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Fast, Easy to understand, no problems!
The process was very annoying. There were some questions asked of me after medical records were received. I was asked to follow up with my providers and have them double check some records. That should have been your responsibility. Your confidential emails also were cumbersome. I am very tech savvy but I was annoyed at the hoops I had to jump through.
Great experience. Knew what they were doing and explained it so I could understand it. Done in a timely manner.
Very easy to fill out and apply no problems to note
Was easy and fast.
Docusign not clear about completion.
Thank you, fast and easy service.
Easy and fast process!
Pretty smooth process overall for obtaining a good policy at fair rates. Quick service for phone interview and setting up medical exam. Fairly quick turn around for offer as well. Would recommend.
Process was exceptionally smooth. I am the agent and signing the document was a little confusing but I think it went through. I will use it again.
Process was fairly easy.
Wonderful people all the way through the process, very thorough and complete.
As quick and easy as I could expect. Hopefully I never need to use my life insurance policy, but if I do I hope my wife finds it as quick and easy to get the benefit as I did enrolling.
Scheduled appointment was not kept. I had to call the company to find out why I had not been contacted. I got an apology for the failure to call but no explanation. Once the process was started it was very easy to complete. Even though I'd been told about the time frame for the interview, I still felt it was too lengthy.
Fast, easy, and clear
The ability to access, review and complete each required page was exceptional.
I guess it's great. I havent had the opportunity to check out the site I was forced to complete this review & complete a title for review before being able to review my policy.
Very easy to use this life insurance documennt online.
Easy and seamless process Jodi Brothers was great throughout the process. She helped answer any questions i might have, worked on both my and my wife's applications, and was good about keeping this fresh of mind for me as I hadn't responded in some time. Thanks for your help Jodi
the filing process is easy and quick once you get past the electronic signature. If you select the first action of 'review documents' you will not be able to get the electronic signature to work - you must select the continue button first before reviewing your documents.
The review and approval process was much faster than I anticipated. Very easy. Very smooth. Great rates!
Worked well. Hard to view on a cell phone
I found this experience to be very straightforward and easy.
Happy with service, pricing and sign up was painless
I began with Geico, then it I was dealing with Life Quotes, then Banner Life and now Legal General. I am confused and not sure who I am insured with. Several people and emails received that was not from the agent i began working with and so i can't but think my information is all over the place in the hands of so many people I don't know. This is the longest period i have ever waited to get coverage and did not like dealing with so many different people and companies.
The process was easy and relatively quick. Completing the process over the phone and with e-documents made it even easier to obtain life insurance.
They got the job done, but it took a while
Just signed up for a new life insurance policy. Fairly quick process, customer service seems to be on top of things and courteous and the pricing was spot on.
Easy to work with.....thanks
Great Service! Everyone was so helpful
The process was pretty easy. They guided me throughout.
Courteous and professional, options were explained fully and agents kept me posted every step of the way throughout the process.
The process was very long.
Agents and other representatives were friendly and professional. Process was clear and smooth. Responses to query were prompt.
Communication through the application process was excellent. Everything was handled efficiently and professionally.
Very easy process Application approved in a timely manner Courteous nurse Marta was great at Ideal Insurance
Most complicated esigning document ever
Taking care of all the paperwork, testing and final signatures for Legal and General through PolicyGenius was incredibly easy to navigate and very speedy. I appreciated the professionalism of the PolicyGenius team members and the speed with which Legal and General processed the policy.
Very easy application. Painless
god bless GOD WITH US
I hate a great experience completing the phone interview, physical and application. I would recommend this company.
Very helpful and easy to talk with people. I recommend to anyone.
The entire process was horrible, I would rather have a colonoscopy or a root canal. Numerous, numerous calls, quotes all over the place , trouble paying it due to thier system...
Easy, fast, and good customer service
Banner customer service personnel are highly experienced and responsive. Their turnaround time is better than the industry average. I appreciate dealing with them concerning my life insurance needs.
Easy to work with and very professional
Never given the opportunity to download my policy. thanks.
Super easy and convenient, and Thank you guys for helping me understand and secure my families future in my absence.
my agent william wilson was very helpful in explaining my policy
There was difficulty communicating between Legal & General and my agent and myself. We worked everything out in the end. Just took more time and difficulty than I expected.
Banner Life Insurance was a little too strict with indoor rock climbing, treated it as far too serious of a sport. Also, one mention of Asthma and I was dropped an entire pricing tier... no history of serious attacks or long term medication for it... just one Alergist that gave been an inhailer, which I now dont use since I have changed my diet... should have not said anything I guess.
