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Jan 24 my ford was involved in a wreck by someone I didn't authorize . The agent has not giving me an update and its now 02/19 almost a month . Recently my other car was involved in a wreck and no one has contact me . The agent stated that I have another claim open and that's effecting my claim . Which doesn't make since to me . I pay 380 a month for insurance never been involved in a wreck until now . After this I will be canceling my policy's and going to a insurance company that can be more professional and call back to give updates . I DONT ADVISE NO ONE TO GO THROUGH INFINTY INSURANCE . THEY WILL NEVER HAVE YOUR BACK .
From the time I got a policy from this company the customer service is the worst!!! Increase on my policy with no real explanation other than the rates were raised in my area...BS!! Customer Service rep offered no other alternatives or even offered to look for any discounts. Wish I could give them no stars!!!
I couldn't do any better.
The quotes and estimates for Auto Insurance is very fast. This is very helpful!
The process was fast and easy and I feel safe knowing I have insurance.
3 people gave me 3 different quotes. It went from 97.00 to 125.00 to 140.00. Very displeased. Still the cheapest i found but i guess it is what it is.
I have been with Infinity Insurance for many years and very satisfied with the services.
It's the worst company ever! Their customer hit 3 of our cars on 1/1/2018. 2 of which are totaled. They called me once when I was out of the country and left me a voicemail. Since then I have called left over a dozen messages and yet to get a call back. The claim adjustor can't be that busy! I am on the line with them now and If i don't get an answer now, I will be reaching out to lawyer here shortly. I know, Infiniti doesn't give a care about their customers nor people who call them. I so hope you ALL at Infiniti die and burn in hell! Update 01/23: I am still waiting to hear back from them. I finally decided to go with my own insurance. Car was a total loss and my insurance settled the claim in 4 days. Thanks Geico! You now have a customer for life.
Very impressed with customer service and the kindness and service to any Ned's requested.
Great insurance love the lady named Mayra in armona she knows how to help people
Good people very helpful...... Been with them for more than 20 yrs......
The absolute worst insurance company. I called on Thursday morning for a quote. I was told I would receive a quote via email within a day or two. I explained I needed this quote as soon as possible, but I could tell the person on the other end could care less and didn't even respond to my request. I waited and on Friday, during business hours, I called back multiple times and no one answered. I left 2 messages for a call back, checked my email for that quote; nothing! I had insurance with this company on another vehicle for years, but not anymore. They do not care at all. I have never had a claim, but could only imagine the pain I would have endured if I did. Believe these negative reviews..Run….
Great customer service fast and easy also local wouldn't change it for any other insurance company.
Infinity insurance is a total rip off and they will bond you on paper and make you pay faithfully every single month and when something happens they will find every reason/ excuse to not cover or stand by their client. I've actually had to get a lawyer to fight this car insurance because they are completely in the wrong. Keep in mind there was never any payments missed. I have the police report that states the other party in the accident was 100% at fault. Again Infinity takes your money every single month but will not pay anything when it's necessary. Do not trust this company they are extremely untrustworthy.
Infinity is a very shady insurance company. Their insured did not stop at a 4 way stop and hit me. 100% their fault. They denied my claim saying it was a he said/she said situation (their insured obviously lied or they encouraged her to). I sent in my appeal to their denial of my claim with no response. Now I am getting calls/letters from Claims Resource Services (collections agency) on behalf of their client Infinity trying to collect money from me that they paid out to their insured. Talk about ADDING INSULT TO INJURY. I follow the rules of the road and their insured doesn't but they want me to pay them. Ridiculous. SHADY SHADY SHADY.
They were absolutely the best. I could not have been more happy with the service and professionalism.
The worst insurance company I have ever delt with. I was hit by one of their policy holders. Getting a hold of them was very dificult, 30min+ wait times. To get an estimate they only had one company available over 30 minutes away. When I talked to to gentleman that was doing the inspection and asked if the estimate would include OEM part? Keep in mind my vehicle is only a 2015. His reply was " No, it would include the cheapest parts avalable." Lickily for me I have a great auto repair shop that fights to make sure you get the best parts available.
