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Worst company, even worst customer service cancelling policy ASAP. They never supplied the insurance requested and then after a week of trying to get into compliance. They still have not completed anything. Refuse phone calls, everything goes to voicemail and they never call back. I have a ton of emails that are rude and show that they don’t have a clue what they are doing all I need now is my refund
Excellent response time and service...diffinetly would recommend
The agents/representatives were thoughtful, knowledgable, and helpful. The process was quick and easy. I totally recommend them.
Made everything easy to get my insurance. Fast service. Great communication.
My agent Joy Morales has made this part of small business easy. She explains things to me in language I can understand. I was dealing with an agent that spoke hurriedly to me and rarely returned phone calls or emails. Once I started communication with Joy the light went off in my head about what I had, and what I needed verses what I thought I wanted. She has been a huge help and it's because of her I choose to stay with Insureon and not look for another agent with coverage elsewhere. Thank you.
I found my agent (Robin G.) to be extremely knowledgeable regarding the different coverages and very responsive in addressing any questions or concerns.
I was matched up to a well price plan that covers what I need it to cover for my small business and was matched up quickly. The agent I spoke with was easy to deal with and everything has gone well
Fast response from Robin on the staff. Completed transaction in 48 hours. Still looking for bill in the mail from insurance company.
I loved this process it was amazingly easy I'm a very apprehensive person and I was very pleasantly surprised at how effective it was. No spam phone calls at all!
I was very impressed not only with the great service, but the attention to detail and assistance with getting the right service. I have recommended Insureon to several small Veteran Owned businesses. Sean went way above and beyond and when the place I was going to take pictures was asking for insurance (such as unemployment insurance) that made no sense (I have no employees), he explained it to me and then put together a package that worked for both me and the company I was taking pictures for.
There were a few days between filing application and getting a response: Had it been within 24 hours I would have zero complaints. I am very satisfied with the terms and payments.
Excellent costumer service. Solve my problem, very fast. They gave me solutions, not problems. The officer who took me, made me feel great. I was treated in my language (Spanish). I have only words of thanks. Thank you thank you very much
Insureon is ok if you want to get quotes quick, however, if you have questions relating to the policy by email or phone calls - my agent did not return calls or emails. But of course, when I emailed to purchase I got immediate response! Only reason I went with policy is it is very competitive. I guess they just want commissions and very little personal interaction with customers.
Great service, timely responses and the advice I received from Kevin for my insurance needs was spot on.
Everything was very simple. No hassles and Awesome customer service. Thanks
If your looking for E & O at a competitive price and good service then look no further. Insureon reps are competent and very helpful with managing your coverage.
They were very helpful in getting my agency what we needed. We will use them in the future for our business needs.
Everything about working with Insureon was easy; from getting pricing all the way to initiating a contract. I'm very happy.
I used insureon to get general liability insurance and I was delighted by how easy it was, how affordable it was, and how great the customer service was the entire way through
I needed liability insurance for my company really quickly since I was partnering with another consulting firm. I didn't have time to reach out to each insurance company. I just put in one application and was provided with 3 quotes. The insurance agent was able to help me via email and I had insurance almost immediately. All of my questions were responded to ina friendly and quick manner. My experience was fantastic.
Very fast and easy to get a quote, I recommend this company.
I needed immediate workmans comp insurance. The website and service levels were easy to use and I literally had my quote and insurance within 24 hours. Fantastic and easy - and exactly what I needed. I highly recommend, especially for those of us who need to do this work while doing something else... great!
I needed GL coverage for a contract job. My broker quoted me $2200 per year which really would have put a big dent in the profitablitiy. Insureon got me the same coverage for $509! Now I'm on the contract & profits aren't an issue. They were outrageously fast with their service & I couldn't be happier. I was in the insurance agency industry for 25 years. I always prided myself on being fast & efficient. Insureon put me to shame.....
Service was great with all inclusive
Insureoun was awesome to deal with! I got a quote quickly that was very competitive. Their online process was easy to work through and I got the results I hoped to get. HIGHLY recommend!
We needed new quotes on all of our Company policies and Insureon delivered promptly and professionally. Kevin, our Agent, responded to all of our concerns quickly by email. Very good knowledge of the Insurance products.
i was looking for commercial liability and umbrella coverage and had a quote quickly and efficiently , the customer service i received was excellent and fast , i recommend insureon .
