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I had followed this agency (JDMellberg) for about 18 months before actually contacting them. From my very first conversation with Chris Antonio I felt a connection and talked comfortably with him about my situation. He explained every issue fully and on a level I could easily understand. When it came time to make my decision, I did so with confidence. I was pleased enough I have already recommended his services to another person. Thanks for all your help.
I found J.D.MELLBERG FINANCIAL AND ASSOCIATES to be very helpful in helping me select an annuity that fits my needs. I met with one of there associates about five times to discuss the many types of annunities before selecting one. I found them to be very patient with me. I have highly recommended them to my friends.
Mr. Sparks was on time, professional, and very informative. I found my time with him informative and a useful encounter.
I had a forced retirement a year ago from a large company. With the market being unstable at the time, I was nervous as to what I should do with my contributions to the company's voluntary investment plan. I worked at this company for over thirty years and contributed to the plan from day one. I got in touch with a company in Mesa, AZ called Legacy Financial. I signed up with Larry Jorgensen who helped me to understand the Hybrid Annuity presented by JD Mellberg Financial. Larry took his time and walked my wife and I through the plan, he covered all the pros and cons of the annuity. The bottom line convinced us that this hybrid annuity was the best possible decision to roll over our investment to. I'm happy with the growth I have already seen, my fears of the uncertainty of today's economic stability is gone thanks to Legacy Financial.
Mario took me from being ignorant about annuties and other retirement products to a state of full understanding. Mario was a great teacher. No question or concern went unanswered. I feel confident my retirement years will be golden.
I am satisfied with my purchase.
Danielle Stern is in my judgment an excellent communicator and very importantly an excellent listener. During our discussions she often seemed to almost anticipate my likely next question and answer in ways that were surprisingly on the mark. While my wife leaves much of this type of activity to me, Danielle also honed in on my intent to be sure of her comfort also; and again anticipate the type of responses that could help me more clearly explain what the approach was instead of leaving a sense that we just need to trust the experts. I am very comfortable working with her and believe I can in fact trust that she will protect Peggy & I in this important part of our financial retirement planning.
I am very fortunate to have met Mr. Tim Money. He has integrity about his work in assisting individuals become alerted to retirement changes in the 21st century. His love for his job is revealed by his enthusiasm in helping people realize their needs as they prepare for retirement. Thank you for all your help now and in the future.
When asked to review my experiences with J.D. Mellberg Financial and specifically Brent Matthew, I jumped at the opportunity. I can say without reservation that after several years of researching alternatives, my experience with this individual and organization can only be described as outstanding. All correspondence was answered in a timely manner, questions were thoroughly and patiently explained, and Brent was always available for consultation when needed. I would highly recommend J.D. Mellberg Financial and Brent Matthew to anyone looking for this type of financial assistance.
They were friendly and very knowlegeable. Took time to explain the options and help choose the best for us.
Adam Curran spend numerous sessions with me explaining the intricacies of the various types of annuities available in the market place. I very much appreciated his efforts at my edification and his personalized recommendations prior to my decision to purchase.
I was contacted promptly and an appointment made in our home which meant each time we did not need to drive, locate and spend our time and gas - he came to us. Our planner, Jeff Stupar could not have been more efficient, nice, prompt and helpful in educating us in annuities. We had a previous experience with a financial planner who did not give us the best deal. We are confident that with Jeff Stupar and JD Mellberg that we now made the right choice for our futures and it looks bright. Thank you.
Very knowledgable; I lost contact with them, so I am not sure about their ability to follow up.
I didn't know anything about annuites so there was a hugh learning curve for me. Once I understood the different annuities and their functions, my rep worked to find the best one for me. He sent me charts, forms and other learning aids. It took about 2 months for me to learn, understand and finally purchase my annuity. I have no regrets and would recommend this company to my friends.
mr russell allan gage was great
James is very pleasant to deal with. He took over from his father and between them, they have over 50 years experience in Annuities. Trying to decide now which one will work best for us--I am glad James and Erin will be helping us make the correct decision for us. Shirley D.
