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For the past week I've been calling so that I can get a prescription written out after I found out some unpleasant news from one of my lab tests. I can only get in touch with nurses who can only email my doctor. I've been told numerous times that my doctor will call me by the end of the day but I never hear from him. This is unacceptable as my health is now at risk and I can't get in touch with the one person who can write out my prescription. I'm currently still waiting for a call back. Why does it seem like they don't care when your health is compromised?

Kaiser Permanente has done a horrible job insuring our baby. Our child has single ventricle congenital heart disease. We signed up as a family in March and waited five months for our son to get any insurance at all. Which delayed him seeing any of his doctors and therapists. My husband has been on the phone fighting the insurance and Health Care Market Place almost every day for months. Each time he has to explain the case to someone new, who then refers him back to the Health Care Market Place. Over and Over. Keep in mind KP and HCMP has given the run around to an INFANT. A delicate infant with a life threatening disease. After 6 months they finally enrolled him but with the wrong insurance plan. And now we wait for an "escalation" notice to correct the bad policy they have given our baby. Here we go again.

I am very conflicted about whether or not to stay with Kaiser Permanente. I love their physicians and their medical staff, but I abhor their billing process. Yesterday, I received an email stating that I owed $25. However, in the mail I received a refund check for $25 showing an overpayment. There was no indication as to what date of service each of these billing issues were for. The check only showed "Refund for cost share overpayment." When I called for clarification, the Kaiser billing representative couldn't even find the detailed information related to each.

After researching further, she finally told me that the check was for a hospital visit in November 2017 and that the request for payment was for a medical visit on 3/31/2018. I told her that my payment for 3/31/2018 was made at the time of service. She stated that the 3/31/2018 payment was applied to my visit on 3/5/2018. I explained that I received an emailed bill for the 3/5/2018 date of service and paid it online (with confirmation) on 3/28/2018. She indicated that the payment on 3/28/2018 was applied to a service date of 1/26/2018.

As I tried to make each payment correspond so I could confirm how much was due, she could not provide the necessary information. She said that she could only reference doctor visits; hospital and pharmacy records were separate. I requested a payment ledger dating back to December 2016 so that I could perform my own audit. In addition to these frustrating circumstances, I also receive a letter every month indicating a "past due" amount of $0.00 for my premiums (which are automatically debited from my account monthly).

Kaiser's billing methods are atrocious and are definitely NOT USER FRIENDLY! My mother and several other friends/family have left Kaiser previously due to their unclear billing. I am on the verge of doing the same. Their only saving grace at this point is their medical staff. Kaiser, I implore you to update your billing to allow each payment to be applied to the appropriate date of service.

My husband is very ill, diabetic, open heart with 5 bypass, kidney failure, hip replacement, brain surgery all within 5 year period. He is very weak. 2 1/2 weeks ago, he was unable to hold any food down. He is 6' tall and weighs 123 pounds. I took him To Penrose Hospital Colorado Springs. They admitted him and ran all kinds of tests. Couldn't really come up with a problem other than severe malnutrition and pneumonia. He was unable to walk or sit up on his own. After being in the hospital for 1 week, they transferred him to a rehab care facility. He was there one week, having insulin reactions and still with pneumonia Kaiser Permanente decided he was well enough to go home and would not pay for any more time in rehab. I appealed the decision with Kaiser and they denied my appeal saying I would have to pay for the additional time he stayed in the hospital after the date they wanted to discharge.

So against my better judgement and that of the care facility I took him home. The next day he had a severe insulin reaction I had to call an ambulance. The next day, another one with the ambulance being called. Blood sugars suddenly dropping to 24. The home nursing, registered nurse came to the house to assess his issues and see what continued support he would need. She was shocked at his condition and being at home. She recommended to take him to emergency at which I said I would but the insurance doesn't want to pay for it. One hour after she left, my husband had blood sugar of 24 and I again had to call the ambulance who took him back to Penrose Main Hospital, Colorado Springs. He still has pneumonia and they want him in long term care. Kaiser should be responsible for this as he should never have been discharged requiring 24 hour care to a home with a working spouse.

Pluses are free immunizations and some screening (mammogram, yearly physical) through Medicare Part B, and Part D reduces or eliminates some prescription costs. The quality of the medical staff is uneven, I wouldn't go back to a Kaiser psychiatrist again after 2 bad experiences. Most troubling is the steady loss of value as the monthly premiums and co-pays go up year to year while the services, return on investment decrease. Overall, not the worst by any means but still gouging the elderly along with everyone else (seemingly) in the healthcare industry. Other countries do this much, much better.

As some other consumers, I have had bad experience with Kaiser. My husband and I never received an invoice or statement in the mail. All of a sudden, we received a letter from the California Collection Agency for payments that have been due for the last two years totaling over $1,500!!! They even charged us for our manual physical exams that should have been 100% covered or when we already paid our co-pay during our visit! When we called Kaiser, they told us that somebody would call us back. Never did we receive a call back! When we emailed them through their website, we also did not get a response back. We have been making monthly installments, but we still hate the fact that we are paying it off without knowing what those charges are. We will never go back with Kaiser. It's so frustrating!!!!

I rarely go out of my way to complain, but KP deserves special attention. I never liked their customer service dept. but when I had to change my insurance plan for a different state, they took their incompetence to whole another level. First off Kaiser has fully utilized the classic 'screw you' approach to customer service. They just have to use: a phone tree, customer service reps who barely speak English (including sales reps who can't speak English!), and the good ole' hold button. While I'm writing this, they have put me on hold for over 2 hours! If you move to another state you have to COMPLETELY redo your ** insurance application. It could be as simple as changing your state and getting a new quote...but NO...their sales team has disconnected with me twice....never bothering to call back a paying customer. I'm going with someone else.

Very frustrating billing system. If you set up Auto payment be careful because every other month they will double bill you and say that you missed a payment (past due) even though its on AUTO PAY! How did I miss a payment that automatically goes through each month? Let me just copy and paste my bank records to show you how confusing it's been. And I can't get a hold of anyone to assist because you would be on hold for a very long time (I am on hold as I write this and its been 27 mins and counting...). I bet cancelling my insurance is going to be impossible too....

1) 07/10/2014 - Checkcard Kaiser Dues -201.81... 2) 07/11/2014 - Checkcard Kaiser Dues -415.00.... 3) 09/02/2014 Checkcard Kaiser Dues -403.62.... Now let's jump ahead to an issue more recently. 1) 12/01/2014 Checkcard Kaiser Dues -201.81.... 2) 01/02/2015 Checkcard Kaiser Dues -398.19.... 3) 03/01/2015 Checkcard 03/01 Kaiser Dues -392.76.... So as you can see, the payments are doubling. I am looking into another provider today.

I really wish I could give 0 stars for their telephone service. Seeking any kind of help over the phone is a super tedious process. Speaking to operators is not fun at all. I was on hold for 20 minutes only to be directed elsewhere and then disconnected. The whole Northern/Southern California is a complete disaster when trying to get your questions answered.

I have come to dread making appointments to see Kaiser doctors. The nurses are always robotic; they don't make much eye contact and just type away the responses to their questions. My doctors haven't been much better. They ask for a very brief description of my history with my medical concern before prescribing medication and launching into surface level quick-fixes (that aren't fixes) and they always push hormonal birth control-- even when I have told them it's been pushed on me and I'm not interested. One young doctor who couldn't seem to monitor her facial/body responses was sarcastic, condescending and rude, as I tried to describe my years with unresolved, unaddressed, undiagnosed pelvic pain.

When I asked her to step out so I could get dressed (because I was irritated and didn't want to be half-naked and vulnerable while continuing that conversation), she refused to see me and complete our visit. When I asked to see a supervisor, the nurse insisted on standing there like a bodyguard, arms crossed and fuming, while I explained my frustration to the supervisor (who was nice but could do nothing beyond kindly apologize and refund me my Co-pay... Which later became an issue with billing but that's another story).

I had to go back and see a different doctor. A very nice nurse called me in response to a complaint I left regarding that visit and she made me a new appointment. The next doctor was slightly better but still a bit of a power-trip and not very warm, did most of the talking (encouraged birth control). When I asked for hormone testing she approved it but made it known that she is the one with the authority to order testing.

Still don't have answers, still dread walking into Kaiser. Member Services reps and Billing reps have been nice and willing to give me their time and try to answer my questions. My only frustration with these services is that I get conflicting answers. I asked basic questions like how my benefits cover pregnancy and labor/delivery costs and I get mixed answers. I was on the phone with them the other day for over an hour to get an estimate for an endometriosis treatment and she couldn't find the answer to how much I should expect to pay out-of-pocket. Very frustrating.

Charging me 8k for 15 minutes doctor visit just for delivery doctor (normal delivery with healthy baby). Billed total 22k for whole delivery which was normal. Called CS rep department to know for what service they are charging 8k. CS rep said they cannot tell as doctor put the charges. I asked, "Can I/you talk to doctor to know why she is charging high," CS rep told me that they/or I cannot talk to doctor. Looks fraud to me. I asked rep to put this bill in dispute. Rep said they cannot put this bill in dispute. Rep couldn't find any record for my complain about this bill month back.

I recently gave birth through Kaiser Permanente Atlanta on December 24th. I was released on December 25th. I was given no pain medicine or anything else. I called for pain medicine. I was told to stop at CVS and to see if they were open when I left the hospital. I called Kaiser three times and was told that a nurse would call me back. A nurse called me a week later after I had my child and told me since it had been a week I should not need any pain medicine. I explained to the nurse that my stomach and vaginal area was so painful that I could no longer breastfeed. Kaiser told me to go to the emergency room.

I feel that if someone has a baby they should be given at least 1 week of pain medicine and aid. In addition, my job approved me for 8 weeks of paid disability but I was told by Kaiser that they would only approve me for 6 weeks because that's all they will sign off on to my job. Needless to say when enrollment time comes I will leave. I will not pay $300 plus a month to be told that they can't do anything in my time of need. It is hard enough going through childbirth without the extra complications.

Kaiser is the worst insurance company I've ever had, and I'm changing my insurance company as we speak. They are ALL unprofessional and unorganized. I wouldn't recommend this company to ANYONE!

I and my husband needed him to be seen for his mental health problems and the providers didn't take it serious and he is getting worse, he'll either kill himself or hurt someone again or kill someone if he doesn't get help.

I was a board certified physician with KP and am in litigation with them. I was victimized with "Sham Peer Review". Lost re-credentialing papers, wrongful termination and a host of other denials and non-professional behavior from a large health organization. It is in litigation. The Medical Board of California found nothing "wrong" with my medical care.

A terrible experience for my whole family. My granddaughter went in for a surgery and once released, within less than a half hour, started bleeding from the surgery performed; they never even checked her properly before she was released. My daughter had to rush her back to the ER and they had to do another procedure to stop the bleeding. They also found out that the pain medication was only then given in a small bottle for about two to three days. My daughter (mother of my granddaughter) tried to get more and the person they contacted (Monica) called the prescription into the wrong facility. It took too many hours to resolve it (during this process with my daughter calling many times, etc.) while my granddaughter was still in a lot of pain (without the medication that was called in early, but was not resolved until many hours later).

Once this is whole matter was finally handled, my son-in-law tried to get a hold of Kathy **, the manager of the nurses and when Kathy finally called him back, she did not even really care about the situation, but said to my son-in-law, and this is a quote from him, “Your daughter has her medication now, right?” Like that helped? It was not a good call and my son-in-law felt like nothing would be done or ever change. My son-in-law then also left two messages for Gail **, Kathy’s boss and the administrator of Kaiser, but he never got the call back to this day.

My son-in-law also spoke with a person named Armando at the pharmacy (in Bostonia) and he said he would help (seemed nice), but no one in our family even got a callback. My son-in-law also asked Armando to send a message to Gail ** stating he still wanted to still speak with her... but again, she never called back. For my granddaughter and our whole family, this was an awful experience. I let them know they should switch hospitals as soon as possible. Again, a terrible experience. My granddaughter is still trying to fully recover; this is the least I could do is to report what occurred so others can be aware of how they handle things.

I just became insured through the Washington marketplace this year on Feb 1st with Kaiser. I had gone to my naturopath originally in late January for weight loss, upper right quadrant abdominal pain, nausea & vomiting, night sweats, and swollen lymph nodes that had been swelling on and off for a while. She sent me for an abdominal MRI which revealed a mass that is either a adenoma or hepatocellular carcinoma. She recommended I follow up with an MD for further testing asap. I saw a Kaiser doctor Feb. 6Th. He would not listen to me. I told him the symptoms I was there for and referred him to the MRI I had sent ahead of time. He insisted I had acid reflux and prescribed **. I insisted I do not have pain in my stomach area or acid reflux, as I had acid reflux a decade ago and am very familiar with it. I was an MA and I know my A&P. He said return in 3 weeks.

In the past two weeks the pain has become so severe I can't work. I returned to my naturopath who advised to stop taking **, she said I do not have acid reflux and all my symptoms point to liver dysfunction and an immune response. I have been to the ER, where they just prescribed ** and said follow up with my MD as scheduled. I then had more pain even with the ** and trouble breathing and swelling in my abdomen so I went to Kaiser urgent care. They gave me a ** shot which did not ease my pain. So they suggested 9 ** a day, knowing I have a mass in my liver which is poorly functioning, and follow up with my MD.

Now my right arm is swollen and my right side of my rib cage is so painful I can't lay any direction. I went to a chiropractor who said I have no ribs out but said it appears I have lymphedema. I have been sending these messages to Kaiser. I am not being treated. I'm told based on my age [32] they will not biopsy the liver mass unless it's 5 cm, even though I have worsening symptoms associated with cancer. This is the worst care I have ever received and I am now hiring an attorney. I am unable to purchase private insurance because enrollment is closed and I am stuck with this awful facility.

I have been with Kaiser since 1980, I was born there - three children and they were all born there. Have noticed a huge difference in their service within the past year. I have a lot of medical problems ranging from Crohn's disease, chronic migraine, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and a past tumor removal that has not healed. I have had to change my doctors numerous times because they refuse to treat my pain. They make me feel like I am addicted to drugs. I have requested Norco and or Tylenol with codeine to help me with my headaches and other pain. My doctors have refused it to me. I feel like Kaiser does not care about any situation, feel they have a very big disconnect with their customers. Up until a year ago I have paid thousands of dollars for them to be my medical provider, I need a medical provider to assist me with my pains and or testing not to police me...