Outstanding service. We have had nothing but the very best service from Infinity Insurance. They have answered our questions and been right on time with the claims payments for a recent, truly horrible accident we had in our family. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for outstanding insurance coverage, attention to detail, and truly excellent customer service. Thank you!!!
My claim was denied with a letter stating that "there is no liability coverage under this policy" . I thought all vehicles were required to have pip and liability. What a joke. NEVER a return call from the adjuster. NEVER.
Work with you
My vehicle was hit while it was parked in front of my house; since I was sleeping in my home at the time, the incident was clearly deemed not-at-fault. I notified the other driver's insurance company, Infinity, that the car can be moved around, but that I did not believe it was okay to take it on public roads. I repeated this sentiment perhaps 2 or 3 more times, but they insisted I drive it to a repair shop that was 4 minutes away. -And the recommended shop was closed, and I couldn't leave my car there... So I take my car home and bring it back the next day, only to find out that the estimator at the shop said the car was definitely not safe to drive. Good think I didn't get wrecked while transporting it. The fun doesn't end there. By the time I was able to get the estimate sent to Infinity by the end of that day, Infinity closed up for a 3 day weekend. I called on Tuesday to arrange for a rental that they should have taken care of immediately, and they told me to wait 2 hours for a call from a nearby Enterprise. -Except I waited 3 hours to find out that they did NOT make a reservation with my local Enterprise. They made a reservation with Enterprise's HQ, so I had to wait 24 hours for a rental appointment... By this point, I had been without a car for over a week because I was fooled into waiting for a phone call that was never coming. The next day I get a rental; finally, good news... Except two days later, I get a phone call saying my free rental through Infinity was canceled YESTERDAY, and now I was suddenly paying out of pocket for a rental car that is now overdue. They canceled it because they told me to make the accident claim through my own insurance company (they got limited by a $10 thousand payout with the other driver's insurance). They believed the repairs would cost much more than that. -Except I call to get this issue taken care of through my own company, and in one day, the shop estimator, my own appraiser, and myself all agreed that the vehicle is CLEARLY a total loss. So to Infinity, after one of your drivers deleted my car, you took the responsibility of my car into your hands: thank you for having me drive an unsafe vehicle that could have gotten me ticketed or injured; thank you for delaying my rental car for over a week; thank you for instantly canceling my rental which put a late return penalty after I had the rental for less than 48 hours; thank you for making me pay for the rental even though I had 0% fault; thank you for not even knowing if my car was repairable or not through all this; and thank you for not being legally (or at least morally) obligated to reimburse the hundreds of dollars and extra hours I had to spend out of pocket to keep up with my life. I would say that at least your employees did not treat me poorly, but I could tell that every time I called, they sounded absolutely miserable. Is it because everyone who calls you hates your service and yells at you all day? Is it because you never return calls or e-mails? I'm not even sure if your appraiser ever contacted me through all this, despite me calling them. And don't come on here and tell me that you are willing to review the claim- you guys have done nothing but try my patience, waste my time and money, and brought hardship on my family: You simply cannot be trusted with ANYTHING. I never want to speak to your company ever again, and Godspeed to the poor soul that hit my car that has YOU as their insurance.
I filed a claim on June 16, here it is august 15 th I have no car !!!!!! I don't have a xtra care or the money to rent a car! They have given me no answers and I can't get my car until the repair shop releases it to me ! Worst experience I've ever had to deal with. I can not receive any answers from anyone. I pay and trust infinity and they've done nothing but give me excuses!
