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In October of 2010, a water line busted and flooded the basement of my home. During the claims process, two different adjusters were assigned to my case. The first one, Laura **, resigned after a few weeks and left the company. Later, Jay ** was assigned to settle my claim. The short version is that I have been waiting approximately 10 months to receive a response to my objections regarding the personal property claims. At first, Mr.** wanted me to hold off due to the amount of claims from the tornadoes that hit last spring. I patiently waited and for the past several months and have not received a response. Since the damage was caused by the negligence of the Cherokee County Georgia, Water and Sewer Authority, one would think Homesite Progressive would want to subrogate the claim at the earliest possible time. However, this cannot occur until the claim is settled from my standpoint.

In the past, I've had to deal with insurance companies in the claims process on two occasions. This involved damage as a result of Hurricane Andrew and tornadoes that hit the North Georgia area in 2006. The coverage I had on those occasions was with two different insurance companies other than Progressive. I must state the claims process went extremely well in the other two occasions and my experience with progressive has been disastrous, to say the least.

I believe I have been extremely patient and if I do not hear anything within the next 30 days, I intend to file a complaint with the insurance commissioner's office for the State of Georgia. Furthermore, I am in the process of developing a website on Facebook and other social media forms to warn people about the lack of responsiveness by Homesite. I personally view Progressive Insurance and Homesite claims processing as a disadvantage.

THESE PEOPLE ARE THE DEVIL! After several years with Homesite Insurance of Illinois, I received a letter informing me that my policy was ineligible for renewal. It seems they implemented internal guidelines such that 3 or more claims in 5 years got you evicted! One claim was only $712 which I would have gladly paid out-of-pocket had I known about their claim counter. They told me I would have no way of knowing whether filing a claim would get me kicked out, even if I had called to ask before filing the claim! They said their internal underwriter policies change all the time.

My house's basement got water leak because neighbor's water meter got broken last month, and carpet was getting wet and moldy. I called the customer service what I should do in this case. The rep said they can't answer my question unless I file a claim, and said I may withdraw the claim anytime, then I submitted a claim. A lady named Yovana called me one day after I filed the claim. I asked same question, she said she only process the claim doesnt know answer for my question. She was very rude. I asked to talk her manager, her manager called me one day later, his attitude was nice, but he doesnt seem to understand my question. No help either.

Turned out I withdrawn my claim since we didnt want to pay $1000 deductible and could deal with my neighbor and WSSC according my research, however about one week later, I received a mail states that my insurance policy will be terminated on Sept. WTF! It was because Geico I had choiced Homesite. I would give Geico five stars due to its excellent customer services and staff professional knowledge. HomeSite only can get one star or zero. I dont know why Geico has to choice HomeSite as its partner.

I have signed up for renter's insurance with Homesite Advantage twice now. After the first time I enrolled, I noticed my payments weren't coming out of my checking account. I called them, and they said my policy had been cancelled due to lack of payment. I had auto payments set up on a card that was stolen and I failed to give them the new card number. They also failed to email/call/mail me as to not receiving payment! I re-enrolled, and after 2 months of payments, it was cancelled again. This time I don't know why (no stolen card this time. My auto payment should have been taken from my credit card, which has plenty of money). I'm so mad I'm writing this review before I call them and tell them I'm finding another company.

I love Progressive Auto Insurance and am saddened that they would affiliate themselves with this unprofessional company. I am quite glad that I've never had to file a claim and warn others to please find another reputable company. Insurance is too important to take these chances.

I was trying to bundle car and renter's insurance online and this Homesite (that I didn't even realize Progressive had redirected me to) thing told me I had bundled it (for a price that was reasonable), so I put my payment information in and THEN it tells me it's only renter's insurance, not bundled, and would I like to get some car insurance! So they charged me what I thought was car and renter's for just renter's for double what I already pay! So then I call Progressive and they can't find my policy until three hours later (of continuous calling) when they finally tell me, "Oh it's Homesite."

So then I call Homesite and every time I get sent to the correct department they mysteriously can't hear me. 3 times in a row. So then I get smart and call the claims department and she gives me the DIRECT number that no one else would. Finally I am talking to a real person in the right department. Who tells me it takes 15-20 days for my bank account to be reimbursed!!! They took $100 from me by lying and faking stuff and then they won't refund my money for nearly a month! I live on a limited income and can't afford this domino effect! They didn't care. At all. Nothing they can do they said.

After 4 years with Progressive, they decided to not renew - not sure why and when I call they just say "It's a formula". I have had one claim since I've had my home (20+ years) and apparently after a theft that cost $1,000 and I put a security system immediately following - it's not good and they just don't renew with no explanation. Does not make sense and is very very disappointing. I would be careful as it does not seem to be very loyal at all and will not RELOOK at anything. I asked to have it relooked at because I knew there had to be a mistake. I was told - "NO there was no mistake, it's just a formula," and I could not talk with anyone else higher up to review. Very disappointing.

I filed for insurance on the home I had purchased in December of 2011. After going through the headaches of their awful customer service, I managed to get insurance on the home. My wife and I moved in almost the following week and less than two weeks later, I got a letter in the mail saying that my insurance was being cancelled. The reason was that my roof shingles were curling (roof is new as of April 2011), a tree branch is hanging over the home (neighbor's tree that I can't touch), and the paint was peeling.

If these were actual problems, there isn't a single house on the street that can actually be insured. I didn't even bother calling Homesite after the headaches of getting a hold of them the first time and I am now working to find a different insurance company. The only bright side to this is that I now know that I am not alone in this nightmare and that others are going through it as well.

On 7.29.2016 our area and surrounding rural areas experienced a massive hailstorm which damaged our RV and our home. We filed a claim through Geico since we had bundled vehicles and home. Geico responded swiftly and courteously. They totaled our RV and payment was received within a couple of weeks. However, our problem came when we filed a homeowner claim through Homesite for the hail damage to our roof and siding. Initially, the woman in customer service informed us that our deductible was $5000 and then proceeded to ask if we wanted to continue with our claim? We responded by stating, absolutely! Within a few weeks, an adjuster inspected our home and gave an estimate of over $17,000. Homesite soon responded via letter, they would deduct $5000. They would send the first check of $10,000 for roof and other repairs. They also stated when repairs were complete, they would send the remaining $2000.

Since the damage to our home and extended areas in our town were so extensive, we were put on a waiting list to have our roof repaired once we accepted a bid we liked. We were trying to save money by going with the lowest bid as well as a reputable company who we have done business with in the past. Approximately 6 months later the roofing company was ready to repair our roof. In the meantime, my spouse and I repaired and painted the entire exterior of home ourselves in order to save money.

Once all repairs were complete, we contacted Homesite on 4.16.17 only for them to say they closed our claim in which we were NEVER notified. We explained we were on a waiting list (it was out of our control) through the roofing company and the woman replied she would have to speak with her supervisor. All correspondence was done via email. Several days had gone by without contact from Homesite. We contacted them again and was informed our case was given to a "specialist" Stephanie **. She told us her supervisor had refused to reopen our claim.

Several more days went by when she said, our first email didn't come until after she wrote us to inform us that our Claim was closed. She informed us our case had been reopened, she received original receipts and original documentation. Furthermore, in yet another email, she asked that she be called to discuss "recoverable depreciation." Through this conversation, she was explaining how recoverable depreciation worked and what she thought we should be paid for scraping, painting and caulking our home plus what we paid for the exterior paint and supplies.

Homesite originally withheld about $7200 for recoverable depreciation so we are confused as to why they are applying it again??? HOMESITE has terrible customer service and they are a fraudulent company. As of July 1, 2017, we are still fighting with Homesite, and have decided to contact the Wyoming Insurance Commission, the FTC, the BBB and the Wyoming Attorney Generals office. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HOMESITE.

I have been a loyal customer with Homesite for 4 years. I have never submitted a claim to Homesite however I just received a notice for non-renewal because of a claim I made with another insurance company 4 years ago. I am very very disappointed that after being loyal to them, they are no longer loyal to me. I would highly recommend looking for another more loyal company that will be there when you need them.

I recently switched my homeowner's insurance over to Homesite (Progressive). I thought this was the greatest thing ever since they gave me a super low rate. Just yesterday I received a check in the mail for my premium. I was completely shocked. I called the company and they told me it was because of "debris in my yard". Uh, there are a few sticks (I am not kidding) in my yard. It is ridiculous. Further, there was no formal communication. I was being dropped. I was told once I clean up "my yard" they would be happy to "re-quote" me. Personally, I think it's a scam so they can charge more of a premium. I have formally put a dispute in with the Insurance Commissioner of Connecticut and I am getting re-quoted now from my former company. Glad to see I am not alone, but if you are reading this stay away from Homesite!

Homesite insurance force me to replace the roof of my house without any water leak. They sent me a letter of cancellation on 07/04/16 giving me three weeks to replace the roof. I did replace before the date line and I did call them to let them know. They ask me to send pics and invoice showing that I already paid it. I sent many pics and I did call today 07/05/16 and they don't care. My policy is cancel. Perros.