I needed to get coverage quickly and I was pleasantly surprised at how fast and efficient Insureon was
I will be leaving this company. Everytime I attempt to contact my account manager, she's never available, response time is horribly slow, the customer service is just horrible. Being a contractor, I am in need of documentation kinda often. This company is terrible. Horrible. I left the company I was with searching for better prices but it's worth paying more when you get great customer service. This company is just terrible.
Provided a perfect and wonderful assistance in getting the proper insurance coverage for my business.
I started a small business and did not know how to get the insurance. When I was searching in google, I found this company and it took me very little time to get the insurance. My experiance is great and I look forward to work with them in the long run.
I went through Insureon to attempt to find Director and Officer insurance for my non-profit. The initial conversation went well, but after submitting my application there was no contact with Insureon that I did not initiate. My emails were never once responded to the entire time, not even to confirm that things were received or submitted. I made about 6-8 phone calls total to my representative over this process and not once did he actually answer the phone. I always had to leave a message. He would usually get calls back within 48 hours. He only located one provider that said we qualified for a policy, which I found odd, but proceeded anyway. I filled out the additional forms for that provider and emailed the Insureon agent requesting confirmation of submission, which I never received. After I called to confirm, he eventually got back to me that it was submitted. Then, radio silence again. I called 10 days later and again left a message. I received a voicemail back stating that we were rejected with no real explanation as to why despite the information on the form for the policy being the same that I submitted to Insureon in the first place that received the acceptance from the firm. It makes no sense. I called back but yet again, no answer. When all was said and done, I am 6-weeks from when I first filled out my Insureon form and still have no insurance policy and now no leads whatsoever. Absolutely terrible experience. I get that we're a non-profit so they make less money on our policies, but don't advertise that you do non-profit insurance if you're going to treat us with complete disregard. I recommend any non-profits considering using Insureon to stay away and anyone else to think twice.
The quote was fast the buying was fast getting in place was quick
A friend and I started our own cleaning business. We quickly learned trying to get in touch with lawyers and insurance companies was harder than trying to pull teeth without novacaine. Found when searching for companies that provided services for small businesses. Filled out a quote on their page, received pricing and information quickly which was also followed up by an agent calling to answer any questions we might have had. Not only was Insureon quick but the best priced insurance for coverage given. Glad we found them and would definitely recommend to other small business owners.
so far so good. the process was super easy and quick.
Kevin Drews was responsive and did everything in an efficient and professional manner, I would have no hesitation recommending him and the company
The representatives responded in a very timely matter in following up with my request quote. The representative that I worked with was pleasant and take care of my needs. He did well in answering my questions and concerns. Excellent listening skills
Thanks Angie. You were great
I run a small online retail operation, without a storefront, and sought product & general liability insurance for my business. I filled out the application and three days later received a message Informing me no policy was available. if they can't handle something as minor as that then they're useless. Don't waste your time.
My rep, Holly, seemed to be available 24/7! She communicated what she needed from me and despite sending it at night or on weekends she always responded immediately and helped me get my business rolling with what I found to be a very good value.
It was a bit daunting to start shopping for insurance coverage types that I knew nothing about as a brand new Veteran business owner. Insureon made the comparing and selecting and buying very easy to understand and seal the deal. I'm really happy with the experience.
All around good experience dealing with Insureon. Good price, helpful and readily available when I need them.
Great customer service from beginning to end. They really went out of their way to find the right fit insurance for my company.
I got a business owner's insurance with insureon believing the internet reviews. Terrible mistake. I have liability insurance with them later found that it was almost triple of cost of local insurance company. Not only that they estimated extra $7,000 to cover my 200K assets in my restaurant top of the 3000 + liability which will cost you $10,000+ per year. I tried to cancel the insurance to move other insurance provider. Now they want me to pay 25% of premium. I contact the local insurance agent and said that they never heard about cancellation fee in insurance business and this much cancelling fee may be illegal in Wisconsin. I am submitting a complaint to the State of Wisconsin for business fraud case. This is really bad company – I recommend to use local insurance company who knows better the local condition and law. Update: Andy helps resolve this issue.
Insureon made it easy to get much needed insurance for my business.
Another company that over promises and under delivers. The people that work here are incompetent. Don't let the name Insureon, Insurance noodle whoever they claim to be they're really Kraft Lake Brokerage. This operation is a scam and should be shut down.
