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I have been trying to get my prescriptions filled through Humana providers Walmart and CVS for five months. This is medicine that is covered with my policy, yet I have been denied any help. I filled a grievance and after many attempts, hours and hours of being placed on hold, transferred from one to another time after time being left on hold, hung up on, lied to and cannot speak to anyone’s superior because they simply will place you on hold, leave you on hold and go home or hang up on you. I have never seen any corporation handle customers in the way that Humana has handled my calls .They are liars, they are Rude, they are unknowledgeable of their company’s directory, they refuse to allow you to get through to any kind of supervisor. They totally suck. I have lost my job due to the fact i can’t get up because i am in such pain without my medicine. Thanks Humana.

For 7 yrs I have worked for humana. I paid heavily for a small term life insurance policy on my husband. Because he was over 70 yrs they would only let me take out $25,000 policy. Every paycheck for 7 yrs they took out money. Recently $89 per check or $178 per month. My husband died oct 7, 2014 of lung cancer. Now they say there was no policy. I told them they owe me for all the money they took every paycheck. No one calls me, they transfer me all over the place so, I guess I have to sue them. I need a good lawyer.

What a joke! Humana is refusing to pay any of my claims to a doctor I've been seeing for years because my wife added me to her Blue Cross Blue Shield. I understand, (I guess) Humana pays secondary but my doctor doesn't take Blue Cross Blue Shield, ComPsych. The Part D isn't paying either, now I'm screwed!! I will be out of pocket a couple thousand, when should my secondary pick up? I'm done with Humana. Cancelling before open enrollment ends.

Humana does not cover vaccines administered at any of the major pharmacy chains which means I have to make an appointment with my primary care physician for a simple flu shot. His office said I would be charged $25 for the office visit to give me my "free" flu shot. He also does not stock the shingles vaccine, which is also "free" under my plan so he would have to give me a referral to a specialist who will then charge me $35. While I was on hold with Humana, they had a recording about how, in an emergency, it was better to go to the Humana-owned Concentra Urgent Care Centers instead of the ER - but it turns out that my plan ($400+/month) does not include access to Concentra outside of my immediate city. Overall a waste of money.

I've only been in Humana insurance for a few months, and all my experiences have been complicated, negative, unsatisfactory in multiple ways. I visited with a specialist for a known problem condition. Specialist told me what is needed, which is traditional therapy which this specialist can apply quickly and effectively. But also told me that I must first get a referral from my designated primary care physician (PCP). Humana had first assigned me to a PCP whose office is >50 miles away. There are >1000 competent physicians less than 20 miles away. So I called Humana and requested a PCP in closer proximity. So Humana assigned a new PCP for me. However, when I called the office of my assigned PCP to schedule the appointment to get the pre-authorization for treatment for my problem condition, I was told the earliest appointment possible with my PCP is >8 weeks in the future.

So I know what treatment I need. I have a specialist, who is competent to administer effective, efficient treatment. But the Humana system requires that I wait > over 8 weeks to get authorization from a PCP who knows nothing of me and that Humana and I pay for the PCP visit to refer me to the specialist whom I already know and who recommends the treatment. This pre-authorization is required from the designated PCP, who has never before seen me, and therefore has no knowledge of my health condition nor history, nor needs.

A similar situation transpired in the Humana system with my wife. A specialist advised a treatment, but again, a referral from my wife's PCP is required before treatment is possible. Her PCP has repeatedly been changed six times before she visited with any of them. Humana requires a PCP refer for any/all treatment by specialist. Now if a designated PCP really knew the health condition of the patient, then there may be value in getting a referral from a PCP. But rather than arbitrarily designating random PCPs for patients, when a person newly enrolls in Humana, allow the person to make appointments with physicians as they need for the first 6 visits - during which time the person can determine and select the PCP they want based on their experiences.

I went to the hospital short of breath and with a offloading heart. It was determined that I had hypothyroidism. I need a primary to get a referral but nobody on the list provided by Humana takes Humana gold. I guess I have to risk death and go to the hospital hoping that they will treat my thyroid there. I'm extremely disappointed.

My payroll company signed me up for this insurance company and I was told I was getting a great plan. I was actually told this was a Platinum plan, but in reality it was a plan worth nothing. NO Doctors are in network and every provider tells me they don't take it because it is ObamaCare. It isn't ObamaCare or on the "marketplace." I paid $1,260 for this plan. Then I just looked at my credit card statement for this month and realize I was charged $1,600 for the same plan. The company now tells me the plan increased in the New Year. By 20%?!?!? And when I go on the site and type in my info to get the same plan it says it is only $857. So I was overcharged as it was, but now they raise the price without even informing me only 4 months after I got the plan.

I called Humana and they are absolutely horrible people. I spoke with two supervisors, one was named Laura (employee # **) and the other was Jody (employee # **). Neither offered any help and their computer systems were down as they always are so they claimed they couldn't even look into my account. Strange though that they both said paperwork informing me of an increase was sent out, but yet they couldn't look up anything else about my account. I hope this company goes out of business. DON'T USE THEM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled last year, when we sat down to do the payment chart I was told my bill we be about $1,600.00. Well I figured that was what I needed to pay after insurance which is Humana HMO. I was in so much pain and suffering I just paid it to get it done. After a year later my husband is needing similar extractions done and the payment was super high. I told her mine was cheaper last time because of what insurance covered, so she pulled up my chart and told me that Humana cover 0% rejected the whole thing, which is why I paid $1,500.00... So we called Humana and they said "Yes we cover extractions" and also about 6-8 out of 12 codes that was on my chart but yet as of today they just told me, they don't cover that and they won't cut a refund check after one Rep from there said I should get something back because that didn't seem right.

Our dentist office has told us about 4x that over time they send over our chart to them, Humana rejects them. They pay for NOTHING OR at least $10 out of $250 which that's what it looks like. Has anyone had a similar experience? I am about to get a lawyer to look into this. I think they are beating around to give me most of my money back.

Humana needs to do a better job when contracting their local transportation companies. My experience with the local company has been horrible. LogistiCare is contracted by Humana for the transportation needs in West Palm Beach and surrounding areas, however, the job is then subcontracted to other companies like S.E. Florida Transportation, 777 Taxi Company and others. They give you a pickup time and confirmation number, then you're supposed to be all set. Problem. These drivers will do things like: show up two to three hours early and expect you to be ready to go to your doctor's appointment, or many times not show up at all. No rhyme or reason, just no show.

This latest mishap included a driver who shows up at the very moment of my doctor's appointment and says "Are you Haitian, do you speak creole because it's better for me"! No mister, I do NOT speak creole, I speak English and you are extremely late picking me up to take me to my doctor so that he can help me resolve this tumor issue that I'm dealing with. Needless to say I had to cancel my appointment just prior to him showing up. Then to add insult to injury, both Humana's and LogistiCare's customer service don't want to address the issue so they put you in a voice response loop (I really don't like those and I'm sure many of you feel the same way). Humana needs to do a better job screening companies that will take their patients to doctors and hospital appointments, if they value those patients... I mean "customers". Very, very disappointing.

I have been trying to see a doctor for past few months but most of the care providers listed at Humana database does not respond or when I get the appointment, I do not get to see the doctors for reasons such long period of waiting, forgotten at the doctor's office to be called or the doctor is on vacation. But we as patient do not know until we get there so we end up with a nurse???

Humana also does provide the information upfront related to the specialist included on the my or the need to see a primary doctor prior to see specific doctors such as Dermatologist??? I was told that my primary doctors could set the appointment but once I called to complain they said that it was not necessary??? So a terrible service and like to have my monthly payment credit for lack of services by Humana as the gateway to the doctors SO AS THE DOCTORS CO-PAYMENT CREDITED... List: (Community Health of South Florida (Went there twice and never able to see the doctor) paid $20,00 co-payment University of Miami Health System - Dermatologist Tel: ** - ( Forgotten inside of the Doctors office without clothe extremely cold) I left and register my complaint with Humana) paid $35,00 co-payment never saw the doctor???

A Doctor orders scans and it's set up to happen this Friday, but because the hospital doesn't receive an approval, the tests are postponed. How is this helpful to anyone where a life hangs in the balance? I wonder how long we'll have to wait for Humana to approve the scans before tests can be done. Calls to them go unanswered; why am I not surprised by that? All I can do is vent this way and worry what will happen to a family member that needs the scans done.

This has to be the worst insurance out on the market from what I can tell. I feel like I have been bamboozled. When I signed up the so conveniently had all of my Drs as network providers until I was reeled in. That's when the nightmare began. They started dropping my longtime providers, denying my prescriptions the whole 9 yards. It was like a Murphy's law type thing, if anything can go wrong it will.

Humana dental HS 205 - I have to say their dental insurance plan is truly awful! They assigned a dentist to me but this dentist is no longer available and they asked me to wait until next month to get another dentist assigned. The customer service representative is very rude and shouted to me that nobody calls at the end of the month! Today is May 24th and there is still a whole week before the month is over. I have paid for the insurance but now I'm told I can't go to see a dentist because of the assigned dentist is gone (I have never ever gotten any notice that the assigned dentist is gone) and they are unable to assign another one until next month. This is way too ridiculous, plus that the customer service person is very respectful.

My son is currently on Humana insurance. He has A.D.D and seizures. He has no clue on what is going on with the company. I handle all of my son's medical issues. Every time I call into Humana about my son's health coverage it always a problem for me. It has been clear several times that I have authorization to speak on my son behalf. Whomever decided to go with this company made a big mistake. There are a lot of doctors that do not take Humana and that's not good. This is the messiest insurance company I have ever endured.

