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John Hancock Long-Term Care Insurance
John Hancock Long-Term Care Insurance

John Hancock Long-Term Care Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

Once again, we see large business getting the freedom to make bad business decisions and then increase their customers' rates beyond belief. It really feels like a bait and switch. They tell us we have a choice: Pay more for the same benefits we originally signed up for or keep our premiums the same and reduce our benefits. Brings back all of the nightmares from the banks. We're again experiencing that lawmakers are scared to death of losing their financial support from the lobbyists. They're too big to fail! And we consumers have no choice other than to pay or lose all that we've put in. If the insurance companies want to save $s they should simply support all states to approve "Death With Dignity." It would certainly be a lot cheaper, of course, they would make any money!!

John Hancock LTC Insurance is one of the biggest scams out there. Please avoid at all costs in that it will only succeed in depleting your cash savings. They are great in accepting premiums but when claims against the policy are filed they give nothing but the runaround. We filed a claim on behalf of my mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer disease. They sent a nurse (debatable) to examine my mother and after 20 minutes of testing determined that she was fine. Not sure what the test were that she was given but this diagnosis was completely ludicrous.

My mom doesn't know what day it is, what medications she is on, when to take her medication even when put out in front of her. Will not eat unless meals are prepared for her. She has very little sense of rational thinking. John Hancock continues to delay, delay, delay its ruling until they notify us that we must re-submit another claim because time has run out. This has been going on for about a year. What a rip-off organization.

I am 80 years old and have carried LTC insurance with JHLIC for over 20 years. Just received notice from JHLIC that my premium will increase 40% over the next 4 years (40% is maximum allowed by the insurance commission) and a promise to expect future increases. The reasons for the increases are "due to people living longer than expected." I can't believe that when I took out the policy that the insurance industry didn't know that life expectancy was on the increase.

I made a contract with JHLIC and paid my premiums on time. Now other party to the contract wants to make continuing coverage financially impossible. Initially, I made a contract with JHLIC, both of us took risks, now they don't like the exposure to their side of the risk, and through pricing want to eliminate their risk. If JHLIC made a bad business decision their company must live with it not try to get out of it through pricing. I am hoping that through a class action suit that the thousands of policy holders will be able to get relief.

The agents are very knowledgeable and friendly. They are eager to assist and always willing to go the extra mile to help and make sure that all questions have been answered. They provide a wide range of coverage and plans which make it easy to choose the plan which best fits your personal budget and goals and ensure that you get the best plan for your needs. I'm happy to have the knowledge and ability to know that no matter what happens I am secure and am able to face whatever comes at me ahead in my life. It makes me feel comforted that my family has the security of knowing that if anything happens that they are not going to adversely affected and that security is worth the world to me.

Rates were never supposed to have gone up, but they have gone up. Communication has been only one way - from company by letter. They had a number of choices and I did find one choice that was acceptable to me. Coverage choices included a yearly inflation increase that was supposed to be included in the cost. They just offered me the choice to pay more to maintain the 5 percent annual inflation I had or to accept a 3.5 percent inflation rate increase every year at the same price I have been paying. The most value is peace of mind, since long-term care can be very expensive. My mother paid $3,500 a month to stay in an assisted living facility that is not covered by medicare or health insurance.

John Hancock is the Absolute worst company I have EVER dealt with when it comes to customer service! We have been paying premiums with them since 2010. The current premium they charged for my mother is almost $14,000 per year. I submitted a claim in August 2017, which was subsequently "approved" in November 2017. Since then they have continued to ask for premium payments (even though no additional premium payments should be due once a claim is approved). Additionally they keep stalling and asking for additional information which has now been presented to them 2 and 3 times.

It seems that they continue to lose faxed documents in their interoffice mail system. It has now been 9 months since the claim was initiated, and 6 months since it was "approved." I have even recently gotten in touch with the State Attorney General's office to investigate this claim, and the company's business ethics in general. I am hopeful to be given some relief, but it is too early to tell. Even after informing a supervisor from John Hancock of my opening a case with the state attorney general, they still have lacked any urgency in returning any of my calls, faxes or emails. I am not suggesting that long term care is not a beneficial and even at times necessary insurance, but I would look for any other option besides John Hancock.

My experience with John Hancock Long-Term Care Insurance has been uniformly superb. In recovery from several heart surgeries, I activated my long-term care insurance with minimal delay. I would recommend John Hancock to anyone and everyone who needs efficient management of care and related payments.

When I was sixty years old I took out my Long-Term Care Insurance with John Hancock. The effective date was May 03, 2002. John Hancock placed the policy with Fortis Long Term Care which was administered by John Hancock at that time. The Automatic Benefit increase was 5% Simple. Total Premium at that time was $3,423.32. I was told there would be no premium increases and all the other untruths that so many people are now aware of.

Over the years things did change a lot. The inflation rate kept being lowered in order to keep the same Premium Rate or you were offered a higher rate to keep a 5% Simple. Fortis dropped out of the picture and now it is Union Security Insurance Company. Things got really horrid on their last letter filled with more deception (February 27th, 2017). Now the inflation rate to keep your Premium Rate is 0.5% Simple. Or pay almost $7,000.00 dollars a year for 2.4% Simple Inflation.