My experience with the analyst at JD Melberg was as if I was talking to an old friend. I found that the information was presented in an understandable fashion and felt that I had a clear enough foundation to make this important investment decision. I realize that I would have to wait to receive the rewards but that in the long run, it would provide for my financial security.
I went to Peter Thaldorf on the advice of J.D. Melberg in early 2015. Peter and I spent a few hours talking about my "preservation of capital" attitude and what products were out there that would fit my personal situation. With his help I picked a Security Benefit product that I am very happy with. I feel the money I invested in it is in a good place since I won't need the money for at least ten years. Peter is very patient and understands the importance of picking the right product for people that are getting close to retirement.
JD Mellberg Financial took as much time as I needed to understand the conditions and terms of the financial advice without added pressure to sell. The process was done in steps supported with documentation along with phone conversations.
Adam Curran is a true professional. It was a pleasure to have met him. He took the time to explain the policy so that a laymen like me could understand it . Highly recommend him.
The explaination of what the product would do and how it could help us was very detailed. The agent was very patience and went to great lenth to make sure we understood how this product worked. When we deceided to use there product they did all the hard work. They filled out everything, again making sure we understood what was going to take place. They then mailed us the finished paperwork, we signed and returned. When the policy was issued they went over the whole policy with us so we Were comfortabe with our decision. The whole experience with these people was comfortable and if the need was there I would be happy to work with them again.
After reading about annuity's and watching video's, I called JD Mellberg and they had Leonard contact me. We setup an appointment time to meet and after about 30 minutes of listening to all of Leonard's knowledge about different annuity's, I knew I had found the right advisor. He went through the many options and over time, we found the right one for my wife and I. Leonard Rhoades is a very thorough and concerned person. He has helped us put our future retirement in a better place.
I am satisfied with Robert's overall performance. This was a leap a faith and I am usually not that trusting especially during times like this but Robert kept me informed the whole way. The process was slow but Robert understood my nervous feelings. I would and will recommend him in the future.
I invested approx. $800 K with one of your people and have had nothing but trouble in one way or another!! The main reason I looked into your system was that I was looking for a place to put approx. $135 K which I had in an IRA - - The Annunity was set up with Security Benefits - - They kept and used the money for approx. 6 months then returned it to 5/3 Bank w/o any interest and they sent them a check with not a single word as to what it was for - - It took me several weeks to get this worked out - - All of this time the money was earning NO interest at all!! Your agent said he was sorry and didn't know that the money couldn't be put into an IRA Annuity - - So I was back to square one and w/o any interest for over 6 months!!! I was promised that I would receive only 3% on the other annunitys that I had been talked into and when I got the year end statements i found that not all of them got the 3% interest and if that wasn't bad enough they took a 1% fee out of my earned interest which ended up at only 2% and on some to them lower than that - - I understood that the interest was going to be low due to the riders but I was not advised that they were going to take a 1% fee out of my 3% (or lower) return - - To add to that the advisor was to set up an income stream to replace some of what we had been getting prior to investing in the annuitys - - THAT NEVER HAPPENED!! And as a result I had to pull a large amount of money out of savings during the past year to make up for the short fall!!! I was also told after the fact that I couldn't pull any money out of the accounts for at least a year and we had been counting on money from the IRA that Security Benefits did keep in addition to the other money I was talking about - - That made matters even worse last year!!! Also I had been talked into transfering control of a REET over to your man - - He never got that taken care of and it still isn't resolved almost 1 1/2 years later!! Now that over a year has past and I'm over 70 years old we were to get monthly draws from my IRA - - The first draw was to have been on the 15 th. of March - - Again that didn't happen and I had to make a couple of trips and send several "E" mails to the advisor before I ever got any money so it was several days late!!! Also to go along with that he was to set up a monthyl draw going to my wife's bank account - - It is a joint annuity and she signed the paperwork - - Again as in the case of the IRA money the drop never happened - - It took several "E" mails and a couple of trips to the advisor to make it happen and then the money was several weeks late!! All of this caused us to have to pull more money out of savings to cover some bills that we were counting on being cover by the drops that NEVER happened until well after the March 15 date!!! This is just what we DID NOT want to go through again this year - - But we did!!! It appears that your man doesn't know what the hell he is doing - - Every time something is to happen it never does or else we have to jump through all sorts of hoops to make it happen and it is never in a timely manior!! I'm not so sure this whole thing was a good idea from the start - - Nothing seems to be as advertised from the screw up of the IRA annuity on!! That never worked out and I was w/o any interest for several months and it was mid year last year before I could get any money out of it!! Also as stated above I'm NOT Happy that I was promised at least 3% interest and ended up with only 2% or less - - I'm not happy with that at all - - I understood that I was only getting 3% because of the riders and although I didn't like it I went for it for the security - - The market went up well over 3% last year so they got the benefits of that large increse PLUS they took 1% out of my cut - - THAT IS NOT RIGHT!!! They were to make their money from the increse in the value of the account!!! Also like I stated above in some cases I didn't even get 2% and all of this that we did get was only due to the 8% "Bonus" they "Gave" us which means next year the way they figure it I'm sure we will end up with a negitive % at the end of the year!! This is NOT what I signed up for!! Want any futher information give me a call!!
