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I would stay far away from this place. Robbie at the centennial office is a scam artist. I went in to get insurance for myself. He told me my TOTAL out of pocket for today would be about $250.00...3 days later I check my online banking and found out that I had been charged about $375.00. I called him to ask why I was charged so much and he just blew me off. I cancelled my insurance that day and was told I would receive a 100% refund due to the fact he lied to me. Here we are 30 days later and I still have not received my refund. To make matters worse I was charged again this month from IHC. I still have not received my credit from last month and now I get charged again for insurance I don't even have.

I called to get information on health insurance. I was sold a policy... after I received it by fax, and saw all the exclusions I canceled (one day later). The agent was so rude and arrogant, he told me to contact 3 separate insurance companies to cancel, when I did I found out that I was sold a "lumpsum Cancer policy!!! Within 2 days money was being taken out of my bank account for a bogus insurance policy that wasn't suppose to start for a month. Do your homework before you get on the phone with this company! Horrible Shysters.

On 09/21/2015 I went to my primary care physician, Dr **, for extreme abdominal pain. At that time, she thought I might have GERD and referred me to a specialist, Dr Gastro, for an EGD and a Colonoscopy. The procedures were scheduled 11/18/15 (EGD) and 11/23/15 (Colonoscopy). These two procedures resulted in him diagnosing me with GERD and the removal of several polyps (later revealed as benign) from my colon.

In January 2016 I got notification from IHC that they were denying my claims based on being pre-existing conditions. When I called customer service I asked what the pre-existing conditions were, she told me that since my primary care physician said she thought it was GERD it was pre-existing. Again, this was the PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN. She only determined that the symptoms were symptoms of GERD and referred me to a specialist to confirm. That specialist was Dr Gastro.

Then I asked why they denied my colonoscopy and she said that according to my medical records I was diagnosed with polyps by Dr EarNoseandThroat on January and September of 2015. This is not true because I have not seen Dr EarNoseandThroat since May 2014 and Dr EarNoseandThroat is my ENT. The polyps that I had surgery on in 2012 and 2014 were in my maxillary sinus cavity not in my colon. When I try to explain this to customer service she reiterated that I had to notify the medical review board and file an appeal.

HORRIBLE COMPANY AND THEY DENY EVERYTHING ON PREEXISTING. I have filed an appeal, sent a letter to the Insurance Commissioner and sent a letter to the hospital and clinic AND NOW the hospital's attorney that wants to take out a lien on me for non payment. Great. I think we should all get together and do a class action lawsuit.

We paid our premiums for the agreed amount of time and then we're told, after 6 months, that we were dropped 6 months prior without any advance notice. One review has mentioned that we should all sue IHC and I AGREE! We are now in debt for tens of thousands of dollars and their phone numbers go to voicemail and their emails bounce back... I have lodged a complaint with the domain company for their website (ihcgroup.com). Also we have reported them to the State of California Insurance Fraud Division. Also their "legal and Compliance" representative claims our coverage was reinstated at the first of the year but there has been nothing paid to any of the Hospitals or Doctors involved...

Very difficult to get claims from my unexpected hospital stay and follow ups with my physician paid by this company. They say I had a pre existing condition so they won't pay. This is a short term policy which needs to be re applied for every 6 months which I just re applied for and got rejected because of the previous claims. What!? I am 63 yrs of age and this was my first hospitalization and the 1st time I ever had this medical emergency. Now I am being denied. I am so upset I will probably end back up in the hospital due to stress from this situation. Never go through IHC. Where do I go from here? What do I do?

I had taken a short term health insurance policy out with IHC and paid my premiums faithfully. I became deathly ill in July of 2013 and was hospitalized in the ICU, underwent emergency surgery and again was placed in ICU. Upon giving the hospital my insurance information, they came back with some bull crap story I was not qualified for the policy thus, it was canceled and they paid not one cent to this hospitalization. They claim I lied on my application and despite letters from the doctors stating this was not preexisting, they claimed it was and dropped me. How convenient, they don't review the policies they sell until a claim is made and then they come up with some bull story and get away with not a dime out of their pockets. This was so wrong. How is it insurance companies sell policies then claim they don't review them until a claim is made? It gets them out of paying is how.