Went to pick up my rx for COPD, which I get monthly from Walgreens and pay $40.00 co-pay. This morning they wanted $240.00. $200.00 for the deductible. I have been using this rx for years and never had this happen. I was told by Humana, that this rx is a tier 3, as all rx's for COPD are, and as of Jan. 2015 there is a $200.00 deductible. Unfortunately this medication does not come in generic form. I live on a fixed income and to go to Walgreens to pick up my monthly meds, and find out it will cost me $200.00 more was gut wrenching. I did not pick it up as I did not have the funds. Humana should have notified me of this. I will be looking for another insurance company when it comes time for renewal! I could not recommend this company to anyone looking for medicare advantage insurance.

In December 2014, I lost my Humana Insurance card. Since then I have called Humana and requested a new card five times. Each time I call they tell me they mailed it and will mail me a card (Humana has my home address, I receive claims and summaries). I have talked to ** and a few others. I have some new doctors I must see in the near future. Please help me or advise me on what to do. ** PPO Group Name: ERS OF TEXAS.

A total waste Time!!! Here's the Scam if you get the Hmo, you get crap Doctors who could care less about you, treat you soooo..badly so you don't come back. Humana nothing in writing only phone service people that give you a different answer every time you call ..Oh yes and ask for your info over and over and then transfer you so you can do it again!! NO they don't want you to call just pay your low monthly fee. Did Obama realize this Huge FLAW, you can make it affordable, YES, but it has to meet a standard of CARE or it's a JOKE.

Horrible! I received a bill from Humana confirming they would cover $50 of $200 bill for an urgent care visit. I confirmed with both the hospital and Humana that my insurance would cover a portion of this visit before going. After paying the portion my Humana bill confirmed was my responsibility the hospital continued to send me bills for the $50 Humana guaranteed they would cover. When I contacted Humana to confirm why they had not paid their part they could not give me any reason for their failure and only told me I could send a written letter in to request confirmation. I chose to file a complaint with their representative who told me I would receive a response within 30 days. Over 3 months later and I have yet to hear a peep from them.

I called Humana about my prescription benefits and spoke to at least four different people with no results. They all were quick to blame Social Security, pharmacy or myself for the problem. To compound my frustrations I could not understand half of what was said. They either spoke too quickly or without clear enunciation and I finally hung up. Without answers!

My company switched us to Humana medical insurance as of the first of the year. My wife has a heart condition which requires medication. We have tried two generic versions of this drug and both have failed. The last failure resulted in a ride in the ambulance to the ER, it was so bad. Her doctor has stated that she must take the name brand because of the failures of the two generics. Each time there has been a change in policy; coverage for this drug is initially denied by the insurance company but subsequently allowed after a review of her medical history and discussions with her doctor. This has been the pattern with four major health insurance companies.

Humana has chosen to ignore the doctor and medical history and is taking the position that my wife must first try "their generic" before they will approve the name brand. They further said that the doctor will have to write the prescription for "their generic". The doctor's response was that he is NOT going to write a prescription for a drug that he knows would place my wife at risk.

But if Humana wanted to write the prescription, they could and their malpractice insurance could be responsible. Humana's response is that they are not a doctor and cannot write a prescription so I need to find another doctor to write the prescription for the drug they say she must take. I understand that health insurance companies are in business to make a profit for their shareholders, but other health insurance companies seem to do that as a part of providing service to their clients. Humana has taken the approach that they are going to make a profit by simply denying service.

For 1 year I have been trying to get my mom to the eye doctor. Humana tells me that my PCP has to write a referral and when I go to the doctor they tell me no. Per Humana they cannot so I call Humana back and they put me on hold while they call the Doctor then they come me back and say "I'm sorry let me put you on with one of our teams that can help you". Then the refer me to someone I make the appointment and still she cannot get glasses. They also referred me to an eye center that is not even covered under her plan. It been a year and still my mom can't see very well has fallen many time gets stuck outside at times when her vertigo comes on and if I'm not home she is outside till I get home. I'm blue in the face trying to get help. The doctor they referred us to was Greaaaat!!!! However the visits are not covered. Wonder how much that will cost me now.

We will be changing her insurance company after my experience today. I was on the phone with them for over 1 hour maybe 2 and while I was trying to explain my problem to the so called expert team. She hung up on me I was trying to explain and all she did was keep interrupting me like she was in a hurry to go to lunch. Not happy with CS department at all. All I have wanted since the start was for my mom to be able to get new glasses and see a specialist about her cataracts.

When I had cataract surgery on an eye, I had to visit my primary care eye doctor. Humana is declining to pay for this visit because they say this eye doctor is not in the "family network of doctors" which he is. He is listed with all the other medical doctors in the back of my "evidence of coverage" book. People have called from the eye clinic, and complained about how long it took to get through to a person. People calling on my behalf said it was true that I did not need a referral to see an eye doctor "in the system". However Humana has again sent me an identical letter denying coverage for my post-op required cataract visit. I will continue to pursue this, but am afraid more and more doctors will opt out of the 'system' if Humana continues to play these games with their customers.

I was discharged from hospital after bypass surgery on 2/5/2015. On 2/7/2015 we had a representative from adult & child protective services come to our door stating that Dawn from Humana case mgmt. in Tampa called them & reported abuse & neglect on myself by my wife. She lied to them about our personal life without contacting me first. I didn't need that stress, especially after coming home after heart surgery. Her actions caused my heart rate to accelerate to a dangerous level where I could've had heart failure. This person needs to be fired. You don't just assume things that aren't reality. I demand a letter of apology and that she contact the agency and drop this silly case.

I filed a fraud claim with Centers for Medicaid on behalf of my 85 year old mother and the Physical Therapy she never received. Humana was to investigate and answer the claim. It has been two years and I am still getting bills from the provider. Every time I call Humana I get a different person or State. In June 2016, Robert ** in the Kentucky office sent a letter saying my Mom's liability was only $206.71 (which I paid) of the $1100.00 billed and the claim was to be settled.

It is now March of 2017 and I am still receiving monthly statements for $718.00. When I spoke to Robert ** today, he mocked me, talked over the top of me, and laughed at me for thinking this is fraud even though he already indicated a year ago there was no liability. When I asked to talk to his supervisor, T.J. **, he again laughed at me. This is the most reprehensible and unprofessional behavior I have ever experienced in my entire life. My Mom just passed away a few weeks ago and this is how Humana is treating me.

In January, had allergic reaction and needed to visit Urgent Care for treatment. My Humana contract states that the co-pay for UC is $35,00, however, the EOB stated that my co-pay was $50,00. After navigating their entirely unresponsive and complicated automated front end phone system, and being on hold for 35 minutes, Humana first stated that they had paid the bill according to the way the clinic billed the visit, and I needed to call the clinic. Called the clinic and was told they had billed it as a UC visit, and that it was Humana's error. 2nd call to Humana, same front end problems, 45 minute wait. Asked to speak to the rep I had first spoken to, they are unable to do that, but was assured that they would be able to help.

Asked the new rep to read the notes on the file, hoping to avoid a 15-minute repeat of the information, no can do, only note says called re claim, referred to clinic. So, gave him same information, told him I was requesting a review of this claim, and he told me that he could do that for me. After being put on hold, came back and told me again, that the claim had been paid correctly, and that the clinic was wrong. I asked him how the clinic should have billed it, and he told me that it was illegal for an insurance company to tell a clinic how to bill a claim. 2nd call to clinic, different rep, same story, referred back to Humana. 3rd call to Humana, was finally (after same wait, different rep again,) transferred to a supervisor. Very condescendingly, informed me that because the Urgent Care "physician" that cared for me was a "specialist" the claim was billed correctly.

I tried pointing out that the specialist I saw was a physician's assistant, and therefore did not meet their definition of a specialist according to their contract. She came back with the fact that specialist is not defined in their contract. She is partially correct in that, since the definition does not appear in the definitions section of the policy, but is defined elsewhere in the contract as "a specialist is a DOCTOR (my emphasis) who provides health care services for a SPECIFIC DISEASE or PART OF THE BODY, i.e. oncologist, cardiologist. I pointed that out to her, and she stated that it didn't matter, because THEIR contract with the PA listed him as a specialist. Last call to the clinic manager, not billing, whole story all over again, said would look into it. Eventually she called back to tell me that they were going to credit my account for the difference. But Humana still shows the original cost.

My Husband has Humana PPO which if you never get sick is okay. But if like my husband you end up with a back problem, it’s whole different ball game. My first but not only complaint is their provider list. The doctors in our area on Humana's list will not accept or deny you an appointment until they review all medical records in order to see if they want you as a patient. In my husband’s case, he is in dire need of surgery to free up a compressed nerve. He has been in terrible pain for over two weeks. He was hospitalized where they did 3 MRIs, CT Scans and X-rays. Did nothing for the pain. His Humana approved Primary care Doctor believes in death if you are a certain age or pain for life. He refused treatment or any more test. Hospital Doctor and Primary Doctor never talked. I can go on and on.

Every time I call Humana to tell them that my husband is suffering in their "providers" care, they say their policy is to see that all patients get the care they need. This is not true. The next person you talk to tells you it’s up to the doctors practice policy. I told them his primary not only refused the care my husband needs, he also said he would not be doing any prostate exams on an 80 year old "because Cancer of the prostate is slow growing and he would die before cancer could kill him". Then when I took him in for this recent back episode, he refused to do an MRI because my husband had one two years ago. But this was a new change, his reply was "Well we know your husband has a bad back and a MRI will show he has a bad back, and at 80 we won’t be doing any surgery, so no need to do MRI.” This is HUMANA'S provider of Health & "To do no Harm".

Next because my husband was in unrelenting pain His Primary Dr. said call an ambulance, take him to the ER to get the pain under control (never happened). The Hospital ER said it was his hip. I told them it was his back but the pain was in his hip, leg and foot! Would not listen to me. They did 3 MRIs, 2 CT scans, and x-rays, then treated him for an infection that tested negative! Then did not have the sense to use contrast in the MRI test. At my insistence they finally called in a Neurosurgeon (which should have been done in the ER). After all this they were going to send him to Rehab/Nursing home facility.