I've gotten so fed up that today I took the last and contacted member services, this is the place you're supposed to contact when you have a concern or complaint. Instead of helping me the person on the phone interrupted me numerous times and was loud with me and unprofessional over the phone. I have completely had it with this company. I know for a fact that they have client that they give Vicodin or Norco to like clockwork monthly, but for somebody like me who really need the pain medicine they will fight with you about it. I'm assuming it's because they had a lawsuit before. But that is not my problem. I just want to be able to live my everyday life without pain and I wish they would help me like doctors are supposed to do.

During a "phone appointment", with this new doctor Catherine who had never seen me, she made it clear that she never read my file, and had still already made her mind up BEFORE calling, to deny me necessary medication for pain and infection. She was rude, condescending, and even made false accusations against me! She only wanted to pass the buck and send me to other doctors that I have already been to, with only negative results. I am getting another doctor immediately. The ones at Kaiser rarely treat you as a whole person, and have even tried to get me to do physical therapy exercises that caused serious damage because they don't think of the body as a whole unit.

Wow. After 32 years, they boot me for a late premium payment. Now that I'm on Medicare and not employer sponsored they just throw you out for the slightest reason. Great loyalty Kaiser. Wow! I'm blown away.

I was born at the old Kaiser Hospital on Greeley in Portland Oregon. I've had many experiences with Kaiser Doctors, and though I think most of them are ok, but I believe Kaiser has a policy that when you get a serious illness, like cancer as my mother had, that they don't really try to cure you, but rather they view you as they would a lab rat, and merely study you while they watch you die!

I remember the day her doctor told her she was terminal. Saying she had 6 months to maybe two years! My dad told the doctor she was in major pain, and asked that he prescribe morphine so she wasn't suffering so much. She had lung cancer, but along with that was emphysema, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoporosis. The doctor didn't even blink and told my parents "No," and my dad confronted him and asked "why, you just told us shes terminal!" The doctor looked at them and said "I'm not going to turn her into a drug addict!"

I for one wanted to drag this doctor outside, but dad told him... "we want a second opinion." The other doctor sided with mom and dad, she got the meds, and passed on seven years later. When dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's three years later. They took almost five years to say he did have Parkinson's, and rotated his meds-- it just made it worse. When he finally got meds that seemed to work for him, they were switched with something different just so the doctors could study him, not caring for his quality of life at all.

When I requested hospice for him, a nurse came out, looked at dad for not five minutes and said "no." Told me to find a hospital bed in the nickle ads! My father was a custodian for the Portland schools for thirty years. My parents I'm told, had the best insurance kaiser offered, but no was the answer we got! Luckily I was friends with someone who worked in the insurance office at kaiser. I called and told him of dad's situation, he knew both my parents also. The next morning they brought a hospital bed, a commode, and a wheelchair and walker too. My friend told me that my parents had been paying into kaiser insurance since march of 1951. Mom passed in 1986, and dad in 1996.

I'm sure he had paid enough into it to buy a whole wing of hospital beds, and if it was not for the luck of knowing someone on the inside, we would have gotten nothing! I might consider letting them set a broken arm, etc, but for anything else, I would get better care at a bus stop! My parents names were Grace and Gilbert **. My name is Clifford **.

I would like to say Thank you to Paris ** for all his help and support! God bless you Paris. If not for your help, I don't know what we would have done! I won't go into how I almost lost my leg when only Sixteen months old, from getting an injection of penicillin that was put into a nerve instead of tissue! My leg turned black for months, but eventually got better, though I still have little to no feeling in it! And we did not sue as my parents were afraid to do so.

After I moved to another company for work, my insurance changed to another provider. During the lapse, I wanted to contact my doctor but the website cut off all communication saying that "I'm no longer a Kaiser Permanente Member". I was planning to pay out of pocket to see my doctor but I can't even reach them. When I call, I am on hold listening to elevator music for literally 40 minutes, then I get disconnected.

Kaiser's billing is so messed up that I have been fighting for them to account for a $170.00 payment that I made with a credit card back in July. Since this is not taken care of I told them that I would not make any more payments until I knew actually how much is owed, with the payment taken care of. Last week I found out that they had sent me to a collection agency twice both on November 22nd of this year. One for the amount of $33.00 and the other for the amount of $37.00 and they did this without the decency of telling me that if the $70.00 wasn't paid they were going to send these to collections. I and my wife have both held an 800+ credit score for at least the last 15 years and this was very discomforting for me. All of our bills are always paid on time if not early and now I have both of these on our record.

We've been Kaiser members for over 25 years -- both Georgia and California. Kaiser in California was a world above Kaiser in Georgia. Every department in Kaiser Georgia is more incompetent than the next. If you get a bill that you don't understand, don't bother calling them to have it explained because they don't know what the bill is for either. You will be disconnected and transferred from department to department, and each person you speak to will give you different information. Why bother having a PCP? I've seen my PCP one time. I've seen 5 different doctors last year. "FIRST AVAILABLE " appointments are booked a minimum of 2 months out. If you go to urgent care, you will sit for hours. On one occasion, I waited there 8 hours for a doctor to read an x-ray.

Finally I asked a Kaiser employee who was mopping the floor (as no one else was around) to find out how much longer I would have to wait. When the doctor finally showed up, he didn't even step into the room. He didn't introduce himself. He simply poked his head in the door and said, "It looks ok. Follow up with your PCP." Really??? If I could get an appointment with my PCP, I wouldn't be here in urgent care.

When I complained to my doctor via email (because that seems to be the only access I have to him) he told me that Kaiser has added 80,000 new patients. Then why haven't they added sufficient doctors and staff to accommodate those 80,000 new patients. After all the years of being a Kaiser member, I am ready to cut ties with them. And perhaps the worst thing of all is that they just flat don't care that their service has turned so awful. They don't care about their patients. You are nothing more than an ID Number and a co-pay to them. Please think twice before contracting with Kaiser, Georgia.

I called Kaiser seven times today in an attempt to get a referral to a local therapist in Santa Cruz for my daughter. She was in a serious car accident and her car was totaled. She needs to see a therapist to help her with her feelings of depression and fear. She cannot sleep, eat, and is shaking. After talking to customer service, the nurse advice line, the on call therapist at Kaiser they refused to refer her to a local provider. In fact, Alona, the MFT, stated that she could refer my daughter to the business office but basically I have to pay for any care out of my own pocket. Since my daughter doesn't have a car and is too stressed to drive (the closest Kaiser facility is 40 miles from my home) and Kaiser has refused to refer her to a local therapist, so they have basically denied her care which she needs. It appears that Kaiser is very good at giving enrollees the runaround and handing off calls (and their RESPONSIBILITY) to the next person on the list.

Not once did anyone I spoke to actually try and provide a solution or come up with ANY care plan for my daughter. I was told by Alona, the MFT (!) to call the business office and try and get some help or that I would have to pay for any care my daughter gets out of my pocket. Following are the numbers I called on 5/10/2016: Customer Service 1-800-464-4000. They said they couldn't help me and sent me to. Nurse advice line. 1-866-454-8855. Person said she was a TSR, named Linda, said she couldn't help me and referred me to the nurse advice line. I call the nurse advice line and was informed that the person answering the call was a receptionist screening calls and that she couldn't help me, referred me to the mental health line.

Called the mental health line, 1-408-972-3095 and got another receptionist who said she would send a message to the on call therapist. Got a call from Alona, said she was an MFT, who stated she could not refer me to a therapist in Santa Cruz and could not help me. SHE REFERRED ME TO THE BUSINESS OFFICE. I didn't bother to call the business office? When you are paying $1,000/month for a family health plan and have a $12,000 out of pocket deductible how can Kaiser get away with this practice? How can this organization, which essentially has an extremely convoluted process, claim it has five star customer satisfaction ratings? These ratings cannot possibly be true or accurate.

My patient review is about my personal experience with Dr. Eric Kim Pain Management with Kaiser in Glendale, Ca on Orange St. I have been experiencing chronic pain in my neck radiating to my shoulder for about 9 months now. When I went to see Dr. Eric Cheeho Kim he recommended me to get an MRI in which I did. I had to call them to get the results after a week because I didn't hear from them. It wasn't even the Doctor I spoke with it was his nurse and she told me I have arthritis but was not specific enough. I decided to make an appointment to see the Doctor to get the diagnosis in person. When I called in for an appointment... the appt center gave me one in a month so I had to wait another month.

Now when I saw the Doctor regarding my MRI... he wasn't even able to give me a professional opinion as to what it could be that's been giving me this tremendous dull pain. Nothing absolutely nothing was said on his part that made any sense... I wish I was more assertive as the patient to get better answers from him but that's my fault. Now what he recommended was an epidural shot which I was reluctant or I should say skeptical about it and so he said "you can try a cervical facet joint injection instead which can have less risks" and so I agreed to it. When I got my injection he told me to make a diary every day for a week and to call him if I see no progress and so I did.

The nurse calls me back instead of him and I gave her details as to the dull pain I've been having now worse in my shoulder and arm all the way to my fingers and asked her that I need pain meds to get through the day and so she told me she'll let me know and instead of calling me back she had a pharmacist call me which was NO help at all. I let them all know that this is unfair to let your patient who pays $425/month and going to this terrible pain and to leave me without any meds. Unbelievable!

Now I requested to have a second opinion on my MRI from another doctor which I'm waiting for a call to make the appointment. There is two sad and wrong things here... One is that a Doctor was unable to read or describe my MRI and leave his patient without medication. I do not recommend DR. Eric Kim to any patient especially for an MRI reading. I don't know how to explain all this better but it's coming out of my heart and experience so please believe me and my judgement about this Doctor. They always want the easy way out but cannot even determine what it is you have and yet they tell you you're a candidate for an injection which is not always the right way to go.

I am writing because I am feeling incredibly lost and feel like I have no one to help me. I have been a Kaiser for about 6 months now. I have been to the ER 5 times with abdominal pain, nausea/vomiting and/or migraine headaches. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis by surgery/biopsy. I went to Kaiser ER on Sunset Blvd in LA in November (my 5th visit in 4 months) due to severe pain and passing out from that pain. I had been advised by a nurse and the urgent care center that I needed to be there. I went in, registered and got a room. Shortly thereafter, a Dr. ** entered the room. He looked at me and asked me what I was doing there. I told him what was wrong and he proceeded to tell me that I shouldn't be there, that I was a drug-seeker and that he refused to treat me.

I asked for a second opinion. He refused to let me see anyone else. He didn't touch me (to examine me), run any blood tests, diagnostic tests, urine tests, vitals, nothing! I cried in horror and was devastated, but no one in the ER (Kaiser staff that is) would help me. I tried to ask the doctor for help on what to do, but he abandoned me instead. He also told me that I was crazy in the presence of other patients. They basically threw me out when security came to my room. I could barely walk, but managed to get myself out of there only to collapse at home. I was seen by a different doctor later, who apologized for Kaiser's behavior (he was a Kaiser doctor, but an unusually sweet and kind one at that) and prescribed me medicine to help me and gave me a plan of action.

I later requested my medical records for my own use and for complaints. I found that the doctor lied in them saying that I was a drug-seeker, that I became very upset when he denied me drugs, that I had taken an excessive amount of drugs and that I couldn't answer his questions. He also wrote that he did a full examination. For this reason, Kaiser is now charging me with $150 co-pay that I refused to pay on the day due to the fact that I wasn't treated and was thrown out without treatment.

Right now Kaiser is denying, denying and denying. They will not help one bit. They are protecting themselves, lying to me and I feel trapped. I can't prove harm (even though I probably suffered from this, if not physically, then emotionally) and I can't prove he lied because it's his word against mine. I called the police, who urged me to file a civil suit but Kaiser doesn't allow people to file a claim in court (beware of this when considering Kaiser) and their own complaints process is laughable and utterly mocking their patients.

I am currently writing a termination letter to them and I have made an appointment with my former doctor (my previous network was Cedar's Sinai, which has been great). I have also filed a complaint against the doctor with the medical board, asked for an IMR for the co-pay to be waived, called the police, written to the AMA and every other agency I can. Furthermore, I have posted on all medical sites against the doctor and will now post on every forum I can about Kaiser and their horrible treatment. I am also contemplating writing a story for the papers and online news media. I know I can probably not get the doctor disciplined and have a hard time being heard, which is the most frustrating part.

I am a little person up against this huge machine with armies or lawyers and people to fight back. If anyone else has problems, don't keep them to yourselves. The only way to get heard and Kaiser to act respectfully and treat people decently is to speak up.

My father in mid-Aug went to the E.R... Hollywood-Kaiser... with a lower dual legs bacterial infection and a small amount of fluid in the lower part of the lungs... Speaking, walking and coherent... He was admitted after briefing his medical history... which I witness firsthand... Later during a update by a doctor... she stated that he was giving for pain ** and **. I felt that this type of medication was too strong for a 86-year-old male who in his lifetime did not take anything stronger than **.

After a few days of daily briefing the infection was in submission and the fluids were dissipated... I wanted him discharged but the doctor wanted to try some other treatment for his lower legs. During the next week, under Kaiser 24 hrs care... he developed a large bed sore from their neglect to rotate him. He could not breathe on his own. Need oxygen. For the first time in his life... could not talk, swallow, or open his eye... Left eye 25% open. Kaiser was not forthcoming about his condition... just bits and pieces. Because of the family concerns about his treatment at Kaiser... he was brought home. As he requested a few years early... he had a hospital bed, 24 hrs nurse, oxygen... He died 13 hrs later... AUG 25 13:40 hrs.

The family was never update from Kaiser about his condition when he returned home... Only then the contract nurse stated my beloved father would be dead within 24 hrs. I strongly believe that under Kaiser care at the hospital there was extreme negligence on their part... without intent. My father was a asset to the United of America... worked at Hughes Aircraft on the satellite program till he retired... He deserved better treatment... Someone needs to be accountable.

