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John Hancock 401k released my employer based funds back to my employer! The NASTY reps got my employer involved and released my tapes to them so the company and John Hancock reversed my funds paid out of my payroll check and my plan. Is this legal according to the SEC?

I called JH the other day and they said they couldn't find the policy for my recently deceased grandfather. I gave them the policy number that I have, the ssn#, but nothing came up. I have the original paperwork that was issued to him in 1941. It would be nice if they had a data base that could keep this information. Even if the policy was cashed out it would be nice to know that. Any information would be helpful. I checked on unclaimed property but nothing came up under that too. Any other suggestions out there?

John Hancock has the most incompetent management. Four years ago I began managing my elderly father's affairs. I notified them as the attorney-in-fact and requested his paperwork be mailed to my address in California and not in Massachusetts where he resides. They screwed up the 1099 forms by paying state taxes to California for three years. Even after numerous notices. Do not do any business with John Hancock ever.

I have been trying since the first week of January of this year to cash out my 401K. I asked several times for them to send me the paperwork to do this. I waited for over a month and had called several times over requesting it. I was even told it was going to be overnighted and 5 days later, they said it was sent and gave me a tracking number which ended up to be a bogus tracking number. I finally had to go to a mutual investor that deals with Hancock to get the paperwork from via email. I submitted the paperwork on February 4th and was confirmed by Hancock it was received. I was then told my funds would be available the following Monday. This never happened.

I then called back and was told to speak with a Karen **, who handles the larger 401K cash outs. I had tried numerous times to speak with her and all I got was her assistant relaying messages that the funds will be sent that day, as well as being redirected to her VM. The funds were never sent that week. This week I was told the deadline was Monday for them to pay out. I spoke with Karen ** and she said the money was available and was told as soon as she gets into the office, she will release the funds. That never happened either because I was then told she had car problems for the last two days.

Today she was in and we had to call her. I was told by her assistant that she, Karen **, was too busy to speak with us on the phone and that the funds will be in there by 11AM. That never happened. We then finally contacted the attorney general as well as the DOL (Department of Labor) and spoke with a gentleman who then called Karen **. After speaking with her, he told us she said that Hancock's treasury department was having issues getting release numbers and she was working with their treasury department. She told the gentleman from DOL this at 3:30. He asked for the treasury department's number for Hancock and she gave him the number, but then said their department closes at 1PM.

He asked Karen **, "If they close at 1PM, then how is it possible you're working with them?" He also reminded Mrs. ** about the deadline and that an SDP has been pre-filed against her company. She assured him it won't come to that and that it will be fulfilled by next Thursday. The gentleman from DOL then replied with the deadline was this Monday and they only have until next Monday to pay out to us. She had no reply. He caught her in a lie. This company has promised us several times to call back - that the funds would be in by a certain time of day multiple times.

Bottom line: We still have not received any of our funds as of yet after 2 months. The next step since a pre-filed SDP is set forth. Each day, 5 days after the deadline, which would have been this past Monday, the Department of Labor under the SDP (separate departure of penalties) act will fine the company $1,000 a day and the company will be charged with misappropriation of funds. This is unacceptable for a company to do this with people's money. We gave them our money and trusted them to protect and make it grow when all in all they only take our money for their own interests. There should be a law set into place where these 401K companies should not be allowed to take their penalty proportion prior to cashing out and disbursing the funds back to the account holder.

Beware of this company! Read reviews on them as it appears any other account holders are experiencing the same thing.

The most horrible experience. I purchased a money market fund from John Hancock since market was volatile to preserve cash. When my account was closed I was charged a fee of about 4000 (over 2 % of the fund). Fee was never disclosed. I filed a complaint with the labor department. Stay away from John Hancock. They are just trying to milk fees from clients without disclosing them.

