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I have been dealing with Liberty Mutual since Aug. 1st, and it is still going on. I was put on a stress leave of absence by my doctor. I contacted Liberty Mutual and was told I had to also see a therapist. Through our EAP program, I contacted a therapist and saw her on a weekly basis. I was also referred to a psychiatrist and had sessions with him. He prescribed medication and had to increase it after two weeks. I have done everything that was required, and I have been denied twice. I am waiting on this last appeal, and if denied, I am taking them to court. I feel there should be a class action suit against this company. They are making medical decisions for people they have never met. I asked them how they can tell me I could have done my job when my doctor said no. "We have a psychiatrist who made that determination." But he's not my doctor!

They don't care. They don't want to pay, so their profits are higher. Even though I pay a premium out of my pay for extended leave and have a certified doctor signing my leave of absence form, it's not enough. When did our own doctors lose control of our health? Isn't this America we live in? I have never been on a stress leave, and it was not a vacation for me. I was so over-worked because of downsizing in my company. I was having panic attacks, depression, and anxiety. After six weeks, I went back. My whole job work load changed because management realized what I did. No one is looking at the real picture. All the notes from my therapist and psychiatrist mean nothing. Liberty Mutual is playing God with people's lives, and they don't care. There needs to be accountability with this company.

I fell at work and broke my knee cap. My employer saw it happen, but they still denied it. I got a lawyer and won the second time, but they still do not want to pay anything. My employer is very upset because she thinks they should at least pay my doctor and for my time out of work, but they are appealing it. My lawyer said she would not go to court again because it would not be worth it. My employer is changing company. Also, this is the first claim ever in nine years and that's how long we have been here. Thanks.

I've been a nurse my entire life. I've paid my disability ins. faithfully my entire life. I recently had an MRI that showed a vertebra in my lower back bulge forward and I couldn't even walk. Liberty Mutual did everything they could to delay payment. I knew then what was coming. They denied my claim because it didn't require surgery. They said they don't pay for pain. I had payments to make and mouths to feed but they didn't care. They are without a doubt the most heartless Co I've ever had to deal with. The hospital I work for hired them knowing that they would do this to their employees. They want the word to get around so employees will work hurt rather than lose their car or house. I have to go back to work in this condition so I can feed my family. I also have to pass a physical to get back to work, so if I can't pass that then I'm out of a job.

I wish I would've known that my hospital had hired this Co because I would've found a new job. I've heard of people having trouble with this Co and how EVIL they are. I just can't believe that they get away with it. After reading the reviews I can see that appealing this is going to be a joke. I do know that these people have to answer for this someday. I'm glad I'll be in a different place. It takes an EVIL person to take a job that hurts people who are in need of help. I am proud to say that I've tried to help my patients to the best of my ability my whole career. I would never do to someone what they have done to me. Shame on Liberty Mutual!! If we are lucky this Co will go under and all of these people will have to try to pay the bills in their houses.

I know there are people out there that abuse the system but my mother always taught us to work hard and be honest. Tears... I'm a late 50's female and I don't have my mom any more. I don't have anyone to lean on. I will pray for these people because they surely need it. I hope that all of the people they're hurting make it through their situation and become stronger and wiser from it. Thank you for reading my plight. God bless you all.

Liberty Life long term disability shouldn't even be in business. I was on STD for my 6 months due to fibromyalgia and major depression and chronic fatigue. I also had neuro-psych test done and was told my cognitive skills were low and also retaining information was low. She said I was unable to work at this time. I have regular appts. with my rheumatologist and counselors and they have filled out forms and also sent my medical records showing I am unable to work. They denied my disability so I got a lawyer. They were able to get me pay for 2 years for depression instead of fibromyalgia, which is because they would only have to pay for 2 years instead of my retirement date which would have been 9 years. This was the first thing they did that was crooked.

Then after 1 year they denied me the second year and I have to go back and have a lawyer again. I have to pay the lawyer 50% of my pay but Liberty wants me to pay the full amount back to them if I start receiving SS disability. How am I suppose to do this as I had to use the 1 year disability for bills and I won't have but half of my SS disability as the lawyer will get it. This is so wrong and I am still trying to get my second year. Plus they need to change my diagnosis from depression to fibromyalgia and cognitive issues. I have not been able to work for almost 2 years and the whole time, I have had to deal with the stress of a crooked company which has made my health decline drastically.


I was recently found out that I am expecting and have chronic kidney stones, bladder infections, and UTIs. My doctor has kept me from returning to work from January 16 to March 27 and return to work on a modified schedule until I go on maternity leave. My doctor wrote Liberty Mutual a letter explaining why he took me off and why I had a modified schedule. We gave Liberty Mutual my progress notes as well as a copy of my short-term disability claim with the state. California State Disability Insurance approved my claims, but Liberty Mutual didn't. Now, I am in jeopardy of losing my job and having to deny my doctor’s request to have me on a modified schedule. I am uncertain what to do at this point because if I become ill at work because I am working more than my doctor recommended, what would happen? I need help with getting my claim approved by Liberty Mutual or see how I can escalate this. I don't know to whom, where or how.

I worked for Comcast for 23 years and in October 2010 I had a stroke and stay in the hospital for 3 months. When I return home, unable to walk or take care of myself, I sent the paperwork to Liberty Mutual and did not receive a check until 11 months and lost everything, house, truck and to move to apt. I no longer work for Comcast after returning back and had another stroke. Now I receive SSI.

I was taken out of work from Walmart in February 2013 and went on STD through Sedgwick for mental issues caused by PTSD, DID, generalized anxiety disorder, and adjustment disorder. Who knew I'd miss them. In April I filed for disability. I was seeing a therapist and tried to start my own business the end of April that I closed two weeks later and had nothing more to do with after June 5th. I only did one or two items a month and it wasn't worth my time. I received ltd through liberty mutual supposedly through 2015 according to the paperwork I received in August.

I found out I got disability in September and immediately called and told them. I was told my income from them would be cut down to $50 a month. My last visit with my therapist was on September 17 due to loss of insurance and the office manager not being satisfied with the amount of money I could pay to catch up my account. I'm not eligible for Medicaid or Obamacare and was actually told by the website to seek help at local low income healthcare. On December 2nd my case worker called me to let me know my case had been denied and closed after September 17 and that I had to pay the money back they had paid me knowing I was receiving disability. She claimed I had never talked to her in September which I have a witness to.

I received the papers today and the major denial was because I had a business as of September. I have called the therapist and been told that's not what he said. I'm trying to decide if it's worth me fighting because of all the info I've seen on here. What I don't understand is it actually only took me three months to get disability so how can they say I'm not? I don't have insurance and can't find a therapist and am trying, so why am I being treated this way. What makes them think they can get away with it?

5 years ago I was injured while employed at Home Depot. I hired an attorney. The outcome was that workers comp. (Liberty Mutual) would cover all med. care and prescriptions. Now, 5 years in and a new adjuster, they are denying my treatment. I am having to pay for co-pays and scripts out of pocket and my Medicare is paying. The new adjuster is not friendly with myself or my doctor's office. She claims that she is sending me for an independent medical review. That was over a month ago and I've heard nothing. Been treating for the exact same thing, chronic back pain, for 5 years and now all of a sudden they want to know if it's because of the "work related injury". Not sure where to go from here now. I cannot afford to pay for an attorney to fight this.

I had a hot water pipe break. By the time I finally got the contracted claims adjuster off my case my house set wet from 4-6 weeks causing the mold count to raise to over 190,000 ppm in the attic. Because of the mold getting so out of hand my house is now gutted. Now I am fighting not only to get the mold clear out but the same adjuster sent in the wrong samples to ITEL giving them an excuse to try to remodel my house with substandard materials compared to what I have. You would think this difficult since I have only been in my house for 4 years and have every remodeling receipt from all the work I had done to it plus receipts, yet they still are trying. Not to mention trying to ruin my credit rating by not reimbursing the high utility costs incurred while trying to dry the house out.

I have Multiple Sclerosis and live on a disability check. My utility companies are turning in notices for cut off before anyone is even caring to pay. I have so little money to live off of I can't afford to pay out what they aren't and have been proud of keeping an excellent credit rating until now. The Crisis Center has even had to be called because the stress of all this put me to the point to where I just wanted it to end. Four years of hard work gone down the drain because of **, contacted by Liberty Mutual using valuable time trying to prove I ruined my own home that I have put every cent of my savings into to what? Nothing better to do. Now they are pushing me to take whatever they are willing to give so they sound like they are doing me a favor just to get me back into my house. No insurance company should be allowed to use terrorist tactics to get people to give in and take less than what they paid for.

Three of my physicians recommended I not work with hepatic encephalopathy, and an additional diagnosis of dementia caused by an extensive liver damage from hepatitis C. When I filed my disability claim with Liberty Mutual, I was assigned a 20 something boy with no medical training to adjudicate my claim. Rarely could I get him on the telephone; he would never call me back on a timely basis.

When I complained that I did not want to work with him, I was told by one of the other claims worker that I should be nice, as if they operate on a buddy system, or kick back, not sure. It is very difficult filing a claim with a representative who has no medical background or credentials. Anyway, this terrible company, Liberty Mutual, has denied my claim. Apparently, their 22-year cubicle clerk is smarter than my world renown physician in hepatitis, a 25-year practicing internist, and a well respected neurologist who has practiced neuropsychology at the world renown Frazier Rehab.

Liberty Mutual, if you're listening, hear this. This crazy, sick, demented ** is going to drag you to the supreme court, because somebody needs to expose you. So get your best paper shufflers together, you know, the same teenagers you made me work with on my claim, because I am bringing my licensed and highly-credited physicians. I am going to make your Wallingford office at Holiday Inn just as soon as I get your deed. As my daddy used to say, "Be careful with whom you **!

