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Stay away from them!!! Their customer service sucks. It's the worst in any insurance company I had. I was told very over a recorded line (I recorded them and the company records) that I can get my tow reimbursed $100 just send in receipt. I sent in all info and no check. I then emailed them and ask for reply or call back and nothing. Finally, got reply back stating they can't reimburse me sue to disablement. The rep didn't explain what that means. But I had car towed to mechanic who voiced he can't fix since my engine was out. The next day I had it towed back to my house. I have towing up to $100. So why didn't I get reimbursed? These were 2 different days and I'm not a mechanic... Of course if my engine is out. I will need a tow back. I paid the first tow and was waiting for reimbursement check like they said I would get and never got anything.

Fraud company. You pay high insurance and get bad service and can't even get a tow fee back, in which you pay every month anyways. Stay away from this company. They don't respond in timely matter. They don't work with you. They lie and don't even take accountability. My third party insurance company Goosehead has been asked by me to find me another insurance company ASAP! KEMPER HAS TO GO NOW.

I started a policy with Kemper insurance after my agent found me a good deal. It was at a very reasonable rate considering my driving history. However, less than two months after starting the policy, I moved from one Los Angeles neighborhood to another. Shortly after my move, I paid my bill for the month of July, paying the minimum that was due. Kemper then raised my insurance premium 280% without notification.

When I received my bill for the next month, it was almost triple what I had originally signed up for. When I asked about this I was told that my zip code was one of the most expensive zip codes in the state. They insisted that the rate increase was for no other reason than the move. There were no incidents or claims of any kind.

I asked them to lower it back to a reasonable amount, and said that if they did not I would cancel and find another company. Apparently they did not really care much about this, and insisted there was nothing they can do. I found another agent who found me a rate that was virtually the same as my original rate with another company. It was embarrassing how quickly it took to find a better deal, which made me also fire my agent who got me the policy with Kemper (though this agent did the best he could.)

I cancelled the policy as quickly as I could, before the next billing cycle had begun. Kemper then sent me a bill saying that I still owed them money. Apparently, they can simply decide arbitrarily that my premium can be raised anytime for any reason, and that they can then claim that I didn’t pay for coverage that I received (even though I paid my bill for the month in full at the time that it was due, in fact it was autopay so there’s no way I could have chosen to underpay). The fact that they decided to raise my premium after the fact means that no matter what I wanted, I was going to pay them a rate 280% higher than what I initially agreed to. Any reasonable organization would provide a warning about a rate increase immediately, not simply pretend like nothing had happened.

Basically, if you want an insurance company that will lure you in with a competitive rate, and then find any reason at all to raise your premium astronomically without any notification or warning, giving you no opportunity to remedy the situation, you should really go with this company. That was obviously sarcasm, stay away. Do not go with them, they are thieves. The fact that this is legal is a travesty.

I bought a RV travel trailer at which time I of course got insurance for it through Kemper insurance and I was even was given an option to increase coverage to 10,000. So I did increase it. And while in storage it got damaged and they totaled it. And instead of paying 7,000 to repair it they gave me 3,000 and took 3 different claims agents and months of storage fees and damage increasing. So they charged me more to get better and higher coverage and still didn’t even get it fixed.

I was hit by a gentleman insured by Kemper who ran a red light. He came across 6 lanes. He was at fault and cited. My car was totaled and I was in therapy for my back for 4 months. Kemper wanted to pay $3000.00 less than what my medical bills were. Now my insurance company are taking them to arbitration as they do not want to even pay for my totaled car and deductible that my insurance company paid. They have forced me to hire an attorney. This company is what gives insurance companies a bad reputation and makes people sue. The claims adjuster was rude and condescending. This company should be put out of business.

A driver, covered under Kemper Insurance Agency, backed out of a parking space (at a gas station) and crashed into my car while I was standing at my gas tank pumping gas. The driver got out and apologized and handed over her insurance information. I called and started the claim immediately. The adjuster called me the morning after for the story and nothing since. I've called her numerous times and she consistently claims she can't get ahold of the insured. I called the insured myself and she said she has heard from the insurance company. I spoke with the insured about a week ago and just the morning the adjuster is claiming she can't get in touch with the insured.

This adjuster also said that I can have my own insurance company cover this until they can prove fault. This company has not showed any accountability and was actually extremely rude while speaking with them. Just seeing how they do business, I would NEVER put my trust in them to make sure I was taken care of as a client.

I am a great driver, never have been in a wreck. I paid month to month for coverage. I made first payment, then they offered coverage. Debit card expired and at same time I found better insurance rate with Geico. I did not update card on purpose as to automatically terminate my policy. Instead they continue to rack up month to month charges and then send threatening letter about going to collections. Why would they continue to assume I wanted coverage? Why would I first have to pay them to get coverage, and when I don't pay I still get coverage? Should I have been able to start with Kemper for free then and just rack up a bill and pay later if it's ok and convenient for them now? Again, I never filed any claims, so I just paid for coverage, but when I don't pay stop trying to charge me for months of "coverage".

