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When my chain broke. Coverage allowed it to be fixed right away without complications. Because I purchased this insurance. Also paid for alterations when my wife's ring had to be sized down, in case anything happened to it. Gave me peace of mind, because of its investment value. I got discounts on certain repair jobs when I needed my jewelry or my wife's jewelry fixed. I was glad I purchased this option, because it went a long way. Now I have no worries about it at all. There wasn't any pricing issues involved. This insurance covered any unforeseeable problems that might show up, with lose or damage of my precious possession. Made me happy to buy this. Never had to go through claim process, because my items never really got lost or damaged while being in someone else's hands. I enjoyed this very much as well.

I had a loose lock on my necklace and they were able to fix it with no problem. It finished quickly within a few days of turning it in. Also fixing the band on my watch. The discount offers were great and met my needs. I was able to purchase and fix jewelry and a reasonable price that was amazing. It saved me a lot of money. The insurance prices was reasonable. Different price points depending on how much coverage you want for your jewelry but overall the price range was reasonable. I personally have not had any experience with claims but a friend has and she said it was easy and the claims person was very helpful during the process.

Warranties are only good up to a certain period of time so the repair options come in handy for fallen jewels and broken chain links or cuffs. Buying a warranty is like buying discounted jewelry because in a sense your jewelry is being renewed at no extra cost to you so it's saving time and money. Warranties can be a bit pricey solely based on the coverage you're looking for but honestly you get what you pay for if you decline to pay more for a better warranty. I haven't had many issues with the claims process besides the fact they take quite a while to process a claim once your jewels have been damaged.

This insurance covers pretty much everything. All costs related to repairs are handled by the insurance company. I have never had an issue ever. Everything is always handled in a fast and quick manner. The discounts given are pretty great. Everything I get insured I get a discount for the more thing insure. I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking to insure their personal property. The service I received is amazing. Everything is handled by professional and very knowledgeable staff. The company goes above and beyond any other company that offers the same services. I overall was extremely satisfied with the claims process. There were no issues or problems. The payout was immediate and covered everything in full. I am very satisfied with all aspects of the policy.

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