Buyer beware. This is not a healthcare insurance company. They are a short term plan and only cover 363 days of the year. That is why they can exclude everything: hernia surgeries, pregnancy, mental health, doctor's visits, x-rays. You do not know what kind of insurance you have until you have to use it. They 'authorized' a hernia surgery but it was on the exclusion list and it was also a pre-existing condition. I feel they shouldn't authorize it if it is an exclusion. The surgical center should have been told the patient would pay 100%. That would have been nice to know. Their statements are confusion to understand because there are three pages of denial explanations. This is not a healthcare insurance. I hope this helps someone the heartache.

Cancelled policy. I did not use the policy since it was hard for me to find the doctors. The customer service is very pathetic. I am trying to call for refund. Nobody answers the call. They have charged twice each month for the premium with the two different amounts.THEY LIED EVERYTHING.

I needed to find a short term health insurance company after turning 26 and being dropped from my father's insurance. Stumbled upon IHC and have had horrendous experiences all 4 times. They have hung on me, yelled at me, and have gone back and forth on the policy that I have. There is so much confusion with each and every employee I have talked with. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I would rather have no insurance.

I wish I would have read these reviews before signing up with IHC Solutions. It sounds like they have a history of trying to find a "pre-existing condition" so they don't have to pay medical bills. I had a very serious unexpected medical condition arise. Not only is stressful to be in a hospital, but now to worry about this insurance balking on paying anything!!! They are requesting 5 years of all medical services to determine if my condition was pre-existing! I am very disappointed in the service I have received. It's next to impossible to get anyone on the phone and even when you leave a message. It's rare to get a callback. To anyone out there: Do your homework before signing up with IHC.

Because of the ObamaCare law of insurance being required to avoid paying a penalty, I took out a short term insurance with IHC Health Solutions until open enrollment for ObamaCare. I took out the policy in March 2015. Since I had insurance, I scheduled an appt for April for just a routine health exam complete with mammogram and pap test. I was sent to the hospital for more testing, and found out in May 2015 that I had stage 4 breast cancer. Had multiple testing done and in July 2015, I started 6 rounds of aggressive chemo treatments.

All claims were submitted to IHC and after 8 months they denied everything claiming it was pre-existing. It had been 10 or more years that I had seen a doctor for ANYTHING and they have all my medical records to prove this was not pre-existing. Now not only do I have breast cancer, but $500,000 worth of medical bills that a portion should have been paid by them. This company is a total scam and needs to be stopped ruining people's lives.

After having this policy for several years and not having a claim, we thought we would be covered under the common benefits that we signed up for. We had this on draft and we failed to view the policy each year knowing that it would be okay, especially since there was an "inflation cost" increase each year. At the time we finally used the policy, they paid maybe 1/8th of the total of the claim!!! Then, looking at the policy, they say we are not covered the 80% coverage that we first signed up for. I used to sell insurance. Yes I know better, however I felt that IHC was the great company that looks after your interests, right. Isn't that what leads us to use them in the first place! Burned and taught a lesson to be smarter.

Initially had to lower the benefit of my policy due to financial constraints, but later when I had an ER visit the claims dept handled it quickly, and I did not owe anything. Very highly recommend them.

I will like to show my dissatisfaction with so called scamming Health insurance company who will only charge you for premiums and tell you everything about you is a pre-existing condition when it is time to pay. Please, folks let's save others from this scam; endeavor to expose them on every social media platform so that people don't fall into their hands. I think we victims of this scam should all come out and fight this legally. Anyone ready to join me here is my number you can hmu...**. Text pls. Am willing to legally fight this back to all extent.

