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After being involved in a high speed collision with a truck tire and sustaining enough damage to total the vehicle, Liberty Mutual had the vehicle examined by "experts" only to accept their claim that the age of the vehicle was to blame and not the collision. Even though their "experts" NEVER examined the damaged parts and even though it has been determined that the force of the collision DID cause the damage, they are still denying the claim. It is highly suspect that Liberty Mutual would, even after telling the insured that the vehicle was being returned and that any additional examination would be up to the insured and at their own cost, decide to have the vehicle examined twice more at THEIR cost.

The representatives who were in contact with the insured were all rude, combative and VERY unprofessional. Liberty Mutual kept the vehicle for a month, only paid for a rental for one week and the insured was made to keep the totaled vehicle insured indefinitely. After being a Liberty Mutual customer for over 12 years and paying premiums amounting to OVER $50,000.00 during that time, you can see that they are only protecting their bottom line and NOT the insured.

I am a body shop manager and have been for the past 10 years. I just feel the need to allow people to realize what Liberty Mutual Insurance has been doing the past year. I have seen estimates that have made my life more difficult. For example: I have a car in shop now that the original estimate has USED PARTS for any replaceable parts needed to complete this repair, parts that are very difficult to replace and that will more than likely fail quickly... A used Radiator and Liberty Mutual gets out of any liability by allowing us to "flush" this used Radiator. When I say makes my life more difficult... well no one wants their car to be repaired with a used part as important as a radiator.

So after talking to the customer and having the owner call the claims adj. who wrote this poor estimate then go through the process of creating a supplement... So no, a waste of time!!! Time I could be using to get this and other owners cars completed and back on the road, but I have to spend days. Yes DAYS dealing with attempting to work around ALL the USED parts estimated instead of doing my job of getting owners back in their cars! All insurance is doing almost the same thing but Liberty Mutual is the WORST. Even some of the "fly by night" insurance co. are not writing such poor quality of estimates. And of course this is being done not for to help their customers but to increase their profits! So your car gets repaired in a very cost effective manner as their CEO's are laughing all the way to their second vacation homes!

You plug it into your car and it monitors hard braking, hard accelerating and if you drive after midnight. First off it's very inaccurate. They have me driving after midnight several times. I'm in bed by 10 every night, no one has my car. I had to brake hard a few time because of kids running across the street or cars popping out of side streets and parking lots at the last possible second. I had 2 instances of hard acceleration. I was merging on to Interstate 295. Can’t do that at 20MPH! My discount started out real high, close to 30%.

Then I guess they see this then start nit-picking and creating false instances. I never drove after midnight! My discount rapidly dropped to 11%. It's a SCAM! Am I suppose to not brake hard and just hit kids and other cars? I should be rewarded for it, not penalized! Maybe I'll sleep in my car to be sure it doesn't drive itself past midnight. Very disappointed because I am a very good and safe driver and was hoping for the maximum discount! It's not happening! Avoid this scam!

Liberty Mutual screwed me over big time. I got in a wreck a couple months ago. They told me and collision repair center that they could not report the damages as total loss. They separated the damages into two claims so they would not have to declare a total loss. I was fine with that considering that the repairs were to a t and car was like new again. In the end they reported it a total loss behind my back.... How is it possible to total out a car if I... the owner... am still driving it and it runs like a top? Pretty sure they pocketed at least $10000 dollars or more of money by doing so. THESE PEOPLE ARE CROOKS..... But what insurance company isn't... Ha!!! Well that's my story. Thanks.

We had a car that was totaled and Liberty Mutual was very responsive. They worked with us to get us the check for the car so that we could buy another car ASAP. I think that Liberty Mutual offers many coverage options. They are able to explain what they have to offer and help you find the right options for you. We have all of our insurance coverage through Liberty Mutual, auto, home and an umbrella policy because we have a pool and wanted to be sure we had the best coverage. We have three children and they are all of driving age. Liberty Mutual helped us get the right coverage for them without breaking the bank. They are available to answer questions 24/7 and we have had very good experiences when we have needed help or advice.

They handled a claim timely and professionally. Even checked up on me to make sure that I was doing okay. They called me and made sure they had their facts straight so that they could pursue a case against a car that rear ended me. They made the accident I was in stress free.

Maybe they should spend less money on TV ads and more on customer service! Even though we have perfect driving records and older cars, our rates kept increasing every year. So we called and were told it was to the where we live (hadn't moved) and the accident rates of other people (uninsured motorists). Great. In other words, we were required to pay for other's bad habits. So we checked with other companies and found much less expensive solutions.

Our new Insurer notified Liberty Mutual by email, mail and FAX that they were taking over the policy and to reimburse us any unused policy value. Well, even with solid documentation and resubmitting it numerous times, we kept getting late payment notices and bill collection threats. We talked to at least 6 different Liberty Mutual 'representatives', having to explain everything all over AND resubmit supporting documentation that we had changed companies. I'm still not sure what impact this might have on my credit score, but Liberty Mutual could care less. INTIMIDATION and POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE is why this company gets a 1 STAR from me!

I was hit by a Liberty Mutual Driver almost a month ago and their customer service has been the worst I have ever seen. My claims Rep literally never answers her phone. When I press 0 everyone I talk to tells me something different. It is completely shady and ridiculous. I will never even consider using them for insurance and will make sure my family and friends don't either. They should spend less time and money on commercials and more time doing their jobs.

I had an appt. with the claims adjuster within 24 hrs. of my initial call. They issued the check to the repair shop in a timely fashion. And, because it was my 1st claim, hopefully, my rates will not go up. It covered everything that was damaged in the car. There was no problem with the claim or the repairs. They did not question any of the damage. I feel I am being charged too much for the coverage. I have been with them for 4 years, and even before I put the claim in, my rates increased. I think I should have gotten a break for not filing a claim in four years. They could not be nicer. They even tried to save me money by installing a driving tracking device. Of course, they say I am only eligible for the minimum discount, but something is better than nothing.

My auto policy increased this year (2014) by 298.00 for no reason. When I called to inquire I was told it was due to inflation. They told me they could discount the policy if I insure my home with them also, which was a joke. Last year I had a significant increase also. Currently looking for a new carrier. If everyone stuck together regarding insurance company rates, cable rates, etc. and boycotted them, they would be forced to reconsider their rating system.

I saved half of what I was paying. Their rates are good, customer service is great. Only negative I can give would be their policies are quite confusing to understand. They need to be more customer friendly.

So I have been with this sorry POS company Liberty Mutual for a month. In the timeframe I have had the policy I have it to file an auto and renters claim. Let start with the auto: Filed the claim, got a claim number. Got a check for $100 and some change because of my deductible and they said it was cosmetic. Got a call. They are stopping payment on the check. Got another call. Got another check in the mail for the same amount. Did the rental and got my car to the repair shop.

The repair shop told me when they call to verify if I had an auto claim. They didn't have anything on file for me so I had to send the body repair shop my appraisal from Liberty Mutual, then they didn't leave any paperwork with the repair shop and the repair shop didn't even know my car had been dropped off by Liberty Mutual towing company. And then the rental company calls, takes money out of my account because the rental has had no payment on it so I didn't know they cut that off.

Ok, Let's go to my renter's claim: The reason for the claim being filed is due me and my husband going through a separation. From MPD they advised me when he left the first time on 8/19/16 after 24 hrs or more he can consider the home as abandoned. Ok so a few days later I am out with son because he was starting school the next day and I come home. Of course my items are gone. So I called and filed it, got assigned to a gentleman who was working with me. So he told me I will have someone come out to do a full investigation. Ok no problem.

From day one the investigator was something else. She came to the appointment early, I was coming from work to come home to meet her and she told my daughter if I hadn't made in so many minutes she was leaving. WOW. Then we did our meeting she ask her questions, takes pictures, do her recording, etc etc. So then she asked me to supply her all this documentation. Well she wanted a copy of my phone records to see how much contact me and him had. I sent that to her that Friday about a week later from when she came out and that Monday she calls and ask "What are these other numbers listed and why have they been called so many times?"

Then I happen to go online yesterday and see that my claim was completed the day before. Now they say someone is suppose to call you every step of the way. "Do you think I got a call?" Then my daughter says I got a denial: The reason for the denial is that he came into the home and my daughter was there when he came in. Mind you we told her that my daughter works overnight, she woke up and saw he had moved things. So also if you are married don't file a claim because he lived in the home previously, this is not a covered peril and my adult daughter was there. So the claim was denied.