They told Humana he walked 200 ft - which was a lie. He came to the ER on a Stretcher because he cannot walk without terrible pain. Can't sit because of pain and yes, he did walk with a protective belt, a walker and two nurses help. He walked maybe 20 feet? I had to call Humana numerous times explaining every time I called the whole story from the beginning. No continuity exist with Humana! He was denied rehab because he walked - Duh! No record of his pain, nor mention of his short term memory loss or the fact that they had FALL RISK on his wrist, on his hospital doors and on his record.

After 4 days we finally got my husband into the Nursing home/rehab where he mostly lays or tries to sit in pain, now going on two weeks. I have called Humana daily trying to get something done for my husband and to make sense of their rules. They do NOT follow Medicare Guidelines. Pain pills is not helping and my husband has lost from 176 pounds to 152 lbs. Pain is unbelievable. Prior to this back incident my husband was active. He does have some memory loss due to a stroke 4 years ago, but he drives and does everything he wants. But now he can't even walk. He has had Pain injections but they don't help.

The tragic thing about this beside the extra CO-PAY COST and the no-care attitude of Humana Providers is this. The nerve that is getting mashed by a bone spur has a root. If the root dies, my husband will be a cripple. Humana is a Big mess. No one there knows what they do or don't do. You get an opinion. The turnover of workers must be excellent. Obviously they look up information because they put you on hold. They needed my power of Attorney one time and the next person never asked.

When one insisted she could not discuss my husband’s health I faxed them my Power of Attorney per her saying as long as I faxed it then they could talk to me. Caveat to that! It takes 12-15 days to get it into their system. Stupid! All I had to do was go to the Nursing home and have my husband tell them it was okay – DUH. I could get anyone to pretend he was my husband! Makes no sense! I've waited 4 days now while two doctors are looking at my husband’s health records to see if they will accept him for an office visit.

This is all Obama Care BS. Sorry for the expletive and I know people say it’s not that and Medicare has not changed in years. That is not true. The day has long passed when you could pick up the phone call for an appointment and go see the Doctor. My husband could be paralyzed before he is even seen for appointment then they have to Evaluate. What he needs is a Myelogram followed by a CT scan! And frankly, I want to know what the Doctors Philosophy is - do they treat someone according to their age instead of need. I understand withholding operations for the terminally ill. But my husband is healthy or was before this. But, all his vital signs are good.

If we had the Money, I would go to a good doctor/Surgeon who does not take any Medicare or other insurance and get the operation he needs which by the way is a minimally l invasive procedure that they have done on people older than my husband. But I have not been able to get to first base with Humana or the Providers he has to use. I would never ever use Humana or any managed care again. Medicare and a supplement is the only way to go. And all of you who think this new Healthcare is great! Just wait until you need Hospital or an operation of course if you’re young and healthy then hopefully you do not become Hospital bait!

May was my first month. I will relate chronologically, so you can see the situation. MAY: I Made a payment through BOA account but because it was not received, I paid with a credit card. JUNE: The invoice detail: Amount due: 0 Receive: $523,62. Since this was a second month, according to the amount received, the second month was paid. I assumed that the BOA check was received. June - PAID. HUMANA Website shows that.

I traveled outside the US for a month. JULY: I tried to use my insurance but at the pharmacy someone told my account was canceled. Also at home I found a letter – JUNE 17TH. Saying that I have 31 day grace period to pay June until July 02, otherwise my account will be terminate date of May/31st.

Jaime explained that my account was canceled due to a lack of payment in June. Normally an account through the marketplace has 3 months of grace period, in my case I am through the marketplace but without a subsidy because I am not working, I pay the full premium and I have 31 days grace period. This was the explanation told by a customer representative. He also said "you can pay June and July and then call the market place to reactivate immediately the account." The marketplace told me that my account was going to be reactivated on August 1st.

JUNE AND JULY ACCORDING THE TERMINATION DATE AND BECAUSE I WAS WITHOUT INSURANCE , I WAS NOT REQUIRED TO PAY. I was told that the premium I paid (June and July) was going to be return to my credit card because it was a mistake have charged since my account was canceled. I receive these amounts back. My account was activated on august 1 (I checked the web). When I received the invoice, it shows that I owed JUNE/JULY and AUGUST!!!

Daniel told me that he was going to send this situation to a supervisor to be resolved and call back again later. Emanuel - this personnel said that no actions were taken so he needs to send to a billing department to resolve this issue. Daniel - told that the termination date was change to JULY 31th!!! He escalate the situation to a manager. Jamie - Manager call - said that the termination day only can be changed by the marketplace - to the real termination date may 31th. She also suggested to pay AUGUST while we were dealing with June and July. I called the market place, they told me that HUMANA needs to resolve that!! What a nightmare!!!

Michael told me he would open a case and escalate to a supervisor and call back within 5 days. Never received a call from him to resolve this! I told him I can pay and end with this!!! And because I do not want to lose the insurance I was able to pay but Michael suggested to wait. He never called! Jaime - HE call again on August 27. He told me my account was canceled because of 3 months of not payments. I explained the situation. He said just over and over, "This is what my system shows. I am not a saint to resolve this. And your account is canceled. And the amount you paid will be returned to you."

I just want to show what Humana is. A big disaster! They cannot compensate the many hours and hours I wasted in the line. It is a lack of respect. Each person say something different. And to explain the situation each time I called was a nightmare. Nobody took responsibility for the situation. Just hang up the phone, call another customer. I call the Marketplace because in their system my account is active. I request a final cancellation, because my account today, August 28 is canceled for Humana. But it is not going to be a surprise if Humana activate again and continue billing!!! I do not want Humana as insurance, never in my life!!!

You cannot give me back the time I wasted, the hours on the phone getting each time more nervous, more disappointed and frustrated. I will say to everyone to avoid having this insurance. This was the worse experience of my life!!!

Charged me 40.00 copay instead of 20.00 my card says, they say because I had a shot it's considered surgery which is an extra 20.00. If you have a choice, I wouldn't get this insurance, have had other ripoff things.

They actually cause so much anxiety and stress in my life. They barely pay their bills, never on-time, deny services that would improve your health. Change providers and benefits at will. Some physicians don't even want to accept Humana. Next year Medicare and new supplement. Lesson learned.

Humana has put me on their case management and since then have received calls every day for a year, to the point of harassment. They interfere with doctor's treatment plans, trying to treat my condition by sending literature. They refuse to pay my doctor for therapy treatments. My doctor appealed. They give no reason, for denial of claims. I am disabled now. They are garnishing my social security payment with their premiums, with no prior notice. If you call you are put on hold to the point you hang up. So now I owe back premiums plus past doctor visit claims that they were paying, but decided to end. They have called with invasive questions, wanting to know do I drink coffee all day? How was my doctors visit? What went on in my visit? Is there no privacy in this world? I am so fed up with Humana Insurance. They don't care about patients, just their profit.

I made a decision based on going on and researching the full year's cost of the drugs I need. Humana had a cost of about $3200 per year, BlueRx (which was who I was with) had a cost of $3900. So I said I could use $700 in savings and joined Humana. First drug I had to refill this year (2015), I noticed that the co-pay was higher than with BlueRx. I went back on and put back in all my drugs and BlueRX was still about $3900 and Humana was now over $5200. They hiked my out of pocket expenses by $2000.

People are complaining about premium hikes, they better check out what the out of pocket expenses are for the new year. $2000, have you got that hanging around. I called Medicare to file a complaint, they said Humana has done nothing wrong. You have to commit to these plans by Dec. 15th, the insurance gets to change their pricing on Jan. 1st, and you are stuck with the consequences for a full year.

If I could give Humana zero stars, I would. They will find any loophole, make up any narrative, and completely dismiss science and facts in order to not have to pay out for a medically needed procedure. Especially when it's something covered under your plan! Don't bother calling their customer service, their agents aren't medical professionals and the only assistance they will provide is how to contact their appeal department. Which is only by fax or physically mailing them an appeal. The appeal department must not exist because I faxed them EVERY SINGLE DAY for 2 weeks and not once got a response.

It wasn't until I emailed the president of Humana, Bruce D. Broussard, that an individual from the Executive Resolution Team reached out to me. I had hope that if I escalated my situation, someone would actually take the time to look at my case thoroughly. They didn't and ultimately my claim was denied because a "private review agent" did not take the time to properly review all of the evidence and documentation provided. I will continue to fight this decision, too often people give up and that's how insurance companies win when they shouldn't. It's a crooked industry and I am not going to allow them to take advantage.

This insurance is a joke! The company plan shows x-rays Limit 1 set per year, excludes full mouth and panoramic. Guess what people? One set according to this crappy insurer is 4 bitewings only, if your dentist takes X-rays of all your teeth with bitewings (you know bite down on the cardboard) they don't cover anything. What a bunch of crap! It's no wonder that everyone hates insurance companies. They take your premiums and don't pay squat. Cancelled their coverage and will never use Humana Insurance again for anything, also letting friends and social groups know how bad they are.

They have been very cooperative with all my health care needs especially since I started dialysis last Sept. 2016. I also like the way they remind me when a prescription is ready to refill.

My employer went from Aetna to Humana. (What a mistake). My husband went to get a refill on his blood pressure medication he has been taking for years, and they told the Pharmacist they would not cover it because "it wasn't good for him." I'm not kidding. The pharmacist and my husband just stood there laughing at the idiocy of this company and the reason for denial. (i.e. there wasn't any reason)

If we weren't fortunate enough to be able to foot this month's $150.00 at this time (we haven't in the past) while we fight this, what would have happened?

How fast does Humana think I would sue them if my husband came home without blood pressure medication and dropped dead of a heart attack? They need to weigh that clerk's salary and the cost of this medicine versus the multi million dollar exposure that clerk just opened Humana up to with that type of nonsense.