In 1998 my wife passed at age 27, John Hancock asked for a few documents which the hospital provided. I was issued an immediate payment of 5000 within 3 days. Issued me 2 checks after in amounts that I requested to cover remaining balance. I was in the U.S. Army at the time and needed cash to get from Washington State to Vermont to bury my wife. John Hancock took care of my needs tenfold. I would not hesitate to refer people to this company. I had life insurance with them also for years but lost track and it has surely been cancelled. But that is of no fault of John Hancock. I may look to them again for insurance in the future. Thanks for your help John Hancock....

The company wants $6000 per year to maintain the policy yet the planned payment is $2200. I agreed to pay $3000 per year to maintain the policy (I am now 72 y/o). So why am I angry? They "borrow" the difference from my $100,000 FV policy, CHARGE ME 5% interest on that "loan", and then REDUCE the $100,000 death value by roughly $3000 per year (ie, 100K becomes 97K, then 94K, etc.). Bottom line: I am required to pay them money but they reduce my policy and charge me interest. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place - do I continue paying premiums to keep the $100 policy (reduced each year) in effect for my wife for when I die, or do I simply cash it in for the accumulated cash value, because there will (if I live long enough) come a time that I will have paid more into the policy than it is worth. Any suggestions? Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

I have not had any major issues with my life insurance company but I wish they gave you the option of doing more things online. Calling them is hard because you are kept on hold for a long period of time and I have more important things to do than spend a lot of time resolving problems.

In response to my complaint, I finally had an agent in Nassau County call me to explain how the dividends work. It seems that the 3 1/2% is only given on your dividends that you allow the company to hold! It is not given on the cash value of the policy! The amount of dividends you receive is based upon their decision and how the market is doing.

I have had my policy with them for 35 years and am very happy with them. My death benefits has doubled and my cash value is about 30 percent more than I have actually put in. I bought my son a policy when he was an infant for 50,000 and is now worth about 10.

My parents got a life insurance policy several years ago, and wanted to make some changes to it. What a headache! Unlike State Farm (the other company with which we have life insurance experience), the help that the reps offer is very general (they send confusing papers to complete, as opposed to the agent completing papers for you). In addition, I have to keep calling to get anything accomplished. I have called 3 times to verify the changes made, and am now on hold, when I should have received a call last week as promised. Much better to get insurance from a company with an experienced agent to help you!

I have not had anything to claim yet to rate their claim response, but the customer service on their accounting is absolutely the lowest. I have been paying our premium for both of my wife and my accounts via separated my bank auto payment setup for over five years. In middle of 2016, they changed the address without notifying us. The last three payments got returned due to wrong address. No communication were conducted and both of our accounts then got into inactive status.

During our call, we got the new address and made all three returned payments to the new address, but got returned again due to bad address again. We, over the phone, were told the provided address was wrong again and they provided with third address for the payment. The new 2017 payments along with past payments were then sent accordingly - surprisingly again, only the 2017 new payments were credited to our accounts while the 2016 payments did not. They were kept there for over two months (neither credit to us nor returned).

Was on the phone at least eight times with different agents. In few months' time during this mess, spent total of four and half hours trying to get this straight without luck. During the phone conversations, I have found many mistakes were made from their end along the line and never get corrected after pointed out by my comments made in numerous times of my previous phone calls. I had to write up a long letter - with all proofs of the constant payment effort made along with status of each attempt (return due to bad address). The long certified letter sent included total of nine pages. Besides stating all the facts, I specifically asked for the reason which actually caused the multiple mistakes made there a) without proper internal communication/correction and b) what would be done to prevent the same from happening to others clients in future.

After over four months of fighting, I finally was informed on 03/07/2017 in a brief letter (few lines) that both of our account get reinstated (as of March 2017) but ABSOLUTELY without any explanation as to what went wrong then and no apology whatsoever. This tells me that nothing was seriously reviewed/addressed over this case. At very least, they don't care much about customers feeling and completely ignored their request made.

