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I have used other insurance companies before but found the features and price to be satisfactory and what I was looking for. Their web site is very user friendly. I am hoping that if I need to use the insurance, they will be there as advertised.
I saw your company come up when I Googled cruise insurance and set up a quote. Then I saw the phone number and called to find out why your price was so much lower than the quote from my travel agent and found out it was the commission thing. Then the young lady I was talking to went through the same quote and I purchased. SIMPLE.
When our original tour was cancelled due to lack of interest, I was worried about the loss of our payment, however we were taking a different trip so our policies where updated and we are to receive the difference in a refund. Good customer service so far, still waiting for the refund.
Excellent - hopefully I will be fine.
Josselyn Gil was very helpful in making my decision to go with Insureand Go. She reviewed my options and made it ease for my decision. The reviews were great, so I decided to move forward and make the purchase. Thanks Keith Petersen
Buying the policy was easy and seems very comprehensive. I hope I never have to use it. Well priced when I compared prices for the same coverage. Very helpful customer service.
Ditto to title
I broke a tooth on a river cruise and went to an emergency dentist who did what he could for me, but said I would have to go to the dentist when I got home. He charged a small amount of money to grind my tooth down to keep from biting my tongue every time I spoke, but I needed a crown would have to come back to France to have it finished. I went to the dentist at home, got the crown, and submitted tons of paperwork to InsureandGo. They paid $30.00 for the dentist in France and nothing for the dentist here. It cost me $24.00 to copy all the pages of information and send them the whole report via certified mail. I was told by their rep, when I was in France that it would be completely covered, but when I returned home, they denied it. They were also supposed to get me an appointment with a dentist in France, but the ship wound up doing it because they never called back.
Happy camper, hope I don't need your services. Will use you again.
Joss was very friendly and displayed an excellent attitude. She explained everything fully
I have just used the web site. It is easy to use. What I do not like is the ease to find a past policy with the insurance cards. I am trying to reach the office and they are closed until 9am I am sure that is it not difficult but it is not intuitive. Fortunately I have not had to use the services so cannot say anything more.
I used this service online for my travel insurance. We are cruising through europe over Christmas 2013 and they were 1/3 the cost of the insurance offered to us through the cruise line. We have not done anything other than pay for the insurance so we cannot rate anything other than the online service and the price- that gets a gold star.
This is always a simple, painless process. It's extremely easy to get insured in minutes.
So far I am very pleased with the service provided. The lady who took my information today was just "terrific". C. Alvarez
The FAQs answered my questions and aided me in making a decision. Excellent price for peace of mind.
Called today to get a international travel insurance for tomorrow....the service was great, fast and effective. very happy!
It was easy to compare quotes and yours was way below all others and purchasing was a doddle. Now lets hope we won't use it!!!
Called and spoke with a rep that stayed on the line with me while I completed the transaction. She answered all my questions and was patient. Plus this company got good reviews and their prices are less than other companies for better coverage. We are an older couple so we always purchase trip insurance just in case.....
Rep was was informative and efficient and found a very reasonably-priced policy for my trip, relating any items that the insurance will and will not cover.
Excellent, professional and friendly customer service!
A year ago I had purchased a travel policy from Insure and Go. Well, our international trip was delayed for two days due to my wife getting ill. The company handled everything effortlessly all the while putting us at ease and paying for the delay in outrageous fare changes. Insure and Go was more than competitive with their pricing also. After the trip I wrote the company how delighted we were and since last year I was delighted to see they are just as friendly, and competent today while buying another policy for an upcoming trip.
Easy and convenient purchase process on the website. Information just as needed
after vacation
was able to find what I wanted with in a couple of minutes!
Easy, fast efficient. What else needs to be said?
We've used Insure and Go several times, but never had to make a claim so we couldn't recommend them as we just didn't know what the claim experience would be. Well, I had a bike accident before our latest trip and it resulted in the reconstruction of my shoulder. The trip was a few months in the future of the accident date, but my doctor (and ortho) said I wouldn't be able to participate in the vacation's activities as I would be doing physical therapy for a long time. I supplied Insure and Go with the necessary paperwork and received the reimbursement for the trip in about 7 days. I will use them again.
Very easy to obtain, rate seems fair compared to other insurers.
very simple to complete the application had no problems whatsoever,responded very quickly
I have been buying travel insurance for years and have never made a claim. This "Top" company declined to pay a $125.00 urgent care claim because I came home one day early. And, to get to speak to an agent was an ordeal. I had altered the policy by the date change and so it was void. It was scary to realize that if I'd had a serious problem, I wouldn't have been covered. This company seems like a breath of fresh air. I get through to an agent (in the US), they are pleasant, knowledgeable and make you feel confident in your product.