I can assure you, if this happens again, there is going to be a problem. Especially if next time, we cannot afford to pay for that medication while we fight with Humana. And I won't wait for my husband to have a heart attack. I'll call the lawyer immediately when I arrive home. Can you imagine some clerk deciding that someone's blood pressure medicine "isn't good for him" and sending this person on their way? The death of that spouse? The loss of income? The liability from car accidents that could happen if the person is dizzy? The damage to others that could be hurt?

Millions upon millions of dollars in liability exposure over a blood pressure medicine and a "non" reason from some clerk. I think we should all put bumper stickers on our cars that say "driving without blood pressure medicine from Humana" and that way if there's an accident, people know who to really sue.

This is insane people. There's no cost/benefit analysis that justifies this horrendous liability exposure by low level clerks like this. Humana needs to start firing people immediately. Starting with the clerks in the claims office.

It’s the only insurance I ever bought that I was totally unsatisfied with. The agent I had lied to me. She just wanted to sell. I would never tell anyone to buy it. It was crap. The agent said she would be back and go over the policy after I took it - never saw her again.

I have had horrible service from Humana, Great service from Right Source! Humana has refused the most ordinary process for pain control. Right Source is the only reason to stay with this company. Not too sure my pain can hold out!!!

They will not approve my medications that the doctor want me to have. I was on Opana 40mg, but they are now out stock of the drug. I tried lower dose, but they said no to that. I finally got some but I won't allow for boster pill since I am in severe pain. I need help. I think that the way they are acting seems like they are punishing me or are trying to kill me. If I can switch, I will, even if I have to pay plenty.

Mother is 91 years old. Has fallen and nods off in bad places. Her doctor requested she be placed in ASSISTED CARE LIVING. Humana turned her down. The doctor contacted personally and they turned her down again. Any avenues to go? Need help.

I have a daughter with a disability, because my husband retired and I recently have been determined disabled she qualified for medicare. My daughter was on Medicaid and continued to have medicaid. My understanding was she was a dual eligible. Well, after several uncomfortable phone calls with Humana I found out that she was not eligible for medicaid according to medicaid, yet her claims for medicaid were paid to Doctors and pharmacies.

Qualifications for a Special Needs Program policy with Humana was a dual eligible or meeting criteria for institutionalizations that my daughter should have received her membership card for that program. I brought this to the attention of Humana, they have removed the requirements as stated, because they refused my daughter entrance to this membership. My daughter has always been termed Special Needs in every other respect, not something she or I really liked but came to accept as the world's terminology. Humana has chosen to describe this program in a much different way than most others.

It seems Medicaid was indicating to Humana that my daughter did not qualify for Medicaid, still she was using the program for Doctor visits and pharmaceuticals. I called Medicaid myself and got a letter of eligibility and sent it to Humana. It took several phone calls to and from Humana and Medicaid to get to this point. My daughter had already been refused 2 or 3 times at this point. It was determined that because of her low income she will get extra help, Humana indicated she would pay the same fees I was paying for insurance and drug coverage.

Low to no cost and automatic maintenance dental coverage was my reason for trying to get the SNP for my daughter. After sending the letter of proof that my daughter had medicaid, I was informed by Humana that my daughter was in the program for SNP due to the fact that she qualified because she met criteria of institutionalization that I pointed out to them was their requirement stated on the internet. I was given a code for the HMO SNP program. I will not bother mentioning it because she did not get it.

After all the HELL I went through trying to make sure my daughter's membership was taken care of I found out that it was not upon the first prescription my daughter tried to fill. We were informed that one of her medications would not be covered after the next 30 days unless grieved or Dr request approved. Every time I called Humana I had to pretend I was my daughter or get my daughter to give them permission to speak with me. My daughter cannot make decisions of this nature, she does not comprehend. Every time my daughter has to do this, she gets upset and flaps her hand sometimes starts crying.

It is very upsetting to see and calm her down. I have legal custody of my daughter. I have been totally frustrated or just downright pissed at Humana for putting me and MY DAUGHTER through all this crap! The phone calls I made concerning the medicine was not the issue but this was how I found out my daughter did not get the SNP that I was told she was determined eligible. The internet requirements had changed! It no longer read that someone who met the requirements of institutional requirements.

Before I could get to this I asked what needed to be done to allow me the ability to make decisions on my daughter's behalf. I was told A Power of Attorney. I answered no I have legal documentation giving me full custody of my daughter I mean the address. The lady said "You will need a Power of Attorney"! I told her that she was giving incorrect legal information Power of Attorney is not the only way of giving the ability to make decisions on behalf of someone with a disability. I was informed that I did not want the information. I had to ask for a supervisor, I got hung up on. Not unusual I had it happen many times before!

Calling the customer service of Humana requires a choice of issues that may or may not apply to your issue, and sometimes you will wait much too long. The Customer service personnel are defensive, unwilling to listen, and have very poor communication skills. The next call I made I finally found out that if we sent in a consent form I could speak to Humana. My paperwork could be sent later. I just had to inform the customer service person that a person could be interdicted or continued tutorship given the assigned person the ability to make all decisions concerning this individual. Most people are used to just repeat what they heard or remembered. They take it further as the previous customer service representative did by insisting I submit a Power of Attorney.

You would think I would be through but no, this customer service representative in our conversation concerning the program that my daughter was placed in when I was told it would be otherwise, proceeded to tell me what I had to do! That was surely the wrong thing to say to me after so many phone conversations and rudeness from others. It was especially upsetting that I was lied to! Of course this lady could not do anything about it. I certainly did not want to be told I must do another thing and thought instead I deserved an apology and I told her so in a very snappy louder than normal voice, or so I thought! When I heard nothing I realized she had hung up!

So what do I do? Pray that my daughter does not get taken advantage of when I am gone! As a 27 year old, she is so innocent. By the way the reason she did not qualify for medicaid was that her income increased from $900 to $1000. This is what she must live on and food stamps have been cut to $41. Expenses far outweigh her income. We tried a work program but her attention span is so short! Now I must get a separate dental program for her which will cost more!

I feel like we have been through hell and it is not over yet, medicaid is gone and medicare has taken over costing more for my daughter giving her only $100. And less medical coverage not to mention more issues to deal with like we have not dealt with enough since her birth. It is times like this that I know why God took my son with Autism!

I made multiple phone calls to Humana customer service and the Walgreens Pharmacy, After receiving poor responses from Humana, I wanted to make this issue visible to other current and perspective Humana customers. I live in NC but often visit family in IL. I take multiple medications daily and sometimes forget to pack one of them. I take a medication for cancer. They are tiny pills that I did not include with my other medications on my last trip. When I realized I did not have the medication, I called my doctor who phoned in a prescription to Walgreens.

When I went to pick up the medication, I was told by Walgreens that Humana would not pay for a 30 day vacation supply (I only needed 7 pills) because I already had two vacations refills for different medications in the past 12 month. After several phone calls, Humana said there was no way to approve the refill, but if I could wait another 9 days, I could order a normal 90 day refill. As I cannot go without this medication, I was left with no other choice but to go to Walgreens and pay for it over the counter.

I asked the Humana Customer supervisor to raise the issue to management and told her I would be taking the issue to Humana senior management. I sent a similar communication to the CEO and the head of Customer Service. To date I've had no meaningful reply. I find it inconceivable that a large company such as Humana has no way to override a policy where appropriate. Humana essentially told me, a cancer patient, that they are not capable of or interested in meeting basic patient needs. Fortunately the costs of this medication was not high, but I spent several hours on the phone and ended up making 3 trips to Walgreens. Imagine the impact to a customer in this situation if the cost of the medication was hundreds of dollars. From a customer’s perspective, Humana needs to do a thorough review of its “vacation refill” policy.

After 3 hospital stays this year I learned that Humana does what it says. My wife also has a pop and had one hospital stay and numerous doctor visits and test. Her medicines alone were in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. She is on their pharmacy plan and receives medicine promptly. We are satisfied with our Humana PPO.

I became a Humana medicare customer as of January 1st. I have a prescription that was not on their formulary. But, according to their own 2016 prescription guide, page 6 and their "Evidence of Coverage Manual" page 118 and 119, I was suppose to obtain at least a 30 day supply of the medication. This was to give me time to get my medicine pre approved or find another medication that was comparable to my existing medication, that was on their formulary. I was denied, even filed an appeal. My Doctor provided them with everything that was needed in order to get pre approved, and I was still denied. They now have approved a drug that is much less expensive, that I have no idea if it will work, little on whether I am going to be able to get it before my current medication runs out. I do not understand why they would take the time to put policies in their handbooks that they have no intention of honoring.

In Jan. of 2013 at my Cardiologist's request that I need schedule heart tests, I asked his office manager to check with Humana to see if I was covered for this. She did this and advised me that Humana said that it would be covered, that is was in network w/ medicare. However sometime after these tests were completed the Doctor's office advised me that Humana was refusing to pay for it but she would keep working with them to resolve. I myself contacted Humana and they said they would investigate and I so advised the office mgr. at my cardiologist's office. I thought the matter had been taken care of until October of 2014 when I was scheduling a visit to his office when I was informed that my account had been flagged because of an overdue balance of $468.90.

I again talked to the Office Mgr. who advised me that she had still been having on-going talks with Humana with no luck. I told her that I had not received a bill from them to indicate that it had not been taken care of whereupon she said she had held up sending the bill thinking she could still resolve it with Humana. I called Humana to discuss this and ended up talking to 3 or 4 different people before one finally advised me that Humana would not cover it because it was out of network? I feel like I did everything I was supposed to do by asking the Doctor's office mgr. to verify coverage before setting up the tests my Doctor wanted to perform and was led to believe that it would be covered only to find out that now I have to pay this bill in order to continue seeing my Cardiologist. Angry does not begin to cover my feelings toward Humana, they need to change their name to IN-HUMANE INS. CO.

