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I would recommend company to anyone in search for a place to learn about and/or purchase annuities of any type. Kyle is very knowledgeable and explains in detail any ?? or concerns for various type annuities, all others there I dealt with over a year or so were also extremely helpful and concerned about us getting the correct products to suit our needs. Purchased a deferred annuity from them and will go back to them for any future requirements we may have.
Exceptional service by everyone. A flawless process. Handoffs were perfectly executed. Never a problem. I had just come off a bad annuity process with another firm. Nothing done right. So, as you can imagine, I was thrilled to find Immediate Annuities. Another reason I bought from them was that over the last two years I had sought their information. Each time I asked, they sent it at their expense on time and perfectly. Naturally, after such great service, I felt a loyalty to them. That loyalty remains now and has been validated by my recent experience. Anyone buying annuities through anyone else is missing out on excellence. On a 1-10 scale (low =1--10=high). They are a solid 10.
I have purchased more than one Annuity with this Company. Some things never change. Same great service.
Having canvassed the field of fixed and variable annuities in a general way but with a hazy understanding, I discovered, and have been most grateful for their service ever since. Over a period of months I read their regular emails and linked Q & A topics on their web site, amounting to a little course in the pros and cons of the various options. I have found their approach very sympathetic to the lay person. Their table of 15 comparative quotes, tailored to one's particular needs and preferences, makes the choice easy. In brokering the actual purchase, IA provide sympathetic and precise guidance at each stage, and are always at the other end of the telephone when help is needed. I now have my annuity in place, am confident that I have made a wise choice, and can state that the experience has been an enjoyable one.
Working with WebAnnuities is a pleasure and an excellent way to satisfactorily purchase an annuity that fit one's need.
My experience with WebAnnuities was excellent! Every step in the process of obtaining an annuity was carefully explained and assistance was always available. The whole process was completed in a timely manner, and I would recommend this service to anyone who is interested in purchasing an immediate annuity.
I decided to get an immediate annuity because my securities portfolio was not generating adequate returns. I checked annuity companies online taking into account their rate of return and credit ratings and I picked the annuity company myself. I then contacted WebAnnuities Insurance Agency after reading glowing reviews by other customers. I found the reviews were justified. While I had already decided on the type of annuity I wanted, I still needed information about details and found WebAnnuities representatives knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant. They also prepared the application, sent it with a prepaid envelope, guided me through the portions I had to complete and promptly forwarded the package to the annuity company. The whole transaction was completed with a minimum of effort on my part. I highly recommend this company.
Everyone in the company was extremely helpful in explaining the answers to all my questions. Paperwork was delivered to my doorstep immediately and each page was highlighted to show what needed filled out and return envelope provided with address filled out to ensure no mistake in how or where to return the completed forms. Also had an 800 number to call in case of questions on anything. Could not have been any easier for me to complete and return the application! Will definitely be back to make another annuity purchase within 8 -10 years. Thank you!
Web annuiities was the complete package. Walked thru application with ease. Got aaa rated annuity all done within 1-2 weeks. Worked as promised. THANK YOU!
I would highly recommend Hersh and Ariel Stern of WebAnnuities to handle your annuity purchase. They are very thorough and detail oriented and the process went smoothly and they stayed with me every step of the way in the application and our first monthly payment came right on time with no problems. WebAnnuities are just the best I have experienced and being a senior citizen, I find this refreshing in this hectic world today. Job well done and I feel secure with them and would use them again with another annuity.
I would recommend them to my mother or my son. They are good and thorough at what they do and they follow up. You will be very pleased with their service. I was.
I have completed two transactions with Hersh Stern, both experiences were professional, helpful, and very positive. If I ever need annuity service in the future I will not hesitate to contact Hers Stern.
My experience with Immediate Annuities in New Jersey was very good. I would recommend to family and friends. Everyone I spoke with was polite, knowledgeable and accessible.
This was so easy. They actually did everything for me. All I had to do was sign. The transfer was handled by them and I was pleased with how they handled everything. I would highly recommend them.
They did a good job and walked me through a complicated process. I will use them again.
I was skeptical at first, buying an immediate annuity means forking out a big chunk at one time. I did a lot of research and read various reviews and decided to give them a try. Needless to say all went well, so far my monthly payments have been arriving in my account like clockwork. I can safely say that this company is very trustworthy and I will be dealing with them again, real soon.