I'm done with stocks and "long term" and can now relax. When the market tanks I take nap. :)
I called your AZ number after watching a video on annuities by [private data removed]. I was referred to [private data removed] in St. Louis Park, MN. We were very, very, very disappointed with [private data removed] for many reasons and have exercised our free look on the annuity he sold us and have found another financial advisor. Evidently [private data removed] and your organization does not investigate advisors prior to referring clients.
Leslie Davis eliminated all of our worries surrounding the topic of "early retirement", especially at a younger than expected age. We're no longer concerned with outliving our money, and will leave a substantial nest egg to our children.
The service is professional and competent. Response time is slow.
Good meeting, good information knowledgeable advisors.
Steve Keller is fantastic!
very good appointment. on the phone the person who made the appointment said my wife would get a gift card as well. please advise how to request it. thank you
I have looked at many annuities including variable, fixed, and fixed index annuities. I decided to go with this fixed index annuity with Security Benefit because it offered the highest guarantied income later in life and with the spousal continuation, it guaranties that if one of us should die, the income would continue for the other till their death. Who knows where the stock market will go in the next ten years, but with the roll up offered, my investment stays safe. There are some very good looking variable annuities offered, but with the large fees and a down market, your account could go to zero before you took income or if you died before taking income, nothing would be left for your survivors. I like the idea that I don't loose money in a down market, but the trade off is I don't make as much in an up market. I have gone through the down markets in the past 15 years and watched my money in the stock market go down and after 15 years, I am just now breaking even on my original investments. I am tired of worrying about the market and this is why I have made the choice on the fixed annuity.
No one else could have explained everything better to my husband and myself. Michael was so caring and kind. When he left our house we felt like we had known him for a long time and trusted he had given us what we needed to be safe and secure in our investments. We would recommend Michael Stone and JD Mellberg Financial to everybody. Thanks Again Mike, Dennis and Ernestine Heringshausen
I found JD Mellberg by accident while trying to decide on an annuity and was pleasantly surprised. My representative (Kelley) took me thru several educational sessions to help me compare and contrast the different companies and options and came to a logical conclusion on the BEST one for me. Kelley was extremely professional and patient with me in getting me to a comfort level where I was ready to purchase a contract. He even compared 6 different annuities side by side to help me pick the right one. Kudos to JD Mellberg and Kelley. What an easy process from start to finish. Give them a try. You will not be disappointed.
Branden is a Good person, Good Ethics.
Professional good financial information.
Was very impressed with Todd Warren and the time and effort he put forth in explaining to me how my annunity would work.
Brian Carenza is fantastic. He explained everything so we could understand it and also kept in touch while the money was transferred. Then came back to the house when all was set to go over it one more time. I would recommend J.D. Mellberg to everyone looking for a safe place to put their savings.
I am retired and therefore have to be conservative with my investments. Brent understands this and has put together a financial plan roadmap that satisfies my needs and objectives. He has called me up after we had made an investment decision and reversed his recommendation based on some additional concerns which indicated to me his willingness to do what is right for his clients and not just charge forward without consideration to the client's ultimate benefit.