Nov 7, 2015, called Blue Cross, Blue Shield the number from a postcard I received several times in the mail. They connected me to an agent named, Omar **. Omar said he could not start me on Blue Shield until Dec. 1, 2015. I asked him about an ethical, short term insurance provider? He said he would send me an email link to a short term insurance plan, until he could start me on Blue Shield, Dec. 1, 2015. He reiterated his friend could provide the plan and Omar would not benefit. I told Omar I was moving from Colorado, back to Northern CA to consider when considering health plans. I filled out the online form and he called me later to say I'd been accepted and he charged my credit card. Instead of joining Blue Shield with Omar, I joined Blue Shield with an agent in N. CA, in the County I was moving to.

In Dec. I received my credit card statement and two months of IHC insurance were charged. I called my credit card company, which placed a three way call to IHC. The rude IHC employee name Peggy, took notes regarding my situation and said nothing could be done to cancel the insurance unless I sent an email to a certain email address at IHC, and provided certain information. I read the email instructions back to Peggy, IHC. I sent an email to IHC and did not receive a response. I received a bill for the next month because the credit card company had frozen IHC, from billing my credit card. Then I received a bill for another month. I called IHC and the voice message said to leave a message. I placed another call to try to cancel the policy, line which went to nowhere, and another voice mail said leave your number and they will call, would call back, then hung up on me.

Looking at Consumer Reports the 16 complaints had somewhat similar problems, communication, rude agents, not be able to speak to someone they could understand, making a claim which was refuted for the grounds of pre-existing which is now illegal with the Affordable Care Act, not responding to questions or claims but took their money, told a customer to file a complaint and It was never responded, denied coverage of emergency surgery, customer was billed who never signed up and no refund, paid bills then reversed the payment.

I initially had Blue Cross which was costing 1288.31 a month for me and my husband. I searched through AARP and found IHC Health Solutions. Talked to Juvenson ** who found me this policy costing $835.68. My only requirements were that our current doctors accepted this insurance. He did a check on Web MD and found that our doctors accepted this insurance. I canceled Blue Cross and signed up for IHC Health Solutions. A few days later, when I called my husband's doctor, they did not accept this insurance.

So I immediately, canceled this insurance and reinstated Blue Cross. There would be one month, when I was charge for both insurances. Juvenson, assured me if I sent a letter and proof of insurance, I would be refunded for the double payment. It is now July, and I am still waiting to hear back. I have emailed, faxed, mailed multiple times and have not received my refund. Anyone know what else can be done? Please help.

I was misled right from the beginning. The agency I purchased the policy from stated that her dad had the same policy and his medical bills (hospital, doctors, etc.) were always taken care of promptly and completely. Not true (at least for me). After a gall bladder surgery, they claimed it was a preexisting condition (it wasn't and we had to hire an attorney to deal with them). They agreed it wasn't preexisting and then claimed that something else was preexisting (the attorney also had to deal with that). To this day they have not paid the bills that should have been pain and we are left with a $16,000+ bill. Be so careful if you deal with this company. It's not worth it to do business with them. We are so stuck.

My husband originally purchased this product for a two month coverage period before entering into Medicare. We were on the ACA which was not covering anything plus we had difficulty finding a Dr that would take the insurance. We had to use the policy when my husband suddenly got ill and they authorized treatment and we paid the deductible. That was in January to March 2017. We are now going into Oct and they have tried every trick in the book not to pay the hospital bills and actually tried to get me to resubmit his application. He died in March and they wanted me to sign the "corrected" application. This was a trick not to pay the claim of more than $100K. STAY AWAY FROM THIS INSURANCE CO.

I received a letter from IHC claiming my Life Insurance coverage will run out if I do not pay my claim because my payment info did not go through and I must pay immediately to keep my insurance. It is true that my last payment to ACA did not go through because of this issue but what is not true is that I've never had IHC life insurance! I got 2 notifications in the mail the same day, one from IHC and one from ACA. So somehow they get this information and try to capitalize on it by sending out fake letters to try to get you to sign up for their insurance for the first time disguising it as if you have been paying the whole time. It looks official and I just bought a home so there's been a lot of things I've had to sign up for and do recently. On a more tired day I just may have paid it without knowing. I just think it's kind of despicable that they can so easily be tied to ACA and real government info.