Had a terrible experience with my agent (INW) which represents Kemper. When I call Kemper and spoke to a supervisor (Joe) and explain the situation, got nothing other than and I quote "you cannot cancel until you have another policy" unquote. These people just do not care to have the skill in customer service of a piece of furniture. Stay away from Kemper, not worth the money, simple as that. Unless you want to be treated like crap, in that case, enjoy your stay with company.

I paid a great down payment price for a six month policy and for my next updates my down went even lower. My broker company GreatFlorida has always been friendly, fair and honest in our dealings with them which helps. I like that Kemper has great rates and coverage. I have used them for quite some time and have always been satisfied with their service. My husband and I have tried other companies but we always seem to come back to Kemper sooner or later. One complaint that I have is they keep moving our broker offices to different locations and have said they may not cover drivers in my state anymore.

I was hit (t-boned) by a driver at an intersection and even though my insurance company (21st Century) was able to prove that the other driver was 100% at fault, it took months to do so and we had to go to arbitration. The Kemper adjuster, Danika **, was polite during the initial interview but since then has been a nightmare to deal with. According to Danika, there was a non-biased witness at the scene and they said I ran the red light. Needless to say, I know I did not. But Kemper insisted on this and eventually, the lawyer I'd hired to prove my claim, DROPPED my case. So now, I'm left dealing with Kemper and it's been 18 months...still no resolution.

I know they are expecting me to just give up, but I won't. I've heard every excuse in the book from the adjusters. She claims she never gets my emails. She claims she will ask her tech support to look into it. She she PROMISES she will call me back...and she doesn't. It's absolutely the most frustrating experience I've ever had to deal with in my entire life. Kemper has shown zero accountability. They do not follow through and they blatantly lie. ZERO STARS.

I was a passenger in a rollover auto accident. Kemper accepted 100% liability. I was knocked out and suffered traumatic brain injury. For almost a year of my life I suffered headaches, anxiety, nausea and still suffer from headaches. They offered $8200 for my pain and suffering. When they were told we didn't accept that amount, they told us that is all they would do. I know my attorney will get half when we go to litigation, another year of dealing with this and won't get a dime but they will pay one way or another. Put them out of business!!

I was backed into by a Kemper-insured driver, and it is taking weeks to get results. Although the driver was cited, they refused to permit any repair until the police report arrived. Let's time that one by the month. They do not return calls. And here's the best part: just try to find a customer service department. I was transferred to 4 different locations and departments before it dawned on me they don't have one! I finally reached someone, who was willing to call herself a customer service employee. But when I explained the time frame and the problem, she said, "I have no idea how to even begin to give you an answer on that." Deadpan. Silence. I thought she'd hung up until I got a "yeah?" to my "hello". This insurance company is laughable if it wasn't so frustratingly painful dealing with them. Getting hit by one of their insureds is like having your purse stolen.

On 5/30/18 my wife was in a collision with a Kemper Auto insured driver running a red light. Driver cited. I contacted customer service on 5/30, I spoke with a very polite young lady, she took all the pertinent information related to the accident along with my personal information. The rep politely issued me a claim number along with the claims adjuster's name and phone number and extension. She then transferred me to the claims adjuster's team office, I spoke with a Leliani (unsure of the correct spelling of her last name... She muddled it), this woman was very nice in the beginning, but as soon as the car settlement started (they totaled my car), oh, things changed. This woman was very rude.

Pay CLOSE attention to the vehicles they compare yours with. They added $2700 to a car they choose with a 104,000 miles on it for a 2011, and only $600 for ours only having 70k. They don't add all the options that your car has. They will not give you a dime for any items you've added to your car. (Does not add value) as she states. With Kemper, you are NOT going to be put back into pre-accident condition.

Was in an auto accident with a Kemper client who hit my car while my was parked. They have gave me the total runarounds. Said it was 50-50. When I asked the agent how could this be my fault when my car was parked, the kemper client's head lights hit my car? The agent Carol said "well that is your opinion." Kemper employees are rude, disrespectful, dishonest, bullying. After reading all these negative reviews of Kemper, I think I have to hire an attorney and let judge give me the justice. I totally agree with other reviewers, this co is so bad and should be put out of business .

I canceled my insurance with Kemper and they took over $1,200 out of my account the next month. Long story short my agent and myself have spoken with them, filled out multiple forms and have still not received my money back! Don't ever use them. They have been lying to us and giving us a runaround to get my money back. Crooks!!

Tornado hit my home and they won't pay to fix it. They say I run a commercial business on farm and they don't insure commercial businesses. Hate to tell them but all farms sell thing that is what a farm is for. They sure take my premiums but look for any weasel clause they can to refuse to pay. My kid sold $100 worth of eggs to a neighbor and the chicken are in the barn that got hit so they say I'm running a commercial business on my farm and they don't insure commercial business. Absolutely ridiculous. Don't be fooled by the cheap price because if you have a claim they will refuse it, payment for any reason they can find.

I created this account just to write a review for Kemper. I had been with Kemper for almost 15 years, and had 4 cars insured with them. Mainly because I hate changing and looking for new companies, not because they were anything special. My policy was supposed to renew today and to my surprise it was instead cancelled.