The only thing I can say positive about Kaiser Permanente is that they have valet parking at my location. That is it. Every time I go I pay at time of service and every time I am also later billed for the same amount that I have already paid. It takes several phone calls to try to get it resolved and just trying to call to get an appointment is a whole other nightmare. You call and are told that it will be a 45 minute wait that someone will call you back then when they call you back it’s a recording saying that all agents are busy. Please hold. Then for some reason that person is not the one who can really help you. You were put on hold and transferred over and over with not ever getting anyone who can answer your question or assist. This is truly an awful experience.

I am bipolar and I have counseling. That is until now. I have been very depressed and I have try to get appointing. This is after being in a step-down program which was not check out. When I walk in there was bm all over floor. It was like a convent home. I was to be given counseling. I had 3 sessions. I choose to leave in a week. I was trying to get help because my niece had just committed suicide. When I got back I saw my counselor and case manager. They told me I was going to see case Manager for a couple of weeks and I found out that I can't be helped for six months. I am fighting with them. I have a complaint with medicare and member services. I pull my records and Kaiser has put in a note that one there that files can't be seen. Also I need a adviser to help. Someone please help me. They got fine 4000000 for not giving service in a timely manner.

We pay thru our employer. We pay thru our pay check. We pay a copay. We pay for services that are overpriced. No in house financing. We need to get approved for outside financing. What if we can't get approved? Can't afford to pay more.

Clearly, Kaiser could care less about making it convenient for their members. Just a few examples: I am on auto-pay but they still send me a paper bill with no indication that I'm on auto-pay. When I tried to sign up for auto-pay online it would work. When I called for help, I was told that online sign-up with a debit card has never worked properly even though it has been reported multiple times. She talked me through doing it a round about way. I received a guide with 2016 coverage changes and there was no indication on the guide that it was the final revised copy.

If I order medication online, it asks for my credit card information and then proceeds to tell me that they can't tell me what the charge is (I would have to wait for my statement). I sent a message to that affect to www.kp.org and was told that they are unable to do that right now (which I already told her. duhhh!) and that after delivery they would send me a confirmation with the charge (THEY DON'T). DON'T CHOOSE KAISER!!!

Of my limited needs I really like Kaiser and the classes they offer. Also, I got in to see a psych counselor in a timely manner when I was under a lot of stress, and 2 sessions did it for me. I feel they attract the best doctors and do ongoing research that benefits all. But the copays are a bit high as well as some medication copays.

I had to take my son into a pediatric er out of state where there were no Kaiser or Kaiser pharmacies. I called membership services on what to do (never had to use outside services before in the 15 years I have had Kaiser. I followed the steps they told me to do... submit receipts etc. I did all that then receive a letter that they want a detail of my cash transaction (where I got the money / the cash withdrawal of my bank statement and If it was my bank statement) and if credit card they need credit card statement. I submitted a receipt of a cash transaction of the hospital and submitted a customer receipt of the medications and the credit card receipt.

I got denied AGAIN stating because my credit card statement was more than the claim stating I needed to submit a credit card statement showing payments being deducted from my account and receipt of payment for each of the medications purchased from Walgreens. WOW!!!! My cc total was 199.21, my claim was 168.96. Suzie from membership says that because the amount doesn't match I need a detail of the transaction! How much more detail can it get if I submitted the call slips of the amount of the medications, name of drug, and prescription number? If you add them up it matches the claim amount so it should not matter if the credit card amount is more, that's not the claim amount!

Claims tells me that they request if cash when and the amount you pulled out statement because of people committing fraud and people divorcing and trying to take the money. How does that apply to me? Kaiser takes money from patients and gives bad care and membership services has no idea how to help patients. They don't even know what your benefits cover. They say they are nonprofit? Well they do have medical financial help available for all the people who need it. They even give medical patients aid when they are not suppose to (they overlook certain people because they want to)... They give free money to all but the actual members who pay can't even get a reimbursement for services that they can't provide out of state.

KP's website is as seniors unfriendly as they get. Options actually jump around, and I have to click in 5 different places to email my doctor, with a 1k character limit. I started to file this complaint on their site, until I realized I'd have to type in all the info. This when the process was automated everywhere else-like here-what, 5 years ago?

Very typical of the IT squad at KP. They just activated auto sign-in a month ago. And this incompetence carries over to all interaction with KP personnel, which of course is orchestrated on every level by software. Their doctors have been reduced to data janitors, replacing medical observation and inquiry with algorithms that triage lab test results. It's gotten to the point with KP where I'm reluctant to even try and interact with them as it always is so difficult and time consuming. They really need to hire better techies and start listening to their clients. If they are 5 stars, I shudder to think what dealing with the 2 star HMO's must be like.

MRI Appointment at Kaiser - Washington DC - Kaiser specialist Dr requested to do a MRI scan and on checking for an appointment, the next available appointment at Reston is about a month from today, and to the next nearest one Tysons is 1 and 1/2 month from today. If I have a pain because of which an MRI scan is required, what sort of service they provide to get a treatment after a month. I'm sharing in the issue of public and please make your choice. Next year, I plan to choose a different health provider.

Kaiser Permanente is the worst insurance/medical group I have ever experienced. Went to the ED, Dr. ** said I needed a MRI asap on my shoulder and put in a request to my primary care for referral. Neither the Dr or I have heard a word from my primary and when I try to call and at least speak to his nurse the operator won't even put the call through. Said I have to wait till they are ready to speak to me then they will call. Funny how an ED DR from Legacy hospital is more accessible than my own supposed primary care... This is NOT THE FIRST TIME I'VE HAD ISSUES LIKE THIS...--I ABSOLUTELY HATE KAISER PERMANENTE!!! NO time, horrible patient care, unskilled Dr's, cut short visits after waiting hour passed appt. time. Horrible all around!!!

In the past three months, I went to Kaiser ER due to very simple and silly pains. Even though I paid my deductible up front, now after 2 months, they sent me 2 different bills saying that I owe them $1600.00. Please help me.

I have had Kaiser insurance forever and now that I really need coverage, they will not cover. They will not even put a referral on the tab left for it can go somewhere else. After paying hundreds of thousands of dollars. I need this help. They refuse. I now have to look into another insurance company that this Dr will take. So Kaiser thank you for nothing.

This year as of 2-25-16. I've had nothing but unresolved medical conditions. I've not been able to move or anything and keep getting shoved off for care. No one seems to want to care or take the time out of their busy schedule to figure out what's been the underlying issue. Rather than medicating me. I'm frustrated to no end. And it's been months I still can't walk or lay down without going numb.

Ever since I had Kaiser I cannot get an appointment with my primary care physician that was assigned to me Dr **. This doctor is never available, so I have to see another primary. They have messed up my Thyroid medication the last couple of times and now the physician will not refill it because I have not seen her. Why doesn't Kaiser document if a primary is not available and they sent patient to another primary??? This is extremely poor patient management. Doctor doesn't return my calls or pharmacy calls. Now I am in urgent care getting my Thyroid medication filled and I been here for 2.5 hrs. Unbelievable!! I strongly suggest if you have a choice DO NOT PICK KAISER!!

I went to your Lone Tree office at about 9 or 10 am on Friday to see someone in urgent care because I was told to go to urgent care by my doc. When I got there it was 10 am and I know I had a copay so I went to the desk to pay it and was told that I can't see them until 12 pm. Until then they would not see me because I didn't have an appointment to see urgent care and I would have to call my doc to make an appointment with urgent care so this can only come from home office so I have to believe that your patients are the last thing on Kaiser's mind. It is a shame that Kaiser cares less about their patients but I know now how much Kaiser really cares but at least I can let the internet know that Kaiser would rather see their patients dead than use their time. It is a shame that you are allowed to kill your patients instead of helping them.

Worst doctor ever for pain management!!!!!! I had a 2 1/2 hr surgery (submandibular gland removal: I was opened from ear to chin and had stones, lymph nodes, glands and nerves removed) and then was prescribed naproxen. Something I can buy myself at a local Target. I'm in pain dying and I face two options. Pay 500$ to go to emergency room for pain medication (on top of the 2100 I just spent on surgery) or deal with pain. I'm not happy about either of these options. Patients be weary. He does not prescribe ANYTHING stronger than naproxen. What a joke. I'm complaining to Kaiser Permanente tomorrow. Borderline malpractice!!!

I have a prescription that has to be filled every 30 days rather than a three month refill system. In over a year, I have only received my medication on time twice. Now, today it is 12 days late; I have been without medication time and time again, calling the pharmacy, contacting my Doctor, nothing seems to help. The paper they give you with the medication warns that "IF YOU HAVE BEEN TAKING THIS MEDICINE REGULARLY, Do not stop taking it without checking with your doctor." I've submitted a complaint to Kaiser Member Services. I hope to get this resolved but I can't help but wonder what if the medication like Nitro Glycerine? I don't think I would have received any better service!

The main thing I like about Kaiser Permanente Insurance is that all the services are under one roof. For Blood test, X ray it is all in house. One don't have to go around. Doctor's are good.

With Kaiser Permanente for less than a month & then dis-enrolled. Met with a primary doctor, given instructions to go to the surgery dept but wasn't told specifics as to why or the name of the surgeon I was being referred to. Then called & told to go instead to the ER & wasn't told why. At ER, told I'm going into surgery & wasn't allowed to meet or speak with the surgeon to ask questions. Before & when taken to the operating room, I asked to meet & speak with the surgeon assuming I was there for a biopsy. Attempted to ask one question in the operating room, the surgeon told me to "shut-up."

Immediately the anesthesiologist forced a cup over my face, bruising my hand & arm, trying to block being put under anesthesia. Learned after the fact, KP, Zion hospital is an educational facility and there were four students observing the biopsy procedure in a very private/personal location of my torso. Never would I have approved of students observing & never would I have gone to a hospital that is an educational facility, had I known. After the biopsy, I was never given the results and instead sent to several different kinds of doctors who I was told will give me the results of the biopsy.

Each doctor gave their "spiel", not one would tell me why they are prescribing subsequent procedures. Went back to my primary doctor who was surprised I even came back to her. She couldn't tell me anything but did send me to yet another doctor, to learn of biopsy results. Of which, I never was told. Three weeks of running around in circles with no answers, I dis-enrolled. The biopsy left a huge open gaping wound and while still a member of KP, I needed antibiotics to get me thru to see a doctor outside of KP and was refused & told "It's inappropriate to ask for an RX because I've dis-enrolled."

Hours spent on the phone, it was finally the nurse's phone line that I was referred to a different KP location & fortunately that doctor prescribed antibiotics to get me thru to see the doctor outside of KP. My guess, KP is a generic "cattle call" health operating system without any thought or consideration for individualized medical attention. A lot of disconnects & no follow-thru except for the express purpose to gain revenue on the part of KP. Just glad I got out of there.

None of these doctors know how to help you. They just take your money and talk to you for like 10 minutes. I'm getting sick of it. They keep giving me the run around and I am pissed at Dr. ** in South Sacramento location.

Also, they lost my records for being checked in the E.R. How do you do that? They said that I was never seen. You got to be joking. And they ask for information at your visit that they know you're not going to have. Kaiser sucks! I've never seen such a money-hungry facility.

I have had Kaiser insurance since September 2016. I started looking for a doctor in October 2016, and I have been referred to a couple doctors so far. The first is really busy and has trouble scheduling appointments due to being booked up. The second has not yet returned my 2 phone calls in 10 days. Her answering machine did not indicate she was on vacation, and it said she returned calls in 2 business days, but I have not heard back from her. So now I need to look for a THIRD doctor in my area. Kaiser also outsourced my doctor visits to another insurance group, so I have to make multiple phone calls to get an appointment.

Kaiser is the worst possible place to be treated for pain! I fell and hurt my back and spine. As a result I could not sleep because of the pain. I went in and was looked at and x-rayed and was given no pain medicine besides otc. Kaiser must have malpractice lawsuits all the time. Do not use Kaiser if you need specialty services.

I advise that users be careful in taking advice about benefits from representatives that you do not know or trust. I suggest you document all the details you were given so you have a way back to those who advised you. I have a great dr. that I know and trust very much. I would never turn her advice down. As it turns out I had to go in and my dr. was not available. I seen an alternative dr. who suggested that I go to the emergency room for more tests. I specifically and at least two times asked if this was covered by insurance and I would try and get this procedure done another way than the emergency room. I was told that this was obviously covered by insurance and that I should go... Big mistake. I now have a bill of biblical proportions that must be paid and it was my responsibility. I hope other members do not have to suffer the consequences as I do. BEWARE.

I've been with Kaiser Permanente for many years through my husband's employer. I can only give a mediocre review for the following reasons -- 1) inconsistent quality of doctors (after complaining of fatigue, my primary Dr said it was due to age, which is BS; she also laughed at me after I broke my foot; very strange; another time I was diagnosed with pneumonia, which turned out to be a kidney infection); 2) a big problem is having to drive across town to go to an approved hospital; 3) factory model of medicine -- I got tired of feeling like I was on an assembly line. Positive aspects include: Advanced Care Center -- a miniature ER that you can go to anytime; also being able to call an advice nurse anytime.

15 years ago I got in my first car accident and since I've been in about 12 I have fibromyalgia. My official seeing degenerative disc disease and Jake out carpal tunnel and the list goes on and on and on. And my doctor looks at me like it's all in my head. Who did to the fact that after 14 years of painkillers I chose that I no longer wanted to be on them, they have mark me as a drug addict and have red flags me with no painkillers even though that's the last thing that I want - is it just mask so vain. I've been asking for an hour and a CAT scan of my legs were sampled. I am now have Gallatin and it's like pulling teeth to get anywhere.

Any suggestions from anyone? I've also have been begging for a podiatrist appointment then I can barely walk and I'm not getting anywhere with my position. When I go to Member Services Kaiser said to get a second opinion and I have to do so but it's my doctor's office who keeps calling. SMH. It's like because I'm only 29, 30 this year there's just no way I could have all of these problems. But everything documented through Kaiser considering I was born with them.