This website was very easy to use. It was quick and easy to purchase medical insurance for our upcoming trip.
The Insure & Go agent was very helpful, and the price was $200 lower than the insurance company my travel agent used! However, I don't know what they're like if one has a claim.
Buying this policy was easy. I purchased from then since they provide primary medical coverage and had sold reviews. I had to call customer service once to make a change on the coverage. The customer service agent was very professional and helpful. I did not have to file a claim so I cannot comment on that aspect. I plan on using InsureandGo again in the future.
The representative was very helpful and knows the product well. She was able to answer all my questions satisfactorily. Getting quotes and the policy was a breeze. I hope you guys fix your website so I could have done it while on my computer. It would not allow me to get a quote because of the date I entered which is about two weeks from today. The error message says the starting date should be within 0 months. It is within that but it wont let me get the quotes. If the way to get quotes and policy issued is by calling, then eliminate your interactive website!!!
I spoke to Tina and Mirna. They both were nice and helpful.
Used last year for e. europe [ 27 days] great then and am sure will be ------.
A fine insurance company so long as you never need to make a claim. We had a day's delay due to a Ryanair strike, which insureandgo declined stating that the strike was announced in advance. Naturally no strike was announced in advance on the route we were travelling or we wouldn't have turned up at the airport along with the other 500 passengers travelling Ryanair on the two departing flights. This company has a policy of denying claims, it would seem.
This is the first time utilizing their service; and everything was exlpained fully. I felt very comfortable dealing with InsureandGo.
So far so good. It is easier to make evaluation after the trip or if any needs arise.
2/18/15 2:45pm. I called and spoke to Tina who helped me through the purchase process. She was extremely knowledgeable and very nice.
i spoke with one of your representatives, very helpful. Purchased insurance. Myrna gave us info required. I am waiting for the policy to check to see if everything is what i understood.
Customer service representative was courteous and acted in a true professional manner.I would recommend this travel Insurance to my friends.
The online application process was easy. I used the online chat feature to get my questions answered. I hope they are as easy to work with if there has to be a claim.
I feel that Myrna was pleasant, knowledgeable and efficient in helping me place my order. I have not dealt with InsureandGo before, so can't speak about the claims service, and frankly, I hope I don't need to find out. So good.
it was pretty good deal and quick purchase
I got my travel insurance and the customer service person had knowledge of what she was selling me. In many other organizations including the travel industry, you rarely find anybody that really knows what they are trying to sell.
Did lots of research and ended up with Insureandgo due to the fact that they were just as reliable and had the same (even better in terms of medical) coverage as all the other companies (HTH, CSA, Seven, Allianze, etc) and the price is lower. Their phone service was good but I was frustrated that they were closed on Sunday when I called. The website is clear but basic and when I tried to pay it pushed me out of the system several times. I almost went to Squaremouth to buy the same product and then was so frustrated I almost did not buy. Be aware that this is not insurance it is indemnification/protection so if you need it, you will pay first then get reimbursed after you file claims, prove your owed, and they approve the claim. So don't pay more thinking you will get more. You will be lucky if you get anything but it is good to have the coverage if it is no more than 5% of your non-refundable trip cost.
This is the first time we have purchased Travel Insurance on this site, and are thrilled with the ease of purchase and the format which is presented. Will be very happy to recommend it to others, and use it again myself.
I called InsureandGo while I had their page up on my computer. We walked through the options over the phone and I made my selection. The whole process took around 10 minutes and was really straight forward. The assistant was knowledgeable and courteous. I hope that I don't need to use it, however.
I have taken out a policy with your firm and could not download the policy for travel therefore I asked your company to send me a copy via mail. I cannot believe but I have not gotten it yet and I am leaving in a week. Am surprised considering my charges were on American Express immediately. PLEASE GET OUT THE POLICY
I was applying for insurance on the internet when at the end it came up an 'error'. So I called the 888 number and this young lady was a great help. Thank goodness I could understand every word she said. A lot of the time when you ask for help in a situation like this you get a foreign person and cannot understand them..
Quick and easy to navigate, not a lot of pages to look through. Best price we found!
So often I find web sites a pain to manage yours was quick and easy. Your prices were also better than others I researched.
So far so good, I hope never to find out how good or bad your coverage is, but the price is good and I enjoyed talking to Tina both by text and by phone. Wish me well on my trip.
This was a very easy and cordial company to deal with. Everything seems more than satisfactory.