I am beside my self to see the complaints written about Liberty Mutual Disability Insurance. I have been disabled and out of work with no income since November 2012. When I applied for benefits November 2012 they denied me, and I asked them how will I live. I have paid for short term and long term disability out of my paycheck. My employer paid some and I paid some. They said I need to go back to work. I was very ill and my doctor disabled me, I have Fibromyalgia and I was having tremendous problems. I was in bathroom at work a lot and I had symptoms so bad I couldn't concentrate. So I retained an attorney who carried me for a year and dropped my case saying he didn't know enough about my condition and that it really wasn't enough money for him anyways. I lost everything and moved in with my mother.

My employer called me and explained that since I didn't receive benefits I owed them $1000 for the benefits they covered. During this discussion I found out they had so many employees off work sick and Liberty denied their claims too. My employer had to collect money for the benefits they paid for these employees because the disability benefits did not come through. Subsequently my employer dropped Liberty Mutual and went with another company. No doubt this is why.

This feels like a crime to treat people this way who have worked all of their lives. And since 2012 I have been to many doctors trying to find out why I was so sick? I succeeded at that. I have several other diagnosis, I had endometriosis so bad it had strangled my intestines to the point it changed their anatomical place. My doctor had to cut me open 10 inches up and down to save my life.

I then was diagnosed with diabetes, bursitis. And I am still just as sick as I was when I was working. I am disabled and I struggle every day with nausea, inability to get out of bed, the fibromyalgia paralyzes me. My intestines still hurt and make me sick. It feels like everything is too hard to do. I have struggled with being sick for 20 years. The diabetes has hurt my eyesight and I am so tired. They are still diagnosing me with things. I have lost all of my dignity, I have no income. And I thought I was securing my future by purchasing insurance through Liberty Mutual. Is there anyone that has started a class action lawsuit? I know plenty of people I worked with were denied. Please don't let them get away with this.

Liberty Mutual sucks! Today begins week four of being out of work due to surgery and my STD was just approved today and to top it off, approval was only given up to yesterday. I told her that I'm out of work until my follow up appt on April 2nd, then she states she is going to need more paperwork from the MD. Mind you, the original paperwork already stated I would be out for six weeks. When I asked why it took so long, the case manager replied "I don't know". So I asked who approved the claim. And she said she did. So my question becomes, "If you approved it, then why did it take so long to be approved" and she continues to state she doesn't know why with major attitude. When I asked if my case could be given to another case manager she said everyone has a lot of cases and the service would be the same. If this is the best they can do, they need to get out of the business. I pray I never need to use STD again!!!

I work at the Home Depot and they have recently made changes to our insurance plans, one including leaving MetLife and going to Liberty Mutual. I have been denied now on my second claim. I have fibromyalgia and psoriatic arthritis along with irritable bowel and endometriosis. I have recently been having complications involving gaining about 30 lbs., extreme fatigue and muscle weakness, to the point of having trouble even folding a blanket or even walking. I am now under the care of a neurologist who suspects Myasthenia Gravis or I suspect MS. Diagnosis such as these take time, but Liberty Mutual refuses my claims.

I was told by Home Depot Corporate that they cannot accommodate me at work, and put me on a medical leave of absence. I cannot work, and I cannot be paid. According to some research, I learned that Liberty Mutual also has recently hired a specialist that helps decrease the bottom line for costs, and has since seen a huge rise in lawsuits. I have recommended that Home Depot find other options for our disability insurance.

The short term disability claims department will not send you checks like they claim when you are out of work for an injury. I highly recommend seeking short term disability insurance elsewhere. My Dr. sent them all requested medical records and they kept saying they were waiting on the records, which they had already received. Or they will make excuses about they are still reviewing it. You will not receive checks while on short term disability, only sorry excuses!

I am on short term disability and my company uses them for the insurance. They take so long to approve anything. It took 6 weeks to even get a first check. The checks came the next 3 Saturdays. Then the checks Came on the following Wednesdays for 2 weeks. Then we have to start over to be approved again. Everything gets delayed or pushed out. I kept them informed on everything that was going on, but that doesn't matter. This last time 3 months in, another month for approval. If you choose this company I wish you luck. You do your part, but they don't want to do theirs. I can only imagine if it was the other way around and you were a day late paying them.

I was going through a rough time and had some frequent outbursts. I went to my doctor. He took me out of work and referred me to see someone else. I made two appointments and since I have no insurance, I have to hold off on seeing my therapist. I applied for my insurance and they denied it, stating that there is nothing medically wrong with me from performing my assigned duties. Their physician has not seen me nor do they know what I have to endure, so what gives them the right to decide who get benefits from who doesn't? I think this is unfair because that is overriding what your personal and private physician deems necessary. I think they should send out one of their doctors so they see can what condition a person is in before making an informed decision.

Also, I believe it is an issue where they do not want to pay the people even after taking their portion to become financially stable. I am very much displeased, but I am determined to fight this because I am not capable of performing my assigned duties.

I am currently out of work because of my multiple sclerosis. I have been out since December and Liberty Mutual only paid benefits through February 2nd. After waiting for several weeks, I called both my employer and Liberty Mutual, only to learn that payment would not be made until documents were received from my neurologist and this was already early April. They stated they had made several request but not received paperwork from my doctor. I answered all their questions openly and honestly only to have it used against me.

My recent MRI shows a 1.4 plaque on my left frontal lobe which when I researched potential symptoms when the left frontal lobe is damaged, it supports fully all the symptoms I've shared with my employer, my doctor and Liberty Mutual. My MRI also revealed flow voids bilaterally in my carotid artery which supports this agonizing fatigue I have. Today, Liberty Mutual called asking if I planned on appealing the decision based on my recent MRI results to which I responded yes but has a different decision been made since receiving my MRI results and she said no, that my claim was still closed.

Had my daughter at 26 weeks and developed postpartum only for my OB/GYN to retire. Was told by next doctor that I needed therapist and psychiatrist in which I got and was diagnosed with PTSD and Depression. Doctors told Liberty I wasn't able to return to work at that time in which they still denied my claim after they made me wait a month. They take your money all these years then deny you your rights to use it.

I was injured at work 9/10/2013; only missed the first 7 days (until I could stand up straight as I was in an L SHAPE position). It takes an average of 6 weeks for a precert to get authorized for a doctors visit... and there is question as to why I am still in physical therapy once a week after a year and a half?? 6 weeks to get a phone call back...

Need as many people as possible to get the laws changed. I'm thinking I have had an L4/L5 herniation with nerve impingement... I am only gaining weight due to minimal exercise due to lower back pain and sciatica. Finally after a year and half, shots were authorized but now without a sedative. LM scumbags will not pay for that... I have experienced nothing but stall tactics since 9/10/2013. Anyone interested in class action lawsuit.. count me in. Anyone interested in signing a petition on, count me in!

Back in February I went out of work for diabetes type 1 with severe neuropathy in both feet. I also have hypothyroidism, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, and more medical issues. Doctor told me I probably will never work again so I applied for social security disability and short term disability. Everything as far as Liberty Mutual was ok up until August 20th. I then was contacted by Liberty Mutual long term disability and they said they needed all these different doctors that I seen to submit all the notes test etc so they could review to see if I qualify for long term.

I went off of short term August 20th and I just got a call from Liberty Mutual on 9-15-16 and they say my claim is denied. Here I thought wow first time filing social security I got approved and this company denies me. I'd look elsewhere for short and long term insurance because this company is clueless because for one I'm in a wheelchair and two wheelchairs aren't allowed in facility so I'm guessing they're saying I can go back to work. This is my experience I have had with this company.

I don't understand why there are so many complaints here. I became disabled due to medical malpractice and negligence. August 2016, I applied for Short Term Disability and was approved. My diagnosis was not made till November 2016, LM worked with me. LTD was approved end November 2016. It's important to follow the instructions and to talk to your case manager. I was fortunate to get Brandy **, to manage my case. She was professional and supportive. I know there are people out there that take advantage of the system. Until I got my diagnosis, I truly thought I would be able to go back to work. Play by the rules. My life will never be the same again, and if it was not for LTD, with LM, things would be very bad.

I've learned to work on a tight budget, some months my medical expenses are more than my mortgage. But I've got wise to ask for payments plans for medical expenses. There have been times as humbling as it is, that I've called my credit card companies and car loan company and asked if I could miss a payment. If you explain your situation and it's legitimate they will work with you. Even Lois **, in LM finance worked with me. People need to think before they complain and give a company a bad review. For 20 years I've been paying Short Term Disability and LTD, I never thought I would need it. Thank you Liberty Mutual Disability Insurance.

I spend more work correcting their mistakes and negligence than I do working on treatment for my condition. These people are either doing it on purpose or are complete incompetent. Last time they tried to deny my claim my doctor went out of her way to write them a 6 page letter about me and was very upset that they just made stuff up that she never said. After that was finally corrected I was assigned a new case manager and they are at it again. I have to spent countless hours with my doctors working on appeals. This is absolutely ridiculous and this company is terrible.

Don't EVER deal with Liberty Mutual...period. They treat you like ** and rip you off. They gave me an audit and asked for the same papers 10 times.

I had to go to emergency room and was out sick for 2 & 1/2 months. When I applied for disability I told the representative lady there were 3 doctors whom I had visited. She only got records from 2 doctors and did not wait for the record from 3rd doctor and denied my claim. This was even when she knew I was visiting the 3rd doctor. I then had to make a appeal with all records and forms.