I am so pissed off with their experience and the fact I have a premium coming up that I will make sure I can find another insurance after next month. I wish I could a negative star. I am also calling the corporate office their number is 800-344-0197. I was a victim either way no matter that it was my husband, the report was filed with the police department as burglary and still nothing. That is just wonderful.

They had changed my home policy without to informed us - when we contacted them about problem in our house - they refused to help us because our policy changed last year. We never contact them or sign any paper or agreed about any change.

After 4 years with Liberty Mutual, we cancelled them when we realised our insurance cost increased by over 70% in 2 years. After we cancelled them, LIberty Mutual started now attacking my e-mail site by sending mass e-mails from sources we cannot block. Liberty Mutual is a vindictive company and the worst insurance company on this planet.

I am 54 and I have never gotten a ticket. Because of my clean record, they claim I was given extra discounts that offered this low premium. There was a slow creep in the premium over time but I received my first ticket and my premium went from approx $630 to approx $1230 (6 month premium). Annual was well over $2200. This was with a bundle package. I received pleasant customer service rep but unfortunately her hands are tied by policy and procedures. I am completely dissatisfied and disappointed. Beware of the sales rep that offers you a great deal if you have a clean record. The deal is that once you get a ticket you can’t go back.

My husband had the policy prior to us combining. He did make sure that all of the state minimum requirements were met. Our insurance is reliable. We also have an agent that we can see in person, as opposed to just over the phone or online. Because of the opportunity of using an agent we also had multiple insurance companies as an option and were given the best choices with the best rates. Our company provides everything we need at the best price around.

However our policy is very basic and could be better and have better deductibles. Since I joined the policy no changes have been made. We would like more from the policy, but the agent seems disinterested since she already did her job. We dislike the fact that because of using an agent we are only made aware of the exact quote for the items chosen. We could add more or less online, but do not know what we should want or what options or bundle discounts are available. We do not want more than we need, but also want the best for us and what we can afford.

We originally had our home and auto insurance with Prudential and Liberty Mutual inherited us when it purchased Prudential. They are a solid company financially, and has been around for quite a while. They guarantee replacement value reimbursement for home, car, household items. Their agents are pleasant and helpful. My only complaint is that our premiums cost more expensive than a number of other companies.

Have been a loyal customer for 5 years and the premium has come out of my bank account this whole time. I was recently in an accident on 12/5/15. I called them to get help for the roadside and for repairs and I was told my coverage was changed as of 12/1/15 and that they would no longer provide me with collision insurance. I will say, I was in a minor accident the month before and had full coverage, they paid for the damage and then decided to change my policy without telling me or having me sign anything. They did say they mailed out what was called a consent to rate form that I swear I never received. They basically were saying we no longer want your business, because you are a risk. All those commercials are complete crap and they are too big to care at all about the little guy and their vehicle. The most recent accident cost me $3500 out of pocket and I only had 1 payment left on a vehicle I was paying off for 5 years.

As soon as I found out that they would no longer cover me for collision, I immediately cancelled my policy and have gone elsewhere for less than what I was paying. Now they are coming at me with a bill for $28.00 because of the 8 days of coverage in December and will not waive it. Save yourself the headache and switch to one of the other ones! I mean at least Geico doesn't say they care about real drivers in their commercials. "Hey, insurance companies, news flash! Nobody's perfect!" (Liberty Mutual)...News Flash...No one here at Liberty Mutual cares...Thanks for taking my money all these years and sticking it to me in the end. Complete false advertising!!!

The boundary wall of my property was destroyed in a storm of February this year 2014 by falling trees. As of today the claim has still not been fully resolved. Liberty insurance basically did not want to pay out for the claim. They delayed, they came up with a figure way less than the costs of repair work, they did not want to fully cover the claim, and now they want to retain 30% of the claim until job finished. Very frustrating to deal with them. I would not recommend anybody deal with them. I most certainly will not do so again. It has an extremely negative and stressful experience in dealing with liberty insurance. I felt compelled to warn other people who might be thinking of taking insurance out with liberty to be very careful and think twice, because if anything goes wrong, they are not good to deal with.

We've been with Liberty Mutual for about 6 years. We have 2 vehicles, a car and an old truck. We have never filed a claim and therefore have had very limited contact with the company. Think our rates are a bit high but don't want to go insurance shopping right now.

Got into a minor fender -- I was driving next to a bike lane that had berms to keep the cars out. An ambulance was 1/2 block behind me. Kept on driving because the ambulance was in my lane and I could not pull over to the side. The car to my right decided to switch lanes and came into my lane. I hit her left front fender (before her tire well). Both cars were damaged. Liberty Mutual is telling me that will only pay for 80% of the damages. Does that sound right? I am in my own lane and the other driver decides to change lane without looking to the left to see if there's a car next to her? And I am considered 20% at fault??

I am sure many drivers know that you can't see a car next to you when you look into your side mirror. (For me I can -- I attached convex mirrors to my side mirrors thus giving me a wider angle of vision.) From what I have been reading on this site, LIBERTY MUTUAL INSURANCE "SUCKS." I have FARMERS and I only have positive things to say about that company and the people I have that have serviced me. I highly recommend Farmers Insurance to all who are not happy with Mutual.

I love this company and like everything so far about it. It was easy to apply for coverage. The agent was knowledgeable and they have a friendly staff. I like how they offer their help in person, over the phone, online and on the app. It ends up being super helpful. I have told many people about my experiences and they have signed up. I would recommend the company to everyone I know.

I just don't know how long I have to wait to hear something with this dangerous situation I have existing on my property. No one seems to care at all, and I had no part in this accident which occurred on my lawn by the client of Liberty Mutual Insurance Group of Somerset, NJ.

This winter might be my waterloo, and the tree might well come down in any storm with high winds or heavy rains (to say nothing of heavy snow). And it had the capability of going into the close street where there are many school buses and much regular traffic. I cannot see how any "responsible" insurance company or your office cannot be totally aware of this status, and how neither of you can see it is of the essence. But, obviously you both do, since this is over a year that I am fighting for my rights.

Ms. Brenda **, Liberty Mutual's Claims Team Manager, has libeled me in her letter to me. She said I have committed insurance fraud by insinuating my "own insurance company has said that this tree is not damaged." I have never gone through my insurance company with this claim. Why would I? It was Liberty Mutual's driver who received a ticket (as told to me by police) for reckless driving for missing the curve in the road and driving into my property causing me much damage and trauma from that day forward.

When is it right for anyone to say I have contacted my insurance company? And this is the second time I have been told this. Once, they came right out and said, "You also contacted your own insurance company, and that is considered fraud.' I agree, if I, in fact, did that. But, I most certainly did not. They claimed she said when interviewing her that she was not texting and didn't even have a cell phone. Well, we found her cell phone months later totally crushed among the trees.

They also damaged around my electrical box. All of those trees had to come down also, but they took no responsibility for them at all, in fact, never addressing them. I have pictures to show. It is where the medical personnel brought all their equipment to save the driver, who they thought initially was deceased. However, she survived after being air-lifted to a hospital.

Ms. Brenda and the rest of the crew at Liberty Mutual said she did not impact my oak tree. She impacted both a maple and an oak, and I have the pictures here to prove it. The oak, in fact, was the tree they did all their work near. Her driver's door was wedged up against it, and they tried desperately to reach her through that door but couldn't, since she was so impacted against that oak.

The front of one bumper in the front of her car hit the maple tree and that was treated with tree repair as soon as possible. They sent out the "expert" tree man who said the oak tree was not damaged at all and sent a picture of 'it" to prove his allegation. The only problem was he circled the maple tree and the oak tree. Right next to it was "totally dead." And this "expert" could not see this or the "tree for the forest"?

The maple has problems, but I will not take any tree down before its time. It was healthy this year and produced leaves, yet it produced no limbs, which is the actual sign of a healthy tree, not the production of leaves. But, the oak is totally petrified and dead as the proverbial doornail. So, their expert needs a refresher course, and his picture circling the maple as the oak was a mistake, which would not be made by a grammar school student unschooled in his profession.

Firstly, this is the oak tree that Liberty Mutual's tree expert said was alive and well. The tree above is the oak tree, and it will remain an oak, no matter what Liberty Mutual's tree expert says. God made this magnificent oak, and now Liberty Mutual and their client have destroyed God's work with their irresponsibility. I hope no others become complicit in this.