I am extremely disappointed of my experience with JHLI - LTC unit account team along with their support. I feel strongly that this would be a consistent pattern in terms of their typical customer service and I would not be the only one getting this type of treatment. I cannot really imagine what I can do should the similar service is given while filing claim in future when I need their help the most. No one, obviously, would have the luxury to spend that amount of time during that kind of condition. I really hope they will take this seriously and have the process/procedure improved, to start with - having better communication with their client in responding.

I received in June a proposal to withdraw/rollover my Annuity. I was quoted in the papers a lump sum withdrawal. After given the runaround for over 3 months about additional paperwork and multiple follow up phone calls on my part they finally told me I would receive a check that was 30% less than all the paperwork had quoted me. When asked they stated it was a miscalculation on their part. So how do I know the new quote isn’t a miscalculation also? If I ever get my money I will never invest with them again... my advice... run as fast as you can from them. Anyone who is in the business of finances and can’t even quote you a right number on your investments is a pretty shady company.

My stepfather passed almost a year ago & I have been working with my 97year old mother to collect on his policy. I have submitted all forms requested at least 3 times & finally hired an attorney last November, 3017. He has also submitted the same paperwork at least 3 times & we are still getting nowhere. This is the worst customer service I have ever encountered & it's a shame that my mother cannot get the monies that he intended for her to have. We are still trying to get this settled & it seems like they are just waiting for her to die so they can drag this out forever. I have power of attorney & also an executor of the estate. Everything else has been taken care of as far as the estate goes with only this police to be distributed!

I guess the insurance policy does what it is supposed to; expensive, but one knows about that when buying a VUL. And the company's financial strength is OK. But the website is 20th century, and the back office worse. I have online accounts with Fidelity, Vanguard, Morgan Stanley, Voya, Chase, Citibank, and multiple other financial and insurance providers. I can say without reservation that the John Hancock website is the absolute worst. Slow, buggy, does not let you do simple things like transfer between accounts or update your password. And when you call customer service to do what you cannot do on the website, their back office systems bog down completely. You may end up sending faxes to prove they get the message and to insist they implement. Look for alternatives.

In May 1997 at age 54, I purchased a Flexible Variable Life Insurance Policy with John Hancock. I was given paperwork that showed I would be paying annual premiums of $2,276.00 for 15 years (to age 69); after that time, NO premiums would be required ("assuming gross rate of 12%" was in the small print). Now at age 70, I get a bill for $6,149.24 from JH stating that I must pay this new amount annually in order to maintain my $100,000 policy.

Reading the information regarding PREMIUMS on page 5 of my paperwork ("Valuable Information about your Policy"), it states in part: "At age 70, ASSUMING a 12% gross rate and current charges, a new annual required premium of $3,490.00 would be determined to guarantee your $100,000 policy to age 100.” Is it my fault that JH (who has previously been the defendant in a Federal class action lawsuit) cannot make better investment decisions and that I, who put full faith in the Company for the past 15 years (as well as premiums of $31,864) should be required to increase my premiums to $6,149.24 as a result? I think NOT.

In all fairness, I would be willing to pay the new amount of $3,490.00 per annum to keep the policy in effect (that's about $100 extra a month), but only if I am guaranteed the full amount of the policy upon my demise, regardless of age up to 100. I hope someone with authority at JH sees this and reviews my complaint. Thank you.

My father has been in and out of the hospital most of this year. In trying to establish the 100-day elimination period, it's been a nightmare dealing with this company. The 100-day elimination period is like a yo-yo. The elimination day's actually go up and down. My parents have been paying into this fund for 30 years and this service can't go unpunished. If anybody out there is willing to work with me to sue this company, I'd be interested and can be contacted at **.

I have had this policy for years, I have never had any issue. We recently reviewed the policy to make sure it is correct, and accurate. Made the necessary changes according to my change in ages from when it started, to my current life situation. My original agent started as the father, and now the son/daughter are running the business.