Last year a relative started living with me and I added him and his car to our policy, unaware that I wasn't allowed to. I never got a phone call, email or letter about it telling me so. I logged into my account several times and nothing was red flagged, they were taking their money and all was good. Then all of a sudden on the day the policy should have renewed they cancelled my insurance because my relative's car was on there. I asked them why no one called, and why was I even allowed to add it in the first place? The lady kept putting me on long holds only to come back on the phone to accuse me of having cars on my account that aren't mine. Even though the other three are. "Whose this car belong to, how about this one and the other one?" I was like, "Lady why don't you just read the policy."

At this point I was so frustrated and asked to speak to a supervisor. I was transferred to John, who also told me I can't renew and I have to go through the sales department to start a new policy. So I got in touch with sales and they wanted to charge me almost $500 for a down payment. I was like WTF? So I said BYE Kemper, and got another insurance company who was helpful, polite and got me a lot more coverage for a much lower price, and no down payment! I should thank Kemper for canceling my policy.

I was hit by a driver insured by Kemper— 100% the other driver's fault, and he admitted it. What should be a smooth and straightforward experience has been a nightmare because of Kemper's inability/unwillingness to deal with the situation. After four phone calls and as many emails, I had to wait nearly a month before my messages were returned by Kemper, and this is after my insurance company threatened to call the adjuster's supervisor (The adjuster at Kemper also gave me incorrect contact info, so I had to research it myself to track her down).

Then, after the repairs were assessed, they never called me to let me know— which was their responsibility— resulting in further delays. I'm still not out of the woods yet, as the repairs have not been done. And I'm dreading there being a situation in which I again have to rely on communication from Kemper. If that happens again, I know now that I'll have to be the one calling and emailing and threatening in order to get them to do their part. Absolutely dreadful, terrible company.

I got an accident with the guy who was insured by this Direct Auto Insurance. Police said it was the other guy's fault. So I had called this insurance company to get my car fixed. But they said their customer was not at fault and they said they will send me rejection letter which I never received. So I went to court (for the other guy's ticket) for a witness and court decision was the other guy is guilty. Then I called them again to get the rejection letter at least which they told they have sent me. But I never got it for 3 months. Is somebody stealing insurance rejection letter? I think because I told them that I need this rejection letter to sue them in court.

I've had Kemper since 1997. Same house. Same everything. The only claim I had was 6 years ago for a hail damaged roof. For some reason Kemper increased my rate by over $2000 (yearly) this past summer. I didn't catch it until my mortgage payment suddenly increased by $250 a month. It turned out to be because the insurance had increased so much. Kemper had my house insured for three times what it is worth. I shopped around and obtained three quotes from three different companies. All were lower than what I had been paying prior to the increase.

So I went with State Farm and am paying less than half of what Kemper was charging. Not sure what is going on with Kemper, but it was really hard to get them to honor my agent's request to cancel. I guess in this day and time, customer loyalty is no longer a factor with many insurance companies and they believe once you are a customer they can simply keep increasing the rates and you will not notice. We will need to shop around for home and auto insurance on a yearly basis until this nonsense settles down.

I recently got in an accident and had my 2016 BMW M3 taken to a highly reviewed collision center that specialized in high end cars like Ferrari, Bentley, BMW and McLaren. Kemper's adjusters met with them after the breakdown and the collision center deemed it a "structural total loss". Right after the collision center called me and told me about the damage and there is no proper way to fix the vehicle to original specifications. Then the adjuster called me two days later and said with my permission they would like to take my M3 from Tustin it to San Diego (87 miles away) to get a second opinion. I said "NO!" because the collision specialist told me that they highly recommend not to repair the structural damage.

I called the adjuster and the claim representative multiple times to get an update on my car. They never picked up or called back. I called the collision center to see what was going on and they told me that Kemper was picking up my car! Even after I said "NO!" I finally got a hold of another claim representative that "sat behind" my claim rep. She told me that they were taking my car to "get a second look".

I asked for the manager, got Robert's number and called him. After a few minutes of me explaining what was going. He told me that they want to "cut out a section of the structure and weld in new pieces." I then told him, "I don't feel comfortable driving a performance vehicle that has been structurally repaired". After that he become hostile and threatened me with arbitration-mediation and said, "It's going to cost you a lot of money" then I said I firmly stated for the record "NO". I will be fighting this and taking it to court if I have to. This company doesn't care about you or your safety. They want to make money and cut corners and spend less. Go with another company. Call me or email me if you have any questions or advice.

I am an Insurance Agent in the South Suburbs of Chicago. One of my longtime clients had had an accident involving a deer in the early morning going up to the Northern Suburbs to her office. She was so rattled from the accident and couldn't drive her vehicle. Not only did the claims adjuster immediately put her into a rental car, they picked her up and got her back to her day within an hour 1/2 of the incident without a hiccup. My client had said that she's never had a company that was so caring towards their customers at the time of a loss but she really appreciates having Kemper now more than ever. It's times like those that I know having Kemper in my Agency is one of the best things that I can do for my clients.