There is still the chance of further increases no matter what you pay. This was a brilliant premeditated LONG-TERM CARE FRAUD well thought out a long time ago. The end result would be the policy would become worthless based on the fact of their constant reductions and inflation rates in Nursing Homes. They say it is not a discriminatory policy increase. Baloney. They know the ages of every single group of policyholders. I am waiting for the Class Action Suit. For now my choice is to take the lower 0.5% Simple just to have some coverage. I have NEVER had a claim in these 16 years and I pray I never do. All I can say is I hope some brave Law Firm beats their brains in.

My mother and father both purchased policies 15 years ago. My father passed away last year suddenly and never required the use of his John Hancock Long Term Health Insurance Policy. Score a big one for John Hancock Long Term Health Insurance company. My mother on the other hand has late stage COPD and has been significantly disabled for 18 months now. Both my sister and I have been attempting to get her claim filed and paid as she has required the services covered under the John Hancock Long Term Health Insurance Policy. This has been VERY FRUSTRATING as John Hancock has made it almost impossible and certainly as difficult as possible to get claims filed and paid. They are clearly running a play book similar to the one in the movie The Rainmaker.

And get this... we had the agent who sold her and my father their policies on the phone today. This agent is retired and no longer selling insurance. He admitted his frustration with John Hancock Long Term Health Insurance Policy as he has discovered that in every case, for every policy he sold and where a claim was appropriate, John Hancock Long Term Health Insurance Company made the process as hard as possible. He said if he knew then what he knows today he would NOT sell the John Hancock Long Term Health Insurance Policy. Now that is hearsay I know... but this isn't. When you call them, they route you to the Philippines, unless you demand to speak with someone in the states. Depending upon who you speak with you get a different answer.

We have submitted claims for 60+ weeks and they claim to only have received ...5 of them. However, here is the most important thing you need to know if you are fighting this nightmare right now... Be sure if you are using their form for Independent care, that you don't list time in the items such as Housekeeping, Sleeping, Companion Services; basically everything below the line that begins with "ADL Care Hours" below the dark black they will DENY that claim and that money you spent is gone! We also use a lot of outside sitter services who are approved according to John Hancock Long Term Health Insurance Policy. They have given them conflicting information regarding how to file claims and as a result none of them have been paid.

And we even have proof that one of these providers, faxed, mailed and emailed every claim and John Hancock Long Term Health Insurance says they never received anything concerning those dates. Unfortunately, I believe we'll have to retain an attorney to get action from John Hancock Long Term Health Insurance Company to get them to honor the $40,000 in premiums paid to them for both my mother and father's John Hancock Long Term Health Insurance policies over the years. John Hancock Long Term Health Insurance coverage in my opinion is a scam, because if the insurance agents selling the policies told the potential customers how hard it was going to be to get a claim paid 20 years from now, they wouldn't sell any policies.

Reading through threads of complaints, my family and I feel our story has already been written. After a fall that broke our 93 year old mom's hip and some memory loss, our mom thought she was ready to move into an assisted living facility. She went through all the criteria that was asked by John Hancock, including a lengthy evaluation by a nursing personnel sent by JHI.

According to JHI, she needed to live in the assisted living facility for 90 days and then she would receive $70 per day towards her living expense there. She has sold her home in the meantime and any furniture that she wouldn't need. She has lived at the ALF now for over 7 months, and JHI still has not approved her claim. Our family has gone through all the red tape, non-returned calls, being kept on hold for 20 minutes or more, letters saying information was misrouted and now is in correct hands until we are beyond frustration and aggravation.

We have now sent a letter to Senator Kirk of Illinois plus to all the board members of JHI, as well as contacting an attorney to help us through this unbelievable mass of red tape that John Hancock has created for senior citizens. Please contact your state representative if you are dealing with this company that is considered reputable but is deceitful to our most vulnerable people - our senior citizens!

They have the best customer service anywhere. They are very knowledgeable nice, and try to help you any way they possibly can. Very willing to answers all questions. They also explain every possible scenario with you, and always asking if you want certain things you don't think of at the time. We went over several different policies and the people were always patient when I didn't understand each policy and new things I've never heard of. I have the best coverage they offer, and the value is excellent. Wouldn't want to deal with anybody else. Money is not easy to come by and they realize and care about you and finances.

My 86 year old mother and 87 year old father have been together paying more than $300 per MONTH for long term care from John Hancock. They have been doing this since in their 60's to prevent their children from having such a burden. Conservatively figuring, that is well over $50,000. My father has moderate Alzheimer's and a week ago my mother slipped into a diabetic coma and had to be rushed to the hospital in ambulance. She was revived but now needs constant attention. It is my guess that her time is very short now.

I remembered that my father had been paying for this LTC insurance, so I located the number and contacted John Hancock. I finally discovered that their coverage only pays a maximum of $50 per day. That is understandable, since this is just a supplement. But what upsets me is that the coverage will only start that $50 AFTER 100 days of paying on your own. So after $50,000+ dollars, they have NOTHING. Thanks John Hancock.