I recommend. J.D. Mellberg to. everyone. Especially, people concerned with. retirement /insurance. I am so glad I learned of you all. Thanks. for all u do. Sincerely, Alice
My experience with Brent Matthew has been extremely educational and professional. Brent listened thoroughly and answered all our questions and then some. He gave us exactly what we needed and provided the best possible financial advice. He is someone you can trust to do what is best for you. I have recommended and will continue to recommend him to family and friends.
Dealing with Bob Szigeti was easy and comfortable. He explained my options clearly and there was no pressure to go in any particular direction. After making my decision he made the financial transaction details easy to follow. The entire process was as easy and straightforward as I could have hoped.
He was helpful with information and quickly earned my trust.
My wife and I have had excellent professional and personal relationship with the staff of JDM and we believe we were guided through the annuity planning process the best possible way. JDM staff has been very receptive our ideas, suggestions, needs and have implemented plans according to our "risk" tolerance. We will recommend JDM services to our friends and family members. All the best to JDM team.
Randal and team did a great job explaining our options and offering their insight when asked. Everyone was very attentive to mine and my wife's varied goals and it was overall a great experience. They came back multiple times so we could get all our questions answered. Ask questions, read carefully and know what you are signing. If an annuity is for you, you will know it.
We met with Frank Laise several times...found him to be personable, knowledgeable, but more important than that we Trusted him and his suggestions. Thank you Frank
My agent was very informative. He answered every question we had, and we had a lot of them.
When I went to retire I knew I needed to do something. I called JD Mellberg and they helped me get with Adam Moeller. He helped make sure I would be able to retire happy.
Jonah Collier of Collier Financial listened to our needs and identified the best financial strategy for our retirement years. He has been very honest, forthright, and patient with our many questions. He presented a new financial strategy proposal in great detail and easy-to-understand language. He answered many questions as we worked through rolling over our IRAs and annuities from one firm to another. He delivered the new contracts in a timely manner. Jonah demonstrated how he would help us now and in the future. This was a very personal, nice touch in how he handled our case. Today we feel more secure with Jonah as our wealth manager and know that he will keep us informed of market changes.
I have not received much information as to what my account is doing. If at all possible, I would like quarterly if not monthly statements. Thank you.
Larry Warner is a great agent what a very good product we were very pleased.
I am very pleased with J.D. Mellberg Financial. They are highly rated with the Better Business Bureau. From the moment I contacted them, I was impressed with their prompt and courteous response. I was referred to Todd Rustman and enjoyed working with him very much. He is a true professional with impressive credentials, who is very knowledgeable AND a great listener. He was able to guide me through an intimidating and complicated process to assist me toward my modest financial security. I appreciated that the process was organized, efficient, and not a high pressure experience. I would highly recommend J.D. Mellberg Financial if you are looking to calm your anxiety over this volatile and uncertain economy. A hybrid annuity has given me real peace of mind. Thank you Todd and J.D. Mellberg. I feel that you truly care about my financial security and I look forward to a long and solid relationship with you.
I was searching for ideas on how to protect some of my IRA from downside market fluctuations when I came across a video of Josh Mellberg explaining the fixed hybrid index annuity. I signed up for their information and did my research and decided that this is a tool for me to help supplement my retirement income. JD Mellberg Financial put me in touch with their local representative, Jason Frizzell of JCF Financial. Jason listened to my goals and we discussed several different companies and annuities. We met several times to give me the opportunity to review the information and decide the best option. This will remove downside market risk and give me income growth and as an added benefit included a bonus. I can't predict the future but I believe that I made the right decision.
I compared some investment plans and the Mellberg plan seemed the best. I had a very hard time connecting with the local people because I was twice given incorrect or out-dated information from the Arizona office. Ann VanderSlice is very personable and knowledgeable. I had a few mistakes in the details that had to be straightened out. Now if stage two of the investment program survives the bloated market and the raiding of pension funds, I will be very happy.
[Name Removed] took the time to thoroughly educate me on the different types of annuities, so they earned my trust and my business. They honestly answered every question I posed and were willing to pay my air and hotel expenses, if I preferred to meet them face-to-face. I am very pleased to be doing business with them and have already recommended them to friends and family.