These people will lie straight to your face, refuse to treat you, refuse to refer you to a specialist, bully you, slander you, CAUSE your mental and physical health to decline, laugh at you WHILE you're having a seizure in THEIR ER, stalk you on social media and accuse YOU of insurance fraud, read and alter YOUR medical records without your consent or knowledge and destroy you and your reputation!!! If you want to be treated like a human being and save YOUR health? Stay far far away from these PEOPLE!! Thank God I have recorded every conversation with these people, collected my medical records and NEVER went to an appointment alone!!! ALL of these things have happened to me and I'm warning ALL of YOU before this ** happens to YOU.

I tore a rotator cuff again last June. I waited 2 months before going to the doctor because I have been through 3 shoulder surgeries and the recovery time is a minimum of two years. I was hoping it wasn't torn and that it would heal. I went to my primary care physician (a doc on Kaiser's payroll) in August who had a radiograph done but would not order an MRI. I was told to see an orthopaedics doctor to get the MRI. I finally got an appointment at the end of September with an orthopaedics surgeon who agreed with me that the rotator cuff was probably torn. I had a very severe closed head injury as a child and acquired a claustrophobic anxiety disorder as a result. I explained to the physician that I needed an open MRI due to my phobia of enclosed spaces. He ordered an open MRI for me and Kaiser would only approve a closed MRI.

Apparently in my area they have no facility within their network that offers an open MRI. I have been trying to get an open MRI for 6 months now. I even filed a complaint with the state insurance commission but there isn't much they can do to help me. My doctor's office has tried to resolve the issue but at this point there isn't much else they can do. I believe that the only thing left to do is to hire a lawyer to go after them. We cannot change insurance until June of 2016. We have our insurance through the state of Colorado (my husband's employer). If I were a dog I would have had the MRI and the surgery at least 5 months ago. I should know. I am a veterinarian. HMO's have destroyed medical care in this country. We are paying exorbitant fees for coverage and the medical care is truly abysmal.

I want to file a complaint against the radiology department at Kaiser Permanente in Morrow, GA and against the person that was supposed to do a mammogram on me last Wednesday but did not. She refuse telling me that my doctors do not know what they are talking about that I do not need to get another mammogram since I just got one less than six months ago. She continue on telling me that if she did the breast exam then she would get in trouble with her doctors and she told me that my doctors who told me to get the mammogram done because they saw lumps in my breast from the first mammogram that look like it might be cancerous don't know what they are talking about.

If two different doctors tell me that there is something going on in my breast and they need another mammogram to find out what is going on I do not understand how someone who do not practice medical can go against what my doctors are saying. I also do not understand how Kaiser Permanente can have a million commercials about early detection and prevention and you would have someone like this person trying to discourage me and refusing to do the mammogram work for you.

My appointment was for Wed, July 20, 2016 at 2pm. I got there and was told that I was at the wrong location. They said that I could be seen but I would have to wait until 4:50pm. I wait almost 3hrs. I went back into the room, got undress, went into the room where the mammograms are do and that's when she start to tell me that my doctors don't know what they were talking about, I don't need to get another breast exam, I need to wait until August to get my breast exam again and if she does the mammogram then she would be in trouble with her supervisor. I pay almost $200 a month for this health insurance and for someone to refuse to do a mammogram that I do need to see if my the lumps are forming into cancerous cells - a person that never went to school for medicine is trying to convince me that the doctors don't know what they are talking about when it is her who do not know what she is talking about.

I pay too much money to go through what I went through. She was unprofessional and rude. You see all of these commercials for Kaiser Permanente about early detection for cancer and that is what I am trying to do but can't get the screening that I pay for. I think I will file a lawsuit in this matter because of the refuse of treatment when my the month that I pay covers mammograms. I will file a lawsuit. I have contact an lawyer right now as I speak. I want this person fired and any and everyone that had something to do with this. I have the right to get an mammogram - that is what I pay for every month and for you to or to have any staff advise someone not to get a mammogram when two different doctors suggest that I get one is crazy. I am a ** women and In women under 45, breast cancer is more common in ** women than ** women.

Overall, ** women are more likely to die of breast cancer. FIVE ** WOMEN DIE NEEDLESSLY PER DAY FROM BREAST CANCER IN THE UNITED STATES. I have made it my mission to find out who she is and who her supervisor is and all the people responsible for refuse me service. I pay my health insurance almost $200 every month and I can't even get an mammogram when my doctor told me that I need to get an second mammogram. I see that you are trying to save money but are you trying to save lives?

This company doesn't even live up to what they are stand for. Early detection, prevent care is what you show on the t.v commercials but not what I saw on Wed, July 20, 2016. I am in a lot of pain. My breast hurt and I am going to take legal matters. My health insurance pay so that I can get breast exam and for me to sit there while someone who never went to medical school, who is not a doctor tell me that my doctors are wrong and I don't need a mammogram is like insulting my intelligence. She need to be fired today!!! The fact that someone who does not have a degree in medicine, who never been to school for medicine could tell me that I do not need to get another mammogram and that my doctors do not know what they are talking about is outrageous.

To me a person like that should never be allowed to work in a hospital. She should be fire and anyone that had anything to do with it like her supervisor since she said that she would get in trouble with her supervisor she should be fired as well. If you do not practice medicine then you have no right to tell a paying customer that you advise them against getting a mammogram.

Is this how you "VALUE" your customers and how Kaiser Permanente take pride in the quality of the health care and the quality of the service they provide? Hiring people like her who refuse to even give me an mammogram that could help if I detect breast cancer, for Kaiser Permanente to have someone like that on their staff says a lot and if she did that to me how many more people is she doing the same thing to?

What is Kaiser Permanente? Are you trying to save money by limit the services that your customers are paying for? Are trying to cut corners on the behalf of your customer's lives? If you value your customers like your motto say then why would I be refuse service for a simple mammogram that can detect whether or not I have breast cancer? Is my life not important to you? Do my life even matter or just the money you receive from me the important part? Do you even care that I might have breast cancer? I care. It keeps me up at night sometimes wondering and praying. I want to tell all consumers not to ever have Kaiser Permanente as your health care. Find someone that really cares and not just say that they do.

I dunno what this issue is but I am very unhappy with Kaiser!! They are ok to take a premium, but any work is frowned upon. I am so sick of corporate **!! I have an issue with no sleep and troubles not coughing! I called to see if I can get cough syrup with **.

I'm 66 years old and have been very fortunate to have been cared for by several wonderful physicians and dentists over my lifetime. These doctors establish trust and confidence through excellent, well thought out medical care and showing genuine concern and receptiveness towards their patients. In 2013, I signed up with Kaiser as my Medicare provider. From my first encounter with my new primary care physician, I knew I had made a mistake. What I encountered was hostility and defensiveness because she, as stated, did not have time to see me. So why did I make an appointment? Because the telephone advice nurse wanted me to. So after I held her hand and let her complain, my new doctor settled down and took care of business.

I then sought to change to a new doctor which, if you believe the advertising, should have been easy. This Doctor was worse in her bedside manner. Her first statement to me was "you are making several medicines that I would never prescribe for you, perhaps we are at an impasse already." Let me repeat, these were the first words spoken by either of us. So what happened? A few days after my appointment, which seemed to conclude well after I calmed her down, I received an email from this doctor. She gave me some suggestions and told me I should stay with my first doctor, in effect, rejecting me outright as a patient. So you can choose a new physician but they can reject you.

Kaiser seems to specialize in shocking patients with deceptive practices and bait and switch tactics designed to minimize their care costs. During the flu season, they did not promote flu shots other than to post a small sign outside the front door. Why? Because they are free to the patient. In my case, I have both an upper and lower back problem. My total care over six months amounted to one X-ray for one and nothing for the other.. I was given some exercises to do and enrolled in a long term pain management program without any diagnosis other than a muscle strain and a pinched nerve. No other treatment other than pain medications.

When I enrolled in the pain management plan, I was told that their goal was to get me off the medications because they believed the pain was in my, and everyone else's in the program, in the brain. After six months, the open enrollment period came up and I changed to Blue Cross. The pain management nurse was shocked as if it never occurred to her someone would leave. Why did I really leave? I was afraid of Kaiser. When I signed up for the Pain program, I was told it would be 10 weeks. For that time, the program staff would control my medicines. I signed an 8 page document and did not receive a copy. When I asked for a copy several weeks later, I was told they do not give copies to patients. I was asking for the copy because this same nurse was telling me that they could keep me in their program for up to three years.

I was feeling very trapped. Again, I was not getting medical care and was being told they wanted to get me off all the medication I was on whether it was related to back pain or not. I felt powerless. Within two weeks of leaving Kaiser, I have had two MRI's and have been referred to a back specialist by my new Physician. Upon review of things, I believe the Kaiser HMO program cannot work for the best interest of the patients because of an inherent conflict of interest. It is their profits that are hurt when money is spent on your care. They have tailored their operation to keep costs down by keeping patients at minimal or sub standard levels of care. If you care about yourself and the ones you love, do not go with Kaiser, with one exception - Childbirth. That is easy for them to do and costs little, mostly nurses. As for adult or young adult care, get out and stay out.

You are instructed once on exercises to be done at home, then referred to internet app where you notify Kaiser that you have done the exercises. After creating account, I used app. My exercises are prescribed to be done 2-3 times daily, but when I logged in to document I did my second session, the site is frozen. It only lets you document once daily, so, you will probably get admonished on MD visit for not doing your exercises. I tried to delete my account, and there was no way to do so.

When I first signed up I got calls and welcome packages and they would call to make sure I was all good. Once I started using my expensive meds that they covered I noticed they got more cold. I knew it was real when their electronic payment protocol stopped taking my payments. I was fighting to pay them my premium since it was now late because of their site, they then used that late payment to say they couldn’t reinstate me. Even look at their app and see if you can find a way to pay your bill. Money hungry company who will let you die before they help you.

So I had an appointment at the Southwood Comprehensive Center and this lady name Charissa **, was so rude to me, rolling her neck and eyes. Talking over me and did not allow me to explained my concerns AT ALL. Now this is my first time coming into Kaiser and will be my last time going. My company said we had to switch to this insurance (which is the worst insurance ever). The check in process is ridiculous. They only had one person checking in on the second floor. I stood in line for almost 15 min. So that is the reason I went into the administrative office to see if I could get some assistance with check in.

Kaiser (Georgia) needs to hire some more people. Also, they need to train their managers; and the people at the front desk how to be courteous; kind; respectful and caring to their patients. To Charissa **, you need to either find you another job or attend a anger management class because you are indeed miserable and to work on the front of the line with people isn’t for you. Your attitude is ugly just like you. Please find you something else to do. I AM TELLING THE WORLD ABOUT YOU CHARISSA **!

Kaiser Permanente double-billed me for my monthly premium. I called on Halloween, 10/31/15, to pay for my November coverage. On Monday, November 2nd, I checked my credit card, and saw that Kaiser authorized 2 charges to my credit card for almost $500 each. I called the bank and disputed the 2nd charge. I was advised to call Kaiser and have them reverse the 2nd charge as well. When I called to have Kaiser reverse the 2nd charge, the Customer Service Rep, Shamika hung up on me, then called me back, said that I had signed up for automatic payments, and when I informed her that I NEVER authorized automatic payments, she said she would remove the automatic payment from my account and that it would take 6-8 weeks to send me a refund. I told her that I don't want to pay interest on almost $500 for 6-8 weeks because of their error, and I want the charge reversed NOW.

She said something about applying it to next month's premium, but I explained that next month, my company will begin paying for my healthcare, and it won't be with Kaiser. I asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor, "Desiree **" at first stated that their system only showed 1 authorization, which went through, and 1/2 of a 2nd transaction. Supervisor Desiree ** said she would look into the situation, that it was too late to talk to the billing department, but she would speak to them and her supervisor and call me the next morning. She then wanted to know why I wasn't contacting my bank to dispute the charge (I had already contacted my bank to do that). I NEVER RECEIVED A RETURN CALL from DESIREE **.

That afternoon, I called customer service again and asked to speak to Desiree ** and was told she was unavailable and was put through to another supervisor, "Lis **" - Escalations supervisor - who apologized for no contact. Lis ** said it was too late to talk to the billing department (again!) but she would reach out to Desiree ** to find out if Desiree received any response or if not, she (Lis **) would take care of it. She said she would call first thing THIS MORNING. I NEVER RECEIVED A CALL FROM EITHER DESIREE ** or LIS **. I called the customer service number again today and asked to speak to billing. I asked to speak to a supervisor, but was put on hold for a LONG TIME, and then was told that NO Supervisor was available, that the double-billing has gone through, that it would take 6-8 weeks for a refund, and I could submit a complaint.

I submitted a complaint, requesting that in addition to a refund of the initial balance, that they pay me interest of 10% per year (you do the math to figure out the daily interest rate) from the date of charge until the refund is paid. This is ridiculous! While Kaiser has my money earning interest for the next 6-8 weeks, I am stuck paying interest on it until I receive a refund in 6-8 weeks, when Kaiser should just authorize a reversal of the charges (Kaiser seems to authorize taking UNAPPROVED charges on my credit card account easily enough)!!!

My 90 year old father has Kaiser. It has been an excruciating experience to manage his care with Kaiser. From the perspective of a caregiver, one should be aware of several things about Kaiser policies: None of the primary care doctors are able to admit a patient to a hospital - they must all go to the ER. If an ambulance ever needs to be called, they are mandated to take the patient to the NEAREST hospital. So if that nearest hospital is not Kaiser, there is a push to release asap.

My father has been experiencing 3 weeks of extreme diarrhea. He was so dehydrated he passed out at his Kaiser doctor's office. He was taken by ambulance, given quick IV fluids and released. No care for the diarrhea. Primary doctor ordered stool samples but his care facility can't get them. I have spent 3 days calling every number Kaiser has to get him admitted to a Kaiser hospital for the samples and IV fluids - all to no avail. I tried to get in touch with a "patient advocate" and was given a wrong number. I sat on hold for hours trying different approaches to reach his doctor to ask that he be admitted. There were "no phone appointments available" and nurses eventually call back saying "take him to the ER". He has been there twice, not treated, only given fluids after 5 hour waits in the hallway strapped to a gurney with no food or water. It is insane.

