it's answered very quickly and I don't feel like I'm a bother to him. They do a fantastic job and so far I have no complaints at all. Would def recommend to anyone! :) 14776179
Great service and advise about my insurance needs. Stephanie Bachmann was greatly helpful with my Insurance needs and would refer her to my family and friends.
I was comparing rates for Homeowners Insurance and beat my current policy by $350 annually. I switched Auto Insurance to the same company for the best savings. Brenden was thorough, professional and saved me lots of money. I'm very satisfied. Whenever a neighbor mentions Homeowners Insurance, I'll be quick to recommend they give you folks a call.
Friendly and Thorough. Took a while on the phone but, I was satisfied with the end quote for the home policy.
Candice was great, and the overall process was much easier and faster than I had dared to hope for. I'd received one quote before, and she was able to beat that by about 5%. I'll definitely recommend this service and particularly Candice to my friends and family for their future insurance needs!
I was skeptical about contacting the company, but am very glad I did. The agent was so very patient and so very helpful. He answered all our questions and compared apples to apples to give us the best price for both our homeowner and automobile policies. I like the fact that they do not work for any ONE insurance company, but work for the consumer. We were able to save $480 per year on our automobile insurance, and $250 per year on our homeowner insurance. I would highly recommend that you give them a call!
Easy quote now I may have to do car insurance.
Great overall experience with the entire process. The agent was very knowledgeable and provided detailed information. The process was easy and fast. 15722057
Matthew Gibson was great assisting me, but under writing kept needing more photos and documents, It was alot of time consuming trying to get everything together, but all in all the service was great , and i would recommend others to check out this insurance company, everyone was very friendly and worked hard to get me the best rate. Thank you !
I was disappointed at first because I went to the website and then received an email saying that I had to call them for a personalized quote. I had hoped to do everything online. I called and got an agent, Kaitlyn. She was very knowledgeable and personable. She answered all of my questions and processed everything as quickly as possible. I purchased both auto and home owner's insurance and saved a few hundred dollars a year. These policies were less than all of the other companies I'd gotten quotes from before. I have recommended them to my friends.
Adam worked hard and took care of every detail to save us a bunch of money on our car & home insurance. He was very diligent and asked lots of questions to find the best quote.
My representive, Tina, was over the top with beneficial answers to my questions. She was very polite and easy to talk to over the phone. I would recommend this service to all my friends and family in need. Thank You. Your Confirmation # is: 15270127
Very Impressed. Kept working my quote to get the best possible price and manage to move my auto insurance under the same company to keep everything bundled. Would definitely recommend to others.
Agent explained policy and coverage and was extremely helpful in answering all my questions. Feel confident that I have proper coverage for my home and auto. Thanks for patience and ability to explain and answers my questions.
Explained everything to me and basically broke it down so I could understand how everything works. Good company to deal with
Loved the service, got the best Home Insurance in town for the lowest cost. I would recommend Homeownersinsurance.com to anyone shopping for home insurance. Erin Midgett is awesome. Confirmation# 14505180 Vardan Ter-Antonyan
Fast. Friendly. Healpful
It was quick and simple, Jason Lawrence was very professional and I'm saving $400 a year. Who can ask for anything.
It took a while to get hold of an agent to work with. But once you geta chance to speak with one of their agents its all good.. I have got coverage twice from them, and I am a very happy customer to get best coverage for 30-40% less than anyone out there
Chris took care of my insurance needs with a single phone call. He compared rates with 5 other insurance providers and picked the one that was the most suitable while keeping cost in mind. I am totally satisfied. I also got the policy via email so no waiting for the policy to come through the pony express. Thanks Chris, great job.
Simple and complete. Amazing customer service, incredible savings. I was ripped off for years by State Farm. No more and glad I made the switch. Karen Sell is awesome and a pleasure to work with. She answered all my questions and all my concerns as well. Thanks so much for saving me over $1000 and with better coverage to boot !!
Update after one day: Longest wait times ever. Worse than Time warner. Literally sat on the phone for over an hour waiting to talk to someone. The agent I worked with never gave me a direct line nor an email. He never contacted my mortgage company as promised. I called four times trying to get a human, and when I did I was transferred. All were friendly but clearly did not care if I was trying to get ahold of someone specific. Just avoid working with them alltogether. I'm irate with this whole situation. First Review: Was initially a good experience. My Representative was a little high on the pushy spectrum since he implied that if I did not buy the insurance at that exact moment I would lose out on the deal of a lifetime. I assume this has worked before since he repeated this three times after I said no thanks. If you feel pressure to accept, stop and say no. However, it was a thorough, and easy process and I would recommend them despite the negative aspect. Two days later I decided to go with their offer which remained the same. I gave them my lender's name and they took care of the rest. 15096316
At first, I was unsure of going through an agency to "find homeowners insurance." But in the end, it was the best decision I made! Other companies were pretty sketchy when giving us quotes. When we would initially get the first quote, it would be very low and affordable. But once they entered our information the premiums kept getting higher and higher! It was almost as if shopping for a good deal for a potential customer was not something they do. Homeowners Insurance wasn't like that at all! From the moment I requested their assistance, they were up front and honest to me when assisting me in my search for a policy. We are buying our first home, and the last thing we wanted was for shopping for insurance to be a headache. Both Danielle and Tucker were amazing, and they went above and beyond for me and my husband. I appreciate you guys!! I will definitely recommend all my friends, coworkers, and associates know to go through you!
I was dubious on first contact. I don't easily trust newly met people. Even less some one trying to sell me something over the phone. I was shopping for insurance because American Family Insurance just jacked up rates on my bundled home and auto policies, yet again! Home Insurance Company agent Latoya Woods was great with me. I felt she understood my apprehensions and reservations. Ms. Woods asked alot of questions, LISTENED to me, then suggested solutions. She knew her products very well, and she was able to give me concise, complete answers. Ms. Woods made me believe she genuinely wanted to help me, as opposed to just racking up another sale. Bottom line, I now have a new insurance agent, I now have a new bundled home and auto policies with Safeco Insurance, and I saved $500.00 in insurance costs yearly. Yup, you can believe I'm smilin'!
Matt was very helpful in getting us the right home owners insurance at the best possible rates. We saved even more by adding our auto. I highly recommend them. Matt was very professional and knowledgable. He made me laugh so many times. # 14821429
Alex was very kind and friendly and new his stuff. Confirmation # is: 14972439
The experience was straight forward and the rep was easy to work with
No hassle involved. A1 customer service applied.
Adam Benfer was very knowledgable, curtious, and responsive. Totally satisfied.
Kyle Knoll was very helpful and knowledgeable. I feel confident he did all in his power to get me the best deal available, which is why I decided to buy from him.
I rated this company a 4 because no one is perfect. I am a person that is not so sure about doing things on the computer, but Phillip was very reassuring. I felt that Phillip Drew did an excellent job in helping me with my insurance coverage for my homeowners and car insurance . I duplicated want i had on my old policy but he explained a lot to me about my coverage. I felt very comfortable talking with him. If anyone needs insurance i would recommend HOMEINSURANCE COM LLC and Phillip Drew. If when you call back for any questions they are very pleasant and helpful in answering your questions.