3 times her fax machine came busy, then I called and did a certified mail. I got a call within 3 weeks of them receiving my appeal and a thorough review was going on and a final answer would be out by 2 weeks. It has been more than 2 month still no answer. I am unable to understand if this is their normal practice to make people run around them and deny claim purposefully? And why are they collecting payments from every employee paycheck and not providing help when employee need it?

After 5 bypass surgeries, 2 stents, 2 cases of respiratory failure, 2 cases of renal failure and a case of septic shock... Liberty Mutual STOPPED paying my benefits in May 2016. I have appealed the decision and as of today 10/13/2016 I have still not received a decision. I paid for LTD through my employer for ten years. Once I was diagnosed with major cardiac issues they paid benefits for two years and then just stopped. When I appealed I provided them with complete hospital records, medical records, doctor names and they contacted all of my physicians. All of whom confirmed my illness. Social Security approved my SSDI request but Liberty has yet to take any action. Every time I call I keep getting the "we are expecting a decision either today or tomorrow" line. Of course, this never happens.

If you have a claim that has been stopped take my advice. Hire a lawyer IMMEDIATELY. Do not... under any circumstances discuss your case with anyone from Liberty without representation. This company is NOT going to reinstate your claim once it has been stopped. According to my attorney you can expect them to fight every step of the way... use delay tactics... and ultimately deny you. Their reputation is well known among ERISA attorney's. In addition, many of the LTD contracts provided by employers through Liberty are written to prevent any kind of Long Term Disability support. The courts almost always rule in favor of Liberty because of these contract clauses.

You can expect your process to last several years from the date they stop paying. PLEASE make sure you have other means of support to help you through this period. Otherwise, as you can see by other reviewers below, you will lose everything while you wait for them to make a decision. If you do it alone or with an attorney you will suffer severe financial loss and a HUGE impact on your lifestyle. While many of us have already suffered such an impact due to our health... Liberty will add to this and will cause a deterioration of your condition. This occurs through stress, lack of funds to continue to pay for insurance, doctor copays, medications, etc.

If you are unable to maintain regular doctor visits because you lost your income and/or insurance (which is what happens when they stop paying your benefits) then you must go on Self Pay... At this point the average DR visit is $150-200 per visit, medications can range from $60-300 PER MEDICATION and if you need your doctor to do any additional paperwork there is usually an administrative fee of $50-100.

If, like me, you suffer from a chronic medical condition you will be bankrupt within three to six months. If you have ANY assets such as a home, car or a spouse that works (even at minimum wage) you will be IMMEDIATELY denied state assisted benefits such as Medicaid or SNAP. You will be left with no income, an inability to meet your medical expenses (which will then make your condition worse because you can't properly maintain your health) and you will face the destruction of your credit. If you should end up going to the hospital uninsured (as I did several times) you now face possible litigation, lawsuits and bankruptcy.

Yes, this is a grim picture. However, anyone who has dealt with Liberty Mutual LTD knows that what I am saying here is the complete truth. This is what they count on happening. Once you have been put into this position they know that responsible and credible adults will reach a point where they can no longer tolerate this and will seek to end the situation by returning to work. Once you do that... you are cooked. They know and they count on it.

A good ERISA attorney will tell you that you have a VERY slim chance of getting these benefits reinstated. The insurance companies have made the process so cumbersome and have gotten laws passed that make benefit reinstatement virtually impossible, even for the most critically ill, they are counting on you to give up.

You can also expect any conversation you have with anyone from Liberty to result in absolutely no resolution... none. In fact, if you have audacity to show any level of irritation or frustration you will be immediately put in your place. Remember, there is no circumstance where Liberty is ever to blame... lost paperwork (your fault), doctor fails to submit a report on time (your fault), inability to reach your case worker who doesn't answer the phone or return phone calls (your fault). I have documented notes of conversations I have had including dates, times and names of the people I spoke with... when referencing this information at a later date I have been told that my information is wrong and that they only go by the information and notes put into their system by their people.

In almost every circumstance this information was completely different from my notes and was skewed to support Liberty. While this is always a good practice don't expect this to amount to any substantial help down their line... including your court case... because both Liberty and the Courts assume your information is inaccurate and/or skewed to support YOUR interest. So Liberty notes are acceptable and are given a great deal of weight during the appeals process. Your notes are acceptable but given very little weight by the courts.

In conclusion, if you are awarded initial benefits from Liberty for LTD this is all that you can expect to get from them. Whether it is 6 mos or 2 years. Once those benefits are stopped FOR ANY REASON as determined by Liberty the chances of you appealing and receiving a reinstatement of those benefits is, according to ERISA lawyer statistics, less than 5%. So, make the best of your benefits. Apply for Social Security Disability (GET AN ATTORNEY TO HELP YOU WITH THIS). Try to pay down your debt, research your medical benefits and find out how long they will last, what additional costs you can expect in the future and be prepared to deal with the loss of your benefits.

I had a Liberty Mutual caseworker tell me that LTD is NOT meant to replace your income should you become permanently disabled. It is meant to help you transition from full time work into a permanently disabled lifestyle. Despite what you may have read when bought the policy they have NO INTENTION of providing benefits to you should you become permanently disabled.

I hope that this helps anyone who thinks that Liberty or any LTD policy will be there if they should need it. It will not... at best you can expect a couple of years of benefits and then they will pull the plug and leave you high and dry. Keep this in perspective... Understand that you will only receive short term help... And make plans for life AFTER Long Term Disability. This is the only way you will survive this process. Remember, the cards are stacked against you, the courts will always support the insurance company, and even if you have a mountain of doctors and medical team support... you WILL NOT be successful. The system is designed to work this way. Good luck.

After reading all of the previous reviews, I was convinced that my first thoughts of Liberty Mutual were correct. I too got the runaround with snail mail and "we haven't received that documentation". They kept saying they had not received authorization forms to obtain medical records. So I did their jobs and retrieved them myself and faxed them in. Then the next step was statements from every doctor that I had seen in the last 18 months. Throughout the entire process with the delays and excuses Liberty Mutual had given, I thought to myself that they do what they do, make their policy holders do all of the footwork, and just deny claims all day and pay nothing. I don't need to mention my ailments as they are irrelevant. But as my doctor felt I should not be on the job, he has sent letters to my employer releasing me from work. My employer completely agreed as they have a lot at stake with public safety and corporate image. The "medical review" board at Liberty Mutual disagreed with all stating they see no disability and therefore benefits are denied. They never saw me, nor send me to a Dr. of their own..

My entire experience with them was terrible. I experienced complications during maternity leave, and two different specialists agreed that it was an unusual case and a legitimate reason to seek an extension of the disability period. They both agreed on the length of time that was reasonable as well. My claim was closed by the insurance company, and when I tried to appeal the closure, I got what felt like a run-around.

First it took several tries to even get the correct contact information for the person who was supposed to be handling my claim. Then she could give me no detailed information about what would be needed in order to reopen the claim and have it reconsidered. Just a general statement of "submit a letter in writing requesting that the case be reopened and send anything that you might consider relevant that we don't already have." She was also initially unable to tell me what had already been received, so I had no idea where I was starting from. I pressed for details, but was unable to get anything more helpful regarding what was insufficient about the documentation they already had.

I got in touch with both specialists, asked them to send anything regarding the case that hadn't already been sent, and requested that they write to the insurance company and state specifically their medical opinion - was the situation unusual, was it a valid reason to request an extension, and what amount of time they felt was reasonable under the circumstances. A few months later, I received a denial. The denial was based partially on the insurance company's misrepresentation of statements in the medical documents, specifically my opinion of my level of health. (Apparently admitting to an improvement after surgery and medication was tantamount to declaring full recovery, despite the continued symptoms and need for treatment.)

Part of the denial was based on there being no evidence that the claim was warranted. (Despite the statements of the two medical specialists.) I followed up on the denial, only to be sent back through the same process - the representative said to submit in writing my final appeal, submit any "relevant new information", etc. I was then told my case was being handed off to another individual, but could not get any details about the status of the claim, what information they had already received, or what in the medical documentation and specialists' medical opinion failed to meet the criteria.

A few months later, I receive a second denial (full of statements claiming they had clearly fulfilled their obligation and considered the matter closed). It was a farce. I had to use this company because this is the one my employer contracted, but it is clear that they will not cover even valid claims unless they are forced to do so. And short of hiring a lawyer and taking them to court, I don't see how they could be. I do know that I will not voluntarily do business with them in the future, and I will be advising anyone I know to avoid them. A policy through them would likely be nothing but money wasted.

I was out of work due to a hostile work environment for a month. They have been working on this claim since the second week of September. I have left several messages for my case worker and she has not returned my calls. I call today to only find out that they denied my claim. They said they didn't have enough proof that I couldn't work and do my job. This is the second claim that has been filed with them that they have denied. The first claim was I had surgery... They said I could have returned back to work earlier. What is the point to pay for insurance when they won't pay when you need it. This company is not very professional and I will be contacting a lawyer!!

I have had the bad luck of dealing with these ** for a while now. EVEN after my lawyers sent them paperwork to process my LTD claim they still deny it and keep demanding more data so that they don't have to pay out benefits. I now see why they have such a bad reputation. I would give them negative 5000 stars if it were possible. Hopefully they get sued in a major class action lawsuit for fraud.

I submitted an STD claim to Liberty Mutual in early July. I have not been able to work since late June due to severe anxiety and depression. I have had a very difficult time reaching the claims agent handling my case, leaving several messages with no call back or a call back a week later. They declined my claim citing that my doctor (who put me on medication and suggested a therapist) didn’t include enough in the notes. They sent me a form via email to have my doctor fill out for the appeal process. They sent the wrong form and didn’t tell me this till I already faxed it in and it was almost 2 weeks later. Then they promised to have all my info forwarded to the correct department and as of yet they have not done so.