Secondly, these are the pictures of the car "totally wedged" into the oak tree at the driver's side door. They abandoned their rescue after much trying by many, many people and agencies, since they were unable to break that wedge. So they had to reverse course and go through the passenger side, removing the top of the car and more parts with the jaws of life. This went on for a significant amount of time, since they were at a standstill when the car could not be pried loose from the oak tree.

I have a picture of the car in question wedged into the oak tree. If you will look to the right in the picture, you will see my trees around the electrical box all alive and well. But, with all the equipment, each and every one of them died--6-8 of them--and removed. They fell down to the ground completely. They cannot remove the driver, because it is so thoroughly wedged in tightly.

I think all are ignoring me, because I am a medically handicapped 75-year-old widow who's trying her best to survive extensive cancer surgery. This stress, according to my doctor;s say, is not good for me at all. But, I can't seem to get anyone to take me seriously, and it is, in fact, stressful to the point of making me ill. Is this elder abuse? I have to wonder....or just plain incompetence, and everyone is treated ineptly when they make a claim in which they had no part? Are you all waiting for me to die, so you won't have to disperse another penny? It seems that way to a lot of my family and friends, since, to them, these pictures are so obvious, even Stevie Wonder could figure them out and get the right result.

Thank you in advance for your begged attention to my plight.

Purchasing was somewhat easy, I was able to complete most of it online, without the need to speak with an agent, which is a preferred way for me. The explanation of policies and coverage was decent, I didn't have to ask many follow up questions. I like that it is easy to access my account online, view statements, pay bills. The cost is reasonable considering the coverage. Furthermore, there are a good number of different coverages this company offers to choose from. I had a claim once, and it was handled quickly and professionally.

I have been with Liberty Mutual for over a decade and about 5 years ago, they began making mistakes with my policy. They reinstated a motorcycle that I had removed from the policy and simultaneously dropped a motorcycle that I had added. This occurred after I had received verified paperwork for the vehicles. They also dropped another vehicle that I had recently added for no explicable reason. They have dropped scheduled items without notice (expensive watches), seem to have issues following through with basic requests, and overall are simply not a company that I will any longer trust to insure, much less follow through on when needed for the items that I have worked hard for. Liberty Mutual also made recompense for a vehicle incident during a track training day that I specifically discussed coverage for, incredibly difficult.

In each case, I've followed up with them to restore things, and I also inquired as to the core issue of the mistakes. In each case, there has been much finger pointing which does not engender a feeling of trust. Also, when my rates were raised on depreciating items without my incurring any tickets, etc., my inquiries were responded to with "We're not a non-profit company." That is a fair response on its own two legs. But if one isn't running a company with surety, then raising rates isn't reasonable. Their overall handling, customer service, and insurance rates simply aren't worth dealing with.

We have dropped Liberty Mutual in favor of Allstate. Allstate's rates were comparable for our estate. They've been very responsive and clear/concise, and in the case where a motorcycle was totaled and needed replacement, very fair. Additionally, Allstate has a very good online presence where one can review and download all policies and related costs. Liberty Mutual directly quoted from a call I had with them "cannot do this because of multiple databases and technology, sorry". Bottom line, avoid Liberty Mutual.

Liberty Mutual is very affordable and easy to navigate. Plus, it is very convenient, and meets all of my driving needs. Liberty Mutual cares about its customers and customer service is always available to help. However, I dislike getting through on the phone to speak with someone directly. My experience has always been great with Liberty Mutual. Any claim that I have ever had has been paid for. What more can you ask for from an insurance company? I would recommend to anyone who is in need of insurance.

I had to call three times and go through the cancellation process thrice before they took care of it. Every time I speak to someone it was like the previous conversations never happened. No notes, no documents that I emailed them earlier seem to have been there. I don't understand how they could possibly be so disorganized. Also, I was overcharged for my renter's policy and even after explaining this to a number of people on number of calls, one person acknowledges it and mentions that they are going to take care of it. Next time I call, they tell me the process has started but they don't see any updates on it. Later, they said they don't see any overcharge. Great!!

We decided to shop around for different insurance due to soaring rates. Liberty Mutual is much more affordable and better coverage for less money than our previous insurance company. They explained rates and how they arrive at those rates. They also have some different aspects to their insurance policies than we ever had before. And the agent we dealt with was very knowledgeable and helpful. Been customers since August of this year 2017 and we have been happy with Liberty Mutual.

We were hit by a Liberty Mutual (LM) insured. The police came out, claim was filed, estimate on damage was done and sent to LM. It has been almost 2 months and the adjuster has not contacted me or returned any of the numerous messages I have left him. I finally called the main claim line and after sitting on hold for over an hour, was told, by a very rude "customer service rep", that my calls had not been returned because they had not heard back from their insured (person that hit us) or gotten the police report yet. Further that if she doesn't contact them back, they do not have to accept liability and will deny the claim. That is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard. Insurance companies have deadlines to meet and a responsibility to be ethical and fair when handling claims. LM has acted unethical and unprofessional in the way that they handle this claim. I will be fighting this one until they pay for the damage their insured did to my car, as they should.

Fairly priced and willing to work with us. We have multiple cars in our household because my husband is a car guy. They presented different options and found us deals in order to get us the most cost effective insurance for our vehicles.

I have stayed with Liberty Mutual for 47 years. I have NEVER filed a claim. Still, the annual cost to insure two autos for my wife and myself goes up EVERY YEAR. This insurance company (and probably many others) only offers competitive rates to new policy holders. The only way to beat this racket is to change insurance companies every year. I shudder to think what will happen if I ever do file a claim.

Quick response, never had a problem, reasonable cost compared to others. Filed a claim via phone, handled quickly, used my choice of body shop, no issues. Having sold Farmers insurance I feel pretty capable choosing my own and after coming on with Liberty Mutual have never had a valid reason to change.

I came to Liberty Mutual after being a lifelong Nationwide customer. Nationwide tried to fob me off on another insurance company because they could not provide me with comprehensive insurance. Not only was Liberty able to get me what I needed, but they were also cheaper and had better coverage. I also like that their policies are for 12 months instead of 6, this allows me to lock in the price for the year rather than taking a chance that it increases. So far I am glad that I switched and I wish I had done it sooner, they have been great and it was so easy to sign up and review their policies.

Liberty Mutual was no more troublesome to purchase a policy from than other automobile insurance companies and had a better rate for the same coverage. I liked that we received a discounted rate for bundling our auto insurance with our homeowners insurance. I also liked that Liberty Mutual offered roadside assistance. But they could improve their auto insurance policy features by including roadside insurance coverage in the policy rather than paying extra for it.

It's not easy to get a quote on the website, I had to call, wait on hold and then go over the same info again that I had put in on the website which was pretty redundant to me. But I like that Liberty's cheaper than the competition, nice and friendly phone folks and easy website to navigate. Setting up your profile is easy too. It was fairly easy to get our policy. It takes a while, though and doesn't move as fast as I would have liked. It seemed like it took forever and that made me impatient with the process.

Company is excellent. Reputation high. All their workers are trained and they attend and care about their clients. All my experience has been pleasant and my payments have been punctual. I am very happy with my car insurance. This company always innovates new things for all its customers.

I have never made a claim w/ them. I'm a good driver. I was involved in an auto accident that was the other driver's fault and he was covered by Liberty Mutual. It took Liberty Mutual 3 months to resolve my problem though and I used to have to commute 80 mins both ways to work. Needless to say my kids went hungry for some time. They have all the modern coverage you will need for this and that but you will pay a hefty premium for it that's for sure. I don't really care for them but I have a new car and it needs total coverage. I don't really have much to say about it since my wife just switched us to a cheaper plan that was 40$ cheaper and that's at about 160.00 per month now. I still think it's highway robbery. But if I do get into an accident then I suppose it will be worth it.

After Liberty Mutual took 3 months to process the totaling of my vehicle it seemed to me that they had short changed me on value of my truck, only 3000$ for a GMC w/ under 90000 miles on it. The office was in Connecticut and extremely difficult to call about the claim. 3 months w/out a vehicle! I had 2 kids and a wife and that was the only form of transportation I had.