Updated on 01/16/2015:

Avoid this company like the ebola virus. My mom passed away in August, leaving my 88 year old father alone with moderate dementia. We immediately brought him to live with us, but his dementia, along with paranoia and a host of medical issues required an exhaustive evaluation at a geriatric psych facility, then a move to an assisted living center. He has adapted well, but needs the help of the provided meals, laundry, and medication dispensing. If not, he would likely not last a month. I immediately started on the slew of paperwork required, and have mailed and faxed hundreds of pages of documentation. I have been receiving 2-4 letters per week from John Hancock and try to comply immediately with their requests.

Today I called with a question about the latest paperwork request and was told that it was not needed because his claim had been denied. He has been paying for himself and my mom for at least the past 15 years. He is a WWII veteran who has lost his wife, his home, and his freedom in the last 5 months. If there is anyone who has a clearer case for receiving benefits, I would like to know.

My parents were raised during a time when most businesses could be trusted to keep their promises. It is too bad that he has to see to what a low point that has fallen. And what a horrible business model that they project, because I am of an age that I am looking for a LTC. But I would NEVER consider John Hancock and would encourage anyone reading this to do the same. There is a reason that a company receives a solid ONE STAR. And it is only because ZERO isn't an option.

Always helpful when I call in to talk with a representative. My questions were answered promptly and they give me what I need to feel secure and confident about the future. If I had to go with another provider I am not sure I could get the same coverage at the price. Also, the coverage is great. They provide a great value at an affordable price. I can't say the same for some of the other providers I have used in the past.

For over 5 years payments for my LTC policy have been automatically withdrawn from my checking account every month. Then the withdrawals stopped after January 2015. Since I no longer get a snail mail bill, I did not notice this until I got a bill in the mail for past due payments. When I called JH Customer Service, I was told that my account was not set up for automatic payments but rather for direct billing. I told them that this was a mistake, because they had been withdrawing funds from my account for over 5 years. The so called customer service agent told me that I was wrong because my account was set up for direct billing. I once again told him that there was obviously something wrong with their system, because up until February a payment had been withdrawn automatically every month. He insisted that I was wrong, because his screen said that my account was not set up that way.

After several rounds of this nonsense I got quite heated, and he said that he would send an inquiry to the billing department and would call me back in 2 or 3 days. Needless to say, he never did. So, after a week elapsed with no word, I called again and got the same run around. I insisted, rather heatedly, on talking to a supervisor. Guess what, that jerk gave me the same run around and told me that I would have to submit a written request for the establishment of automatic payments.

Now I know why there are so many complaints about the JH Customer Service department. They clearly have no idea what customer service means. Instead of "The Customer Is Always Right," their motto seems to be "The Customer Is Always Wrong." Instead of starting an inquiry about what had gone wrong with their system, because this might be happening to other customers, they insisted that this was all my fault. Even the much maligned Comcast has a better customer service department in my experience.

My wife and I purchased long-term care insurance policies from John Hancock in 2006 when we lived in Indianapolis, IN. I retired in July 2010 and we moved to New York City in September 2010 to be close to our son. We submitted the address change forms to US Postal Service. The annual bills for insurance premiums were forwarded to our new address for 2011 and 2012. We paid them promptly as we always did since 2006. The premium notices for 2013, however, did not reach us and due to two deaths in the family (my mother and my wife's mother) as well as some family court cases, we failed to note that we did not pay the 2013 premium. When I realized it, I immediately contacted John Hancock and I was told that our insurance policies were cancelled.

I sent a letter of appeal explaining our circumstances and also asked why we were not contacted via email and via my mobile telephone number (I still keep the same number from Indianapolis), I was told that John Hancock would only communicate via paper letters. Thus, we received a computer-generated form letter (with no names or signatures) declining our appeal for reinstatement. I sent a second follow up letter of appeal through an insurance agent in New York State and there has not been any word or reply. I sent a letter of complaint to Indiana Department of Insurance and I was told that they are investigating the case. I would be happy to submit our letters and the response from the company. We are very disappointed with cold, insensitive, and unfriendly consumer service of John Hancock.

I have, in clear black-and-white, a policy that specifies a ten payment option. I paid more each year for 10 years, and then I was supposed to be done. Now they are denying that this is a 10-pay policy, even though even their own records (which they finally emailed to me) clearly shows this. I have phone recordings and emails back and forth which clearly show a blatant and persistent - uh, policy (the double-entendre of "a bad insurance policy" would be ironic if it weren't being inflicted on me) - of agreeing that I am right, promising to rectify their error, and then failing to follow through and starting me at the bottom of the process again. Breach of contract at the very least, with more than a little evil thrown in. Anyone have any suggestions?

Just got notice our Long Term Care insurance premiums are rising 15% over next 3 years (5% each year) and there is NOTHING we can do about it (except change to lower coverage at lower premiums). What a "bait and switch"!! Entice with reasonable rates and premiums & now that we are 6 years into paying premiums (significant investment), they gouge us with ridiculous increases and we are stuck! Plus they can and likely will increase our premiums again & again!!