After this they told me that I also needed to write a hand-written letter and either mail or fax it in and state that I wish to appeal my claim and the fact that it’s been denied. I asked that I don’t know how many people and how many times and if there was anything else they need from me or my doctors. They just answered my question with more questions, like, “Is this all you want us to submit for your appeal?” I had to call 3 times to find out they haven’t submitted anything for the appeal yet and they didn’t get my entire fax with my letter - the pages were blank. I haven’t been paid since June and just got that bit of info last week in late August. I faxed everything again!

Earlier this week I was told again how that wasn’t enough for the appeal of my claim and they now need something from my therapist supporting what my doctor says and that I am in treatment. My therapist sent a summary with diagnostic coding. Today, I was told this still isn’t enough, that they want my therapist’s actual notes. This upsets me as that breaks doctor-patient privacy! I am at the point of losing my house and being sent to a lawyer by my HOA for past dues. What more does Liberty Mutual want?! I have been calling Liberty Mutual almost daily for the past 2 months. I even have a case worker from Acalade (through my private health insurance) trying to help me and reach out to Liberty Mutual. Neither of us is making any headway. We can’t get a straight answer out of Liberty Mutual and all of this has just been contributing to my anxiety and depression!

My medication has been increased. I’m not sleeping well and my depression is getting worse. I don’t even want to leave my house. I wanted to take this time to seek help and gain skills to deal with my anxiety before going back to my high-stress job (which I may also lose due to this), but I failed to really do so since I’ve been working on this and not getting paid. I don’t know what else to do.

I was very disappointed in the way my long term disability claim was handled. I have worked in healthcare for 20 years. About 6 years ago I was diagnosed with a chronic and progressive pain condition. It is very difficult to manage due to its many symptoms let alone be able to work. Several doctors agreed I was no longer able to work. I followed every treatment recommended by my physicians: pain medications, physical therapy, pain clinic infusions, injections, and more medication. I even requested help from my Congressman.

We were unable to pay rent for 6 months and only by the grace of God were we able to get the money we needed to stay in our home with our 3 young children But I was denied benefits. I found a reputable attorney and appealed. Again I was denied. I paid into this insurance every 2 weeks for several years. I continue to be disabled and at 39 have great difficulty leaving the house. I go to my doctor appointments and drive through pharmacy, other than that I am home bound. Now I must use food stamps to supplement my family's income. It is humiliating. I have worked since I was 11. Now I have nothing.

I was unable to work because of very severe Back Pain (bulging disc). I have been unable to drive, sit, bend forward, walk, and stand without severe pain. This has prohibited me to travel to work and perform my job duties. Liberty paid STD only for 2 weeks. I filed an appeal and they did not approve it. I was forced to return to work with no income. I filed another appeal (all by myself) supporting each line of what they said in their letter with documents (Letter from my PCP, My chiropractor, my P Therapy specialist) and then I won the appeal and got paid.

LIBERTY DOES NOT READ what you send them. You have to be persistent. They are not honest. It took me one year to get my money back for a month that I was not able to go to work. They made me start working when I was really sick. Be persistent. I won even though English is my second language. I did not use a lawyer. I was just honest protecting my rights and truthful. There is a GOD up there, but I do not know how ANA ** the manager of the claim sleeps at night by not working and NOT looking carefully, diligently, and in good faith to each claim. Every claim is a very sick person that need support. Good luck to all of you. FIGHT!

Back in May, my doctor took me off work with a L-3 nerve problems and right leg pain! Severe pain. They have the reports! They saw them! The hoops and the amount of paperwork I had to get, doctors' statements, test results, then they just stopped my checks. That's 6 week without a check and they canceled me. I did appeal. But they will find a reason why not to pay! At my job, I took out extra for long term disability just in case! That's lost money! I would like to know why and how somebody with no knowledge about my medical history or what is going on and if they have doctors just reading the reports. That's not hands on! They're paid doctors to save company money. Why do I have to get all the paperwork they need? What happen to medical release forms I sent them? I am in pain and I have to do the legwork! I am not happy!

This is the worst insurance company. Turn them into your state Insurance Commissioner... the DOI. They harass you, deny valid claims and make your life a living hell when you're injured. They treat you like a criminal. I urge everyone who is sick of this company to contact your state Department of Insurance. They Investigate denied claims that are valid. LM uses bad faith to try and scare innocent people and I'm never going to give up until this company is reprehended for the way they have destroyed so many Americans lives. I have read reviews that have brought tears to my eyes. People, if we would report more of these cases to the state DOI rather than get attorneys and settle eventually they're going to be called on their bad faith tactics. Documentation is everything. It's time for all of us to start sticking up for our rights and bring Liberty Mutual down so they can no longer disgrace people and destroy innocent lives. Although I cannot share my horrible experience online due to privacy reasons... I hope people will stand up and be heard... The time is now!

Refuses to cover medicines - I got hurt in 1979, left case open since 2009. I've been on water pills because the medicines I take for my back, causes edema in my legs and feet. Well, about 2 weeks ago, I was telling the adjuster the legs were doing better. Without calling my doctor, she cancels my water pills. This doctor I've seen once and he has never seen my records. Well, my feet and legs swelled up again and now this new doctor says that the medicines are not causing problems. I have checked the drug site eHealthMe and 90% of what I take causes edema.

2010 my wife was hurt on the job. She began a journey of trust with liberty mutual/ work comp. After delays with paper work, etc., she's sent to their doctor. After several attempts of (not so) proper treatment and getting to the source of injury and pain, she was sent to get an x-ray. The pain med's and treatment increased into therapy. Therapy in this sense, was all about looking for cheaper ways to minimize the injury cost. Liberty mutual, knowing what their Doctor had described, the injury could mean surgery. Pain therapy and orders to twist and turn and massage neck did not help. (trying to make a Long Story short), On October 2011 she had to have c-5 & c-6 fusion, a plate and 4 screws. YEAH! One year after the injury. Meanwhile during surgery her work gets notice, for her to return to work the day and hour she was in the operating room..1st WOW!!

Then, while the Doctor's in the operation, his office get a denial for the surgery, they had approved as part of his treatment options. 2nd WOW!! So believe me this company has lost all its trustworthiness in my book. I would not buy, nor my family, any kind if insurance from them ever. We all know this type of tactics of neglect comes from the top of any company, read all these reviews. In Nov. 2012 work comp. sent her to several doctors until they found someone to agree to return her to work. Near this same time, Social Security was involved, and was sending her to its Doctor's too.

As to shortening the story, the end results, she finally was awarded S.S. Total Disability. April 2013..This does nothing to help a case or effect liberty mutual tactics of dismiss, deny, delay. They choose to say, that Social Security disabled her for other reasons. It's not due to the fact she cannot move her neck, and cannot drive, or lift her arm above head, and severe pain....NO! NO! THIS IS NOT DUE TO THE WORK INJURY!! 3rd WOW!

From the time she received Social Security disability till now, we were able to get her on Medicaid and her pain and suffering from the injury is ongoing. I AM sure liberty mutual can defend themselves, and say they didn't get this report or that paperwork and continue to use the 1- 2- 3- step and repeat it over, and over, delay, deny ,dismiss.. Why don't the case workers just say "look" we got the paper work but, a three week delay is in affect on all new paper work received, before it can look at it. IT’S TIME we all forget their lousy small settlement offers and go all in to a full "bad faith" Law Suit to send a message. GOOD people will not stand by and take such abuse from any so called assurance company. TRUST ME I COULD GO ON AND ON about these abuses but I believe we all know it’s just time that we all did something. Thanks for reading and say a prayer. No capital letters on liberty mutual was intentional.

I had major spinal surgery 01/22/2013 and the responsible insurance is Liberty Mutual. They paid me 1/3 of my weekly benefit and are not paying my bills. I have been to see my compensation lawyer on at least 4 different occasions and have been told we will go to court and the insurance company will be called concerning this matter of being responsible. Well 17 months later and no hearing and no money sent that is owed. Well the compensation lawyers, NYS WCB and Liberty Mutual have done nothing for me. I need more medical and it is difficult to get treatment when bills are not paid and weekly money you're entitle to is not paid and your lawyer allows them to do this to their clients. My lawyer is Ouimitte, Goldstein & Andrews at this time of Poughkeepsie NY. I will be looking for a different lawyer.

I was hurt on the job at the Home Depot after notifying management about a dangerous 40 pound object they had hung from the ceiling. It fell hitting me on the head and knocking me out. I have suffered a concussion and whiplash among other things. Liberty Mutual forced me to drive over 3 and 1/2 hours to see their doctor even though they were aware I was suffering panic attacks and dizziness. The lady I still have to deal with is rude and spiteful. It takes weeks to get a call back and even longer if you have a referral. Now they are refusing to pay for a broken foot caused by the dizziness. I was let go from my job after LM sent a letter to HD saying that I had no permanent damage. The doctor has since recanted his first statement and has now said that I DO have permanent injury. I need a lawyer who is willing to go after HD.

My doctor provided documentation about my condition several times. I received payments for under 2 months, and then they suddenly stopped. I had surgery, and the doctor provided documentation that I was unable to work. As a result, I am forced to go back to work, and I may injure my self further. Without payment for so long a time, I am struggling and behind in child support and all financial responsibilities. I want to work as soon as physically able. It is not my style to take advantage of the system unnecessarily. Please contact me ASAP. I do not have the funds for an attorney. Thank you.