Liberty Mutual canceled my auto policy without my authorization and mishandled processing of refund and sent it to the wrong party. Liberty Mutual refused to recover the stolen funds from unintended party. The Customer Care Specialists were hostile and insisted that I pay the premiums again in order to correct the mistake they made. The problem was never escalated to management for resolution. The unintended party was allowed to get away with stealing the money without ever being contacted to recover the funds or be informed of the error. Instead, I was given ultimatums and threatened with collection to pay for something that was already paid for and used up because they retroactively canceled dating back more than 1 year. They are very incompetent.

I am so saddened by the way this insurance company is handling this hail damage auto claim. It has been over 45 days and yet I still do not have resolution. I am a student so of course I do not have the means to fight them legally. You cannot get anyone on the phone. You hear voicemails that state they will call back within 24 hours. Good luck with that! I have called several times to whomever is over the manager in claims sadly with no response. Granted my car is not brand new; but it is my car and I do have full coverage. They want to offer you nothing compared to your car's value. I have sent several comps with unfortunately not resolution. Just really bad business practices when you are paying them for a service that are you not getting especially when you have so many other providers out here. Hopefully, I will get resolution by the end of the year. I wonder how long they can keep claim outstanding without settlement.

After being with Liberty Mutual for over six years I noticed a huge increase in insurance costs. No accidents, no tickets, great driving record. Low mileage. As a result of the huge increase I went out and got several different quotes that varied quite a bit but all were less than Liberty Mutual and a number were substantially less at ¼ the price of Liberty Mutual. So, I went with another National carrier that was ¼ the price and once that policy was in place I called and cancelled the policy with Liberty Mutual. The process was quick, and they even backdated the cancelation to the day after my other policy went into effect, which I thought would be good for me because I would get a refund for the days, I didn’t need their policy.

To my surprise several days later I got a bill for a cancellation fee. The fee was around $500. I called to dispute and after going through several levels of customer support I was not able to get them to waive the fee. So not only do they raise the premiums beyond any reasonable amounts they will then charge you a cancellation fee when you cancel, the insurance if it’s not on the renewal date. I live in North Carolina and the customer service group started out telling me it was a fee that North Carolina charges. I checked into this and found out North Carolina doesn’t charge a fee for changing policies on a date other than the renewal date. I called back to customer service and got the manager of the department to discuss this and ask for the fee to be waived and that person told me the agreement with North Carolina doesn’t allow this to be waived because it is in the policy that they have submitted to the state.

Again, I went back to validate with the North Carolina Insurance commission and they specifically said that policy is up to the Insurance company and North Carolina does not prohibit them from waiving the fee to any individual. I then escalated to the office of the president customer service group and they kept telling me because they have this policy in the document, they can’t waive the fee, but what it really comes down to is that they won’t waive the fee. They are crooks and will try to take every penny they can get out of you. I highly recommend that you do not do business with Liberty Mutual.

I am so sick of seeing their commercials on TV about how they save you money and to go with anyone else is like throwing your money into the river. A more accurate representation would be to have Bernie Madoff as their spoke person and they are going to take as much money as they can from you and once you’ve had enough they will find a way to take some more.

Their auto insurance "quote" was merely a "suggestion." It was explained when I found out my new policy was increased twice in a 6-month period. I haven't had a ticket or an accident in over 25 years and never made a claim. I was told to sign up for their device that tracks driving to get a 30% discount. I was not told that if you accelerate by 8 mph in a 2 second time span, or if you decelerate by 8 mph within 2 seconds, you are dinged with "an event" on your tracking log. Translation, if you accelerate at a safe rate of speed on an on-ramp to an interstate, you'll be dinged and will not get the bonus. Their explanation of the program is if you "hard accelerate" or "spike the brakes" you'll be noted. I wouldn't call 8 mph in 2 seconds in either direction a "spike" or "hard". This is a very deceptive practice in my opinion.

As for the homeowner's insurance, I found out that the first salesperson who quoted my policy had added in extra square footage, upgraded double stainless oven and superior granite and tile in my kitchen, and had a completely different kind of HVAC, and siding listed. All of which forced my policy premium up by almost $400 a year from where it should have been. When I tried to contact him, he would never answer my calls or emails. When I called his manager and demanded they review the audio recording, they said they could not find a recording. Again, a very deceptive practice.

I have a friend employed by LM who says they made nearly $30,000 in bonuses last year, over and above their 6-figure salary for a middle management position. If this is true, then they need to review their salary policies and stop gouging their customers to pay for it.

We have been with Liberty Mutual for years with no claims. All was well and we never heard from them. Had 1 claim, a water damage claim, the first in our 26 years of being a home owner and in the last 2 years they have jacked up our rates $900 and said they let us know but I'm not sure how they let us know! I'm looking for a new company right now! I hate how companies like Liberty Mutual can screw the consumers over ALWAYS!

Called for a comparison quote for my auto ins. After getting a quote for bundled insurance, I asked what the rental portion was because the rate quoted was significantly higher than what I was paying. The agent became indignant and said that the fact that I was paying less in rental was irrelevant and that I should just stay with my current insurer. This was completely unprofessional since it was his suggestion to bundle. Very rude. I would warn people about Liberty Mutual. If this is my initial experience, I'd hate to deal with them long term.

Liberty Mutual - Auto is helpful when you have questions. They make making a claim easy, when in an accident. And when you call and leave a message I have always been called back pretty promptly. However, the company seems like they don't always care about the customer themselves. I'm about to switch to State Farm because Liberty Mutual has been overcharging me for years now. I paid more for year 2000 vehicle with no collision that all my friends with new cars. After I told my parents they were being overcharged also and they had been customers for 25 years. But in the overall process of purchasing I would say it was all pretty easy. You just call to get a claim and they walk you completely through the whole thing. I don't like to shop for things I don't know about. So for once it was nice for someone to walk me through it.

I have been a Liberty Mutual Auto & Home Insurance customer for two years. I have been happy with the promptness of their service, especially regarding my auto insurance claims: one major (in January 2016), and one minor (in May 2017). I just had an experience that has turned me off of them forever. I received a call from an unknown number this morning. When I called back, it went to a patient advocacy center, where my advocate informed me I had a past-due medical bill from January 2016. I knew immediately it was from the serious car accident, but was confused why I had not heard anything in 20 months about this bill. My advocate told me that my auto insurance (Liberty Mutual) was not paying the bill due to "not having a claim"... even though I had filed a claim, and my car had needed two weeks in the shop, which LM paid for.

When I called LM, a snotty customer service representative told me that I had only filed a car repair claim, not a personal injury claim. Well, yes, but I was never told those were two separate claims (so much for LM 'walking you through the process'), and the ER doctor had told me I just had bruising and muscle strain... certainly nothing severe enough to report on its own! So, instead of contacting me through the online portal, email, or phone number about this, LM just kept denying to pay my hospital bill.

I had no idea this was going on, given that the hospital was billing LM directly. Instead of using common sense (hmm, an ER visit the day after a highway car accident... probably linked), or even due diligence (a repeated bill... maybe we should contact the customer), LM used this obscurity to try and weasel out of paying a bill that is their responsibility. After all---what do I pay my auto insurance premium for every month, if not this exact scenario?? I am so disappointed at their underhanded tactics and disregard for their customers (what if this affected my credit score? Or I became liable for a very, very over-due bill in the future?) that I will be canceling my insurance with them immediately and finding an honest company to insure me.

I have been driving for 50 years and have never felt the need to make a formal claim against my insurance company. I also get the minimum legal coverage and therefore have a high deductible and would not be able to make a claim unless there were extensive damage. I usually get the mandatory legal minimum auto insurance and therefore have a high deductible and I am satisfied with the arrangement and the premium price. Liberty Mutual may not be as cheap as some of the online insurance companies and I have left Liberty Mutual for a cheaper company. I only get the minimum legal amount of coverage with a high deductible and am satisfied with the amount of coverage.

I have since found an insurance company that has even lower premiums than Liberty Mutual and am satisfied with the arrangement. I have dealt with people at the Liberty Mutual office and found them to be quite friendly and accommodating but have since moved on where the only relationship I have with the agency is via the mail and online.

When I filed a claim for finder binder, the repairs were done in a timely manner and claim was easy to make. However Liberty Mutual claim accident forgiveness but it only applies to some states and additional charge.