I called in to cancel because I was paying double for my low mileage. The rep convinced me to fill out an annual mile form to get my rate reduced instead. She told me I needed to fax this form back that was emailed to me by INFINITY. I work at a gym. We do not communicate via fax so this was a major inconvenience especially when I had to drive out of my way to get the doc faxed at a much later time. When I called to see if the doc was received, the rep asked me if I had emailed the doc. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I found out I could have easily emailed the doc back or uploaded it to their app. Mind you, NEITHER options were given to me to begin with. So I paid yet another month DOUBLE what I should be all because they wanted to get more money out of me and take advantage of me. It could be a representative error but what person suggests FAX over email or app uploading in 2018? Ridiculous. I’m a single female with no driving violations and I own my own home. They just took advantage of me trusting in their business and I cannot express how disappointing that is. This all could have been avoided had they had better business practices
Michael helped me to get a policy started that financially work in my budget. I am super happy with my policy!!
They made it really easy and really quick for me to get good insurance at a good price! Thank you infinity!
I was rear-ended by a woman who has Infinity insurance over 4 months ago and they STILL haven't settled the claim. They've stopped returning all phone calls and are completely unresponsive. I am out hundreds of dollars in repairs because I needed to get my vehicle repaired in order to continue working to support my family, and Infinity wouldn't respond and settle the claim so i had no other choice but to pay it myself! Completely unacceptable and unethical. Reporting them to BBB and moving into arbitration. DON'T USE THIS COMPANY! And hope and pray you never get into an accident with anyone who has Infinity insurance because it's pretty much the same as if the person who hit you didn't have insurance at all. Complete Nightmare.
I have been in a accident 3 months ago. Infinity insurance took 2 months to identify the fault. After that my car is in the shop since almost a month. Car is just sitting there and not being worked on since last 20 days. I am calling my adjuster mostly every other day. He never returns the call. I have tried supervisor who never returns the call either. Car shop is also trying to contact the insurance company they even not getting any response. I am driving rental car from last 3 months and dont even know when I will get my car back. Never trust this company for your car insurance needs. If you have to deal with them in any case, better hire a legal expert. they will not respond to any individuals.
Was with Infinity two years and my vehicle tires were vandalized. The tires were only 6 months old and I sent them police report, pictures and a statement from Manager of tire company they had been vandalized, along with court documents. Infinity adjuster called me a liar saying they could not see puncture marks in tires although they were chalk-marked. They are very good at taking $200.00 out of my bank account every month, but stink at paying a claim. Will be cancelling my insurance with them tomorrow first thing in the morning! DO NOT USE INFINITY FOR ANYTHING! THEY ARE A RIP-OFF!
Great customer service and didn't take long for me to get insured!! Highly recommend..
Amazing staff. Took time to understand my needs and work their magic to fit my out of pocket cost. Review my policy so I can have an understanding of what I was getting. I would recommend this insurance company to a friend in need.
Great, and reasonable payments!
I l9be it its cheap for me that I have full c9verage wouldn't change it for anyone else
Very helpful and excellent service.
I have had a great experience with this insurance. It’s very affordable and dependable.
Quick, friendly service.
Customer service agent I spoke to was excellent and addressed all my issues
They have been so wonderful. Make me feel like I don't have to stress so much. They are patient with me and my claim.
They took to long to handle my claim never like returning mine or my attorney calls than made me pay for one day of storage and half of the admit fee for the body shop my truck was @ never again will I use infinity they are not on ur side only out for the money! Very unprofessional!!!
Infinity has been good to me so far I've been a customer for a couple of weeks now. The process was fastest and the customer service was good as well.
Very Good!!!!!
Great experience so far. Keep up the good work.
They were very straight forward and professional. I will not have a problem referring family or friends.
I felt secure knowing that I had an AWESOME insurance company.
Best insurance!
Terrible experience. My premium was increased by 400% to an astounding $800 per month when I had no accidents. I canceled my policy immediately and then they sent me a bill two weeks later for over $500 for apportioned amount and future fees. They also threatened to wreck my credit score. Truly aggressive and fraudulent behavior. The people who manage this company should be sent to jail for fraud.
initiated a quote and was called immediately with a friendly agent who assisted me with a low price premium. Thank you
Love co. Love service
Here is a great insurance company. I had an accident 2 months ago. This companies adjustment department mainly April and her manager Andrew refuse to call me back. They haven't paid out my claim the amount they they told me that infinity would cover is 162. The lowest quote for the parts I have received is 842. That is before any the work has been performed. I thought when you had an accident that is not your fault your insurance company would be happy to help you. The other parties auto insurance is more than happy to help me and are issuing me a check for a larger amount and without any hassle. I would pay significantly higher to get a different insurance company if I were you.
