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In 1998 I was on Cobra and Chris was referred to us by one of our customers for a new health insurance policy.Obviously, we've been very happy with his service since I'm still with him in 2018! And the extra bonuses are the staff, Leah & Dani plus his festive Christmas parties with his Mom's wonderful cooking skills Awesome company offering many types of insurance options now.
If I hadn't called Chris I wouldn't have known that my COBRA benefits could be extended another 18 months. Chris had nothing to gain by telling me this. It's rare to find this level of integrity in a person who undoubtedly relies on commission sales. I highly recommend him.
Chris Goodwin was very personable, informative, and presented information in a clear and concise manner. I would definitely recommend him to others
I went to a Medicare Education seminar given by Chris Goodwin. It was excellent. Chris was organized, friendly and very thorough. He made workable sense of all the seemingly mountains of information. I strongly recommend anyone approaching medicare to go to one of his classes.