Each call MUST begin at the "appointment center" where a phone employee appears trained to keep you from seeing a doctor. Each time I called to report what was going on with dad and attempt to relay a message, I was argued with. The last one said "I SEE YOU SAW HIS DOCTOR YESTERDAY, WHAT HAPPENED AT THAT APPOINTMENT?" Each person "makes notes" but the next person says they "cannot see the notes". Two years ago he has a procedure with a cancer specialist to check for a malignancy. After the procedure, I never received the diagnosis. Left 5 messages!!! Finally had his podiatrist check the outcome notes! Kaiser has NO geriatric services. Kaiser has NO psychiatric services - they contract out. Two assisted living facilities told me Kaiser and the VA are nearly impossible to deal with.

On December 5th I went to the emergency room because I developed a lump on my right lower jaw. I had no pain but felt it was very unusual to develop a large lump on my lower jaw. This happened after 9 when Kaiser urgent Care is closed and my only options to see a doctor is an emergency room. After approximately 20 minutes of waiting in the emergency room finally a doctor examine me and determined it was a toothache and sent me home with antibiotics and a mouthwash. 5 days later I get a bill for over $1,200.00. I filed a grievance and my grievance was declined by a Kaiser committee. Now I understand why people don't see a doctor. They are afraid of medical bills that are outrageous for the type of services they received. I don't plan to renew my membership next year as this is the only way I can really show Kaiser their services suck!

I was walking outside, had a diabetic low blood sugar and someone called the ambulance. I was conscious the entire time. I had to tell the paramedics to use glucagon since they couldn't start an I.V. When I got to the E.R. I left after a short while later because the doctor was an **. He then called the dmv and told them I lost consciousness, and now my license is going to be suspended. Never go to a Kaiser Permanente er. They will make your life much worse not better.

My mother has been sick with chronic pancreatitis for approx a month. Severe intermittent abdominal pain with nausea. Started on 4/1/2016. Since then, there have been 13 encounters. Phone calls for advice, appointment with a Nurse Practitioner, another call for advice, a trip to Salem Hospital for ER visit (where she was seen and diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and sent home, denied admission by Kaiser MD). Following day there were two phone calls to primary MD, office visit with separate MD at Kaiser, following day appointment with OB at Kaiser. 10 days later a phone call to Kaiser OB for results, another visit to Salem ER for severe abdominal pain, persistent nausea, and weakness (again denied admission by Kaiser, sent home with same medicine for nausea and pain that she was previously taking and wasn't helping). Next day call to primary, call returned as usual by office RN.

Kaiser Permanente seems to be more concerned about reimbursement for services provided than providing much needed care to patients. My mother is elderly, has symptomatic chronic pancreatitis for almost a month, and as hard as we try we cannot get her treatment by admission to a hospital. They want to temporarily bandaid her symptoms with pain medicine and anti-nausea medicine even though they know that is not the standard of care for pancreatitis. Admit the patient, treat the symptoms, find the underlying cause. TREAT THE PATIENT. What a shameful disgrace of a healthcare provider and a real disappointment to the patients that depend on them.

I won't go into the whole thing, but Kaiser has put a halt to prescribing any Opioid pain medication and are taking current Patients off of them regardless of their proven diagnosed condition. They are doing this without considering a patient's health or well being and quality of life. I feel people may have to turn to illegal drugs and get them off the streets. Kaiser's action will only endanger the lives of there patients and their families. Chronic pain is real and very hard to live with.

#KAISERKILLS - My mother went to the ER yesterday due to negligence and unprofessionalism on the part of Dr. Sunil ** at the Ontario Vineland Center. She is a CLL patient on the drug IMBRUVICA and has been denied through Kaiser of receiving the medication. Outside facilities have been calling this doctor to assist in obtaining the medication and he and his team return no calls. I myself and my fiancé have called a total of 10 times with no return calls. You would think a hospital facility who knows that a patient needs a specific medication in order to maintain themselves would be trying to do whatever they can to ensure that their patient receives it but no one cares not even the doctor, social worker/case manager. A patient living on Social Security is not going to be able to pay $2700.00 a month for medication. Why would this not be an ongoing medication that the medical facility ensures this patient receives.

The Consumer Affairs Website has over 546 complaints about Kaiser and even when you call their patient affairs office to speak to someone you're on the phone for 45 mins then they come back and tell you there is no one to speak to. What's the purpose of a Patient Affairs? She has been without the medication for 3 months now, and Dr. Sunil ** has done nothing to accommodate this life threatening need! As a result she went to the ER, and unfortunately has now been transferred to Kaiser. When I say Kaiser Kills and not Heals, my mother's life is on the line! If you are with Kaiser and you can escape please do, as your life will depend on it!

On July 15, 2014 I lost my job. On September 30, 2014 my short-term health care insurance expired. On 9/15/14 I contacted a Kaiser Representative to determine if my situation falls under the "triggering event" to allow me to get health insurance prior to open enrollment. My representative Rebekah **, along with three other sales reps at the location said yes. I applied online on 9/28/14. I faxed and e-mailed my "triggering event" on 9/29/14. I left several calls and e-mails with my rep to confirm receipt but no reply. I then called member services but they said they never received the fax and to refax. I refaxed and received a fax confirmation on 10/10 and 10/13. I called again and they said they didn't receive it.

On 10/14 my application was canceled. On 10/15 I applied again. On 10/16 I mailed via certified mail and faxed again my triggering event. Consisting of my short-term health insurance policy information start date and end date. When I called to confirm receipt they admitted they received it but they need a letter from my previous health coverage with start and end date. On 10/24 I faxed and e-mailed the letter. I called on 10/27 to confirm all was received and when my health care will be activated and when I will get my group ID and information. I was then told all was approved, activation on 11/1/2014 and I will receive information via mail. On 11/6/14 I received an e-mail stating my application was declined.

Needless to say I was stumped. On 11/7/14 I spoke to two different member service representatives to find out the status. One told me they never got the information. Then she said yes they got it but it was not complete, and then she said I passed the timeline to submit. The second person said yes they have the letter but still not accepted, but she did not know why. Every time I call I get a different calling center, a different person and no one appears to have a complete and accurate record, and they definitely appear inept at resolving problems. All they can say is “I don't know what to do” and “Thank you for calling Kaiser.” You got to be kidding me. When I got a supervisor's name, from the CO center, David **, I e-mail him and it went unanswered and the next time I called no one appeared to know who he was or how to reach him.

I am still unemployed and now without Health Insurance, which is required by law! I am a senior media sales and marketing professional and believe great companies consist of integrity, trust, value and superior customer service. My experience clearly shows me Kaiser is far from a great company. I will also do everything in my power (social media, word of mouth, etc) to tell my story and discourage anyone from signing up. I honestly thought Kaiser cared and wanted consumers to "Thrive" but now I know they are just another oversized company focused on the bottom line and not their clients or consumers. PS: God help me if I get hurt or sick before open enrollment. Thanks Kaiser for your horrific customer service.

KP hires the lowest quality (cheapest) staff they can find and it shows. Doctors who don't seem to know what they're talking about, and don't LISTEN to what a patient is telling them - and this has been every doctor I've seen with them. Nurses who treat patients like inmates in a prison rather than people who are paying for health care. Robotic calls that nag you to report for screening tests even after you've had them. People on the "help" line - once you get through a lengthy automated system to reach them - who couldn't care less about your problem and don't "help" at all.

I was told by a nurse that I was rude and needed to "lose the attitude" when I declined to answer a very personal, irrelevant, and inappropriate question during a sick visit. I am an older person, there for an ear infection, and was asked if I'm sexually active. The nurse told me I MUST answer the question, and bullied me over it even though I was clearly in pain and not feeling well and it had nothing whatsoever to do with why I was there. That was the last straw, and I'm DONE with KP. The worst excuse for "health care" I've ever had.

Incorrectly diagnosed my feet problems. Have left me disabled and lie, lie, lie. File your complaints with Department of Managed Healthcare. Complaints to the state are the only complaints that get any attention. We need to take a stand against this substandard care. When I complained of depression, I kid you not the answer in response to my grievance was lose weight! I still haven't figured that one out.

I'm 51 and the president of a women's bicycling club. I used to be a runner and I also delivered mail for 13 years. I've always been athletic. However, my knee has been giving me problems since the 1990s and I now have bone on bone osteoarthritis in my right knee. My ability to exercise has diminished and I have gained weight. I have trouble doing most things and it's very frustrating to an athlete like myself. I have Kaiser Health insurance and I have been told that I cannot have a knee replacement until I'm 65 (discrimination) from Dr. ** in the Coastline Medical Center in Harbor City Kaiser. I decided to get a 2nd opinion due to the lack of compassion. My primary care doctor referred me to a Dr. ** in Kaiser Riverside orthopedics. Kaiser Riverside would not give me an appointment to see Dr. **. Instead I was told I had to take a class first.

I took the class along with at least 12 other individuals (At Kaiser Van Buren office). Several of the individuals in the class were upset because of the treatment that Kaiser was NOT providing. The class was basically to tell us that we are too fat to have surgery and Kaiser will not provide access to a surgeon (appointment) until we lose weight. I understand there is a small risk involved with operating on overweight patients, but Kaiser has a FLAT line BMI and Age requirement. They do not consider circumstance, quality of life, or any other matter. I have since gone to see a reputable surgeon who told me that he could not believe that Kaiser was treating me the way that they are. He viewed my X-rays and my arthroscopic pictures. He stated that I need a total knee arthroscopy and he would be willing to do the surgery.

I am writing this because I feel like I have no voice, especially with a huge entity like Kaiser. My son injured his shoulder in football and has been suffering great pain ever since. I brought my son into the orthopedics department (Arbor Ave, San Diego) on the 21st of September. We met with Doctor C who examined my 16 year old son told him that he would need surgery on his shoulder. He told us that he would look at the MRI we provided him with and call us back THE NEXT DAY. After 5 days went by, I called and left a message for Dr. C. It then took him exactly 1 week to call me back (now putting us at 2 weeks since the office visit which he promised to call back the next day). Unfortunately I was working when he called and I did not pickup. Dr. C's voicemail said is that he can't read the MRI and will have to figure out what to do from there. Why did it take over 2 weeks to discover this and why was I not called immediately?

I called Dr. C back within 30 minutes of his voicemail and of course had to leave another message for the doctor. Meanwhile my son is in pain and is nervous about a potential surgery that Dr. C told him he would need, and asking me what is going on and what he should do. Because of the Dr. C's non-responsiveness and the level of my son's pain, we had to make a decision on what to do. WE NOW WENT OUT OF NETWORK SO THAT MY SON COULD HAVE HIS OPERATION. Since decided to make an appointment with Scripps, who saw my son within a week and were able to schedule a surgery within 2 weeks after seeing the doctor. Perhaps this is what an HMO wants, for members to go out of network.

I write this so others may know of my experience which may help them to determine if Kaiser is the right insurer for them. First off, I very rarely see the doctor. I do see my gynecologist yearly, and also get a full exam and blood work up. I chose Kaiser because at open enrollment, they seemed to offer the best plan at the best price for me. I was impressed with their emphasis on preventative care and even offered Acupuncture. I thought - great - they are progressive, forward thinking and I also liked that I could go to one place for appointments, blood work, or x-rays should I ever need them, which happens to be a short drive from where I live.

Since I signed up online, it has been nothing but trouble. First of all billing: I signed up to have auto-pay via my credit card. The first payment went through fine then I got a new credit card (same #) with a new expiration date, and it didn't occur to me to update my record on Kaiser. So the next billing cycle, I got a letter saying my credit card was denied. After waiting 30 - THIRTY minutes on the phone to get to a customer service rep, they updated the expiration date, and took my payment over the phone to bring me up to date. I thought all was well. The next month I get another letter that I am past due, and the credit card was declined.

I call Kaiser again. I was on hold a LONG time. There was NO option like some agencies have where when they are experiencing high call volume, they will simply call you back later the same day. I had to wait and wait. Got another customer rep who saw the notes on my expiration date being fixed, confirmed everything was in the system correctly and told me it may just be that it sometimes takes 2 billing cycles for billing issues to resolve. She took my payment over the phone for the outstanding balance and assured me it should correct by the next billing cycle. It did not! Same thing happened AGAIN and now my outstanding balance has grown!

So I call again (another frustrating wait on hold), this time asking to speak with a manager. A manager came on the line and explained to me that clearly there was something wrong with my financial institution (Chase) and that I should call them to find out why they were declining the charge. After explaining to him that I use that credit card regularly, including for online vendors such as Amazon, and had never once had any problems with it, he considered this and concluded that maybe their billing system needed yet another cycle to "clear" whatever problem was happening. He took my payment over the phone for the outstanding balance, and assured me all would be well. This time of course my confidence was not good so I went online and saw that my payment was in "pending" status at Chase and I thought at LAST it is fixed! but it was NOT!

I need to close up this part of the problem by saying that in order to resolve this, I sent numerous emails via their internal system to their complaint/grievance department, I sent a certified letter to the address/person listed on my paper bill and "credit card declined" letters; and all I got back was emails and letters stating that a specialist would be in touch. Eventually someone determined that it was their own systems causing the problem. One system had me on auto pay via credit card, and another had me on paper billing. The paper billing system was overwriting the auto pay system so that's why the charge would show up on my bank as "pending" then disappear.

Their OWN system was the problem and it took 5 months of extensive time and work on my part to get it fixed. Someone did call me back after it all to ensure I was "completely satisfied" with the resolution and I said to her "if this is a known problem in your systems I would suggest you coordinate with the first line team who handles billing problems to let them know so they can resolve it on first call!" But I could see she didn't really want to do anything, just make her call, and wish me well. Dealing with Kaiser on this I felt like I was dealing with a corporation and employees who were doing whatever was required of them by Kaiser- key thing being to close out any phone call as quickly as possible.

As I considered this I wondered god forbid I should have an actual medical issue will they treat me as robotically and systematically as they did with billing? My next issue is medical. I had an issue going on and needed to see a dr. I picked whoever was "taking new patients" and made an appointment. Luckily though their online system I was able to see open times and kept checking and got lucky to get an appointment quickly due to a cancellation. This part of Kaiser worked extremely well. The issue I had is one I have had in the past - several years ago - and so I described what was going on, and what I had been prescribed in the short term that helped me.