Great customer service and most of all they gave me a great deal
We have very good experience ,because that's we are looking for and thanks for help us to find the best deals
I had this Ins company for many years , no accidents , no tickets,.no complaints, So instead of going down I was received an increase every year. From $200 monthly payment, they incresed up $270. So after I received the last increase I called them to cancel my policy then I got charged for cancellation fee too.. Im happy cuz Now im paying $92.
My claim experience was great, the adjuster took the time to go over my coverages and liabilities. Also the claim was done fast and easy
I have got my insurance paper or when my insurance is due I haven’t got anything in the mail
Getting a quote was quick and easy! The customer service was great and the prices for insurance were even better! Saved me 100 dollars a month by switching! Loving infinity insurance!
Great price and convenience.
MUY mala, tengo más de un mes que tuve un accidente y me cobraron el dinero del siguiente mes de póliza y están haciendo lo imposible por no hacerme el retorno de mi dinero. Me estafaron. VERY bad, I have more than a month that I had an accident and they charged me the money for the next month of policy and they are doing the impossible for not making me return my money. I have been cheated.
The best customer service, very professional. Highly recommended!
Very helpful young man excellent service
Easy to do, friendly attendants and price very good.
It's been 3 weeks since my car accident. I have had to be the one on top of the entire situation, from calling the shop to my "team" of adjustors. I have been pretty much working for Infinity for free since my accident happened. I still have no car to get to work, the adjustors, claims department and supervisors have been extremely rude over the phone and incompetent. They tell you that they will call you back and they literally NEVER do. It would take 4k to fix my car and they deemed it a total loss even though the shop and various mechanics say it isn't. I am terrified to find out how much they will try to lowball me for the total cost of my car now. There was absolutely no point in having insurance given the outcome they have provided to me. An adjustor named Angela has yelled, talked over me and been over the top rude towards me over the phone, making me feel that I am not taken care of at all. At this point they are trying to wash their hands off the whole thing and leaving me with no car and means to make money since they dont even cover a rental. STAY AWAY FROM INFINITY, I'm definitely switching companies. Wondering how many lawsuits they've got against them now.
Honestly a very good insurance company.
Rude, Rushed, lacked patience. Unfortunately you guys missed the mark today
Initially after the accident I was amazed by the appraiser and the adjuster quick respond, however after 3 week without my car and finding out my claim was $3000 more than estimated everything changed. it was hard to get a resolution, hard to get a reply or a call back from the adjuster or appraisers. will never do business with this company
Infinity Insurance neglects responsibilities. Two Infinity customers hit my car and Infinity wants us to use our insurance co to pay for it.
The customer service is amazing they walked me through everything with my policy. And I would highly recommend them.
I had an excellent experience with the agent that helped me .. wonderful customer service.
Outstanding claims service and execution speed. I'm a loyal customer and you have been more than fair with me, Regards James Ross
very smooth pay off on my total car, very smooth thank you
The prices are insane
Very professionals
It takes days and days to make a call to Infinity. What happened? Why do I have to spend too much time to wait for your response. This may one of reason why many people could choice many different other insurances in order to solve their problems faster and better service.
I received quick and courteous response when I had a flat tire. All went well.
This is one of the worst insurance companies I have ever been with and that's the honest truth
My 2013 Infiniti QX56 Limited got rear ended and this is the company that the guy that rear ended my car has. It's crap. I got a very low estimate from them, half of what the body shop actually quoted me. As if that's not bad enough, I couldn't get them to honor that estimate. Not a penny yet. I couldn't even get a hold anyone of the 3 contact numbers it says on the paper. I have USAA and they are great. They would pay the full amount directly to the body shop, paid for the rental while that's getting fixed and reimbursed for the full amount of the car seats that was involved in the accident. I just don't want to file the claim under my insurance when it's not our fault. Infinity Insurance, on the other hand, just hopes you'll get frustrated enough and tries to get away with not paying for the repairs. SCUM!
