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I signed up for a Dental policy on eHealthInsurance in December. My employer at the time did not offer dental. After I filled out all the paperwork and was all finished, when the website asked if I would like to have my enrollment fee waived and I could add vision and save on the bundled deal. So I did. My original dental only plan was still charged and the enrollment fee, plus the new combo package. I waited and waited for it to come off and it never did. I contacted Humana and eHealthInsurance and got the run around on both ends. They blamed each other. Then I was told by eHealthInsurance that Humana had processed it and I should receive my enrollment refund. I never did.

Finally, after I contacted eHealthInsurance again, they made it happen. In Feb, I switched employers and was going to have dental and vision, so I did not need Humana's, and after all I went thru, I didn't want to do business with them anymore. I called after work one night and after being on hold for over 30 minutes, I was told I needed to call during business hours. The next day, I called back at lunch time, and was told, "okay, your policies are cancelled" and nothing more and had the phone disconnected. I thought, that was weird, no confirmation or anything.

That month I was still charged, then this month when I was charged. I called to find out what was going on. I found out unbeknownst to me, when I signed up, it was a year contract, even though nothing I electronically signed told me that. The customer service rep explained that when I send in my new insurance cards it will void the contract, but this is a contract I did not and what if I opted out of dental and vision at my new place? I am more than disappointed and have been paying for months now for nothing. But I am very happy my new insurance is NOT with Humana.

I signed up for Humana for Health, Vision, and Dental Insurance a few years ago. They dropped the Health Insurance in my state but I kept the Vision and Dental with them. I should have switched a long time ago. Their vision insurance is a joke, I had automatic payments set up, but I received a notice that my payments were past due, so I paid online and set up automatic payments again. One month later, I received a notice that my policy was terminated for a lack of payment.

This company all around is a joke. Stay away if possible.

I have been trying to cancel my vision plan with my rep. Amanda **, for 4 months! She never returns my calls! I want to cancel my vision, and want to reimbursed my money! $15.74 each month.

I just got the Humana Vision Plan. What a total waste of over $300. And on top of that I had to pay $247 for my glasses that were at a discount believe it or not. Two years prior I personally paid, no insurance, for the top of the line glasses, progressive, transitions and a pair of great frames and paid $300. It sickened me to have to pay this. It's a total ripoff. Wish I had read all of the reviews before I got this useless plan that does absolutely nothing for me. If I had paid for an exam and glasses it would have costs me, with no insurance, $365. Now, with insurance I am paying $657. Please explain to me Humana, how this makes any sense at all.

It's too bad I can't file a complaint with the state insurance board for arrogance. I specifically told them, in writing, that I was renewing the dental/vision plan, and then received an email that they processed my request to terminate. Even after I told the billing clerk that I had evidence of my instructions and was prepared to file a complaint, she continued to say "When you submitted your cancellation...". Word to Humana/Aetna corporate - when we have proof, we are never going to think you're right just because you don't admit you're wrong. Would rate it zero if I could.

I called and checked if we were covered for vision care. Was told I was covered to go to an in-network provider for a vision examination. After I went to the provider that they approved, and after paying the doctor's office over 65.00 and then another 50.00, Humana denied the claim. They didn't pay the provider anything, and I paid the full amount. Further, they paid nothing toward my eyeglasses or contact lenses (which I sort of expected), but worse, they didn't even include the costs to me for the eye exam in my out-of-pocket toward my deductible.

I then went to my primary doc (who is in their network) for a physical examination. They paid him a mere pittance of what his actual charges were. He then recommended that I go for a "Calcium Test" at a Cardiac Clinic which is in their network. They did not cover the test, so again I paid out of pocket, and they did not put that out-of-pocket expense toward my deductible. That test indicated that I needed further testing... so, again I went to one of their "In-Network" doctors.