One issue is that I had not been sleeping well for many months and it was taking its toll. I asked for ** as that has worked well for me in the past. She said "Kaiser doesn't like to prescribe that because of problems people have had, so let me give you this other drug." I told her I am sensitive to medications, I hardly ever take prescriptions (it's been over 2 years since I needed anything) and I would prefer to take something that I know has worked for me in the past. I had a very bad reaction to ** (another sleeping pill) and did not want to take chances trying new things. Not doing. For my other issues, same thing.

She would not prescribe me a medication that I know has worked well in the past, a very common medication that has been around for years and years. Instead she gave me a list of books to read, and a list of supplements to buy at Vitamin Cottage. She is an MD and acted like a naturopath. I love natural medicine. I have no problem with supplements. But for the issues I was having I needed basic medical prescriptions for an immediate issue short-term that she refused to provide. I tried the sleeping pill she recommended, and next day I was groggy, head fog, couldn't get out of bed and my stress levels further agitated. I was so angry. I felt like she didn't really listen to me, she had her own agenda, and stuck with it.

By email she finally agreed to give me the medication I had previously requested and that I told her has worked for me but only a very very small quantity and said she would not ever give me any more. She treated me terribly and made me feel horrible. I haven't been on any prescription meds for over 2 years and when I have been on them it's always been short term and I end up throwing out the leftovers. She apparently didn't believe me and treated me like a drug addict on the mission to get some **.

Needless to say I will never go back to her as a doctor and if I can I will drop Kaiser. I did hear from others that at Kaiser everything depends on your PCP. I am told there are good ones but those usually are not taking new patients. So for any of you seeking services bear this in mind. After these experiences I simply cannot trust that should I have a medical emergency or diagnoses of any kind that Kaiser will treat me as anything but a number with a list of symptoms for which there is a pre-defined path to follow. Might as well be seen by a Robot.

I became a patient of Kaiser Cumberland Pkwy/Town Pk. Kennesaw, GA. 3 yrs ago. I have severe blood pressure, diabetes and at the time mild CKD. I was referred to one of their Nephrologist. He did not work with me to lowering my blood pressure. Same experience with Cardiologist. For three weeks my b/p was 110/98,or as high as 213/110. 2 urgent care visits and one ER visits for b/p within 3 weeks time. I went from mild kidney disease to now stage 3 Ckd... Beware of Kaiser. I sure there are some good doctors within network. My experience with the doctors I was afforded, they seemed rushed and not at all thorough. By the way, my diabetes are controlled, and was controlled during these episodes of my blood pressure being high.

The last 6 times I've tried to pick up a standard monthly refill of my daughter's Vyvanse there is always something screwed up. I feel bad for the pharmacy techs because the problems usually relate to some messed up system that Kaiser has put in place. Each time I learn some new part of the system that would have been helpful to know at the beginning. Customer service here really stinks.

On several occasions when I call Kaiser, I'm told that there is no appointment and I have to go to urgent care. Note the trick to that is for patients to pay a higher copay because of course, urgent care is more expensive. On Thursday, my son was running a 102 degrees fever. They searched all of the surrounding offices and said there was no appointment. After literally crying on the phone, they finally gave me an appointment to bring him in. The doctor gave me no medication because they said it was viral.

On Saturday, he was running a 103 degrees fever. I called the nurse line and was told to bring him back because it might be an infection in the lymph nodes. I brought him in. The doctor spent two minutes sounding him up and told me the same thing and still no medicine. They charged me $70. Now I'm not saying they should treat what is not there, but why charge me again when you told me to bring him back and you did nothing to help him. I don't know how they feel comfortable stealing from hardworking people.

They don't give a flip about people. They only want that money. I'm a single, struggling mom and the last thing I need is for someone to take from me and my kids. Kaiser, I pray you go out of business for the fraudulent that you continue to commit. Don't tell me take many child in because you think it might be something else, you don't test for what you think it is but you charge me again. A bunch of thieves.

Kaiser's doctors are robots. They obsess about having healthy people come in for tests and do harass about tests. They spend way too much time "advising" fit people like me on how to take care of their own body. Nurses are rude and condescending. Doctors have no real communication with patients. They look at their computer screen while asking questions and recording every word. They do not care about the patient. They want to check the square. Before I went to Kaiser, I had a private doctor for years who knew not to be alarmed if my blood pressure fluctuated at times. He had common sense.

The Kaiser doctor wanted to double the dose based on one single reading after scrambled to find the facility (always in a bad neighborhood) and stressed about the factory feel to their facility. I call this incompetence. It took me much energy and time to convince her that I was ok and that in general my readings are fine, and that she should focus and use more time for patients who need her, not me. They want to over medicate healthy patients and over test healthy patients even if you don't fall in the category of fat and unfit people, which is the majority of their patients and also staff! I total hated the experience. Nurses talked to me as if I were totally unaware of what I should do to take care of myself. This is big business, not health care. I now believe that if these doctors were any good, they would not work there.

Terrible customer service by a woman named Grace (represents Northern California Kaiser) who supposedly is an advice nurse. I called to talk to an advice nurse (grace) simply to tell her that both my kids are ill. Not only did she not listen to me when I tried to explain to her that both of my kids are sick as opposed to just one, but she transferred my personal information that I discussed with her to the wrong department! She for some reason couldn't grasp that both of my kids are sick as she never noted this in her comments to the Doctor! She was rude, had an attitude for no reason, no empathy for my two very young children and the worst customer service. It's people like her that made my decision to no longer stay with Kaiser. Sadly, out of my 32 years of experience with Kaiser, I no longer have faith in this healthcare business as this was the last straw in the numerous complaints I have had with their TERRIBLE customer service.

Side Note: In just the past 5 years, they have somehow managed to overcharge me for my 1st pregnancy (had to jump through fiery hoops to get this fixed) and I developed a rash from the beds there (RWC location), they gave me an epidural with my 2nd pregnancy and it never worked when that was my only birth plan (!!), I had a previous incident of a customer service rep being rude for no reason. Another incident was my son's speech therapy being delayed due to miscommunication with doctors and membership services. Thankfully, after being evaluated by another doctor, I was told he didn't need it, but then I get a phone call from them asking me when to set up an appointment. (Did they not communicate this?!)

I had a cyst removed from my arm and now I have a huge scar. People see it and tell me that it should not look this way and that the doctor/surgeon did a terrible job - I have people telling me to get it checked out since it looks so bad. I'm over and done with you Kaiser, I should of have listened to the others telling me that Kaiser is the WORST!!

I just can't believe how Kaiser, or its Drs. treat their patients. I had a severe stomach pain a couple of years ago and one of the Drs. declined an US for me "because I did not meet the minimum requirements to have an US?" The guy wanted to see me on the floor begging for help in order to have an US. His diagnosis, "you are diabetic, so you have gastroparesis" (is a condition in which the stomach can't empty food properly). The pain was severe and this guy would not prescribe Xrays, US, or anything else to SAVE money to Kaiser! I went to patient relations to complaint and the day after he call me authorizing the US????? BTW.... I was diagnosed without a test. I changed Drs. and the other Dr. diagnosed me with Irritable Bowel Syndrome without a test.... again?

I got gout, and I send an email to my Dr. asking for his advise, he "of course" prescribes colchicine for gout. I asked for a shot to reduced the swollen of my big toe, my Dr. said "we don't do vaccines." I went to an outside Podiatrist and he asked for my Xrays, I said, "I don't have Xrays with me," he said, "Oh Kaiser, they just don't like to spend money on their patients." And he continued to tell me horror stories about Kaiser and its services. He said "Kaiser has good Drs. However, they are overwhelmed with patients and they don't take care of their patients until they are dying." I did not want to hear this of course. If the system in Kaiser is so bad, why are they still around treating patients like stock options? Why no one can do anything about their awful system?

My daughter went to ER on a Sunday for a Bronchitis. Waited 2 hours sitting in the waiting room to finally see a Doctor who consulted her and gave her one medication to treat Bronchitis. All in all the Doctor spent 5 minutes with her. I have been charged $2000 for that. I disputed the invoice. After almost one month, I receive a denial letter. Kaiser maintains its billing and refers to EOC where it stays 40% is on me. But I am not disputing my part of the bill. I am disputing the bill itself. If my daughter was informed the bill would be $2000, she would not even stay for the consultation. The letter says Brad **. Can be called at ** but Brad's phone goes always to voicemail and 3 messages left and never returned the call.

For the last 7 years I have been taking pain medication for severe pain due to degenerative disc disease stenosis and arthritis in my entire spine. Today I was told that after all of these yrs of success with the pain medication, they are reducing it by 10% a month because of CDC guidelines. These guidelines were written as a guideline NOT MANDATORY. It took over a year to get the medication correct so I could get out of bed and be somewhat productive. Now I will be bedridden again and they don't care. I am confident they are reducing everybody's pain medication for 1 reason. TO REDUCE COST!

I HAVE BEEN A STELLAR PATIENT. I passed the many urine tests they required me to take. I always take as directed and never called in early with an excuse to get extra medication. Can they do this? They are a insurance company and provider. They are using the guideline as an excuse to make money without any concern of the patient's needs. How can I fight this. Somebody please help me before I am unable to get out of bed, unable to walk and unable to dress myself. What can I do??? I am permanently disabled as it is. Would you take away insulin from a diabetic. They are using the guideline as a rule of law, yet the CDC even said that if your patient is suffering do not make changes.

I canceled my membership with Kaiser in October of 2014. Yesterday I receive a bill from Kaiser stating that I owe $78 for the November and December Supplement payments. I was told by Kaiser that I had to cancel in writing and couldn't do it by phone (like I did). None of the representatives (one in billing and one in membership services) told me I had to cancel in writing. Typical Kaiser. I had a back injection for a herniated disc. Membership services told me it would only be a $35 co-pay. Guess what? Kaiser billed me for $215 plus the co-pay. If you love aggravation and misinformation, make sure you join Kaiser Permanente. Their slogan should be "Feeling Good?, We'll Take Care Of That".

They have no experience in spinal disease. The doctors themselves have little experience. They are there to learn at your expense. They force you to take medicine you don't want to take. Everyone there is prescribed depression medicine. They will make you sign a contract taking away your rights to be in control of your own health care. If you change doctors you are frowned upon. They make you loose weight and go to mental health. They make you remove sugar from your diet. They are more concerned with their agenda of health care and not what you are there for. I call it CASTAPOE health care. You lose control. They take over every aspect and your opinion means nothing. They don't include you in your own care, the decisions are made behind your back. If you are healthy, Kaiser is for you. If you are sick, RUN and don't look back.

I had a fall that resulted in 5 bulging discs in my lumbar spine. I have been seen by Kaiser Pain Management three times. The first time I entered the office in tears and was "There is nothing we can do for you." The 2nd time they tried a facet joint injection which worsened the pain. The 3rd time the increased a medication that I was later told by a surgeon should have never been prescribed. Now they are not offering any other options. Why call yourself pain management when you are not able to manage the pain and offer nothing? I am disgusted!

Personally, I really like my Kaiser team. My problem doesn't lie with them, it's my current transportation dilemma and from where I live (In the country). Clear across town to literally the most extreme opposite side of town... It's quite away from us.

For at least 8 months prior to Sept. 2015, my fiance and I had tried to get Kaiser to acknowledge something was wrong with my fiance's father's mental state. He was a danger to himself and others. IE: Erratic driving, causing accidents. Set fire to his kitchen and tried to put it out with bug spray. His roommate stopped him. His personal hygiene was atrocious, he reeked of urine and feces with stains all down his pants. Taking medication not prescribed to him, belonging to his girlfriend who has schizophrenia. We witnessed this!

He was missing for over a week and had moved 2 times to new residences within that 2 weeks. He was very paranoid. Police had to help us locate him. Kaiser wanted to do psych eval and told us since he goes to AA, they would send a team to the AA meeting but we had to have police with us. We set that up, called Kaiser in the morning to tell them we were ready to do this. They then told us they don't do that. We eventually got him into the ER on Sept. 4/2015. He had stomach pain and called us to take him in. They were refusing to do the psych eval. Had a social worker talk to us, who seen nothing wrong with the accidents, fire, buying random people iPhones or giving random people his bank account numbers, etc.

I threatened to sue them. We were not leaving until they did the psych eval. They did the eval and determined he was not capable of being on his own and admitted him to the Jewish Home for the Aging which is hour drive one way from where we live. We were up to see him almost every day, when we weren't, we were cleaning his apartment out which was full of mold. We fought with that facility's social worker to be able to get him to sign POA to his son. I went above social worker's head and found out he was lying to us and cannot deny him legal representation which this social worker was also doing. Even his attorney friend got into it with this social worker. It took us over half of Sept. to get this signed.

We had to clean out his apt. and get his stuff into storage and the other apt. he had as well. He was diagnosed with dementia, psychosis with behavioral disturbances. He was released to our care on October 4th, 2015. It's been a constant fight with Kaiser. The stomach pain they said at first was two small hernias while he was in Reseda but they were not going to do anything about it. It was not, it was one big hernia that we had fixed after he came home with us, along with cataracts on both eyes. We had a cyst removed that he was pulling at and aggravating it. It was growing fast. We asked them to remove another one on his lower back he kept messing with but they refused, saying it would not cause issues.

It then became inflamed overnight with pustules on it. Called Kaiser to make appt. No call back as they said they would. Called Kaiser Urgent Care the next day as it was worse. Nurse wanted him in asap and said it was infected. Took him in, it was too infected to drain. Medication given. It broke open. Called Kaiser, no appt. Called Urgent Care, got him in, again. They cleaned and bandaged it. Gave us some supplies, changed medication to stronger medication and a pain med.

When it could be removed, finally got him into surgery. His health is going fast. He was complaining of back pain in his spine. We took him to Dr. several times and they said they didn't know what was causing it. He keeps leaning to the left and has gait ataxia really bad. Took him to chiropractor who said his spine was very out of alignment, adjusted it and it lasted for a week. Come to find out, he has arthritis in his spine and several disks that disintegrated and Kaiser had known this for 6 years! We found out he is supposed to see neurology once a year and missed last apt. in 2014.

