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Alex was very helpful and gave me a great price on my homeowners ins.
Follow up after applying for insurance was unclear.
No pressure, helpful information, timely responses to questions and cost effective.
Nothing but a headache. Like some people below I just got a letter in the mail saying policy has been canceled. I call them and they say they will get back to me. They never do so I call again. They tell me a they never got the money so we sent another check. Again they said they will notify me when they get it, they didn’t. So I call a few days later and they said they have it but it’s still getting canceled because of my dogs breed. Their was more than what I typed but this review is already a long one.
Nick worked on my coverage for home insurance and came up with a very good price covering all items in my active policy. This change saved me some money. I had a lot of offers from other agents but none could compare in the price that I got through Kin.
So far dealing with Kin insurance is an absolute upgrade over all other home owners insurance companies that I have dealt with. The people at Kin are great to work with, they make everything easy, and are always easy to contact. Moreover, their rates beat out almost every other carrier we shopped. While we have yet to file a claim with Kin, the experience so far has given us confidence that if the time ever comes that it will go very well. The insurance industry overall, especially homeowners, is still struggling to deal with the new realities of today, but Kin is the exception and is at the forefront of bringing this industry into the modern era.
Working with Ian Akers Was a pleasure. He did what he said he would do, He called back when he said he would. I am not used to that kind of service, and hope to work with Ian again in the future.
After 2 months they decided to cancel my policy at no fault to me. The company that they hired to do my 4 point inspection took over a month to submit their documents. I got a letter of cancellation and I called the next day. My agent had no idea why I had received the letter. A few days later I finally reached someone and they explained it was because they never received my 4 point inspection. I told them that it was done on 5/23/18 by a company they sent to me. A few days pass and they finally figured out what company they sent and asked them to send in the report. A few days do by and they finally email me the results and ask me to take care of a few minor things. The next day I took care of the things that were asked of me and I emailed them proof. A few more days go by and I was told that the person I was dealing with was on vacation for the July 4 holiday! The next agent told me they would submit the proof and get back to me on Thursday 7/5 when the underwriters were back. Mind you my cancellation was 7/6. So I called back Friday 7/6 and the girl tells me that my policy has been cancelled and now they need more stuff from me. This company is a complete joke! Hire competent people that know what they are doing! Now I have to come out of pocket and pay for an inspection because the company they sent to me did a half a$s job. Hopefully I can get someone to come out ASAP so I can get my policy back. I live in FLORIDA and it’s HURRICANE SEASON.
So glad I ran across Kin's Facebook ad and I filled out their short quote application, ended up totally paying off. Within a few days I was signing on for coverage, and even got flood and auto coverage quotes. I can't recommend Kin enough if you are someone who wants to get down to business with the minimum of fuss, and if you're in Florida, definitely get a quote! I'm happy to support a bold new player in the business who uses technology to maximize the Homeowner's insurance buying experience.
Excellent ...
I found my experience with Kin Insurance very fast and easy, They look for every way possible to save you money and they work fast to get you the insurance you need. Great company and I would recommend them to everyone in need of insurance
I needed to update my home insurance policy and was very fortunate to be engaged with Kin Insurance. They were very thorough in the review process, and looked for ways for me to maximize my savings. So far this is my initial contact with Kin however based on what I have experience so far, I believe this will be a very positive experience. I'll update this posting as time evolve.
Kin Insurance saved me hundreds of dollars on my home insurance and were easy to work with. They use the latest technology to reduce data collection and processing times. Would recommend highly.
Very efficient staff. They take the time to make sure the customer gets the best policy possible. I will definitely recommend them to my friends and family.
I am a first time home owner and Kin Insurance made it very easy to go with them. They answered all my questions quickly and without hesitation. They are friendly and knowledgeable. It surprised me at how affordable they were and they have GREAT coverage. When in doubt about home or flood insurance ( I needed both)... Call KIN INSURANCE!!!!