After years of payment into John Hancock long term care and after many months of delay I hoped that my mom would finally receive funds needed for her expensive care. After many phone calls and many excuses they promised to send funds, after all we had passed all of the hurdles, provided all of her receipts for care. My mom never received a dollar while she was alive, only a few checks arrived after she passed away. Shame on these uncaring and heartless people... save your money in a private account not JH so that when you need funds YOU will control them not scammers like John Hancock.

My mother passed away in 2013 and had a policy with JH. Myself and my siblings were beneficiaries on the policy and as the executor of the estate I directed each of my siblings to complete the necessary forms so that equal distribution could be made. On July 15, 2016 (3+ years later) I received a letter at my home addressed to one of them that I thankfully opened a few weeks later. Thinking it was just another solicitation or junk mail since I received other such items since mom's death, I was glad that I opened it instead of throwing it away... It was a notice indicating that JH was making a final attempt to reach a sibling and if there was no response by 8-3-16 that the funds will be reported to the state.

I immediately called John Hancock and they told me to fill out a form and email it to them which I did and received an auto-reply acknowledging their receipt. I followed up with a phone call and was told that it would take a few weeks to process. I called after a few weeks and was told that they were still working on it. On November 14, I received a letter addressed to me that the funds were turned over to the state and that I had to call the Office of the General Treasurer who told me that the funds would not be put into the system until January.

Call after call after call to John Hancock looking for an explanation was both exhausting and emotionally draining. After 3 months of calling and leaving messages that were never returned I finally reached someone today that told me that because it was my estranged sibling's name on the funds that they couldn't do anything for me! They also informed me that they sent letters to my other siblings (3 to each of them) since 2013 asking them to have the sibling that was named complete the paperwork contact them. What I can't forgive JH for is putting me through 3 months of agony and not giving me an explanation as to why they would have sent letters to the others siblings but not me who they had the documentation verifying that I was the Executor of the Will.

The representatives that I dealt with were not only unprofessional but insensitive and condescending with their responses to the situation offering no guidance whatsoever to resolve. When I told them I would be filing a complaint, they said....."go right ahead". Not happy with John Hancock and it would be over my mother's dead body that I would ever recommend them. They could have told me this on day 1 not 3 months later. I am so frustrated right now I feel sick.

Several years after becoming disabled I had many questions about my policy. This was because I did not originally remember that I had a disability clause in my policy that would enable me to stop paying my monthly deductible. Instead this cost is actually absorbed by the insurance company throughout my disability, which is diagnosed as a lifelong disability. They were extremely helpful and guided me through the paperwork and nuances of my policy. I knew they had my best interest at heart and I was incredibly grateful.

I am the sole beneficiary of a life policy and John Hancock is refusing to pay. The reason, there was a divorce involved. In our divorce decree my husband and I kept ownership of our life policies so we could have the sole discretion to keep the beneficiary as is or change the beneficiary at any time in the future. It would be our choice. He never remarried and we remained friends and elected not to change the beneficiary. He sadly passed away of a very difficult illness and is missed by many friends and loved ones. I turned the claim in and jumped through all of the hoops and requirements they requested - completed forms, divorce decree, death certificate, etc., at which time they said they would issue a check.

They confirmed there was not any items missing and I met all of their requirements, but stated since there was a divorce they would not pay the beneficiary. How can they take a choice away from who we choose to leave our life insurance to weather a divorcee, friend, relative, charity, etc. I am continuing to receive the "run-around" and will not give me the proof of their words. I am continuing to fight this and will turn it into the State Insurance Association. I find it very "distasteful", to say the least, how this insurance company takes care of business. To now read all of the negative reviews about John Hancock and find that I am one of many - not a fun club to be a part of.

I found an endowment policy for my grandfather taken out in 1945. He passed away in 1992. I went to claim the policy which is faced value at $500. They told me that over the 54 years, it has only collected $16.01 in interest. Can that be true?