More than once I have gotten useful and straightforward information from this company. In contrast, the others always have some initially hidden demand that you get on the phone with a sales person before you get useful, specific information. It angers me that they try to sucker you. IN addition, as I remain in a research phase and not a buying phase, I greatly appreciate what immediate provides. When I am ready to buy, I will work with them.
I have already recommend ImmediateAnnuities to family and friends.My experience with this company was AA+ from start to finish.The staff is wonderful to work with during the process stayed in touch with me the entire time.Special thank you to Ms. James and Kyle.
Setting up our annuity was very easy - I would definitely recommend ImmediateAnnuities to any and all.
Professional and prompt service made purchasing an annuity easy.
Hersh Stern's website,, gave me the quotes I needed to get started without having to talk with anyone or give out any personal information. I liked that! Once I made the commitment, WebAnnuities made the whole process very easy. Everyone I talked with was professional and polite. When I am ready to buy another annuity, I will definitely work with them again!
You folks are the best. So easy to work with. You have very good people who are very service oriented. Thanks again. I recommended you to my sister and she was very pleased.
I am very pleased with my experience with web annuities. All staff members I have dealt with have been nothing short of professional and courteous. Thank you for great service !
I'm not much on long winded explanations. I purchased three annuities from them from three separate insurance companies. Suffice to say that if I ever need to purchase another annunity, I will return to Immediate Annuities. I can't say that it was a pleasant experience due to the amount of paperwork involved, but they make it a very simple process to complete the paperwork & provide any guidance you may need.
I performed months of research before my Annuity final selection. Very pleased with the interaction of Hersh Stern and associates. Correspondence exchanged rapidly throughout the process.
Excellent customer service follow-through and responsiveness. I will recommend the company!
I was completely satisfied with my annuity purchase through WebAnnuities Insurance Agency at At first I was reluctant to deal through the internet but the reviews were so good and WebAnnuities had such a good rating with the BBB that I decided to buy. I'm so glad that I did. The people were great and the transaction was smooth.
Investing money with representatives of various financial institutions can be an experience for the average investor that can be daunting and stressful. Trusting financial advisors with hard earned money is not always easy, as one wonders if the advisor has your best interest in mind, and not totally the goal of an easy commission. I strongly believe I have found an organization that puts their clients needs at the very top of their priorities as proffessionals in the financial industry,that will take the time necessary for a client to fully understand the product being discussed and will give an educated opinion if it is suitable for the clients financial plan. Mr. Stern,Kyle, and Owen have proven themselves with these qualities. I would not hesitate calling upon them for advice at anytime. Immediate,phone number is 800-872-6684. Respectfully Cliff Konstans
”We are so glad that our financial adviser recommended Hersh Stern. We were given information and options about annuties and they helped us to make the right choice. Hersh Stern made the contract procedure so easy and took care of our account in such a professional manner. We would surely use them again. Joseph Senn
I feel fortunate to have discovered Hersh and his excellent website by chance when I was searching for annuities. Everyone at the company is very knowledgeable, diligent and personable and takes time to explain the benefits, limitations and other characteristics of the annuity products with objectivity and broad and deep experience in their field. I recognized immediately that they are not promoters but advisers with integrity and caring for their clients. They are extremely well organized and efficient and once the decision has been made to buy an annuity, they make the process smooth and easy to complete. We're pleased to recommend Hersh and his company with no reservations. Thanks guys!!
The purchase of my annuity was plain, simple and very straight forward. Everything was explained plainly to me and they always kept me informed as to what stage the process was in. Great communication. I experienced no problems at all with the agents at immediate annuities. They were very helpful and knowledgeable in assisting me with my investment. I will be purchasing another annuity in the very near furture and I will certainly be allowing the agents of immediate annuities to handle my next investment as well.
I was tremendously impressed with and helped by the expeditious and professional service Hersh Stern and his staff gave me when I bought my immediate annuity.The materials they sent to me were comprehensive and thoroughly explained. The staff were very knowledgeable, patient and engaging when answering my questions.Quickly, I became bonded to them and felt they could be trusted, They gave me a good understanding of the product I was buying. Everything happened the way they explained it to me. There were no surprises. i highly recommend this service to anyone who wishes to buy an annuity.