On Jan. 19, 2017 a Liberty Mutual customer, a Pearce Services driver, passed me from behind as I was making a left turn on a heavily traveled state highway. Pearce Services delayed reporting it to Liberty, so my insurance did. Liberty didn't respond to my calls until Jan 30th. They wouldn't get me a rental while they were investigating their liability, because the driver was disputing the facts. Their insured hit me while I was making a left turn, at an intersection, and crossing a solid yellow line to do it. Their driver is clearly at fault.

After 10 days I finally got someone in their office to answer the phone, and suddenly there's a witness that they are trying to contact. The original agent would not take any calls. I finally got his co-worker to look into the file, they reached the 'witness' on April 6th, but he said was at work and would call back. FIVE weeks later they still had not spoken to him, gotten a statement or even a callback. But they told me they were 1) actively pursuing the investigation, 2) didn't have the guys address to mail anything, and 3) wouldn't send an investigator out to take his statement because "It would cost the company money." (Her exact words), and wouldn't send the local appraiser out to get the witness to call in a statement while he was there.

After I sent complaints to both the Better Business Bureau and the California Department of Insurance, suddenly Liberty Mutual had a statement from the 'witness', and he supported the driver’s statement. I don't know who actually came up with their scenario of the accident but now "the poor innocent driver got hit by me!" Liberty Mutual knows this statement is false. The pictures of the scene that I sent shows the debris field is where I said it would be, the nurse that stopped knows what happened. I was too upset to get names, so Liberty is denying my claim based on known false testimony because I don't have any corroborating witnesses. I have reported them to the California Department of Insurance for using false statements, and am going to take everybody to small claims court. Liberty has crossed from bad business practices into criminal behaviour and they should not be allowed to get away with it.

Liberty Mutual - Auto is reliable and dependable. Also gives good and fair prices and good customer support with little problems or issues getting them to assist you at all times. However, it is hard to get the right person on the phone to answer questions that are pertinent to your situation. Nevertheless, I had a very good experience with minimal hassle or problems and I would recommend to family or friends any day of the week.

I have had home & auto ins with Liberty Mutual for the past 2 1/2 years. Every 6 mos my car insurance premiums have increased. This December the home ins goes from $70 to $85 monthly; auto from $60 to $71 a month. Enough already!

I am 49 years old, been with Liberty Mutual since I was 16 (except for a couple lost years when I moved to another state). I just found out I am overpaying by $1300 a year. How much have I overpaid in all these years? I was afraid to use an agent. Dont be dumb like me. Stay away from Liberty Mutual and get an agent that knows what they are doing and can get you the best rate. Also no matter what I do they seem to want to charge me a fee. I asked to be taken off auto pay since I am not renewing. They told me I would be charged $221 over the course of the year for finance charges. I told them I am cancelling immediately and they now are charging me a "short rate" fee. So ridiculous.

We have been with Liberty Mutual for several years. We put in a claim when a cyclist ran into our vehicle. There were several eye witnesses who stated the cyclist was 100% at fault as he was not watching the road. Even after finding me not responsible, they nickel and dimed us all the way. The vehicle was never repaired properly. This past July, I was parked, my Rolls Royce was hit, the other driver had to intentionally hit the vehicle as it was on the other side of the lot. Luckily my son saw this happen and he stopped the driver and made him exchange paperwork. Liberty Mutual did not advocate for me, they left my Rolls Royce a mess, half completed and tried to flimflam me into taking $575.00 for damages. Again they nickel and dimed a prestigious dealership on everything from hourly rate to paint even though they were subrogating the claim. No advocacy, no service for their own insured. Don't walk away from this company, RUN!

I do have insurance that only covers the other driver, and not my own vehicle. Florida is an expensive insurance state, and after shopping around, came to the conclusion that Liberty Mutual had the most affordable rates. It has added the feeling of safety and coverage. I feel confident that if I get in an accident, the other driver/vehicle will be covered. I have heard nothing but good things about Liberty.

I like the overall coverage options they have. Plus they allow you to choose a decent plan at a great rate, and even the more costly plans are not too much and provide excellent coverage you couldn't get elsewhere. The phone call to a representative was very easy, the person answered my questions very quickly, and even got price quotes all within a few minutes of calling, then after hearing all the option plans it only took another few minutes to get everything together and got a great deal on insurance. But I still do not like that insurance companies still take a while to handle claims and whatnot, and plus the increase they put on you if you get into an accident, more so when the accident wasn't your fault to begin with.

I will NEVER recommend this company to anyone nor will I ever support them. I opened a policy in September under my own name. When they sent the forms to imitate the policy, they sent them to my moms email which wasn’t checked until about a week after they were emailed. Why they were sent there? I don't know because her name wasn’t on the policy nor was any of her information. Luckily I got the forms signed and sent back on time. However, not so lucky because the forms weren’t filed in the right place. I received an email at the end of September saying my policy would be canceled if I didn’t send in the forms. I called and spoke to someone explaining that I did send in the forms and the lady was able to find them and apologized that they weren’t in the right file so the proper team was never notified. Okay fine.

Mid October comes and I get another email saying my policy will be canceled in 30 days due to MISSING forms in my policy. Funny because the last lady said she was fixing it. Called again - same ** happened - "Oh found the forms, sorry ma’am". This happened two other times. Meaning I resubmitted these forms FOUR times. HOW DOES THE COMPANY MESS IT UP LIKE THAT?? I just received a call today saying I have not been covered for over a month and that I owe money... Excuse me. They canceled my policy because they messed up, without me knowing and had the nerve to charge me a fee!? To top it all off, I go fine send me a new quote cause clearly I need insurance. The guy this time sends me a quote with my name on it and my two sisters names on it that were NEVER on my account. Unbelievable.

Liberty offers competitive rates with other companies and they offered the best rates for the coverage I requested. Purchasing was easy to do and the agent was helpful and patient with my confusion and queries. I also like the price and the good customer service. Easy to report and close claim. And I like the website. Logging in and using it was easy. Telephone calls were returned in a prompt time frame. But of course I would like my rates to be lower than they are.

Our family has been waiting to settle a claim from a devastating fire and burglary since August 1, 2011. Our family has lost everything and more due to Liberty Mutual's lack of concern and fairness on handling the claim. We are not able to generate extra income due to our supplies not being replaced. Our clothes, damaged clothes, have not been cleaned and have been sitting in a warehouse for the last 4 1/2 months. We have not been reimbursed for clothing, cooking supplies, and basic necessities purchased for our basic survival. Our mileage of 40 miles/day taking our children back and forth to school and meals have not been reimbursed. All things considered, your unconcern for our family's well-being has caused financial devastation and additional stress to an already high-risk pregnancy. This ridiculous unnecessary stalling and attempts to find technicalities to deny our claim is heartless, negligent, done in bad faith.


I was driving on the highway at night and a truck next to me threw a retread right at my car. It hit the car on the driver's side front, lost a turn signal and fog light lens, that was about it. I called my agent and he told me the claim was comprehensive. I called LM in the morning and they confirmed it was comprehensive and told me to take the car to an authorized repair center. My car has 180k miles and is ten years old, had the claim been collision I would have bought the two lenses and been back in business but the lens were over $100 and the comprehensive decision had been made by LM.

I took the car to their repair center and the claim person also concluded the claim was comprehensive. You can see where I'm going here. The car is fixed, it has been almost 2 months, they did a great job all is well. LM calls me yesterday and tells me the claim assignment to comprehensive is a mistake and I am responsible for the difference, they were sorry. I owe the repair center $900.00. I asked them to put in writing the mistaken conclusion under which I made my repair decision and I will forward this to the insurance commissioner in my state. This is not acceptable.

I applied for Auto Insurance and because a semi-truck crossed the center line, 3 years earlier, and hit me they refused coverage. When I bought a new home I applied for a homeowner’s policy and their price was three times State Farm’s price. They said since I had had a windstorm claim with State Farm the premium would naturally be higher. When I asked why, as Liberty was not even involved, I was told that is the way insurance works. The good part is I never have to do business with them but I can tell everyone what an unbelievably horrible company I think they are.

After 46 years of being a royal customer with Liberty Mutual, I saw that once again my premium was being raised which meant another $20 a month to just under $200 (I only have 1 car). I checked around and found that 4 other companies’ premium for the EXACT same coverage was almost $100 less per month. Since being with LM for so long I called and asked about a better premium and was told 'NO", all they could do is bundle my home owner’s insurance with them to lower my premium a few dollars. They didn't care that I was with them for 46 Years. They just said "Good Luck."

