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Humana RightSource RX
Humana RightSource RX

Humana RightSource RX Online Insurance Reviews

I have been trying to get an order filled for 3 wks. I have faxed it in, was told it was never rec'd. Called and spoke to Kristie. She gave me another fax number, faxed the order in again, nothing. Called and spoke to Abby. She had not clue as to what fax number Kristie gave me. Abby took the order over the phone, went online to verify order, nothing. Called again and spoke to Camalia, nothing in the system. Asked for a supervisor, Carlos. He had not clue as to what I was talking about. He transferred me to Karen, who took the order again. She claims the order will be processed. I have no faith in this company. This is the first time I have had to use a mail order pharmacy b/c my insurance company recommended it and it will save money. I should have known it was a joke from the beginning. This is the worst company and customer service I have had to deal with and I fault Humana for recommending this to their customers.

Mailed original Rx to Right Source over 1 mo. ago. Called for status Aug 1 & was told they were waiting for return call from doc due to "high dosage". Apparently doc office never returned their call, but never informed me. I called Aug 20th for status and was told they cancelled Rx and mailed it to me Aug 8. I have never received anything from Right Source. Would have been nice if they would have communicated with me. I have tried over 6 weeks to log-in in to my account, but every time I receive an error message and told they are "working" on their website. Poor customer service, poor communication.

Four and one half hours on the phone to convince Humana that when an eye surgeon schedules cataract surgery a week apart and writes two separate prescriptions, both of which state “no refills” and specifically states right eye and left eye respectively means I have two eyes and the two separate sets of eye drops are required so as not to cross contaminate. Nope, Humana did not put two no refill Rxs in their system, they put only one Rx in their system with a refill in three weeks. What happened to the second prescription? Did Human violate the law by deliberately changing the Doctor’s orders? Does anyone know if I can register a complaint with the FDA? The weird part was that when I tried to explain to the agent who denied the second Rx for my other eye he seemed confused and replied “Huh”.

I placed an order for 3 prescriptions with 3 Rx numbers. Since Humana in the past had mishandled my prescriptions, I followed up with several phone calls to get status. For each call and each separate Rx number the automated system said the meds were shipped on Jan 5th and should arrive by Jan 13. On Jan 10 I received 1 med but not the other 2. A week later I called and talked to a person and they said the 2 meds were not shipped because they were not able to get Dr approval. They did not contact me that they failed to get approval. Their system said that the meds were shipped.

Right Source filled 4 prescriptions on 12/30/2012 that I had not requested to be filled. Right Source had informed me that I had 4 RX's that had no refills (I had just ordered them before the end of the year). I saw my doctor on 12/30/2013 and he sent Right Source the new prescriptions that I would need for next year. He did not authorize them to fill them and neither did I since I did not need them. However, RS decided to fill all of these prescriptions with the knowledge that I was in the donut hole and would begin afresh on 1/1/2014. They charged my credit card on 12/31/2013 for the full amount of the RX's.

I have contacted my credit card and told them that this was an unauthorized charge and a hold has been placed on this charge. I contacted RS today and was told that until I received the package (that I did not order), I could do nothing. When I received the package I was to contact them and they would send me a return label. Only then would I not be charged. What a farce. I am being charged for something I do not want and did not order and I have to follow their rules. Anyone with common sense would have seen that by waiting one day, my cost would have been nothing. To say I am angry is an understatement. I consider what they did to be fraud and will discuss with my attorney. I will not pay for the medications and will order them when I need them not when RS decides I need them. I have told them to stop calling me when I need refills. I told them I would order my own refills online. Apparently, no one can listen to the customer or cares about the customer.

I am at my 'donut hole' and asked them not to fill prescriptions! They were supposed to mail me an invoice with prices. They never did that, but filed & mailed scripts against my explicit orders!

This is nothing but a bait-and-switch scam. They quote great prices but then when they fill the order it is double the amount. Customer service is terrible and if you can finally cancel the order, they ship it anyways and claim you can't return it. Save yourself the grief and go to Walmart, better prices and you can even look a clerk square in the face.

I am in the donut hole on Medicare and want to delay all my prescription refills to Jan. 1. I get a new prescription from the doctor and call RS to delay filling until the price drops Jan. 1 including a bunch of others. The person says no problem, we set it all up. Next day and days after I get emails telling me this cascade of super expensive prescriptions are on their way. I call DAILY and get comments like "It is our policy," etc. from Indian call centers who are trained not to give a damn. This in spite of the fact that days before a person had set it up as I required. Then they claim no notes were put in, I tell them check the voice recordings. They claimed they were shipping product even those that were so expensive as to require automatic phone acceptance which I had screamed "NO!!!!" in response to. My profile says all notifications are to be by email, they still have automated calling. Their computers are always down when I call, they do not listen to what I require... Then they treat you like a child asking if your doctor knows you are not ordering the medicine they want to sell I can't make my own decisions. I am going to Costco from now on... They listen...

I was contacted by RightSourceRX to save money on a couple of prescriptions. One prescription is an ointment in a tube. Each refill I pay $40. I was told I could get a 90-day supply for only $100. I confirmed that would be 3 tubes. When I got the prescription, it was 2 tubes for the $100. I called thinking it was an error. They tell me it worked out to 90 days so that is what they sent. So I went from getting 2 tubes for $80 to 2 tubes for $100, waiting 3 weeks for this and paying $20 more. They gave me the runaround and I gave up. This is nothing but a complete rip off. Stick to a regular pharmacy.

Dec. 28, 2013 my husband place his 3 meds. order. In about 10 days 1 came. He called and they said they were sorry but they forgot to send it. No meds came so he called again. They stated it had raised in price but my husband said "you didn't call but stated you would send." They have our credit card number. He is diabetic and MUST have his pills and high blood pressure medicine. He has called over a dozen time. They have stated it was shipped UPS overnight....he has never received anything. He now has been without his vital pills for 3 days. He called Humana and Right Source multiple times today. Finally, someone said they need another prescription. He asked why didn't they say that each time he called instead of saying it was on its has been since Dec. 28, 2013. They said they would send it but wouldn't get it for another 3 days. Since it is in the system, no pharmacy will fill another prescription. He could die. HELP, WHAT CAN WE DO WITH HUMANA RIGHT SOURCE? This is not fair. They are playing God with his life. They have lied every day to my husband that it was being sent since Dec. 28. NOT FAIR.

Twice now I have tried to get my medications through this company. When my medications does not come and I have waited not only the 7-10 days but beyond. I was told that the voice recording asks for a method of payment so if you don't give it your order does not get processed. The recording asked me for my information the first time I called, but did not on any other call and my information was dropped by the system and there is no evidence that I even ordered. In addition, if you place an order, no human cannot hear what you recorded nor can they find out what they missed. I am thinking lawsuit since my BP meds are not showing up on time. Now there is a voice mail stating that we will get the same service. I hope the Heck NOT! I will be contacting my attorney to find out my options. I can tell you this, I can't recommend this company for any medications but now I am signed up with them and so what do I do?

I was forced by our government to get this insurance, or one even more expensive, now I can't get my meds on time? They have my credit card info, they are my insurance. Uncle Sam is fining me for life because I did not get the drug coverage, never mind that I was not on any drugs at the time, and these creeps are keeping me from my meds after I had to wait 2 years after being on disability to get them. Then I am sent a booklet which says I may get fined but does not specify that Medicare Part A and B are not enough government insurance. What kind of a fine lasts your whole life? This is ridiculous and dangerous. Think of all the old people who got totally bamboozled by this law and this organization at Humana.

They got the government contract. Does Humana get the fine money? They are the ones who send the booklet of little coupons to send to them. I find it interesting that the government fined us for life. Usually something for life is a tax, not a fine. I digress, Humana does not get your meds to you and their system prevents humans from correction the situation until your medications don't arrive. Oh and there isn't an order number because I don't exist!

I joined Right Source because I temporarily live in Mexico and had a 2 1/2 hour commute to the nearest American Clinic (Ajo) where the only pharmacy in town is headed by a bully, soft voiced (believe it or not) female pharmacist. My orders were not filled correctly. I wait for hours at times and have to drive across the border in the eve at times. At this point, I don't know what is worse, but I am upset that I have to deal with these issues either way. What is happening to people's manners and accountability at work? Right Source has a lapse of accountable employees. When I get a smart one, I immediately ask for their name to help deal with a medication change, etc.; unfortunately, they have employed many air heads (maybe their wages are too low) that can screw up things faster than I can say boo right afterwards. I am physically returning to my hometown in the good old USA (so grateful at that) because of the problems I have just getting a few meds on time besides many, many endless problems living in Mexico (unending drama). I'm so happy to return to the States.

I initially enrolled in Humana's Medicare Part D Supplemental Insurance in 2011, and their performance for that first year was acceptable. Beginning in 2012, Humana RightSource Pharmacy has established a progressive pattern of incompetence, lies, and now, fraudulent shipping of unordered drugs.

Initially, I ran into a two-month-long "brick wall" response when I attempted to order diabetic supplies. Repeated calls to Customer Service produced "no order in system" responses for nearly two months until finally, a rep told me that RS Pharmacy was "reorganizing" their diabetic supplies division, dropping the products I had ordered from their product offerings. She placed a new order for an RS-branded glucometer kit, lancets, and test strips. Still, it took over three weeks until I received a call to confirm my on-hand supply of test strips was down to 10 days; I was promised my order would ship immediately, and I would receive everything in 10 days. RS Pharmacy records will confirm that the actual fill date and shipment of the order did not occur for another 16 days.

In the meantime, I received numerous letters from RS Pharmacy notifying me that my privileges to charge new orders would be curtailed because I had a past due balance with them, and they could not complete charge transactions against my card account. I responded in writing and by telephone, challenging the accuracy and truthfulness of their claims, as they were provably specious and false. I found that the only way they could successfully complete a charge transaction was if I called and demanded that they run the transaction while I waited; this method never failed to generate a confirmation code from the credit card company that the transaction had been approved.

On 5/18/2012, I received a robocall from RS Pharmacy, asking for my authorization to ship unspecified product. I supplied a negative response via the phone keypad, and called back to Customer Service and asked what products the robocall was referring to. The CS Rep could not tell me; I then placed an advance order for a 90-day supply of diabetic test strips to be shipped on or about 6/1/2012, and terminated the call. On 5/21/2012, I received an email notifying me a refill order had been shipped to me based on an order placed 5/18/2012. I immediately logged on to the RS Pharmacy site and checked the status of any orders against my account; the order showed I was being shipped two drugs which I had never even mentioned during the 5/18/2012 telephone conversation. I called Customer Service, and was told their records showed I had placed an order for these products on 5/18/2012.

I asked for a supervisor, who re-asserted the claim that I had placed the order by phone on the date referenced. I told him that this was totally false, and that I wanted a transcript of the call. I was told that until I received the drugs and accepted delivery, I could not expect any further corrective action. I was promised that I could easily obtain a return authorization and return shipping call tag once I had received the products, and that an investigation into my claims that the order was placed fraudulently would not be initiated until that time. I plan to call my credit card company's fraud division and stop the charges to my card; they have been very cooperative in the past when I had similar claims against other vendors.

Based on my experience in the first five months of 2012, I cannot recommend that anyone use this pharmacy. They lie, stonewall, make false and injurious claims, and generally apologetically create nothing but ill will with their customers, who are the literal lifeblood of their business. This business is a complete failure in every aspect but its financial operations, and it deserves to be starved to death of future cash through a customer boycott of both the pharmacy and the insurance company that owns/controls it.