Initiated new home owner's policy August 1, 2011 with Progressive, unwritten by Homesite. On August 16, 2011 after 8:00 my time, during a rainstorm a home inspection was completed. I received a letter today that my policy will be canceled on 10/3/11 for "curling" roof shingles, trees overhanging roof, damage to siding on garage and rotting steps. None of these items were correct. I purchased the house 8/1/11, it passed an FHA HUD inspection! I contacted Homesite to express that these items were incorrect and requested another inspector be sent out, they refused. I then requested a more detailed report of the home inspection, they stated they could not provide me with anything more detailed. I then inquired how I will know what to repair as I do not see any of these deficiencies. I was advised to replace the entire roof, all of the external stairs and cut down any trees surrounding my home!

Very disappointing experience! Were very kind and helpful when I would call with simple questions but when it came to actually using my policy nothing but a disaster. We had severe hail damage to the point where we needed our entire roof replaced, but when I called to make a claim and had an adjuster come out, they would only pay you for about a quarter of the cost, but I would have to pay a deductible $500 more than what they were going to give me for a check. Apparently all of their accounts are set up to where they would never have to pay out a dime.

I have (is going to be "HAD" very soon as I plan on changing companies) my Homesite Insurance through Geico. I am a first time homebuyer and we recently had our first claim due to a high wind and rain storm that opened up a leak in our roof. The adjuster came out and said our roof was improperly constructed and therefore denied our claim. Mind you, they had no problem giving me insurance and saw pictures of our roof- the front part is flat as it is an upper porch. 90% of the houses in my neighborhood are constructed like this and it is properly sealed and taken care of for the type of roof it is. I was told "all roofs must have a pitch" which is incorrect as commercial roofs and terraces, as long as they are properly sealed- no do need a pitch.

I'm amazed at how bad this company is and how they are willing to issue you insurance but when it comes down to a claim, your house is somehow improperly constructed. Like many others have said, the adjuster just keeps talking in circles and doesn't really listen to your complaint. I escalated my claim and wanted it to be review by a supervisor- I was basically told that it would be submitted for review but the answer is already NO.

I will not be doing business with them and am immediately switching companies once everything is settle. I am really happy with my Geico car insurance, but am very disappointed that Geico would partner with such an awful homeowner's insurance company. BEWARE!

Won't return deposit - I ordered a policy and then canceled it right away because of the answer to a question I forgot to ask. I asked for my money to be returned and here it is over a week later and they still want to hold my money for more than 10 days. I spoke with a supervisor named John and he told me he would tell billing to reverse the charges on the payment and I would have a refund in 2 days. Now I hear from a supervisor named Ryan that billing won't refund my money before the 10 days because it was not their "error." This is a very nasty policy. It doesn't make a difference whose "error" it is. They should just refund the money. I canceled and they just want to hold the money. I want my money back now not in another week or whenever they want.

I had a pipe that burst in my home on 3 June 2011. At the time, my only concern was taking care of my home. When I contacted the insurance company a couple days later after cleaning up as much damage as I could, I was given a claim number and then told that an adjuster would contact me in a few days. When I asked him about a crew to clean up the water damage, I was told that I didn't need them and that the damage was extensive enough.

Weeks went by without hearing anything. I called the adjuster and was told that he already submitted the appraisal. But when I called Homesite, they told me that they never received it. I called back the adjuster and he told me that he will contact Homesite himself. In the time that passed, I got an allergic reaction on my entire face of hives. I missed a day of work because of this. I went to work with the hives for about three days. When I complained and cried about the home being uninhabitable (as stated by more than one potential contractor), we were put in a hotel. Then, they contacted Servpro and they started the process of toxic mold and mildew removal. They did a great job. Unfortunately, this should have been done when I filed the claim or upon the adjuster's visit.

I have had another reaction by just being in the basement for less than half an hour. This time, I dealt with another adjuster who was sent back for another assessment. Shortly after, he left Homesite Insurance. I heard nothing for two weeks and when I contacted him, I got an email stating that he left the company. When I got in contact with Homesite, they advised me that I had a new adjuster and they gave me her name and number.

When I talked to her, I knew immediately that she was a cold and heartless woman. I tried to speak to her about how much I wanted to be back in my home. She stated, "Well you can go back to your home." Did this woman just say that? I had allergic reactions in the home, yet she wanted me to go back to my home. Well, my home had no toilet at the time. I have had two allergic reactions from the toxic mold and tried not to scratch the itches. The house had been gutted and the sub-floors were removed due to the length of time and the extent of the mold going through the them. Everything in the home smell of mold and mildew as soon as anyone walked in the front or back door. The home was uninhabitable.

They openly accused me of fraud because I screenshot the photo and made it a bit brighter and enlarge it for claim adjuster Lauren **, so she can see it better. She kept complaining about she couldn't see the photo that good! She said the date of the photo didn't match other dates of the photo. It's because I screenshot the photo on a different date when she asks for more pictures. I'm really disappointed with this company.

I have to question if this is even a legitimate flood insurance company. Jackeline ** has been main contact and has given me several different phone numbers, all of which are not for Homesite. I had questions about renewing my policy or making a payment. All phone numbers given have not been for Homesite Insurance. When I call her back she apologizes and says she gave me the wrong number and provides me with another incorrect number. So many incorrect phone numbers, I gave up!

They have no site or account for automatic payment deduction. Other online reviews average this company a 1 1/2 stars. Read reviews before making a decision and avoid this company. This company is part of Progressive Insurance, who initially referred me to Homesite for a renter's insurance flood policy. When I contacted Progressive today 5-15-18 to request flood insurance for renters, I was transferred once again to Homesite. When I told the woman who answered I didn't want to work with Homesite, she told me it was through the federal government. I told her, "No thanks, not using Homesite." and I hung up.

Neighbor's washing machine exploded and flooded my garage and part of my kitchen on April 1st. Contacted Homesite Insurance, A PROGRESSIVE COMPANY and started a claim for damages. DOUG ** was assigned the claim as my adjuster. His smooth Texas style and accent was supposed to lull me into happiness. He reassured me that his 30 years of experience as an adjuster would make this claim move easily. He told me that I need to get an Angie's List subscription and find local contractors to deal with repairs and the damage. I went out, found several contractors, took the time off of work, had them come provide estimates, sent these to DOUG at HOMESITE, A PROGRESS COMPANY and was told to go ahead and start the repairs.

They sent a check for the ServiceMaster crew that arrived to do initial destruction and drying of water damage. Then they sent another check to me. They told that the funds were incorrect so I returned the uncashed checks to HOMESITE, A PROGRESSIVE COMPANY. A bill was received from Service Master and I immediately paid it as it arrived 30 days late and had extra fees attached to it. HOMESITE, A PROGRESSIVE COMPANY did not pay them and expected me to pay out of pocket.

The contractor that I selected to do the repairs did the work on the damage and when the work was completed, I paid them for their work. During this time, DOUG **, disappeared and was no longer handling my claim. I was then told that BOBBY ** was the new adjuster. He reviewed the materials submitted concerning this claim. I had additional damage to claim that was identified after the initial assessment. I was told provide an estimate which was done. I was told go ahead and do the work. After the work was completed, I again paid the contractor. BOBBY **, adjuster for HOMESITE INSURANCE, A PROGRESSIVE COMPANY, cut a check to Service Master for their water mitigation work and he also cut me a check for the initial costs. He finally cut a check for personal property that was lost in this claim.

I submitted a final invoice for the last work that needed to be accomplished and DEBORAH **, CLAIMS ADJUSTER FOR HOMESITE INSURANCE, A PROGRESSIVE COMPANY sent me a reply stating that I had been overpaid for this claim and that I owe them $217.17. I explained to her that this work was identified after the original damage was assessed. She did not care that I have already paid $500 dollar deductible and had "DEPRECIATION" withheld from what I am owed. Now I have Martia **, Recoverable Depreciation Associate, requesting photographs and estimates and information concerning the last work accomplished. There is some subrogation company involved with the claim and even with all of these people here to make my claim as efficient as possible, NO ONE IS REPLYING TO EMAILS, CALLS OR ATTEMPTS AT COMMUNICATION.

At this point, I have no other recourse other than seeking legal representation and suing HOMESITE INSURANCE, A PROGRESSIVE COMPANY for failure to do what they are supposed to do. I am still almost $2000 out of pocket into this claim and no relief in sight. As soon as this gets resolved, I intend to move my 2 cars, motorcycle and house away from the PROGRESSIVE FAMILY OF INSURANCES due to their lousy customer support. My advice to anyone considering insurance with the PROGRESSIVE FAMILY OF INSURANCES is to look elsewhere. It is true, you get what you pay for. Cheap gets crap service.

In June I called Homesite about why they had not processed May's payment. Was informed there was no payment for May or June but there would be a $626.00 payment for renewal in July. Asked why so much and turns out they more than doubled my premium. I informed the rep on the phone that I will not be renewing the policy and that I will find other insurance. Rep was specifically asked multiple times what I need to do to make sure the policy is not renewed and she said, "Just don't pay it." Turns out I needed to have the policy canceled and this was never mentioned until after Homesite had made 2 attempts to withdraw the new premium which caused 2 overdrafts @ $28.00 each.

This should never have happened and I have asked Homesite to refund the overdraft charges. They have to this point refused. I talked to a supervisor who read a transcript by someone else stating that I never asked what I needed to do to make sure the policy is not renewed. This is incorrect and I believe lies on their part to own up to failing to do what was right in June. The rep in June was rude and kept interrupting me until I finally told her to shut and let me finish what I am saying on several occasions.