Loyalty doesn't mean a thing to them only the "Almighty dollar." To day I received mail from LM for being a loyal customer and offered me some new products at additional cost. Looks like one hand doesn't talk to the other over there. I will never again recommend them for any type of insurance, as I did in the past. Disgruntled former loyal customer.

I've been insured with them for 2 years and so far so good. No problems. I was insured with them several years ago and switched but now we have insurance with them again. The initial payment is lower than my other company and because the rate is lower the monthly payment is also lower. I can spread it out for a year which makes it easier.

I had Liberty Mutual prior to Hurricane Katrina. They underpaid me for the value of my car despite the fact that I had never had any accidents or claims for the years that I had been insured by them. I went on-line to obtain a quote and it was in excess of $150 more a month than I pay with my current agency. I spoke with the CSR and was told that $286 per month was the final quote with all discounts. This was the quote they gave me for full coverage on a 2006 Toyota Camry. They advertise through my credit union discounts for credit union members. Liberty Mutual is so full of ** with these outrageous rates. Guess I'll keep GEICO!!!

Just like their Homeowner's policy, Liberty Mutual will RAISE YOUR RATES every year. Maximum price for minimum coverage. They raise your rates by "nickel and dime-ing" on things that you have to fish for in your policy. Their prices go up an average of 25% a year even if your driving record is immaculate. AWFUL company.

Great team! Liberty Mutual/Reston VA office has really great customer service. My agent helps me and explains in detail the different coverages that are offered and how it will affect me. I would recommend them to anyone.

The office in Denton representing a client whose company truck hit my vehicle. Leaving all the correct information concerning Liberty in Oct. is still unresolved! The agent has made zero effort to resolve a less than $1000 claim!

Fortunately I have not have to use it. But I did call and speak to them about a odd note left on my windshield claiming that I broke someone's mirror. They assured me that they will investigate and to hold onto the note. They have a lot of different options for you to choose from with deductibles that range from low to high. You can also bundle it with your home owners to get a discount. I chose Liberty Mutual mainly for the reason that the total cost with discounts and with the bundle with my homeowner's insurance. The price was very reasonable and good coverage options. You will be happy. Back to the odd note left on my windshield that blamed me for damages. I called late at night because I was very upset about the note. And I had spent the whole day at my child's birthday party and had to come back to this accusation. The agent I spoke with was very helpful.

So we are all aware of the commercials this company airs. I mean they are over aired. One particular gentleman can be seen throwing his wallet in the water. Mid as well since that’s what’s you'll be doing if you insure through them. I was quoted $435 a month for full coverage on a 2019 Honda Civic SI. Seriously. That’s more than the car payment would be. I obviously decided to get two more quotes. The 2nd quote was $303 per month with same amount of coverage. The 3rd and final quote was $186 per month with the same amount of coverage as the first two were.

As annoying as I find “Flo”, it’s a no brainer who I’m going with for insurance. It’s boggles my mind how insurance companies get away with overcharging people. My driving record is perfect. No points, no accidents that I’ve ever been responsible for either. The outrageous amount of money this company quoted me is FUBARE’D. I just can’t with good faith ever recommend this company to anyone. Furthermore I just don’t get how they are still in business. Oh wait, 100 yrs of ripping consumers off is how!

I have had Liberty Mutual Auto since 2006. As of today, I was paying Liberty $500 a month for 3 cars. No more. I called to cancel my policy and was transferred to a case manager who would assist me. I was informed that my current premiums were base on "the old rating system," and that they would be happy to quote me a new premium using the "new rating system," which they assured me would be very competitive with my new insurance company. I explained to them that I was VERY disappointed to learn that there was two tiers of customer service, and that canceling my policy was the way I learned about it. I thanked the rep for finishing my cancellation. It must suck to be them.

I would have expected more from a "reputable" insurance company but later found out Liberty Mutual has a reputation for doing whatever they can to pay out as little as possible on a 3rd party claim. My husband was recently hit by someone who ran a red light. The driver who hit him was insured my Liberty Mutual so we went through the process and had an estimate done. Liberty Mutual then called us to tell us they determined their driver was 90% at fault because he ran a red light but my husband was 10% at fault because he should have had time to see him coming and avoid the accident. I guess he was supposed to anticipate another driver running a red light and also not look in front of him where he was driving but to the left. Ha!

So they would only pay 90% of the claim. So I instead filed with my insurance company, Nationwide, who is paying the claim and suing Liberty Mutual to get the money back. I told them I would be more than glad to go to court because that is ridiculous. The police report and multiple witnesses state that it was clear as day not our fault. Obviously the one who ran a red light but his insurance company disagrees. So be careful if you are ever in an accident with someone they insure. They are out to do whatever to not pay claims.

Was lucky enough that I had never had the need to use them, but customer service and everyone else I talked to were friendly, professional so I don't see why the claims processing personnel would be any different. Their rates were average compared to other insurance carriers and the coverage was pretty standard compared to the industry. Happy with their rates and service. Since they were not overcharging me and their rates were competitive with other insurance companies I feel that I got a good value for my rate. Did not had a lot of reasons to call customer service but when I did their staff was friendly and professional. They made sure to answer all of my questions.

I was in a one-car accident. My car overturned on a mountain road and slid down a hillside. I was life flighted to a major hospital and then to a Trauma Center in another state for several surgeries and ultimately a rehabilitation hospital for a total of 5 weeks. I'm recovering at home with Physical Therapy and expect to walk again within 4 months.

Here's the catch, after having Liberty Mutual Auto Ins for 5 years, they tell me I declined Medical Payments (which of course is what I need to cover my thousands of dollars of bills) when I took out the Policy. I never knew what Medical Payments Insurance was. I have a $1,000,000 Policy-- why in the world would anyone take out $1M in coverage and not the Med Pay????? Just the life flight bills are close to $100,000. I've had to hire an Attorney to represent me against my own insurance company. How wonderful, when you need help your insurance company wants to deny everything.

I was unfortunate victim of a LM customer who hit my car, admitted fault in the police report and file a claim. LM accepted faulted and asked me to take my vehicle to one of their approved body shops for appraisal of repairs. Was told it was a total loss. When I received the valuation, the appraiser lied about features on the car that were standard options, say they were not on it and the conditions of the car to keep from paying a fair amount. They also did comps on vehicles hundreds of miles away instead of in my local areas because they searched for the lowest priced vehicles to compare it with.

Needless to say this practice is against KY fair claims act. I have file a complaint with the department of insurance. I am in the process of filing a complaint with the attorney general on behalf of the citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky being defrauded by Liberty Mutual. I am taking this to the local news media. I posted on their Facebook but they have blocked me, and now I will sue their customer and will win this in court because I have numerous photos, emails, voice mails of their fraudulent practices and I don't care if I get any money. I hope it cost them more than it would have it. They would have just fixed my car to begin with. Because now it's a matter of principle.

This company is very good. If you have a claim, it's easy to work with, have multiple sites in your area to take your car to if you want to repair your car. Fast response to claim inquiries. Also fast to pay for the repairs on you car. You can always talk to a real person if you want to and you can also use their website to file a claim.

Feb. 2016 there was a motorist that hit the side of our truck I was a passenger in. I received a side whiplash & nerve damage. The claim was turned into my insurance company Liberty Mutual. I have income protection which I do pay for on my policy. Also FULL TORTE and was told I had very good coverage which I pay a lot of money for. As of 3/29/2018 I've only received $1,900.00 of the $9,600.00 I've lost in wages. And that check of $1,900 I just received 3/23/2018. The adjuster that was assigned to me has NEVER CONTACTED ME SINCE THIS ACCIDENT OCCURRED. And just keeps giving me & the attorney I now had to hire because of not being able to receive the insurance coverage I pay for.

I did attach the 1 page from Liberty Mutual that shows the accident date and claim number. I pay for insurance to protect myself & my family. I have the whole policy I can send you that shows I pay for excellent coverage which I'm not receiving. Not sure how this can actually happen when you pay for car insurance. We were hit by an underinsured motorist which I just found out a few months ago after hiring an attorney. But this doesn't give Liberty Mutual the right to not honor the insurance coverage I PAY FOR. I need help & don't know who to turn to. I guess there's NO LAWS ANYMORE.