Easy online purchase - every cruise we go on we have purchased travel insurance as a what if protection. This year as in prior years we have traveled extensively, mostly cruises, from our home in NY, Floida, the Caribbean, and Europe. Happy travels! HS2BS
The website was easy to use and see, at a glance, all the benefits. We used Insure and Go when we lived in the UK and were always very happy with the coverage and pricing. We're so glad we can still use them now we live in the US.
Haven't travelled yet so cannot comment on service. Hope I don't have to use it.
Ms. Joss was very detail in explaining the type of travel insurance I wanted.
We recently had to cancel a cruise/tour due to an illness in the family. Insureandgo agent was courteous and helpful and our claim was settled within a few weeks.
I will con't to use InsureandGo USA because they have treated me right and responded fairly quick with refund once they had all the documentation. I strongly recommend them.
I really appreciate how nice and combinative and civil you have all been. It was quite the opposite of what I experienced in the past with another company. I had been very turned off by travel insurance companies but now I have changed my mind and will definitely use your company in the future ( hopefully I will not need to file any claims) and I will highly recommend you to our friends. Do you have a Facebook page? I will gladly post there.
I had made a mistake on line and the csr who helped me was friendly, courteous and most helpful with changing the mistakes I made . It was a very pleasant and efficient experience.
Bought insurance on the web site very quickly - it was very straight forward and easy to find the cover that I needed.
Best customer service ,even though I was unable to decide which plan best suited my needs. Representing staff was very patient, helpful, and guided and cleared all of my doubts, I am glad I choose this site it was of course my first but definitely it is not going to be the last, cause I am retired and will be traveling , will highly recommend this to everyone I know , by the way the price & policy is very reasonable also. I am glad I found a very reliable site to buy my future travel protection.WHAT A PEACE OF MIND.
I was waiting for visa to be issue to travel on the Aug 3rd unfortunately the embassy has not issue the visa on time and advised me to change the date of policy to go along with visa date they will issue me for and this company InsureandGO USA will not change even I have avoidance I have not travel yet only way to pay for new policy which is not far and is not my fault... I was referred by someone to use them but I will never refer anyone to this company... they took my money for nothing...
We are getting ready for a cruise to Alaska so I looked for insurance on the internet and found these folks very easy to sign up for coverage and the responses from them have been good. I can tell you more after the trip hoping we don't need to use there service but if we do we will have it. More later...
Service was excellent & your agent handled my needs in a professional manner.
I had several questions regarding coverage and prices, pre-existing conditions, etc. and went on the Live Chat interactive site. I found it to be very beneficial as the person I was working with was quite knowledgeable and answered all my concerns.
Great customer service with a direct call to their office to purchase their Platinum Cruise insurance for our upcoming Baltic boat trip and tour of Germany in September. I looked at many plans and InsureandGo USA rated right at the top. Hopefully, you will not need the coverage, but, being retired you surely feel protected while we enjoy our trip experience. Thank you InsureandGo for making it so easy and again an "A Plus" to the young lady that took care of and fully explained the policy my wife and I decided upon.
Prices are great and customer service (Tina) was wonderful.
Very easy to see coverage and cost of policy on line. Easy to see the complete policy on-line. I called several time to get the answer to a couple of questions. I was left on hold too long. Hung-up and called back later with same results. Finally I got someone who, in response to my 2 questions, quickly read me portions of the policy. I never did get the answers to my questions!!
I tried several travel insurance locations and found InsureandGo to be very clear, easy accessible and reasonable.
There was not a long wait to speak with somebody. Chris, the man I spoke with on the telephone was personable, understanding, had good listening skills (e.g, he was not scripted to repeat everything I said verbatim but at the same time he made sure he understood my concerns), did not rush me, and he seems to be very knowledgable about the products (Indeed, while I was thinking about one product, Chris had calculated alternatives for me to choose from.).
When I planned a tour to England, I never dreamed that my travel would be affected by a family member's health. When I purchased my travel insurance from InsureandGo, I was primarily interested in the medical coverage. The trip cancellation insurance never entered my mind. However, when it became necessary to cancel my tour 5 days before my departure date, I was grateful for my policy. The InsureandGo claims department provided outstanding service. They answered my emails promptly and assigned me an agent who even called me to make sure I knew what documents to submit with my claim. The claim was processed quickly and I received my refund within a very short time period. I intend to use InsureandGo for all of my future travel needs and recommend them highly. I am one person who, unfortunately, had to submit a claim. I wish I could have gone on the tour; however, InsureandGo make my cancellation much easier, both emotionally and financially. Jane W.
Very easy to read and understand. Have been fortunate in past trips in not having to use this insurance but I have felt more secure with this protection.
