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Ladder Online Insurance Reviews

I knew my price would go up, but it was significantly more than I expected. Even as worse case scenario. I was able to lower my coverage (I only went with the highest amount out of curiosity, honestly) and got what I needed. It was just quite a shock to see my quote almost quadruple. Other than that, been a great experience.
Easy and simple to use and understand! Very satisfied with the service, pricing and ease of use!
It was easy and fast. Had a little issue with my wife’s application and the issue was resolved quickly. Can’t complain about the service at all.
Yes I will recommend this Insurance company to everyone. Great job
Very fast, confidential, no grueling tests, it pays to be honest, especially since I am someone who has Asperger's Disorder and take one med to help manage my anxiety and ocd. The best part, I qualified for the best rates for a $1,000,000 25yr term to protect my family. Thank you Ladder and Fidelity!
Solid! Really like the process, keep up the good work!
Very Easy! Ladder is a disruptive force for the life insurance field.
Ladder has been so efficient and convenient. The customer service has also been amazing.
Very easy to get a quote, prices were competitive as well.
It was so easy to get a quote. It only took minutes, and now I know my loved ones are financially protected if anything ever happens to me. Very affordable and so simple to set-up long term.
Got covered waiting for my Panera Order. My wife will be happy I got dinner and covered. That easy.
Fairly seamless experience from start to finish. Love how everything is online, but you can still have the human interaction if/when you need it. Calculator tool is extremely helpful to figure out how much life insurance you actually need. Plus, you can get instantly approved/covered. Recommended to my husband and he loved the experience too. Ladder is awesome.
Fast. Easy. Simple.
Streamlined, simplified application process. Instant coverage. Competitive rates. What more could I say?
I love the convenience and affordable options Ladder offers me.
Great company and extremely easy to use product services. This is how insurance should be, not the endless amount of paperwork and overhead there is with other companies. My only wish is for an iOS app to manage my account.
The peace of mind is worth it, and it was so easy.
The online experience is smooth, without a hitch. Less hassle than other sites, but a bit more expensive.
Easy to use, comparable quote to a much more involved process. Would recommend and use again.
The whole process was smooth and easy.
Easy to apply. Constant emails and texts are a bit annoying but over all good experience and would recommend!
Welcome to the new age of Life Insurance. This is by far the easiest way to get low cost quality life Insurance without the hassle of talking to a salesman. Just as they claim, fast and easy process. I simply answered some questions and then they sent a nurse to my home to perform some basic tests and that was it . Thanks for making this so easy!
Great experience especially since they come do the blood work at your home! On your time
Easy, low cost, coverage
Easiest life insurance process I’ve done!
Easy, fast and competitive price.
After reviewing many life insurance companies I picked Ladder as they made it easy, straightforward and they are one of the most affordable life insurance companies. I've recommended them to friends and family as well.
Great so far, easy flexible appointment times, nice friendly service and people.
Affordable rates, Easy to Apply with Quick Approval.
Quick, easy, and excellent/competitive pricing. Recommend highly
Awesome experience. The site was super easy to use and navigate.
Very impressed on the ease of getting started with Ladder. Looked into other places and the process was strung out like buying a car from a long-winded sleezy car salesman. I liked that with Ladder I could just buy what I needed and not feel so pressured to buy into other services. I’ve recommended them to all my friends.
Signing up for insurance with Ladder was so quick and easy! Would highly recommend!!
Call me asap i dont want this policy
The quick turn around response after taking vitals is important! No long wait!
Ladder was great and got me set up with the policy I wanted. We had a minor hiccup in the process but they made sure to see me through to the end.
Quick decision vs other companies, I cannot complain. Even though I listed myself as a tobacco user, still was approved without a bunch of blood work or H&P needed.
Very easy process !!
Hello - It was super easy to apply and I was very happy with the customer service representative who helped when I had a few questions along the way. (High five to Rueben!) This was my first time buying life insurance and I would definitely recommend this company!
Very simple. I hope they never raise my rates as they claim.
Fast and easy! No hassle. Thank you for not making me jump through hoops.
Life Insurance simplified. Process was quick and smooth. Affordable prices
The buying process is so smooth and easy. Would recommend to anyone..
Very streamlined process, excellent product, and low prices.
Very nice company. Easy to sign up and make adjustments. Very happy with my membership
Easy to sign in. Affordable and I hope that one day my family can get what I sign for...
I had a great experience, I was just surprised about a couple of things.
Straightforward, visually-appealing, trustworthy service. Easy and efficient.
Fast & Easy. Best online option on the market.
