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Staff is great. They explained the nuances of each of their plans and differences between each plan- and were so patient! I felt bad asking so many questions, but the insurance specialist was more than happy to assist us.
Prakash helped me so much I really owe him quite a lot. He took a lot of time to explain to me over the phone on which plan would work best for me based on my budget & health needs. I opted to go with the elite network plan for my dad because he had a heart issues a few years back and is diabetic. I got a lot of comfort in knowing that this plan will help us in case anything goes wrong.
Customer service is great with INF. Responsive, they open tickets, and follow up on claims questions. I'm happy with experience
I used INF insurance after my friend referred me to them for visitor’s insurance. I had not heard of them but they advertise full pre-existing coverage which I have never seen anywhere else. Luckily the insurance came in handy when my mom started experiencing heart pain
I had a really good experience using the premier plan. It took me a long time to find INF, and they're the only insurance provides pre-existing conditions. this definitely came in handy when my father was visiting it suffered a minor heart attack this past summer. Although we were very worried, one of the agents who I called assured me that everything would be taken care of. We had available around $14,000 and I would say the premier covered the majority of that bill. I would definitely highly recommend to anybody who is worried about an emergency or any pre-existing related issue for their visitor.
An affordable comprehensive insurance for visitors, in my case my mother in-law, for her months' of visit to us. It covers accidents like broken legs, stroke, and heart attack, although she has high blood pressure (which has been under control for years). Funny thing, It's available to all nationalities, not people from India only. The agent Prakash knows the details of their policies, and directed me to the option I needed quickly. This is a great peace of mind when you know a $150,000 bill will become a $30,000 bill after insurance. And PPO network accepted. Still, hope will never have the need to use the insurance.
Prakash is great. They explained the nuances of each of their plans and differences between each plan- and were so patient! I felt bad asking so many questions, but the insurance specialist was more than happy to assist us.
Elite Network plan is definitely worth the money.although the premium times that be quite a bit more expensive than your average insurance program I would say it really comes in handy when you have an emergency. last time my mom was here she had a urinary tract infection which caused a lot of discomfort and very high medical bills. Elite Network plan covered as it was supposed to with a no hassle when it came to filing a claim. Always a great experience with INF
I have read several stories about visitor health insurance plans from friends. After researching several days (nights), I came across web site through INF Health Insurance web site recommended by a friend. The new site is very user friendly. I finally choose elite network plan for my mom aged 78 with BP, sugar etc. We have had couple of incidents that ER visits. The plan as promised settled the ER bill directly with hospital and asked me to pay deductible and 20% of the reduced bill. A great relief and no run around. Everything taken care of with 6 to 8 weeks. I am very happy with the service and payments.. which is way more than what I paid in premiums. I highly recommend without any second thinking.
I purchased from another company cheap policy I could find . Saving $30 per month cost me around $9,000. I didnt do my due diligence and it cost me big time. My father is in the late seventies and I flew him out for my daughters graduation from med school. He fell ill with a kidney infection and the other company denied the claims saying it was “pre-existing.” i filed a complaint with the state but because the underwriteris not based in US i could get them to pay the claim. Then I was referred to inf by a colleague of mine. These guys offer real coverage. I don’t mind paying a little bit more to have peace of mind knowing my family is covered. I can say all of my claims have been paid so far with no hassle from inf.
What caught my eye about this company is that use American Underwriters. I think this point is often overlooked by people. I took insurance from a company based In india, and I couldn’t file a complaint on them when they totally ripped us off and did not pay the claim. I’ve never had a bad experience with INF, and I think its partly to them being based here in the United States
This insurance saved my family twice from disaster! Back in 2006 my mom was visiting and slipped and broke her wrist because it was winter. I called inf and they helped me to deal with hospitals and all that mess. Then this past year- my FIL had a mild heart attack. I got the elite network plan which covered me fully for the hospitalroom and treatment... i recommend inf to anyone and everyone
I have been interacting with Prakash over a week for the right insurance cover for our visit to USA. He has helped in choosing the plan for us while going all the necessary info in timely manner. He has been very patient with all my queries on a daily basis, giving detailed answers clearing my doubts. All in all, it was a pleasant experience, which is rare in Service industry. Thanks Prakash.
my father has had diabetes for a long time, and I didn't want to take on that risk while he was visiting us here in the US. I was asking around and then somebody recommended me to INF. so I called them and they told me that their plans cover all pre-existing conditions although the premium is really expensive I would say it's definitely worth it. My dad was diagnosed with diabetic nephropathy during his stay and it was covered by our insurance. I think the bill came out to around 18,000 and INF covered around 13,000 of that no questions asked. I will always use INF for my visitors insurance
The premier plan really helped when I needed father has diabetes and I've always tried to find a plan which will cover pre-existing conditions. Of course, we never intend to use the insurance but it's nice to know when you need it you have it. My father started feeling very light-headed and went into a diabetic shock which resulted in some acute renal failure. We took him to the emergency room and thankfully everything works out well.however he also had to do a few sessions of dialysis due to this issue. I'm really thankful for INF because they covered all of these medical problems. Our bill came out to $35,000 and INF paid almost $27,000 of that no questions asked. I would recommend INF to anybody looking to get visitors insurance for what they've done for me.
After spending several hours of visitor health insurance search for my grand parents visit, I found web site that matched my budget and requirements. I am looking for full pre-existing condition cover for my 80 plus visitors. Only INF plans has full pre-ex cover and no reduced benefits for older visitors. i am lucky to find this place. I bought INF Premier plan, the second best they have.. (best plan is out of my budget though offer great coverage). So far used only once and every thing went smoothly as explained. Also, the RX discount is very useful to get medicines for pre-ex and new problems with hugest discounts. It is offered to all free by Check out and you can not beat their cover benefits for elderly parents and grand parents.
Good experience while dealing with this firm. INF Elite plan was a premium but well worth it in the case of a serious situation while traveling. This company will take care of you and your family well
Easy to use website, easy to apply for the program on their website. I was able to apply for my in-laws in about 10 minutes. Most of the time it was just me looking for their information
My claims were paid- no questions asked. I got the Elite Network plan for my father-in-law who visited earlier this year. He got appendicitis only 2 weeks after he arrived. I remember speaking with an agent who gave me their direct line. I called him at 2 am and he answered the phone, found a in-network provider, and told me where to go and what to do to get my father-in-law the coverage he needed. After he was admitted in the hospital, he had to get emergency surgery. I called the agent again and he told me there’s no pre-authorization for any issue so just to go ahead with whatever the doctor orders. My father-in-law was in the hospital for almost 6 days and the bill was almost $40,000. INF paid the claim with no questions asked. It was the most stressful experience having to go through that- but the people at INF and the coverage they provide really gives you the peace of mind you need. 5 stars for the staff and the service
I really enjoyed speaking with Raj. He has been with the company for a long time- and its good to see some stability in that. I really do appreciate the time they take in helping me find the right plan. Its never the highest or lowest cost- they give the plan i need, not the plan i dont.
They offer the only pre-existing coverage on the market- so if you need something which covers those conditions, you can’t find anything better than the plans at INF. What you really look for in an insurance is 1) If they pay claims & 2) if they provide you peace of mind you. I think INF really does both quite well. Moreover. I think they really improved the website- I think the member portal is the best improvement + all the extra reading material if you have extra time on your hands