I move on December 8, 2017, on December 20 a driver went off road hitting my house from the side ripping my front door and landing in front of my dining room. I was left to deal with my insurance company, Homesite. The adjuster let us know that our insurance might go up. I never expected to go up 65%, even though I did the claim with the driver insurance. Do not use this company, they lack concern for their clients. Poor company!

After the 2007 CA wildfires, Homesite withheld an endorsement to our policy. On June 6, 2011, a jury, in North San Diego County Superior Court, found Homesite guilty of Fraud and Malice. The jury also awarded 3.2 million in punitive damages.

This company overcharged me $30,000 over the course of eight years. They admit it, but will not do anything about it. They said I should have realized "their" error at the beginning. I did call them to ask about it in 2008, but they assured me that they correctly valued my home. In actuality, they overvalued the replacement cost by 60 percent. Sixty percent. Unbelievable.

When I got them to finally admit their error, they said they would correct it going forward, but would do nothing about the years of overcharges. I went with this company when my old insurer went under. I live in New Orleans and in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and others, few companies were writing insurance. I had the bad luck to pick this one. Terrible, terrible company. Stay far, far away.

We read our HOMESITE policy when we bought it. We have had 3-4 adjustors and every time the newest adjustor comes into play you feel like you start from scratch. HS has been slow. Their "replacement" value can be tricky. Go find a receipt 2 yrs old. They want you to function as their banker. We thought the adjustor would be accessible. The adjustor hides behind voicemail and email. The HS adjustor questions and demands you respond to their timeline and agenda. I'm sure there are things they have not paid for but only know that they paid 20-25% of losses at best. I was just told from a customer service person that when you do replace a loss then they will pay FULL amount.

Been paying premiums for 25 yrs and one claim and they almost contest a large percentage of claims. You must be your own advocate or hire a "Public Adjustor" PA. Now I understand why PAs are sometimes good to hire. Feel we have lost time. I personally lost income being displaced and sitting in home while contractors do their work... Feel HS should pay me for lost time. CS person also said that if cost of service or an item is more than you submitted and insurance company paid can be revised.

On July 17th 2011, an electrical fire at the home I was renting consumed the home and we lost all of our belongings. To date, the claim is not settled nor have I received a single returned phone call from Dawn. Initially, I was sent $3000 emergency money for clothing on July 19th. Since that time, I have not received a phone call, letter, or any communication regarding my claim. I have called at least once a day and it is now over five weeks later.

We can't secure a place to live until the claim is settled. Dawn's voice mail greeting states that if the call is received before 3:00 pm, she will return the call the same day. Yet I have never gotten a return call.

I bought a house, and when Homesite got around to inspecting it they decided I need to replace the roof on the house and the detached garage, repaint and repair some of the trim on the house and garage as well. By the time I got somebody to replace the roofs ($8000) and then somebody to repair and repaint the trim ($6000) as well as find $14k to pay for everything, they cancelled me. Yup.

As if that wasn't enough, during a storm a tree fell onto the detached garage, which had just been repaired. I filed a claim that same day. I called in the next day to provide additional detail, and I was told the original claim wasn't in the system. So, they filed a second claim. About 2 weeks later an adjuster finally called me after me hounding the company for a callback and finding a CSR willing to tell the adjuster's manager he was doing a ** job. He could barely answer any questions... ZERO knowledge. Since I wasn't sure of the extent of the damage and my deductible was high, he said he'd cancel the original claim and then I could refile when I knew how much damage I had.

That night a woman called and said that we needed to pursue the second claim as well, because my neighbor had car damage. She wanted to cut a check with ZERO proof. I sent her pictures and she ended up giving the man the max - $1000. She insisted the second claim needed to stay separate from the garage damage claim. I had some contractors come out and tell me it was easily $30k to replace the garage. It was totaled. So, I went ahead and filed a 3rd claim. After that, no work from these guys for about a week after being told I would hear from the "adjuster" in 24 hours.

A few more days of chasing people down and leaving messages with an attitude and finally I get a CSR who knew what the heck she was doing and she tells me that I should NOT have 3 claims. The first one needs to be reopened and the second combined with the first, while the 3rd one completely closed. Then I'm told an adjuster will be at my house within the week. The guy finally shows up to my house to take pictures. This is a different adjuster, who then sent his pictures to the first adjuster. I was told a week tops before hearing back anything. It's been about 2 more weeks. I started leaving more voicemails and sending emails. (BTW - you cannot directly email your adjuster... they all go to the same email address.)

Today I called and the CSR IM'd the adjuster who then suddenly had time to talk to me. The CSR said he was pulling the information together and it would be few minutes. I waited. When the ** got the phone he says "What can I do for you?" I told him I needed a claim update. He said he'd have his review done by the end of the day and a check requested within 24 hours. Sound familiar? He said he hadn't looked at the onsite adjuster's information yet, and he couldn't give me any detail on how much, etc. I told him that if needed I have a contractor on paper saying it will take more than my policy will cover to replace. He told me he'd just sent a check and I could take it up later. Right. I'm sure it will be a priority.

So, they cancelled my insurance, remember? And there are still 2 open claims on my account. So, my current quotes are nearly $300 higher per year. I asked why there were 2 open still and he said he didn't know and it was the first he's hearing of it. He said they'd look into it. Right. Another priority? Bottom line - DO NOT USE THEM. Ever. Never, ever use them. They are the only company offered through Progressive and Geico that will service my area, but I'm DONE with online shopping for this insurance. DONE. Terrible, horrible, ** experience.

It was great one Home Insurance owner because if something happen of the house they will assurance that they will have warranty of the house that need to fix.

My home was damaged in June 3 and this is the second complaint I have filed. Still, no work has been done on my home and it's September 16, 2011. Please, help me.

After the freak snowstorm, my yard, roof, and deck look like a bomb went off. It's a complete mess. This company is terrible. I am still waiting after 2 weeks to get someone to call me regarding my initial report of loss.

I have emailed, called multiple times, left many messages, and been told, "Your adjuster is on another line, she will call you as soon as she hangs up." That last comment was 3 days ago. I guess it's a long call. I will not renew this policy and go back to Amica. The service is spectacular. Judging by these other comments, maybe I should just get the repairs done and not expect anything from them.

Because I'm in day 4 of Hurricane Matthew with nothing but a weak internet signal, I thought I would share about how Lisa (?) from Ohio helped me. I really wish I had gotten her name and spoke to her supervisor. I will admit that I was really pissy. I pay renters insurance and want SOMEONE to tell me what is covered. She was the second person I spoke to. Honestly, I wanted to rain fire on someone because we've been without power and water since Saturday and they are expecting it to be put a week. I tried to fight it, but she worked her magic on me. I felt that she really cared and worked very quickly and diligently to have a claims adjuster call us. I really didn't want to warm up. I wanted to yell at someone for being incompetent... but I couldn't.

She truly was compassionate, and I feel that she is just genuinely that way. Homesite is lucky to have an employee like that because patience and understanding is NOT something you can teach someone. I know they are getting thousands of calls due to Matthew, but I hope that they recognize the people who are truly care about their customers.

I was bit by a dog on their insureds property in July 2010. They said, get the bills and we'll pay. I sent them the bills and Cara ** said something's not right. Sign patient info release and when we get the info (February 2011), we'll contact you. We waited, and waited. We contacted her in September 2011, and it was, "Oh, we didn't hear from you so we closed the file". Finally agreed on an amount, sent in the paperwork (release of claim form) December 6, 2011, and still no payment. Bad Faith!

Renewal premium for 2011/2012 policy period has more than doubled. No claims made in the last 7 years; no claims ever paid. Policy inception is 2002. Will be contacting PA Dept of Insurance to make formal complaint. In my opinion, they don't value my longevity with them as a customer or my premium payments.

We have been insured with Homesite for about four years and within that time three years ago we had a claim for a dog scaring someone off a bike and every year the amount of the policy payments went up but this year it went up almost three hundred dollars and we have not had any claims other than the one three years ago. So we found a better policy with a different company for less and called Homesite to cancel our existing policy. Now even though it was just raised they said they can find us discounts now. If there were discounts to be given why raise my policy payments? This makes no sense at all. Farmers gave us a better policy for less.

We experienced damage to our home due to siding coming loose and flooding; ceiling in basement and walls were compromised as well as basement flooring. When we initially called in, we were told that "groundwater" was not covered. Due to ceiling stains, I didn't think this was an issue so we were sent to the adjuster James **. He informed me on the phone, without looking at anything, that this would not be covered. After asking for at least an inspector, he finally consented after I requested to be transferred to someone else. An inspector came a week later during which mold and mildew were growing in my basement as we were afraid to disturb the area and compromise the inspection.

The inspector said it was NOT groundwater, but due to siding spitting away from the wall. No one contacted us, but a week later, we call in to find out they are sending a letter of denial because flooding is not necessarily a groundwater issue, but a lot of rain and since it was an ongoing problem, the claim was denied. They basically found any way out of covering costs that was possible. They have no regards for the families that pay them to take care of them. We signed up with them through GEICO and will be canceling all of our policies with BOTH companies. Wish we had read reviews sooner and had never paid them a cent!