Everything was super easy! I'd been denied by several other companies, but Ladder was able to offer me a policy that I could afford.
So simple and easy to sign up for!
Excellent experience and process.
Easy to setup and extremely competitive pricing. Just what I was looking for!
Great experience simple and clean process very happy with the overall company
Very quick and easy. The best experience buying life insurance (coming from someone who sold life insurance for 4 years)!
Fast, easy, simple!!
Great experience! Very fast to set up. No phone called required. Seamless process. Awesome user experience in the tool!
Quick. Simple. Easy to understand.
It was quick and easy.
No pressure quote
I wish all life insurance companies were like this. Incredibly straight-forward process and answers to questions. There was no selling, upselling, or emotional espionage games at all during the application, at-home-testing, underwriting, and offer consideration time period. Chat agents and case workers provided all the finely timed and very useful reminders throughout the process. I am in my 30s, and I only wish something like this was available ten years ago!
Getting & accepting quote could not have been easier or quicker! All of my questions were quickly and adequately answered via e-mail without the wait times on a phone call.
Very easy to use. I like how they come to your house to collect the lab work. I also liked how everything was done over the internet or by email. No harassing phone calls.
Solved problem fast
So far so good! Ladder is really easy to use and setup. I love having access to my account online and have this piece of mind that my life is in good hands! ;-)
Very fast and clear process. Thank you
Outstanding experience. Very easy and affordable.
Ladder made it quick and easy to apply for life insurance and add beneficiaries. I was happy that there was no upselling and that the rate was affordable. It gives me a lot of peace of mind. Thanks!
Easy!! Loved the convenience!
Same as any other Life insurance company despite claiming to be different and innovative. I was encouraged to apply with them after explaining the details of a recent denial from a different company. I was told they had more flexibility and could challenge a denial . I went through the whole process again including medical exam and received the same result. The agent said what makes them innovative is their response time but it wasn't any quicker than the other company.
Perfect thanks so much to this company
Excellent rates and very easy process. thanks!
Very easy, very fast, absolutely no pressure. Easy to change medical appointment as well
Super easy process, highly recommend!
I think that the price offer and the difference in what price I actually pay monthly is quite deceiving.
Very easy process from start of the application to accepting the offer. Love that the medical tech came right to me rather than me having to make an appointment with a doctor. Temporary coverage was offered until my medical check was finished, results were available online on Ladder's site, and accepting the offer was a single click! The offer was slightly higher than the initial estimate but still considerably less than other insurance companies I looked into. Wonderful process.
I was looking for a better way to buy life insurance and a monthly premium that wasn’t going to break the bank. I saw an article about Ladder and did some research, compared their offering with other plans with of a more traditional approach and I was happy with the results. I was able to buy more coverage for far less a month and the online application and approval process was easy and pain free. I very much recommend Ladder to anyone looking for life insurance.
They made the process quick and easy. Couldn't be happier with my choice.
Was very straightforward and simple to do
Intuitive process. Good pricing. Great experience.
I used to have life insurance through my work and after leaving I was dreading looking for life insurance. The last time, over 10 years ago, from what I can remember it was a long unpleasant process and I was not looking forward to going through it again and actually put it off longer than I should have. But Ladder is awesome! The process was so easy and the price was very fair! I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.
Excellent streamlined service and the best rates I found:)
It's easy to manage and the reps are very thorough when you need assistance.
bait and switch with the initial rates vs. post medical exam (i get it, it is completely predicated on actual heath, but for minor issues, the rate doubled...seemed unfair).
Easy application process that took max 15 minutes. While everything was digital, it would be slightly reassuring if they sent a paper confirmation with your policy number etc to put in a lockbox.
The whole process was seamless. Love it.
The appplication process was quick and smooth
Easy and affordable. Answer simple questions and you'll be done in minutes. You don't feel pressured or obligated because it's all your choice.
I wasn't trying to purchase anything just look at different amounts and while switching it started!!!
Easy to use, sign up and reasonable monthly price
Could not be a simpler process.
Wouldn’t recommend
Great follow through, quick answers, easy to naviage experience. Not a pushy process. I bought term insurance in a matter of minutes.
Great rate and painless
Great customer service! Very attentive to your needs. Highly recommended.
Signed up in about 10 mins on my phone. Affordable peace of mind is always a good thing
Simple app and quick decision. Thanks
Very easy and transparent way to get life insurance
Great experience and had a wonderful rep, Solomon, who helped. Just had some difficulty getting the physical completed. Ladder's system allowed and confirmed appointments for days the lab wasn't open.