On November 29, 2013 day after Thanksgiving I called Right Source RX. I was out of town with family - had forgotten my medication. First person @ Humana set me up, gave me a confirmation number ** - passed me on to someone else because she was unable to give authorization for override for me to obtain medication from the Walmart in the town closest to where I was visiting family. The second person repeated everything, also could not give final authorization for override, passed me on to 3rd person. Marshall who told me everything was set up and then gave me an incorrect number to call back should I have a problem. The number he gave me 800-8101601. Marshall told me all Walmart had to do was log in.

Walmart was very unsuccessful due to a announcement message stating the pharmacy at RIGHT SOURCE RX was closed. The pharmacy was not closed - someone had failed to remove that message for that day. Every time Walmart called which was at least 3x but couldn't get through because it kept stating that the pharmacy was closed. I called back to Right Source, I called back Walmart. It was a circle of my time wasted, Walmart's time being wasted. My family was appalled with what was going on. I had to depart from family and go home because I could not get the medication at the place where I was a total total faux pas. This was disgraceful.

In early January, I became a member of Humana. I called Humana who informed me that I could save a lot of money by ordering my prescription drugs through a mail order wing of Humana called, "Right Source". I called RS right away and ordered 4 (FOUR) prescriptions which were all listed at ZERO CO-PAY! About three weeks later, I received THREE OF THE FOUR prescriptions. Not bad, I thought, but not good either. A week afterward, I called RS and tried to order the 4th drug. I waited about four weeks until early March..still no order arrived!

In mid March..I got a Supervisor on the phone.. She said that SHE would follow up and call me shortly thereafter! She never called! I called again and got "DREW" on the phone as a Supervisor..and he told me he would call me the next day! He never called. I called last week (April 15th or so) and asked if this 4th drug was listed in the "System" and it was NOT! I just ordered this drug through my local drug store...another $30 down the drain for only one month... And I look forward to an INEPT, LYING, DECEPTIVE COMPANY TO FAIL, ONCE AGAIN to do what it said it would do almost FIVE MONTHS AGO.... FILL THE ORDER FOR THE FOURTH DRUG!!!!! DO NOT EXPECT RIGHT SOURCE TO GET IT RIGHT.. THEIR MIDDLE NAME IS : "I APOLOGIZE".. THAT IS ABOUT ALL THEY DO FOR YOU!

Please save yourself numerous headaches! They claim a prescription is covered, then deny it. They deny a prescription your Doctor ordered because they disagree with the dosage. Apparently they believe they are in a better position to make that kind of decision. Absolutely every dealing we have had with them has been a problem, without exception. We have only been with them for six months and we are switching plans, but also know we will be dealing with 2016 issues LONG into 2017. Extremely disappointed and frustrated customer!

I have attempted to order my prescription for about two weeks. First, I attempted to go over via their web site ... It looked great and I thought this was a hassle-free way of getting what I needed. Then I discovered there was absolutely no feedback on what was entered or if the order was actually pending (I used the "Switch prescription" option). I called RightSource, and explained what I had done on the website and asked if they could tell if I had an order pending. I was informed, "No order was pending." The customer service rep then put me in touch with their IT support. IT people said the website "was a work in process".

I then entered the "Call the Doctor option" which requested the script number, doc's name, phone number, etc. Still, there was no response. I called RightSource again and they were surprised that option was even on the website. Right Source Customer Assistance suggested that I call the doctor in a day or so to see if he was contacted. I did and he wasn't. I thought I'd give it one more try today. I called Customer Assistance and asked, "How do I get a script refilled?" I was told that I had no account as of yet. I was then transferred to the New Account people for activating an account. I began to explain what I needed and what I had previously done. As the person began to respond, I was cut off in his mid-sentence.

I called back again to Customer Service, got a different person and was told I did indeed have an account. I explained what I had been put through and she was sympathetic. She said she had heard it all before. She received about 50 calls per day with a similar complaint. She explained that my doc had to fax a request in with very specific information on the script cover sheet (account, address, etc., etc.). Then if all went well, in 10 to 14 days, I would have my prescription. I also asked how long Right Source had been in business. She replied, "6 going on 7 years."

I responded many other companies had been doing this for years with little hassle for the customer. This wasn't a pioneering effort on their part. Someone should figure out how others are successfully doing business. I told her I was rapidly losing faith in Right Source. She said it was much easier after the first script was filled. Unsurprisingly, I have made the decision not to have them fill my script. Fortunately, I do have a choice.

Beware of a collection dept. scam at Humana specialty pharmacy. This is a complaint about Humana specialty pharmacy mail order. We are having problems with Humana SPECIALTY Pharmacy MAIL ORDER, located at 111 MERCHANT ST, SPRINGDALE, OH 45246-3730. They charged us for stuff we did not order. And they are enforcing us to pay for medications that we did not order. And threatening us with collection.

Then we contacted the pharmacy, they listen to the phone recording of our order, they found out that we did not order all what they sent us. They say they will fix this mistake, but never did and for year 2016 we do not owe them anything and their computer indicates we owe them nothing for 2016 BUT THEY REFUSE COMPLETELY TO SEND ANY KIND OF A STATEMENT STATING THAT WE OWE NOTHING FOR 2016. All I need is one sentence only in a statement (this member owe nothing for 2016) or (balance zero for 2016) because I do not trust those people anymore.

The supervisor at the Humana collection department (Melissa) does not take the word of the patients coordinator Karen who listened to our Phone order and found that we did not order all what they delivered, If this supervisor MELISSA think that Humana coordinator Karen is DISHONEST then no wonder why the customers think this company is running by Crooks.

I no longer deal with Wrong Source Rx. If you read my review and any of the others from people in the same boat you will quickly know why. Add to that the

fact that one of their Pharmacists denied my prescription for Methylphenidate because he thought it was dangerous for people over 60. BUT HE NEVER TOLD ANYONE until I called them after waiting three weeks for the prescription. I put in a claim, sent them the original label from when I started the medication in December of 1973 and asked them "Don't you think my doctor whom I've been seeing for 12 years would tell me if this prescription was dangerous for me?" I never received an answer but I did finally get the medication after over two months of phone calls and faxing documents to them.

So if you add that to the following history from 9 months ago you'll know why I finally got smart and went to my local pharmacy when I go shopping. No hassles! And by the way, Wrong Source Rx STILL sends me yellow business updates telling me how much money I could save by ordering from them and they still call every few weeks and try to convince me to start ordering from them again. But the same person has never called me twice because after they hear my story they have their answer.

My father gets his high blood pressure medications through RightSource RX mail order. We have used them before and found them to be difficult to deal with. They can’t seem to deliver their customers’ orders in a timely matter. I went online on September 16th to reorder my dad’s prescriptions. The order stayed in pending for 2 days so I called. They refused to speak with me so I called back with my father on the line and the guy refused to assist my father because he didn’t have his Humana's ID number.

My father is 70 years old and like most people his age he hates automated systems, computers and silly rules. He just wants his medicine. We called back and spoke with another young lady Sept 19th who promised it would be overnighted because I explained my dad was down to his last pills. Well as of Sept 20, the order was still pending so we called again and was told to call Sept 21 because their system was down. REALLY. Today is 9/22/13 and the order is still pending and my father is now out of his high blood pressure meds. Thanks Right Source RX for nothing.

Since the inception of Humana Pharmacy, Customer Service via phone has hit the bottom of a shallow pit. I have never been able to complete the refilling of prescriptions over the phone as the system is designed to do. I have complained to no avail for the entire year. If Humana spent about half of what they send out as junk mail to fix the problems their customers would not be so complementary. Every time I enter a number from the last prescription bottle, I'm eventually told that the number cannot be found in the system or that I need to contact my doctor for a new prescription since this one has expired. It saying in plain English that there are 2 remaining refills on this prescription. It makes you wonder which time they lied, when they filled out the label or when they said it had expired?

Any time I'm asked about Humana Insurance, I tell them the insurance has been good so far but the RX plan is the pits. I guess when you're making the profits Humana does, you don't care what the little guys say or cares.

I do not understand all the negative reviews I have read concerning Right Source. We have made use of their services for a number of years now, and I re-order all our subscriptions over the phone. The service is always professional, courteous, friendly and knowledgeable, although I don't always ask to make contact with a representative since their automated service works so beautifully. I appreciate it when the automated service tells me that my prescription has expired but that they will contact my doctor for me and then they will renew my subscription and get it out as soon as possible.

I have never had to wait more than five or six days (never an entire week) for shipment of our meds, and it is always "standard". I have never had them ship anything other than "standard". And I like that they always give me a confirmation number and that they always follow up our contact via my e-mail. Couldn't ask for more THOROUGH service! I cannot begin to tell you how satisfied we are with Right Source Rx! No complaints at all! Five stars for sure!

Many delays with service. Most recently refill requested 2/4/2019 of script which expired 2/6/2019. Another script requested at same time had expired. Humana requested new scripts on both and Prior Authorization on unexpired script. Doctor sent both scripts and Prior Authorization back. Expired script processed but Humana kept insisting they did not get script on drug requiring PA. Doctor has sent twice. Last time this happened Humana ended up processing both. Now told they received PA but by that time the script had expired. Frustrating and every call it's a different story.

I am an employee and cannot spend personal time on the phone. My wife takes care of all business and finances for us. Not with Right Source though. Right Source will not talk to her since I am the policy holder. It's reasonable for Right Source to call me and ask security questions and then ask if it is alright to talk to my wife. What is not reasonable is for Right Source to require this for every single call, over and over and over. Their reason, "That's their policy". I have told them again and again to mark my computer file, that she has an unending approval to conduct my business. I'm told that they cannot do that and I would have to send a written approval. Twice I have asked them to send me the form. They said they would. They have not. We’re still having the same problems again and again. We can't talk about bills, order drugs, and check on deliveries, talk about prescriptions or anything because of their "policy".

Security questions are reasonable. Requesting approvals from the policy holder are reasonable. What is not reasonable is, having to do this on every single phone call. Another unreasonable situation is when we are told that we have to be home when the drugs are sent. We wait and wait all day on the day the drugs are supposed to be sent. So the wife calls to track the delivery. Right Source refuses to talk to her again. We had none of the problems with other mail order drug companies. I've requested an 8D corrective action from Right Source. Both the service agent and her supervisor knew what I was talking about. That states the quality of Right Source's services in a nut shell. I intend to call back in a week to check on the progress of the 8D.

I called to pay 3 months premiums $17 each month total $51. Gave them routing number & account number of my checking account. I even had them read it back to me. Perfect. A week later still in my checking account. They never even tried taking the $51. Checked at my bank, they told me they never made an attempt at getting money. It would have showed up if they tried. So the money is still there.

When I call the answering machine says I have 0 balance yet they tell me, live person I'm behind for Aug. Also had problem I sent an $8 check for my July prescription. Said they never got, so before I could get my 3 prescription I had to pay the $8 that they said they never got. So I told them I would use my cc for the $8 for the bill they claim I didn't pay, no check they said, & use the cc for the 3 prescriptions I needed. Guess what 2 days later they tried cashing the $8 check they said they never got. I had canceled the check through my bank. Now they tell me I still owe them $8. I paid $32 for my 4 prescriptions so I owe them nothing. Each prescription is $8.

I have been with Humana for a few years. This past January when I ordered my breathing med I was waiting to come out of hole, where my med would have been over $300.00. It would drop to $131.00 after the first. So I was cutting back to half to try to get by the last two weeks. I called and gave my info and my med never arrived. Then I called back and was told the person I talked with had not got my visa card info. Then I tried to refill this same med on the 21 of April, again making sure I had enough to last. I kept watching my bank account and the money was not taken out.

