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Very easy to deal with. And professional.
I’ve never had to file a claim, but everything else has been great. Fair price, easy renewal, and recommended by the jewelry store in my city that’s been there for three generations
Called in to see if they insured jewelry in Canada, British Columbia. The women on the phone named McKenzie was a tremendous help very kind a friendly and made the process very easy and smooth.
Very professional, while being personable at the same time! Very in-depth review of coverage and market value of the items being insured.
I’ve already recommended this company to numerous people.
Great rates, seamless service and coherent policies.
Haven't had any problems spoke with someone on phone once and helped me out very satisfied . Thankyou
Awesome customer service and easy process
Effortless Piece of Mind delivered by Jewelers Mutual!!!
Always quick response.
I had no losses this year. I changed my payment method to automatically charge my credit card. There was no problem with that transaction.
I always feel like my things are safe and protected. One suggestion. I would like to see a list showing each item and the insured value once a year. Always a good job. Thanks
Have had Jewelers Mutual now for years and wouldn't think of insuring through anyone else!
I really like that email communication is clear and easy to understand. The amount of coverage vs the amount that we are paying is a great deal.
Great service Nice, smooth and easy !!!!
They have fair prices and easy, online transactions.
u keep us updated . thank you
Excellent customer service and product. I’m completely satisfied with my coverage through Jewelrs Mutual and have recommend the company to family and friends.
Great experience - Very professional and effective.
I think I am with the best company to protect the jewelry I love!
Molly is a great agent and was very helpful to me by providing me with insurance and a peace of mind for my beautiful engagement ring . Thanks Molly
Easy to take care of and I sleep better at night knowing my ring is insured by you!
Complete peace of mind for my wife's engagement ring and wedding band. Fortunately have not had to file a claim, but any time I've reached out to customer service they have been on point!
Awesome! All Qs were answered politely and promptly through just few emails and just one phone call for clarification. Altogether, the process of getting an appraisal, approval and payment took about two weeks.
Transaction was simple and quick, great information was provided and hopefully we will never need to use the claims department.
Super simple website. Easy to navigate.
Good website, process to insure jewelry items was very straightforward, easy and quick.
I hope this work's ok for my wife.
Excellent, quick, and very affordable.
Ease of payment. Love being contacted throughout the year .
Helpful, Friendly, and Most Reputable.
I had to place one claim in the several years I have carried this insurance and the process was quick and easy. No claims to fill out, the jeweler handled everything and my ring was back on my finger in no time. Thank you Kim G.
Professional, helpful, reasonable premiums.
Everything from my questions being answered to just simply having a friendly attitude. My entire experience was easy but also reassuring. Will defiantly recommend to family and friends.
Amazing experience. It was so easy and straightforward! Thank you!
I whole heartedly trust Jewelers Mutual
The application process was quick and easy. I already had my jewelry appraisals, so there was nothing more to do. The only feedback that I have is that I wasn't sure if my application was accepted or not. I assume it has been now since I've received what looks like an insurance binder of sorts, but it was unclear that my application was only "submitted" but possibly approved or not.
Only been dealing with them for a year but they keep you informed about your policy.
Fast, effective and very user friendly! Thank you!
Jewelry coverage and dealing with claims is the best.
Luckily I have not had to file any claims, but I am reassured that I am covered in case such a loss happened.
My experience with Jewelers Mutual has been fast and pleasant...I would recommend this company to anyone who wants their valuables protected
Easy to file a claim, easy to get jewelry repaired at no expense to me, easy to close claim so the jeweler got paid
Made it easy had everything from blue nile
great Company to work with.
I have had no reason to contact you in the last year. I'm happy with the service I have received in the past. Thanks for asking.
A bit of a glitch with 2 people responding to my request. But it all worked out fine. I used Jewelers Mutual decades ago. Then switched because of package deal with home insurance. Recently I'm back to Jewelers Mutual on recommendation of appraiser. Now that is a real compliment to Jewelers Mutual. So, I've returned.
The policy seems solid. The website and payment experience is awful.
Easy process to insure your valuables
Fantastic coverage... Very reasonable cost for the coverage offered... I love the security it gives me . ..
Issues with signing in with the site, still don’t have a hard copy of my coverage due to the errors I receive on the emails.
Easy process to enroll. Liked the process of being able to specify insurance for each piece of jewelry. Well priced policy.
This company insures my ring at such a good price, I can't match it anywhere. They even increase the value rather than keep it at initial cost. They keep track when my coverage lapses so that I am not without insurance. Plus, when you email them with a question or call, you get a response right away. Great customer service!
Reliable and very easy to do business with. Always available to answer questions or discuss my account. Very satisfied.