I purchased my first annuity from Immediate Annuities in 2006. The purchase transaction went so smoothly. I was very impressed with Hersh's knowledge and professionalism. Never once, did I feel pressured or influenced towards on annuity product or another. He was the perfect person to gain information in order to make life-long financial decisions. Fast forward a decade, and I returned to Immediate Annuities to purchase more annuity products for myself and my wife. Since my first purchase in 2006, Hersh has added other people (including his son, Ariel) to help him provide the best of service to the burgeoning retiring baby boomers. With the last annuity purchases, we now are enjoying a secure and certain retirement without a great concern of the ups and downs of the securities market. Additionally, we know with great certainty that our income stream will never run out. When making financial decisions of this magnitude and importance should be done with great thought and excellent assistance. I can fully endorse Hersh and Ariel Stern an their staff as excellent go-to people in this segment of retirement and financial planning. Many thanks to Immediate Annuities/Web Annuities.
Kyle was very helpful and knowledgeable on my particular needs for an annuity. Whole staff very friendly and checked on me every step of the way. Would recommend them highly
Excellent customer service and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this company to anyone wanting to invest in immediate annuities.
They are with you every step of the procedure; you feel confident to proceed. provides immediate and helpful specific information online and really deep and helpful immediate analysis in response to questions by email or telephone. I'm so glad I found them. They saved me from mistakes and found my best option. They minimize their cut and gave me quotes nobody else beat. Adam at had broad and deep knowledge that he shared and he patiently explained what I needed to know. He never gave me wrong information and gave me very helpful and valuable advice in the complicated trust/annuity situation I am in. He was thorough, always willing to double check and always willing to explain, and he really knew his stuff!
My first annuity purchase went so smoothly, I am now purchasing my second one. Ariel, Kyle and Jen have been with me every step of the way. This is the place to go for top-shelf service before, during, and after your annuity purchase.
I am satisfied with Excellent service.
I have purchased two immediate annuities from Immediate Annuities, nine years apart. The service and support I received when buying them was excellent, knowledgeable, prompt and supportive. On the first annuity I bought, nine years ago, I have received all of my investment back, and will enjoy the same monthly income for the rest of my life. A.H. Perris
I have to say that WebAnnuities was a real godsend for me and my wife. I unexpectedly received an early retirement offer from my company and had to make some quick decisions about how to make it all work out. After a consultation with my financial adviser we decided that an annuity would fit our needs for fixed income for life. I found WebAnnuities and after a single, simple contact with them we were able to get the process started. The virtually took care of everything while keeping us up to date every step of the way. The process moved far faster than we expected and the way they managed our request made us feel very confident of the outcome. We were so satisfied with their performance during our initiation of our first annuity we choose to use them a second time for an additional annuity. I praise these guys and would refer them to anyone who needs this service - you won't be dissatisfied - I know that for sure.
Great service! Able to work with us while on vacation
Very easy to talk with and got the deal moving and consummated in no time flat. Every company should be this easy to work with., agent Hersh Stern's New Jersey-based company, provides excellent information about annuities and offers a quick, easy way of buying immediate annuities to convert a lifetime of savings, part of it anyway, into a steady, dependable stream of income that you can never outlive. Licensed to sell immediate annuities in all 50 states, Hersh represents enough companies that he can offer competitive payout quotes from a number of the biggest and highest-rated. He has a small, helpful, professional staff that makes the process of buying an annuity--from seeking a list of quotes to completing an application and sending in the premium--a relatively quick, direct, step-by-step transaction. Before even considering buying an immediate annuity, do yourself a favor: educate yourself about the particulars. A good starting point: Hersh's own website, Hersh is one of the experts in the field who has numerous self-published, informative articles, frequently updated, about various aspects of immediate annuities that are well worth reading. Obviously Hersh is not the only online source for this information, but I found him and his staff to be very professional and attentive, especially in the important matters of selecting and buying of immediate annuities, and available to answer any and all questions, without any sales pressure, in a timely manner.
I choose WebAnnuities because of a previous experience I had with them. Their service the second time around was even better than the first time. They kept me abreast of what was happening with my annuity application and processing. I was very pleased to have automatic periodic updtes on the pogress of my application. I would reccomend WebAnnuity to anybody.
I found Immediate Annuities "by chance" on line. It must have been my lucky day! I had the pleasure of dealing with Kyle on my initial and follow up phone calls. Kyle was a kind, knowledgeable and truly a pleasure to work with. I just retired as a manager from the service industry and recognize this company as top notch in every way. Laura was amazing also, always quick to respond and keep me updated with emails. I would HIGHLY recommend this competent company to handle your 401K rollover.
I had reservations about doing this online but after reading the reviews online I decided to go ahead. They were friendly, professional, and knowledgable. I never felt talked down to or pressured in any way.They made the complicated uncomplicated and kept me informed at each step. I would use this company again and would reccomend to others.