On May 1, I called and was told again the banking info was not taken. I told the person I was talking to that was simply not true for I had my bank register with me when I ordered on the 21 of april and recorded it after the young lady confirmed and told me the cost. So I was upset and called my local Wal-Mart and they were going to run it for me. But when they tried it said the med was filled on April 21. So I called Humana back and talked with a young man and he said the info about the confirmation of payment and they then sent the med with expedited postage. I received it on Wed., the 3rd.

What worries me is what about the meds I have that have no co-pay? I have no way to find out. I used to go online without any problems. Now they say they have done a secure log-in. Well it is secure it won't let me log in. And when I contacted them about not being able to get in they messaged me back with changing my password. I tried that and then this captcha comes up and you are to pick out certain matching photos. The trouble is the format has no pictures!!! So I have enough stress in my life without this mess. I will be going back to my local Wal-Mart where I know I can depend on and trust my health needs will be met in a timely manner.

In January of 2013, I noted that my prescription history no longer existed within the Right Source website. During my phone conversation, I was informed that Right Source had no prescriptions although my physician's office had faxed four new 90-day prescriptions for each of my 8 generic meds. The prescriptions were again faxed weekly because each week, Right Source said it had not received any faxed prescription. The fax number was verified as correct. Right Source said they tried to call my physician and my physician claims no call received. Finally, in March of 2013, Right Source had my prescriptions but placed them on hold. The hold issue on one prescription was resolved by April 2013. Meanwhile, another prescription was placed on hold. First, it was **, then **, then ** and then **. All were placed on hold, one after another.

I complained to Medicare and was contacted by CMS who apparently resolved the problem. I've received meds. Now, I've received a letter which claims that Humana has been unable to contact me to resolve my complaint. I did return their calls although they claim I did not. I did state that I do have all my prescriptions. The prescriptions are now all up to date. I do hope that I will not have problems in the future although it does appear that a few scripts are reported as expired (which should not be the case). However, I will have them all updated and resubmitted for carry-over into the new year (2104) if I have to continue with Humana. I am still unclear why my generic meds were placed on hold resulting in further delays and purchasing locally when I ran out. On one occasion, in March 2013, Humana refused to honor payment for my prescription for insulin locally and told me to go to an emergency room to get a shot of insulin. I decided it would be cheaper for me to purchase the insulin outright than to pay the deductible for the emergency room. Wal-Mart had a current prescription for my insulin pen.

Dissatisfaction and disgust, was told by phone this plan was better and cheaper than my WellCare, which I liked except from being informed by WellCare that my pharmacy of choice was no longer theirs, so I supposed incorrectly that a plan named Walmart Humana would be more to my liking, filling my first prescription was charged 1.00, and informed I could only get 30 days, which under WellCare was 90 days and zero dollars. Highly irate I pulled car over and looked at Humana card and proceeded to call 800 number on it to complain-using both numbers. I unbelievably go an advertising recording on how to get discounted car towing and gift cards for other businesses for a small fee, you believe this?

Then I searched Internet for another Humana number, after doing the programmed choices got operator that kept saying it was "only a dollar" which highly disgusted me, so what will my other "only a dollars" add up to. After some more very apologetic words I asked for someone else to talk to for more satisfaction. Was transferred, after being on hold for 15 more minutes I hung up. I cannot believe I am gonna be stuck with something I truly hate for 11 more months. Would do almost anything to change. Any suggestions.

Right Source is owned by Humana. Right Source and Humana will not disclose the retail prices on drugs. I spent 2 hours talking/holding with customer service trying to get the retail prices. I was told they didn't understand what I was asking for. I was "stonewalled". After talking to customer service I contacted the local representative. He told me that he didn't know if he could get the retail prices but he would try. I now know this is folly. The retail price is what drives you toward the Coverage Gap (Donut Hole). In previous years I have had to use Canada Drug at the end of the year to fill my prescriptions because I was getting close to the Coverage Gap. I was able to call several pharmacies in my area and they were happy to provide me with the retail prices.

After several years of being a Humana member, it finally dawned on me that the reason that Humana and Right Source could not and would not give me retail prices was because they didn't want me to compare Right Source retail prices with local pharmacy prices. I firmly believe that Right Source retail prices are what has placed me close to the Coverage Gap. The faster they get you in the Coverage Gap, the more money they rake in. The Coverage Gap ends when the "total drug costs" reaches $4,550. "Total drug costs" includes the amount I paid, Humana paid and Humana discounts. The devil is in the details. It's the Humana discounts. Raise the suggested retail prices and the Humana discounts soar. This is my last year as a Right Source customer.

I have been using Humana mail order pharmacy for more than eight years and they have never let me down. When I need a refill they always call and ask me if I would like to refill my medication and all I need to say is yes, and they call my doctor office for me. My prescriptions come in 90 day amounts right to my mailbox and cost me nothing, which is a huge help because I am on a low income.

My mother is 92 and lives with me. She also receives her prescriptions through Humana mail order pharmacy. Neither of us have ever had any issues or complaints about their service, and they are always kind and caring on the phone. We live 40 miles from the nearest town so mail order pharmacy is important to us. Mom is making a decision for a new supplement insurance and it is important that she is able to remain with Humana mail order pharmacy. Some insurance companies have other mail order pharmacies and we do not want to switch. I am sorry to read all of these bad reports that people write about Humana mail order pharmacy, but sometimes a soft word gets a gentle reply. Proverbs 15:1 A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.

I have been taking ** for many years because I have a syrinx in my spinal cord. Under United Health Care's AARP plan I paid $8 for this prescription because it is a generic drug. I switched to HUMANA, EVEN PAYING AN EXTRA $30. p/m premium, because they supposedly would charge me less for my prescriptions. The reality is I pay more. When I called today (01/26/17) I was told that it cost more because it is a controlled substance. There is nothing about this charge written anywhere. I plan to sue.

In November 2013, I switched prescription drug plans because my carrier doubled the premium. The agent I dealt with recommended Humana, and I was told that if I got my prescription through one of their mail order companies, there would be no co-pay. This was verified in Humana's information booklet which they sent me. I went to my doctor in November and he wrote me a prescription for a three-month supply of medication to begin in January as I had enough of my current supply to last until year-end. In early December I called Right Source and asked how I could go about sending in my prescription early enough to allow for the ten day processing time. They said I would have to wait until January because they couldn't process it yet and they would LOSE it! They had all my information and the person speaking with me was able to pull up my account number and information. I have never heard of a company informing a client they would LOSE their information!

Just as I anticipated, when January came, I didn't have enough medication to last the ten-day processing time. I called my insurance company agent so he could deal with this. He asked that I email the prescription to him. He got back to me and told me Right Source couldn't accept the email; they needed it mailed to them and required a phone call from my doctor to proceed. What? This is way too much work for me. I called Right Source and spoke with a supervisor who was polite but offered no solution. I will go back to my local pharmacy and PAY for my prescription, even though I feel it is RIGHT SOURCE'S responsibility. I would never use such an unprofessional company again.

I spoke with a customer service representative regarding a new prescription that my doctor was going to fax in. I was told that the prescription would cost about $268, which required my approval to bill my credit card, as anything over $250 does require special charge approval. I gave them my approval with the understanding that the cost would be about $268. I received my medication and my receipt. They charged me $1,694.96! I called them and was told that the amount I was given was incorrect, but since I had given special approval for anything over $250, they had the right to bill me for the full amount. They then said the cost actually should have been about $500, but that as I had waived my copay, they billed me the full amount allowable?? They CAN accept a return, but they are "looking into the matter" and may choose not to do so. I am stunned and distraught about "the matter".

My wife logged on to the Humana Pharmacy website to place order for four meds, two of which needed new scripts. The two meds with refills remaining shipped out right away... After more than a week of waiting, she logged on to the website to check progress on the two meds needing new scrips. The orders were marked as cancelled. We did not get any notification from Humana about the cancellations. There is no info on the site regarding why the orders were cancelled. There is no way to contact them via email, which is the only way to reliably record the progress of any complaint or request. I tried entering the orders; same result... orders cancelled. Tomorrow I will have to try contacting them by phone, not something I'm to which I am looking forward. Humana Pharmacy really should:

1. Have a customer service email address so that questions/problems/requests can be recorded.
2. Send notifications to customers immediately when problems arise.

3. Add a section to the website with info on the nature of any problems that arise.

I did have a problem when I first started using RightSource, but to be honest most of the issues they were not at fault. One of the problems turned out be one of the drug companies changed their formula so they could raise the price. The other problems were just bad communications. All of my problems have now been resolved, and I couldn't be happier with the prices. They also seem to pay my claims per agreement. Thank you Humana.

They tell you your drugs are in the mail and (three times) they weren't. They "accidentally disenrolled" me without notice to me meanwhile claiming my scripts are in the mail and they billed me every month for the premium. They explained that the premium billing is separate from the prescription filling and they have no control over whether I get my scripts or not, they just want my premiums. Getting my prescriptions is between me and the mail order system they contract with. How is that??? When the scripts did not arrive as they promised, I was informed they could not find me in the system because I had been dis-enrolled!!! How? By whom? For what reason? They were getting my money from my SS Check, they had no reason for it and knew not who in their system did it.

At that point, they could not re enroll me without preventing me from getting my meds. When they disenrolled me they wiped out all info on all my doctor order prescriptions and I had to contact each doctor's office to relay what happened and ask them again to send in the scripts. But before I could do that, I was required to find a local pharmacy and pay for all my prescriptions I needed that were covered for free with their mail order plan because they explained once the doctor called them with the same prescription again, it would take more than 10 days to review and process and I needed these scripts before then. Of course I did. That is why I called in for a refill three weeks ago and their reply was it was approved and would be mailed right away.

So now, instead of free scripts I pay premiums to get, I have to call my doc again, call a local pharmacy and pay out of pocket due to their errors. They are always so sorry and "more than happy" to correct their errors. Once they quoted me a price for a script. I agreed, then they charged my card double. That is fraud. When I complained and asked for a supervisor she said it was a mistake and they undid the charge, but don't trust them for anything. I don't. They wanted $550.00 for a script I ended up getting for $12. How in the world can Medicare approve of these types of scams???

After 5 years, we are ready to try another reliable prescription mail order company. Using your computer is a joke. Tonight your computer ordering was down again or not available. This last computer order for 2 refills never was received on Wednesday, 9/26/12. The action taken seemed to go well, not! I called 2 days later (9/28) to check on this order and lo and behold, it happened again. The 2 refills were never received via computer. The customer service person was very mumbly in her speech. She even repeated a prescription of Warfarin was ordered under my name (duh!). My hair was on fire at this point. My husband, Harmen, uses Warfarin, not me. I never mentioned his name in the phone call, until she made a big mistake. When I asked her, "What the hell." She said she never looked at which name was under the ** account.

Boy! This is too dangerous to have such incompetent computer service and customer service. We also have had mix ups with the correct address to send the prescription to. We are in MI for 6 months and FL the other 6 months. I always tell them to mail it to the address we are at! You ask too many and call both of us, and half the time don't leave a code number to return your calls. Please correct your services soon and have better, clearer speaking personnel assisting your customers.

After several calls and an extra visit to the doctor, RightSource sent my husband's diabetic testing supply in February. On 5/23, they called to ask if he wants a refill and he said yes. Three phone calls later and as of 7/4, the refill has not been shipped. They claim they have been calling the doctor every day to have the order re-faxed. Their sticker on the box says there are three refills available before 2/26/2012.