Updated on 05/18/2018: It's been 2 1/2 years and still no income protection was paid to me from the coverage I paid for over these last 20 years. I was hit by an under-insured motorist. After 2 1/2 years I've never heard from the adjuster that was assigned to me. I did try to contact her with NEVER A RESPONSE. After 13 months of No coverage from the Auto Policy I've paid for I had to hire an attorney. So now it's been 2 1/2 years with no end in sight. I was assigned a different adjuster just a week ago to find out that the first adjuster no longer works there. So my claim information is just setting a NO ONE'S DESK. I had to resend everything back over to Liberty Mutual and this new adjuster has responded to my claim of loss wages with a denial.

Since this has been going on for so long This new adjuster wants updated medical records which I did once again supply to her. So after only a few days of hearing back from adjuster # 2 I'm given another denial letter that I need to now go see a doctor of their choice.. When you pay for income protection and you miss work because of your auto injury "YOU WOULD THINK YOU WOULD COLLECT THE INCOME LOSS YOU HAD." Not the case. You're required BY LAW to purchase Auto Insurance. But the insurance company can make you jump through all kinds of obstacles to collect the insurance protection you paid for over 20 years.. This is just NOT OK.

Our INSURANCE COMMISSION NEEDS TO PROTECT THE CONSUMER from these fraudulent procedures this insurance company puts their policy holders through. It needs to be DISCLOSED TO THE CONSUMER that even though we think we have insurance coverage we actually will need legal assistant to collect any type of claim we have once we are in an accident. I was the VICTIM twice. I was hit by the under-insured motorist and even though I pay for their best policy I have no coverage on my policy to cover my wage loss Even though it's covered. To collect anything I need to hire an attorney and pay them 40% and go to court after 2 1/2 years. This all should be disclosed to every consumer about what does happen to them after your in an accident. We should know UPFRONT how we have to pay for legal representation when we're hit by another motorist.

I have had Liberty Mutual for many years. This spring I called customer service to complain about my rates going up and a special adviser found that the agent making a commission on my account raised my insurance the previous year unnecessarily. She refunded me hundreds of dollars. I trusted her and had her direct number for any new problems. When the next time I called, everything changed and this helpful person was no longer reachable, but she did still work there. My next issue came when I bought a new vehicle because my old one was overheating and a mechanic said it would be a 3 week wait to repair and I should find another mechanic if I needed my car immediately. I did need it but bought another one because I was already searching for a vehicle that could tow my new travel trailer.

Here comes the problem: when I insured the new vehicle I asked to lower the rate on the broken one that would just sit in my driveway until I found someone else to fix it. This agent told me she could put the vehicle in storage to save $$ BUT SHE DIDN'T TELL ME THAT MEANT TURNING THE TAGS IN!!! Who in their right mind would turn their tags in and then have to re-register their car and all that hassle and expense.

Of course Maryland penalized me for not having insurance. I got my car fixed by a friend 10 days later and called to put the insurance back up. Maryland ended up charging me $150 for the lapse in coverage, but Liberty Mutual said too bad, not our fault our agent misinformed you. I paid the charge and am shopping for a new company, and what do you know, just today the agent who raised my rates to make a higher commission, called me to give me a better deal that would cost me more. Lord have mercy, the greed and incompetence is overwhelming.

We have been with Liberty for 15 years. One speeding ticket for my husband in his company work truck and Liberty has increased our insurance by $800. My truck is eleven years old and it should decrease. Don't understand why we as senior citizens, on ticket be penalized like this. No loyalty being a customer for so many faith years. I insure two vehicles and a home, totally pissed with the way Liberty is robbing us blind.

I was considered the plaintiff/third-party in which Liberty Mutual was the insured for the son of the at-fault driver. They repaired my vehicle, and I requested diminished value. No one ever called me back and finally verbally told me they determined there was no diminished value. I asked for a copy of the appraisal backing up their claim. No documentation was ever provided. I filed a claim with the Georgia Insurance Commissioner's office. They accepted Liberty's claim that there was no case law and I would have to file a lawsuit against Liberty for the diminished value.

I thought I was the one but found out another friend had over $5,000 in damage and was told the same thing by Liberty. Friend had to pay $200 for an appraiser and then Liberty paid. Here is response from Liberty to Insurance Commissioner, "If insureds or claimants dispute a diminished value calculations finding by the insurance company, they can hire their own Independent Appraiser to conduct a Diminished Value appraisal... If a diminished value is submitted, it will be reviewed and addressed. AT THAT TIME WE MAY HIRE OUR OWN APPRAISER AS WELL." Basically it is my belief that they DENY EVERYONE until the plaintiff pays for an appraisal and then they respond to it.

It was easy signing up and getting everything I needed done. I had no trouble getting set up and paying my first bill. I just wish they were more proactive and called me to see how they could be of service. I am also only concerned with the price because if I spend too much I won't be able to spend elsewhere, like on groceries. If I spend too much on bills I will have no emergency money left. Should also have better prices and rewards for customer loyalty. Nobody values a good customer anymore. That's why customers keep looking for companies that will appreciate their business and reward them and make them feel special.

Dealing with Liberty Mutual is a nightmare. In March, my parked car got "clipped", more like smashed. I lost my entire bumper, entire left taillight, and parts that were connected to my gas tank. I called to make an insurance claim the next day and I was on hold for an hour. When I was making the claim, I had to repeat myself and my story 3 times. It took a week and half for them to get back to me with any information. Michigan is a no-fault state, which means that even though I was not liable for the damage, I still have to pay for the damage. They have poor customer service.

I received a letter touting special low rates for Subaru customers. The rate quoted was lower so I said okay, but wanted policy effective only starting July 1 so I would have paper copies to review and sign. This was on June 6th. Papers came while I was doing some checking. Subaru dealer had no info on the relationship, so LM likely just got a mailing list. Former insurance company said they could give an even lower rate if I wanted to start as a new customer, giving up some benefits. LM reviews on the net are not very good. So I called LM to cancel the policy, which my current company told me had already been activated.

I then was told about a new business fee. l was deducted $80 from checking before the effective date of the policy. So I paid them for asking for my business! Without having signed anything and without a phone rep having mentioned a word about this. The person I spoke to said she would inform the people about their behavior and apologized, and said she would send me a check refund and cancel the policy that had not even been effective yet, but was "activated" and paid for. So buyer beware of LM. If I don't receive a refund, I will contact again.

After being with Liberty Mutual for over ten years I noticed a huge increase in insurance costs. No accidents, no tickets, great driving record. Low mileage. They kept increasing my insurance and telling me that it was because of an increase in health costs in my state. It isn't. They discriminate against us for getting older. When I called to cancel because I finally wised up and got State Farm, they didn't record the call. So, even though I've had another insurance they sent me a bill that included a late fee and a policy cancellation effective 17 days after I canceled.

WARNING to all those who are thinking of leaving Liberty Mutual for raising your rates (even though you have a great driving record): Make sure they record the cancellation when you call. Get the name of the person you talk to. Ask them for a cancellation number or a copy of the cancellation to be sent to your email that same day. They are in control and will continue to charge you unless you can prove you cancelled. STATE FARM is a great company to switch to. They do not discriminate because of age.

The claims agents are friendly and helpful. They do their best to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. They are very responsive and will answer any questions you have. My agent made sure I got the perfect coverage option for me. He took the time to go over my options and was very upfront and honest about what things I would need and what things I could skip. He helped me get the perfect amount of coverage for the right price. It's a great value. It may be a little more expensive than other insurance companies, but you get what you pay for. Plus, with all the association discounts they offer, you can always get a great price for great coverage. Everyone I've talked to there is knowledgeable and willing to help. I have never had a bad customer service experience with Liberty Mutual.

I like the reasonable pricing and they are reliable. The plans are easily laid out for you so you know what is in your plan. Customer service is really nice. It was only that one person who made everything difficult. Also, the claims take long to verify. I spend a good month and a half trying to verify everything and speaking to a representative. But I called someone else and they made everything easy. Overall, I like my auto company.

Added a vehicle. Was told it would raise payment to $242 monthly. One time prorated of $383. Needless to say this morning I see they took $383 out AGAIN! Call and get told, "That is your new payment because of rate increase!!!"

We had a simple claim under $1000. Liberty Mutual's claims process is a nightmare. Nobody I repeat nobody from Liberty Mutual will actually come look at the damage. They make the customer and body shop do all the legwork. We had 3 different people from LM working on our claim and each person tells you something different. Oh and all of their estimates ranged from $400-$900.