I'm signed on with my fourth doctor in my three month old Humana account. With the affordable Care Act I thought I was lucky to get insurance after losing a job of 31 years. I chose Humana because we could afford it. Our first doctor was assigned us and after trying to contact her office I found she left the system and was practicing in another town. Well, a lot did happen in December with the all the changes, so I find a Dr. very near me and I signed with him online. I called his numbers and no one ever picked up. When they leave a voice mail part came up - the system hung up on me. This happened several times. Then I get my third new cards from Humana, a new doctor was on them. He worked at the same - very near clinic, so I called the new number and got a voice mail. I left several messages and... nothing.

Yesterday I dropped by the clinic and found the waiting room open and we went inside. There was a note saying they were out to lunch and would be back in an hour. It was after 1 pm. We waited 50 minutes when someone finally opened the little window. I asked about making an appointment and was told they only take emergency patients. I started filling out the paperwork and thought this isn't an emergency, will I see a Dr. or the P.A.? And when will the staff's lunch hour ever end? I went home and applied for another Dr. - my fourth - and I'll see if his staff answers the phone and makes appointments like medicine used to do before I got this coverage. To be fair, the times I called Humana, the people answered fairly quickly and were very helpful. The quality of the Doctors accepting Humana patients here in San Antonio seems to be the problem.

They seem to be outright liars. I was not covered for anything from cleaning to fillings to a root canal. This does not match up with what they claim to cover. They should be blocked from as they are a menace to society. Avoid.

I made a decision at the first of the year to change to a Humana HMO plan. Beware everyone - these HMO plans are not used by many of our doctors and I find myself now not being able to see my drs I have been seeing for years. Their website is deceptive. List my dr group on their website, but it's for the PPO, not the HMO. I will never again have this insurance.

We have constant harassing telephone calls from Humana. My wife and I are both members of Humana's Humana Choice Regional PPO of North Carolina. We are constantly getting telephone calls at all times of the day, concerning Right Source Rx, when they actually answer on the line. They continue to call even when I tell them I am not interested in their mail service. Now, they are calling for my wife. She has just had dental surgery and getting an upper denture which none of this is covered by their plan because we are disabled and are unable to drive to one of their dentists and only little of this would be covered under their plan.

My 86-year old mother that lives alone was contacted to participate in a survey for Humana. My mother agreed to the survey to "help Humana". When she was contacted to confirm the appointment, they told her a doctor would be coming to her home. I asked mom to call Humana to verify this visit and the purpose. Humana could not verify anything after transferring her to several operators until she gave up after spending time with no answers. Then she was contacted by Dr. **, who told my mother that he would be taking her medical history and vitals and reviewing her medications to explore the possibility that she might be on too many medications. She told him that her daughter was opposed to the visit and he persisted by asking to speak with me. My mom gave him my phone # and the "Doctor" called me at 9pm to question my opposition to him doing this survey.

I am a licensed therapist and have worked with Hospice for eight years, so I am familiar with home healthcare. I explained that my mother is doing very well now with her primary physician and feel it would only complicate her plan of care. I was also very honest and said I did not trust him going to my mother's home without my sister or me being there, as we both work and take her to several medical appointments already. He was persistent and said that one of us could be on the phone. I then explained what "NO" means and asked him to leave my mother alone or I would report him. He then backed down but attempted to continue to make his point, in which he told me that her premiums would not go up. I told him we were not interested and the answer is "no" and said goodbye. He resigned and hung up the phone.

Humana raised my rate due to health place error, they say. I used the insurance one time and they DID not pay. Spent hours on phone. Once they hung up on me. When are we going to get people who are honest. They say I DID not give them a tax return. So why in the hell DID they give me coverage in first place. The whole place is crooked.

This insurance company has failed me at every turn. From the customer service being atrocious and the fees being so high this is by far one of the worst companies I have seen. If anyone is debating on using this company I would stay far away. The customer service representatives usually do not have any answers you are looking for. The last call I made I was hung up on 5 times. Please do not make my same mistake. Go with any other company.

I signed up with Humana in 2010. I took the HumanaChoice (Regional PPO).I was very clear to the agent at the time I signed up with Humana, that I did not want prescription coverage. I received a letter yesterday from a collection agency that Humana had turned me over for collection for $41.10.

I have never received a statement/bill or any notice from Humana that I owed them this amount. When I disenrolled recently, I spoke with an agent to confirm that they had received notice of my termination from their plan. At that time I asked if I owed anything and was told, "No"! Isn't is good business practice for a company to first try to collect monies owed before resorting to the intimidation of a collection agency? This is embarrassing and an attempt to extort money from me. When I called Humana last night, they took about 20 minutes going back and forth with a supervisor trying to find what this charge was for.

Finally she came back to me and told me she apologized for the inconvenience and she saw the problem which was no fault of mine. She spoke to her supervisor again and was told the charge would not be dropped. I am livid and am willing to take this as far as necessary if I can find an attorney or news media interested. I refuse to pay this and hope there are others out there who have had the same type of intimidation and attempted fraud and extortion from this company.

If you are an attorney who will take this on, please contact this website. They have my full contact information. I live in Eastern Tennessee. The elderly are being taken advantage of and this has to stop. My initial feeling was to just pay it without question to save my lifelong good credit rating. How many people do this? How many millions does this bring back to the company? Humana- shame on you!

Worst past year of our lives! My husband has had railroad Medicare for years and we have never had a problem. Last October, my mother asked me to find her a supplemental policy to go along with her traditional Medicare. After checking, I found Humana under supplemental insurance. I chose this to help pay for the 20% that Medicare does not cover. It sounded good so I signed my husband up also. They both already had prescription coverage through Humana. Okay, so the way I understood it we would now have Medicare, prescription, and the new supplemental policy from Humana. Come the first of the year, things seemed fine until February when my pharmacy said we were not covered for drugs. I assured them we were as I had received the card in December. They put it through again and said no. I called the number on my card and was assured that we did indeed have 2 policies, one for drugs and an advantage plan.

Well after a few weeks of back and forth, I was told that by choosing the advantage plan with no drug coverage, (which we already had) we were in fact screwed! Our Medicare had been hijacked! I called and talked to numerous supervisors who at first said we were covered and then not! They don't even have the correct information. Long story short, both mom and my husband had to pay out of their pockets for drugs for the year. And as soon as October 15th arrived, we dumped Humana. Best day of the year. Come January 1st we are back on traditional Medicare with a different prescription drug plan. Never trust Humana! PS: Being without drug coverage was a great hardship to us as my husband is a diabetic and needs insulin several times a day. He also has asthma as well as high blood pressure.

My car was broken into on the 10th of April. Cash, jewelry, a few other items and my prescription meds were stolen. I take these meds multiple times every day, and if I stop abruptly I go through awful withdrawals. I have severe anxiety and PSTD, and the meds treat both. As a law student, I CANNOT afford not to have my medication. I've barely been able to leave the house, and my final exams are one week away. I have missed so many classes because I'm so scared. I filed a police report immediately and called my doc. She wrote me a new prescription for a fewer amount than usual and said it was fine. Humana, however, was a diff story.

I called on the 10th. Told them how important it is that I resolve this asap and get my medication, for all reasons aforementioned. The rep said she filed an expedited claim & that I'd hear back w/in 24-72 hours (by which time I'd already be in hellish withdrawals). I had no choice, so said ok. After hearing nothing, I called back in the 14th of April. Rep gave me the runaround, said she'd submit another expedited claim, with the same time window. Still, 10 days later, NOTHING. I have been on the phone with them all morning, and they are saying the claim was denied bc it was filled too soon. DUH, my medication was stolen. Wtf?

Humana has let me suffer for 10 days without my medication. I may have to drop a class because of poor attendance, and I can't focus long enough to get anything done, nor can I relieve my crippling anxiety. I am physically in pain from the withdrawals, I'm so sick I can't go to class. My final exams are in one week and I am INCAPACITATED because Humana REFUSES TO HELP ME. I can't get a refill until the 4th of May, by which times I will be in full swing of Law school final exams. I am living in HELL right now. Am being punished for being burglarized, which is punishment enough! I am disgusted that they would let someone SUFFER like this. SHAME ON YOU, HUMANA.

I am denied for pre existing illness. The doctor says I never filed that disease. I need insurance and to have this off my record.

First I was told I was never cover by them. Was put on hold for 20 minutes and they came by on "Oh yeah, we see you were covered by us." So ask why all my bills are being denied. "We will look into this" and then told, "We don't understand why the bills are being denied" - so on this call 2 hours and got no answer. This is third time I called and still don't understand. Humana is the worst insurance I have ever had... DO NOT PURCHASE HUMANA HEALTH INSURANCE.

The Customer "No Service" people kept giving me providers for artificial limbs, respiratory supplies, wheelchairs, etc. They couldn't give me one for Mastectomy supplies. I finally had to use an "Out of Network" provider because they wouldn't give me the name of an in network provider that supplied breast prosthesis and bras. Now, I have to pay all because it was an out of network provider. I just needed prosthesis so I could get back to work without looking like a freak. I have to work to pay for my Humana health insurance. I would like to know how many other breast cancer patients have had this experience.

Humana has been purchased by Aetna. Since that time, the services have steadily declined. Delayed payments to physicians, increased confusion regarding doctor participation in the plan and other problems have occurred. My sister visited a doctor today who had a contract with Humana. She no longer takes this insurance because she has received no payment since Jan., 2016. I have been insured by Aetna in the past. Now, since they own Humana the same problems are rearing their nasty heads. I live in a rural county. There are only 3 options for health insurance. One is for low incomes. My income does not allow me to choose this one. Another limits me to physicians in this state. I travel to another state for services due to poor choices in my community. The other is Humana. If things don't change, I will be stuck. Maybe I'll have to return to Medicare and try to find a supplement. (In the past no supplements were available in my county.)