In 1987, I bought an $800,000 lifetime annuity from Manufacturer's Life which is now John Hancock. Recently, I needed some information with regard to my monthly payments which are supposed to change this month. I placed several calls to their annuity service department and each time, I had nothing but problems. First, they couldn't find the account. Then when they finally found the account, they couldn't answer a single question about it. Two weeks ago, the representative indicated that someone would call me back. No one called. I called twice again today and was told that they would mail me some information and "if I didn't receive my correct payment, call back in a few weeks". This is an unacceptable way to handle a client who wrote a check for $800,000! I am writing a similar letter to the President, Craig Bromley, and to the head of the Annuity Division, John Vrysen. My advice to anyone looking to buy an insurance product is to not deal with John Hancock unless you are prepared for anger and frustration.

I am disappointed in many aspects of conversion of a policy to whole life, including use of my checking and draft to it. I would hope that my best interest would have been primary. Not just sale of policy. A long story but it has not been a pleasant transition. I expect organized, accurate, efficient, professional work. The Ability to speak to Corporate Offices to ensure better service. You are nowhere without customers. Respect them and take care to provide the best possible service. Based on my experience I would not recommend this company. I have been a long long term customer and user of JH!! I expect more.

PS. And also you gave 21 million to one fund and gave little back to policy holders what was that about? Clearly you have been making a lot of money.

Worst customer support (especially for financial & wealth management) in the industry. I have used Schwab, Fidelity, Prudential, eTrade, and Chase in the past and used them as comparison. At John Hancock their call center is 100% based in Philippines at all hours of the day & night. The call reps don't get measured on answering questions accurately, or providing any amount of customer service, rather only on speed of answer. THAT'S IT! They were of no help at all.

The website indicated to call their 800 number for information on 401k questions, yet the the call rep constantly referred me back to the website for information (that wasn't present). The call felt like a "Who's on first?" episode. Even at the end of the call when they asked had they answered all my questions, and I indicated they did NOT help with my concerns, the response said it all, "Excellent, have a nice day," and they hung up! This is the fourth call I've had with them and I can't wait to move my money OUT of that place. Stay away from this firm. Whatever promises are being made in local offices, or by brokerage firms trying to sign you or your company up, I PROMISE you will be sorry later.

I filed a claim as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy held by John Hancock on my mother. I filled out all the forms sent to me and sent them back registered mail, return receipt. I was told the claim would take approx 10 days. I called back in two weeks when I received no update on the claim. After a lot of confusion and contradictory information about the processing of the claim, I was finally told the claim had in fact already been processed and the check mailed.

14 days later when the check still had not arrived, I called again. Again, all those I spoke with (at least 5 reps) could either not find any information or kept putting me on hold for long periods only to come back and still not have any verifiable information as to the whereabouts of the check. When I asked what address the check was mailed to, they were unable to provide even an address. When I asked for a supervisor, I was put on hold for over 30 minutes. Then the supervisor was also unable to find the address the check was mailed and told me they would get back to me. Nobody seemed to be able to find even the most basic information or even the copies of the claim forms I sent in with all my complete information right on it.

Still later and after another four to five calls and transfers, I reached a Norma ** who recited an incomplete, erroneous address the check was mailed to, even five days earlier than first told to me. Not the address I put on the form. Only now did it become apparent the check was lost. A mistake they made which was only discovered by my insistence on verifying the information. Which took me over three hours and endless aggravation to get out of them. All the while, they kept saying the check is in the mail, just wait on it.

Now at this point, with the service rep acting like it was in some way my fault for their screw up, they said they would stop payment on the check mailed to the incorrect address and resend another check. When I asked that they send it US Priority mail with tracking..... (you won't believe this) they said they are unable to send it by priority mail. Or to a PO Box. A US Post Office PO Box. Only FedEx or UPS. I repeated I did not want a driver leaving it on a doorstep. I wanted it sent to a secure PO Box. She said she couldn't and hung up.