I closed on a house and already had Progressive auto insurance, so figured I'd go with Progressive for homeowners insurance. Two weeks after closing they tell me that in order to keep insurance with them I need to replace my entire roof, and paint my entire exterior, in addition to other things, in order to keep my policy! It's literally impossible, let alone unreasonable. Also, I recently had a thorough home inspection that said nothing of the sort. Then they tell me that they'll issue a PARTIAL refund if I switch policies?!? This is on December 19th. So they keep money, screw me over over the holidays, and then they tell me they'll need at least a month to issue the refund?!? So they get a month to write a check, and I get two weeks to replace my entire roof, and paint my house. Super cool. I'm cancelling my car insurance with Progressive now too.

In April of this year I found out that Homesite Insurance was deducting money from my bank for property that was sold in October of 2013. They took money from November of 2013 until April 1st of 2016. I have submitted my tax return for 2013 and they wanted more documentation. I sent a copy of the sale of the house and that wasn't enough. I was promised return call that never happened. I was told that the documents I sent were never received. But when I questioned them about it they managed to find them. I have had nothing but runarounds since I tried to get my money back. I am beginning to understand why this company has such a poor rating. I was promised a return call. If no results I will file a complaint with the state insurance commission. These bums are corrupt!

I was asked by Geico Insurance to combine home and auto insurance. They signed me up with this third rate company, Homesite. Homesite has denied my three claims. I haven't filed a claim in many years! I had property stolen from my house and they won't cover it.

I recently switched my auto, home, valuable items, boat and umbrella to Geico. Seemed like a good idea. 23 years with my previous insurer and the rates just kept going up. They'd offer a 10% discount one month for signing up for some option and then increase the rates 17% the next. Switched everything to Geico...

One month later after a drive by they tell me we won't cover you unless you repair outbuilding roof. I said nothing wrong with the roof... They respond there's "moss" on it. I said, "Well, I live in New England, we have trees and in the damp months moss grows on the roof... dry months it dies and we sweep off occasionally." No matter... we can't have Moss on the roof, repair show contractor receipts or we will not renew. BEWARE... They don't tell you when bidding or underwriting, they tell you after you drop your old insurance and pay. This is where the congress is hopelessly asleep...or is Warren no different than the rest. Very sad state of the times.

Been a homeowner for 8+ years. Had to file my first claim ever after the crazy storms came through California. We had pasture fencing wiped out. I was hesitant to file a claim as I had never before but when we realized the cost to replace our fence we needed help. I filed my claim with pictures to them on a Thursday, money was in our account by the next Tuesday! I worked with a Robin. She was very nice and professional AND helpful. Made it very easy. Hopefully I will never have to file another claim, but if I do I know I'm taken care of with Homesite.

I filed a claim concerning water damage in bathroom. My home is 17 yrs old and it's the first time a claim was made. The whole experience was not very personable. I called back a couple of months later to inquire about damage to the outside door frames. I found out it was filed as a claim and they are giving me a hard time to change it to an inquiry. I no longer intend to do business with Progressive at all. The insurance company I want has a problem with 2 claims in a 5-year period. Regardless, I'm dumping Homesite. They don't return phone calls; the supervisor is never available. The representatives are not pleasant (except for one who did try to help but they won't let me talk to her again). It has been BAD service on their part. And I don't recommend this company to anyone.

I have had insurance with them for over 10 years paying around $960 a year. I went up to $2560 a year, after the renewal date and the payment for $960 was made from my mortgage Lender. I find out at the next renewal I was canceled due to the full amount wasn't paid. They get called prior from mortgage company to get verification that it's active and bill amount. My mortgage company nor I knew I was canceled from 10 months or that I had an increase. The rate increase is in itself a ripoff. I currently have zero insurance and now have a record of being dropped. Also, I haven't ever had a claim.

I recently discovered that my home insurance jumped from 589 a year to 1406. I have had Homesite Insurance for about six years now. My credit rating is very good, well over 730, and I have not filed a claim of any type since 1989. I have been given no explanation as to why this increase was put in place. It will cause my house payment to increase almost 150 a month. I'm extremely upset that an insurance company can institute a 139% increase with no prior notification. I will be changing companies as soon as possible.

I rent an apartment with mandatory insurance, I chose the Progressive/Homesite Insurance, because my car insurance is there. One night when I was at work, an apartment upstairs was broke pipe and my apartment was flooded. January, everything is flooded in the apartment and I had a shock. I called to the insurance Property Claims Adjuster Mr. Michael **. He very friendly helped to find temporary housing and cover the costs after the flood. I express my gratitude to Mr. Michael ** and Progressive/Homesite Insurance for their help.

This company is horrible. As a insurance agent I would never recommend Homesite. They have poor customer service, inexperienced claim adjusters. The saying is true, "You get what you pay for," specially with this company.

I had a renter's insurance underwritten by Homesite for six years without a claim. Unfortunately, recently someone broke into my backyard by tearing down the locked gate and stole my 49cc scooter. Homesite was very responsive in denying my claim and told me that I should have had motorcycle insurance and could they sell it to me now? I told them (six different people -- I got transferred around a lot) that it was a 49cc scooter, not a motorcycle. It's not registered, it doesn't require a motorcycle license, it has no plates.

I would understand if I had wrecked the scooter somewhere or if I'd had it stolen out and about somewhere -- but someone broke into my property and took it. Isn't that the classic renter's insurance scenario? Apparently not, as the Homesite adjuster and the other customer service folks refused to engage in the specifics of my situation and constantly circled back to the motorcycle insurance that they felt I should have had and could they sell it to me now? Apparently uninsured despite the years of premium payments, I felt like I had no other option but to cancel the policy and move on with my life. And to leave a note here.

Looking back on it as I'm writing this, what disappointed me the most about this situation was that Homesite staff conducted themselves in what I think is the insurance nightmare scenario: they were obtuse, bureaucratic, and interested only in denying the claim and then trying to sell me more insurance (against which I presumably wouldn't be able to make a claim, either). Sure, Homesite is bargain insurance, so what should I expect? But in going through this I was still surprised they weren't able or empowered to engage with my situation as it actually happened but instead just robotically went through a script of legalese about "means of conveyance" and then tried to upsell me.

The customer service is the worse I Have ever Dealt with - Not organized, doesn't call customers in a timely manner and most of all just rude to the customers... I will never ever call this company for anything else, and I would just go without BF calling this company ever ever again...

I was offered a discounted rate on renters insurance w/ Homesite through my auto insurance. I spoke w/ 3 different sales reps about very specific items, including coverage of musical instruments outside of the property (they told me they would be covered outside the home the same as if they were in the home), and that they had a $10k cap on instruments but other musical equipment wasn't included in this cap.

Upon opening the policy and then reading through the actual policy docs and speaking with a rep (not a sales rep) none of what I had been told was accurate. There were limitations on items located outside of the home, and No musical "equipment' (not just instruments) were covered unless I specifically scheduled them at additional costs each. I became increasingly skeptical on the sales calls - they were "great sales people", - but after being directed through 3 different people to get answers, I figured I could sign up and confirm in the policy docs. What a waste of a couple hours. They might have gotten my business (and kept it) if they had just been honest and given accurate info. They did offer a complete refund, which is one plus I suppose.

We recently had 70 mile an hour winds and part of our roof blew off. We made a claim and an assessor can and said the damage was below our 2700 dollars deductible. However, a roofer gave us an estimate with photos of 8000 dollars damage. Progressive Homeowners said since we had one of their assessors out here the year before and didn't have the damage fixed they wouldn't pay for the current damage or consider the prior damage in this recent claim. The first assessor told us he wasn't going to make a claim because there wasn't enough damage.

One year later, when our roof blows apart Homesite tells us there was a prior claim made. We were unaware as we never received a claim number or letter of denial like you typically would. Their story, employees, and organization seem dishonest, trained in scamming 101, and should never be trusted to insure your property so beware. Out of all the homes we have owned and the different insurers we have had I have never felt so worked over as I have with Homesite. Disgusting.

I had a home robbery and Homesite Insurance is trying to claim it wasn't justification for my claim. Put some kind of BS limits on my $30,000 claim and only paid out $3K. The process started in November of 2017 and ran until this month (June 2018) and still unresolved. I am going to have to hire an expensive attorney to pursue this matter.

We do not pay the insurance. We have never dealt with them. I assume that they are good because we have never had a prob with them even though they are associated with GEICO.

Long story short, my husband and I bought our home early last year and the terrible storms that came last spring tore up our roof. Homesite, the underwriters that Progressive uses, refused to help us, lied to us, and provided horrible customer service! The adjuster, in front of multiple witnesses, stated he was recommending full roof replacement. Homesite turned around and said that was not what he recommended and they weren't going to do anything about it.

We filed a BBB complaint and they continue to lie. The rep we dealt with, Ruby **, told horrible lies and would not return phone calls until we demanded a supervisor contact us. Do you think Progressive has even attempted to help either? No. We should have done our homework and read up on all of these complaints on these companies because it's awful! I will make sure I spread the word. However, they are now telling us if we want to go any further, we have to pay for arbitration. This is ridiculous! We paid for a policy to protect us and they are not honoring the service and plan we paid for.

I was suckered in by a cheaper policy. You get what you paid for, I guess. We took a policy with this company and are in the middle of doing home improvements. They apparently sent someone out to look at the property and was too stupid to be able to tell the difference between home improvements and damage so they cancelled our policy during their 60-day window. When I called to explain that we are remodeling, the person said that they would not reinstate the policy but I could reapply after we were done. Why would anyone reapply to this company? I got a new policy the next day with a new company. I explained to them what happened and they said that it was the stupidest thing they every heard.