Kyle Hill with Kin Insurance was fantastic. He went above and beyond for us and truly made our first home buying experience with searching for HOI so easy and smooth! Fight recommend Kyle from Kin Insurance to take care of you!
Very simple to buy, very helpful, no pressure, in other words, flawless!
Easy to work with. Easy to understand. Quick results. Great company
Fair premium. Kind and attentive service. Appreciated follow-thrust.
Excellent service and very competitive insurance quete.
I was looking for a quote for our Florida homeowners this January and luckily found Kin Insurance. My rep, John Hudson, was so helpful and patiently answered all my telephone & email questions promptly. And I can honestly say all of the other Kin agents who happened to answer my phone calls were very pleasant & helpful. John's original quote was lower in comparison to other insurance agencies I had contacted. And then he advised me to get a wind mitigation report. When I turned that in, my final quote with an "A" rated company was even lower. Kin also offers flood insurance, I purchased this even though I'm not in a flood zone. But with the lower rate on my homeowners, the extra protection was very affordable. I felt so comfortable with Kin Insurance, I recommended Kin at my HOA meeting and would advise anyone in need of insurance to try them for your policy.
With Kin insurance I believe I have insurance that will work for me very well. Also the premium is the lowest I have seen in seven years. The guidance of Donald Lantz, the representative of Kin, made the transaction easy for me. Especially with his patience and knowledge. Thank you, Kin insurance.
I had a wonderful experience setting up insurance for a home which was newly built. I had neglected to transfer the builder's risk insurance to permanent homeowners insurance and it was a Saturday! I spoke with Joseph Riendeau who was not only professional and knowledgeable but a real pleasure to chat with. He expedited the application and binding process in a most efficient manner and got us an excellent rate and great coverage with an insurance company I have done business with before. I will tell everyone I know about this wonderful online resource and Joseph's exceptional service. 5+ stars!!!
misinformation: This company cant seem to get their facts straight. I got different quotes from different people and when I was assigned one person it would take an act of god to actually talk to them. They had under writer's policy changes and incorrectly informed me on deadlines,never returned my calls, until the deadline had passed. Wasted my time and patience. There are tons of other insurance companies out there. take my advice and don't waste your time. Find another company!!!
Good fair quotes comparing Apple's to Apple's. Saved almost half on two homeowner's policies.
When I first time called to Kin Insurance the response was so kind that it really make me very happy. The Customer service representatives were extremely kind and ready to help me in any issues. Buying Insurance from Kin was my pleasure because of their service guided me how to do that and accomplish the process.
Very knowledgeable of my needs. Fast and professional service
Very professional and trustworthy customer service rep. Give me advise and a very great quote. Thank you,
Very easy to do business with unfairly satisfied so far
Had a great experience with this group. Becca Wilson was superb in her patience and foresight with my insurance needs. I also saved in excess of $2,000 for better coverage. Word to the wise, though, if you are looking for homeowners insurance, get a Wind Mitigation inspection.
Things have change in the way we buy Insurance . I like shopping on the internet to compare prices and coverage . Dealing with Kin Insurance was very easy . I am very happy with the price and coverage.
There was a prompt response from my insurance representative, Ashley. She was patient and accommodating. The whole application process was a breeze.
Great service up front. Our agent, Harry, provided prompt service and without hesitation answered tough questions. They provided comprehensive insurance at a great rate post hurricane Irma when most other insurance companies were obviously afraid to assume any risk. Additionally, their business model permits them to offer comparable coverage at a rate about 33% lower than their best priced competitor.
Best price going. Needed an endorsement; handled.
Due to increase in my premium I switched carriers. I got better coverage for less cost.