Let me get this straight. If I could give them a negative reading I would have but it would only allow me the lowest score of 1 star. I had to use this for one certain medication that my doctor is trying on me in attempts to save my new transplanted kidney. I have a long an endless story but I will not write it all here. To make it short and sweet I filled my prescription on June 1st. I had not received it by June 10th and I needed it on the 11th. So I called them and got shuffle to a few different departments and finally ended up in Medicare after (Rightsource) informing me that the pharmacy had an initially filled it on the first and that they could expedite it for me which would still have taken quite a few days. So I spoke with the Medicare agent about bypassing the normal processing time and she could not find this prescription that I had filled 30 seconds prior anywhere.

She contacted right source again and spoke with an agent. When she came back to me she was baffled and put me on a brief hold to speak to her supervisor. The reason she was baffled was because your right source agent knew since June 1st that a prescription I had filled was backordered and failed to inform me. They claim to have called me twice (in which I had ONE missed call from an unknown number but who really pick those up nowadays?) and they did not leave a voicemail. One of their customer service agents that I have been emailing in regards to this horrible issue stated to me that they were unable to leave me a voicemail so since they could not get a hold of me cancelled my order on June 5th without me knowing.

So then the whole debacle happened on June the 9th. When the Medicare agent had talked to rightsource they told her that they knew about all the issues but couldn't tell me due to their policies. That's why she put me on hold to ask her supervisor if she could tell me which she did. The fact that I spoke to a rightsource supervisor and he could not give me any information on what was going on my medication when I knew he was reading the notes right in front of him I find highly illegal and am now looking into legal aid about this situation.

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life and I am on a lot of medications. They act like I tried to call in an order for aspirin and they don't know the severity of this medication. What if this would have happened to a cancer patient or someone with the more severe issue, would they still have just pushed it aside??? Like I said if it's at all possible do not use this pharmacy. And also I had to give him once across the board because I was not able to give them anything lower but trust and believe if I could have give them zeros or even a negative star, that's what I would have.

My experience was terrible from the start. My physician had to send my order 3 times. Information on my account for prescription order processing was late. My order was delayed after it was finally received because I had to approve the order. Then after that it was delayed again because I had cancelled the insurance and my credit card for the end of the month but they still required a credit card to process the order before the end of the month. I wasted at least 30 phone minutes following up on the phone. Their automated phone service is verbally lengthy with useless and repetitive information. I strongly suggest you find a different provider.

I called them last week. They messed up my order. This has happened many times to me and my wife. I have a cc on file for our drugs but yet they bill me by mail. Today a supervisor called me and said they would send me a receipt for the one time payment of $14.00, then she told me I had a order that was just sent. I did not order that drug, I am not on auto refill, and is sending a return label. I didn't know anything about the new drug being sent till she told me, and then she hung up on me (poor customer service). They have been messing up my wife and my prescriptions many times, we are going to stop using RightSource.

I just received my first order from Right Source. Amlodipine 10 mg tabs were ordered. The bottle contains three different appearing pills; large white, small white and pink. This is completely unacceptable. How could I possibly know what they are or trust this pharmacy again?

My 86-year-old mother called Right Source RX to refill a prescription. When it did not arrive, she called again. They said they did not know why it did not go out, but since it was their error, they would overnight it. When it still did not arrive, I checked online and it said the order was in process. When I called for her, they had no record of the order number on the website. They had another order number, but it was on hold as they needed authority to charge the credit card. My mother said yes, but that she had already given them verbal authority the first two times.

I asked for some sort of verification that this order would indeed be filled and sent out overnight. I was told she thought it would probably be expedited. I asked for absolutely confirmation of that. She put me on hold and told me that her supervisor Joyce had said it would. I asked for Joyce's last name and she said she could not give it to me. I asked to speak with Joyce. An Indian gentleman got on the phone and said that Joyce was not in today and he was authorized to help me as he was the team leader. When I explained to him the issue now was that I had just been lied to about the existence of Joyce, he kept arguing with me about his authority to help me. I finally asked if Joyce existed. He said yes. I asked to talk to her and he put me on hold.

Someone, claiming to be Joyce, got on the line and was able to give me no confirmation, other than her verbal reassurance that the order was now going to be processed and expedited for receipt in 6-8 business days. They told us to go to a local pharmacy to get an emergency supply of the meds. My mother will be going back to the local pharmacy. Right Source's customer service is the worst I have encountered.

There are only two things that work at Humana Pharmacy: their prompt processing of the customer payments, and their listing on the U.S. Medicare website. The following are rankings from A to Z (Z = worst): 1. Speed of handling orders: Z, Worst: Major delays. They do not keep good records, and therefore it is very difficult to find out the status of an order. Their employees are rude, they interrupt the customer, they lie constantly (even changing their story multiple times within a single telephone call).

They refuse to call the doctor when there is a problem (e.g. doctor wrote a slightly different prescription than the customer asked for, e.g. because of the malfunctioning of the Humana Pharmacy website), or they say they cannot read the doctor's handwriting, which in fact even a child of 9 can do), and they hold up an order for multiple days when there is a problem instead of informing the customer. Even if the problem is that the customer owes more than expected for the prescription, it takes them days to inform the customer. The typical telephone call to try to wrest information from Humana Pharmacy will take 1/2 hour (1 hour is not especially unusual).

2. Competence of website: Z, Worst: The Humana Pharmacy formulary does not contain common drugs that tens of millions of people use and that are written about constantly in newspapers such as New York Times. It is also missing common dosages that millions of patients have been prescribed. It is supposed to allow the patient to select a generic version, but that function is disabled. Then when the patient finally selects a drug (or a close enough drug that the doctor will know what is meant when Humana Pharmacy faxes him), they do not disclose the price. All this leads to major delays (3, 4, or 5 days or more). Despite major website malfunctions, there is no online tech support, and they do not publicize the Tech Support telephone number.

3. Competence of customer service: Q, Bad. (See item 1 above!) All Customer Service is telephone only -- not even Tech Support is online. They have at least 3 divisions in Customer Service: Customer Service, Tech Support, and Enrollment Team. Switching between them typically takes 5 minutes. Their representatives will not answer even simple questions about topics in a different division than the given representative is in.

4. Competence of telephone system: Z, Worst. Even though many of the calls appear to be answered by Americans (i.e. not East Indians), it is often extremely difficult to hear the representatives (The problem is not my telephone system). Needless to say, the representatives refuse to comply with the customer's request to speak loudly, slowly, and clearly. When you call them, even if you have called recently, you have to listen through long starting robo-messages, including an incredible long legal disclaimer. There is no callback option where they would call the customer back in the case of long wait times, and they do not give the customer an estimate of the wait time.

5. Competence of "survey" function that rates the representatives: Z, Worst. This is a call-back robocall that never works. It says "Press 1 to begin the survey". This does not work on my very standard cordless phone which tens of millions of people have. Pressing "1" only causes the message to repeat, and so forth until infinity.

6. Dispensing quality: M, Not good. If they can substitute a drug manufactured in India, they will. 7. Dispensing accuracy: F, Needs improvement. If your doctor makes a mistake and does not prescribe what you asked for, or if Humana Pharmacy has a question about something that the doctor faxes them, there is a long delay before you will find out. 8. Treatment of local pharmacies (antitrust aspects): H, Fairly good. Unlike nearly all other (criminal) mail order pharmacies since 2016, Humana Pharmacy does actually compete on price in many cases (but by far not all), and does not limit the local pharmacy to dispensing for only 30 days.

9. Bottom line: U, Quite bad. They need major housecleaning in their management. They are on a par with some of the worst organizations in existence which serve the public. Think U.S. Congress, CIA, FBI, U.S. Social Security Administration, U.S. IRS, Verizon, Comcast, Uber, Airbnb, PayPal, H&R Block Tax Software -- the list goes on. Since I am not aware of criminal complaints against Humana Pharmacy, I cannot call them "organized crime", but it does appear that they are on the way to earning their stripes.

I called customer service about a prescription I needed and because I had a complaint about the new website the man hung up on me. I called again and made my request to have a prescription transferred from a CVS Pharmacy and he refused to do it. The quality of Humana customer service is terrible. I was able to have Walmart Pharmacy make the transfer and fill the prescription.

With my Humana Insurance, I was referred here to get diabetic testing supplies. They sent me an Accu-Chek Nano testing kit. The lancet holder was called "FastClix". The lancet replacements were for a "Multiclix" and would not fit the holder that they sent me. I called to get the correct lancets. RightSource staff told me that they no longer supported Accu-Chek and would have to send me a new kit and that they would expedite it. I waited 25 days and nothing came. When I called, they said they could not send my new kit since I had to wait till the 29th before I could get this "refill". I was not refilling anything, just trying to have them rectify their mistake.

I talked with the supervisor named "Carolyn" who was very snippy with me. She first told me that I had to wait till the 29th (30 days with no sugar testing) and then later she said she would check to see what could be done. She told me she talked with the diabetic supply division and they would send it out in a couple of days. When I asked her why I had to suffer for their mistake, she claimed it was the insurance company's fault because they wouldn't let me have a "refill". And they sent the wrong lancets because my doctor made a mistake on the prescription. The test kit they sent me was not prescribed by my doctor but was recommended by RightSourceRx. The person I talked to gave me two choices and, from his description, I chose the Nano. RightSource screwed up the original order and here I sit 25 days later with no testing supplies. RightSource takes no responsibility for this.

I have had NOTHING but problems with RightSource, or should I say WrongSource from the very beginning. It's REALLY simple, we just want prescription refills on the website in order to go online and order them. The second the doctor calls or faxes in your prescriptions with or without putting a hold on them, they start processing all of them whether you ask for them or not. We have made several phone calls and each and every time have been told that some of the RX's have already shipped but the rest of them are on hold. This was not the case. They are STILL being shipped but worse than that, they are blaming the Dr.'s office for it.

Each phone call has been a minimum of 30 minutes - being transferred to three different people and having to explain what we want over and over again. Oh, and the reason for having to re-fax all of the RX's again was because they had been wiped out of the system - totally!! There were RX's that should have been available to refill - all of them were gone!! It was like we never existed in the first place. Bunches of idiots work for WrongSource and customer service in non-existent!! Should have switched before the deadline!!

There are several problems with this company. It is the one Humana recommends. Prices are sky high. It isn't because of the healthcare act. It's just another example of the middle class getting ripped off by pharmaceutical and insurance companies. Then, even though I need to use the brand names (because generics use different fillers) and my doctor specified that, they filled the prescriptions with generics. My doctor and I fought that. Finally they understood they had to fill the prescriptions with brand names. Days had already been wasted. Then they decided to waste more time by calling me and trying to convince me to take generics "to save money." I could have screamed. (I did scream.)

Then, even though they had my credit card on file, they said they couldn't fill the prescriptions because I hadn't paid for them. I gave them a credit card, but they only applied it to one of the prescriptions. Several days later, I contacted them to find out why the second one hadn't been filled, and they said they needed credit card information for it. I tried to enter the credit card information on-line, but the link didn't work. I had to call them and go through their nightmare of an automated system ... again, all to give them credit card information I had already given them. I wonder if I will ever get my prescriptions.

Cannot manage proper medication orders because they are not Identified in emails from Right Source. There is always doubt about actions that must be carried out to maintain prescription status (when is it necessary to contact the prescribing physician for refill or extension of a drescription.)

I used to be on United Health Care and had the opportunity to get free OTC products just as I do with Humana. The difference is that with UNITED there was so much more to choose from. Humana has a very small selection. I used to choose from wet wipes to much needed everyday items. Every month was different things that I needed rather than ordering the same things over and over again with Humana. Sometimes I don't even order because it would just be the same junk that I didn't need or had tons of already. They need a larger selection of items. I barely consider the online pharmacy a benefit any more. It's getting to the point where I feel like changing health insurance. One of my neighbors have an actual store that they go to and get soaps, sponges, antiperspirant, etc... I get $600 per month to use on the same stuff over and over. I thought Humana was a top-notch company.... Oh well.