I have never been so frustrated with a company or ever come across a customer service that actually does nothing to provide any customer service. Never mind the entire delay and inconvenience to me is their fault. And they still suggested they were helping me. They had done nothing but tell me what they couldn't find, or didn't have, or couldn't do, or lost or transfer me to someone else that proceeded to recite the same excuses. Not the kind of frustrating responses you would want from a company or anyone, when dealing with issues relating to a death in the family. I have always thought highly of John Hancock as a business. A company with integrity. This has certainly tainted my viewpoint on both their integrity and competence and certainly their sensitivity. Just another big company that doesn't care.

After changing positions I requested a transfer of my 401K balance to my new employer's plan. John Hancock 401K employee related that to complete the transfer of my 401K plan I had to first transfer my balance into a IRA account with John Hancock and then, and only then could I transfer the funds into a competing 401K (Wells Fargo). In so many words, I told them that that was the most foolish requirement I had ever heard and they responded that it was an absolute requirement. They told me it would be no problem and that the transfer would take effect in 10 business days. I followed the agent's instructions and completed the transfer on the phone.

I have asked JH on 4 separate calls to explain this requirement to me and the agent Naomi ** (1-800-333-0963 ext **) stated on 7/11/17 at approximately 10:30 am that she would look into it and call me back before 2:30 pm that day. NO CALLBACK was received. I called back on 7/12/17 @4:11 pm and left a message, she called back on 7/14/17 and left a message that she had retrieved the "tapes" and would call me back on Monday, 7/17/17. NO CALLBACK was received. I left another message on 7/19/17 at 4:17 pm and requested a callback. NO CALLBACK was received. I have just called again and left another message today 7/24/17 at 5:10 pm... THEY WILL NOT WEAR ME OUT! I am sure the practice of not responding discourages a lot of people from getting what they want or deserve... And that practice probably works most of the time! NO ONE SHOULD TOLERATE THIS NONSENSE!

Screwed up my father's paperwork several times. Could not get their act together. When it was finally straightened out I get a call a week later saying it was all incorrect. Was a very simple transaction, my mother passed. He was taking her name offhand putting me on as beneficiary to split everything accordingly. I cannot tell you how many times they could not get this correct and this is while my father with living. The sad part is my father worked for this company 35 years so sad to think they royally screwed it up. It wasn’t a difficult job. That was something that was an everyday thing for a large insurance company. Nobody knew anything. I can’t tell you how many times and how many phone calls and how many office visit we made while he was alive.

My father passed away last year only to find out my mother was still the beneficiary which meant this account had to go to probate and that was the reason why we spent all that time enough to get this straightened out. To cover themselves they combined two of his accounts together made it one account or claim they only needed one beneficiary paper when we went to settle They claim there was only one account that had a beneficiary and they split the two accounts apart The way they were before they were put together. Obviously you would only have one beneficiary if you are putting everything in one account so to separate them back the way they were prior to this it’s basically an illegal transaction.

We were in the office and we filled out By three different people and also signed by all medallion signature stamp also a gold medallion. What does this sound like to you. Now I have to file for probate because of this one account and have filed a complaint with the insurance commissioner's office. Bottom line nobody wants to be accountable or do the legwork much rather make people miserable that invested with them then to make it right. Keep in mind my father worked for them 35 years. I have all my proof. No one cares.

On 6/1/16, I separated from my employer, and within 2 weeks, requested a partial distribution of funds, by calling the number indicated on the website. I wanted to know exactly how to get this done. I was advised to send the forms the person would send me, and write a note on the forms as to what I wanted to do. He advised he would call back to follow up. After a week of no forms and no callback, I called again, and got someone else who was more helpful, and though his information was MORE accurate, it was not complete. I did as he indicated, and fortunately, after another week, someone called me from JH to explain what I needed to do.

I finally got the correct info. I did as advised, and got a partial distribution a month after the initial call. We just had an emergency situation occur, so I sent a form via overnight mail, which was received on 8/5, and signed for. On Tuesday, I called to check status of the request, and also sent an email. I was told it's in process via the call, and they could/would not provide further info. The email response advised they could not provide info, and to call. A vicious circle if I might say so!! I checked daily to see if the funds were at least processed, and nothing.