I needed extra insurance for medicare coverage so, I checked and decided on Humana. The person who set everything was very helpful. This is the reason I joined. When I called to ask a question the first thing is the dreaded automated voice. Then when a person answered the only thing she would say is "I CAN'T ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS." No hello or even a reason for her statement. I did get her to finally listen after her only rant, and she was correct, if I asked “May I speak to a supervisor”, no luck, “May I call back”, no luck. When I got a return call it was a recorded one telling me to go online. I wanted to speak to a human not a recording. Once I joined I can't get a person to speak to me so, HUMANA doesn't stand for HUMAN. Think about that before you join the AUTOMATED WORLD of this company!

People are calling me and butting into my personal business. I don't want to be contacted by Humana - either by the renal management, doctors, and nurses, or the wellness or any of their programs. I have told them over and over. They even contacted my dialysis center to see if I still go there. They need to stay out of my personal business and just pay the bills when they get them no matter where it is from.

I got 2 letters in the mail and it said that they could not take payment out of my bank account. I called and they said that a number was transposed and they could only see the last 3 numbers. They should have called and told me they were having a problem. Instead, I was charged 25.00 dollars for a late fee, which was not my problem, it was theirs. If this continues, I will find another insurance company.

Have a large brain aneurysm, so no prior authorization for surgery required. Able to get surgery within 7 days. They sent me 7 days of meals, called and checked on me on day 3. Paid the bill within 45 days. I was terrified over the whole issue of this type of surgery and costs, but their handling of it was A+. My costs were reasonable. Thank you Humana.

They keep telling us something different every time we call so we contacted Social Security and they are going to check them out. So if you have any complaints, let Social Security know!!!!!

I had severe pain suddenly develop shooting from my jaw up to my temple. I went to the emergency room because it was so painful. Nothing I had ever experienced before. I was worried it could be something serious. This was my first time ever visiting an ER (since I have been an adult). Humana will not pay the bill. I called customer service and told them everything about my visit. They told me the hospital billed it wrong and if I sent an appeal, it would probably be accepted. Well they denied it again. So in the future, if I ever have any kind of pain I guess I have to just suffer and hope it's nothing serious until I am able to get in to see my regular doctor during office hours because I cannot afford to pay for ER visits, which cost an outrageous amount.

Another frustrating problem I had with them. About a year after I had been with Humana, I went to see my gynecologist for yearly female checkup. They had found something and I needed a procedure done. Then I started getting letters from Humana asking about my previous insurance. I didn't have any previous insurance and I sent their letter back indicating so. Well every 2 weeks or so I kept getting that same letter for me to tell them about my previous insurance. I sent the letter back to them at least 3 times! I also called their customer service to tell them I had no previous insurance and please update their records. I still got the letters and it was holding up payment on my doctor bills. I also sent them email through their website. I'm not sure what finally did it, but I did eventually stop receiving these letters after about 6 months. My bills were finally taken care of, but it was extremely annoying!

Have been with this company over 10 years and only have used it for a claim one time back in 2015 due to a high risk pregnancy that left me unable to work. Recently I filed another claim because I am currently pregnant again and have been diagnosed with the same high risk problem I had last pregnancy that was an approve illness, but now I have been denied for this claim. I have called several times trying to get answers on how this is possible being that I had a claim approved before and all I get is rudeness and very nasty attitudes from the employees.

These people are not even doctors and have the nerve to send a letter saying I am not total disable before delivery date. I'm confused how am I suppose to do my job as a letter carrier if I can't even walk from my illness. They instructed me to appeal the decision and pray it be overturn. So now I have been off well over a month with no pay with 4 kids and one on way and I'm having to fight for money I paid for this insurance. I hate this company and as soon as I can I will be dropping them and I will also be making a complaint to my company so this company will not be allowed to sucker postal workers into purchasing this insurance.

Humana tried to start coverage the day after my daughter was born. And that first day is really expensive. It took about 20 phone calls to correct that little "mistake".

This company is a scam as I bought Humana one dental and now I need a root canal and was told that they do not cover that but on their website they say they do. So I will be reporting them to the state insurance commission asap. And I will be ending my dental plan asap. And just a heads up they will continue to take money out of your account if you put them on autopay as I did but I will get a new debit card before the end of the month. Also I will let every one I know not to do business with this sorry company.

I was on the phone with the Premium Payment Department for an hour and a half trying to pay my dental and health premiums. Why I can't talk to one person to pay both is beyond me. I was transferred, Lord knows how many times, and hung up three times even when I asked to speak to a manager. The last time I called, I spoke with Sydney ** who FINALLY took my payment and set up a recurring payment.

I have had Humana since January 1st and I've been on the phone with them a total of 16 hours!!! I still cannot access the website even though I had registered back in January. When I spoke to Fred with the Web department he put a ticket in. It's been two months since I've been able to log in and someone is FINALLY putting a ticket in?!? Why wasn't that an option when I called the first three times!?! This company needs to learn to take care of its members or they will find other companies that will!!!!

This is the worst insurance co I deal with - I'm a medical biller and their address is in Kentucky but the call centers in the Philippines cannot resolve any issues and pass you like a hot potato from one rep to another hoping that you'll give up in exhaustion. They deny everything medically necessary and force doctors to run the gauntlet for doing surgery! We are going to drop this because we can't do business with their non service, non communication and flat out incompetent handling of medical claims. One Humana agent even called our office asking for a patients' home phone number - hello, who are you? Ever heard of HIPAA? Lazy, bumbling, murderous - stay away from Humana!!!

Humana has tried to deny coverage on a weekly basis for rehab recovery therapy at Rae Ann Suburban Center while the patient is recovering from a broken neck. Humana has three times denied coverage and three times an independent doctor has ruled therapy is needed and should remain in place. Humana once again, today, filed to deny coverage for this recovery, causing such a strain and anguish for the family. It appears they are allowed to continue to torture the family weekly until we give up. Someone needs to step up and stop these frivolous denials and allow the patient to heal as the doctor ordered. The consequences could be extremely severe as the attending doctor states if therapy and recovery are denied, any potential fall or partial fall could result in brain damage or brain death.

I listened to an entire annoying automated call reminding me to do all the things that I have already done (get flu shot, schedule wellness check, etc) but the final message was to call the customer service # on the back of my card if I no longer wanted to receive these calls. That I did. It took 40 minutes of repeatedly going thru their automated system, talking to 3 real people, repeatedly giving my birth date, etc. before finally having the question addressed. The last gal seemed to be helpful but was very hard to understand. Was the problem solved? I won't know until I am no longer declining the calls. Very poor phone system AND website.

The customer service wait time is 20-30 minutes. The right hand doesn't know what the left is doing and will tell you whatever they have to to get you off the line. No customer follow-up, no contact with the corporate office and very rude. I have spent over 20 hours on the phone trying to resolve one problem. If only I had known this before I signed up. Never again.

As I suspected, the dental "coverage" covered very little so it turned out to be a waste of money. big deal; I learned. The thing that gets me, though, is that I received a form letter saying that the next year's premium will be AUTOMATICALLY CHARGED TO MY CREDIT CARD. So if I don't want Humana's "coverage" anymore (which I don't), I'm the one who has to make time-consuming phone calls to recorded voices. So far, I haven't reached a human in order to cancel and to tell them not to charge my credit card, but, it's only MY time that's being wasted so I guess it's not important.

I signed up to get a premium package Humana Ins. not thru com but another route in Dec.2013. I never received the policy info that I had purchased but my credit card was charged on Jan. 1, 2014. All thru the month of Dec. I kept trying to get thru the member support reps but it was long hold times. When finally got thru I was sent to a different dept and they never would answer the phones, would be on hold more than an hour. I was finally able to register online for an account and after viewing the basic info there were some things that I gathered they would not cover, again basic info not the actual policy so I started the process of trying to get this policy cancelled and my credit card payment refunded.

I am now in the 18th day of trying to get this canceled and a refund. They keep blaming the large volume of calls and affordable care act. But when you do get to speak to someone, they each tell you something different. This is very frustrating, I wish I had never even heard of Humana, and I wish that I had looked to see if there were any customer complaints on this company before I signed up. Guess it is going to take the whole month or more to get this resolved. Has anyone else had this problem. Now they are sending me emails saying if I need to select another Medicare plan to send them a letter of cancellation. First of all it is not a Medicare plan that I purchased or not suppose to have been now with the way they are handling this I am not even sure of that!! Has anyone else had to cancel your coverage at the beginning and try to get your premium payment refunded back? What a nightmare!!! Thanks

By default, we have to have Humana insurance until we find another job. Humana's provider directory is out of date, 5 of my local hospitals don't even accept Humana, we had a prescription filled that wasn't covered even though 2 years ago it was covered, our plan year lapse's each year due to data entry input errors, customer service is terrible and we've had to experience being billed for seeing a doctor that isn't covered under the plan even though the practice they work for is covered. So many headaches trying to maneuver through this health plan when it should be simple. We pay quite a bit each month for mediocre insurance. As soon as we can get out, we will NEVER have Humana Health Insurance again.

I called a Humana agent, who transferred me to Medicare's Limited Income NET Program. One hour talking to both agents and hold period. LI NET told me I should be speaking to Humana's Pharmacy Dept.; transferred me to an agent who told me he was having technical difficulties and the line went dead after 90 minutes total time including hold, transfer and misleading information. Called again, this Humana agent was rude and again transferred me to LI NET. The whole process repeated itself. I was told my coverage was ending in 15 days and being assumed by Wellcare. I called Medicare, who explained the confusion to me, but refused to give me my Medicare Number. I called Wellcare and in minutes the agent walked me through all the steps to apply for prior approval for certain medications plus gave me my Medicare number.