The fact that your website allows me to quickly get an idea of cost and payout of numerous options is the reason I chose you. Everyone else requires me to enter my email and wait for them to respond which is obnoxious. The process of getting a firm bid and buying the annuity was very simple and well managed which means I'll be back myself and recommend you to others.
My husband purchased some annuities from Hersch Stern's son Ariel and we were very pleased. After my husband passed away, I contacted Ariel to purchase more annuities per my husband's instructions. Ariel was very helpful, answered any questions I had and gave me excellent advice. Jennifer Timko followed up promptly. I am very pleased with my experience and will recommend Hersch Stern to my friends.
These guys are above reproach. There is no better "personal" service then this. I'd like to especially single out Mr. Ariel Stern. Without his guidance and patience with me, and especially my mother, there is no way I could have gotten the annuity I wanted for her. Anytime I needed something done or something looked into, all I had to was talk to him and it was done. Period. He would take the time to explain to me, in plain english, what a simple immediate annuity is. Before I talked to him, there was just so many choices to choose from and he helped me narrow it down to what was best for my mom, who is retiring this month at the age of 80. Now I won't have to worry about her financial future as much. Again, simply the best!
Their service was personable, knowledgeable, and professional. If you're looking for annuities, try them first. You will not be disappointed.
I encountered some delay returning your copy of the contract. I would recommend tracking of this document, which may stimulate USPS handling of this highly proprietary information. Also, please furnish sufficient space under beneficiary information to include the street address without utilizing the margin. Hi Jennifer
Very professional. Very organized. Very good.
Kyle and Brittany are very professional and obviously experienced. I look forward to doing business with them for a long time.
we are pleased with immediate annuities. they make each step simple and clear,an associate is assigned who follows the process. recommend them !
To TrustPilot: if you want candid reviews, don't tell me what and how to write ("a catchy header",, "as if you're speaking to a friend"). I second all those positive reviews already posted WebAnnuities treated me as if I were their only client. Unfortunately the lawyers require vast redundancy: repeated signatures etc. Like your Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.
I wish I could found this service 10 years earlier. When I found DIA information this summer, I called your company and they are very helpful! After I decided to purchase DIA, they processed as quick as possible. I really appreciate your help! I told all my friends my story and recommended them to buy annuities from your company too. Thank you so much!
Just purchased my second annuity with them. Painless transaction like the first annuity purchase. They mark and explain every detail of the application and make what could be a daunting task much easier to manage. If you should need help their right there to guide you through. Great bunch of down to earth, friendly and knowledgeable people!
We have purchased five (5) Annuities from Hersh Stern, and have been very satisfied. However, one company they represented (CB) was not very forthcoming in their dealings, so I canceled the contract within the allowed time limit. Since then, Stern has discontinued representing CB. Our recent annuity with Fidelity Guaranty, so far is satisfactory. With the exception that they said they never received a change in a beneficiary that was mailed to them. I requested another form from Fidelity to make this change, and mailed it Jan 9th. Hopefully, they will receive my second request. But, all said and done, pleased with service from Hersh Stern.
My wife and I needed to make a decision on a rollover yet could not reach a decision that made sense to both of us. Then along came Hersh! After doing my homework I realized the best choice was the direction Hersh provided. My wife and I finally were able to agree. Hersh exceeded our expectation of service. He answered all my questions accurately, educated me on some basics I had forgotten, and provided me with information which proved to be excellent. We did a conference call with my wife, the corporation she worked for, Hersh, and me. He was watching over us; carefully listening and asking the right questions in order to make sure the rollover was handled properly and smoothly. We chose two different annuities with the same company. Kyle showed the same professional, yet personal attention as Hersh. They are knowledgable, very accomodating, and reliable.
I was provided with excellent service every step of the way through the process of purchasing an immediate annuity. It was fast and detailed and there is no doubt that I could not have gone through the process myself without their help.
The whole process was stress free. Everything turned out exactly as planned. It was a treat to be able to review what all the companies had to offer and then pick the one entirely on our own that met our individual needs. Keep up the good work! Thank you for everything! Eldora
Always done easily.
I opened an immediate annuities account. I am very pleased with the service, the knowledge and the professionalism of the staff.
Immediate are true annuity experts. I have delt with them numerous times and have found them to be one of the most knowledgeable companies I have ever done business with. They do operate in a friendly, personal manner and have always been able to handle any challenge that I may present to them. I would recommend Hersh and Ariel, along with their team, to anyone wanting to purchase an annuity. I rate them A+.