Customer service of Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance is horrible. I had some fraudulent activity on my bank account and the bank does not care either. They just shut down all activity and put a hold on my funds. So yes, my payment bounced. When I got everything squared away with my bank and funds released, I called Unitrin to take care of payment because my insurance was cancelled. To reinstate my insurance, they said I owed $290. Ok, I paid it. Then after payment went through, they started to ask questions before they reinstate. I was asked if there's any damage to the car. I was asked if there's any cracks in the windshield and I said yes, I have a small one I intend to fix when I get everything cleared up from the bank fiasco. Unitrin rep said, "oh well, we can not insure you. Call us after you fix the window". It is not even bigger then 4 inches and they did not care. I have been with this company for over 4 years, no dings on my record, nothing. They are just happily taking my money and now they want to leave me uninsured until i fix a small crack in my window.

I have had Kemper for several years, with no complaints. Then my daughter and her three girls moved into my house temporarily until she could find a place of her own. While they lived with me the oldest grand daughter turned 16. I took her to get her permit and used my insurance card as proof of address. Sometime later my local insurance agent called me and said that Kemper was going to go up on my insurance because I had a teenage driver living at my house.

I told the agent I was not covering her. End of story, right. Wrong, Kemper has been taking 443 dollars out of my bank account for two months and now has dropped me because I don't have the money to keep paying. I told my agent that I didn't have the money that my grand daughter doesn't live with me anymore and I wanted my money back. She said that wasn't going to happen. They are thieves. They did not have authorization to take that much money put off my account. I'm retired, and that's half of my money.

I am writing this 'review' over a year later- mainly due to what Kemper did and how it has continued to affect my 86 yr. old Dad and myself, in my 60's and disabled. In 2017, my Dad asked that some of the 'limits' of a couple sections of his homeowners' policy be 'lowered'... first and foremost, because they were excessively high, which was unnecessary for such a tiny early 1920's home. Not long after... they sent him (us) a notice to 'non-renew' for a bunch of nonexistent reasons, such as 'tree's touching the dwelling' etc which were blatantly UNTRUE!

We were able to obtain (finally) another policy for less money and BETTER coverages but learned along the way that apparently when an Insurance company badmouths a residence... it is easily LOOKED UP (even if totally inaccurate) by other companies!! So, while we obtained another policy 9 months later THAT company sent a notice of 'non-renewal' listing the 'tree's' etc! I left THAT company a review much like this one! Kemper you made a fortune off my Dad for years. My then wife of some years back who WAS an Insurance agent told him he was 'paying too much' and offered to get him a palatable rate (which he didn't do). Kemper is a nasty, heartless and in my opinion (like MOST Insurance companies) EVIL entity that should be AVOIDED- or if you HAVE a policy find those rare Insurers who are still human, rather than NASTY!

DON'T get Kemper. They have been absolutely terrible with my auto insurance from day 1! I spoke with a representative, Christina **, who was a pleasure to talk with. I switch my insurance from American Family because they offered a lower payment. Come the first month bill, I find out that I was lied to about my monthly payment. They switched my payment plan without informing me or my consent! When I called to speak with Christina, she continued to tell me that I was wrong and Kemper was not over charging me. We solved the issue after talked for what felt like forever, just to see that the next month my insurance was raised even higher!!!

I called to cancel my insurance to go back to American Family (I've been with them for years and they are a very trustworthy company) just to receive a bill in the mail 2 MONTHS later telling me that I owe $125 for cancelling my policy! I wasn't informed about this charge at all. I called to speak with Christina and she was out at the time. I left a message and was told she would get back to me shortly, and I STILL haven't heard back. I'm and very unsatisfied with Kemper altogether, especially with the lies and them thinking it is okay to change my policy WITHOUT my consent. I agreed to go through Kemper on terms we spoke about in the beginning, and all I did was get lied and cheated. I don't recommend anyone using Kemper for any sort of insurance. They are the absolute worst company and a huge waste of money.

I've never had a company treat me with such disrespect. I've only been a customer of theirs since April, but let me tell you I will never be a customer of theirs again. I purchased a new car and needed to add it to my existing policy. Nobody would help me. They kept telling me to call someone else and I almost lost my car. I had to go with another insurance company who actually wanted to help me. Then this piece of junk company took an auto payment that they had refused to take out until this month. When I called customer service to complain the agent cut me off.

Then when I told her to shut up and let me finish she accused me of swearing and using vulgar language. I do not swear and am offended that anyone would say something like that about me. Then I told her I wanted a supervisor and she placed me on hold for 10 minutes and got me with Lynn who accused me of lying about them taking my payment! Worst company ever. I will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau!

I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with them when a client of their auto insurance hit my car while I was stopped at a red light. My insurance dealt with them and they sent me a check for my deductible after everything was said and done. I cash the check to only find out that it bounced a few days later. STAY AWAY! Thank God I don't use them for anything and I pity the people that get suckered by them.

My car was hit by a Kemper customer that did a hit and run and required police involvement to get their insurance info. The adjuster was very helpful at first and said their customer admitted fault so the process should be quick for my repairs. I took my car to a shop they chose and provided the estimate. They now will not return my calls nor do I know the status of my claim. They have contact numbers to their “boss” on the voicemail you are to call if they don’t respond within a business day that goes to someone who has no idea who Kemper is. After calling and emailing many times I received a text that they mailed me next steps. What horrible service.