Found Insureon through the internet, filled out a simple form and got a call back within minutes. The call with a knowledgable rep cleared up all the questions I had, and in another 15 minutes, I had a fully executed business insurance policy from a reputable firm selected from among three emailed to me. I was able to submit the policy with a proposal literally within one hour. Amazing.
Don't bite. The application process is thorough, but easy. Unfortunately that is where the good times end. The process is SLOW. Emails from them come quickly but when I finally got them to go for a quote, 3 days later they were still waiting to hear back. Sales rep was slack and passive and hid behind email. Worst part is they have a TON of our private data and will be selling it for a long time.
It was very pleasant to start a new insurance policy with this company. The agent was extremely helpful and she save me about 40% from previous policy. Thanks.
I am absolutely blown away by the lack of customer service and so wish I had seen these reviews before I signed up with Insureon. My agent was/is a joke. Once the policy was signed and paid for, didn't hear a word from him. I sent SEVERAL emails and made many calls just trying to get clarification on our new policy and obtain new quotes. Instead of calling me back, they switched agents on me without letting me know, and now my new account says it's still pending but I've paid the first month??!! Ridiculous! They can't even reply via email and their chat service is just as rude...putting off responsibility instead of ensuring that they will make it right. There is absolutely no customer service number and now I know why. They should not be allowed to sell GL to small businesses if they do not give a care about them. I can't even get the simplest of questions answered! DO NOT give them a shot even if the price is good...their customer service is crap!
The agent at Insureon was very helpful and was able to find an insurance to me within hours. When I ran into other issues, the agent took trouble and eventually found me an alternative insurance, which solved a big problem for me. Thanks!
Timeliness, options, ease of use and interactions with your team were all textbook. Thanks
Very responsive and great prince on Professional Liability Insurance.
Insureon was fast and easy when it came to quotes. In addition, their monthly installment plan made it easy not to say, 'no'.
Very reliable, professional, and friendly people to do business with. Our agent, Kevin, was available via phone and email whenever our team needed him. He was sure to add a personal touch, which made the experience even more enjoyable. Highly recommend Insureon.
I appreciate them getting back to me promptly and answering any questions I had, along with pointing out options.
I have received quick and efficient work with Insureon. if I ever have a claim, the customer service will be quick and efficient as well. Good so far and they found me a great affordable rate.
The easiest and most swift process ever - fair and comprehensive rates with excellent service and follow up explaining policy specifics! NEVER did I think it would be as simple as tying my shoe.
Working with Insureon has been very easy and straight forward. The communication with online companies can sometimes be questionable especially when it comes to making sure you are "getting what you are paying for" but Jennifer, my Licensed Agent was great. Very professional, prompt, and provided exactly what I needed.
Needed a quick quote and same day proof of insurance. Insureon delivered!
The pricing is good but everything else needs work. The 'agent' was very helpful in providing a quote, but once they received a signed agreement, it has been impossible to get assistance. I've tried calling the agent directly and left messages, I've tried emailing several times, but no response. If you want cheap insurance, you'll get it but you won't get anything after that. Won't use them again.
Simply best service, the best quote I ever received.
After calling around for a week with over 7 different representatives, I finally choose INSUREON which had sent me a quote in the first 15 minutes of my search. I will be telling my friends.
my aggent was more than helpful. My experience was with her was great! I will definitely recommend your company in the future.
The agent was extremely helpful and communicated well. A+++++
Fast easy and understandable.
Insurance companies are selected to offer peace of mind and provide the customer service that espouses that attribute. This means that the company you select must give you the confidence that they will be there for you when adversity strikes. Your first impression usually is the best indication for the level of care that you will receive from that company. This usually means that if you experience any issues at all when your aren't filing a claim, you should look elsewhere because you don't want that hassle when problems actually arise. I experienced a relatively insignificant issue which I brought to the attention of upper management. Insureon offered the best coverage at a very competitive price, but I became concerned because I feared that this insignificant issue may be foreshadowing something much for significant. My issue was resolved to my satisfaction and then I received a call from one of their senior vice presidents to verify this to be true. As a small business owner, I was impressed with their commitment to excellence and reassured with my investment monetarily and of trust in their company. The true measure of character is not when things go right, but how you respond when they do not. I can say without reservation that I entrust my business insurance needs with Insureon and am delighted to recommend their services to others.