I sent in 9 prescriptions to Right Source in December 2013. I called several times to make sure they were in the process of filling them. They said they had a problem with the prescriptions due to the Dr. who prescribed them was not calling them back. I advised them that this Dr was the one who the hospital assigned to me. I gave them the names and phones numbers of my Doctors who wanted me to have this medication. I called back several days later and asked if I could have shipping overnight. They said sure and I paid the cost of $17.00 to have it overnight. They said of course.

During the course of the past few weeks, I have called several times since and I have been told several different things. I just found out that they say I did not pay the overnight charge. I informed them it was taken out of my bank. The last person I just finished talking to told me that she was going to make sure they got to me by next Wednesday, January 15 2014. I asked for a complaint telephone number to the corporate office and she said I could write a letter. This is totally unacceptable. I need my medicine in order to kill the bacteria running around in my body so I do not lose any more of my leg... I need the Bipolar to keep me on an even plane. This company does not even have the courtesy to go the extra step to help the customer.

FRUSTRATED! Every time I call I have to completely start over and give the same information over and over again. It's as though there is no save button on their computer. I understand confirming shipping address, but must you do it THREE times every time?!? Every single time I have called, I have ended up frustrated and annoyed.

I tried to have a prescription filled. My doctor called it in twice, sent it in by fax twice. They kept saying they never received it or there was not enough information. I ran out. Had to get it elsewhere. I have switched drug plans.

My doctor called in 5 medications. One is on national back order, and I worked with them to have them put it on hold until it becomes available - they wanted to simply cancel that prescription all together!!! The medication that my doctor called in for me to use until that medication is available, they wanted to cancel because it has the same active ingredient - despite specific instructions from my doctor to fill it for use until the injectable version becomes available.

They "batch" medications together and if there is a problem with one, they simply do not fill any of the others. For example, my doctor sent in a new script for one medication which I recently had filled so that it would be on a three month fill basis rather than month to month. Because it was too early to refill that one medication, they cancelled the other two medications that were sent in with it. These are medications that cannot be skipped or delayed without significant adverse effects. They never called my doctor or me to discuss any of this.

I have had to call 7 times to try to straighten out these orders. Today I logged on to find one script (which only listed an order number and did not tell me the medication) had shipped, one was delayed, one in process and one cancelled. After 40 minutes on the phone the only information the representative was able to figure out was the one that had shipped. I asked to speak to a supervisor repeatedly (still calmly and nicely despite my significant aggravation). I waited and waited and after 40 minutes - call was disconnected. I called back. Went through the entire story again, waited for the supervisor again...after 12 minutes - disconnected again.

On my third call of the day I FINALLY reached a supervisor. Even the supervisor was unable to even find all of my prescriptions, let alone figure out what is going on with them!!! One he said there was never any record of (despite the fact that I verified with my doctor this morning which scripts were sent) and the one that is on national back order, which I was told would be put on a "hold" status, I'm not being told has been "deactivated" and I will need an entirely new prescription for.

I have been dealing with a severe, chronic illness for more than 14 years and been to so many pharmacies - in store and mail order. NEVER have I experienced anything close to this level of company-wide incompetence or complete lack of responsibility. These are people's medications - medications that can be extremely dangerous if interrupted. If you have Humana - I would STRONGLY encourage you to NEVER EVER use RightSource RX. I still have no resolution, no medications and have yet to determine what my next steps will be. A bad review here just isn't going to cut it. There needs to be some sort of accountability for these people.

I just recently moved from MD to NC 5 months ago. I had Cigna originally paying $13 a month. Now unfortunately with Humana started paying $18.20 for 2 months then it jumped to $27.80. Not only did it jump up in 3 months after joining, they're fighting me on my medicines. I was getting ** patches which is for pain, the ** brand, but they don't want to pay for it even when my pain management doctor filled the form out as to why I need it but they still said no. I see my pain management doctor every month and drive all the way to MD once a mo. The last 2 times I've seen him he gave me prescriptions for this patch and they won't fill it because they don't want to pay for it. I NEVER had this problem with Cigna-HealthSpring. My pain doctor would fill the form out and it was approved but now I'm with Humana they fight me and won't do.

Also I use an ** for pain and Humana tries to force a crappier generic on me even if it gives me allergic reaction and makes me bleed just to save them $. I thought we the customers are suppose to have a choice but we pay more for the brand which is ok. But they don't even want to do that. I never had a problem with Cigna when my pain doctor filled form out for my ** patches. Now with Humana I get a hard time with the answer no. I HATE HUMANA. I also see most reviews on here, so do most people like over 800 people. Wow Humana sucks bigly!!!

I called RightSource to see if I can get my meds through their mail order system. I was told, "No problem," and I asked to review my record and medications since I get this meds for 5 years now. Again the Lady I talked to told me, "No problem." So I overnight-ed my Scripts. A week later I checked online and seen that they cancelled everything out. Nobody contacted me about the situation and I called and was told the Pharmacist deemed it to be the wrong Medication for me. Who is he to second guess my Doctor and specially having my record right there showing that I'm taking it for the last 5 years.

I asked for my Scripts back and I was told they would send them back but now 11 days later I still did not received my scripts back. I called 6 times and with every call and I told them they had the wrong address and phone number, and the person on the phone told me she is putting my new info which never happen because with next call I had to go to the process again, and after the sixth time I told to forget it. Now I'm out of my Medication and at this point my health is going down fast. I can barely walk or faction. I'm a single 66 year old person and can not help myself, and RightSouce is putting my life in danger and I will hold them responsible for what will happen to me.

Updated on 02/23/2015: This is an update to my complaint last week. I was told by RightSource that my scripts were returned to me on the Feb 17, 2015. After the mail run today at my house I still did not get the scripts back, so I called RightSource again and asked for proof of them sending my scripts back. After the person I talked had me on hold for quite some time, she gave me the tracking number. When I checked on the number I found out the she returned it. Why I was on hold with her. So here we go again. I called back and asked why I was not told the truth. By that time I was more than upset and especially not feeling good without my special approved medication being withheld from me.

The gentlemen I talked to was very nice and checked in to it and came back on the line telling he talked to a supervisor and he would call me within 72 hours. So another week wasted and me not having my meds which at this is really putting the hurts on me. Like I stated before in my first complain, I'm 66 years old had my medication special approved by the same company HUMANA which is RightSource. In the meantime, I cannot get around without help and it all, but I live alone - so where that leaves me?

Have been trying for almost a month to get simple generic prescription filled without success. WHAT A NIGHTMARE. Calls to doctor, faxes sent by doctor, phone calls...still nothing. Finally cancelled order and went to local SAM'S CLUB with my prescription. "No problem filling this", I was told. However upon second trip to pharmacy to pick up my prescription...more red tape. Discovered I can actually buy this medication cheaper without Humana Rx coverage without all this red tape crap which is I guess what I will do when I make my third trip to SAM'S tomorrow to retrieve my prescription back. Getting out of this Rx plan as soon as Humanaly possible. Very dissatisfied customer... P.S: with my previous plan (Tufts) - just mailed in prescription, they mailed me my stuff...pretty simple.

I have had good luck through the years with humana insurance so I decided to go ahead and give their mail order pharmacy a try. I called and set it up and went through all my mess with the nice lady on the phone. Later realized I forgot an inhaler. I called back only to find out that I wasn't signed up and I had to start all over again. Here's where the inept starts.

A few days later I got a call. They were wanting credit card info and I wanted to know where the card info I had given them had gone. They found it and went on to tell me that they were going to ship the meds out to the same address they shipped to a few days earlier. An address I hadn't lived at for six years!!! Now that the meds are in the hands of whoever Humana pharmacy won't give Humana back their money until the meds are in the pharmacist's hands. Hello what world are they living in? So I'm stuck paying full price for my meds for 3 months or in stuck with them! It took 5 calls before they finally actually changed my address to the address where I live. Do yourself a favor. Run.

I have a medical condition which makes it very difficult to speak. RightSource's website says you can call, EMAIL, etc. But no email address listed. I have been trying for several weeks to get one of my subscriptions filled to no avail. What happened to accommodating people with disabilities?

As a result of a 3-level cervical fusion (2011) and a 3-level lumbar fusion (2003), I have 4 rods and 8+ screws in my spine. Compound that with the fact that I was recently advised that I need two partial knee replacements, one immediately. Despite that, I work full-time and always have. My specialist has prescribed five non-narcotic meds and 30 mg Roxicodone. Without that, I have no quality of life. As a Florida resident, I found it almost impossible to get Roxi locally so I signed up with Right Source. The first three 90-day supplies went through fine. Then this past weekend, I received all my non-narcotics but my Roxi was not included. After 45 minutes, I was told they can no longer fill that Rx for Florida residents. No notice, no nothing. What am I supposed to do now?

I have been a customer of RightSource RX for three months and so far the customer service has been terrible. Of the six new prescriptions I have tried to fill, I have had problems and delays with three of them. One was cancelled by RightSource RX due to the doctor requesting it as a refill when it was a new prescription. No effort was made on the part of Rightsource RX to contact me or the doctor to try and clear up the problem. They just cancelled the order and kept quiet about it. I did not know the order had been cancelled until I went online and checked the status of my pending orders.

One phone call from me to the doctor cleared up the problem. The other two prescriptions were delayed over two weeks because RightSource RX insists the doctor include the mailing address where the medication is to be sent be on the electronic order sent to RightSource RX. This is the first company I have ever dealt with that requires the doctor provide the mailing address for the prescription. I, the patient, provided RightSource RX with this information when I set up my new customer profile with RightSource Rx but this is not good enough for RightSource RX.

They want the doctors to tell them to what address the prescription will be mailed. To say the least, after this last delay, I will be switching back to a local pharmacy that knows how to communicate with the patient when there is a problem filling prescriptions and doesn't require doctors provide information already provided by the patient. It will cost me more out of pocket but at least I know I will be contacted when there is a problem or delay with an order. And order won't be just cancelled.

Online, the Humana site shows that under my Medicare D policy, a specific generic prescription costs $42.58 and I should be billed $47.93. But Humana Mail Prescriptions is told by Humana to bill $110.89. Two Humana supervisors by phone have agreed with me that something is wrong. But when I filed a grievance as instructed, the Grievance and Appeal Department sided with the $110.89. There is no indication from form letter from the Grievance and Appeal Department that the details of this situation were reviewed. Is this how Humana quotes low annual prices by miscalculating the copays of prescriptions?

After spending three days with different customer service reps., I am now convinced, why do they even have customer service or for that matter why do they even exist as a company. Help is the last thing in their mind. I called the help desk to inquire about my order. Two days before this, I had called about the same and after being directed and redirected a pharmacy person told me he will get it expedited and shipped that day. I called yesterday and wasted an hour when they told me it will be shipped today... Since nothing happened I called again but this time the lady told me it will come when it will come. On top of it she said the orders are filled in a warehouse and they cannot get in touch with the warehouse.

My husband received inhalation Rx from RightSource while he was a Hospice patient. We received the medication and his Humana Ins. paid the cost, minus the 243.32 deductible. The Rx should have been filed with Medicare part B because a hospice patient reverts back to plain Medicare. I have attempted several times to have RightSource refile under Medicare. Each time they say the Rx can't be refiled. I have a 244.32 co-pay that I want refunded on my CC. It shouldn't be that difficult to re-file and do it under Medicare part B where there should be no deductible. Please refile this through Medicare B. It will be truly appreciated.