We moved our home insurance and the auto on our 4 cars to Kemper from Liberty Mutual. God forbid if you hit a raccoon and need to file a claim. I had to hound them on the phone and through email. Took nearly a week to get an adjuster sent to look at the damages, then another week to hear ANYTHING from them about what they were doing. The only time I received service is when I persisted to contact them demanding help.

This coupled with them canceling the homeowners insurance a week after we got the policy stating they made a mistake and do not cover homes in our area due to their rural nature. Not like the house up and relocated it after I spent a month going back and forth with them to get the policy. Save yourself the frustration. Go with anyone BUT Kemper. And if you are with them I pray you never have to interact with customer service. Every rep I had was rude, one started yelling at me and after I asked them to speak in a civil manner put me on an extensive hold and came back and was very short and abrupt.

I had Kemper car insurance for about two months. When the car that I bought stopped working I called him to cancel the policy. 30 days prior to me canceling my coverage my mother was nice enough to help me with the payment that month. She gave them her checking account numbers and they withdrew the payment for that month. She only gave information for one month. However, months later my mother noticed a charge I have checking account. Every month there was a withdrawal $107. She did not know where this money was going.

Upon investigating, she realized that Kemper have been withdrawing payments for my car insurance policy that I had canceled 7 months ago. So do the math, 7 months X $107!!!! They have been ripping lost my poor senior citizen mother. All my mother gets is a social security check every month. She has her own car payments and car insurance to pay for. She was merely trying to help me out for one month after I bought my vehicle. When I cancel the policy they charged me $50. I paid the $50!!! Yet somehow my mother where is paying $107 every month for the past 7 months. This is the kicker... After all is said and done, after I went crazy on them and make sure they cancelled my policy. Guess what happened again this month? They took the $107 again. Help me please!!!

I was hit by a Kemper-insured driver. He was 18, on his way to traffic court and entirely at fault. Jose at Kemper claims dragged the liability investigation out for weeks. Throughout the process, I was treated with disrespect and disregard. It has now been forty days since the accident and although 100% of fault has been placed on their insured, I have yet to receive a penny from Kemper. Most recently, I was rudely hung up on by one of their damage adjusters (Tamara) because I asked to have my check overnighted. She had said it was sent out 10 days ago but when she checked her file today, she noticed that it hadn't been sent out. Nearly every person I talked to (and there were a lot) was rude, uninformed and incompetent. I should add that I had to threaten to sue the insured and report Kemper to the CA Department of Insurance before they did anything at all.

I pray that you are never in an accident with a Kemper-insured driver. I can't, for the life of me, imagine what it would be like to have your policy with them. Simply horrible.

Twisted billing sucks big time. Kemper is good only to get you money monthly. I never filed a claim which to my credit of good driving, not them. Notified their CS via email/call a month in advance that I will cancel the policy. Paid last month, provided new policy to cancel, got a cancellation notice from them dated next day after the date it was paid through by last premium. And 2 months after that I'm still getting a monthly amount bill keeps on coming. Spoke with their Billing Dept - they are even unable to ground and explain in a human sound mind terms that charge but harassed me with Collectors and ruining by CScore. May they be treated according to their wicked billing that embezzles money after their own Cancellation Notice is issued.

I was injured by a Kemper Client in a highway accident. I've been permanently injured and my business destroyed and my marriage of 32 years has to start over. After 4 years Kemper is being sued by a very competent legal team for millions of dollars in damages. Kemper is the worst insurance company I have ever seen and are the most unreliable when needing to get back on the road again. If you are injured they don't care and they will do anything they have to to not payout leaving you to pay for all damages. Kemper is a scam insurance company and is now being sued at the federal levels.

Originally, I was skeptical with Kemper because I had never heard of the company, but my broker recommended them, so I took a chance. My overall experience of getting set up and going was easy and stress-free. The experience so far has been great. They got great customer service and easy payment drafts. I hope that there would be more online tools and a phone application to manage my account as well as my car like recall notices, service schedules and updates on service and online management.

Great service. Low fee for new accounts and have several plans to fit different budgets. I had this company for a year when I purchased my new Chevy Impala. They assured me of great service.

I am a policy holder. There have been multiple problems with the automatic payment plan and rather than help me resolve the issues I just get letters from the home office threatening me with cancellation. I manual the payments to them but they are not happy with that. I cannot get a service agent to return a call in a timely manner. Last time it took 2 days and the agent was incompetent and rude. This time they haven't called back at all! I will be dropping Kemper ASAP and going with a company that values their customers. Any suggestions?

I was hit by a driver "insured" by Kemper. It was 100% his fault. He turned left directly in front of my car. After five days of countless calls no one at Kemper has bothered to contact me. After looking at other reviews it is pretty obvious that this is their usual business practice. I really wonder about the handful of five star reviews.

I oversee a rental car company and deal with insurance companies on a regular basis. Kemper's claims department is by far the worst I've dealt with. Payment for our customers rental car reimbursement was not issued due to us sending an invoice and not the rental agreement to Kemper's claim department. It was requested that we resend a copy of the rental agreement via fax directly to the total loss department. When we called to verify the payment status after 19 days with no payment received we were told that payment was sent to our physical address and not the mailing address because that is what was on the rental agreement. The adjuster (Laura) was extremely rude when this was brought to her attention. Our invoices give a specific mailing address on where to remit payment, but our payment was rejected by the total loss deparatment due to us sending an invoice and not the rental.