Our claims rep was incompetent. We were told they would bill the body shop directly. Go to pick up the vehicle and the body shop would not release it because they knew nothing about the billing directly part. Claims rep never told them. Car rental would not be extended, and our claims person would not return a call until I got my agent and her manager involved. This was a simple claim that took over 2 weeks (2 days of that was body shop repair, remaining time was dealing with incompetent people at Liberty Mutual to get approval for repairs). Imagine what a large claim would look like. I wouldn't want to find out.

My wife's car was backed into in a parking lot. The Liberty client actually drove off, but came back after she noticed that people were taking pictures as she left. Liberty offered only about 50% payment on the required repairs. Said my vehicle want worth fixing. This is apparently a strategy of theirs, because they doubt people will sue them over less than $1k. This was the most frustrating experience that I have ever encountered dealing with an insurance company. Beware!!!

Slow customer services. Uncaring agents. Involved in a hit and run. Paid me 3k less than my Jeep was worth and totaled my car out. I was robbed. I received the worst customer service in my 27 years of living. Their agent didn't care at all until my loan company started calling for a check. Luckily gap insurance is going to cover some of my negative equity. I wouldn't send my worst enemy to Liberty Mutual. I wouldn't let them insure a bicycle. Highly dissatisfied and disappointed. Honestly, I felt I was robbed.

The purchasing process was okay. I'm just going with what was best price and actual people in the customer service that I can reach you speak to as I hate calling the company and speaking to an automated thing and press one for this and two for that I'd rather speak to an individual. The customer service is okay. Very nice people, they have knowledge and understanding of the company and what the policies are. They are able to help without having to be transferred 100 times. But I do not agree that the price is low enough. I feel there are ways to make an insurance policy a lot. I do agree that some insurance companies overcharge for their service when there's absolutely no need for it.

I was with a different agent and was introduced to my current one. He got all of my information and then sent the quote to me via email. Then he followed up with a phone call to go over the quote. He found some additional savings and everything went smoothly. I like that I have my own personal agent. Anytime I need anything I can call my agent and he answers all of my questions. I do not have to wait on hold to speak with someone in some other country or sit on hold forever. If he isn't available I leave a message, and he always calls me back the same day. Normally he calls me within an hour. However, their prices have continued to go up and up. Every year there is an increase in price and I feel like someone who is a long time member, that their rate should decrease not increase.

The purchasing of the policy was very easy. The agent was easy to talk to and helped me find the right insurance for me. They explained step by step what my coverage was going to be including my discounts. They are easy to get in touch with. They take time to explain your plan to you in terms you can explain. They also check up on you if you are in an accident to make sure you're ok. But the accident forgiveness program should start when you are accident free for so many years instead of the date of your last accident. Also, the discounts you get when you first sign up should keep going unless you get a ticket.

Car wouldn't start. Called LM to be towed from my house to garage 3 blks away. Tow truck came in about 2 hrs. Driver said it was not the right truck. Had to call LM for a new truck: not available until Monday (this was Friday). Tow truck arrived but needed to use winch to pull car on to truck. Spent 45 min. getting ok to use winch which would be $100 extra. Tow limit is $50!!! Finally, the job was complete after 4 days to get car towed 3 blocks. No one seemed to care that we needed our car and waiting 4 days was not acceptable. Although cost is $900 annually, the additional cost for GEICO is worth it. Customer service is great. LM is horrible.

I signed up with Liberty Mutual almost 10 years ago. They were recommended by a financial news magazine that I had subscribed to for years earlier. I paid for 10 years without missing a payment. Everything was fine until I got hit in the back by a hot rod driver. The person rammed my car from behind in at a stop light. The persons insurance company admitted fault and wanted to pay for the accident.

Liberty mutual refused payment and spent most of its time stonewalling me (their client) and trying to up sell me on a more expensive policy before they would accept payment. When I refused they raised my payment from 700.00 to 3000.00. They became belligerent and was never helpful. This blew my mind. It made no sense. I left them and got the other guys insurance to pay for my medical treatment and car repair. Liberty Mutual is a well oiled scam and represents why people hate insurance companies. This was a decade long money grab. I would never recommend them. Never.

I like that Liberty always protect our claims if anything were to happen. They never wait to help you get things cleared out. I would like them to improve the check clearing time. I had a claim about 2 years ago and it took a little long to get to me. But I never had an issue where they couldn't rectify something. I have a great experience with this company for years. I am very happy to be a part of this company and the steps they need to take to have things done.

Renewing my policy and signing up for RightTrack (RT) was an absolute scam. My agent promised me a discount up to 30% off my premium if I were an excellent driver thru RT. This isn’t a self righteous claim, but I know I am an excellent driver. The amount I’d save kept going up until I went on vacation for a week. During that time I didn’t drive my car. When I got back, the amount I’d save dropped a whole $30. It took me one whole month to earn $30 by itself! Since then, the rate keeps going down, despite careful driving. The only incident I’d have is hard braking because I live in the middle of a city and that’s just what happens. Do not fall for RT.

I have never had a claim but I have had other issues and was completely satisfied. I also have my home insured with Liberty Mutual. The premiums are reasonable, and usually much less than other insurances I have checked out. I have had as many as 3 vehicles insured with them at one time.

I have insured a 2013 BMW 128i with Liberty Mutual. I had an accident where some parts need to be changed. After the appraisal was done, I was told that after market parts would be installed on my car, which I opposed as I don't want old Honda parts on a BMW car. I called my adjuster, Vivian **, and told her my concern and she said that the cost of the part that needs to be changed is more than the cost of the parts that my policy has insured. This didn't make sense to me and I requested her to show me where is this written on my policy and also provide me with the list of parts which are insured; she replied she wouldn't know and stopped answering any further questions. I dropped several emails and voice mails but never heard back from her.

After making a lot of noise with other appraisers and adjusters for nearly 2 months and explaining the situation that it poses a risk while driving in addition to bringing down the value of the car (both in terms of monetary value when I decide to sell it and the driving experience), they agreed that the part will be an original BMW part as it is a risk. Once all of this was done, they created some more roadblocks by saying that after market parts can be used for smaller parts like the alloys, again I did not agree to this. They have insured a BMW vehicle so at the time of need I expect a BMW part in my car.

All of this drama went on for quite a few weeks, and finally they agreed and my car was repaired soon. I reported the claim on Dec 24, 2016 and today is Mar 30, 2017 (more than 3 months) and I still don't have my vehicle because of delay in payments. The kind of harassment and stress I have been thru these past 3 months is beyond imagination and I am extremely dissatisfied with the service I got.

I have had Liberty Mutual for many years, and have been satisfied overall. They are available 24/7 and always answers questions professionally.

I think their coverage is quite good with a lot of discounts. They have much lower rates when you use that tracker in your vehicle to show how your driving is, and mileage used. Also quick stops. Basically just what kind of driver you are, and they claim their rates go down instead of going up each year, but that hasn't been my case. It went up but they said it was because all insurance rates went up.

I left my previous insurance company after 42 years because the rates kept going up, and we didn't even use the insurance (Westfield Insurance). We are old and retired, don't travel and have very low mileage on our vehicles yet still pay large rates from any insurance company. I have a 2013 Jeep that only has 900 miles on it and our truck 2008 has 40,000 miles on it and both were bought new. In comparison their rates are good.

I am happy with the value, but then again, I don't know what the going rates are for insurance for the past 2 years or whether I'm paying too much or not because I've never compared rates since I dropped my last insurance, Westfield Insurance because the rates kept going up and up and the coverage got lower. If this happens with Liberty, I'll be searching for new insurance again. I pay a lot to insure 3 vehicles and my home and property in a package. Customer service is readily available with one phone call, and they can help you in a timely manner with a question or forward you to someone who will.

Had my vehicle totaled by a drunk driver while parked in front of my home. Liberty Mutual was very easy to work with to help settle my claim, get me a rental, and go after the driver's insurance company. Reasonable rates for high quality coverage. The prices for their services are competitive. I found them to have some of the best prices within the Baltimore area. I was very satisfied with the value for what I paid each month to cover my vehicle. Liberty Mutual always went above and beyond to service their clients and provide topnotch protection of your assets as well as yourself. Customer service staff were always friendly, responsive, and compassionate when dealing with any issues that had risen due to issues. Never had a hard time understanding what they were saying or working with anyone. Prompt and courteous service always.

I've been using Liberty Mutual for auto for many years. They seem a little higher than average (cost); but customer experience has been good.

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