I phoned Humana to order my usual mail order prescription refills. Delivery time is 7-10 days. After 16 days I received nothing, heard nothing, so phoned Humana a 2nd time. The Humana rep I spoke w/ told me it was "At the post office" and gave me a 34 DIGIT tracking #. He didn't know much else though, which P.O. it was at or when it had been sent, but assured me I would receive it "tomorrow." I went online & there was no such tracking #. I phoned the PO who said there was "nothing in the system" under that #.

I called Humana now a 3rd time. Did I mention every time you call Humana, you are put through an INTERROGATION PROCESS including having to provide your SS# to the stranger on the other end of the line if you don't have your Humana # memorized or card handy? I didn't trust talking to another rep. since the last one gave me bogus information, so I asked to speak to a Supervisor. She ignored my request, so it took about 20 min. & 1/2 dozen more demands to speak w/ a Supervisor before the rep finally got a Supervisor on the line.

The Supervisor admitted Humana had screwed up NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE as BOTH TIMES my order was placed was it NEVER SENT OUT. Once is a mistake, twice is a crime when a patient is left without meds which could bring on a stroke or heart attack! They either have some real morons working there, or they are using the drugs they are supposed to be mailing out to patients!

I had Humana for 2 years and had to drop them in 2013 mostly because of Right Source. The first year, 2011, was not so bad and it seemed like too much work to change medicare insurance in 2012. I found Boomer Benefits in 2012 and they helped me find the best advantage plan for me. Right Source bungled my orders so bad in 2012 that I started filling my prescriptions at the local pharmacy. I went without one of my medications that you are not supposed to stop suddenly for 4 days because of a typical error. When my doctor called in some anti-nausea medication to help me with my withdrawal symptoms, Humana denied the claim! I am so glad to be away from them! They did not even bother to fill my last prescription that I put in on 12/29/2012 and will not tell me why. Perhaps they will tell medicare when I file my complaint!

It is now 10 days since I placed my order and it still hasn't shipped...even after a few phone calls. Can you imagine any other drugstore in America that would take so long?

This is the second time I received a refill of prescription for ** cap 200mg 90 ea. with Rx Number **. I did not request a refill of this prescription and I do not use this prescription for a long time. I am on low fix income and cannot afford to pay $107.00 for prescription that I do not use and did not order. I am sending back this prescription: ** cap 200mg 90 ea. Please remove the cost of prescriptions from my account as soon as possible. Enclosed is the unopened ** cap 200mg 90 ea.

I had signed up 5 days ago and was told at sign-up my co-pay would be $15 for all my medications. And few days went by and they called to say my doctor had not call in my medication. I called and got this taken care of. Then had phone message my co-pay would be 90 some dollars. When I asked for supervisor she left the line and hung up on me. I called back. Got different person who now tells me my co-pay will be over 300. Asked again for supervisor and was told I could request for one and it would take 24 to 48 hours for her to call back. She then suggest I talk to someone else and during transfer she lost the call and me.

Called back again and got a third person who tells me she will get me supervisor but I had to tell her the problem first. Went through the story again, which is the 3rd time now in 2 hours. She gets humane on the phone. Why? I still do not know. I was paying less at Walmart and less hassle. These people are nuts. They do not know what they are doing.

Placed an order and received order # and confirmation of receipt from Right Source. Checked on their website several times and saw nothing about this medication being ordered. Called 10 days later and was told they did not carry that medication so the doctor was not notified. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was not allowed to. Just placed same order and got another confirmation email. Wonder what will happen this time. Had to switch to Humana on Jan 1st previously had AARP and they use OptumRx. Wish I could go back. Optum is wonderful--used for several years and never a problem.

Humana's RightSource pharmacy has had an excellent online website where my wife and I, as Humana Preferred Rx Plan members, have ordered our prescription medications for nearly a year with convenience and accuracy. Suddenly, about two months ago, when it came time to order refills and place a new prescription, we experienced a complete collapse of service from their online order system. Despite receiving a number of online confirmations from their website that our orders had been accepted and were being processed, we never received any of the medications. After waiting three weeks for shipments to arrive, we checked online and could not find any reference to our orders in the order history section of our account. Upon calling the customer service number, the service associate told us that a computer outage had occurred and that was likely the cause of the problem.

The associate could not locate all of our records online either and our order history was not available. After placing us on hold for several minutes and then handing us off to another associate, it was finally discovered that the medications had been shipped in error to our billing address, which was different from the shipping address recorded in our online system account profile and listed on our order confirmation. We were told that the orders would be re-shipped this time to the correct shipping address and that we could expect to receive the medications in 10-14 days. We protested about the continued delay in receiving our medications. After 10 more minutes of discussion, the associate finally agreed that Humana would pay for express shipments to expedite delivery.

A month later, on 10/02/12, we placed another refill order online and received another online confirmation number. On 10/16/12 we checked back online to see the status of this order as we had not yet received it. Again, our order history and current prescription data were totally missing from the website. We placed another call to Humana’s customer service, but were unable to reach a live associate. A recorded message played telling us that Humana was "updating" its computer system and that we should call back in an hour. After waiting the prescribed time, we called back and listened to a new message about the "updating" of their computer and that we should call back in three to four hours. On 10/17/12, we called customer service once more. Again, they could not locate our prescription order on 10/02/12, despite giving them the online confirmation number that they originally issued.

Once more, important and previously recorded account profile information about our shipping address and the name and address of our prescribing physician were not available to customer service agents. All in all, it required our speaking to two different associates (again) for a total of one hour and four minutes on the telephone before we could re-place the order and gain their agreement to ship via express delivery. We were told that it only takes two to three days for their online system to update order information into their customer service system. However, there seems to be a total disconnect between these two systems and data is no longer transferring or being retained from their website, which makes their online service worthless.

We really do not want to go through the hassle of changing prescription plan insurance providers, but will feel compelled to do so if Humana has not fixed their problems by the time we next order a medication refill. We certainly cannot recommend to anyone that they join the Humana plan at this time. "Horrible" does not even begin to describe their current level of service!

I've had the same experience as others since Humana took over RightSource. I sent two written prescriptions in the first week of August and received an acknowledgement email from Humana. Not only have they not filled them, I'm getting messages that my prescriptions have expired. When I call, the people there are pleasant and professional but why is the online system such crap now? I still don't have my medications so I don't know if this has been fixed yet or not. Thank goodness. October is almost here and I can change Part D plans.

Took me off plan in error!!!!! When I went to another state for 4 months they terminated me when I told them this was a one time stay!!! I said my primary and permanent address was NYC and not to change records and they did!! They caused me a not well person a lot of time and stress coupled with aggravation. How dumb can one be when I told them 10x.

I have been with RightSource then folding into Humana Pharmacy since 2013. I was "encouraged" to purchase through RightSource mail order to get the benefit of my prescriptions which fell under tier 1 and 2 because at the time, there was no additional charge or co-pay. It took a while for RightSource to get their act together, but once they did I was okay. They didn't have the website or app at the time either. When I moved to Arizona, I contacted my insurance agent (Family Insurance) and she gave me a new agent to relocate my policy. Wow, what fun that was. I immediately got a new card issued January 2016 and within a month got a letter from Social Security stating that I no longer had coverage. Wow, again.

I called Humana and they saw that they had made a mistake. I had to give them a credit card to pay the month that SS had not taken it out of my check. And Humana sent me a letter (form letter) indicating that it was their error and it would be taken care of. It was for the moment.They wanted me to sign up for mail order again, but since I was not at my permanent address, I decided to used the Walmart Pharmacy to fill my prescriptions. In March of 2017, when I finally moved into my house, I went online to change my address so I could start to have my prescriptions filled through the mail. Now I do have a new house, built on a lot that never had a house before, but I was already receiving mail, and to see my changing my address and it being rejected as no such address was a bit frustrating. Yes, I had to call and it took two days for them to put in the new address.

The rep told me she had to find out how to override this problem, but she did finally succeed. Hours, and hours but hey I have nothing better to do right. And the reps are always pleasant. But I am a savvy senior, with all the tech stuff. I want to be able to do what I want when I want to do, not confined to a customer service person during their working hours. So finally I am able to switch my prescriptions, so I copy all my Humana information and go to my doctor's office. I hand them everything and right in front of me, they send it to Humana. I check them website the next day and it is delayed, then cancelled. What is going on. Of course, I call. I go from rep to pharmacy and back again. They didn't receive anything, no fax. My husband said that he believes (and he has little faith) but that they catch all the faxes in a wastepaper basket, and some janitor cleans it out every 20 minutes.

So I get in the car and go back to my doctor's office. Sure enough, they not only sent a fax while I was standing there, they also sent a fax at the request of Humana Pharmacy. So in the good fashion of the people who work at Arizona Oncology, they send another one while I am there. Whew, finally. I also get a 30 day prescription from them from Walmart just in case.

Moving right along, I go to fill one of my other prescriptions with my internist. I stop at the office, just to give them the heads up. But I once again, (needing to prove that the "few mistakes" were operator error), that I can do this from the website. And you would be right to think this was a fool's errand, and it was. Back to the doctor's office, this time due the fact that Walmart refused to call Humana Pharmacy and cancel my prescription so Humana could fill it. I can't imagine what they would gain since the customer service rep at Humana gave me a number to give them. So back to my Dr's office. And 1 hour later, after speaking a Humana customer service rep, it was a done deal. Don't get me wrong, I love my Drs and their staffs, but I am now on a first name basis with janitors who think I must be working there.

So that brings us to this morning. Needed to switch two prescriptions (my last 2). I couldn't even get into the website. Didn't like my choice of either ID or password. Yes, I called customer service again. 1 hour later I had a new ID and Password. Then I tried to use them. I kept getting that screen from Chrome telling me that the site was either changed or didn't exist. So I tried the app on my phone (horrible) and had no more luck. Yes, I needed to call again. The rep was able to switch the prescription and of course, you know what that means, they are sending a request to my doctors fax line. Am I scared, no this time I have enough medication to see me through this trail and error process. But I will keep an eye on it until I see that I have a "status".

The company, their website, their app or just horrible. No one at the customer service level really knows what they are doing. What a place to put your cheap labor at the "entry" to your services. I am a very well educated professional. I am used to very complicated problems, to which I am good at solving. But this takes the cake. After this experience, I googled Humana RightSource reviews and it was not surprising that people are extremely "disappointed" in their experience.

I agreed to take a little phone survey after my experience today. When they called back, I gave it the worst reviews I possible could. When they asked me to record a statement, I also did that with my last words being cut off with "Thank you for participating". I expect that just like the faxes, this will be erased or dropped in the proverbial circular file.

As authorized by a signed consent form, I ordered medications online for my 92-year old mother from RightSource via mail order delivery under their Medicare Part D plan. On December 6, 2012, I ordered a routine refill of six generic prescriptions my mother has been taking, and RightSource has provided, for the past three years. Usually, these orders are processed within a day or two and received by my mother in less than 7 to10 days. Two weeks after the order was placed, my mother received a letter telling her to order refills as she would be running out soon. I called RightSource and explained the refill had been ordered weeks ago and was still showing an "In Process" status. (Obviously, the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing at RightSource or the refill notice to my mother would not have been sent.)

I spoke to about a dozen customer service representatives and their managers/supervisors, usually after interminable delays while on hold, but none of them could tell me why the order was on hold or offer a way to resolve the problem. Finally, I gave up on RightSource and called Humana. A couple of Humana representatives said they didn't understand why the order couldn't be processed and one promised an expedited shipment that would be delivered to my mother on the Friday or Saturday before Christmas. When that didn't happen, another Humana representative said he could take care of it and the medicine would be delivered by the Monday before Christmas. Guess what, it never happened. Unable to fulfill their obligations, Humana agreed to transfer the prescriptions to a pharmacy near my mother. The pharmacy (large national chain) filled the prescriptions but charged co-pays that added up to about $75.