Easy to navigate process with reasonable pricing and easily understood paperwork. Emails come with plenty of time to renew. No complaints! I haven't had to file any claims so I cannot comment on that.
Travis Jewelers suggested you and and filled out the application form. I like the auto pay portion.thamks !
Application was very easy and quick. CMI Jewels praises Jewerls Mutual. If we trust them to buy from them I trust their recommendation for insurance.
Quick, courteous service. I've insured through you for years.
Called and the process was very easy to complete. Agent was very professional and pleasant everything was explained and before call was completed I had my jewelry was insured.
The application process was extremely easy and fast. Hopefully, I never need to use this, but it's reassuring to know that I have insurance just in case. I value the experience of engagement shopping with finance and wouldn't want to tell him something happened to the gorgeous ring.
The website is useless, absolutely terrible. 90% of the links don't work, and the ones that do just take you in a loop. This didn't inspire much confidence in the company, however I decided to call and talk with someone. The woman who answered the call was very helpful and kind. She patiently answered all of my questions and offered me a good rate. All in all I'm happy with my experience. Would have rated the whole thing five stars if not for the insanely poor website.
Very quick and helpful.
The application was a simple enough process and easy to pay the premium. They came highly recommended by my jeweler. Hopefully I will never have to experience a claim.
So easy to use. Loved the simplicity.
Knowing that my wife's jewelry is insured and the ease of making this happen and renewing is a load off my mind. Thank you.
So easy, so quick. Very competitive price, also. Thank you.
I was going out of town and went online to check my policy....and realized I had forgotten to pay and my policy had lapsed over a month earlier! I called and spoke to a very nice and helpful lady that reinstated my policy, took my payment and sent me an email within a day. I wish all insurance was this easy.
Always fast service!
Simple, straightforward application process.
Easy. Simple. Affordable.
I have appreciated customer service at Jewelers Mutual every since we became a part of this company. Whenever we have a question we get an answer with courtesy and efficiency.
Setting up insurance was fast and easy also the lady on the phone was nice and helpful
The application process was simple and the downloading of the requested documents was easy. Thank you for making it such a simple process.
Simple sign up process.
I have only had to use you once but it was a smooth and easy experience. No problems with getting my ring repaired.
This was a very easy process. I plan to add insurance other jewelry for the wedding, so i hope that we can just add it under one coverage. They have also excellent rates.
Professional, helpful staff and easy process. Thank you!
Your representative Katherine was charming and extremely helpful.
Very easy to use interface that posed no problems or prompted any questions that were not easily answered. Highly recommend.
Pricing was good and transparent, as was the product. Prices were comparable to every other quote I received and the coverage was superior. Very simple process from beginning to end, taking no more than 10 minutes.
It is a comfort to know that my wife and I have a quality insurer to protect her jewelry. It allows her the freedom to wear it with a comfort that was not there before gaining coverage from Jewelers’s Mutual. We had a sapphire that was lost out of a setting that was not insured. We’ve not needed to use the policy but feel you’ll be there if we need it as you were recommended by our jeweler Andy Fiest - Premier Diamond whom we trust. In summary it’s peace of mind at a reasonable price. Thank you.
Great team to work with. Best premiums best service
In the past, I have rated your service and requested that someone get back to me. Recently, I spoke with Larissa Petersen and she answered all of my questions in a caring and professional manner. It has been a huge pleasure to interact with her and she, by herself, has restored my faith in your company. She is what customer service is all about.
I do applaud how easy it was to get signed up. I would have liked to get an email confirming a little clearer that things were approved, but other than that, it was an overall great experience.
great costumer service
Very nice to deal with an honest company that cares for you & your diamonds.
Everyone was helpful but the documents I sent were blocked by your email filters. When we finally got that sorted out and the invoice arrived, it was more than I was quoted. It took a few days to get that resolved as well.
Jewelers Mutual has consistently fantastic customer service and their staff is obviously very well trained.
Everything top drawer
Good people to work with
it was simple and easy. The associate was very kind and helpful with questions and the process
My wife had four claims in two years on her ring, so now we have a $500 deductible. Pure crap!
It's easy to enroll and you can always go back and add information. The jeweler where my fiancee got my engagement ring recommended no other insurance.
The first time I heard about Jewellers Mutual was when we bought our rings so I was a bit sceptical. Three months later I called and the awesome customer service was enough to convince me.
Easy policy to maintain. Renewal was simple.
Personable and professional
You cannot truly put a price on memories. Jewelers Mutual was a perfect solution for peace of mind. They made the process seamless. Thank you for being an solution to protect my treasures.
Applying for Jewelers Mutual was quick and easy and now I have that peace of mind I have been looking for!
Easy and quick.