August 05, 2005 I was working on the road taking the cones off and setting them on the side of the road because it was the end of the day and we was about to go home. The guy was backing the truck up, he knew that we was back there. He was driving too fast and hit me in my lower back, went into the air, fell on the Hot road. Couldn't walk, in so much pain and till this day living with Diseases from this injury. So I started looking in the phonebook for a lawyer, he sent me papers to sign to work on my case. I was awarded lifetime Medical benefits from Liberty Mutual Inc. Okay, then I received a letter in the mailbox saying I had a meeting to the Eastville courthouse with my Lawyer and Liberty Mutual Inc. Nobody showed up to this meeting but only Me. I waited for a very long time and Nobody came to this meeting. I call my lawyer, he was still at his office in Norfolk Virginia. Told him I was there to my meeting and why they wasn't there.

Told him he was fired from my case then 2 weeks later I get a letter from Liberty Mutual Inc with a check for $2998 and papers to sign. I didn't understand the papers because I went to a learning center school and was very slow with learning disabilities. When I signed them and sent the letters off, Liberty Mutual Inc close my case and the lawyer that I had, he was fired from my case soon as my case got close, he left the company that he was working for. My case was close on October 19, 2006, they paid him off why they wasn't at the meeting at the courthouse with me.

I am living with Degenerative disc disease symptoms and Bulge Herniation Disc, also Facet Disease Symptoms and been dealing with these Severe symptoms all my life. From the time the injury happen, I will love to file a lawsuit against Liberty Mutual Inc for $500,000.00 and my Award Lifetime Benefits for Pain and suffering. Have to get Surgery done Very Soon, really need a good Lawyer to help me with this case.

In 2005 I was hurt on a drilling rig while working in texas. I was given an MRI and was told I ruptured a disk in my back and had caused another to leak - the MRI proves this fact! And I have the original. The insurance company classified it as a strain and forced me back to work. Had x-ray 2 weeks ago, doctor says that I am bone on bone on two vertebraes with multiple bone spurs and nerve damage - these are facts that cannot be disputed. I have been in excruciating pain for 9 years and have said so from the beginning. I have plenty more to say.

The same thing is happening to me as I'm seeing of many of the complaints against Liberty Mutual. They deny the claim, they make you do legwork to appeal. Then deny it again saying there are no more appeals. Now it's time for legal action. I've read the basis for denial and the logic they are using is preposterous. I have diagnoses in writing from several doctors explaining why I need to be on disability from my job function, and LM explains that they don't believe I'm disabled, based on their nurse practitioner. When you read their timeline explaining why I'm not disabled, it's like someone crafted the series of events together to arrive at the denial. Which to me, is so cut and dry that no sane person could interpret any other way, but that I was disabled and could not work... period.

Lesson learned to anyone who gets the first denial letter from LM... hire a lawyer immediately so that they can help you with the appeal. LM is a crooked company that uses every tactic possible to deny people's claims.

I recently came home and found my spouse at the bottom of the stairs, dead, with a broken neck. The state police were informed, and had to investigate to rule out foul play. In addition, I have multiple sclerosis, which flares when under stress. I have seen my family physician, who increased both sleeping medication, and anti-depressant medicines. I also saw my neurologist, who suggested I speak with someone, so I started seeing a psychologist.

I was off work from December 16th, 2011-January 11th, 2012, which was an approved Short Term Disability (STD). I then went back to the doctor, and based on my state of mind, he extended the leave for two more weeks. On January 25th, I returned to the doctor, who released me to work 1/2 a day, until Feb. 6th. As of today, February 2nd, my short term disability claim has not been approved from January 12th (2 weeks), nor the 1/2 day of work (since 1/26). Since Liberty Mutual STD has not approved my claim, this has only added to the stress and my state of mind, not to mention the physical implications. Can I sue them for undue stress? This is ridiculous! What is a person supposed to do when a doctor says you are not well enough to work, but the insurance company says you are! Liberty Mutual also wants my psychologist's reports. Is nothing confidential anymore?

Received letter of long term disability benefits terminated as of 3/11/14, when scheduled to have medical necessary R total knee replacement surgery on 3/31/14.. Previously had both total hip replacements which resulted in needing R total knee replaced.. Diagnosed initially with osteoarthritis and sclerosis .. All requested medical notes support current physical need and condition.. Physical Therapist notes request confirmed Liberty Mutual used incorrect contact # for documents needed per therapists .. Liberty Mutual was advised to correct the fax# and request from correct HealthSouth Facility..

I opened a claim of short term disability, with a start date of October 1, 2011, whereas I was diagnosed as being constricted, with adjustment disorder with depressed mood- primary, and post traumatic stress disorder, diagnosed by my psychiatrist, psychologist and neurologist. My claim was denied even after my doctor wrote a handwritten narrative of my conditions, requested by liberty mutual. I left messages for supervisors Patrick ** and Julie **, to no avail. I received no call back. I finally received a callback from a Joanne ** to complain about the false statements on my medical denial. Miss ** would not listen to the validity of my arguments. I then asked for her supervisor's contact info, and she said she was not at liberty to give me such information, even after I informed her this is public knowledge. My claim was unjustly, and falsely denied, and I deserve to have this matter investigated and reprimanded.

I actually want to comment to Justin of Freemansburg, PA on July 27, 2016. This is Crazy, but I'm going through the EXACT same thing, with the diagnosis & Liberty Denial. How dare they? I have no income since September. This is made my condition worst. My migraines, ulcers, hypertension is sky high from these people.

I have epilepsy and have worked for the state for many years. Normally Liberty Mutual is good paying if I'm off for a short period of time. This time around I had a seizure at work and was actually injured and was hospitalized and had to be off for much longer for more than 3 months. After the three months, liberty mutual started asking questions. My doctor read and filled out the many paperwork they needed.

I just saw my doctor today and apparently she had spoken to a doctor at Liberty Mutual, and within a five minute conversation the Liberty Mutual doctor has concluded that I wasn't an epileptic and has contorted all of my doctor's words around on the medical report. My doctor was very upset and had to call him back and correct everything. But when my doctor tried to call him back, the liberty doctor was just contracted and wasn't actually a doctor that worked on site. So obviously these doctors that liberty mutual hire to do their reports purposely falsify the medical reports so that liberty mutual can deny short term and long term disability claims.

I now Have to hire a lawyer, quit my job and apply for social security disability just to survive and feed my family. I can't believe that these companies do this to people who are in need...When I was working for more than ten years they didn't hesitate to take my money out of my paycheck every two weeks. It's my damn money!!! You owe it to me!!!

Health issues not due to accident but arthritis, fibromyalgia, degenerative disc, neuropathy, 2 carpal tunnel surgeries on both hands, 2 shoulder surgeries, 3 separate surgeries for ruptured disc in c-spine. Currently need lower back surgery due to a pinched nerve. Lots of doctor visits, tests, meds including nerve blocks... no relief. I am SS disability and Liberty Mutual says they do not have to meet the same guidelines as SS and have now told me I no longer qualify for benefits. Have been sent to 2 different independent doctors for Liberty Mutual. They did not like the first doctor report so sent me 2.5 hours from my home for another opinion. Have gotten a lawyer involved. Does anyone ever receive the benefits we deserve?

I was assigned a case manager after being off work for due to being diagnosed with brain cancer while 6 months pregnant. My case manager and I discussed that I had received numerous complaints about Liberty Mutual dragging their feet and not finalizing claims for up to 8 weeks; sometimes more. He assured me that he would do his part as long as I got my paperwork faxed over to him as soon as I received it. I did just that. Every time I called him for status updates or just a courtesy call, I would be directed to his voicemail. It didn't do me any good because he never returned my phone calls. I asked for my claim to be reassigned to a new case manager, and the manager I spoke would not reassign my claim. I am now at 8 weeks without a paycheck. I wish there was another option for me to file LTD through, but unfortunately I am stuck with these people who don't care to help. They keep saying that they understand... but they can't possibly...

When I signed up at my company for long term disability insurance. And paid the premiums weekly for 12 yrs. Liberty led me to believe that I needed to protect my family and would receive 60% of my pay from long term disability If I was ever injured. What they don't tell you is in order to receive money you first have to apply and receive social security disability because they use that money as an offset. What that means is they include that money and any other money you receive [ie workers comp] in the 60% so Liberty never pays 60% and the name long term only means maximum of two years no matter how disabled you are.

My advice to anyone in the market for long term disability or any other insurance don't use Liberty because you can't leave worry behind and Liberty does not stand with you. As they claim in their ads. In my opinion Liberty is a criminal enterprise and should be prevented from deceiving people out of their hard earned money.

I had an injury in 1980 at work. Had to have knee surgery in 1997. Liberty mutual denied to cover the surgery 5 times at the hearing I attended so I had to get a lawyer. Then they liberty mutual said state funds would pay because it was so many years before. State funds said liberty mutual has to pay. Well I had the surgery done. Two days later I get a letter in the mail that liberty mutual declines to pay. Take lady liberty off your commercials. You have no right to put her on your commercials.

I have cancer and have many Drs appointments with almost daily in most cases. My representative is very rude and make me feel like I am stealing money from her wallet. Now they closed my case. I have had payments held out of my paycheck for 7 years to this company and now that I need it they are sorry. My claim worker has been nothing but rude and hateful. She has a different reason every month why I didn't get paid.

I paid for short and long term disability policies through my employer for 25 years. When I became disabled Liberty Mutual denied my claims. I did everything they asked me to do. My Drs submitted all documentation they requested. Oftentimes sending duplicate files when they claimed they hadn't received them. This is the world's worst insurance company in the country... in my opinion.

I was put on a medical leave by two doctors for a serious neck problem. My job aggravates my condition and after countless doctor visits, phone calls and submitting medical information to Liberty Mutual, I have not been paid for three pay periods although my claim has been "approved." I was supposed to have a retroactive payment on December 31st, 2012. It is now January 1st, 2013 and I have not been paid. I am astounded to find that an insurance company can dictate the rules, overriding doctors' opinions and lying to avoid giving me a benefit that is provided by my company. Being on disability is not what I want, but unfortunately need. Is there no recourse or action the patients can take to protect themselves and receive what is owed them?