Humana/RightSource refused to reimburse my mother for her out of pocket costs that were incurred because of their incompetence. I filed a claim with Humana's Grievance and Appeal Department that was denied. I followed that with an appeal of the determination with the same department. That was also denied for nonsensical reasoning centering on Tier 1 and Tier 2 drugs, none of which was relevant. Humana/RightSource refused to acknowledge or directly address the fact that it was their inability/incompetence to deliver the prescriptions that caused my mother to incur the costs. This is a shameful, inexcusable, and deplorable way to treat a member who is housebound and whose sole income is a small Social Security check.

Before posting this review, I sent a certified letter to the CEO of Humana giving him one last chance to fix their mistake. I received a call from a Humana spokesman saying the CEO had read the letter and told the spokesman to express his apologies but he could not provide restitution because it was prohibited by Medicare. The spokesman then said the reason for the non-delivery of prescriptions was because they were installing a new system and it had a lot of bugs and their people weren't familiar with it. Plus, they were in the midst of their new enrollment process. This is further evidence of their incompetence and bad judgment. As a computer professional who has overseen many computer system changes both for hardware and software, I know from experience that you don't cut over to a new system until you have run both systems in parallel through a couple of business cycles and eliminated the bugs in the new system. Moreover, you do not install a new system at the height of your busiest business cycle. Finally, you normally don't install a new system over the Christmas - New Year season.

Based on my experience, I strongly recommend against buying Humana health insurance plans or their mail order pharmacy Wrong Source, oops, I meant RightSource. It appears that Humana/RightSource has successfully beaten my mother out of $75. I hope they enjoy their victory but it won't begin to cover the cost of lost business that this rating will generate, not only on this site but Yelp, Angie's List, the Better Business Bureau, and many others.

Back in October I was eligible for Medicare and applied for Medicare D prescription plan. This is the insurance I was given. I placed my order for Prilosec 40 mg 2x day for 90 days or 180 tablets. Person told me I did not need to send in my RX as they would call the doctor and get the order. After 10 days I called and was told no order was received. Apparently no one called the doctor. I was told to have MD fax over the order, which was done. They claim they did not get that order. Told me to give them my doctor fax number, which I did. I waited again. When I called a week later I was told the doctor fax number did not work.

After many, many phone calls from myself and doctor office I still did not receive med. I am then told that I need a preauthorization since the medication is to be taken 2x day. I called my doctor again and they faxed over the preauthorization. Doctor office had to do this 2-3 times because they claim they did not get it. Here it is December and still have not received any medication. I received an email on 12/15/14 saying med was shipped and I would receive it in 3-5 days.

It is now 9 days later. I tracked package days ago and according to postal service a pre-shipment info was sent and postal service should expect a package for delivery. Apparently med was never shipped. Right Source claims it is the postal service fault. Today I called to report them to Medicare. Medicare took a statement and stated it would be reported. I cancelled this service today and got my RX filled with my local pharmacy. I urge anyone to stop doing business with this company and to report them to Medicare. I am also requesting a refund of my premiums that paid up until January.

It looked so convenient that I got sucked in to trying their mail-order service. In the end and after two weeks of the Pharmacist still "working on my medicine," I had to cancel and return to them and explain what had happened in order to receive new prescriptions for the medicine that CVS would fill in 5 minutes. Thanks for the fun!

I ordered some prescriptions and was told that a diabetic med had put me over into the 'Gap' in our Humana coverage so the meds would cost $422.29. I told the man I was ordering from that I did not want to pay that amount and to cancel the prescription. Which he assured me he did (took down names and employee numbers by the way). I checked my bank account while we were on the phone and it said that the money ($432.58) had been removed from my account even as we were speaking.

I informed the Right Source employee that this had occurred. He transferred me to another employee who assured me everything had been taken care of and to look for the money to be put back into my account within two business days. This was Monday. I called on Wednesday as I noted the money still had not been submitted to my bank account to check on the status. All of a sudden, no one could find any 'paper trail' of my ever having called or no money changing hands even though the first person I spoke with (before asking for a Supervisor) had pulled up all the details of the account in question.

Long story short, too late. Yeah, I know. I'm having to get bank statements and verification from a Customer Service Rep at my bank saying the money was taken out and has not been replaced. I'm told it may take anywhere from 7 Business days to infinity because my case is being 'Reviewed' by the Financial Department. Why do I have a sinking feeling my money is Gone With The Wind???? I called Humana who has started a Grievance/Appeal process in my name, but they don't seem all that concerned either. I'll keep everyone informed but pretty much suspect, I will never see my $432.58 again.

I'm on a fixed income and that money means I won't have a lot of necessities in the upcoming months. A lot! How can Company Execs live with themselves? This is a 'ripoff' organization of the highest degree. Don't waste your time and especially money. Deal with your local pharmacies. They don't hire Con-men!

Before I signed with Medicare supplement plan, we, husband & I gave them all medications we both took… That was in Jan. 2015. They said “No Problem, all are covered”, lie #1. We found that out after we made our mistake of believing them. I've been having TROUBLE since. They (RightSourceRx) have reps in at least 4 or 5 states. They only give you first name, LIE#1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Spoke to manager, all have last name plus employee # & are required to give it to members. They've even LIED to my Dr's nurse. Told her med was sent! :( LIE, LAST STRAW!

This is my first experience with Right Source RX, and I can tell you it is not a good one. On 12/07, my doctor called in four new prescriptions. As yet, I have only received one and that's after three calls to the 800 phone number. I'm supposed to receive my insulin today. We'll see. It upsets me that Humana contracts with Right Source RX exclusively. If I don't get my meds today, I will also contact Humana. When I work, I use a mail-away pharmacy that was excellent. The turnaround time was 2-3 days for refills, so I know it can be done. If I don't get satisfaction this time, I'll call the BBB too! If you're not happy, I suggest you do the same.

Humana is one of the ONLY pharmacies that require the patient to call for a vacation override, most other pharmacies allow the pharmacist to do it. I thought I misplaced pills and the pharmacist told me to call for a vacation override. I made the mistake of telling Humana that I had misplaced pills. Because of this, even when I called back to tell them I found the missing pills, they would NOT give me a vacation override. I will definitely look for a new pharmacy. I have been with Humana for over 2 years, have never requested an override or called for any reason, always pay my bill promptly, and this is the service I get. HORRIBLE.

11/14/2013 Slasttasia spent 68 minutes on hold with Humana Right Source RX checking on status of meds on hold since 11/5/2013…Yes they are expedited. But still in processing. Oh, obumma, I really have bad thoughts for you with these idiots keep saying 7 to 10 day turnaround- do I want a $37.00 expedite fee? Dude, well, every day, same song, second verse...the turnaround time is still 7 - 10 days. The expedite fee... is to get it MAILED faster! MAILED! So tomorrow when I talk to them again-- same song, third verse... By the way... I am in a 'donut hole' wtf. I left the rep with these words: “the more of us who leave your company, the LESS of you will be needed - you really need to update you people skills, your resume and get back in the work force, but not doing this!” Thank you and have a good day!

My adopted daughter was randomly assigned to Humana Rx by Medicare. She has profound cognitive delays ADHD, fetal alcohol effect, lead paint poisoning, severe PTSD, and reactive attachment disorder. She had been **, a stimulant, for many years to control her aggression. Humana, without giving any reason, changed her to ** and much more expensive non-stimulant medication which has the added bonus of a side effect of insomnia.

After a month, her doctor and I both filed appeals. The doctor's appeals were denied. My daughter continued to decompensate and was unable to control her aggression. She became assaultive to me. I am disabled and in a wheelchair. She had incidents at school and when her boyfriend complained about a staff member at a residential program, she called this person up and threatened to kill him. This would not have happened if she had remained on her **. I sent in my appeal with an authorization of representation required by them so I could advocate on her behalf as well as proof of legal guardianship.

When I called to inquire about her appeal, I was told they did not have the authorization and had thrown away the papers I sent because they were sent to the wrong department. There were no instructions on the appeal paperwork stating that the authorization had to be sent to another department. In short, they told me they did not care if my daughter committed a crime, was sent to jail, was hospitalized or if she hurt someone. None of it was relevant. This is a very bad insurance company that is charging three times more ** than ** and appears to have no interest in serving their clients other than using them for cold hard cash.

I take 2 forms of pain meds for the 4 back surgeries I have had. On Nov 29th I got 2 new scripts from my doctor and sent them to Right Source. Several days later I thought I would check on the status. Glad I did because they were placed on hold. No one called to get the issue resolved. It had to do with new federal regulations that start January 1. After getting my doctor involved and him educating Right Source staff I thought all was good. A few days later checked status again. Now they were on hold. Because I was in the donut hole, no call from anyone to get this fixed. Had I not called I guess nothing would have happened. After 11 calls got that resolved.

This morning I called to check the status. Everything seemed ok until at the end the recording. Said they were shipped overnight and I would get them by the 21st. A bit confusing after 2 calls I was able to get a tracking number. These people show no initiative and will not go the extra mile to get problems resolved. If you don't watch your account you may not get your meds as you need them. And be prepared to make numerous calls to get your problem solved.

I have had nothing but problems with this company; I have added my dependents two times within the last month to my account taking 45 minutes each time and they still have NO record of them. I put in an online request for my medicine and I got an email conformation complete with an order number and everything. Yet, somehow there is now no record of in my online account.

I called customer service and again spent another 45 minutes on the phone with a very rude representative, who couldn't tell me anything. So I asked to speak with her supervisor and her supervisor was just as rude but a little more knowledgeable. She said that my doctor had not responded within 24 hours so they deleted the request. When I asked why I hadn't been notified, she said that the system says we called when I explained that I didn't have any missed calls or voice messages from them, she said well the system called so I don't know what to tell you.

And then when I asked her why my dependents STILL weren't showing up, she said that isn't my job I don't work in that department. I'm sorry, WHAT!?!?! Not your job? So I asked to speak to her supervisor and she says gladly. So I wait on hold for quite some time and then she picks up and tells me that she has the department on the line that I need to speak to about enrolling my dependents, I said I thought you were going to get your supervisor on the line she said that she thought I needed to handle it with the correct department not with her supervisor and hung up her line which connected me to the enrollment department. NEVER GOT ANYTHING RESOLVED! I ended up deciding to pay more at another mail order pharmacy, instead of having to continue to deal with their incompetence.

Following an extremely difficult enrollment process of separating three separate ID numbers I mailed, (according to their instructions) to Right Source five 90 day supply prescriptions for my maintenance drugs with specific instructions for shipping. Nonetheless, Right Source shipped to the wrong address. Upon speaking with a pharmacy supervisor who had no explanation for this grievous error, she recommended I go to my doctor and get replacement prescriptions for a two weeks supply of these medications and have them filled at the local Walmart pharmacy for an additional cost over the mail order price.

That being out of the equation as my doctor is currently 1500 miles away from my temporary vacation location not to mention the inconvenience to my doctor of having to re-write all of my prescriptions. I am now 15 days and counting without my maintenance medications. To be brief, I only wish I had never become involved with Humana. I have another story to tell regarding their health care insurance which equally as bad as their RX plan.