Got him apt. Dr. was nice. Frontal lobe dementia was determined and were told most aggressive form. He has diffuse brain atrophy so the parts that control inhibition is damaged. He gets violent. Psychiatrist put him on medication for aggression. It made him sleep constantly to where you couldn't wake him at all. He wouldn't drink or eat during this. Kept telling them he was fecal hoarding, they said no. He's just manipulating. WHAT? We gave him stool softeners and laxatives they prescribed. It wasn't working. Had to call 911 for an intervention on 2 occasions as he got violent.

Second time, we get call from social worker at Kaiser the following day, who immediately told us on the phone that if we did not pick him up they were going to charge my fiance with abandonment. No one had said anything to her except, "hello," when we answered the call. That social worker was way out of line. We had been told that they were keeping him for a few days to run tests and IV for dehydration. We even called up there several times a day to check on him and his son visited him, taking him clothing, prior to that call from her.

They keep pressing us to put him in a home and keep saying they can monitor him 24/7. There is nothing a home can do that we can't do here at ours. This month, June 2016, we woke him up one morning and he had these marks on his skin and a huge water blister on his inside elbow. We thought maybe some kind of reaction to the medications caused the blister and we keep telling them he picks at his skin, saying there are strings in his skin or something crawling on him. I and the psych nurse thinks it's some kind of neuropathy. I have neuropathy, so I know it can feel like that. Kaiser had him go to Sunnyside nursing facility for rehab. He was in fact, fecal hoarding and required enemas and such several times a day. It was blocking his intestines, exactly like I had told them he was doing.

Just because I am not a doctor does not mean that I am an idiot either. I had even told them his pain was what was causing his aggression, time after time. We had a meeting with a social worker, doctor and nurse at Sunnyside. I reiterated my issues with Kaiser and no one seemed to be on the same page. The doctor at the meeting assured us if we put him in a home, they could keep him from falling. Her and I slightly argued about this. They also said that doctors told them that we wanted to put him in a home, which was never said by us. They would not tell us which doctor said this. They NEVER do. I inquired about a hospital bed because on one of the papers we got from Kaiser after an appt. clearly said under INSTRUCTIONS: Bed bound, wheelchair bound. She said that's not what that means.

How else can that be interpreted? We then met with the physical therapists who did not understand why they would have given him a cane or even do physical therapy because he cannot retain the information. He could only walk 30 feet with a walker and even then, there were 2 people holding him up to do it. I had inquired about a hospital bed in the meeting so it would be easier for him to get up when he could and such but we were told no, that there was no reason for that bed.

After we had left, we got a call from Sunnyside about an incident where he got up from his wheelchair and bolted after a non-existent child, fell and cut his eyebrow above his right eye and had other contusions. That blew the doctor's theory out of the water that they can prevent falls. We told them it was not their fault because he does exactly the same thing at home when he gets those hallucinations like that and we even told them in the meeting we just had. Upon his release, they were going to have a nurse come by our home and physical therapist.

The nurse was just here, June 28/16 and even she says it is clearly obvious he cannot walk and does not understand why they had given him a walker and that he does need a hospital bed but that physical therapist would have to request this. He was not coherent enough to even talk to the nurse. Kaiser had told us that the nurse would be here in the morning and the physical therapist in the afternoon. Nurse said that wasn't accurate, that the physical therapist would call us within 48 hours to schedule a time to come and if they don't, to call them.

The medication is making him like a zombie. He barely eats or drinks and is having issues with chewing and swallowing. He sleeps almost constantly. He yells if you try to lightly touch him, that it hurts. We think he hurt his shoulder when he fell at the facility, he is complaining of shoulder pain and cannot move that arm hardly at all. What blows our mind most of all, is the psychiatrist's view of this. First meeting with him, I think was October of 2015. He said to not say or do anything to create fear, talk softly to him. Then right after he said that, right in front of my fiance's father, like he isn't even there, he said... "He has dementia. He is going to die," and shrugged. WHO DOES THAT?

I looked at his father and he sunk down into the chair with this terrified look on his face. Now every time we have to see the psychiatrist, he fights us and cries, real tears. He begs us not to put him away in a home and thinks that is what we are planning when we tell him he has an appointment with the psychiatrist. Kaiser set us up with a wheelchair rental with Apria but every time we try to pay for it online, it won't go through. The first payment went through, fine. Then it won't work and it has locked my fiance out of it.

We didn't know it had not gone through the second time. It looked like it had gone through. We had Apria reset the pw for the account and still cannot access it. The bank says there were no requests for the payment to even be denied by the bank. My fiancé went in person to talk to the bank. Originally we had gotten the wheelchair delivered at the end of January but it was defective so it took them a couple weeks to give us a different one. It's a mess and hard to know what is even going on with that because you try to call them and you can never get through so you leave a message.

Not many people have my fiancé's cell number. We use his for medical things to do with his father and mine for other friends and such to call. We get calls from blocked numbers, usually it's Kaiser or people affiliated with Kaiser and when we answer the call, either the person doesn't say anything and hangs up or they talk to us in Spanish and we can't understand them and they hang up. We think that's what's happening with Apria. We think it's them calling us but really don't want to deal with the payment issues on that wheelchair.

I am now looking elsewhere to purchase one instead of this renting. We are frustrated by the misinformation, lack of information we don't get that is detrimental to this man's well being. The nurse that was here told us that the departments don't have the same access to the medical history and records, that they are on different systems, between doctors and departments and that it was worse when everything was on paper. Their issues within their hospital should not reflect on what we do or try to do. People there need to get on the same page between each other and us. We are thinking about calling his old employer to see if we can't get a different medical coverage because Kaiser is horrible.

Had a very disappointing day. Was sick for last 10 days with cough and cold and called Kaiser to inquire on the bill they sent me. Kaiser let me use a Chinese translator to communicate. For some reason, the translator was not translating properly and when I said the translator is not explaining correct, he said ** and hung up on me... What a shame Kaiser!!! I don’t know how Kaiser is deploying these guys as translators!? When already the patients like me are suffering and calling for help, these guys are intensifying our worries. I can’t do any work and now I can’t even sleep thinking about this hurtful incident. Need to take counseling for me to get back to normalcy. Hope no other Kaiser member and other patients goes through this pain.

I changed insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO and went to Kaiser. That is the biggest mistake I made in my life. When I switched I had certain meds I had to take. I went 15 days without my thyroid medication (I had my thyroid radiated so I have no thyroid) so if anyone knows this can be a VERY SERIOUS SITUATION. They finally approve the medication AFTER I HAD TO NUT UP WITH THEM. Then I went in with severe pain in my shoulder and this was going on for 3 months.

I waited till my new insurance kicked in. Boy what a mistake. I then had to nut up again for my referral. Well it didn't take long after that went to the doctor I was referred to and he then referred me to another MRI for nerve damage and again had to nut up the day before my MRI AND AGAIN THE MRI WAS PENDING. I AM SO FRUSTRATED with this insurance company. I've came to the conclusion that the doctors with Kaiser just don't give a ** about their patients, just their money. Oh and I scheduled a yearly exam in January, it is now February 9th and they have rescheduled 4 times because my primary is never in the office. So my advice to whomever goes to Kaiser good luck.

My wife has considerable medical complications. I searched countless choices of policies and coverages before selecting Kaiser. I did my homework. Once I had paid premiums, all the information turned out to be lies. The deductibles, the out of pocket maximums, the ability to see specialists and take specific drug treatments all changed and we are confronted with Kaiser's brick wall. I, unfortunately, have changed insurance companies before and was aware of the many questions one needs to ask on behalf of a loved one to get the appropriate treatment. I spent time on the phone with Kaiser representatives who walked me through the deductibles and out of pocket maximums. They told me that they would be x and y for each family member with a cumulative deductible and out of pocket maximum of a and b. I read the materials they sent. I double checked their website. I called again.

After the first bill of over $5,000, which was above the deductible and the maximum, I called and was told I had selected a high deductible plan and I would owe over $10,000 before Kaiser would pay for coverages. At no point did any representative, website, or written material from Kaiser say anything about a high deductible plan. You would think, when you have it in writing from Kaiser, you have your answer. Not the case!!!! BEWARE!!! I also inquired about my spouses ability to continue coverage with a Kaiser preferred provider and was assured that she could. This turned out to be a total lie as we just had an appointment with the Kaiser people and they flat out said they would not refer us to another doctor and even if they did the referral would be rejected by the review committee.

My wife has MS and has very specific treatment that keeps her alive, thank god. She has seen and been successfully treated for over 3 years by a renowned Neurologist and its on site facility which we chose initially not only for its leading edge treatment but its location of 2 miles from our home. Kaiser has now told us we "must see there doctors in their facilities or how would they be in business?" They are forcing us to drive over an hour to be seen by doctors who are booked 3 months in advance and are less familiar with the life saving procedures my wife requires. The Kaiser doctor we met with told us the company is "bursting at the seams and cannot handle the amount of work that they have with the people they have hired." This is the exact opposite of what their representatives, literature and website state as fact.

In summation, I would recommend not using Kaiser Permanente, ever. Please do not make the same mistake I have. I have never written a complaint in my life about any company or person. If this review lets someone be more aware of this companies bait and switch tactics, then the time and tears rolling down my cheeks are worth it.

Kaiser is totally a minimal care “medical” facility on all levels. Mike’s pulse was approximately 30 bpm and he was unable to move his extremities or speak; however, he was conscious. We called 911 and shot of ** to increase his heart rate was given to him on the way to the local hospital. He was at the local hospital for several hours, and they were prepared to have him see the cardiologist if Kaiser would agree to allow him to remain there. Kaiser refused to allow Marshall, the local hospital, to keep him and said they would be sending an ambulance within two hours. Long story, short, it took 8 hours to get him transferred to a Kaiser facility. Kaiser said they did not have enough ambulances, so Marshall had to send a local ambulance to the Kaiser facility.

The Kaiser staff was rude to say the least--so many examples. The first ER doctor we saw—close to 8 p.m.—said that there it was possible vagal nerve fainting. Mike never fainted—the doctor wasn’t listening—he couldn’t control his arms and legs and he couldn’t speak when 911 was called. Doctors for the next several days told him that a 30+ bpm heart rate was just fine and referred numerous times to the high altitude vagal nerve fainting as a cause.

After a two-day nightmare, Mike was released. He was asked to walk to the medical building from the hospital to get a heart monitor. We walked there, got the monitor, and on the way to the car, Mike almost fell. I had him sit in a wheelchair that was nearby, and I went to get the car. Today, his blood pressure and heart rate seem normal, but we don’t know whether or not to anticipate another episode like the one he just experienced.

I strongly feel that Kaiser did absolutely nothing except add stress to an already scary and stressful situation. The doctors were absolutely uncaring and judgmental. I do not have one nice comment to make about the experience. It was a nightmare. There was no outcome. His symptoms and discomfort were dismissed. It was a waste of time to go to Kaiser. I plan to change health care providers as soon as possible.

Kaiser is the worst automated phone system that I have ever had to call. To get test results back, I have to call the standard number for everything to take several prompts to not get to the office I want but instead an hour and a half hold time to get only get transferred to the office where I need my results back. So try the online service to get your results back. I forgot my password and instead of resetting my password immediately when I talked to customer service. They had to send me a new password in 10 days to my house! But I received an email that my password has changed.

Dr. Beverly ** (Manor Care, Arlington) forced the release of my Mom while she had a pulmonary embolism and pneumonia - both acquired while at Manor Care. She is a horrible human being. And now, Dr. ** is forcing the release of my Mom from Potomac Falls Health and Rehabilitation Center with a gaping leg wound that was acquired due to a botched cardiac catheterization surgery that Kaiser performed. No one is able to be with my Mother during the day and the wound needs skilled nursing care. They don't want to pay for her rehabilitation until the wound heals, so they have modified the protocol on changing the seeping wound dressing from 2 to 3 times per day to 2 to 3 times per week in order to claim that "skilled nursing" isn't needed. This is contrary to advice provided by other doctors at Kaiser.

Due to the nature of the wound they created, and the lack of a sufficiently sterile environment to bring her back to, the unavoidable outcome will be that she will acquire an infection, and due to her age will not be able to sufficiently fight it and will die. Would be great if we could fight this - but our family has no money so we are at the mercy of an uncaring medical company like Kaiser Permanente. I am posting this review as I want everyone to know about the heinous practice of Kaiser Permanente to not take responsibility of their mistakes and not properly care for the elderly.

The "care" is horrible as is the billing. They've screwed up our billing multiple times and my doctor won't return my email messages and cancels appointments regularly. I hate, hate, hate this company. Thanks Obamacare for providing such lousy service at a premium! We are paying as much for our healthcare as we are for our mortgage. I'm sick of it!

We purchased a small business policy from Kaiser. We have had nothing but terrible experiences. Our employees were taking more days off just to get a simple doctor visit or procedure taken care of. I had to go to the hospital. Even though there is a written protocol for treating a pre-existing condition in my health record, KP doctors could not be bothered to read and follow it. They nearly killed me. They did cripple me. Their legal dept. is so large they will crush anyone that attempts to sue them. You just can't sue them because they will make it too expensive legally to pursue arbitration. On that note, do you have $75,000 in your bank account to pay for the experts to assist your arbitration? No? Then DO NOT TAKE OUT KAISER PERMANENTE INSURANCE. THEY WILL KILL YOU.

Kaiser Permanente has the biggest collection of burned-out, drug-addicted, and just plain incompetent doctors anywhere in the world. Any Third-world medical system is better than anything Kaiser has to offer. Try an 8-month wait for a simple colonoscopy. How about KP's policy of NOT TREATING PRECANCEROUS CONDITIONS UNTIL THEY ARE FULL-ON CANCER. Simple things take forever. You will be treated like cattle. Try 45-minutes just to get signed in to see a doctor that has less than 10 minutes to see you before he has to move onto the next patient. Truly third-world medicine is much, much better than Kaiser Permanente.