Their explanation was a simple sentence that said the increase was due to "people living longer". While this explanation might make sense if I had purchased lifetime medical coverage, but my LT Care benefits are defined and capped, so whether I live to be 70 or 90, other than the inflation provision, my benefits are still capped. However, if I live longer, they'll actually benefit by getting added years of premium payments from me. With this policy, if we are living longer, I would think our rates should decrease since they will get more premiums for the same capped benefit!

Obviously, the cost of my insurance is NOT increasing to John Hancock, they are just including us in their need/desire to raise added money to cover other areas within their company. I am hoping that someone starts a class action suit against these increases, as I will definitely JUMP IN!!! Warning... when dealing with insurance companies (all types of insurance and annuities) definitely read and ensure the policy specifically states that the premiums can NOT change and they can NOT change/decrease any of the provisions or benefits (our agent said that increases were not likely as this was a defined and capped program).

Unfortunately, I don't think you will find this... so AVOID these policies that allow them to increase your rates at will, or you WILL be sorry!! They will definitely increase your rates & there is nothing you can do! I sure hope the benefits are there when/if we need them, since we are now paying a small fortune for a policy we may not even use.

Both of my parents have policies. You never get the same representative twice, you wait on hold for an average of 30 minutes and get a different answer each time. I have had to fax the same documents over and over again, and now call them afterwards to make sure they have arrived. Then, I called to find out what was delaying the payment and they either need more paperwork or have to notify their benefit department to expedite the payment. Someone else will approve of everything, but you'll never find that person again. Terrible service, no follow-up from them. Is there a class action suit against them? Please add my name!

In attempting to handle my mother's long term care insurance with John Hancock, I am finding obstacle after obstacle. After several conversation with John Hancock of Boston, with as many people as calls that I made, not one person but several people most of whom gave me the wrong information. We are waiting for the 100 day elimination period to be covered and here are some of the obstacles. Forms must be submitted and approved by JH regarding who is taking care of the 90-year-old woman that had a massive heart attack and has congestive heart failure. A starting date for the 100 days is approved but the 100 days are not counted, only the days that she has Medicare or out of pocket paid for, are counted. If 'she' does not submit monthly bills to John Hancock, then they discontinue the claim and you start over again.

A woman that can barely go to the bathroom without help must do this and stay alert to the process otherwise it will discontinue. PLEASE CONTINUE TO PAY PREMIUMS OR POLICY WILL BE DISCONTINUED. Please send your checks to Boston and if you have a question call Manila in the Philippines; someone will continue to confuse you more. In the meantime, this 90-year-old woman has to arrange to have an approved (by JH) caregiver and continue to pay until John Hancock recognizes and counts the 100 days. John Hancock has not paid a dime yet and has collected a fat premium since 1988. WHY BUY INSURANCE and more importantly FROM JOHN HANCOCK?

Last year, my mother entered hospice care. Initially, Long Term Care Partners (a wholly owned subsidiary of John Hancock Life & Health Insurance Company) told my sister that it would take months before my mother's benefits would kick in, but my sister did a little research and informed Long Term Care that hospice benefits were supposed to start immediately. My mother soon passed away. Long Term Care refused to pay the hospice care providers.

After many weeks and many calls, I finally convinced Long Term Care to put in writing what they needed in order to pay the hospice bill. Their subsequent email stated they would not accept a valid will or death certificate. Long Term Care demanded the estate executors fill out an Authorization to Use & Disclose Health Information about Me form and probate paperwork. The cost for probate is more than the $600+ bill that we received for hospice care, so my sister and I just paid our mother's hospice care providers.

Getting a hold of the company to set up my policy was excellent. I immediately got a live person after one menu option. They had a very large amount of policy options and were able to cater the policies directly to us. No matter who you are, they could create a great policy for you and not have to empty your wallet. They have a really great coverage plan. Once they go over everything with you while you are setting up the policy, you can really see how far the coverage spreads out. We got a really great deal with the policy that we selected, and it is a very comprehensive one as well.

John Hancock is a large company with a generally good reputation, but I would advise staying away from them. In my case, they have not honored their commitment on a long-term care policy. I purchased two long-term care policies from John Hancock eleven years ago when my wife and I were 54 years old. We have made the premium payments without fail. However, because John Hancock underestimated the cost of delivering the promised benefits, they have come back to us three separate times in eleven years to reduce coverage and change the payment terms.

What would happen if the situation was reversed and they overestimated the price of premiums? I am guessing that they would not send me a check! Imagine what would happen if you bought life insurance or an annuity and they changed the coverage because they had underestimated the cost. Each person must make their own choice, of course, but there will be no more John Hancock insurance in our house. You may contact me if you want details.

My 86-year-old father has been paying premiums for over 20 years. Last fall, at his doctor's instruction, he moved into a nursing home and later, into an assisted living facility. (The local assisted living facility did not have space available initially.) After the 90-day exclusion period, I applied for benefits. It was like pulling teeth. John Hancock sent a nurse out to evaluate Dad, but the focus was clearly on physical abilities, not cognitive abilities. The claim was denied. After my mother passed away, my dad moved into a different assisted living facility that had more experience dealing with long-term care carriers, and they provided more documentation to support the claim. I filed my own complaint with the state insurance commissioner. Shortly thereafter, the claim was approved, and we have received payments since.