I took the coverage for Nov & Dec 17 months. I visited Dr. office (Allina clinic) 3 times in that period. IHC explanation of benefit says as per NPPN/PlanCare America I am eligible for a network discount. Allina came back saying that IHC has no agreement with them so they can'y honour any network discount. So they are asking me to pay full money. I felt like for nothing I took the insurance. When I contacted IHC they said I have to talk to Allina!!!

A1C is a measure of blood sugar levels over approx. a 3-month time period. Medical "science," so-called makes certain assumptions about having an A1C lab result 6.5 or over. Having a one-time "spike" of A1C measurement DOES NOT make one a diabetic! If one's measurement continues over that level then that is a different matter. But IN ANY CASE, A COMPUTER SHOULD NOT BE MAKING THIS DIAGNOSIS!!! Only your living, breathing, licensed healthcare provider should be making such a diagnosis!

Labeling a person a diabetic can kill insurance, cause denial of government-issued medical certificates (and loss of employment!), and so forth. THIS IS A SERIOUS ISSUE! If one EVER receives an A1C lab result then IHC's computer system labels them a DIABETIC, displays it to all providers and their assistants, and begins sending automatic computer-generated letters referring to that patient as a diabetic! This is criminal negligence.

IHC has put itself in position where it should be SUED for this MALPRACTICE! To turn overdiagnosis to a computer-controlled system is IRRESPONSIBLE! And to label a patient as diabetic based on one single A1C result (even overlooking the deliberate neglect of bypassing a physician involvement in making the actual diagnosis instead of a computer system) is malicious medical malpractice!!!

Wow! I wish there was a 0 star rating. I wish I had seen all of the bad reviews for this company. I purchased health insurance from them 3 months ago but haven't needed the doctor, so I haven't bothered with printing my insurance card. They automatically deduct money out of your account, and it's always under a different name and different amounts, which didn't seem odd to me until now. I had automatic account deduction with Blue Cross, and the same deal with my car insurance so that wasn't odd. The company says they've gone green and won't send insurance cards through the mail in an automated recording. That's fine with me, l like green, until you realize it's all a scam.

They won't provide you with an insurance card after you've paid them their money and you will be directed to email them directly in order to ask for it, and then after you write the letter asking for it, you will get an automated response which says they will respond to you in 10-15 days... WHAT? For a copy of my insurance card? Totally unacceptable!!! When you speak to a live person, (there's only one live person dealing with customer service, the rest just are there to sign you up and take your money) I spoke to her twice after being on hold endlessly, they will re-direct you to that bogus email address again.

You will finally realize you don't have insurance. The nearly $300 a month you've been paying them is gone. It's a scam. They don't give you a card and no doctor takes them or knows who they are. When you go on their website, you will type doctors names and they will come up, claiming to take that insurance, and when you call that doctor they would have never heard of this particular insurance company. Please beware! A complete scam!!! It's a complete waste.

Not one doctor's office in Los Angeles knows who they are and you cannot get them on the phone once they've gotten your money. You will see credentials on websites of doctors but none will confirm they know them. You will get endlessly transferred and a run around. It's total sham and a total scam. Even their automated recordings have mistakes in them which should have been a telltale sign. Incompetent, they are only out to take your money and they don't provide you with any service. This is not a health insurance company. It's a fraud. How do they get away with this? Run the other direction. Evil inside.

The brokerage I got my plan from took it upon themselves to change what I wanted. When I call IHC they said I could file a complaint, and that was the last I heard from them. Every time I call them, I get sent to someone's voicemail and they never called me back. What a joke. Yes $13000 joke.

Do not buy it. We moved to USA and we needed a short term insurance. We got it here and then we had to go to the doctor with our youngest daughter, and they ended up not paying even our bills, and despite we had an insurance with them. Tons of letters and phone-calls did not help. In the end we gave up and just paid the bill!