The fast and professional service that I received was a pleasant surprise. The Kin. associate "Chris Sutter" was very knowledgeable and helpful; always looking to get me the best rate possible. I greatly appreciate the efforts by Mr. Sutter, which made this experience a very nice one. Thank you!!
if I can give them 0 stars I would. I got my Homeowners insurance with Kin at the beginning of the year (I had been with St Farm for years and going back) they sent an inspector to do a walk through and as most homes in Florida we have Screened in porches. living in NW Florida we do get chilly winters and during this 3 week season I put up visqueen to keep the screened porch warm... Kin Insurance 2 months after the inspector and 2 weeks before the quarterly renewal, they sent me a cancellation letter for having an exterior wall with a tarp... I called both the underwriter and Kin and neither one will reply. Thanks for leaving me hanging with season about to hit.
Quick easy options and explained well. Much less expensive than other companies.
We just signed on with Kin insurance and so far, everything was very easy to address. I was able to get us a policy and pay the first half of the premium in the same call. I downloaded the policy the same day and Kevin provided his contact information for future reference. I am now just clarifying that the online policy does not have to be signed. I know Kevin or another representative will get back with me quickly.
Exemplary performance. I found this company name in a mailer, checked its credentials online, asked for a quote, and compared offered coverages. They appeared to be equal or better than my current coverages. The agent (Kevin) verified all pertinent information and made my life easy by contacting my bank (mortgage), HOA Board, etc. He was very proactive and eager to minimize premium by looking for available discounts (e.g. - letter from HOA management stating that our community has Security guards and other arrangements making it a safe place to live). My phone calls have been answered either immediately by available agents; or Kevin called me back after I left a message for him. I am so grateful to this company and personally to Kevin - for saving me good deal of money, and at the same time keeping my coverages at adequate level.
Great customer service with a rapid response time. They listen to your needs and concerns and then work with you for a plan that best fits your need.
I've insured 11 homes since 1959, different companies . . . having had no excessive storm damage only a few minor claims. Today I secured a binder on my 12th home and was very gratified with the jiffy, expert, knowledgeable response from my new insurance agent. My long past and recent insurance agent cannot compare to the consulting service I received from Kin Consultant Joshua Poulter who provided me with an in-depth review of my preferred coverages offered by National Speciality Insurance Company administered by VELOCITY . . . at a extremely valued premium.
Buying insurance isn’t supposed to be difficult and Kin made the experience simple and to the point Thanks
They're so efficient and professional. They will respond to you promptly. The quote is detailed, straightforward ( not misleading) and no "too good to be true" tag lines. Just like in the mortgage arena, almost all lenders will boast about "no closing cost", but in reality, the closing cost will be added to the loan amount. The tag line is very plain and simple yet very treacherous. Kin, on the otherhand, will send you fee worksheet for better appreciation and no nonsense. What I liked most is the fact that they won't follow up rigorously and give you space to think and decide. More often than not, people asks for quotes primarily for price comparison. I hope that they will show the same efficiency when it comes to processing of claims.
Great experience,very profesional agents!
The company is new, but definitely deserves attention! The staff is very professional, fast and would go beyond to satisfy customer's needs.I did not renew my insurance with my previous company and choose Kin Insurance, because they have better rates, better customer service and give you several options to choose from, not like the other companies 1 option, mandatory 5% hurricane deductible, less coverage for higher price.
Lack of follow up on agreements made over telephone is the difference between 4 and 5. Other than that the process and transactions were great.
Amazing sales experience and the customer service was outstanding. I would highly recommend Kin (and already have to my family).
Fast response with an affordable insurance price. I will recommend to all my contacts!!!
It was so easy and fast. Everything was done right in the comfort of my home and I got exactly what i asked for and for a reasonable price. I look forward to the future with them.
Jake is a great consultant got us our quote quickly and was the best rate out of all the insurance companies I called and I called a few I would recommend kin to anyone they have the best rates around
Excellent rep with Patrick Wallace.. He certainly exceeded my expectations.
Best customer experience ever A++++++++++++
Good rates, good coverage. Slow in correcting mistakes.
Smooth experience and very competitive pricing!