Overall, a pretty good experience. There was confusion at first about Mass Mutual's offerings. I wanted a 3% cola and expressed that at the start. I was informed that a application was forthcoming. Nothing happened for a while so I called back. It was then that I learned, apparently when you learned, that MM wouldn't provide a 3% cola, only a 2%. I think I had fallen through the cracks at that point. Then, partly because of my travels, getting all of the pieces sorted out took quite a while. It was all resolved though and your people are nice.
For the most part, this was a reasonably clear-cut procedure that went smoothly on the Immediate Annuities end of the deal. However, when we were dealing with the third parties (the one that was holding my money and the annuity provider) there were some delay, problems, and excuses. This is where Jennifer Timko came to the rescue, She did a VERY good job of coordination and getting things done. She is to be congratulated for a job well done.
I found my way to via a web search, earlier this year. Filling in a few answers on their page brought not only an online list of annuity alternatives on which I could act immediately, but also a comprehensive follow-up mailing with additional details about the entire process. I chose not to act at that particular time. There were no later solicitation calls or "special, today only" offers, so I was free to study the alternatives with absolutely no pressure. Three months later I again completed the basic questions on the web page, using current information, and again received up-to-date quotes for at least a dozen annuity alternatives. I called the next day, was interviewed, and received all necessary paperwork for my choice via overnight courier. Let me cut to the chase here -- I don't buy annuities every day of the week, but I've never been treated with more courtesy and efficiency than I have been by Hersh Stern's staff at Try 'em - you'll like 'em! //jm
Almost everything went great so what can one say. Just a couple minor things did not go so well - boilerplate forms that did not apply to me were included in the application and had to be redone / voided. That's it.
Recently I have used to purchase a QLAC annuity. The whole team I interacted with did an excellent job during the interview and the follow up sessions. They were knowledgeable, patient and thorough. I highly recommend their services.
All of my questions were answered no matter how long it took. Everything was done promptly, professionally and politely. I received suggestions that were extremely helpful. The whole process was painless. I will certainly use them again if the need arises.
Wanting an independent firm representing many of the finest insurance companies prompted me to seek your services. The situation to be solved was to put in place an additional income stream with the idea of "laddering" or staggering our income sources for retirement. What I found most helpful about the service at Hersh Stern was the knowledge, practical, and an understanding of what the desire I was looking for in an annuity. The benefit by working with Hersh Stern was the realization that there was a first class broker instead of going through a captive agent. I tried locally but the best annuity and the knowledge of the product was unmatched. I strongly advise individuals and couples looking to find a safe place with their money to look at the annuity by going to What a great team!!
Hersh, Kyle, and Brittany, you are the best. Thank you for guiding me through the annuity purchase process and for always being available to answer all of my questions. The staff are very professional, knowledgeable, and eager to assist with all of my needs. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in purchasing an annuity.
I worked with Hersh, Ariel, and two of their associates. They were all prompt, very responsive, paid attention to detail, understood my objectives, and were superb when it came to staying on top of the process with the provider of the maturing annuity and seeing the funds transfer and issue of new policy documents through to completion.
Most of my resources were invested in the stock market, with which I was feeling increasingly uncomfortable. The November issue of AARP magazine suggested considering annuities in my situation & recommended Hersh Stern. Each contact with this office was very helpful. Communication was timely & clear. Documents were overnighted & I had an email address of a person who was very helpful. I was very pleased with my experience & my first checks arrived promptly.
Hersh and Ariel Stern and the staff at Immediate were extremely helpful and patient with me. I had never arranged an Annuity , and the advice I had gotten from friends turned out to be mostly wrong, so I really needed someone to explain everything and send me the right forms. We actually had to go through the whole application process twice because I had to change some numbers to where I felt comfortable, and Immediate Annuities was with me at every step. I am grateful and have had no concerns about my annuity since I started receiving my monthly payments.
People at Immediate Annuities were competent, friendly and helpful. Best service and advice ever.
They were easy to get talk to and did as they said and got done what they said they would. After the last person to have any dealings with they were a breath of fresh air.
Excellent,prompt service. Would highly recommend.
I was very impressed with the professionalism of the staff at ImmediateAnnuties. They are very knowledgeable and were able to answer any concerns regarding my investments. Their service was prompt. There is always someone available who will answer the phone when you call. They do what they promise and they deliver results. My experience was seamless from start to finish! I feel that they are a trustworthy company and in this age of swift technology it is a comfort to have someone you can trust and is on your side. I would certainly recommend ImmediateAnnuities.
did exactly what I asked. Answered all my questions and did not try to sell me anything.