Dealing with the customer service is frustrating and extremely time-consuming. The representatives are very friendly, but the information provided is inconsistent and often just wrong. I was told many times that there would be a decision on the claim by a certain date. When I called on that date, I was told something completely different. If you were persistent in dealing with these folks, I think it would be quite easy to just give up. After going through this process with my father, I am disinclined to look into long-term care coverage for myself. The policy covers only about half of the cost of his assisted living facility, and it lasts for only three years. It certainly helps pay the bills, but it is not The Answer to ensuring a comfortable existence during old age.

John Hancock now pays for home care and the issue is resolved.

My grandfather is 79 years old and needs help during the day while my mother (who lives with him) goes to work (between about 7:30 AM and 4 PM). He is a diabetic and if he's left alone for too long or doesn't eat properly, he is in danger of going into diabetic shock. It's happened before and a neighbor had to break into the house to find him on the floor in a diabetic coma. Needless to say, it's important that he is looked after around the clock.

My grandfather has a Long Term Care Policy with John Hancock that is supposed to pay for Home Health Care in the event that the policy holder is approved for it. It took about 3 months of calling, emailing, faxing, and dealing with multiple incompetent 3rd party Customer Service Representatives before we could even get an answer on whether the policy could be cashed in or not (it cannot be). Once we found out that the policy had no equity, we decided to use the policy for home health care. This took an additional 3 months of the "approval" process. My grandfather was FINALLY approved for a local home healthcare provider and was matched with the PERFECT nurse that he LOVED!

For about 30 days, my mother was happier because she didn't have to worry about him, my grandfather was ELATED to have someone at home with him, and the healthcare nurse loved him too! Unfortunately, after the first month of care, JH sent a request for the local Healthcare Company to send invoices for each day worked, in order for them to pay out for services rendered. Once the invoices were provided, JH said that there was a 100 day period that needed to be paid for by the CLIENT, before JH would honor the policy. 100 DAYS!! That's $22/h * 4 h/day * 100 Days = $8,800. Why would my grandfather pay into a policy that would cost him $8,800 before he gets care?!! My grandfather is now worse than ever, but cannot afford to pay the money for the 100 Day pre-requisite. He didn't know about this stipulation, and is now out $20,160 that he's paid into this policy!!

I'm very disheartened by this situation and I will be looking into a class action suit for this to be rectified. Anyone with information on pending class action suits against this company regarding the Long-Term Care Policy, please feel free to reach out to me.

The customer service has been satisfactory and well worth the money. Friendly employees and very helpful when I've needed to talk to them. They have a Good range of policy options used to meet many wide ranges of people and options. They are tailored to meet the needs of the one applying. My long term care coverage is great and covers a lot. It meets my needs and I'm often updated on new options to add to my coverage as they appear. It is well worth what I pay since it covers a lot as compared to other company's values side by side.

In May 2000 I took out John Hancock long term care policies for myself and wife. In March of 2017 they increased the premiums outrageously forcing me to relinquish my policy and reduce benefits drastically for my wife. This March they were back with another large increase with, by their admission, with more to come. I exercised Contingent Nonforfeiture Benefit on both policies, stopping premiums and leaving minimal benefit if policies ever exercised. They, as any company went into to the long term care business with eyes wide open, and through the years although some increases would be justified, this was a power play to get out of policies. They should quit writing policies and honor their current commitments. They should be investigated! I sincerely hope I never have any further dealings with this company as I have very little confidence I would ever receive even what I have invested to date.

Insurance companies employ large numbers of actuaries to determine risks associated with products they intend to market. The companies then price policies accordingly and consumers who buy these products do so with the understanding that risk has been analyzed, accepted by the insurance company, and priced into premiums. This is especially challenging when the risks involve life expectancy and long term care (LTC) unlike, say, insuring a car or a home. Nevertheless, companies including John Hancock assumed LTC risks with their eyes open! A thoughtful person could easily understand that actuarial forecasts regarding a particular product cannot always be 100% accurate. That is an integral part of the overall risk insurance companies take. Some products of a large diversified insurer such as John Hancock lose money over time while others make money.

If they are expert at what they do overall, winners outshine losers and the company and its shareholders benefit accordingly. Insurance agents who sell life and/or LTC policies strongly stress the size, historical reliability and staying power of the insurer they represent. The sale is closed on the understanding that if originally agreed premiums are regularly paid, and the insured dies or the LTC need presents itself, the company will be there to pay up and the policyholder can do her or his retirement and estate planning accordingly. (Fine print, if any, need not factor into purchase decisions thanks to the gold plated reputation of the company). Just as the life insurance policyholder cannot imagine premiums being raised as death draws nearer, the LTC policyholder cannot imagine premium increases when earnings are reduced and health issues and associated costs are closing in.

Unfortunately and devastatingly, the mutual trust and obligations involved in selling and buying LTC policies are recklessly negated when LTC insurers, after setting premiums and selling policies for many years, successfully appeal to regulators to have their LTC losses (or projected losses) put on the backs of policyholders. The policyholders impacted have held up their end of the bargain, in many cases for decades. Regulators should send LTC insurers back where they came from, told to eat their mistakes and to be more careful next time around. Period!