InsureandGo made purchasing an affordable policy easy and comfortable. We will definitely use them in the future.
Just got off the phone with Insureand Go USA, it was refreshing to deal with a representative that not only was knowledgable about their product but guided me to exactly the right choice for my trip. I look at several different travel insurance providers, before deciding on Insureand Go. I am impressed by there policy and price. Of course I hope not to need their services and the true test will be if I unfortunately have to make a claim, by the time I return next February.
So far so good. I said what I wanted covered and "Tina" explained my options. I got a policy that met my demands and was at a very competitive price. However, as my trip doesn't start for another six weeks I have no way of knowing how efficient the claims service might be should I need it.
Good, competitive prices with a very friendly interface.
The insurance was easy to apply for and the confirmation email was very fast.
YES! planned our extended trip for a year and two days before it started a routine visit to the doctor came with some very bad news. To not being able to go on our trip to the dreaded cancer word life was tough. However, ensureandgo came through without any question. As soon as the required paperwork was received they paid in full. wishes for a speedy recovery. Thank you!
Thanks for being here for me when I needed you. This is the first time I've purchased travelers insurance. It was very easy to understand. The different plans made it easy to chose a plan.
Purchased insurance online in the day of flight.
Been a customer for long time never had a problem with service
When booking my flights to Panama, the option to purchase insurance was available - Of course, I passed on that option - Not thinking a vacation of leisure would require medical attention - I was doing some research on vaccinations needed to travel to Panama and read about some food born illnesses and the recommended vaccinations - After speaking with a friend who traveled to Guatemala almost 4 years ago and the severity her and her mother had with food illness from eating local foods with family - I immediately went back online to the airline's website and purchased traveler's insurance - I was impressed with the ease of the purchase and didn't think it was really that expensive, especially considering the possible alternatives - Now I can only hope that my travels to Bocas del Toro, Panama goes without incident - I definitely will have a heightened sense of awareness about the foods that I eat and the possibility of illness through bug bites - Thanks for being there and the ease of getting coverage - Now let's hope I don't need to use the insurance and the trip goes without a hitch - Thanks again L. Keith Curtis
I found it very easy to get my insurance. The rep was very helpful and made the whole matter very simple.
It was easy to get a quote and purchase this travel insurance. We had looked long and hard to insure our cruise at an affordable price. So far, so good! Hopefully, we won't need to use our insurance, but if we do, we hope it will be as easy as our preliminary experience has been.
i got a confirmation on your site with all the details listed incorrectly…then i got another with the correct amount deducted from my credit card…don't know for sure what i have, if dates and trip costs are correct…i sure hope so and if not i hope we can correct this on monday…what a problem that you aren't available by phone until then…another stressful weekend with this to worry about...
I was looking for a last minute trop policy and wasn't sure which policy would be best. Lisa made the entire process simple and fast. I got my answers and policy in about 10 minutes.
I have been trying to contact claims department to file a claim, but Minsy who is the only one who processes claims doesn't call back or answer the phone. I have been trying to reach her for 2 weeks now and the only time she actually called after i called the main customer service line and addressed the issue. When Minsy called me the next day but i was at work and i asked that she call me back after 4pm. She said she would call me at 4:15. When i got off work at 4, i tried to catch her, but she did not answer. No one called me at 4:15 or after. I called her back around 5pm and left a voicemail stating that i was upset with her service and that she is not responsible.
The agent I worked with was nice and patient and answered all my questions
Remember to book it as soon as you make your reservations so the premiums are the lowest. I had to make a claim a couple of years ago. They reimbursed me promptly with no problems. Make sure you get the appropriate receipts. This company is excellent. You talk to a real person with little to no wait time. I strongly recommend this company.
The person who helped me to get the coverage desired was very knowledgable and efficient; I would recommend InsureandGo to others. Thank you.
Your representative was very knowledgeable and walked me through the process giving me the various options available to insure my family travel.
Everyone was able to assist me to complete my insurance policy needs. special thanks to Katherine, Bri and rice. thank you
Tina was able to understand my situation and gave me the best prize possible which I could not access on the internet.
The young woman I spoke to two times , whose name was Rice ,was not only very nice but answered all my questions clearly and very intelligently. It was a pleasure speaking to her ; she was so friendly. I hope you appreciate her and give her a big raise! FIVE STARS FOR SURE!!!!! Helena Wirth
Both the online chat representative, and the person who directly dealt with my policy enquiries, were very informative and helpful. Thanks!
Raicelynn was outstanding: informative, well-informed, thorough, and easy to work with.