Ok, I knew that I would be expected to pay $60.00 for the visit to the "In-Network Specialist" so, I paid that, and was told that I needed to have further testing that included a Thallium Stress test and some very specific blood work. Humana denied the claim for the testing because they said that both tests were performed on the same date! Well, of course they were! I was there, had to fast for both tests, so it only made sense to perform them both on the same day! Then, not only did they deny the claim (which means that I will have to pay approx. $1,300.00 for the tests), but they also placed that charge into the "Out of Network" deductible so that I would have to reach $10,000.00 before they begin to pay anything, when my deductible is supposed to be $2,500.00!

These people are crooks!!! I have requested the assistance of my cardiologists nursing and billing departments in an effort to get them to reconsider. So far, so bad! By the way, they automatically withdraw their payments from my account every month on the 1st of every month!!!! They have NEVER missed taking my money. They only REPEATEDLY MISS PAYING CLAIMS!!! I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND HUMANA INSURANCE TO MY VERY WORST ENEMY -- Oh wait, perhaps I would -- to someone I really can't stand!

I was enrolled in a Humana vision plan. They said it would cost $15.0 per month and would save me $150. Per yr on contact lenses. Well it cost $180.0 per yr for the insurance and that's all they do. So I ask, where are the savings? Also they incorrectly entered my information on the card; in fact, I or no one else could access it. But in the end fate saved me money. My eye dr. told me they only covered $150.0 per yr. IN A NUTSHELL I NEVER PAID A PREMIUM OR USED THEIR SERVICE BECAUSE OF THEIR MISTAKE. THEY ACTUALLY SAVED ME FROM THEMSELVES. How ironic!

As a senior citizen, I think it is a shame that Humana sells Vision Insurance and before the policy goes into effect, I cancelled it and now they tell me I have to keep it for ONE YEAR!! A service I do not need and have never even used, but bought in error. In all my decades of living, I have never heard of such a thing in all my life. I will NEVER buy any insurance from them ever again. And when my current dental policy expires, I will not renew with this company. This is first and last time ever buying from this company.

It started in January, my wife called Humana customer service for a vision provider in our area. They gave us a name and she called and made an appointment. She asked the provider if they accepted Humana insurance and they said yes. On 1/13/15 we went for eye exam and after exam and picking frames, the clerk asked for our insurance card. OOPS! They didn't take a PPO. Well now, we have received the exam and picked frames and they don't take our insurance. We felt obligated to pay for the service, and figured this was Humana's fault. After filing a complaint, we were told that they couldn't do anything without a claim. SO we went back to the provider and asked them to file a claim, they wouldn't do it. We then disputed the charge on our credit card, and then the vision provider submitted a claim. The original charge was $114.99, but the claim submitted to Humana was for $858.64 which they denied. Have had to appeal their decision.

We have 2 other issues with Humana also. My wife's doctor was a provider last year, and submitted a bill for office call and was refused because she's not a provider this year. Still fighting this one too. My wife's doctor is part of a medical group, including the local hospital. Her laboratory services are billed through the hospital billing department, which Humana refuses to pay, because it is an outpatient hospital service. Claim sent to Humana was for $3324.00, which they denied. Our portion is $290.00, even though Medicare says doctor requested laboratory tests are covered in full. Still fighting this! The Medicare Rights group has suggested I file a complaint with the fraud hotline.

Have been thinking to find a vision specialist. I called Humana three times to try and find a vision specialist who takes Humana Gold. The first time stayed on the line 45 minutes waiting. The girl hung up and never called back. The next day Humana called back and asked if they could help with any issues. I explained my first experience. She apologized and gave me three Drs. One is an eyeglass place and has no specialist on staff. One was a surgeon and does not do eye issues. The third said I would have to wait two months for appointment.

I called Humana back and explained that the Doctors they gave me could not help. The third girl was very rude said I was only eligible to see eyeglass place with no specialist on board. I tried to explain why couldn't I see a specialist with referral from my primary since that would be considered a specialist. She said that my vision plan only allows for eyeglass place and that if I saw a specialist, I would be responsible for all cost since it would be considered out of network. Needless to say but I will. They've lost me as a customer. I will change to some other provider when Medicare allow me to change. Don't buy Humana.