I use a local agent. She is very nice and always finds me the best price. If I ever have any questions I can call or just stop in to see her. Direct General is a fast cheap way to get insured.

I got a policy through an insurance brokerage. The rates were high however I needed insurance while I shopped better rates. I explained this to the agent who told me if I found better rates and they could not be matched by the insurer the policy could be canceled. Lo and behold after in the next month I found a better rate. I called the insurance company well before my overpriced payment was due. I signed the cancellation and was assured I owed nothing by the broker as Kemper told me I could not cancel it through them. Nearly 3 months later I get a collection notice of an arbitrary amount from Kemper . No prior notice, no phone calls to explain why they would take such action.

I pay half the price for full coverage insurance than I had been and I get roadside assistance with this price. The customer service is great. They even came to my job when it was time to renew because I couldn't leave from work to do the vehicle check. Changing over to them was easy and I did it over the phone and when it is time to pay my insurance I can do that over the phone also.

Have you heard that some insurance companies knowing withhold death payments from beneficiaries? And Kemper is one of them. There have been suits filed by numerous state insurance boards against these companies. Some have been settled, some are in negotiations, and only one (KEMPER) has refused to even negotiate. BEWARE OF BUYING A LIFE INSURANCE POLICY FROM KEMPER.

A Kemper Insurance policy holder drove into my garage over 40 days ago and they have yet to repair anything! I've been calling because this company is digging too deep into my personal business which has nothing to do with my garage being repaired! This person's rear brakes failed him which caused him to drive right into my garage. He called in a claim the very next morning which was over 40 days ago and today still nothing. My garage is attached to my house and I have to use props to keep the door closed and one sudden bump to my garage the door will come open which means anyone who walks by and see that can/will have access to my house. Kemper Insurance need to get it together before they be out of business because that's my next step if this don't get resolved soon!!!!!!!

October 29th 2014 my family was involved in a very bad accident with Ms. ** insured by Direct Auto Insurance. To the day they have not provided me with a rental car or made any attempt to settle my claim. Not only have I been lied to by their agent Craig but I have been getting the run around. Companies like these should not be in business.

I have full coverage insurance with Direct Auto. My vehicle was totaled due to icy conditions. No other vehicle was involved and my car was totaled. It took Direct Auto over 30 days to reply to my claim and when they did, they denied my claim stating that I had undisclosed drivers and vehicles in my household. Undisclosed drivers are a 15-year-old who just turned 15 in January who does not even have a permit. The other supposedly undisclosed driver is my daughter who has her own car and insurance that has never driven my car. She is not a permanent resident of my household. I have no car, no car rental coverage and still have to make payments on the vehicle that was totaled.

In addition to denying my claim, they have requested I pick up my vehicle from the towing company which will cost me $436.00 and is at a tow company out of state. I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was put through to his voice mail. I left a message on 3/14/2014, and he never called me back. When I called again and spoke with the adjuster, she was very unprofessional, talked about her heartburn, told me to hold on while she looks for her medicine, and then told me she didn't have my file, that she would call me back. I don't understand how this could happen. By law we have to carry auto insurance. This is so unacceptable. The stress that has been created by this insurance company has been worse than the stress of the accident.

After my review was published I did get a call back from Javier as well as an email from another adjuster. They took care of my medical bills as well as replaced my car seat. That is all I wanted, a phone call and a resolution. I still wish they would have been more attentive but I am happy someone did get back to me.

Oct 4, I was hit by an insured driver with Kemper. She totaled my trailer, mower (6k$ skagg) and 4k$ damage to my truck. Medical bills of 1400.00$. She was driving with a Trach in her throat, a feeding tube in her stomach having just left the cancer doctor. Had my insurance go to arbitration to regain the amount paid to me on my truck. I was cleared 100%. Kemper refuses to pay the claim on the mower, medical, and trailer. She came into my lane, hit me in my lane, I was in my ditch, not hers.

Too bad there is no such thing as a 0 star. I was rear ended by one of their clients. I called them estimate for 3500 in hand during business hours to which they required pictures for their estimate. They didn't even pay attention to the notes I attached when they conducted their estimate. They claimed damages were only 1900 leaving over half the parts needed to fix my car out. It took me 4 phone calls and 5 more days for them to send an agent out after they got images from their adjuster. My car was totaled out.

I did as they said and was told they would overnight the check to me when the title and car were signed over. Call to check and make sure it's processed and the check would be overnighted. They claim it’s after hours at both places when I'm standing in the office of Copart and on the phone with Kemper. The next day I call to get the check overnighted and they tell me I won't have the check for 5 more days. Meanwhile I'm sitting with no car and I work as a delivery driver for a living losing my income. The Better Business Bureau should shut this crappy company down for fraud, false advertisement and absolutely horrible business practices.

Has to be the WORST I have ever encountered. I am NOT their customer, however I am the unfortunate receiving end of having my car totaled by one of their insured. While they were not terrible in the beginning, if you have any sort of question regarding their practices and the adjuster doesn't want to discuss. THEY HANG UP on you. I ask to speak to a supervisor, THEY HANG UP on you. What type of business does that? Seriously, Mr. Albert **, your GOD complex is way over the top. I would like to speak to YOUR BOSS.