Last time i called i was transferred 4 times before I got to someone who could actually help me, also my insurance keeps going up every year, im in the process of finding a different company.
I'm pleased the service thus far, hope it's the same if ever I have a claim.
Best and fastest customer service ever.
I am having a horrible experience and I would not reccomend that people choose infinity auto, it is worth it to pay more for reliable insurance adjusters. The insurance adjuster has not gotten back to me for more than a week plus they were rude about what happen to my car. People are already having a rough time just either help them or not. I cannot say enough bad things about the insurance adjusters at infinity auto I wouldn't have any complaints if they were to just help me I'm already paying for the insurance. Infinity is good just as long as you NEVER need them.
This company has been here for me ! I appreciate you all! Thanks!
The worst insurance company ever! What company charges $20 to cancel their policy ?! And $5 to update your information online!?! How are you still in business?! I’m going to make sure to make this loud and clear for every consumer out there that’s looking into your company. I would never want anyone to go through this type of nonsense
For over three weeks its been calls to get our claim settled with Infinity and when you try to get your car from their 'free storage' facility they claim you have to pay the high cost for storage for the duration they have your car held. They drag the time out with no updates other than '''we cannot pay for your claim until the other claimant gets their car fixed". Truly unprofessional and a run around customer service levels recieved from Infinity.
If only I can rate this company a zero star, I'd be very glad to! I put up with this company for over 2years even if they have been charging me WAY TOO MUCH, not to mention they keep changing my policy back to having 2 insured drivers instead of just 1, every time I renew my policy. I finally got fed up with their customer service after I reported my first accident, I was on hold for 40minutes! And after I cancelled my policy in May, they told me I owe the company some amount when my bank refused to pay them thru automatic payment per my instruction. I was being charged for not allowing my bank to pay Infinity the automatic payment of my auto policy that I have ALREADY cancelled! And because I don't want to be harassed by the credit collection anymore I was FORCED to pay the said balance just this month. However, just today, I got yet another letter from the same credit collection services saying I still owe Infinity $200! This company will surely rip you off when they have the chance!! BEWARE!!!
I am very pleased with the effective and efficient processing of my recent claim. The adjuster, Mr. Gerrad Taylor, quickly issued payment to my previous lien holder and should be commended as being a valued employee of Infinity.
I love it. Easy way
This insurance is trash
I really appreciate there help they been really good help to me
Service is very good, but could be chipper. But generally car insurance in Florida is insane.
I am very happy with Infinity Insurance.
Great, good service, good price
I was rear ended at a stop light by a car having infinity insurance. The appraiser came in within a few days and looked at the damages and provided a quote. Then it ts been silent from their side. I had tried calling the adjuster(left voicemail) the past 3 weeks and haven't got a reply. Hopefully something good happens soon. Not a great experience so far.
Great service and price on insurance for one of my vehicles. If you are a driver with a good driving record, this would be a good company to do business with. If you have a bad driving record, then you would not want to buy insurance from anyone with an intention to keep bad drivers or alien drivers off the roads.
very great and reliable auto insurance, totally recommend and love their mobile app!
Well, might a little faster with evaluations...
I have really had no problems thus far, but my car is now in the shop being repaired and there are certain damages which were not found when your appraiser looked at my vehicle. The repair shop is in contact with your adjuster to hopefully get approval for the newly discovered damages, but it would have been nice if I had an initial appraisal that recognized all the damage associated with the accident.
Excellent service and quality.
I was in an accident and really didn't expect to get my car fixed any time soon. I had a deductible that just was no where in my budget at the time. Robert was able to help me out with waiving the deductible due to the other driver not having insurance I dropped my vehicle off on Monday it is now Wednesday and I picked my vehicle up today!! Definitely satisfied with their services and friendliness.