At Kin they get you the best coverage at the best prices best agent Joe was honest and I was as he stated looking for Insurance let Joe help he gives it 100% Cheryl & Bob Therrien
I saved alot of money with Kin Insurance. The application process is a simple one
The principals at Kin Insurance were very responsive and I was impressed by their ability to downward adjust the premium rate during the application process. Great customer care and savings!
Very easy and professional process and fair price.
Excellent Service. Quick, painless, and I'm saving money.
Honest and straight forward with their approach. Had very good recommendations and compared apples to apples when comparing insurance companies.
Alex was a wonderful agent. Kin is a great insurance company with expert agents that have patience and understanding . Informative about my insurance needs and great communication skills. I would definitely refer them. Savings is great.
Start to finish was on line or by phone. The one ones I talked to directly were helpful and courteous.
Too soon to tell. I honestly feel the system is failing now with our homeowners insurance company. It use to be that if a claim was needed for your home, it was taken care of. Now two strikes against you, your cancelled. Yes homeowners. I have basically always been a homeowner & have pretty much taken care of things as needed. It when it’s needed, I called my insurance company because I couldn’t fix it myself.
I got 6 quotes for home owners insurance. Kin had the best price; the ability to customize coverages and deductables; and fast, professional, courteous, knowledgeable agent. If anyone I know is looking for insurance, I will refer them to Kin.
Great prices, however, decided to drop me after inspector said we had exotic animals. We simply had goats that are in a separate, fenced in area. I was never asked either online or by the rep that called me if we had animals. I paid the insurance for the year, getting dropped a month and a half later. Redicoulous. Really had high hopes but again, I guess the old age adage that you get what you pay for is true.
The policy was very well written by my agent, he was very understanding of my needs answered all my questions, over all very good experience.
The ease of setting up a new policy was refreshing. It was something that I was not looking forward to but Kin. made the process quick and easy and managed to save us some money as well. I am very grateful. Nick was wonderful. He was very attentive and patient. He quickly answered all my questions and adjusted my policy accordingly.
Had a wonderful experience with Howard from Kin insurance. He was extreamly pleasant, professional and very informative. He took his time answering all of our questions. We were very happy with his service and highly recomend Kin insurance for your insurance needs.
Helpful agents sold me a policy that meets my every need at a price that was 15% cheaper than other quotes I received,
Kin representative Zack Rickerman has been phenomenal, well versed and patient with our search for an affordable but proper home insurance policy, He was so helpful and accessible, we even spoke on a weekend, the experience was stress free!
Jacob was great to work with and had all the answers.
Would've been 5, but too early to rate. The purchasing and dealing with rep was great. I was able to get what I wanted and clearly the best price. Very professional agent and no pressure. Unable to rate as far as claims or other interactions. However getting the policy to meet my needs at this time was an excellent experience
A straightforward, easy to use website. Spoke to a guy called on their chatline and he was very helpful. He also undercut our current insurance by $300. Would definitely recommend.
do not use ken will give you coverage and then drop you a month after closing.
My representative Curt was AWESOME. He made everything go so smoothly. It's hard to believe there is an insurance company out there that can give you better coverage at a reduced premium rate. So very glad Kin Insurance has come to Florida!!
After doing extensive research on sinkhole coverage in Florida, I had many questions. Knowledgeable employees helped me walk through all the issues to help me make the right desicion and I bought the insurance.
Best agents I have worked with. My direct agent (David Rodriguez) was patient while I considered my options and worked with me to meet my insurance needs. He went above and beyond to help me correct and locate information I needed about my home in order to get a good policy at the right price. I would highly recommend.
After 25 years I had decided to look for a change in my homeowner's insurance, to be honest, I wanted as close to the same policy that I had but one that was a little more reasonably priced, change is hard but after much research and speaking with different companies I happened onto KIN Insurance and spoke with a very helpful gentleman named John Hudson, he answered any and all questions and did not pressure me to change which I decided to do with his company. Both he and the reasonable price for same insurance led me to sign on with them. Happy to recommend them!