I was injured on the job in 2013. Liberty Mutual was the insurance company. They told him no problem. They told me they be there until I was able to go back to work. I think got a good team doctors together and they told me what I needed to do to be able to return to work. I was a tanker driver for Pilot Flying J transportation out of Knoxville TN. Apparently they did not like the doctors report and called and said they wanted a Second opinion. The doctors they sent me to had a totally different opinion and told me Liberty Mutual was trying to say it was all pre-existing even though they said they knew it was not. They knew I was standing under a camera when I got injured so to date I have be seen by 23 doctors and it seems Liberty Mutual still won't get it together and help me and my Family.

The legal system in New Jersey sucks to say the least. It sad to know that there so many Doctors that will tell you one thing to your face and another on paper. I can only pray to my god what comes around goes around and Liberty Mutual loses billions for their lying in bad business practices. My email is ** if anyone would like to know more. Thanks for reading.

Have you ever had the feeling someone is smiling while they are talking to you on the phone? That's the way I felt this morning as my case manager was telling me that I would no longer be receiving benefits from them. I knew they were going to try and do this when the case manager called me in December saying that my back problems had gone on long enough. I am still under Dr's care trying to get my back together. They say I have to prove that I can't do my job as a CNA pulling on 300 lbs individuals. I will be appealing.

I've recently submitted a short term disability claim. I've paid my premium on time expecting that if and when it was ever needed I would be able to cover bills until returning to work. I've returned all paperwork that was needed 2 weeks into claim. It's been 7 weeks now and just today was informed it's my job to obtain medical records to be sent in. Worst insurance company I've ever had to deal with. Clearly an incompetent staff who fails to inform people of the correct and necessary paperwork needed. I'm confused that I had to wait 3 weeks for paperwork from Liberty Mutual to sign for medical records to be released to them WHEN I'M THE ONE WHO HAS TO GO OBTAIN THE RECORDS MYSELF. I feel Liberty Mutual has a total disregard for the financial struggles of an ill and off work person.

I am an RN. I was terminated from my job after 38.5 years by Dignity Health. I have paid premiums for long term disability to Liberty mutual my whole career. I have PTSD from finding my son after a heroin overdose. He passed away. Their drs denied my claim. I guess PTSD is not serious. My employer fired me for this.

I've been out of work for 8 months with chronic back pain. I've recently come across the diagnosis of what was causing my pain, as it had stemmed from my back into my groin, and I had been seeing a few different urologists that were treating me the entire time. Instead of assisting me with my claim, they continued to prod and deny me, because there was no "physical proof" that I was hurt. Mind you, there were 2 different doctor notes instructing that I was unable to work and was required to remain bed-ridden until further notice. Not only did they not help me, they denied me twice, because of the "lack of proof" they had received. They ALSO provided me with the worst customer service I had ever encountered. Instead of checking in with me and answering my calls when I phoned in, they would in fact, send my calls to voicemail and wouldn't honor their "call customers back within 24 hour" code? Would you call it a code?

Anyway, they continually left me in the dark, they didn't find me as a priority or attempt to help me in any way and ended up denying my claim in full because they didn't have a diagnosis from the doctor. Regardless of the proof from work, the 2 notes from the doctors, the 10-20 office claims and visits I had physically sent them copies of. Instead of receiving my short-term benefits, which would have covered up to $3,000 of the out-of-pocket costs, I ended up paying everything on my own. In which, I still owe about $2,000. Total, it's come to about $4,800, which has definitely caused panic in this household.

I'm receiving treatment now and was approached by another short-term benefit service that may actually assist me with my claim. But, Liberty Mutual is one of the worst services I've ever had to go through and I advise anyone with a legitimate claim to avoid this service altogether. Find an alternate route if possible, because these people will leave you in the dark and will do anything they can to avoid assisting you.

I was taken off work by my doctor in October 2011 due to chronic fibromyalgia, chronic pain and osteoarthritis and I am still fighting Liberty Mutual. I have been battling these conditions since 2004. I have had surgeries on both shoulders and most recently a brutal thumb surgery where the bone that attaches my thumb to my hand was removed. It has been 4 months and my hand is still recovering. My other thumb is basically useless and needs the same surgery. I pushed through the pain to keep working for many years and just could no longer do it.

Liberty Mutual denied my short term twice which was then overturned by my employer. Now they have denied my long term twice. Even though my body is basically useless, they say that I can sit at a desk for 40 hours a week. Their doctor accused me of lying. I must be pretty smart to have planned this beginning in 2004, have had doctors perform surgeries, for what, to appease me? Does he think my attending physician is a liar also? I think it was unethical of their doctor to so blatantly accuse me of lying when he has never even spoken to me. My lawyer says the next step is Federal court. Lord only knows how long that takes. After reading people's comments on Liberty's Facebook page, it is obvious they enjoy destroying peoples lives. It ought to be criminal.

I was taken out on disability January 29th, 2014. I was having horrible leg/back pain, additionally a lot of stress, so an existing condition also was flared. I received no help from Liberty in processing my claim. I just received criticism on what was sent to them by my Doctors. Also I had a slip during December, because this was noted so Liberty only paid for a two-week disability. One week was paid by me as a waiting period. My doctor then took me out to 4-8, then to 5-13, so I filed again to continue the disability. It clearly showed my pain is from chronic degenerative disc from an MRI and an X-ray. I had already done 8 treatments of Chiropractic, and it was not working, so me and my Dr headed to a pain Dr.

The pain Dr had a 3-month wait so I found another who actually deals in therapy as well. He clearly defined what was needed and I received 2 ESI shots June 23rd and July 7th for Degenerative Disc in hopes this could get me pain relief so I could start some physical therapy to strengthen my core and still they declined indicating I did not do enough alternate therapies. I am at my wits' end. I have a volume of paperwork all saying the same thing, from 3 doctors.

I also have notes from 2 of the doctors who were irritated because Liberty had used their notes in a wrong context stating I was doing physical therapy and I was not, and that my GP did not indicate a reason for me to be out. Both like I said were irritated and gave additional notes clearly stating my disability. My next direction is BBB or Insurance commissioner of Ohio. Any help would be appreciative.

Liberty is horrible, you pay your premiums and you get screwed so they don't need to pay the LTD. They claim they call your therapist and leave 6 messages with her receptionist and never gets a call back. My therapist does not have a receptionist. I told Liberty my therapist would pull her phone records to prove these calls were never made by their "specialist", 2 weeks later my appeal gets denied. I am now getting an atty to fight these people. Their only job is to screw you over. They twist words around to benefit them, lie, falsify records. STAY AWAY from them. Don't give them ANY of your business. Disability, car insurance, any of it. When you need them the most, they will turn their back on you.

I've been suffering from major headaches since February 2012 and my doctor said that I should go on STD so I can get treatment and not lose my job. My last day of work was 07-12-2012 and I filed for STD on 07-16-2012. I was assigned a case worker that I could not reach by phone and the callbacks were just as scarce. I didn't get my claim approved until September 4th and I still had to fight to get a check from Comcast as Mutual has major issues with ending/receiving faxes. Finally 4 days before I went into foreclosure, on September 24th, I got a check for 60% of my pay from 07-16/08-31, ouch!

Now Comcast states that Liberty Mutual said that I was supposed to be back to work on September 1st, 3 days before they even approved my claim. I had to call Liberty Mutual and leave a detailed message about getting the claim extended. I didn't receive a callback after a week, so I called and left another message. It was the same as before, "We faxed requests to your doctor and they haven't faxed anything back." B.S., I have always stayed in close contact with the doctor's office and they never received anything. Finally, I went and collected my patient records, for a second time as this happened in the approval process, and faxed them in.

I called a week later to see what the holdup was and left another message. Whoa-and-behold, the next day 10-04-2012, I got a call from my case manager. She stated that it would take 5-7 business days for another department to approve or disapprove the extension. So now, I sit and wait. How long will it take to get a second check? For the approval process, it took 20 days after they approved it and I had to call both Comcast and Liberty Mutual as nobody speaks to each other. My next doctor's appointment is 10-08 for Botox treatment and it will cost me $125+ that I don't have. Am I supposed to rob a bank to get treatment as STD hasn't worked out at all?!

My wife has been out of work for a month with medical issues and still yet has not been paid anything. She has long term and short term disability with Liberty Mutual and all they can do is give her the run around. She has filed all necessary papers and doctor's reports and has paid for this insurance. Liberty Mutual is worthless and should be shut down by our government and investigated for fraud. When someone pays for the insurance, it is supposed to take care of your time out of work due to medical issues and the company should not be so rude and deny benefits as they see fit. We had Hartford short term and long term before the company switched to Liberty Mutual and never had issues with The Hartford.

My husband had a heart attack and as a result, developed PTSD from it, which included debilitating panic attacks that mimicked a heart attack. At one point, he was being carted off by ambulance from his work at least 2 times a month. He was able to get his approval for an FMLA so he could protect his employment status while trying to navigate this issue. First, their agents ignore you if you try to reach out to them. They literally avoid your phone call. He would frequently try to get in touch with his rep to no avail. When he reached out to the normal customer service and escalated it to management, guess who magically responds immediately... with an attitude!

Then, their agents request overlapping records that were already submitted, doesn't follow up, and puts people's job security in jeopardy! Their livelihood. For a man who suffers from panic attacks from a heart condition to qualify for the FMLA in the first place, this company is going to kill him. Today, my husband gets pulled into the supervisor's office because they haven't received anything for his FMLA from Liberty Mutual since OCTOBER! It's MARCH! HOWWW? How are they still in business? How do they get away with making the client facilitate all communication between the employer and this trash company? How do they charge this much for bare minimum coverage?