I reported a claim to Kemper for an accident which I was not at fault. I was told to download the Kemper Photo inspection application. I decided to proceed and receive a body shop estimate from a professional body shop instead of using their application. I submitted the body shop estimate to the insurance company and they stated that I must use their application before they would review my claim. I proceeded to take the photos they requested however when I received my initial estimate from the insurance company I was shocked. The estimate they sent a check for to the body shop was more than $1300 less than the body shop estimate I received. I highly do not recommend Kemper. The entire claims process was a hassle. I wasted several days trying to get my claim resolved. While the initial claims interaction was positive the entire remaining claims process was awful.

This insurance company did not provide clear expectations and or guidance about their claims process. My adjuster did not ask me what happened to my car and did not ask me whether I had sustained any injuries as a result of the accident which I was not at fault. I was legally parked when their insured hit me. Therefore it was extremely clear that I was not responsible however this insurance company treated me like I was the one at fault. I had to call the insurance company several times and complain before they would listen to me. When I asked to speak to a supervisor they got defensive and not friendly. The supervisor I spoke to had an attitude and she was not helpful in addressing the fact that they provided an incorrect estimate. I strongly recommend you consider a different insurance company. This company is all about saving money and not providing a good customer experience.

I was hit by a car who was insured by Kemper and he was 100% at fault. It took a week to finally reach an appraiser after a claim was filed who didn't return phone calls. She finally came out and wrote an estimate for much less than it was going to cost to repair it at a mom and pop small body shop. They wanted to put used parts from a salvage yard on it and I said "no". They said that I could file a claim with my insurance company or I could pay for new parts myself from the dealer if I wasn't happy. Why would I pay one penny for my car to repaired when someone else is at fault?

Wow, they are a real piece of work. It has been almost 3 weeks and I want to take my car in but nobody will talk to me so I can't get a rental car while my car is being repaired. At this point I don't even know where I stand and can't get my car fixed because they won't return calls or e-mails. I wouldn't buy insurance from them if they were the last company on earth. I am not normally one to take advantage of insurance companies or others at fault, but this place is really making me want to call a lawyer. They need to be sued and put out of business.

I've learned my lesson going with a less known insurance company because they were the cheapest. My agent recommended them because they were less expensive than the others. The customer service with them is terrible. Every time I needed to make a changed I was advised to go through my agent. Well, working during the hours my agent is open that is impossible. I eventually went back to geico and called kemper to cancel. I was advised to fax a letter requesting to cancel, NOT proof of other insurance but a request of cancellation. I asked at least 3 times "are you sure you don't need proof?” "Yes I'm sure." I faxed both anyway bc I didn't believe him.

A month and a half later, I receive a letter that I owe them money and if not paid they will send me to collections. I explained I faxed the two documents and that this is ridiculous. I was told they didn't receive the documents. Of course they didn't. Companies like this one have to make their money somehow. I paid it any way and then emailed the PROOF OF OTHER COVERAGE once again. Mind you I was transfer 3 times to make the payment. I would not ever recommend kemper insurance to anyone. Try to go to a more known company, their customer service is night and day.

I would definitely refer Kemper Insurance to a friend. I have never had any issues with them whatsoever. Their claims handling process has been smooth, quick and efficient. Unlike with other companies, I don't see random drastic increases in my yearly premium. The service is great, the coverage is great, and the prices are really competitive. When I call in for questions or changes it gets taken care of quickly and all my questions are answered. The representatives and my agent are always friendly and informative when I speak with them. I plan to continue my insurance with Kemper Insurance, they have taken very good care of me as a client.

Although the women who worked at my local office were extremely friendly and helpful, Direct Auto Insurance seems to be a little pricey and difficult to work with when filing claims. One of my close friends worked at an auto repair shop and she also agrees that it is extremely difficult to get them to give you a fair price for a totaled vehicle.

On 05/20 I was rear-ended by a Kemper Auto insured (drunk) driver. I contacted customer service on 5/21, I spoke with a very polite young lady, she took all the pertinent information related to the accident along with my personal information. The rep politely issued me a claim number along with the claims adjuster's name and phone number and extension. She then transferred me to the claims adjuster's team office, I spoke with a Ms. Katrina (unsure of the correct spelling of her last name... She muddled it), this woman was very rude. When I mentioned that I spoke to a very nice lady earlier who told me how things would be handled she said "they don't know what they are talking about".

Katrina talked at me and asked compound questions. She did not like my answers and all she wanted to do was to talk AT me and I listened until she was done. I DON'T understand why people can be so mean. So, when I asked "can I speak now"... Well I went on to talk... This very rude woman hung up on me. This rudeness makes want to just give up and and not move on with the claim. Life is too short to have to deal with this type of treatment. I have never experienced such poor customer service (claims adjuster). I was shocked and hurt by it, there was absolutely no compassion.

I eventually called the adjuster assigned to my case, I left a message with hope that I will get a call back. I actually called again hoping she would answer, but the answering machine picked up with a message "message box is full"... Go figure. It's funny when I finished talking with the polite young lady. I thought these people are really nice and personable, thinking I might switch over from SF, plus recommend this Ins company. The Reps are either overworked or just plain MEAN!!