I have obtained 3 annuities from Herch Stern and all has been smooth work and i felt as though they were always in my corner getting the best deal for me.
Our mortgage broker required a 4 year income stream to make sure we qualified for a mortgage for our retirement home. This was the only vehicle I found that offered both a 3 and 4 year annuity. The application process was simple and everything has been very prompt.
The online quotes made it easy to look at options and track what was happenning in the industry. When I decided to buy, the professionals at Immediate Annuities were clear, helpful, knowlegeable and easily accessable by phone!
Jane Quinn Bryant's book about finances pointed me toward Hersh Stern, so that solved the question about how to approach buying an annuity. I sought to obtain some life-guaranteed income given that people are living longer these days and I am in good health. The overall responsibility that Hersh Stern took in seeing me through the process was very helpful. I accomplished my objective by dealing with a recommended, experienced, single source. The only suggestion I have is to allow a wire transfer instead of (requesting) a check to accomplish the the transfer from an IRA account to the insurance company.
From the moment I first called Immediate Annuities, they were on top of everything. It was a pleasure doing business with them. Brittany in the office was a sheer delight to work with. She was always ready to answer any of my questions, and if she couldn't, she would get the correct information for me. It was a very pleasant experience to deal with Immediate Annuities, I would recommend this company to anyone.
when i first called immediate annuities, i was skeptical. would their agents try to hard-sell me something that did not fit my situation like another agent had tried to do. i was pleasantly surprised at how knowledgeable the agent was and there was no pressure to make a decision. they were very prompt in answering my calls and the subsequent questions that followed. they were very quick to send out multiple quotes from reputable companies. i will do business with them again and have referred them to family and friends.
I've used this site to purchase annuities three times over the past 20+ years. (It probably was a different site years ago but all were through Hersh Stern.) All 3 times were great experiences. A few things make me come back here. First the rates are the best I've found. Second the initial service is friendly, complete and without any pressure. Third they have always been there to help with issues even years after the contract was issued.
I was provided all the necessary information to evaluate the various offerings in a timely manner. After choosing the appropriate annuity for my circumstances, I asked Mr Hersh to delay the application for a few days to allow me to be within 6 months of my next birthday. Mr Hersh had to redo several pages of the agreement and get it to me before the time elapsed. He cheerfully made all the changes and provided prepaid overnight envelopes for me to submit my application to the insurance company and to send a copy to his office. He made the process as painless as possible. If I were in the market for another annuity, I would definitely use WebAnnuities again!!
Hi, From the beginning, I really appreciated your straightforward fact filled manner, instead of the pressure salesman approach. With these facts, I was able to look at various options within company as well as others, allowing me time to make a thoughtful decision, which is very important to me. When filling out the paperwork, I was personally guided through every step of the way with all questions being thoroughly answered. I also appreciate Immediate Annuities policy of continuing servicing my annuity even though it's with an insurance policy. In addition to all of this, the annuity was very affordable compared to others on the market. Thanks again for your personalized customer service. Sincerely, Jan
I had used Immediate Annuities a few years ago when one of my former employers pension plans required me to take a lump sum distribution or an annuity that they had secured a company to manage. I opted to take the lump sum and did my research and found Immediate Annuities who took care of everything for me and provided me with a better rate and other terms that my former employer. I had another similar situation later where another employer that I worked for and left after two years had a pension plan and 401k which I decided to use Immediate Annuities again who got the another great rate and terms. Overall both transactions were smooth and without issue or concern a "Great Customer Experience"!
Their services are excellent, trustful, and prompt to meet with all my requests. i feel very grateful for their sincere help. no doubt, i would recommend this company to anyone. thanks to all of you. best regards.
I have purchased 4 annuities from WebAnnuities (Hersh Stern) over the years. In each case they gave outstanding service. I am completely satisfied. They went beyond the call of duty.
Hersh Stern's team stayed with me during a lot of research over several years and consideration of the 'right timing' for my purchase. I can't say enough about the in-depth QUALITY of this group. I'm entirely satisfied and would enthusiastically refer anyone who asks. Thank you, Hersh, Ariel and friends for building my trust and guiding the entire transaction. You made a BIG difference for me!
Great product, great service
Purchased a simple annuity from Immediate Annuities- 5-year fixed rate. They explained the product and made it easy to fill out the paperwork. Then followed up until with me till the policy was issued. Would use them again.