When I call IHC Solutions I get the runaround. My passwords won't work to get into the website to check on status. The Claims dept. has a voice mail that says it will call you back in 48-72 hours. Not acceptable to me. It has been one BIG nightmare!!

I went to a doctor for hot flashes! They denied the claim as pre-existing! I guess every female then has a pre-existing condition!!! What a joke of a carrier!!! Save your MONEY. Find a DIFFERENT CARRIER!!!

Cancelled policy over 1 month ago, still no refund of premium. I opened this policy for my wife, then discovered what a scam it was so I cancelled it on the same day (well within their 10 day policy) but have still (after repeated calls to the company and repeated assurances it had been sent out) have not received the refund. This company is a total scam, they are there to only take in money and to never (despite published policy) pay it out. Avoid this company like the plague they are. Total liars.

I purchased temporary health insurance to hold me over between jobs. They did not respond to a claim from a doctor’s appointment I had during my policy term. When I tried to contact them, they just continued to transfer me and make me wait for the next available agent. I’m now stuck just paying a bill that should have been covered. It was a waste to get this temporary insurance. I would not recommend it.

IHC deducted money from my account quarterly without my consent. They claim they sent me information that was returned to them because of insufficient address information and sent me one email that wasn't acknowledged by me. They never tried to call or reach me any other way, yet continued to withdraw money from my account knowing I had no product knowledge in hand. When I called, they claimed it was my error for not contacting them sooner and will only refund one quarter to me. Even though they acknowledge that I never received any information or used of their services in anyway. My account was not even registered. I feel I was totally scammed by this company. And to my knowledge never signed up with them on the internet as they claim.

30 days after I paid them almost $400.00 this company do not sending to my a health insurance card or a company book to now if my Dr were in their network or not, so I do not recommend this insurance company.

I got this insurance for my son, and wasn't able to use it anywhere. I explained why I needed it and how I wanted to use it and was given the "it will work perfect for your situation" answer... They took my money and gave me insurance I couldn't use and now are taking forever to refund my money I need to get my son the insurance he needs:/ Not happy at all. Every time I call it's a long wait to speak with someone and I get the same "it takes 10-15 days to get your refund". It has now been almost a month.

Over the past 6 years we have been paying on what I thought was either a life insurance policy on my wife or one of our children. We are changing banks and when I came across this automatic Debit and called the 800 at IHC, they told me this was actually a Dental Plan! We have a family dental plan and I asked them if they ever sent us anything in the mail, Dental Cards, etc. They said they did, but we never received anything!! I have asked them to please send over our authorization for this account and they said it will most likely take one day to respond. I also asked them if there was any activity on our account, office visits, payouts, etc. She told me that there has never been any activity on this account, and that it is not their policy to even follow up or question why. Of course not, you are scamming another unsuspecting family.

I am going to fight, fight and fight these folks to get ALL of our money back from the 6 years of withholding, no matter what they say. They will spend a considerable amount more $$ in defending themselves than the actual money premiums lost by our family. It appears that this is a common theme with this company and perhaps it might be a good candidate for a class action lawsuit.

I took a policy out for one month to hold me over until my normal policy with BCBS took effect the following month. The IHC Group continued to bill my credit card for an additional 5 months, and said I had taken out a six month policy. I sent them proof of my normal policy that was up to date and active the following month and I have still not seen the reimbursement for the additional five months.

I think we all need to file a lawsuit against IHC. I'm now in debt for $35,000.00 in medical bills because of this company. They don't pay ANYTHING!!! They have tons of delay tactics thinking they are trying to help you but in the end they don't care at all. Who's willing to join me in a lawsuit? I was told by the company that the guy that sold me the insurance should have never sold it to me because of pre-existing conditions. So if you've ever had a cold, it's pre-existing so you better not buy it. I'm tired of getting my ass handed to me by loser companies like this one that just want your money for nothing in return. If any lawyers out there want to contact me, it would be greatly appreciated. I don't believe this company should get away with what they are doing to the consumers.

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