I like those guys for their quick responses and highly motivated to help you to get the best policy that fits your needs. Quote was incredibly great. I feel like I’m in good hands as of now. I hope they keep that same energy for the future. Thanks you guys.
I applied for homeowners insurance online and received many offers, but they weren't able to give us what we were looking for. Mr Cullen was very professional, polite, and Frank. Mr Cullen answered all of the questions asked of him and much more, he gave us a Great quote which was in our budget and even saved us money.
Wonderful working with this company. The agent was knowledgeable and very helpful when I had questions. I would recommend this company to anyone.
Price and customer service great so far.
Communications were constant and quotes right on! No problems and saved a lot of money which comes in handy to retired folks like me!
So far so good! It was quick and easy to get a quote and purchase. They were fairly priced and had great customer service!
Better coverage for a lower price.
Kin appears to be honest quick and available.
Educated, respectful and helpful representatives.
The quote is easy and fast. The customer service is friendly, very knowledgeable, and patient. The price, can't be beat. Insurance made simple! Thanks from Orlando, Florida
Brian made my experience a world class customer service experience. I was skeptical because I came to know KIN insurance via a mailer. He was courteous, professional and he took his time to listen to my concerns and explain everything that so i fully understood my coverage. There are thousands of insurance companies and the thing that sets some apart from others is in the customer service. Thanks to Brian who delivered and went over and beyond to make me feel valued as a new customer. Thank You Brian.
My agent Curt was vey professional,knowledgeable and a very nice guy. No complaints here
The service I received at Kin was nothing short of amazing. The representative was knowledgable, courteous and insightful. I received topnotch customer care. Will recommend to all my famity and friends. Thanks Kin
I found my experience with Kin Ins to be very helpful in getting what I needed for my home I have already told my friends and relatives about buying ins from Kin. Thank you for being the only honest Insurance Company I have found so far in my 30 plus years of buying insurance for what ever my insurance needs were again Thank you Kin
John gave me the absolute best customer service any one could ask for, he listened to my insurance needs, and he was very patient with me. Thank you John... Pamela
The agent we had was very helpful and went out of his way to get us the best coverage at a reasonable price
I had a very good experience getting my homeowner insurance through Kin. The customer service is superb. Alex advised on benefits of wind mitigation (a key factor here in FL) retrofit and provided a conditional quote for what my premium will be after the mitigation. He followed up with the same quote after I got it done, and kindly allowed me to to find optimal coverage/deductible/premium ratios by patiently calculating several "what-if" scenarios. I would give 5 starts but the website is clunky and needs some overhaul.
It wasn't difficult getting the insurance, very professional.
yes will recommend to all my friend and family.
I'm pleased with the quote I received with Kin Insurance. I hope I never have aa claim, but it's good to have a company that supports you.
So Excited : At 68 years old my wife and I are very proud to have raised 8 wonderful children who are are doing very well out in the world. I can tell you that home insurance over decades was a real challenge for our large waterfront home. I am a very loyal person so I stuck it out with the major insurance company’s over decades. Then one day while trying to lower my cost for retirement I found Kin and it’s sales woman Kate, dammm did I get the a shock of my life when the quote came in. Kate worked hard and fast, she dug deep and also requested my wind mitigation report, she had found all the info needed for my area and on our home. Then she said Sir your estimate is so low you really need to up your coverage. I said that’s strange never heard that before. Kate was so fast that it was amazing. Everything was done to make me happy and extreamly confident in Kin and the sales person. Even today I have to wonder if Kin had made a mistake because I am literally saving thousands a year on my home insurance. It’s crazy and I can’t figure out how they did it. But they did and we are very excited to have the extra money to retire on. So now I will be sharing all this info and the big savings with all my family and my friends for their homes. Now I am going to see if I can buy stock in the company because they are going to explode with new clients who woke up like we did and you would have to be an idiot to stay with the majors. God Bless America and Trump, Ray Shelton.