This company is a royal joke. I had a tornado in late April during the outburst with significant damage, tree on my house, etc. I contacted them, received a claim number and was told I would be contacted. I provided the requested information (report from NWS, photos, etc). Well, they did contact me but the supposed adjuster never showed. I called, left message, sent email, left more messages and still nothing.

In May (exactly a month to the day after the tornado), my area experienced a significant damaging hail storm. We're talking softball size and high winds. Again I contacted them. Same deal. Messages, emails,photos, more messages. Letters from several different claims people. Finally they contacted me in June and some clown of an adjuster comes out from an independent agency. I tried to separate the two claims damages as instructed, walked him through, pointed everything out, provided more copies of photos of the damage from April. I even accommodated them to let a structural engineer in as there was some structural damage as the result of the huge tree laying on my house.

Well when I finally received the check, they had it under the wrong claim, they missed over half of the damage. I tried to contact them, finally I sent an email. I was told bluntly hey, tough **, that's all you're getting. They paid it under the wrong claim number and oh, by the way, you can't have a copy of the structural inspection. I have been trying since July to get in touch with them. Several phone calls, name response. I even forwarded them the additional information they had requested for estimates on damages missed: additional charges, prior to starting work.etc. Last emails and phone calls were this morning. As of this date, still no response. This has left a really bad taste in my mouth as this is the first time ever I've had to file a claim let alone have two major things happen within a month.

I'm several thousand dollars short of what it will take to repair everything according to various contractors. I can at least fix part of my roof but hey, are still gaping open, the doors are still damaged, no gutters, insulation, still have worries about structural issues as crack in basement wall just keeps getting larger, larger. And yes, we've already had our first snowfall of the year. And on top of all this crap, they raised my premium! I would not recommend this company if they were the last ones on earth! My next step is to contact the state insurance commission and see if they can do anything or at least warn others about these idiots.

On 8/1/11, we changed our policy to Homesite through Progressive Insurance. Our premium was taken out of escrow. And then, we received a form letter dated 8/26/11 saying our insurance was canceled effective 9/9/11. It was because the neighbor's tree was hanging over our roof, and we had some roof tiles that were curled. They gave us 14 days (with Labor Day) to find other insurance. We were not given an opportunity to remedy the situation. When I called, I spoke with Amy who couldn't help but email the inspector who would never get back to me. I called again and talked with Justin. He said Supervisor Dan ** was working on it and would call me. I never did hear from him.

I was at the end of the arduous process of having my Insurance claim settled when Homesite stated that I only had 60 days from when I received the funds to get back the recoverable depreciation. I argued to no avail. Even though no contact or correspondence was attempted by Homesite. Since Homesite believes that the funds being held in Escrow is the same as "receiving the funds", I am out $5,900. This was not in any fine print that I can find. I will be contacting the Insurance Commissioner of Connecticut and I will no longer do business with either GEICO or Homesite.

Completely disappointed in Homesite! I was given a BRAND new smart tv, so I decided to get renters insurance to cover in case something happened. Asked if certain situations would be covered, got the "Yes" to every answer. Less then a month later what happens? One of the situations I asked if was going to be covered happen (Murphy's law right!). Put in a claim about my tv, received a call shortly after denying my claim, obviously now I am frustrated. Informed the claims adjuster that I was told by the salesman that these would be covered and since all calls were reviewed to listen. Today got the call back that even though the salesman said it would be covered it is not going to be.

By now I am absolutely livid, told them that I wanted my policy cancelled and all of my money back, so they informed me that my policy was cancelled and my home was no longer covered by their insurance, and told I would get a refund but would take over 2 weeks to get it mailed to me. Do not waste your time on this business!

I just received a cancellation notice on my Rhode Island house insurance from Homesite Insurance, Boston MA. In Feb. 2012, I switched to Homesite for the first time. They made me pay the first premium by check over the phone, and then they cancelled. They claimed there were trees overhanging the house, that's not true. They also claimed there is moss on the roof. They must have gone up there with a magnifier to find that, and other nonsense.

After reading customer complaints, I'm glad to learn that they are very difficult to deal with. I will find another insurance company, cancel my car other house policies with Homesite, and file a complaint with 'the Commissioner of Insurance in the State of MA. If everyone has had an experience like this, file a complaint with the Commissioner of Insurance in the state where the insurance company is licensed, and things will change. It worked for me once before, with another insurance company who was doing me wrong. Good luck to all of you who are dealing with greed.

On July 16, I get a notice that they cancelled my policy on May 18 due to non payment, even though my mortgage company paid it through my escrow account.

After numerous calls and no call back from them, finally today someone calls me and tells me that they can not take my payments from my escrow account any longer, even though they had done it for the prior two years. Not only that, my quote went up $300 even though property values have went down.

This is a horrible company.

They raised my premium by more than 50% in three years. The explanation they've given is the raise of construction cost.

After having a recent burglary I was subjected to Homesites insurance claim processes. My claims adjuster Brian is terrible. He doesn't respond in a timely fashion ( my latest communication with him is now 3 months since I was broken into, and 4 weeks to the day he told me he would take a day or so and get back to me, with 3 emails and a couple of phone calls and no response). I will not be renewing my home insurance policy with Homesite when it comes time as if anything should go wrong, their claims process is a nightmare.

I purchased a homeowners policy through Homesite to go into effect 12/31/11. On January 23, 2012, I received a notice that my policy was canceled effective 02/04/2012. Their reasoning was that I have tree branches overhanging my house and the shingles are curling. The roof is less than ten years old and shows no evidence of curling. I have a tree in the front yard to a few tiny limbs are slightly overhanging the roof, but would not cause any damage whatsoever if they fell onto it. Put it this way, if the amount of branches I have overhanging my roof cause me to not be able to get insurance, than 75% of the houses in my town would be uninsured because everybody seems to have a couple branches over the roof.

They gave me only about a week and a half notice to find new insurance, which I did. I also have to come up with another year's worth of insurance while I wait for Homesite to refund me. Let's see how long that takes. The new insurance company said that Homesite's claims were ridiculous and that the trees I have should not cause any insurance problems. Judging by others complaints, this seems to be a common theme for this company. Everybody, avoid this company if at all possible.

I had a wind damage claim for my roof. I had $2500 deductible but damage was little more than this amount. Most of the shingles cracked and few of them are blown away. Few places were leaking and drywall were damaged. I claimed and someone came to my home requested me to start fixing the shingles. The horrible scenario after replacing the shingles from my pocket, they made the statement $100 less than my deductible which is $2400. Claim never help in the Court and they have very strong lawyer to handle the situation in their way. I had my property insured with Homesite approximately 8 yrs and with Geico 14 yrs. Just wasted money with a nonsense company.

We have been customers for 10 years. We filed a claim back in 2015 for our roof. Our adjuster told us only half would be repaired because the other half wasn't as damaged. We received a check but I let adjuster know we would not pay our deductible twice. I would wait and have the whole roof repaired. Fast forward to this week another roofing company came out and helped file another claim. The roof was way worse now. Homesite has denied claims saying they approved the whole roof back in 2015. NOT ONE PERSON let us know this by letter, or email back then, I would have never waited!! I have begged them to reconsider our claim or at least resend check so we can get it fixed. They have denied it.

We had a small fire in our bathroom last March. The rebuilding process was pretty painless. This past March we got a letter stating they could no longer insure us because the claim amount was too much. WHAT?? We used the companies they suggested. Now, we have been shopping for a new insurance co. and they have requested the Cause and Origin report. Homesite refuses to release it stating it’s confidential and their property. Again, I say, WHAT???? The claims adjuster we had been dealing with has mysteriously disappeared and all I or my Insurance Agent gets is a runaround and nothing but excuses. I am filing a complaint with the Indiana Insurance Commissioner on Monday. This company is no more than a bunch of scam artists. BTW- I was informed that Progressive is breaking ties with Homesite. All companies that deal with these idiots should follow suit.

I moved all my insurance from Farmers to Geico when I found Farmers pricing was no longer competitive. Got a great quote from Geico for car and home of equivalent coverage I had with Farmers for hundreds less. Original homeowner policy covered the roof with a $1000 deductible and full replacement cost. Somewhere along the 10 years of yearly renewals, I had with Geico/Homesite the policy went to a $6000 deductible and depreciated cost coverage only (non-recoverable). Mind you this happened with little notice from Homesite (just the typical, "Please review your policy before renewing"). Now that I've made a claim to replace my hail damaged roof I find I'm paying 2/3rds of the cost. I'll never use Homesite again and will advise anyone who asks to avoid them.

After my first year with Homesite, my rate has increased 21 percent. Since there have been no claims I called Homesite and inquired about this. The first thing the rep said is that they received a 7 percent increase in my state to make up for company losses. I asked about the other 14 percent increase and couldn't get a straight answer. I told him that I have my escrow record for the past year and the upcoming year and the rep tried to lay blame on the company. Just stupid nonsense. I'm shopping for new insurance.

We just purchased a home in MA and went through GEICO for Homesite Ins. Two weeks after getting policy they sent me a cancellation notice stating my roof was in poor condition and needed replacement. They stated that it was missing shingles, had curled shingles, poor workmanship, and the granular surface was falling off. I was shocked as I thought they were talking about someone else's roof. I am an insurance inspector for one of their competitors and immediately filed an appeal supplying 40 photos showing I had no missing shingles, no curling shingles, no granular loss and that a certified home inspector had passed the roof, an FHA mortgage inspector passed the roof, the local building inspector passed the roof and a local contractor actually stated that he could not replace the roof as he would be stealing from me as the roof was perfect.