Today, 8/12, I emailed and called again. Same story--except the person I spoke with said she would advise the other dept it was important to get this done quickly, do to the need--and asked for the number to follow up (by someone?). Gave her the number, received no callback, and the site undergoes maintenance today until 8A Mon, 8/15, when I will have to start over again and call to find out when I can get my money. I am extremely frustrated, and they have no method to actually complain, talk to a person who can do something, and it is extremely frustrating!!!

Called in, waited through the annoying phone prompts to talk to customer service. I just needed the plan address that is required for rolling over to another account. What happened was endless sales pitches and no address. Finally the representative told me he could give me John Hancock's general mailing address. Which is absolutely ridiculous. Was a slap in the face. I wish the same for them.

My mother is now in assisted living, since early April of 2014. She has been paying into JH for at least 30 years and they have amassed nearly $100,000 in payments from her. The requisite 100 days passed in assisted living, and yet the insurance payments did not start on time. After several complaints they paid for only one month, then stopped, for no reason and with no explanation. I now have to have my lawyer take over to get the payments that are due. My mother is fortunate that she has my brother, myself and a lawyer to get the money owed to her by JH. It makes me wonder just how many hundreds of older adults without the support my mother has get scammed by this company.

I have had insurance with John Hancock for the past 15 years. I switched from another insurance company to them because they offered me the most for my money as well as cash investments. To simplify matters relative to premiums, I have them deducted directly from checking account monthly so that I do not have to concern myself with late payments. The company provides me with monthly statements that gives me all relevant information such as policy values, advances in stocks associated with the policy. It has a website where I can go and get answers to all of my questions. To date, my relationship with the company has been excellent and I would recommend them to anyone who needs insurance.

This is the third time I am dealing with John Hancock annuities. Their legal department has been processing an assignment request for 3 weeks when it was supposed to be done in 10 days. They will now allow customers to speak to their legal department and refuse to give an answer as to when the documentation will be completed. I paid $850,000 in cash for this annuity and when I need service, I can't get it. It's a horrible company to do business with. Never buy their products unless you want to be kicked around and treated poorly.

I am the sole beneficiary of a John Hancock Retirees Basic Life Insurance Plan. I have called several different phone numbers and filled out several online forms and have gotten nowhere. All I have received is "someone will get back to you"! When you lose a loved one, why make a difficult time even more difficult? Maybe you will give up and JH doesn't have to pay the claim? Wrong, do not plan to quit! In the meantime I'll post negative reviews everywhere I can!

My father died in 2005. Last year, John Hancock notified my sisters and I that we were due a death benefit. They sent us each a check. However, they sent a 1099 to one sister under my father's name for the total amount payable with a distribution code of 7 (normal). The estate has been settled since he had passed away in 2005. We have requested an amended 1099, one for each of us with a correct distribution code of 4 - death. We're just getting the runaround.

On 10/23/2015 I went to my agent to fill out surrender forms to cash out this policy. So I check it out by calling John Hancock, the forms were fill out wrong. Then went back to him have the check direct deposit to my bank on 11/9/15. My has lung cancer. I need money to pay medical bills, they said it's processed and on its way. I think we need to ask. If I would, I die. My wife have this much trouble get money from this company because they got promise out of my bank.

I lost my mother in June 2013 who was John Hancock Life Insurance policyholder. As her legal executor, I provided the company her death certificate (with county seal) to process her policy. The benefits were paid shortly thereafter. My 82-year-old visually impaired father named my mother as the secondary contact for policy change information. JH continues to deliver correspondence regarding my father's policy to my mother's former address despite acknowledging that she has passed. They argue that my father must write, sign, and send a letter to JH to have my deceased mother's name removed from his policy records. Regrettably, my father will under corneal surgery tomorrow and is simply unable to provide this documentation.