Received the brochure on time and the consultant came and gave me a very knowledgeable future investment options.
The check is at the bank on the 15th each month which makes me feel confident they will continue to do what they promised. It's not complicated -- easy enough for me to understand the bones of it. It has given me more confidence about my future.
We knew we had to do something with our retirement savings, but were hesitant to move the funds from our employer accounts. Rey Cruz explained the complicated world of annuities, presented a comprehensive and a detailed picture of our "financial house" before and after analyzing our financial needs. Rey met with us at least three times to ensure we fully understood every aspect of his financial analysis before we committed to becoming part of the Rey Cruz Wealth Management family. My husband and I are confident that we chose the right company to manage our retirement savings. We have had an excellent experience with JD Mellburg and particularly Rey Cruz of Rey Cruz Wealth Management. Rey has provided a great plan and we are now much more confident in our financial future and would not hesitate to recommend Rey in the future.We are extremely pleased!
Great working with Lane at my pace and no pressure.
I worked with two other Financial Planners before deciding to permanently work with Brian Kelly of Kelly-Haft Financial. From our very first meeting he made me feel very comfortable after carefully listening to what my retirement financial goals were. He then set me up with an annuity which best suited my retirement needs. Brian has the heart of a teacher and made certain that I understood every step that we went through before proceeding. It is important to find someone you feel has your best interests at heart when entrusting your hard earned money to help you reach your retirement goals. Brian has earned my trust. - Carol Ellison
wonderful folks to do business with
Happy and secore.
mr papa has the rite idea how things should be
I was looking into a better investment with my retirement account and looked into JD Mellberg. I was contacted by Brack Shaver, who traveled quite a distance to meet with my wife and I on several occasions. The first meeting was only to see what our situation and goals were. No pressure tactics at all. He returned three or four times to discuss our options and explain annuities and how they work, and gave us several options on purchasing them and the benefits of owning them for our situation. He provided ratings and background on several companies offering annuities and let us make the decision on which ones to purchase. A great experience and we are completely satisfied. He also assisted us with info on Social Security benefits which greatly helped our situation. Five Stars.
Don provided me with some great advice on how to rollover my 401K when I retired! He also advised me on what to do with my portion of my pension. Don made my wife and I feel very comfortable and safe.
After considering and investigating annuities for a year, Mehlberg brought it all together so I could easily understand it - that's why I bought the product.
office is beautiful, Financial Adviser was so professional and knows what his doing, very smart in addressing questions. Great learning from great adviser. Thanks a lot!
In my senior years money becomes a problem of survival if there is a shortage of it from bad investments. Bank interest rates are a laugh, CDs aren't what they used to be, stock market roller coaster too much, mutual funds...well they are mutual funs, fixed annuities vary so our MAN, Charlie Jewett took us in his hands and led us to a great way to feel secure. Having an account that provides life insurance with great dividends, no worries of losing our principle, and the safety of having it become a long term care insurance policy. What a relief it is!
Once I met with Mike he made sure that he got me the right annuity. He was very nice, just a great guy.
My wife & I are 73 and 74, and last spring we were very concerned about what might happen to the market and that was when we decided to look into an annuity. We had minimal knowledge of this subject. It was our lucky day when we were put in contact with Danielle Stern. She came to our telephone video conferences having full knowledge of this subject and along with an abundance of patience. She covered all the options and answered all our questions along with sending us the notes and other educational materials that we might need to make our decision. We are very happy with the annuity that we are now receiving, and we were very happy with the help we received in making our decision. Roger & Carol
Eric and Jen made sure I was comfortable with my decision. I didn't feel pressured or even rushed. They made sure to explain everything and make sure I understood every bit of it.
In researching a multitude of companies in which to invest retirement savings, J.D. Mellberg presented investment opportunites which best suited our needs. The information provided was very concise yet easy to understand in layman's terms. We were referred to another affiliate withing our geographic area and quickly developed a high level of confidence in Davis Financial Services, Jacksonville, Florida. Our association and investment opportunities have met and often exceeded expectations.
Don was professional and very knowledgeable. It was a great experience.