After 4 days of going back and forth supplying photos I was told that the rear roof was missing shingles at the base. I responded with more photos showing the base of my perfect roof had a metal roof skirt as we all do in New England. Today I was informed that after careful review I was still denied coverage and cancellation stands as they want the roof replaced in one week or I am cancelled. They did not allow me to speak to any underwriters stating that it was their opinion and that was it. They collected their fee and will send me back the balance. What a scam. As a licensed and certified inspector myself for their competitor, I was shocked.

All I can say is if anyone is looking for work and is thinking of applying at Homesite, be forewarned: you may become a victim of 'bait and switch'. During the interview process, I was told we would get a shift differential bonus for working second shifts/evening hours. After being hired, this was not the case, with the reasoning being it depended on if you worked on the east coast. Somehow working the west coast evenings did not apply. Secondly, within 4 months of work, they decided to slash salaries by 20%. I ended up making less than the job I left to start at Homesite.

Another thing they have is required/mandatory OT due to a poor job in the scheduling department in forecasting call volumes. And to make it more difficult to reach your selling goals, you are required to take backup claims calls without regard to how that may affect your sales quota. In essence, you do the job of two people, getting paid for one, while having any chance of bonusing sabotaged. Lastly, they then decided to dictate what states you are able to take calls in. Despite the fact I joined the company licensed in 48 states, I was routed to take calls in only 22 by the time I left. The company decides what states you get the sales calls from, and blatant favoritism was shown to the 'pet' agents to get the better selling states. The only benefit was the fact that the agents work from home. But in the end, it wasn’t worth it for me. And more and more of my ex-coworkers are jumping ship by a few a week.

When hurricane Irene hit my basement flooded. I called Homesite and filed a complaint. I called on a Friday and the agent called me back on Monday but I was not home. It took me 3 weeks to get anyone to answer me to get Servpro out there to get rid of the mold. The adjuster came out on Sept. 24th and finally 2 weeks ago Servpro came out. Now it has been 2 weeks and I can't get anyone to tell me when this is going to be settled. My basement is in shambles, no carpet, cut up walls and the winter is coming. They keep telling me "oh we sent this there and we are waiting on this or that." This is all BS at this time. This is the worse company I have ever dealt with. You can't even get a corporate number from them. I am contacting the media at this time and I think anyone that deals with this company should file a complaint with the BBB. Maybe everyone should file a class action law suit against them and then maybe they would be more customer focused.

I tried with Geico. Man came and took pics of my house. It needs a few shingles replaced. Now both Progressive and Geico have denied my insurance stating I need a new roof. My roof is not new but is still okay. Don't know what to do now. No funds for a new roof.

I purchased a home insurance with Homesite through GEICO. The first year's premium was $1,060, which seemed reasonable. My renewal is $1,766, an increase of 66%. There were no material changes to the policy or prior claims. I can't think of any reason for an increase of this magnitude except for the classic bait and switch. Why does GEICO associate itself with such a company?

Due to an improperly installed roof that we needed to replace entirely, we suffered mold and water damage on the interior of our home. We absorbed $45,000 of the cost for the roof replacement and mold removal and remediation. Homesite said our policy did not cover the roof replacement or mold removal but would cover the cost of restoration of the drywall, etc. We did not challenge them on this but found that they only allowed $5,000 for the restoration which actually cost us over $10,000. Also, shortly after the aforementioned work was completed, we received notice that the cost of our annual insurance policy had almost doubled from $1,300 to over $2,500. When I inquired as to the reason, I was told that it was because of the claim. This has to be one of the worst scams that I have ever encountered. Disgusting!! I would definitely not recommend this company.

The title says it all. We went with Homesite to cover our home in 2015 because it was cheap. By 2018, Homesite Insurance increased our annual premium by 230%! Yes, you read that right, a 230% increase. The only reason they gave me was that our insurance score rating went from 4 to 16. This is a number insurance companies use to determine pricing for each of its customers. We have never filed a claim, there have been no changes to our strong credit history, we didn't change any of our coverage limits and our home did not suddenly spike up in value.

At our last renewal in 2017, we paid $2700/year for a $455,000 home policy. In 2018, Homesite increased the premium to $6200/year, a 230% rate increase! I called Homesite to find some rhyme or reason for this ill-mannered insult but they simply said they were unable to make and changes. We took our business to Farmers Insurance and purchased a home policy with the same coverage limits and a lower deductible for $2600/year, $3600 less than Homesite. Avoid Homesite Insurance!!!

We were involved in the Thomas Fire and resulting mudslides. Although we did not sustain damage, we were evacuated several times - "loss of use" because the evac was mandatory. I was basically told that because our home wasn't wrecked, we were not covered -- even though we could not use our home. SO here we stay during the next evac because we can't afford to move to a hotel.

I am so frustrated. I have been a customer since 2006, and yes, my premiums were raised each year but I thought it was because of all the claims due the disasters that occurred. But this year I almost had a heart attack when I opened my mail. My premium went from $1679 to over $4300 a year for my less than 1200 square foot house! Really? Let's just say I am definitely leaving them behind. I don't care what the reason is. Not that I can get anyone to return my calls or emails. That is absolutely ridiculous. What a horrible company.

In June of 2012, I received my renewal letter from Homesite Insurance Company. The annual premium had increased $453 from the year before. I called Homesite for an explanation of the increase and was told they petitioned the State of Ohio for a 36% rate increase due to a large number of claims due to the recent bad weather. After attempting to negotiate a reduced premium, I decided that I would not renew this policy and seek another homeowner’s insurance provider.

After finding a new insurance provider, I notified Homesite by telephone and via certified letter stating that I was not going to renew the policy due to the increased cost; and that I had purchased a homeowner’s insurance from another insurance company. During the months of July, August and September, I received notices from Homesite that the policy had been reinstated. I diligently contacted Homesite each time indicating to them that I had cancelled the policy. Each time, I was assured that the policy was cancelled and that the document I was receiving was a document that is generated for the department that handles cancelled policies. I received five letters and contacted Homesite twice after receiving these letters. I called the day I received the letter and then followed up 48 hours later to make sure the policy had not been reinstated.

Today, I received a letter from Progressive indicating that I had to fill out a home evaluation form to assist Homesite in determining the cost to repair a home. I called Progressive to inform them that we no longer have a policy with Homesite. I was them transferred to Homesite where a woman named Sarah indicated that I do have a policy in effect with Homesite. When asked how this policy was being paid because we are not being billed, nor have we received any documentation indicating we have an active insurance policy with Homesite. I was told that my mortgage escrow account was being billed for the monthly premium. I have homeowners insurance through Liberty Mutual, and my mortgage company is aware that I have this policy and that it was paid in full when the policy was activated. Homesite claims they did not receive the certified letter and that they have no record that the policy was cancelled.

This is the second time Homesite has reinstated a policy after it was cancelled. The first policy was on my first home. I cancelled the policy after making a renewal payment in full 52 days before the annual premium was due. The policy on my first home was cancelled by Homesite because my first home was no longer my primary residence. They then reinstated the policy and gave me 90 days to find a new insurance carrier telling me that I had insurance but no coverage. When asked to clarify, I was told that if I filed a claim, it would be denied. I purchased a new policy for my first house from State Farm within two hours after that phone conversation. I sent a certified letter indicating that I was cancelling my policy and that I wanted a refund for the remainder of the existing year and a full refund of the renewal payment they had already posted to my account for the upcoming year.

Homesite attempted five times to reinstate this policy as they have with the policy on my current home. The difference being that I did not have coverage for my first home, just a piece of paper indicating that I had insurance. Homesite has tried to defraud me on two homeowner’s insurance policies, one of which should have never been in effect. Homesite accepted payments on my first home for a year and a half without informing me that I could not carry homeowner’s insurance on a home I did not reside in.

They lie and asking to talk with the supervisors are just as bad as the adjuster. They never call you back when you call and leave a message. The same is with the supervisor, no return call either. My suggestion is if you do have them as your insurance call the insurance commission in your state and get them involved in your claim because before it's over you will be calling them anyway. YES they are that bad. No customer service at all! As soon as I receive my payment for my claim I will be changing my insurance as is my daughter who also is canceling her policy with them. They don't have 292 complaints for nothing. RUN from Homesite. They are through Progressive Home Insurance. Don't be suckered in. You call Progressive and this is the underwriter for Progressive. Don't be fooled. They are the worst. I will be going back to State Farm... SOON AS I RECEIVE PAYMENTS.

There is no reason for anyone who has products less than the deductible to use this insurance provider. My computer was damaged during an electrical storm, and we were without power for half a day, so I also lost some food items. The deductible for my computer was $500 and my food items $100. This meant I'd not only have to spend out of pocket money to replace my losses, but making a claim for them was pointless - thus pointless to keep my insurance. I tried to cancel my policy, but Homesite doesn't have staff available after 9PM, nor they do allow immediately canceling your account online. But they sure allow you to charge payments immediately online, though.