I am a single male, never married. As a state employee I took out this policy when I was 42 - 11 years ago. About halfway through that time they tried to raise the premium on me or offered to take reduced coverage for a slightly lower premium. I opted for the reduced coverage. I was hoping that would be it. Now that I'm 53 they once again are raising their premium and saying that since I was already at the lowest premium there are no other options other than not pay lose the benefit. I thought I would be locked in and premiums would not increase because of my age, health (I'm healthy) but they can increase it anytime they want to.

On top of that I never hear from them unless they want money. They auto bill my checking account. I never get a statement and there is no log in to the website. I can't even access MY POLICY to see what coverages I have. This seems illegal. Unfortunately if I want the coverage I am so far into it, that I don't have a lot of options. I figured if I had some sort of coverage that I would get into a better place or have better treatment than those that do not.

My mother had a long term care insurance, which she paid into for over 15 years. After a bad fall, she was in need of the benefits of the plan. It was a long drawn-out process to receive benefits, and the company was not helpful in detailing what we needed to do to obtain them. They assumed that I should have access to and be informed of the terms of the policy, and understand the verbiage they used in their policy. Really? We had just gone through 6 weeks of hospital stay (including 3 admissions to ICU), six weeks of nursing home stay and I had to pack up and move her out of her house and into mine. I was exhausted (working and still have 3 kids at home) and could have used a little kindness and help sorting this out.

First, family members are excluded as caretakers. Some policies permit their use. I wish she had not gotten a policy thusly written... I am an RN and provide much better care than an untrained aide. I still continue to work (the policy never would have reimbursed me as well as working), but my college-age daughter (with no medical training except for what I taught her), could provide much better care than most of the aides we saw! She would have deeply appreciated reimbursement; as it was, my daughter ended needing to get a part time job for her bills instead - Mom would have been a lot happier with family members caring for her. Mom had a PEG (feeding) tube for three months after she came home. None of the aides could do anything with it. I work nights, and had to wake up for feedings and medications, since they couldn't have anything to do with a feeding tube (it cost us $225 for a 24 hr CNA, I don't even want to know what they charge for a licensed provider). It also requires that any caretaker "be from an approved agency". That means they must have at least CNA training.

Second, be very clear about the "elimination period". We thought this meant days where she would have been eligible for service. Nope, it meant a day that we paid another (approved) provider to care for her. So instead of 100 days from discharge from the hospital, it was 100 days that we paid someone. The days in the nursing home counted, and we could have left her there since her health insurance would have paid for 100 days, but she was miserable there (can't say I blame her) and pining to come home. She didn't really start recuperating until she got home. She went from barely able to do wheelchair transfers to able to take a 45 minute walk with her walker since her return home. It took nearly eight months to accumulate 100 "paid" days, since I was providing care for her most of the time. And yes, they still kept collecting the premium during that time. Realize what an "elimination period" is. If you can afford to pay for others to care for you for 100 days, this is the policy for you. We couldn't do it in one big bunch.

Third, once they have started reimbursement, the process is very slow. For service in October, we submitted a bill Oct 25. Today is Dec 9 and we haven't received anything from them. Called, and they said they processed the claim Dec 2, and it "must be in the mail". Even given time for the USPS to deliver the mail, that is at least 38 days from when it was mailed to when they got around to processing the claim. Don't expect rapid reimbursement from this company.

Fourth, their customer service personnel could use some training. They need to be able to explain their policies; it took at least four calls to them and asking to speak to a supervisor until I got an understandable explanation of exactly what it took to meet the requirements for the elimination period. I am not an idiot, I have a college education and am literate. I don't have experience in the insurance world. If I can manage to make explanations of my own patient teaching at a fourth grade level, they ought to be able to make some sense out of insurance gobbledygook for the common man. Don't expect them to be helpful to your family members who are trying to arrange your care when you DO need to use the policy. Today's agent had a very thick accent and was difficult to understand (as well as sounding patronizing, although some of that may have been scripted).

I think she would have been better off putting the amount of the premiums into a bank account. She figured she had paid in almost $50,000 by the time the policy was needed. This is given that she has an RN daughter who is willing and able to care for her, others may not be that fortunate. So now that we have started, we have six years of coverage (even though we aren't using the policy seven days a week). After that, we are on our own. At least she doesn't have to pay the premium any more. And we finally found an aide we adore (but it is still having a stranger in the house).

Had she remained in the nursing home, this policy would have covered the expense. But really, any nursing home is not as good as being at your own home and having one person caring for you. The ratios in nursing homes don't even compare.

I am dissatisfied with this policy, I didn't obtain it, but I am stuck with them. If you are looking into long term care companies, let our experience be a lesson and prepare a copy of your policy for your family members ahead of time, explain to them exactly what the policy terms mean. Determine if family members caring for you is an option, and if it is, get a policy that does not preclude them being reimbursed for providing your care. And unless you want to be stuck in a nursing home for that 100 day elimination period (trust me, any day there is a long time when you have the option to return home), have a sizable amount of money set aside for paid care at home.