I've have had an excellent experience with JD Mellburg and particularly John Papa of Diversified Planning Strategies. He has provided a great plan and I am now much more confident in my own financial future and would not hesistate to recommend him in the future.
I met with Steve Harper and he recommended Athene Annuity's which is a good low risk investment for anyone that doesn't want the risk of investing in the stock market. Steve is very knowledgeable and listens to the individual needs, instead of pushing anyone to buy something they may regret in the future.
Michael provided me with excellent service. Always available by phone to answer any questions I had. He always came prepared with the information I needed. He was always there when I need some information and clarification. Anyone who is looking into annuities I would definitely recommend Michael.
Jeff was fantastic, I will be retiring in four months along with 6 others who are looking for financial advice, I highly recommended your company and especially Jeff Wadsworth. They will be scheduling an appointment soon.
Jeff was very professional and he was a nice person and answered all my questions.
I haven't recieved any benefits yet, but my experience in purchasing my annuity was very nice. The people I dealt with were kind and considerate. If and when I need to use it, I hope my feelings stay the same. I do wish my funds were done on a monthly basis and not yearly, but I'm sure that is why it works the way it does.
Very please with the first appointment and the follow up will allow us to determine how JD Melberg will help us Brian was outstanding with his professionalism and information and knowledge
I look forward to working with David in the future.
its good to know you are in good hands.
I would and have recommended JD Mellberg to others. Some have taken my recommendation and have had the same great experience that I have had. Their staff's knowledge as well as making sure I fully understood all my accounts prior to the any purchase. I don't worry about checking the Stock Market, in fact I don't need to. When one is in retirement the less that you need to worry about the better your life, especially finance issues. These are great people.
The overall process of the transfer over to the annuity was a simple and understanding process, but as far as me as an investor knowing where/what my money is invested in is hard to find and understand. It would make it simpler if there was a spreadsheet that could be looked at showing each stock and what percentage was invested in each stock and showing what each stock had gained and lost. A report like what is given by an employer for their employee's 401k plan.
I want to thank Joshua for the time he took to explain my new investment vehicle. I was looking for additional ways to perserve and diversify my money. I reviewed a couple of options however was undesided and confused. Joshua took the time to go through the investments and explain the pro and cons.
I would be lost without the help of John McCarty. His expertise in the financial field of annuities gave me the confidence to invest. He has assured me that this is a safe investment in what I am trying to do. Thanks again for you advice and continued success to you and I in our future endeavors.
I was very pleased to learn about annuities on senior alert. I was in need of more information on the various annuities available. They were informative and had additional information to send me on the products I was interested in. They had people to contact and make appointments with that would talk to me in detail on what my concerns and needs were and then they put me in touch with someone in my area to meet with . For me it was a good experience. The financial advisor I met with was very knowlegdable and had lots of experience to share so that I could make the best decision without pressure. So I would highly recomend them. Teresa , Corona California
My representative, Dan Clancey, was professional, well informed, and very patient.
Brian Carenza was a joy to work with. He was clearly an expert in all types of financial products. He was extremely patient in first discussing the products with me, and then waiting until I was ready to make the investment. He neither pushed me on time nor on the amount. I look forward to working with him again.
It was a getting to know my needs ( face to face) meeting...will learn more about what fits my needs on Dec 27th again ( 2nd meeting)
Thank you.. a knowledgeable rep came to my house with options.
Kent is great
I was referred to JD Mellberg by some family members and they have been great. Even though I live in California, Mario DeLa Cerna and his team have been wonderful to deal with. Using conference calls, I meet with Mario regularly. His team has handled all transactions efficiently and quickly. I am so happy with them and the results I am getting. Mario made room in his schedule on 2 occasions to meet with me in person when I had to make unexpected trips to Tucson. I have recommended them to friends.
I have recently become associated with Gary Burger(financial advisor) and could not be more pleased with my decision to handle my financial portfoilo. He is very professional, courteous, up to date with the always fluxuating financial market and keeps me informed of what my financial needs are for the present and my future retirement. He is described to me as a bulldog (in his own words) in getting the answers I need when i need them and is relentless in his actions to get the job done for me.
Very professional and knowledgable
A Brian has earned my trust and respect.