How is it OK that my husband is about to lose his job because they don't want to do theirs??? Can we send the ambulance bills to Liberty Mutual because they have caused an enormous amount of panic and anxiety at this point? If he does have another heart attack from this crap, will Liberty Mutual finally take responsibility for the cause? This is absurd. I think Metro PCS has better customer service than this company. That, in itself, is pathetic. And why would employers keep doing business with a company that clearly has such a bad rap for this? Look at these reviews. They all have common themes. They literally only got 1 star because I couldn't choose to not rate it.

He doesn't get paid for FMLA. It is solely to protect him from the company's attendance policy. No one is "losing" money here. He pays significantly for this coverage. And this is what we get. When does it stop? When do big companies stop getting to sell the worst quality products and services to their customers who don't have another option? This isn't a case of "someone was mean to me so I'm going to write a review". This is a bigger picture. This is "my husband is going to lose his job because a service he was approved for and pays for won't do its job". I wouldn't recommend this company to my worst enemy. Employers, stop doing business that affect your employees with crap companies!

I have been out of work for three weeks due to severe pain in my neck and back from an MVA. I have written documentation that I have back and neck issues. At l4, l5, and l6 aka disc bulge. I also have a protrusion in the cervical areas: c2, c3, c4. My doctors have sent me for pt x3, an Emg, and two MRI's. I've had two temporary nerve blocks and will have a nerve ablation performed in two weeks (four-hour procedure). My doctors have offered a narcotic regimen but I declined. I would like a solution not a narcotic to mask the real issues. How can one doctor say that I need a four-hour procedure while another at Liberty Mutual thinks there is not enough documentation on me and that I should continue to work?

Is it common for one to be given/offered narcotics when there isn't a true injury? Honestly, 20 years with this company and I am paying into a disability company that is judgmental, not medically knowledgeable to make decisions on how my body feels! I am disgusted that this is the first time I have required their help and they shut the door in my face! Anyone that has ever experienced pain from these types of injuries would never force another person to work and aggravate the injuries even more. It's purely heartless and a clear lack of medical expertise on their part! Wow! Is this really what health care has become? I'm disgusted. I am not the first in my company that has had a terrible experience with this awful company, and I am sure that I won't be the last.

Liberty Mutual is a deceitful and crooked company!! I will update my situation very soon but wanted to add to the hundreds of complaints that I've read so far. It truly feels as if I am living the terrible complaints that are so similar as reported. They are not supportive and they begin your denial process from the first call. VIDEO RECORD EVERY CONVERSATION SO YOU CAN REFERENCE THE FACTS LATER WHEN YOU WILL NEED AN ATTORNEY. They manipulate anything they can to set you up for denial. Keep every letter, and The envelope to record the post mark. You will soon know what I mean. I just want to warn you now. Do not use them for your health ltd or anything important. They suspended my approved claim because they "didn't receive medical records from the doctors office." Lies, lies.

I had to get a statement from my doctor office showing the 12 "successful faxes". MY CASE MANAGER LITERALLY TOLD ME THAT SHE DIDN'T CARE WHAT MY DOCTOR OFFICE SAID AND THAT THEY WEREN'T RECEIVED. Again, I have a lot to say and will do. I have kept a clean case file (3 folders now and 3 Inches thick each file). Almost 2 hours of video recorded conversations and voice mails. They claim that they don't like to email with their customers but do it anyway. With everything that is about to happen to you this will help you prove their deceit and lies. Will update you soon as I am meeting with my attorney this week! Protect yourself but if already have them listen to me and all of the other people on this thread!!

I applied for secondary disability insurance which I pay into monthly when my daughter tried to commit suicide. I was staying home with her during at the request of our doctor and was still denied. How can you deny a claim like that? These people aren't making decisions based off of medical info. How can they? They aren't doctors. They're insurance agents. What qualifies them to make these decisions? Clearly my doctor thought it was something that needed to be done and still it was denied.

This is by far one of the worst companies. They clearly prove they are out to get your money and that's it. I pay them a good amount every month so when I need the help, it's there! But nope. Denied based off of a little girl sitting at a desk who has ZERO medical background. Amazing. I know I won't be paying into that company anymore. Oh and 7 years ago I was denied again when I was out for a hysterectomy. Denied for a hysterectomy. It wasn't serious enough apparently. The worst company ever.

Have a Workmen's comp claim, for almost eight months, they have dragged their feet on my benefits. I have been waiting for months for treatment. I have been waiting for two months to get referral approval for much needed diagnostics. They are just taking their time on matters which should be addressed asap. The adjusters are not doing their jobs. How much longer will I have to wait? My attorneys are not any better, they are dragging their feet also. They should be pushing these issues in this matter. I don't recommend the Richard Harris Law Firm, in this issue either. I need assistance with this matter.

I had a fall at work, and I injured my back and neck. After months of physical therapy, I returned to work. Under the court agreement, I can reopen my case within two years. About 7 months later, the pain started to come back in my back. I went to my HR department and told them that I need to go back to the doctor. They instructed me to contact the insurance company (Liberty Mutual). When I did, I was passed on to one person to another for several weeks. When I finally got the right person, they told me that since I had a lawyer, my lawyer has to call and make that request.

When I told my lawyer this, he tried to contact them by phone, as well as mail, with no success. This went on for about 6 or more months. My pain was getting worse and it seems like they didn't care. I told my lawyer that I need to see a doctor and went to one on my own. I paid all my insurance deductible and whatever other cost that came with it, including RX. I was being treated by my personal doctor for about 7 or 8 months. Finally, my doctor requested that I stay home for a few weeks after my last back injection. I then called Liberty Mutual again to let them know. Finally, my case worker contacted me just to tell me that the statute of limitation ran out. I told her that I, as well as my lawyer, contacted them over a year ago. She told me that she had no record of that.

I called my lawyer right away to let him know. He made a call to them and then like magic, they found all of his letters. They told me to see their doctor. When I went to their doctor, I was told that I need surgery. While I was going through pre-op testing, Liberty Mutual said that they were going to send me for a second opinion. Of course, that doctor said no surgery was needed. I then got a third opinion (on my own) and was told that I did need a surgery. I asked my personal doctor about his opinion, and he suggested that I would need a surgery or consider another occupation. Needless to say, I had to pay for the surgery out of pocket because Liberty Mutual refuses to pay for any treatment.

I have suffered from Graves Disease, Hyperthyroidism, RA, EVP, Lupus, and Osteoarthritis. I worked for a major telecommunications company for 18 years as an outside sales rep, a top sales rep. Over the course of 4 years, I suffered several thyroid storms, ended up in the ER, and doctors wanted me out on STD to get my thyroid balanced. I also suffered a mild heart attack, and had my thyroid storm destroyed by nuclear radiation.

After this was done, Liberty started to deny anytime I had to go out. Doc's wanted me out for months to stabilize and find what was triggering the auto immune response. Just walking short distances I would be winded and ended up in Congestive Heart Failure. Still Liberty would deny STD and Appeals. Last April 2012, I was out again, losing 3 months of pay and commission at a time. When the pain got so bad, I had trouble walking. My son carried me into the ER, and the x-rays showed the auto immune and RA had destroyed my hips.

Liberty denied me STD, the doctors wrote letters if I return to work and try to walk my territory I risk injury, further damage to my hips, possible disability and even a hip replacement. Someone who has a thyroid storm or crisis, which can be fatal since it causes tachycardia, congestive heart failure, controls all your organs, and I forgot to mention I had Fibromyalgia pain. So one isn't up to always reading everything. I was so fed up since the docs said if given STD I qualified at that time for outpatient resurfacing and synovial replacement which would enable me to go back and do my job.

While reading the denial, I realized they had the wrong job description. They had me as a customer service rep sitting at a desk all day with a headset and doing data entry. I was a door to door sales rep, a lot of walking and stairs. I notified our HR, and they immediately sent Liberty Mutual the correct job description. Letters from Specialists, x-ray results, everything needed was produced, and still I got denied by a nurse at Liberty Mutual.

I had no choice. The docs wrote a release against their better judgment and warned them again what could happen, but if I didn't return to work I lost my job, no FMLA left, and I have children and a mortgage. I returned June 26, 2012, I was in agony for months. By Sept, I could barely walk, and we had to produce 40 door knocks a day, 10 business cards, 5 appointments, and 2 sales. The sales I got. I decided I had so much vacation I would use some up since I couldn't carry it over to 2013.

On Oct 22, I took off and by my 3rd day off, trying to just walk up to my mailbox in my front yard, my right hip went out; the pain is horrible. Needless to say, I was out again, but because I now required full traditional hip replacement surgery, very invasive and very painful, Liberty approved me. It's now 10 months later. I am on Long Term Disability, received a letter from Liberty I would need to check in next April 2014.

I have a new case manager who seems nice. She called the other day and will need to get current docs notes, which is fine. I go once a month, and my hip has gotten worse. Don't know yet if it's the metal on metal, a recall, a failed hip replacement - hard to tell, it's still too early. It will take a year or two before they will say it's a failed hip replacement. I can't walk far without a cane or walker most of the time. I will never walk normally and my auto immune disorders were set off by pain. I am a total mess, someone use to making over 6 figures now reduced to 60% of my salary and commission. I have to pay out of pocket my health insurance and other benefits.