The agent telephoned my father today, while I waited on hold to confirm the situation I described to two JH professionals, neither of whom seem to understand the difficulty many ailing octogenarians encounter with computers and other contemporary communication technologies. Unfortunately, I am on a different coast from my father and am unable to facilitate delivery a form letter with his signature to JH to remove my deceased mother's name from his profile. What is most difficult to accept is the callous customer service the JH agents provided, and the complete disregard for the still painful loss of my mother.

I have had John Hancock for years and whenever I need something answered they are very helpful and I have never had any trouble with them. When you ask them to send you something in the mail they send it right out.

This company is disgraceful. My mother is needing her cash value from a paid up life insurance policy; BUT, they are refusing to accept her Power of Attorney/Attorney in Fact, prepared by a law firm. So, they are refusing to turn over HER FUNDS to pay for her care in a nursing home. Even after they know she is incapacitated, I have the letter they sent me advising me to go get her to sign a surrender form in front of a notary!!! They want me to commit fraud, so then they could claim her signature is not valid because she was forced while incapacitated. WHAT A SHAMEFUL COMPANY THAT HAS SULLIED THE GOOD NAME OF JOHN HANCOCK.

I applied for a 401K loan with two weeks to go before my closing date for a house, and now I risk missing my closing date because of John Hancock’s antiquated technology and process. My mortgage broker told me it should only take a few days to take out a 401K loan, but I guess he is used to clients dealing with better run 401K administrators. Also, when I first looked into taking a 401K loan, I saw that you could apply electronically, but when I did apply I found out it would take 5-7 days to receive the full paper loan application by mail and another 5-7 days for John Hancock to process the request after I submit the application.

I called customer service and asked if they could email the loan application or if I could pay for them to FedEx application overnight and the guy said no. How is this so for a giant company like John Hancock? Everything else in the home buying process has been done electronically even though I’ve been dealing with a small, local mortgage company and real estate agent. And why does it take 5-7 days to process the loan? This is my money. There is no credit review process. All they should be reviewing is that I am using the loan proceeds to buy real estate.

My late mother-in-law took out two life insurance policies on my late husband in 1949. I didn't know these policies existed until two letters addressed to my late husband arrived at our house. These policies had my mother-in-law as the beneficiary. Which made sense since my late husband was 7 years old at the time. I contacted John Hancock and told them both my mother-in-law had passed (1988) and my husband died in 2013. I asked them what papers did I need to file to claim these two policies? My late husband and I were married for 37 years before his passing. After filing countless paperwork. Sending them proof of my mother-in-law's death. Sending them my late husband's death certificate TWICE. Having our son signing affidavits that he was the executor for my late husband's will and confirming the will was probated in 2013.

I jumped through every hoop they asked me to do for over a month and FINALLY they determined I could claim these policies. But it took me DEMANDING to speak to a supervisor to get to this determination, way after a month. Because every time I called about these policies, their customer service reps. would talk to me like nothing was already filed! And every time I talked to someone their story would change. In reality, I was lied to countless times! Not only was this experience was time consuming, but cost me money to get their needed paperwork.

My complaint is, John Hancock will not let me have these policies to see their ACTUAL value. Nor will they TELL me their value. I still don't know how much their worth really is. I told them right out, because I have been lied to many times, I just can't accept "their word." I am getting what these policies, after all these years, are truly worth!!! The reason for why I can't have or see these policies, according to John Hancock? Because I am not the policy owner or the original beneficiary. Really??? Of course I am not the owner. He passed away in 2013. And the original beneficiary died in 1988!! That's why I filed all those papers!

As polite as their customer service reps. were that does not compensate my frustration. Nor how many times I was misled and lied to. Especially since these two policies (according to John Hancock) is only worth less than 4,000 dollars. Thank goodness I do not have my life insurance through John Hancock, because my policies are worth quite a bit more and I can only imagine what they would put my son through to claim them, after my passing.

I had to roll over another account from a different job. I thought it would be a long process but the staff were so friendly and knowledgeable that it was done very quickly and easily. The entire process was very well explained! I would definitely recommend them to everyone looking :)

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