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J.C. Penney Life Insurance
J.C. Penney Life Insurance

J.C. Penney Life Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

JCP online chat is horrible. I have been waiting to chat with someone all day. I cannot always get to a phone to call in, so I rely on the chat. I have never had a good experience with it. The message constantly says busy, come back later. Don't have the option of an online chat if there is no one to chat with. Not a happy shopper at all. I placed an order and apparently it is back ordered. I received an email stating that there was a change in my order. NO other details, so I go to chat the day I received, waited almost three hours, was advised that it was going to be shipped out the day after. No shipping, another email stating change to order, no details. I've been trying all morning/day to chat. Nothing. JCP lost a customer.

I had a liability auto insurance policy with J.C. Penney. I had a loss which resulted in three lumbar surgery and two cervical surgeries. Filed a UIM claim, they refused to acknowledge the claim.

After checking my father's statement, I noticed that there were 3 payments for Stonebridge and he couldn't remember what they were for, so we called and requested the policies. They arrived in a timely manner but after reviewing the policies I noticed the effective date on the polices: (1) August 4 2010, (2) September 16, 2010 and (3) October 5, 2010. I know companies are in the business of making money, but did they mention to him that he already had a policy or the fact that after 70 he will only be paid 1/2 price or that no matter how many policies he has they're only going to pay out a certain amount. I think there needs to be more regulations protecting the elderly from pushy sales people.

I have been paying for years and they just stop responding to me like I just drop out of earth. What happen to all the money I pay all these years? Anyone know?

I have tried on several occasions to cancel my policy (unemployment) that I had with your company. However, you are still charging it to my JCPenny account.

I had a cancer policy for many years. I paid $10.95 per month. I sometimes sent a couple of months at a time. Last year I thought I would send a year in advance; they sent me a refund check, so I sent 3 months. They again sent me a refund check. Never again did I even get a bill; as time went on I remembered and decided to find out what happened. Did it go under after all these years and now I have been ripped off or is it paid up? I have heard through the Dave Ramsey Show never to get any credit card insurance policies. Is he right as I paid for many years? Thank goodness I have not ever been diagnosed with the disease.

The petition: My daughter, Sagittarius **, at the time of her untimely death on November 6, 2010, legally held a valid policy with Stonebridge Life Insurance, Dearborn National Life Insurance and The Culinary Pension/Insurance. Sagittarius named two beneficiaries for her Life Insurance Benefits. For Culinary/ Dearborn National Ins., Sagittarius named me, her mother, and Nuhyrah, her child. Nuhyrah was designated as sole beneficiary. For Stonebridge Life Ins., although I, the maternal grandmother, was awarded custody of my daughter's children by a Nevada Court of law, being case number **, the insurance companies continue to fail to process the death benefits in a timely fashion.

By reason whereof, I have been frustrated at every turn by their lack of cooperation, unsubstantiated and unreasonable allegations as to the true designated beneficiary, and the validity of my custody order issued by a court of law. Stonebridge, Dearborn and The Culinary Insurance companies have a duty to deal fairly with the insureds. Every insurance contract contains an unwritten covenant or promise of good faith imposed by law upon an insurer to always act fairly towards its insureds in handling their claims. Insurers must always meet the reasonable expectations of the policyholder as much if not more consideration to the financial of its insured than it does to its own financial interests.

There are many examples of how these insurance companies are committing bad faith. I'll happily give you some examples. They include failing to promptly and thoroughly investigate a claim, unreasonably delaying payment, unreasonably denying benefits to a claim, using unreasonable interpretation in translating policy language, refusing to settle the case or reimburse Nuhyrah, for the entirety of her mother loss, etc. Insurance bad faith not only breach of Sagittarius' insurance policy contract with above named insurers but their breach exceeds that of being unreasonable and is demonstrated to be dishonest, deceptive and fraudulent.

I have tried on several occasions to get a copy of the payments made on my policy for the past five years. I also asked for a beneficiary form to change my beneficiary. I made a request in October 2011 and January 2012 and have not had a response from the company.

For many years, we were offered this life insurance on both of us. We were in the military so we knew at least the kids would be okay. Do not get involved with this company! Run from it! My husband served 25 years in the military. Three years ago, he passed away from accidentally drinking a milkshake that was bad. He suffered for a few days, went blind and died one day after his birthday. They refused to pay anything on this claim. It was for one million dollars. We paid all those years of premiums barely making ends meet at that time. They just don't care. They just suck you in and make millions on this bogus company.

I have started taking a stand and everyone will know about it, especially the military community all over the world, because I am sending it to all commands if they do not reconsider something. Stay away! Do not allow them to charge you if you did not request it. Let's take a stand and take this company down! Run, run, run. They do not pay claims!