No fault accident claim - The accident happened yesterday, about 28 hours ago. I still have not heard from my claims adjuster. I called three times and left messages. I emailed twice. Still nothing. I have this damn insurance.

Hit by a person insured with Kemper Insurance. It was the other driver's fault and a week later I have only been able to contact the adjuster once. Have left several email and even tried calling the Supervisor of the adjuster. Got voicemail again. They are refusing to pay for me a rental and I am getting run around. I am without a vehicle and they are rude and just send me from voicemail to voicemail. I have determined I will have to hire an attorney just to have some resolve. This company should be out of business.

I have submitted a claim for the second time in my life. Someone hit me and left, I didn’t immediately call the cops, however I did get the plate of the vehicle and reported it to the cops later that day. After submitting a claim I was called by an investigator who belittled me as well as insinuated I was lying. She began yelling at me reminding me I should have called the cops right away. I did not hear from anyone for a month, once I did they called me and asked if I wanted to drop the claim because the driver didn't admit to hitting me. He then began to yell at me that he wasn't going to argue with me that I was hit and if I wanted an investigation I would have to give him all of the information for a third time. Every time I spoke with someone the service was worse, if I was being asked if I wanted an investigation I am not sure what the first two agents or the first month of waiting was for. I am appalled they are still in business, this is not counting the time tried to make a payment and the girl who answered sounded as if she was answering her cell phone then hung up on me when her shift was over.

I use my aunt's address to receive mail but I'm not a resident, she didn't want her insurance involved with me. I was in a wreck as a passenger with a friend who has Kemper insurance. Kemper - they denied my claim after I explained to them I had no home and my aunt wouldn't let me file a claim under her insurance. I was injured with strain.

Prompt responses to claims and fair response to claims. I have had them for over 20 years and have no complaints. The agency I use is very helpful and responds quickly. They also insure my house under an umbrella policy and there is no difference in how they respond.

It was a pleasant experience. Low cost, easy to pay. I chose the liability for six months coverage with a low down payment. If I were to choose to carry car insurance again this company would be my first choice.

PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THEM. They will do anything just to get your money. I got into an accident and it took them two months for them to pay the auto shop. I couldn't get my car until they pay the auto shop. The auto shop called me and complained about Kemper, saying they are very slow and are one of the worse insurance they have work with. Yes the auto shop complained about them and were very angry at them.

When it comes to reminding you to pay for your monthly insurance, Kemper is hella fast about it, remind you to pay on time or else they will charge you. That's how fast they can get your money but when you try to reasons why they are taking forever to pay for your car fit. They make excuses. They don't care about how you feel during your accident, they don't care about anybody who got in the car accident with you too. They only want your money. If you want an insurance who cares about you, help you and trust you then Kemper is not the insurance for you. After my accident and the two months after I got my car, I immediately left them. My family and friends also left them too. Worse insurance ever!!!

I currently have Kemper insurance on both of my household cars. I would like to acknowledge the great customer service that this insurance company has. They are always there when I need a question answered and are quick to respond. Great service overall. Highly recommend.

A lady backed into me in the parking lot and begged me not to call the cops, but I did anyway. Apparently, the cops can't write accident reports for parking lot accidents, so it was my word against hers, although the cop could visually see that I was almost completely out of my parking space. After I got home, she called and threatened, "My car is nicer than yours, so you better not call my insurance company."

I filed a claim with her insurance company (21st Century), and then she filed a claim with my insurance company (Unitrin). After calling Unitrin a couple times, I got hold of my claim rep and gave my story. 21st Century called me and apparently the other party had told one story to my insurance and another story to her insurance. After relaying this information to Unitrin, my rep said she would call the other insurance company and get back to me. I requested for someone to take pictures of the other party's car, because she told me that there was no damage to her car.

A month later, I never heard from my insurance company. So I called and left a message with no return call. A couple weeks later, I got a renewal notice that they raised my insurance premium to $40 a month. I called to see why, and apparently, they said I was 70% at fault and they paid for damage to the other party's left side bumper although we hit each other back to back.

My mom and son were in the car, but they wouldn't let them be witnesses. I offered to see if the owner of the parking lot had security cameras, but Unitrin said they already made their decision.

There is a lot more to the story. But the point is do not use Unitrin despite their low premiums.

I had Kemper for auto insurance for several years. My car was rear-ended while sitting at a stoplight. Other driver had Progressive insurance, admitted fault. I filed accident report with Kemper that same day online. I never was contacted by Kemper. I called them after waiting for 3 days. The person I spoke to, Michelle **, was so rude I asked her why she was being so nasty. The Kemper adjuster finally went to the repair shop I took the car to and immediately deemed my car a total loss. In a few days the Progressive adjuster went & said car was total loss. Progressive offered me more money for pay out than Kemper. Progressive was so much more professional and responsive than Kemper. Kemper NEVER contacted me. I made the only contact with them. I got a new car and I told my agent to cancel the policy with Kemper because of their total lack of customer service. It is their loss since I also canceled my home insurance with them.

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