The four hours wasted on the phone was enough to make me puke. That was four hours for only fifteen days of coverage. I wouldn't go near Humana. Each agent refused to accept responsibility and passed the buck to the next agent. Wellcare picked up on the first ring without torturing me by subjecting me to an obnoxious automated system with one option leading to another. "Sorry, I can't give you a live person till you answer this question." You answer it and get hit over the head with another one. The Wellcare agent was courteous, patient and assisted me thoroughly. My first experience with Medicare and Humana was like winning the booby prize for turning 62 years old.

In Jan 16 I went with Humana thru the market place. Feb 16 my husband was hospitalized and ended up with a bill over 5k out of pocket. In March I had emergency surgery and was in the hospital for a few days. When I got home I had a letter stating that I would only have coverage til May because I was not covered by the market place because I was on SSI (not Humana's fault) which was mentioned to them several times during enrollment. So after I met my deductible I was dropped but my husband and kids still had Humana. Humana transferred over my kids and husband to a new policy and supposed to transfer over all my deductibles that we met.

I went to the dr with my daughter and after meeting deductibles in Feb from my husband’s hospital stay and come to find out my deductible was back at 0 and I was now responsible to meet it again! Well after calling and calling to get the deductible fixed and every time being told that they will work on it and return my call and they never did my deductible. Was never met and I was out of pocketing cost that should have been covered. I had enough and cancelled it in July. Well, now Sept 30th I get a call saying that I owe them money for my policy that I cancelled in July. I NEVER got a notice or a bill or anything at all. These people are crooks and are not willing to right their wrongs but, yet want more money from me. Stay away from these crooks!

My wife and I both went on the Humana Medicare Advantage Plan when we turned 65. At first everything was fine. No complaints at all. Then my wife started to have problems receiving care. To the point that she could not even receive a flu shot. On her first contact she was told the problem was that she had another insurance carrier. She did not. Only this plan. Customer service said they would look into this, and correct the problem. After about a month, she went to receive a flu shot again along with me. Not approved, the pharmacy said she had another plan. This time I called, at this point I was upset. I asked customer service what the hell was she paying for through her deduction from Social Security.

The pharmacy told her she really needed to get this corrected in case she had to go to a hospital, and then find out she wouldn't be covered. We were assured it would be corrected. We left the pharmacy. A few weeks later, she went back to get her shot. Not approved. Finally the pharmacy figured a way to push this through. There is only one division to blame on this. Customer Service. We have both changed our plans that go into effect at the first of the year. We both hope she can get by until then.

My coverage was to begin on June 1, 2016. Today is August 2, 2016 and I still am unable to access my prescription benefits! After NUMEROUS calls to Humana, I am still unable to fill any prescriptions! I am out of blood pressure, diabetic, and heart meds. Humana blames Walmart... Walmart blames Humana... Result still no meds. I'm on hold yet again with Humana being told, "This is really messed up". All the customer service operators were very nice and tried their best to resolve the problem only It ended up never getting resolved. Each time I am assured the "problem" is taken care of... yet my card still is refused. I have paid monthly premiums to no avail... I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND even if the amount is lower than other programs. I will be switching when renewal comes around in Oct-Dec! My FINAL STEP is to call the Indiana State Insurance Dept.

Problem: SI joint disfunction. Treatment: injection therapy and SI joint fusion. Qualified doctors in network: 0. Each day the problem needs to be explained to the representative of the day, then advanced to a supervisor who promises to look into the issue, follow up on it and get back to me and each day I go through the same routine. Now going on 2 months I was referred to 1 surgeon that took Humana HMOX but he refused to see me under Humana Health insurance.

Put on hold for extended times such as 4 hours and 42 minutes and other long hold times as I so desperately need the meds. I was seeking information pertaining to why they'd made me need a prior authorization, yet my doc had filed his part within 5 minutes of receiving the P.A. request and my pharmacy even told me it was common that my insurance, Humana jacked folks around like this... Humana was supposed to have the P.A. finished within 24-48 hours, however it's been 96+ hours now, and guess what, I'm back on hold cause they still can't find it, so I'm having to answer very personal questions and jump thru hoops I don't want to have to jump thru but yet I can die without this med, especially since I have chronic pancreatitis.

I have never been so angry and disappointed with a company. It's feeling like they are purposely making it hard. They are rude, they have the worst telephone manner also bad reception, double checked to see if them or my phone, it's them, plus they all have such heavy thick accents none can hardly understand the things being said. Bottom line I wouldn't recommend that anyone deal with Humana ever.

Before I signed up with Humana I read as many reviews as possible and they had a 4 or 5-star review on Medicare website. I had them in Palm Beach Florida with no problems. However not so in rural North Florida. I signed up with their pharmacy in October and ordered 2 prescription drugs, no charge. When it was time to renew I called and spoke with someone in the pharmacy and asked if there was any change in the cost of the meds. I was told no.

In January when the Dr. sent in for refills, Humana said one medication was 450.00. I declined refill and told the representative that I spoke with someone in the pharmacy before I signed with again for 2017 and was assured that my medication cost would remain the same. The rep. said she was sorry but that was misinformation. Since then I was told that they will not pay for some of routine blood work testing ie test for vitamin D. Today I called for tetanus dep and was told they do not pay for that.

I am actually quite healthy and rarely use the insurance so I am not a high cost to them. My medication are for HTN and the one I no longer take was for overactive bladder. I will not renew my coverage with them for 2018 and will go back to straight Medicare if it is still around by then. My advice to anyone using Humana, get everything in writing.

Humana is the quintessential example of how all health insurance companies in America are stealing us blind, and why the USA consistently ranks among the worse offenders regarding the health care of its own citizens. I am 69 years old and retired, living primarily on my $857 Social Security check. When I applied for extra help from Medicare to help pay for my mounting drug bills, I was TURNED DOWN. I'm apparently making too much money. Because I allowed my Plan D policy with WellCare to lapse for 8 months, I was FINED FOR LIFE, in spite of the fact I had to pay my own medication bills for nearly a year, and they paid NOTHING.

I can understand being penalized a small fee for this infraction, BUT FOR LIFE??? This is a crime, the ultimate example of "adding insult to injury." This company should be dismantled, and its executive thrown in prison for the rest of their lives. Welcome to the USA. P.S. Did I mention that all of their Customer Service reps are PAID LIARS?? When I first signed up, they told me that they "would pay for two dental extractions per year." But what they DIDN'T tell me is, that they would only pay for ONE THIRD of the procedure!! I'm sorry, but telling you this little detail "after the fact" doesn't amount to anything, much less truth and transparency. HUMANA SUCKS.

If you go online to look at their advantage plans please be aware that when you click on "choose your providers" that the list probably IS NOT accurate. The HMO plan I chose listed providers I want but one call to the medical office told me the truth. The only plan they have contracted with is the highest priced PPO plan where I can use the doctors I want. Even if you call Humana, which is a nightmare in itself, they will tell you you can use that Dr. with the HMO plan. It happened to me.

In the past I filed a complaint with Medicare but little good that does. This company needs to spend less money advertising and more on programming. Why should we have to call every possible provider to ask if in fact they do accept our chosen plan. If, in fact, your provider does accept your plan then ok, just double check prescription costs.

I switched to Humana in early 2013 because my agent indicated that they would be better and cheaper. In May, I found out that I needed bypass surgery. After surgery they rescinded my policy and said that I would have to pay them back for every claim. All of this because I didn't tell them that I had had a nose bleed the year before. They are great until you have a claim, then they cancel you after the fact and at the same time make you uninsurable. Amazing. Stay away!

I went to a family physician, and Humana is saying that I should have paid $40, not $15 as indicated, since she is not a 'specialist'. Other issues include payment for Radiologist that read the mammogram. The facility was on the 'in network' list, but the Radiologist apparently was not - you cannot choose who reads your results! I had blood work done, and since the lab was owned by a hospital, I had to pay $100 deductible! Another $100 for follow-up screening on a mammogram. I am new to Medicare/Advantage plans and have never had issues like these with an insurance company. You call and listen to 15 minutes of pre-recorded messages and then (most times) get a customer service who cannot help you. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of choices where I live and most Physicians do not take Medicare. So I am stuck with Humana!

I was member and my wife also with Humana. My membership expired on 12/31 and Humana send direct refill for my wife on 01/2016. I discovered that they used my visa number on file and charged me for the medication. I called them, "why you send my wife those medications since first we no longer have active policy with Humana." Second I called pharmacy over four months ago to stop direct refill for me and my wife. Humana received the medication back on 01/26 and since then they did not refund the money or give me a document that they received the medication back. They have the worst communication in the world. They put me on hold for over 25 minutes every time I call and each one transferred to has to explain to him the same story. I do not recommend anybody to get Humana insurance.

I have been trying for 3 months to find some place in town that will give it to me, but can't find any clinic or Dr's office that will. All the major pharmacies do carry it though. Humana will not allow me to use my 100 percent benefit anywhere in a town of 300000 except a doctor's office. So it's a totally unusable benefit. My doctor does not give it. And neither does anywhere else they have sent me to. They can't find anywhere in my network where I can go, but it's 100 percent covered. It makes no sense to me why they would allow me to get a flu shot at Walgreens but not the shingles vaccine. I have called and emailed Humana several times to no avail. It truly feels like a scam.

I was on the phone for 20 minutes this morning to see if a potential admission would be covered. Admit would have Medicare primary. Why would you need procedure codes for a medicare supplemental policy? Then he asked if we were a preferred provider, I said I was unsure and he took forever to say he needed to look this up. He never did tell me if we were preferred or not. When he finally said the benefits were finally available to view, I do not believe he gave me the correct information. He was hard to hear and his accent was not easily understood. I do not believe he was trained to understand what I was asking for.

On November 21, 2014 my paperwork was submitted to Humana for their Medicare Advantage Program in Broward County, Florida. I was due to refill my prescriptions on January 6, 2015 but never received my membership card. After several calls (a lot including speaking to supervisors when I wasn't disconnected) they finally admitted they had my application but never processed it and could take up to 30 days for me to receive my membership number. Problem is that I am disable, have 9 prescriptions (costing about $1000.00), having heavy withdrawal complications. They told me that I could pay for them and be reimbursed once the policy is activated.