I enrolled in Humana Gold Plus in Dec 2014. The Medical plan includes dental and vision benefits. I tried to see my eye Doctor and was advised that I did not have vision coverage. I called Humana and they told me that I do have vision coverage through Premier Vision and they gave me their number and told me to call them so I called Premier and they told me that I am not in their system. I called Humana once again and they told me to call my primary Doctor and have him call Premier. How is it the responsibility of my primary Dr. to enroll me in vision coverage? Humana also stated that they are not allowed to call Premier. I deeply regret changing my insurance coverage to Humana. Very Horrible experience. On my 3rd call to Humana, I finally got someone on the phone who stated that she would refer this issue to another department for resolution. I'm still waiting to hear from them.

This all started in June of 2013, at that time I was billed over $6700.00 by my local hospital. I called to find out why and was told Humana demanded money back. Humana stated they over paid, the hospital stated they didn't and in turn the charges went to me. This would have put me at the out of pocket for the year according to the contract I had with Humana. Humana refused to accept that and refused to deal with the hospital on my behalf. Since I was told by Humana that they were the only medical insurance offered by Medicare in my area, I was stuck. Then my Crohn's disease got worse, and being allergic to most of the meds for this my doctor wanted me to go back on Remicade, which I had previously done well with. Humana wanted me to pay $1600.00 my share for each treatment. My doctor would hospitalize me each time. Finally during open enrollment I contacted Medicare and was told about other insurance available to me other than Humana.

I have a new provider and my cost per treatment is less the $!85.00. I also have vision and dental coverage now, something Humana didn't offer. I am paying $50.00 less per month for this insurance. The change over started when 3 of the medical facilities I use said they would no longer accept any type of Humana insurance. Humana according to my contract owes me at least for the remainder of 2013, after June when I met my out of pocket. Humana seems to be more interested in making money than making people well. If you are on Medicare and have Humana, call Medicare and ask about care improvement plus.

Since I'm getting older, I decided to get eye and vision care insurance and dental insurance because through my employer I am not able to afford it. I called Humana and after browsing their website, I ordered both policies online. They of course charged my card right away for both plans. When I get the cards in the mail like a month later, I find out that the Vision care policy only covers contact lenses and regular eye glasses. I called Humana and told them that I don't need glasses or contact lenses. They told me that the they would cancel the plan and to expect a letter in the mail. I waited and no letter to confirm the cancellation. I check my bank account this past week to see them charging for the plan. I called today to find out that the grace period to cancel the policy is 10 days (remember I did NOT receive the insurance card until a month later) so I couldn't see what the policy limitations were.

I spoke to a woman who transferred me to another woman who in the end said you are too late, the grace period is past and now you have to pay an entire year of insurance for the plan. I told her that I did not receive the insurance card until 30 days later and there was no way for me to find out if the plan was right for me. She said, "then send a written letter explaining why this plan is not good for you". She had all my information in front of her and insisted that unless I write a letter I won't receive any help. I asked her, "will this letter guarantee a cancellation?" She said "NO, just write so that we can consider it". It seems to me that they want me to get tired and pay the entire year. I will take them to court instead. I will never consider this company or associated companies for any business. Period.

I recently glance at a bank statement and discovered that Humana is still doing a direct draft from my bank Acct after, what I thought, I had cancelled all Humana polices 6/2014. After speaking with them on the phone trying to figure out what exactly is going on, I was told that had not contacted them to cancel the dental portion of the policy. Little did I know that each entity would have to be contacted to cancel. Funny though, the vision managed to get cancelled. Was told on the phone that I would have to file a grievance to have them consider reimburse me for the 500+ dollars that they owe me. What confuses me is that I had an extremely hard time getting to do the draft in the first place and now I can't get them to stop. What a joke. More wasted time...... Buyer beware, If you are leaving the country for an extended period of time like I had to, I would turn off all direct drafts like this....