I am going for SS Disability, even using their lawyers to get it through. Drs said I won't be able to do anything for a long time if ever - can't sit long (I was cut all the way across the back hip), can't stand, can't balance, can't tie my shoes, have to sit to dress, can't stand in a shower or sit in a tub, require a bath sitter, and in pain all the time. While looking at paperwork, I was dismissed from the company early Oct. I was out over a year and understand, but my whole career as a top sales rep shot, gone, my income gone, and my Cobra is outrageous, and to top it all off, while putting everything away in files, I read the entire denial from last April 2012, and found they never changed it to the right job description.

Liberty never looked at what I sent or HR sent and didn't look at the doctors letter, just re-read the doctors notes I was being treated for pain; never looked at the specialist notes, so they denied me under the wrong job description. My company, who is on this site and has been good to me so far, got rid of Liberty Mutual in June 2013, and I believe it's due to all the complaints and denials. My company opened up a Workers Comp as well since I went back. Told my boss I was in too much pain to work, asked to go home and he said, “No, I had been home enough and as a top sales rep he needed the sales (he has since been fired, but for not performing) so he denied me to go home and my hips went at work.

So now, Liberty has a Workers Comp to handle as well and I think it's why my case manager called me. I don't know if they have tried surveillance or what the past 15 months. I only leave the house to go to the doc, pharmacy, and never without my cane at least. I can lean on a grocery cart once in the store, but I do no shopping, yard work – nothing; I can't. I just lay with ice and heating pad and feel depressed all day and now knowing none of this would have happened had my case manager at Liberty approved me last year in 2012. This wouldn't have happened. I would still have my job.

I am upset and wonder if I have legal recourse against them. People say I do; that they ruined my life and career and she did not do her job by looking at the denial. Nothing changed, she didn't look at the job description - the one both HR and I sent her, and she got it because we both got receipts but the denial is based that I sit at a desk.

My case manager does not inform me when she needs information from me - she just stops STD payments. When I get in touch with her, that is when I find out she needs more information from me. So when I ask why I was not informed prior to stopping payments, I get the most lame excuses. I am extremely disappointed with Liberty Mutual. I have been paying my deductibles for 5 years and never filed a claim until now and this is the customer service I get? Don't do business with them, go somewhere else where you are treated fair and with respect and dignity.

Liberty Mutual has tried to get out of paying as much as they can. They really got bad when I got a lawyer, caused me to be evicted, car repo and continues to cause me headaches. They play with sending your money to you. Go to direct deposit and they still do. I think this insurance company needs to be shut down. They know their limits and push them. The only way I got some justice was them screwing up on something they were ordered to do and then when court day was coming up and their lawyer found out I hadn't got what the judge ordered then magically everything got given to me. Now months later they are back at it again holding funds. They do everything they can to try to make you give up. I laugh at their auto commercials. This company is only out for your money. So I just want it to be known that I have been dealing with their antics going on two years.

I had a health issue and ST disability claims took 6 months to approve my claim, during that time I had gone to multiple Dr's for my health and still couldn't determine what was wrong with me. I finally found out what it was at the ER and had an appt with an urologist, it just so happened my health insurance was canceled a month before my Dr appt so I could get the proper medical treatment to return back to work. During the whole process I was only contacted a couple times by my disability rep through the 6 months, my claim was approved then all the sudden it was denied right as my health insurance was canceled. No one called to let me know it was denied, I just received a letter in the mail a couple weeks later right before paycheck was to be deposited into my bank account. I was fired because I could not return to work, because I was no longer getting paid and having my insurance being taken out of my check.

Now they are trying to tell me that I owe them $3500k from ST I should of never been paid. Why would they approve it if they thought I didn't deserve it? This company takes way too long on their claims and getting back to their employees. It was the worst experience I've ever had with a company, being they're an insurance company they know what they were doing. Now I'm trying to find a job and can't because of them and I can't even collect unemployment because liberty is fighting it tooth and nail. Do not work for this company.

Unfortunately this is the company my employer has chosen for FMLA reporting. This company does not notify you of when paperwork is due until the last minute or the leave ID is closed and you have to create a new one. No one in customer support can tell you the last days you used FMLA or when you will accrue more. The website is a joke. It is never updated and often shows time available when in fact it isn't. I recently have a leave closed due to no paperwork. They said they mailed it and they didn't have the correct address--which I have gotten mail from them before. I don't know why they didn't notify me via e-mail since that is how most companies do.

So they e-mailed me paperwork and have it dated end date NEXT month. They said my employer has different dates than they do and the employer ended it on 2/13/18 and Liberty ends it 3/17/18. This means I will have to have TWO Dr appointments just to continue it until next month and then ANOTHER one next month. This is the worst company possible to work with. So I go to the Dr tomorrow and again next month. I do not have the paperwork I will need when Liberty's end date is in March for the next year- so will they close it again and I have to wait for more paperwork? Are they expecting 3 appointments with my Dr in 5 weeks time? I wish I had a say to HR and let them know how terrible this company is. But then, they must be cheap for an employer.

I slipped while exiting store. I have been here Save-a-Lot on Raccoon Rd over 100X or more. If I wouldn't of grabbed stacked up water on side of door I would of smashed right into window. Went to e.r. for stomach and knee. Come to find out I had sprained knee, happened on Aug 3, 2015. Claims rep Nichole **, employees seen it happen, sat me down took report. There were 2 bottles of broken oil on table where I sat by. Took off my shoe and oil it was! They say they couldn't find on floor because it was on bottom of my shoe! Very upset they didn't offer me anything, I would not recommend this insurance!

Unlike many who have written negatively of Liberty Mutual Insurance Group Benefits Disability Claims I have had a very positive experience with the company. I can't speak for others when I do not know the true circumstances surrounding their cases so I will only speak to mine. I had paid for both STD (Short Term Disability) and LTD (Long Term Disability) through my company for years. As soon as my disability affected me I notified Liberty Mutual immediately. They collected the required information and my disability payments began immediately. At each of my renewal points I did not run into any problems with Liberty Mutual. Why was I successful in my case? My answer to many is that I took an active role in helping Liberty Mutual to have the latest medical information surrounding my case to expedite the claims process.

Every time I went to a doctor I automatically filled out a release of medical information form to release my records to Liberty Mutual and told the attending physician's office staff that this information from the visit was needed right away by Liberty Mutual. In the case where I was seeing a physician or specialist that I had seen previously and already signed the release of medical information form I just kindly reminded the office staff to not forget that Liberty Mutual needed this information sent to them immediately so as not to interrupt my disability payments. When I was given a visit summary at the end of the appointment I faxed those in right away to Liberty Mutual also. Second myself and Liberty Mutual Insurance kept our lines of communication open. I would call them and give them all upcoming doctor appointments and procedures that were already scheduled so they had a "history" looking forward so to speak.

I would also verify with them all doctors that they should have information from and if there was a doctor that had not sent them their notes I was on the phone immediately to that doctor reminding them that Liberty Mutual needed copies of my latest treatment notes immediately and my doctors always got them sent out to them. Now my short term disability is getting ready to expire and my case would be turning towards my Long Term Disability at which point I am starting to notice that it seems to be a bit more of a struggle and I'm not quite sure why that is yet. I do know that my case manager switched to a John ** who I have maintained communication with again by phone and by fax. I am hoping for a positive outcome in the continuation of my benefits but at the same time I must admit I am worried because health wise I have gotten worse but at the same time their approach to me seems to have changed a bit.

They do offer me reassurance when I speak to them on the phone and have said that they are moving towards sitting up my Long Term Disability Claim so I'm trying to remain positive. I think overall it is just a fact of being honest with the company and not overstating medically what is wrong but providing factual documentation from my team of physicians in a timely manner to Liberty Mutual. Some may say that I'm doing all the leg work when it should be Liberty Mutual doing the work but realistically one must remember that your case managers do not know what doctors or what procedures you are having done without your input and keeping them up-to-date or in-the-loop. Your case managers are probably handling hundreds if not thousands of cases each and so it is vital that you be on the forefront of keeping them informed.

My STD did run on 09/15/2016 but they assured me that once they gather all their information required that if it meets the necessary requirements that payment will be backdated to the last day of my STD which again was 09/15/2106. Next month I will be moving into LTD if all goes according to schedule with Liberty Mutual. I have only dealt with one "bad apple" and that was telephonically. I called back immediately and got someone different and they whole heartedly apologized and tried to reassure me. I hope this gives others a ray of hope in your case moving forward.

I have worked for Ditech Financial for almost 5 years and initiated a short term leave of absence on April 13, 2017. It has been over 30 days and I have yet to receive a disability approval for my mental health condition. My primary care physician did not receive documents to sign until April 21st and I was there in the office when the documents were filled out and faxed over to Liberty. I was notified on April 28th that no documents were ever received at which time my doctor's office resubmitted a fax and copy of fax confirmation from the first fax. AGAIN, we were told that the fax was not received and after making a call to them was told, "OH, it must have been sent to another fax number." After advising them that the fax was sent to number listed on paperwork the information was sent again to a direct fax number for case worker.

After trying to contact case worker to get update was information that my case was assigned to someone new and after review finally on May 16th was told it was not enough information to support my leave. I advised them several times that papers needed to also be sent to my Mental Health professional and after docs were sent I was told information would be reviewed again. I explained that my payroll department advised that if received by the 19th and approval granted it would be enough time to receive my wages on May 26th.

After speaking with the case worker today I was told there is no guarantee that recent docs will be reviewed tomorrow in order to be sent in time for payroll which means I will not receive my wages IF APPROVED until the middle of June. Meanwhile, I am being evicted from my home and I have another place lined up but have to pay deposit on the 26th. I feel it is absolutely ridiculous for people who work their asses off for their employers to be treated like 2nd class citizens and disregarded this way. I am officially DONE with LIBERTY and DITECH. If I can find a lawyer to take my case I will be filing a lawsuit against both!

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