Once I clicked pay online it brought up another page to pay. After payment paid it said go back to original page to finish signing. I didn’t know what else to do since the only options where to pay now or cancel but I already paid. I did click pay now for a second time and it took me to the next page saying it was completed. Recommend rewording instructions or labeling of pay now button.
Communications was poor, no medical results provided, and rates higher than what was initially promised.
Amazingly,it worked fine.
Easy to work with. Took a little back and forth to work through glitches but we're all good now!
Very helpful and courteous.
It was easy. The entire process was cleared and quick.
very timely and patient
Quick and easy. Thanks
Straight forward simple process. Did their research, but the benefit is an honestly priced product.
Excellent service, I was slow and getting info back to them and they worked so well with me and were very patient with me....Highly Recommend .....Cheers!!!
Your process is somewhat cumbersome and lacks clarity in communication elements. Also, all options and conditions should be provided up front, rather than surprised at the end of the process.
Full approval process took a very long time to complete. In all fairness, though, health history review was involved.
Easy and excellent.
Good value for good life coverage
Easy to sign documents.
Interaction with William Penn was excellent. They sent several reminders stating when documents and information was due. Communications were clear and easily understood. Signing process was convenient and easy.
Very helpful, fast process. Help with any questions in time manner.
Easy to use and understand.
Did my application and forms get signed and sent to the right people?????? I have no idea if it did or not. Kind of important information I would like to know if it got to the right people or not....
Working with Zander insurance and Legal & General has been extremely easy and they both made the process very approachable. I feel confident and I was pleased to see that their contract is very understandable. Thank you!
n/a no comment.
Reviewing and signing my document was fast and convenient! I also appreciate the email reminders the notified me when my document was ready to view.
The site timed out before I was able to complete reading it it. Also, I was asked to sign the same thing multiple times.
Thanks I think that is a reasonable price for me and my family
this was the easiest insurance policy I've ever purchased.
Very easy and professional
It took way to long to get approved.
GREAT SERVICE , makes easy for client
Thank you to the sweet lady who helped walk me through the final process.
Everyone I interacted with was helpful, but there were a few frustrations in the signing process. When reviewing my policy, I found errors and emailed William Penn (my underwriter) to fix them. It seems that the transcriber working for Legal and General America misheard (or mixed up) a few of my "yes/no" answers. It ultimately did not affect my eligibility or my rate, but it just goes to show that you need to carefully read the details before signing. Additionally, the portal used to make the first payment after signing the policy says it takes American Express, but then returns an "invalid card type" error when I tired to pay with Amex. After talking with someone, I was told that the accepted card types vary state-to-state, though there is no indication of that on the page.
I would definitely recommend this company to anyone. The whole process was easy and very understandable.
user friendly and efficient
Not the clearest instructions, was unable to print a copy of the policy after i signed it with my electronic signature on it. When you go to print it deletes all of your signatures.
Despite my diligence Direct Quote saw this through.
The process of applying for and completing my life insurance policy was quick, easy, and convenient!
The process was easy and everyone i spoke to was very helpful.
I was surprised to see my premium level increased because I was honest and told your medical people I'm treating my type 2 diabetes (5.9 a1c) and that you don't take American Express as a form of payment. Your app assist people were helpful with completing the app process though.
Generally fine, but two items to note. 1. Misspelled the first names of my kids (contingent beneficiaries). Maybe I typed them wrong on the original application? Anyway, I didn't see a way to fix it. Hope that is not a problem if they need to collect. 2. At the end, when it gave me an option to see a pdf, I clicked, but I'm not sure if anything was saved. I did not see a pdf on my desktop nor in the downloads folder. (I did save a pdf using my browser.)
Step by step clear to read and access and understand easy to follow
Electronic signing was very easy. Good directions and web site very easy to navigate, well thought out.
Thanks for a smooth process!
So easy to do!
After having my life insurance with the same company for over 33 years I decided as I got older I needed to shop my term coverage a little more than I had in the past. I started with Select Quote and had Banner Life Insurance recommended as the best fit for me by Select Quote. The process took longer than other companies I was considering but in the end gave me a better rate for the same coverage than the company I had been with for three decades.
Fairly easy process. I would recommend them if you are looking for life insurance.
Love the experience! very thorough and smooth!
Honestly I don't think I had one bad experience. Your people were patient, kind, understanding and knowledgeable. Sometimes it would take me a week or two to get around to calling back and not once were they ever pushy or upset. This entire experience has been great from the beginning. I cannot think of one thing that I can say that needs or I would like to see change. Great job!
This process was pretty easy.
Too many requests for more information after having given all the information twice before on phone with agent then at home with nurse during physical. In the end still 4 stars because you stuck to the same rate I had been quoted to begin with. JCH