On June 13, I mailed Right Source a prescription for a three-month supply of METFORMIN. Dr. Robert **, M.D., a prominent endocrinologist at UCSF, explicitly prescribed me METFORMIN, extended release (or 24-hour tablet), generic. In parenthesis, he indicated GLUMENZA as a brand name (see attached). On June 24, I received a letter from Right Source saying, “The drug you requested, GLUMENZA, is not covered by your plan and we are working with your Provider to resolve this issue.” It also said, “We have enclosed the Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage notice that explains your rights, but no such notice was enclosed.” Dr. **’s office told me that nobody from Right Source had contacted them. Since I was prescribed METFORMIN and not GLUMENZA, I double-checked with Humana Prescription Drug Guide. It confirmed that METFORMIN ER was a first tier drug covered by my plan.

I called Right Source and rep Alfonso told me he could not help because computer system was down for update. I asked to take my information manually and call me back when he finds out what appeared to be the problem, but he refused. Then I asked him to connect me with a supervisor and he also refused. After I insisted, he put me on a long hold, then came back and this time, he surprisingly had my record, even though before he said he could not access it. Finally, he transferred me to Cathy at the Resolution Department. Cathy put me on long hold numerous times trying to rectify the matter. Eventually, she assured me that my prescription would be filled and rushed to me at no extra charge. She also told me that a supervisor would call me the next day to confirm. However, Cathy warned me that because this was a new prescription for me, there would be a two-week delay (something that would never happen in any walk-in pharmacy).

On June 25, as by 4:00 pm nobody called, I called Right Source again. The rep Nicole would not transfer me to a supervisor until I tell my story from scratch and refused to refer to the notes I assumed would have been left by Cathy. Finally, I was transferred to a pharmacy technician, Shay. All Shay did was to repeat the absurd statement that my prescription was for GLUMENZA and that it was not covered. I asked to be connected with a pharmacist and was transferred to Mike. Mike too insisted that my prescription was for GLUMENZA and not METFORMIN and refused to fill it. I suggested that if my prescription was indeed for a brand name drug, I authorize Right Source to fill it with a generic instead (something that can routinely be done in any walk-in pharmacy). He refused and instead offered to send me GLUMENZA if I agree to pay $993.60! I was practically in tears and felt sick, both my blood pressure and blood glucose shooting through the ceiling, so I gave up. I called Dr. **’s office and asked to fax the prescription to my local Walgreens pharmacy.

One hour later, the pharmacy called that my prescription for a three-month supply of METFORMIN was ready for pick-up. The cost was the same as it would have been if it were filled by Right Source. This ordeal caused me a great deal of distress and waste of time. All staff, with exception for Cathy, sounded like a pre-recorded message and nobody even tried to help. Next day, Cathy actually called to check if everything was okay. She seemed shocked to learn of what had happened and that her notes on my account were completely disregarded. I advised Cathy to deactivate my prescription as I had already filled it at Walgreens and she did. However, next day, I received a courtesy call from a pharmacy technician, Brenda, who said that they had received my prescription for GLUMENZA and she was calling to advise me that they couldn’t fill it unless I agree to pay $993.60!

My plan is to discontinue the mail-order drug service by Right Source and transfer my account elsewhere. I am also looking forward to November when I can switch from Humana to a different provider altogether. I requested a formal investigation of this incident, however, seeing this endless litany of complaints and horror stories about the Right Source services spanning several years, I am not very hopeful that it would have any effect...

Judging by the number of the recent complaints (217) with the 1 star rating in a consumer satisfaction, I am understanding why I have so many issues with receiving my refills. Every time. Between "we trying to get in touch with the doctor" (Publix nor local pharmacies seem to have this problem) and "order needs to be paid for before shipping" - after I clearly authorize the customer service to use the card on file while placing my order. This time again waiting for the order to arrive for weeks just to find out it is on hold (needs to paid for in advance). Internet "order status" info misleading (order shipped) and then changed into "on hold". Company is clearly mismanaged.

Four months ago, I made the mistake of ordering two prescriptions at the same time from WrongSource Mail Order Pharmacy. As I found out six weeks later, the person that took the orders for some unknown reason put credit on one prescription and not the other. Several weeks later, I had to order another medication and when the invoice came, it showed a balance for the new medication, $66.50, but also for one of the medications I had ordered several weeks earlier, $36.94, but thought it was paid.

When I call, it takes 5 minutes to go through the menu until you're put on hold for any given length of time. Finally, Kylie came to the phone. After giving him all the information I had just punched in to a recording from the telephone keypad, I was told I have the wrong department. I originally asked for the billing department. After a few more holds and talking with Julie, I was given a third confirmation number and told it would be taken care of. I'm sure anyone reading this has heard that phrase multiple times.

A few days went by and something told me to check their website. The $36.94 was still on my account along with the $66.50 because I had decided not to pay the $66.50 until they straightened out the $36.94. Another phone call, more please hold time, more transfers and I finally got to a person named Cortney. You guessed it. I got another confirmation number and a promise that it would be taken care of. Then I was asked to pay the $66.50. I politely refused and said it would be paid as soon as the $36.94 was taken off my account. Up to this point, Keith, Angela, Marrisa and Michell could not tell me why the $36.94 was still on my account. Another week went by and that amount was still shown as a balance on my account. Another call, wait, transfer, etc. but this time, Beverly told me THERE IS NO RECORD IN THE COMPUTER THAT THIS AMOUNT WAS PAID. Fortunately she was over a hundred miles away. Remember each person I talked to gave me a different confirmation number until Beverly told me the confirmation number is only for when we take the order. Is anyone still following me?

I did manage to get a fax number from Beverly (amazing) and told her I would fax anyone interested a portion of my bank statement for the month the $36.94 order was placed. I made four attempts over two days to fax the statement to WrongSource Pharmacy. That was the end of the line for me. I wasted about 20 minutes arguing with two underlings to get me a supervisor because according to what a Humana supervisor told me the day before, if I was no longer going to order ANYTHING from WrongSource I had to tell a supervisor which kind of convinced me that Humana, the parent company, already knew the IQ of the people that answer the phone at WrongSource. I finally was able to talk with Racheal ** and told her of my attempt to fax proof of payment for the $36.94 and that I would now pay the balance of $66.50 under one condition - that someone send me an invoice for the $66.50 STAMPED PAID!

It took about two weeks to receive that invoice. Last night, my phone rang at 3:40 am, 3:51 am and 3:57 am! My wife answered the second call and there was no one on the line. The other two did not leave a message. How low do you have to sink to seek revenge for documents which are trying to tell not only the public, but the company itself how ignorant people treat the most vulnerable members of our society? If anyone, after reading some of the reviews for WrongSource Mail Order Pharmacy is still interested in doing business with them, I have a bridge for sale, cheap! The names have not been changed to protect the innocent because I doubt if anyone used their real name. I kept a log on this one.

I spent my career in the insurance industry. In my opinion, Right Source Rx/Humana provides the poorest service of any company. I have dealt with them for two years and have never been given accurate information. If you ask the price of a medication, they will quote you a price, and tell you the phone call is recorded to guarantee the price. None of that is true. If they quote you $100 after you place the order, the medication may be billed at any amount and may be $150 or $200. They will not honor the price you were quoted, and they will not stand behind what their employees tell you. If this happens to you, I suggest you contact your state insurance commissioner and your state elder abuse commission in your state attorney general's office if they have one. All management at Humana and Right Source are completely unresponsive and their complaint or critical inquiry department is useless. This is truly a buyer beware company.

The paper mail they send you every month is incredible. I think they have sent me a whole quadrant of the Amazon Rain Forest. And they send you calendars too and massive directories. It's as if they don't think their users know how to use the internet. I wish there was a paperless option. It's horrible, as if there isn't enough junk mail already. And they print your details on every page so you have to shred it all. I am so sick of all the papers. Let's be a little kinder to the planet and stop with all the junk mail.

Well this month I have billing issues with this company. This month they sent me medicine I asked to be cancelled one of which they charged me over $400! I'm on disability and have extra help paying with my prescriptions by having low copays. I'm only supposed to have a $30 credit limit though they sent me this WITHOUT my approval which they shouldn't have done since I have my account set that way. And I never received anything says it was over my limit, they just sent it.

Now I won't get any of my needed medicines this month unless this gets resolved. Also they record calls so it should be recorded that originally when they first said they would ship it to me I said cancel it and they said they did but didn't. Now I'm being told nothing can be done until they get it back. I have yet to receive it though.

My OTC order form was faxed on 10/10/13 12:24pm via Staples. I have the transmission Verification Report and it went through. When I called to ask why I hadn't received it, I was told they hadn't received my request. So I have now lost out on my allergy pill for 2 months. The first time (Aug 2013) I was told not to fax anything in because I had faxed it in after the 20th (That I understand). The 2nd time (Oct 2013) they didn't receive. I really didn't believe that a company as large as Humana can't get their act together. My mother doesn't get hers about every couple of months. Hers was faxed the same time as my nephew's was and he received his. I'm thinking hard leaving Humana. Before this, my only experience was I had been very satisfied with Humana, I had recommended it to several people I knew. I can no longer do that with confidence.

I called over one week ago to refill my HBP medication. The script expired, so the recording said they, Humana, would contact my Dr. I called 8 days later, as it never showed. When I called back, today, Sunday, it repeated the same recording. My husband, me, and mother will be looking for a better source. Also, they tell me to call back during regular business hours. Don't use Humana. I go through this every 6 months. Bad response to customers.

I have called Rightsource three times because my RX was still stating "electronic shipping information received on 6/27." Well it is 7/2 now and it is still stating the same info. One CSR said that is in fact was not shipped until 7/1 and I would receive it in 3-5 days. While the other two stated it was shipped on 6/27.. I need this medication.

At Humana's request I signed up for their Pharmacy to send me my usual medications free. I had picked them up at the drug store prior to our contract. They contacted my primary care physician and he sent my list of monthly medications with prescription. They and I had 7 phone conversations with promises to "overnight' my separately needed medications. They failed even after I spoke to supervisors. The people spoke to were nice and tried hard to assist. The system is flawed. They are changing their name but stay away from HUMANA. They don't care!!! I have gone back to my pharmacy. Being without my medications cost me my health. (5 RED STARS)

Humana billed me for drug coverage w/o my request for their insurance and has now threatened sending "past due" premium billing to collections. Medicare had been informed as well as Humana that I do not use nor need drugs or their insurance.

We have been on this insurance a little over a month. Our first prescription to RightSource RX contained Insulin, Blood Pressure Medication and Glucose Test Strips. This was turned in around the first of June. The Insulin and BP pills were sent right away, but the test strips were "lost" in the system and never sent. We called back June 23 with another order for the test strips. We have not gotten them in yet. Several phone calls have been made where we have been told there is a delay with the order. For a diabetic, delays like this can be life threatening. We finally went back to the Doctor and had a prescription called in to Walgreens. We shouldn't have to do this or wait a month for the needed medication. Service has been poor at best.

Humana pestered me to get my scripts by mail, so I did. Gave them all my info, and scripts. Did not care if they showed up, because I had a back up at Walmart. The scripts never came, so I had them filled at Walmart. Then I get a call from them, asking me why my doctor did not send in the scripts, so I ask to verify my Doctor's info. They had the right name but the wrong Doc. My Physician was in R.I. they faxed a Doctor in San Francisco asking him to fax my scripts. After that got settled, I have never gotten all my scripts. The ones they don't ship, I get filled at Walmart. They can shove their robots phone calls, and Malaysian script fillers. I get the same low price for a 90 day supply at Wally World.

I have ordered the same medication from RightSource for years. When they switched to Humana the problems started. I was charged three times for the same amount. I called Billing and they said it would take 3-5 days for a refund to my account. It took them minutes to charge my account. Also, my prescription has been in a "delayed" status for days with no reason. Customer Service is a mess. I keep getting the same story from them That it takes 5-7 days. RightSource the order would be filled in a few hours.

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