Anyways, after finding out my policy cancellation would take 48 hours, to avoid having my bank account charged for my renewal which was up in 24 hours, I tried to cancel auto payments online. They do not allow you to do this - super shady business practices. I should be able to cancel a worthless policy at whim, especially since they will charge me for cancellation anyways. So I tried to change payment methods, but guess what? There's no payment confirmation when you try to do that. It just immediately says "thanks for making a payment!" What business doesn't have payment confirmation for online payments these days?

These guys are crooked or incompetent. I will never do business with Progressive again, just because of Homesite. If they charge my bank account, I will first ask for a refund of all charges. If they try to charge me a fee for that, I'll take do a charge-back and if they attempt to target my credit rating for any of those fees, I'll then proceed with getting in touch with the CPA.

Even when it comes to insurance providers, these guys are really crooked. This has been an education for me because I will never do business with an insurance provider before seeing how other people rate them. Homesite consistently gets the worst reviews by people across the nation. It's clear they don't care and are just in this for as long as they can con people out of their money.

I had house fire in 2009. They won't send the hold back money. They lost our files and up until now, 2011 we are still not in our home. We have to take out loans, borrow from our 401 plan, and they are still hold out. What kind of company is this? How do you lose important document like this when people are homeless and they are hold out on you? They won't send a letter stating why.

After one year of insurance with no claims or problems of any kind, they nearly doubled my insurance from $645 a month to $1,114 saying that the replacement value of my home increased. There is absolutely no justifiable reason for doubling my insurance premium. I cancelled my policy and will find insurance elsewhere.

It seems as if my case/claim was grossly mishandled. I was told in the initial part of my claim to do everything to prevent further damage and get a few estimates on the roof. I made provisions, and it came with a financial cost. I had tarp layout on most damage areas and temporary shingle replacement in other areas (in the report they mentioned different colored shingles as if this had a negative effect on my claim). My claim was transferred to a sub-contracting Claim's Adjuster whom afterward, hired a third Company to inspect and do an adjustment.

The adjustments was grossly under-estimated (Roof-Works of Brandy-wine, Md -$9,872.00 & The Home Depot in Oxon Hill, Md -13,138.00 gave me inspections plus estimates). Not sure what you can or cannot do, but I took all of the necessary steps, received honest assessments/estimates from formidable Roofing Companies only to be jilted by Homesite Insurance Company. Thanks for listening. Please respond. Be objective and fair. God bless.

I was surprised to see all of the bad reviews for this company, but I haven't had to make a claim so I base my review on my interaction with the customer service agent Ray. I received a letter from our mortgage providers saying we might not have enough coverage for the home, but our policy has a base value plus an additional 50 percent of coverage.

I contacted Homesite and Ray actually called the bank for me and conferenced us all together so he could verify our home's actual value. The bank said their estimate was based on the outstanding mortgage principal which is absurd because the cost of a rebuild is far lower than that. I told them I received a county assessment that they should be using instead. Ray then went ahead and faxed the bank a detailed estimate that was even lower than what the county had provided. He also emailed me a copy for my records. Fantastic customer service that I have not encountered before in the home owner space.

I have home owner's insurance with Progressive as underwritten by Homesite with the clause "No Depreciation" applied to the damages, and decided to withhold more than 45% as a so call "Recoverable Depreciation." That is outrageous. They won't pay out the rest until I come out of pocket first with proof that I purchase items. I have never heard of such practices. This is insulting.

My roof did not meet their criteria after starting my policy. They gave me 10 days to replace it! How do you get a loan and replace a roof in 10 days? I asked for an extension to replace but they would not grant it. The worst company I ever had to deal with.

Please investigate this as the other comments I read reflect exactly what happened to me. I began my policy with Progressive, underwritten by Homesite on August 24, 2011. An inspector came out about two weeks later. On October 2nd, I received notice that my insurance was cancelled due to, yes, curling roof shingles (not true), a branch too close to the roof, and a missing shingle on the shed. There is something fishy here as it looks like others have had the exact same reason for being dropped - over alleged curling shingles. I spoke to another insurance company and a friend who is an insurance broker, and both said this was absurd.

I've been with this company for more than 10 years and never had a claim. I have 2 autos and 1 house insured through them. I received a letter saying the policy would be canceled because of non-payment, which was strange, because I know I had scheduled a payment on their site. Unfortunately I didn't get a confirmation # but did get a message saying that the payment was scheduled. When I called, they said they didn't receive payment and therefore the cancellation. Okay, we decided to issue a new policy. Now the premium has literally doubled for the same coverage, and I was informed by the agent that since my last renewal, they had 2 rate increases (hmm coincidence that my payment wasn't "received"?) So I got the new policy because we must have insurance to keep the mortgage company happy.

Today I got another "Cancellation or Refusal to Renew". Seems my roof is lifting and/or buckling. Well, I live in a gated community, and nobody is authorized to be on my property unless I give permission to the security gate to allow entry. Very strange indeed. This company's practices leave a lot to be desired. I will find insurance elsewhere and never again will use them no matter the cost.

My home value per Homesite has increased substantially over the last few years. Now they are charging me insurance on a value more than $150,000 over the next highest replacement value quoted. They refuse to entertain the idea of lowering the value, state they get their costs from a cost estimator software program (as all insurance companies do), and their software is specific to their needs. It is in that at such a high value with a 1% and 2% deductible - they will never have to pay on a claim - it will all be my out-of-pocket expense. It's easy to charge lower rates when you never plan to pay a claim. Progressive, you have great auto insurance, but your choice of partners in homeowner's insurance just lost you my business.

Simply put, they are not an insurance company, but rather scam artists. I had a fire in my condo. They had a company come out to assess the damage. Two days later I got a letter in mail saying that my policy was canceled due to physical changes to property. Pretty much meaning that since the fire physically changed the property they cannot cover it. In what universe does that make sense!!? The fire was started by another tenant! Not sure how this will resolve itself, but looks like they are running a highly illegal scamming operation. I'm planning to get a lawyer and go after them. Please get the word out, Homesite operated through Geico will drop you/cancel your policy as soon as you will inform them a disaster impacted your home. Wish I did my homework on this one! Hope this will help others.

I had homeowners with Homesite Insurance and when my storage unit was burglarized they called me a fraud. She accused me of putting in a claim for over 300,000 when the claim for less than 15,000. After a year and a half of fighting them to insure the loss, they refused claiming the pictures I submitted were not valid. They gave me every excuse under the Sun for not paying for the loss. They are the biggest scam artists of the century. If anyone knows of a class action lawsuit against this company let me know... I want in!

Homesite has worst customer service - Rude is an understatement. Last year (2013) they increased premium by 15% (there was no claims) and W/H deductible from $500 to $2500. Seriously??? Increased deductibles and also 15% increase in premiums is just Bull crap. This year (2014) they increased premium yet again by 10% or so (no claims) and W/H from $2500 to $5000. $5000 is the lowest you can get for W/H for KS. In addition to 10% increase (or what they call cost to do Biz in our state), they also increased overall premium by 50% due to Age of Roof. Apparently they hired someone to figure out the age of roof and somehow concluded the roof was 15 yrs old. They wouldn't give me that credit back in spite of me proving the roof is only 5 yrs old (that's when it was last replaced). I had submitted the letter from the roofing company who had replaced etc. Now they want pictures of the roof, letter from private contractor and buncha other crap.

The increase in premiums and Deductibles was enough for me to go elsewhere and don't wanna bother wasting my time to get the age of roof fixed. Oh and BTW, every year, I had to submit the age of roof proof as they would increase premium by 50% - Major annoyance that I had to keep submitting that year after year. This time they want more crap and won't accept the document they've been accepting this whole time. Well, screw you!!

Filed insurance claim once and raised my price from $800 to almost $2000. I opened a second case but immediately withdrew it because I realized it was my mistake that the problem occurred and are still reporting as second claim even though I cancelled it and had a zero paid out. It seems like this is not an insurance co and more like a bank taking a loan out and you have to pay it back, how else would you explain 800 going up to 2000 dollars.

I know someone who worked for this company and the complaint rates were absolutely horrific. The adjusters never call back in a timely fashion. They never answer the phone and all they care about is their money. If you have a major claim you will be dropped. And if that's the case what is the point of insurance?

This carrier is a total sham. It's abundantly clear from our experience with them that they have no intention of underwriting any real property but rather profit from the initial fee and then find means of cancelling the insurance for nonsense standards of their own creation. Not under any circumstances should you allow them to cover your property, for it is dubious that they will ever compensate you for losses. They will find a way to avoid this. We are completely astonished that GEICO retains them as the major insurer for New York State. Because we were in a bind and needed a homeowners' policy for a new house we were closing on, we called GEICO and discovered they haven't any concern for their clients in choosing this fifth rate, shameful carrier to underwrite their homeowners' policies. We are reviewing our relationship with GEICO as a result.

I have been insured with Homesite for 10 years now as the choice of my mortgage company in the beginning. The reason I am angry is last year my policy cost was just over $1900; my renewal this year jumped to over $8100 causing my monthly escrow payment to increase my mortgage payment by over 50%! The quotes I am getting quotes now from other companies are around $2500 to $3000 much more manageable! The only claim I have ever filed with this company was 4 years ago for a theft of over $51,000.00 actual value not new replacement cost! This company had so many clauses of different limits of liability for individual sectors of private property (jewelry, computers, entertainment, firearms, electronics, sporting equipment, and the people living in the household had to be listed on the policy or coverage was denied completely) in the fine print they only paid out just over $15,000. BUYER BEWARE! Read the fine print!