Since I don't have the money to layout, and Humana was no help, I got CMS involved. Finally I was approved yesterday per CMS but Humana had no record of that. I had been advised by my Doctor that I can't be left alone due to the withdrawals and should check myself into the hospital. Thanks to my family and pharmacist, I was able to get 3 of my prescriptions that have the worst withdrawal complications leaving me with 6 more that need to be filled. Due to my physical disabilities, I now also suffer from mental health disabilities.

I have an HMO plan from my employer. Humana couldn't even verify what affiliations were in my network. Every customer service agent tells you different information. The "Search In Network Provider" section of the website "pulls all of the partners with Humana - not just the providers in your network." That is extremely misleading and untrustworthy. Customer Service explained that I need to call them every single time to verify if a doctor is in my network. But, be expected to get misleading information. I've spent hours trying to figure out every aspect of my network. My medical claims keep disappearing and Humana is unable to find them in their systems. They will report on my account portal for about a week and disappear. I would rather pay out of pocket for insurance than continue with Humana. I will not be returning.

This has to be the worst company ever. I have been trying for 2 years to get this computer glitch fixed. Nope, still can't figure it out. Now I have been told that it is all Utah accounts. The problem I have had is that my premium is auto-pay. Well, every month they get my money but the computer system shows that I have not paid, but billing shows that I have. SO all claims are denied. Then the Dr office sends the bill to me. I call Humana and they go through this same spiel every month. The Dr. offices now know when we tell them we have Humana, they all laugh and say "Good luck!" Yeah, we need it. DO NOT USE HUMANA. It's not worth the saving. Plus, it's very hard to find people in the network. Most are not wanting to deal with Humana because of all the problems.

I changed dental providers during open season and chose Humana as the list of providers was full, the deductibles were reasonable and my current dentist was on the plan. The issue is there are ZERO orthodontic surgeons in our area. I live in Maryland and cannot find even one that meets my wife's needs. I have tried to see if I can change plans, but good ol' Obamacare will not allow this to happen. Thank you America for voting for these Politicians who voted for this mess and thank you Humana for driving all your doctors away. Misrepresentation, unfaithful, libelous and inept are just some of the adjectives that come to mind when I think of Humana.

I have been with Humana since 2009. At first everything was fine. I found a primary physician was getting my high blood pressure, Cholesterol levels down and dealing with chronic back pain. After 2014 I get a notice that Humana's policy no longer meets the ACA requirements. Two weeks later my doctor's office no longer accepts Humana Insurance. Now I am stuck trying to find a new doctor. Their lists are outdated and their network is full of doctors that are not seeing new patients. In a nutshell Humana has sold more insurance policies than they have available physicians where I live. To me if a company sells a product or service that they are able to provide, that is fraud and Humana needs to stop committing fraud on their customers by selling insurance policies that cannot be used.

I have had Humana since 7/1/2014, been to the doctor only once, but it went pretty smoothly. I have chronic pain, was seeing a specialist that was not on Humana, so the doc went out of his way to see if he could request that I could still see him which was nice. He also gave me a bunch of samples of medication to help my issue. I had a pretty pleasant experience overall so far - no trouble as of yet.

Wow, where to begin! Tricare recently switched from Health Net to Humana (In the East Region). All the problems started after this. Health Net paid claims on time; their reimbursement rates were excellent, the customer service representatives were knowledgeable, etc. I rarely had to call them. Now, all that has changed. I’ve only had Humana since the Tricare change - 1/1/18. Since then, I’ve had to call them multiple times for inconsistent copay amounts due on identical claims; they had ZERO explanation for the discrepancies. I still don’t know what the correct co-pay amount is. I’ve received multiple bills from providers asking me to contact them because they still haven’t been paid. I currently have two hospital bills that I’ve not only had to call Humana about, but I’ve had to reassure the hospitals that per Humana “The claims were still in process.”

The hospitals had switched the bills from insurance pay to self-pay because Humana was taking so long. If I hadn’t called, they may have sent me to collections! Their reimbursement rates are way less than Health Net paid! A counseling visit was paid at $95 from Health Net, and Humana only paid $60. ER visits typically were paid around $450 by Health Net; Humana has paid $100! I’m seriously shocked at how little they pay. I wouldn’t be surprised between their low reimbursement rates; coupled with how long it takes them to pay a claim; that many providers will leave their network. I’m pretty good at reading E.O.B’s (Explanation of Benefits) forms, but Humana’s are confusing! The layout is terrible.

All the claims seem to be listed as one long claim. Where it lists what is due and where it’s applied is not clear! They even continue info from part of a claim onto the back of the next page which is confusing as hell when you have multiple pages! They need to fit claims info onto a single page at a time, and if it needs to be continued. CLEARLY list the Date of service, Billed amount, and claim number at the TOP OF THE NEXT PAGE! The phone system is a nightmare! When it asked me to type my zip code to verify who I am it always came back and said “the zip code you entered does not match our records” even though it was correct. And I verified it multiple times! Sooo frustrating!

Both the customer service representatives and claims representatives are not knowledgeable; at least based on my interactions with them. Customer service couldn’t tell me why my zip code didn’t work, they refused to allow my kids to have an online account because they’re under 18 - when I had no problems setting it up through (Tricare stopped using it when all these changes occurred), and they weren’t interested in helping me. I wanted an online account so all claims would be easy to check the status and I could find them quickly. I seriously wish Tricare would continue to use It was so easy to use, convenient, and I didn’t have to deal with an insurance company!

Claims couldn’t answer my basic questions about co-pays; they put me on multiple holds when all I asked was the status of a claim; the only answer they gave after putting me on hold multiple times was “Since Tricare made all the changes, our systems are still carrying over... and it’s why things are delayed.” I’m sorry but that’s not acceptable! Our military deserve better than this! I want Health Net back! Humana is terrible!

Stay away from Humana's poor excuse for a medicare advantage plan. After numerous phone calls from myself and my doctor I can no longer get the amount of medication I have been on for over 10 years now. They finally sent me a letter saying I was approved but when I filled it the only reduction I got was a $20 discount leaving me with a $600 plus bill at the pharmacy. I no longer purchase my meds in the US. For $325 I can get 5 months of the same med as compared to the US price of $618 per month.

I recently received surgery at an approved hospital to reconstruct my foot so I am able to walk again. Humana okayed the surgery prior to the date. I am now receiving Claim Receipts from Humana stating "your policy does not cover standard foot care". Under the dollar amounts paid, discounts, etc. it has a 0, except for the amount I owe column... $44,869. The surgeon bill looks identical with a lesser amount owed.

Now I am playing the call game with them. Nobody on their phones know anything or they just chose to lie to you to get you off the phone. At this point I am done playing with their phone idiots and have moved on to file a grievance with Humana on my and my surgeon's behalf. Maybe someone out there that reviews the denials will get this mess straightened out. I have already searched for my new Medicare policy for next year. Humana can scam someone else, I'm fed up with their games.

My coverage in Humana supplement plan "N" began 01/01/14. On 10/15/14 I received notice of rate increase. On 10/27/14 I secured coverage for 2015 with another company. Subsequently called and de-enrolled supplement for 12/31/14. (1) They cancelled my prescription policy. (2) I call, they corrected it and sent me a confirmation 11/19/14.

On 01/13/15, Humana drafted $131.48 from my bank. I called several times, was given a number of differing explanations, including that nothing could be done. Finally reached a person on 01/21/15 who said she could get me dis-enrolled and get my money back. Following faxing a copy of the new coverage, on 01/28/15 Humana refunded the money.

On 02/0/15 I received a letter telling me I had been denied coverage based on underwriting risk. The letter went on to state that I had given them permission to use my PHI to evaluate my application (I never made an application). On 02/29/15 I received a threatening phone call from Humana stating I had cashing a check that they had stopped payment on, that it was not my money, that I needed to return it, etc. I sent out letters to the Ethics board, the insurance commission, the Board of Directors of Humana, etc. Now, in a letter of 02/10/15, Humana says they are cancelling as of 12/31/14. Then, in a letter dated 02/11/15 (received the same day) they are again saying that Medicare supplement insurance that I have applied for has been declined. Again they state that I gave them permission in my application to forage through my PHI to make this determination.

In all my years, I have never dealt with a company as irresponsible. I work in health care and I can assure you that we take issues involving PHI much more seriously than Humana. I have notes of my phone conversations, copies of all communications, etc. I intend to continue to pursue this until Humana has been prosecuted for these HIPAA violations and forced to clean up the way they do business.

This is a complaint regarding your medical coverage. First let me say that I am not a stupid person. I was operation manager of large corp. with hundreds of employees, and I know damn well when I'm speaking to stupid people. First let start by saying every time I call you guys I get to talk to someone who don’t know what the hell they're talking about. What’s one of your criteria for a position there is stupidly? And another thing is my go to man Bosley 1800-662-9508 ext ** - when I need info I can never reach him. He emailed me and said he tried to call me couple times. Well he's a liar. I have an answering machine and was no messages on it, so he's a liar and I will not deal with him ever again. Your medical service is garbage and worth nothing to me and I'm sure to a lot of other people.

Humana Ins. Co. has got to be the WORST insurance company I have ever dealt with! The people who are suppose to assist you with any questions you have are not very knowledgeable and sometimes quite rude. And to top things off they will not let me see the Dr. that I've been seeing for the last ten years. Even though he is one of the Drs. on their list. They say he has too many patients already. They have to split the new patients up between the other Drs. My Dr. even called Humana and told them he would take me as a patient but Humana said no. This is taking away patients from my Dr. and giving them to a Dr. people have never seen before. Don't they realize that the Dr. that has been seeing you for the last ten years knows a lot more about you than some Dr. that has never seen you.

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