I am happy to care for my mom, but this insurance policy was something else!

My dad is 90, my mom is 87. Now it is time for them to use this insurance that they have paid on for years. They have gotten the runaround and now like other that have filed a complaint on here their premiums have gone up where they can not even afford them. People, please do not take out this insurance. Put your money in a saving account where you will be comfortable about knowing the money will be there when you get ready to use it. This insurance is a big joke, and the folks that give it a four or five star must not be near the age to even use it. The agent is no help nor is the company that they got it thru. Please put your money in a safe place where it is FDIC insured as this company has already proven to fail...

I just received not one but two bills for long term care insurance policies for people that I have no idea who they are. I don't know how John Hancock Long Term Care got my information as I do not deal with them, do not have policies with them and certainly do not have long term care through them. If they are this incompetent to send me policy bills for not one but two people that have never resided at my house are not members of my family, I certainly would not feel comfortable ever doing business with them. I had to put one star rating but certainly I give something like this is zero.

John Hancock is a reliable corporation that has excellent customer service. There are many ways to contact their company where the staff will treat you well and answer your questions. There is no question too small. Many options allow you to customize your policy to suit your insurance needs. From low to high end. The long-term care insurance coverage allow peace of mind so that you or your loved ones do not have to worry if and when your health declines. It was an excellent decision to get covered. Price for long-term coverage is high so to get it lowered through insurance is a great relief when the time comes. It's cheaper than the hospital or hospice care. That is for sure.

My mom has a JH LTC policy and has been involved in the claims process for a few years now. 89 and in a nursing home. I handle all her "business". Although her policy is as good one, and they have not attempted to refuse payments, dealing with their Customer Service is ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC. They do NOTHING to be customer friendly. I've wasted tons of time attempting to get them to do the most simple customer friendly things. And it only gets worse, never improves. The ONLY way to learn anything about a claim is to call, sometimes talking to incompetent representatives (always ask for a supervisor!!!). They send emails saying my scanned & emailed bill was received and then don't pay and say they never got it. They NEVER call if/when there is a problem. Their phone system asks for all the info (policy number, etc) and then the instant someone answers they ask all the questions all over again - EVERY SINGLE TIME.

As with James of Dayton, OH, we too are being hit with a very substantial rate increase (our third one in 16 years). Hancock also says that they plan to follow up with the same percentage increase in at least each of the next three years. We understand increased costs but believe these increases are grossly unfair. We policyholders are now quite senior and bought on the basis of John Hancock’s good name. No doubt that we will soon be priced out of our care policies as we survive on social security plus small savings. I would like to join a class action lawsuit against John Hancock to limit or stop future premium increases.

The place my mother wants to move is unlicensed but the healthcare is licensed. JH has approved the healthcare but not the apartment/ food / doctor trips and cleaning. Healthcare is approved for everything, which she does use. HELP, I've had numerous conversations and gotten different answers etc.

Just research this Company, there are hundreds & hundreds of negative testimonials. They are game players. They will let you know they can do whatever they want, tie your hands & you're at their mercy. Forget the hiring of an attorney thing, they will blow off your attorney completely as they did mine after I was rendered helpless & had to try anything. "Missing faxes", "missing pages" (when faxes are received). US mail "never received" different customer service reps each time, starts from square every time, more than cooperated with Cust serve faxed, certified mailed documents they requested, tons of long distance calls, kept in constant contact, if they wanted a fax I sent 5 over days, mailed several copies over days & yet, they got none. I was cool, jumped through hoops, cooperated beyond any reason.

Payments backed up 4 months, causing ripple effect mortgage missed, automated payments failed, late fees, ISF fees, lawyer costs all at my expense. Everything was squared away (I gave up on a couple requests) got the payments started up again months later with so much damage all at my expense. I'm caregiver for my fixed low-income sick parent who is the victim here & now they're starting it all over again 1 year later, paperwork they already have. Many times over, not there, pages missing, they send time-sensitive forms dated & you have one day to get it to them by the time you get it. I could keep going… forget getting past Cust serve, huge wall around any kind of management. Why listen to me?? Don't. Read about John Hancock, research it, class actions, all of it.

As most of the reviews I read indicate, JH long term care is difficult at best to deal with in a time of need. And yes, I also feel the same and I am a policy holder. We have endured price increases as others, and believe the selling agent (20 years ago) blatantly lied to us about the policy coverage, no price increases, etc. I am going to contact our state insurance division to see how many complaints have filed against JH before I need to file a claim in the future. At least now I know I'm not the only one with really negative feelings. Unfortunately most of the others were in immediate need of coverage. I'm going to compile every single piece of information, correspondence I have ever received from them and a copy of all payments I have made over the years to them. Maybe I will be prepared. It would great to know if anyone ever heard back from JH!

I agree with James from Dayton, Ohio... I am having serious doubts about this company. I do not like the idea of how they want payments also. I have always paid thru electronic payment thru my bank account and was set up (BY ME) to have paid by the first of the month. We now have two choices, twice a year payment OR they will pull payment from my account every month. No one gets into any of my accounts. Can they even do this? Force payments like this? Not real sure of understanding all the rate increases either. I do wish someone would look into this. Not sure really how to rate this either.