My home was burglarized and Homesite was nothing short of terrible. I have been through this experience before and they made it so much more painful than it needed to be and didn't give me the money I was owed. They are intentionally deceptive, completely lacking empathy during a difficult time, and clearly out to make a buck and nothing more. They record all conversations and then refuse to play the recordings back to their customers if they feel there is information that is damaging to them on the call and blame their legal department for not being able to play the recording. Their documentation is intentionally confusing and any ask for clarification is even more incomprehensible. They assume that we all know how to speak insurance jargon. They accused me of lying and then reminded me that I was being recorded. Just run away.

Due to the August 2016 flooding in Louisiana, we had flood damage to a utility room, garage & RV barn. We have paid approximately $4,500 from 1/2011 to present. The adjustor came to assess the damage & the first thing he said is that the utility room & attached garage are not covered. These are on a concrete slab which is the first floor of a 2 story residence. They will, however, cover the detached RV barn which was not built until 2014 for 10% of the $250,000 policy limits. I have filed a complaint with the Louisiana Insurance Commissioner and will contact an attorney tomorrow for further direction in dealing with this insurance company fraud against a policyholder.

In October 2013, I chose to change my homeowners policy to Homesite in order to bundle and save. A check was mailed to Homesite to prepay a year of coverage. Thirteen months later I learned that the quote was not converted to a policy and that no one had contacted me or the credit union which has my mortgage loan. Homesite had merely been banked. Six weeks later and after many hours on the phone, I received a refund. Three weeks later, Homesite suggested that I return the refund to them and they would then write the coverage for 2013. So, for the same amount of $$ and with absolutely no risk of loss, Homesite was willing to write a bogus policy.

Geico/Homesite Insurance Agency cancelled our homeowners insurance through a grueling and unsatisfactory process beginning with the initial inspection of the home. My wife received a call on March 1st stating that the policy had been cancelled due to the conditions of the house. When pressed for an explanation the agent/rep at the time stated she could say no more. My first question in all of this is "How can that be?" If you are cancelling someone's homeowners insurance, shouldn't you be obliged to at least tell them why? She asked for a copy of the inspection report and I received it in my email later that morning.

The inspection performed by CIS Inspection Group on 2/21/16 occurred directly after a winter storm in our area and to their credit there was a good deal of tree and limb debris on the roof of our house and in our gutters at that time. Additionally the downspout on the rear gutter had come loose from the weight of the and was leaning at the time of the inspection, so we were not without some blame in needing to update a few things around the house. However, they also listed a number of hazards (note they are not listed as potential or possible hazards to choose from but rather are listed as exterior leading my wife and I to believe these items pertained to us).

Now a couple of things to point out here: we don't own a pool, a trampoline, a business facing property nor do we have a chimney on the house. In addition to being puzzled by this we also wanted to know how any and all of these items applied to us as property owners. And why our policy had been cancelled as the long list of items conflicted with the small summary at the end of the inspection report which contained far less (though no more understandable such as the tarp I had covering building materials next to my shed) items than this long list of ‘Hazards’. I sent an email to Geico/Homesite directly after this (to agent/rep Salvatore ** who sent the inspection report). I couldn’t even get so much as a singular answer to any of my questions or requests and instead got ‘buffered’ to contact Geico. And so I did…

My next conversation was with Jessica **, who I want to add right off the bat was a stellar agent/rep and showed genuine empathy and understanding regarding my requests and stated that she herself was a little confused by the list of ‘Hazards’ appearing on the inspection report and that she would need to place me on hold to get some clarification. Once she came back she stated that she wasn’t sure why they did it that way as it is certainly not clear but that she was being told that the list of ‘Hazards’ are only potentials that could occur during the inspection and not related to my property unless otherwise noted in the summary. She advised the cancellation date was still in effect (3/18) but that we could tend to the matters in the summary and send pictures for review for the underwriting team. She advised to leave plenty of time for the review process and not to wait til the last minute to submit, and I thanked her and hung up.

Due to weather we were unable to even start on the gutters until the week of the 7th and it was hit or miss each afternoon with rain, but I was finally able to replace all the gutters and downspout on the rear of the house and repair damage to the one in the front. I sent pictures outlining all of the replacements and also that the tarp previously mentioned attached to the side of our tool shed was indeed NOT to protect the roof of the shed but rather anchored there to protect the building materials stacked next to it. Rain and snow…remember? The pictures were submitted over the weekend with the final one arriving in Geico/Homesite's inbox at 1:35pm EST on Sunday March 13th with 5 days to spare. Clear sailing from here right?

Wrong. I emailed throughout the course of the week to request updates if available as the cancellation date was approaching on the 18th and wanted to see if there was anything else they required. I received nothing more than the occasional automated response that the ‘process is being reviewed…etc’. No timetable, nothing…until Thursday March 17th (24 hours from cancellation) that the underwriting team required more from us.

One day from the cancellation taking effect and the underwriting team wants ANOTHER set of photos of the roofs of the house, which to be crystal clear THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH OUR ROOF(s). Why these pictures were required is beyond me and the contractor I had look at the roof to see if there was some damage that I might have missed that the insurance company might be looking for. His comment: “Aside from being a little dated and possibly needing some new shingles in the next 5 years or so, no I don’t know what they are looking for.”

I sent all the requested photos that day (March 17th) at 1:08pm EST before EOD as promised. We patiently waited the weekend for a response of any kind. On Monday 3/21 I emailed the same message TWICE requesting an update of some kind. 1pm EST time today I called the number in the email and spoke with Jay, who stated that after reviewing the case he could see that coverage, indeed, cancelled as scheduled on 3/18/2016 and that no extension had been put in place regardless of the request for more photos from the underwriting team on the 17th. However if they found in our favor by the 25th to reinstate the policy that the insurance would backdate to cover us to the cancellation date in case something happened.

Now, I ask you who read this to tell me what insurance company in their RIGHT MIND is going to grant or reinstate coverage that is under review or has been cancelled in order to cover a claim made outside of the coverage. In other words if something happened between now and the time the underwriters approved/denied the policy we all know that my family and I would have been screwed. Jay who was another amazing agent/rep and seemed to show some genuine empathy to the situation and also agreed (I don’t have to make this up you can pull the recorded call) that there wasn’t much he could do to argue the validity of my complaints and that he was sorry the process was not as smooth as it would normally have been, offered to put me through to his supervisor (who was in a meeting) and discuss the case with him and have him call me back.

I advised that I would spent the rest of the day hunting down as much contact information as possible to make sure this scenario doesn’t happen to anyone else. My wife and I are cancelling the remainder of our Geico policies tonight and shopping for new insurance for all of our needs. This will go out to everyone as we plan to notify our Attorney General here in Indiana as well as our Better Business Bureau. I believe that we more than enough documentation in place here to prove the Geico/Homesite was negligent in the process of reviewing our homeowners policy for renewal in a timely fashion and also communicating timetables and needs in order to best serve us as consumers.

The simple solution if you don’t want us as customers is to simply tell us that and do not create a false sense of hope and set arbitrary timetables that we as consumers MUST MEET but you as the provider can ignore without communication. At this time my wife and I are without homeowners insurance because we put faith in the process that was presented to us and Geico/Homesite failed to provide even a simple email to outline the specifics. Then (per Jay) expected us to sit without insurance and wait on their decision in the hopes it would be approved and back dated to cover the lapse. The audacity displayed here is absolutely unbelievable. We also intend to make sure that every friend and family member (roughly 30 individuals insured through Geico in some way) that we have that is currently insured via Geico in ANY form or fashion is made aware of this and influence them to NOT utilize their service any longer.

My experience with Homesite has been incredibly frustrating. I am trying to get water damage from a roof leak fixed and mold that grew from the water damage abated. I have had 4 separate adjusters and have been out of my home for almost 4 weeks due to a severe mold allergy. Only one of those 4 adjusters has been easy to get a hold of and offered helpful information. The communication between adjusters has been terrible, and I have no idea why our claim keeps getting handed off to someone else in the first place. We have received a check for repairs, but it does not cover the necessary mold/asbestos abatement that needs to be done. They won't let the company we hired do the work until they approve the budget for the abatement, but they can't seem to get the paperwork through and I can't get a hold of anyone. I do believe we will eventually get approved to do the abatement. Overall very disappointing and frustrating.

Customer with Geico and their home coverage partner Homesite for 5 plus years- never filed a claim. Asked them for a jewelry rider on a anniversary ring that I purchased for my wife. That was 90 days ago. I wanted to insure it for the purchase price and I have called an additional 7 times since they say, "give us a couple of days and we will get back to you," which of course they never do. You can never speak to the same person because they claim you cannot direct dial them. Had to go over the story and send the same information each time.

This week, they told me that they would add the ring for the purchase price, then decided that no- they would only insure it for the appraised value which is an inflated number and more than twice what we actually paid for the ring. Then yesterday, I was told no- they would not insure it at all, but perhaps another one of their partner companies (Travelers in this case- would). I was then informed that my homeowners would increase 2 1/2 times what I am presently paying if I made the switch.If they made me jump through all these hoops to increase my coverage and actually pay them more money- one can only think what would happen should I actually ever have to file a claim. Needless to say, I will be shopping for new homeowners insurance ASAP.

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