Think about it: Every doctor at KP is over-worked and very much underpaid. They attract the worst of the worst physicians. They attract physicians that cannot make it as a doctor in a standard medical practice. You will run into incompetence at every department you go into. YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTELY FOOLISH IF YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT TAKING OUT KAISER PERMANENTE INSURANCE. Don't do it. You will be sorry!!! Contact me directly. I will give you more information about the horrible medical practices that go on at KP. I will tell you exactly what they have done to me and my family.

I started with Kaiser Permanente in 2008, and have been consistently disappointed and upset. One time, a neurologist almost killed me with a potentially fatal dose of the WRONG prescription medicine! Here's a list of what I can think of off the top of my head as to why I've been disappointed with them:

* I have epilepsy, and when you have a seizure and go to the hospital, it must immediately be reported to the DMV because your license will get suspended for 3 months. In January 2013, I had a tonic-clonic seizure (grand mal seizure, epilepsy) which was not reported to the DMV by the ER, as required by law. I believe this shows how overworked and disorganized the people are at the ER.

* The neurologist they assigned me to after I had a second seizure prescribed me the WRONG epilepsy medicine at extremely high dosages which may have been FATAL if I'd followed her dosing instructions - luckily I double-check everything! I mentioned to the pharmacist that the dosage listed on my prescription was incorrect, and I ended up waiting at the pharmacy for several hours before they told me to go home. A few days later, I was called back and told to pick up a completely different medicine. I asked to be assigned to different neurologist, which took about a month, then another 2 months before I could go in to see her (since she's always booked). I must say that the new neurologist seems to be ultra organized and thorough. She's the one who first realized that the ER never called in my tonic-clonic seizure, except at this point it was already 3 months since I'd had the seizure and past the point when it needed to be reported to the DMV.

* I was bit by an outdoor cat and I went in the cat bite checked out. The doctor they assigned me to LOOKED UP MY SYMPTOMS ON HIS IPHONE right in front of me! It literally looked like he was checking my symptoms on WebMD. He didn't even get up or leave the room. After consulting his iPhone, he told me that I had nothing to worry about with the cat bite and sent me home without any medicine or treatment. Of course, I was still charged $100 for the doctor's visit.

* Terrible and non-compassionate billing practices: The epilepsy medicine they originally put me on wasn't working, so I went back to the ER a few times with seizures. Every time I had a hospital visit, I'd receive literally dozens of bills in the mail. There's no place to view your bills online, and you have to call a phone service to find out what you still owe, and to make payments. Even though I'd only gone to the hospital 3 times, I had literally dozens of different types of bills with different billing numbers to pay off and keep track of. I was paying off my bills every month via their phone service (I was paying for 4 different bills at a time), and the people I talked to on the phone said I was keeping up with everything, yet somehow a $700 bill was missed by Kaiser and got sent to a collections agency (which weirdly enough is also owned by Kaiser). The Kaiser collections agency also has a confusing (yet different) phone service I must use to pay off my collections account, and even though this was caused by a mistake on their side, and even though I have continued to pay several hundred dollars a month towards my collections account, they still report me to a credit agency every month, which keeps hurting my credit, and have informed me they will continue to do so until it's completely paid off.

This place used to be a lot better, but they've really gone downhill in the last 3-4 years. Avoid Kaiser if you possibly can!

The worst of all health care insurance I had. I was rushed to the ER in Nevada for emergency care. I was vomiting, having nausea, headache, stiff neck. The bill was around $21,000 but Kaiser only paid $14,000. I work with the government and I know I am covered in full. Until now Kaiser has not paid the bill. I am put in a collection agency now. Last September, I spoke with Kaiser Case Manager based in Oakland (name is Britney) and she told me Kaiser will pay them. I just need to send her all the bills, etc. I did faxed the billing statement and the documents she asked. To my disappointment, I receive a letter from a collection agency about this bill.

Kaiser has not yet paid and I am screwed because it is in the collection now and sooner will mess up my financial records. How can Kaiser do this? How could a case manager reassure me they will pay for it but never do it? And now I am calling them but no answer. Kaiser does not help you with your health issues, they give you health problems including making you sick worried about things they should handle better. I hope one day Kaiser shuts down.

I really loved Kaiser for the three years prior to this year. I felt as if my doctor truly was invested in my care, and help me live the best quality of life possible. As time went by, I learned what triggered my pain attacks, and how to control and manage them. With a lot of help from my doctor. I went from pain attacked every three months to every six months, to nine. My issues are stomach related. There is nothing that can be done except to manage the condition. I use ** for pain, especially at night when the pain is especially bad. Sometimes when food is digesting it feels like glass is breaking in my stomach. There has been times I have crying in bed unable to move.

A year ago my doctor demeanor changed, and he informed me that regulations in pain medication has changed. He starts asking me if I sell my pain medication or allow other people to use it. It was such a stupid question I started laughing. I was also drug tested, which I passed. I called him because my stomach was hurting badly. His reply was to make an appointment with my gastro doctor. That is fine if there was not a two or three month wait to obtain a appointment with her. The pain was so terrible, I ended up in the ER. I eventually was seen by a snotty nurse practitioner a week later that did diagnosis the problem. Though he was the type of health care professional you want to punch in the face.

My pain was under control, and all was well. Out of the blue my leg started to hurt. I tried to make a appointment with my doctor, but I could not get a appointment for two weeks! I ended up going to urgent care and finding out it is a pinched nerve. Sadly, this condition continued. I went to Urgent Care a second time to get a referral to physical medicine because once again, I could not get a appointment with my primary in a timely matter. I saw the physical medicine doctor who had me schedule a appointment with a physical therapist. When I saw the physical therapist she stated I needed to be on steroids so I would not be in so much pain. The amount of discomfort I was in, would not help me.

My doctor's nurse called out of the blue after six months and requested a doctor's visit. I agreed. It was the day after seeing the physical therapist, and I asked him for the steroids she mentioned. He did not seem happy about this and said I should have contacted my physical medicine doctor. Once again I was interrogated about the ** and what and when I use it or if I sell it. I felt it was a waste of a copy payment! He once again treated me like a drug addict. I left feeling violated and dirty.

Several days later I assume I had a bad reaction to the steroids. My back, side, stomach, and leg felt as if it was on fire and cramping also. I literally threw up until bile was all that was left. I ended up in the ER. I was told I was having a episode. They gave me **, and sent me home with nausea medicine and medication to stop the cramping. I emailed my doctor, called him, left three messages for him. He ignored them for four days. He let me suffer in agonizing pain. When he emailed me back, it was basically to call physical medicine. Mind you I was having STOMACH ISSUES. I switched doctors and was told she wanted me to be weaned off the **. I had no say in it. Period. I was re-drug tested.

I am done with Kaiser and their inhumane treatment. There is no excuse for the way I have been treated. I was left in pain, in so much pain I was throwing up and ignored. Treated like some junkie when my chronic pain is real. He is very aware if this. Then not to be given a choice if I want to stay on or off a pain medication. Should that not be my choice!? We are changing health plans. If this is the way people that just take a moderate pain medication are treated, I feel very bad for anyone that takes ** or other pain medication on a regular basis. I guess they do not care if you are in pain. Screw you Kaiser, especially you, Dr. **.

I am considered high risk with my pregnancy and unfortunately I'm stuck with Kaiser insurance, which is a joke. I am 30 weeks pregnant and they "forgot" to have me pee in a cup to check for protein in my urine... which is standard at every visit. I have not had one protein test in 30 weeks. Also, I have fibroid tumors in my uterus and my OB doesn't seem to care. I've asked to check them since during my last pregnancy I had a fibroid grow to the size of a grapefruit, but my OB is unconcerned and waiting for the standard 32 week ultrasound. (I was told it was because ultrasounds are very expensive and I can only have 3 of them).

I am having pain and tenderness near my cervix where the tumor is as I type this review. They're also mismanaging my thyroid disease so I'm paying out of pocket to go to my old doctor. Since having someone else help with my thyroid I am feeling much better in that department - NO THANKS TO KAISER! If you have a choice do not go with this insurance company. You would be better off with some voodoo witch doctor!!! Most of the physicians I have seen over the last few years are pompous jerks and I can't think of one scenario where they've actually helped with something important. AVOID.

In an effort to pay a large Kaiser bill due, someone in the Kaiser billing department put me on a payment plan. I have 2 bills, a hospital and a physician's bill. Well, I've been making my payments on both, on either the phone with a representative or mailing the credit card information. My bill dated 11/13/10 came in saying I owed only $87. I knew it should have been more. But the amount due said $153, which was the agreed upon payment amount made many months ago when I was first put on the plan.

Then I get a letter dated 12/1/2010 from a collection agency for $480 plus $33.27 interest. I was quite confused because I was paying my bills. So I called Kaiser and after going through a few people, I finally find out that I paid my bill 3 months late in a row. I was floored to say the least. I had been paying my bill either on or very close to the "Due Date" that was on the bills. So I "opened a Case" to have my collection removed from collection.

Oh, my God, what a cans of worms! First of all, and this is the part where you guys can really help out, nobody at any time in setting up this paying plan discussed how the plan works, what might put me in default, sent me a contract of any kind to sign, e-mailed me the parameters, nothing. There is nothing on the bill saying "must be paid by the due to avoid collections". Nothing. This is what it says, "You have established a payment plan on (date) for $?? per month. Please be advised that if you default on your agreed payment plan, your delinquent balance will be assigned to a professional collection agency with authorization to pursue."

So I'm plugging away making my payments completely uninformed (and unknowingly) out of a supposed agreement. Then you would not believe the process of getting this pulled from collections. This is where the cost of health care has gone out the window! There are the case managers, meeting to discuss peoples cases, numerous letters, denials, re-openings of cases. I would love to show you. Of the 3 months that I was supposedly late, "due by the 11th", my last letter said I paid my bill on the phone with a Kaiser representative on the 10th! Then their letter said we should "be sending his payment 5-10 days before due date every month."

One of the 3 supposed late payments was mailed on Nov 1st. to Los Angeles and was not processed until the 15th! I am paying my bill, and it is stuck in collection. And not a single person can just look at the facts and pull it, without committees and "Team Specialist" spending enormous amounts of time and money. I told the last person who now has my case, Senior Case manager Williette **, that this process is ridiculous and someone like me would not be in this situation had the people setting us (the consumer and customer) on the payment plans been more informative.

I hope something comes of this complaint. It is probably costing Kaiser $1000 to collect $480 from me, someone who pays their bills, not to mention the heartache and disbelief in people these days.

My sister Mary ** was denied basic medical care and died in great pain at St. Francis Pavilion, Daly City while under the care of Doctor Judy ** of Kaiser Permanente on Friday October 24th, 2014. Since March she had been repeatedly pressurized by Kaiser Doctors to sign a do not resuscitate agreement and she repeatedly refused to sign. Mary had developed DVT after receiving chemotherapy in March and was placed in St. Francis Pavilion at the end of August. She died of a pulmonary embolism.

Three weeks previous her DVTs subsided but she developed breathing difficulties shortly after. Mary was never examined nor given any imaging. She was in severe pain and was only given an oxygen tube. My family were with her for her last hour while she heaved and gasped struggling for breath clearly suffering and in great pain. They could not get a nurse to attend to her. There was no doctor in attendance. A nurse came into the room once and said she would go get help but never returned. My brother went to the nursing station several times.

My family requested that she be given pain relief and put on a drip but were told by the nurse that Doctor ** of Kaiser Permanente had not ordered a drip nor any drugs or treatment for her. While in their care she developed severe bedsores, was drugged to the point of being immobilized, did not receive the physio- therapy that had been ordered, was not moved or changed more than twice a day. She was not given equipment to do breathing exercises and not given adequate access to water to drink. Her phone was always placed out of reach so we could not contact her. She had had recurrent urinary tract infections before being admitted to St. Francis. On two occasions we pointed out blood in her urine but she was denied antibiotics. My brother and mother visited her everyday and arranged for her to be in St Francis as it was near to where they live. As far as my family can ascertain Mary was never examined by Dr. **. Dr. ** was rarely at St. Francis Pavilion and difficult to contact.

My Brother and mother complained several times about Mary's bedsores and lack of care. Dr. ** met with my family and said that she was dying and not eligible for treatment. On Monday Oct 20, my family asked about hospice but only received a sales pitch from Generations Healthcare (they manage St. Francis Pavilion) regarding their own hospices which were miles away. Neither the Kaiser Palliative team nor the Kaiser Hospice team were brought in. Dr. Judy ** refused to make any arrangements.

It's now six days on and we still do not have a death certificate. On Wednesday, Oct 22 my brother complained again saying this time he wanted to take Mary home. He also made complaints to Kaiser Customer Care Team who had not responded, as of 28/10/14. The social worker phoned Dr. ** of Kaiser who refused to speak to them and said she had already dealt with this matter. My brother asked the St. Francis lead nurse in attendance if he could take her home but was told she was too sick to be moved. He disagreed with the decision so St. Francis Pavilion staff threatened to have my brother arrested and charged with criminal neglect if he attempted to take my sister home.

Tragically Mary died two days later in a condition of extreme neglect, in excruciating pain while denied access to basic palliative and routine health care. When my brother and mother arrived Friday morning at around 10:30, Mary was in extreme pain and distress. She had been calm when they left her at 8:00 the night before. We do not know how many hours she had been left in this state of agony being completely ignored by staff. After staying for an hour and failing to get help from staff, my brother left for a brief time to drop off my mother who was extremely upset and to pick up medications that had been left when she was being cared for at home. When he arrived home he received a phone call telling him that Mary had died. We know now that Mary should have had emergency treatment but staff refused to inform us of this or make arrangements.

My sister was a medical records administrator and worked for Laguna Honda Hospital in San Francisco for many years. She inherited Kaiser Permanente as her health care provider from her workplace medical and dental plan. She devoted her working life to securing funding from the state of California for long term medical care for those in need yet at the end of her life her human rights were violated and she was shamefully neglected and negligently treated.

Kaiser Permanente, Generations Healthcare and Global Health Inc. were all responsible for her care but refused to fulfill their legal obligations to her, refused to allow her family to care for her and left her alone and abandoned, dying in agony.

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