I contacted Insureon and within a few days received my insurance certificate. Absolutely great and very responsive staff.
Had a very positive experience through the quotation all the way through to receiving a coverage Certificate via email that I could get to my client. Did I mention a great price.
Found me an insurance company quickly that exactly met my needs
I had to ask a lot of questions but I was happy the answers were not complicated.
The people were very friendly and helpful.... I look forward to my business with them
Fast service and excellent pricing
Insureon made purchasing insurance easy. Zero trips to an agency saved me many days of unproductive time. On Sunday night I filled out the online questionnaire and by Monday an agent verified my information and took my payment for the policy. I couldn't believe how easy getting insurance could be. Thanks for saving me a bundle Insureon!
Quick response time to whom this may concern. I received my quote in minutes and purchased my insurance plans right away. With a good rate and customer service I would recommend them.
Joe Cassata When my wife and I started our business a few months ago we were struggling and needless to say a little stressed out and like all new business owners a tad overwhelmed the main reason was bc we had companies ready to hire us but we didn't have the right insurance the company we had been using which I'll leave unnamed keep arguing with me about what we needed and what our certificates had to say even though I had all the paperwork that clearly stated what we needed and it needed to say so after getting feed up with that stuff I did what I should have done to begin with which was call around and do some research after several felled conversations with other insurance companies and my frustrations getting very bad as there were a few issues that I had I couldn't pay a down payment as I had spent any down payment I had on the previously mentioned company that refused to do what was ask of them I got a call from Mr.Joe Cassata and man let me tell you he was my Xmas in July bc I wasn't on the phone with him more than ten minutes and he actually helped calm me down gave me good advice and already had my quote ready and didn't need a down payment for it we hung up I signed the contract called him back and then it came down to the part I was dreading which was the certificate and telling him what they mandate for it say he only said yes sir thank you for your business he emailed me my certificate and it was perfect he was able to get what i needed with arguing or mistakes with in a hr of talking to him I was insured had my certificate and it was great I would recommend don't do what I did at first go to the best go to Joe he has been there ever step of the way had it was great Joe Cassata is the greatest insurance agent o could ever ask for thank very much Joe for all u do for ur clients
Love this coming and how easy it was to Purchase the insurance for my company !
called and got quote, rep was very quick to get everything set up.
Local insurance companies was taking days, not returning calls I wasted a lot of time. Insureon was fast easy and the pricing was great. I would recommend Insureon to everyone for your insurance needs. Thanks Jerry Hernandez keep up the good work.
This was one of the easiest purchase of insurance I ever experience. Very nice to deal with and the agent was extremely helpful
I have yet to receive a binder or anything confirming I have a policy 17 days after online payment. No response to my email. Was this a scam?
I've used other sites in the past to shop for insurance and it was a nightmare - non stop calls from every insurance salesperson trying to force me to close the deal NOW. Insureon was different. I filled in the questionnaire a few hours later I had REAL quotes from highly rated insurance companies. I had a few questions and my Isureon rep answered them via email very promptly. Within 24 hours I had my insurance certificate and a better insurance police by a great insurance company, than what the local insurance brokers had offered and guaranteed was the best deal I would find.
I found the help, for questions needing answered and a great price for the coverage.
what a snap to get my insurance up and running in just a few hours! great reps and helpful! price was outstanding with no run around! highly recommend!
My experience in obtaining insurance, isn't always an easy task, my experience with the employees from Insureon was a very enjoyable one. The professionalism and knoledge of the product that would fit my needs was no great task for the agent, and i thank you all for that. I have been in business for over 30 years , am very happy i found your company, and look foreword to all my future dealings with Insureon. Thank you jason
Great pricing and great coverage
It is a good change not deal with insurance brokers ; the service online was simple and results what a small business need today .
The company help with my paper work and very friendly, the return my call and answer my question.I would tell my friend's and families and other company about my experience and I give the company 5 stars
I had been working with Mike Hickey in regards to a 1 million dollar general liability policy for my small handyman business. I had found some terrifying quotes from other companies that would have left my company in a real tough spot. The likelihood that we will need the insurance is low and so paying $280 a month for it seemed ridiculous. I did want a policy that if I made a claim things would all work out but I didn't want to sell my first born son to do it. When I spoke with Mike he quickly and efficiently gave me a wonderful quote for a policy that met all of my needs. I got a little worried when I started looking at the reviews for here and I let Mike know that I was concerned about the complaints that people were still waiting for their certificate. Not only did he put my fears to rest, within 10 minutes of sending over my sign paperwork he had a certificate emailed to me. I'm starting a major job with a condo association and needed this insurance by Wednesday well here it is, it's Monday and I've got my policy. Thanks Mike and insureon.