My wife and I took out long term insurance policies with John Hancock over 11 years ago. Over that time, we have paid over $30,000 in premiums. My wife died of Alzheimer's disease in April of this year. Since she was able to remain with me at home until she passed away, the cost to John Hancock was minimal. However when we finally satisfied our 60-day elimination period, it was maddening trying to deal with these people. No two reps were ever the same, and promises to call back were never kept. So when my policy was increased by over $1,000 this year, I've decided to let it lapse and take a chance on never needing it. I would never recommend this company to another person.

My Mom & Dad have been paying LTC premiums to John Hancock through Bell Atlantic for 23yrs. The amount exceeds $50,000. Now that my Dad needs to apply for medicaid being in a nursing home for 3 months, for over 1 month we have been trying to get a letter from customer svc. to state that their policy is a reimbursement format. The lawyer my parents have needs this letter to apply for medicaid. My sister and myself have been dealing with this process well over 30 days.

First they said they could e-mail the letter to my parents lawyer. They said there was a password involved to bring up the e-mail. Using the password no one in the office could retrieve it. We had them send it to myself and my sister at her job. We could not bring the e-mail up. My sisters computer svc. tech also could not bring it up. Then they said they would mail the letter. For over 3 wks. we have been waiting.

Called back on 5/20/2015, talked to cust. svc. No letter had been mailed yet. This is going to cost my Mom another $8,000 for the nursing home care because the letter will not get to medicaid in time for a May payment. John Hancock LTC is a circus act. They are rated 1 star because that's as low as you can give them. They are in the business of taking advantage of the elderly and making the easiest request almost impossible! What happens when it's time for them to start actually paying out. What do we have to deal with then?

The policy is in the name ** when you need to check to see that he and my mom are enrolled for over 23yrs. Can anyone tell me what State or Federal consumer affairs organization to write to, to lodge a complaint against j.h.? How do they get away with doing business like this? PLEASE help me so my Mom doesn't go bankrupt because of their flagrant incompetence. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Very distraught!!

As the POA for my aunt who now suffers from Alzheimer's Disease, I am the person in charge of paying her bills and helping to provide 24/7 nursing care coverage in her home. She has paid into a John Hancock Long Term insurance policy for decades and yet, seven months after my initial contact with the company has she received a dime from them in compensation. Like the others on this thread, my calls have gone unanswered, unreturned - you name it. And nearly every document, voice mail or email I have sent has mysteriously gone missing or was dropped from the system. Nobody at JHI Long Term is accountable for their actions - they simply hope the patient doesn't have an advocate and/or if they do, that the advocate will become frustrated enough to give up. John Hancock Insurance should be ashamed of themselves - they are nothing more than a bunch of thugs and thieves. Our attorney is now handling the whole thing and I plan on making John Hancock pay my aunt every single cent she deserves. I am not giving up.

My father has John Hancock LTC Insurance. He paid the premiums for at least 15 years through automatic debit. Due to COPD, he now needs assisted living, and, as others have said, it has been a nightmare. They approved his claim at first, made extremely late payments to the LTC facility, and then suddenly decided he needed to be re-evaluated. Of course they cancelled his claim and began billing him again. I call JH on a weekly basis, and am told conflicting information. They are unable to locate paperwork that I know has been FAXED to them several times, and most of the time they are rude. Usually their phones are answered by hard to understand non-English speaking customer service reps. I would NEVER purchase JH LTC insurance, and if there is a class action lawsuit, I would like to be part of it.

We just finished the task of getting my 84 year old mother’s LTC policy "reinstated". J Hancock's Manila based answering center had ANOTHER POLICY HOLDER change her billing address so we never received an invoice for her March portion. They canceled her policy for "non payment". They NEVER contacted us or her agent. They claimed she changed her address when we found out it was a woman in VW that changed her address. We even caught this error in March and they never corrected it. Worst overseas call center ever. No call backs. Never get anything. Sent POA three times. They violated HIPAA laws and we never got any real action from them until we refused to get off the phone and just kept asking for supervisors.

The Manila folks will never call/email you back. The people in Boston will never ever call you back and you have to just tell them you won't get off the phone until you see an email reply. Ignore the fake 4 star reviews and read all the real ones as they are one star. NEVER EVER do business with this company. They will sell you a policy that you'll never be able to use or get paid on. Customer Service is a joke.

Purchased our long term care insurance several years ago. So far we have paid over $20000 premiums. When we purchased the insurance we were told it would never go up, never told of the monthly limitations & we were not told of the first 90 days not being covered. The premiums have gone up drastically so we are dropping the policy because it probably will keep going up. The company is horrible!

A 90 year old insured with John Hancock has had multiple claims that apparently are denied. The insured has not received any explanation of benefits from John Hancock. A customer service rep is relaying the message when I called them. Initially we were told the providers were not their approved providers but they allowed us to apply to be approved; we were told later that they had approved the provider but two months later tell us that the provider was not approved. They lied, misled, deceived this insured. Does this website investigate issues or is this just a sounding board?