I would not recommend Insureon- I would use their online tool to generate a quote, and take it to a local insurance provider as a basis for a policy through them. I filled out the Insureon online form, and this information was used to structure the policy. Two policy options were returned, and I chose a policy with Travelers. The Insureon agent indicated that Travelers accepts a competitor's signed application to bind coverage and a Beazley's application was sent to me for review and acceptance. In the Services/Project information, which indicates the type of projects from which revenue is derived, the project types were noted as: Single Family Residential: 225%, Other 75% These items should add up to 100%. On the Insureon online form, I am near certain I had indicated: Single Family Residential: 75%, Other 25%, and indicated that the last page that "other" was commercial tenant improvements. I informed the Insureon agent of this flaw, and that the initial inputs were probably multiplied by 3 somehow, after he asked if the Single Family Residential was supposed to be 25%. He stated that there was a issue with computer system and that a policy would need to be manually signed. He resent a Beazley application for manual adjustment and signing with the project types noted as Single Family Residential: 300%, Other 100%, initial inputs now multiplied by 4. The policy was printed, the correct numbers were written in, the policy was scanned and sent back to Insureon. The next morning I get an email stating this: Underwriters Comments: "We would have to requote this one. There is a substantial change in exposure going from 25% residential to 75% residential. Residential exposure is much high than that of commercial, which I was under the impression majority of their projects were. I’ll send an updated quote over to you shortly. Attached is the updated quote which has the revised premium of $2308. Please let me know if you would still like to proceed." A 15% increase in the premium and it appears that information is being changed halfway through the process, throwing everyones credibility into question. My relationship with Travelers will need to kept in effect continually through my career, as professional liability in California extends 7 years after the completion of a project, and without even having a contract in place, things are already looking questionable. I can only hope this is "run of the mill" and a simple part of the business, and will not affect any future interactions I may have with Travelers.
In a fluke I reached out to Insureon for a need. They executed so well in support that I was compelled to become their client. I also am in the process of moving my other insurance needs to Insureon to manage going forward. excellent support. They really shine through.
All I wanted was a quote for general liability. Service Rep Martin Manion ignored continued requests for a quote. When I called the company, they told me "he is a very busy man" and I would have to leave a message. The message and several other emails were ignored and finally he responded that they couldn't provide me with general liability for my company of one person. What a waste of time.
I emailed and called 4 times,no response. All I received was automated email messages (which I am still receiving, including one to rate the service). Went to another company- had a great experience. Dont bother contacting Insureon
I shopped around for business property insurance and found that Insureon provided the best coverage at the best rate. I also needed very specific wording in the policy so that I could obtain a small business loan. Very professional and efficient!!
I have used this service over many years and it keeps getting better. Assigned a specific agent who helped get everything straight and was super helpful !! Use this service and you'll never be unhappy
As an incorporated business, my Corp-to-Corp assignments require me to carry professional insurance- also known as "errors and omissions" insurance. Insureon transformed the painful call-each-agent-and-compare quotes odyssey into a one-stop easy peasy process. I simply entered the pertinent information once and let Insureon do all of the work. Three quotes were provided and presented in an easy to understand and compare format. I simply selected the one that most suited my needs and was sent to their web-site- a few more clicks and it was done.
I am thrilled to have found this site/insurance! I have been looking for over a year with no success. So happy with the service and the price, not to mention the ease of getting there. Highly recommend this company for all insurance needs!
Very happy with the service, prices and my agent VERY helpful!
Honestly one of the best customer service experiences I have had with a company in ages. When I submitted my application it was approved quickly. When I asked for changes to be made, they were done fast and with no hassles. Highly recommend Insureon for their products and GREAT customer service.
I found the online process very simple and straightforward. The web site was very informative. The consultant at Insureon was highly responsive to my emails and questions. If you are looking for an easy and fast process to get general liability insurance, Insureon is the way to go. I got exactly the policy I needed in record time.