Liberty Mutual Flood Insurance Reviews

Liberty Mutual Flood Insurance
Liberty Mutual Flood Insurance

Liberty Mutual Flood Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

I like that they are very reliable, claims are answered quickly and you can always count on them to help you with any questions or issues. It was a smooth, easy and great process that I loved. It was amazing. I completed my process online with a very easy to use website and they did offer live customer service help if needed. They have lots of good online tools, too. The only thing they could do is maybe fix the site a little because it has some lag. But other than that, hours and prices are good, customer service is great and the company is amazing. I love Liberty so much!

After Hurricane Harvey had flooded Texas and my new home, and after the road was clear to get to the property, I promptly called the flood hotline and spoke with someone about getting an adjuster over to assess the flood damage. In 2 days an adjuster shows up and photographs everything and does a complete evaluation of the property inside and out. After he left he returned about 30 minutes later to tell me that he has specific instructions to look at my roof and nothing else. All the pictures he took and the evaluation that he made was thrown away. Now here it is a month later and I'm STILL trying to get an adjuster over to my house. I've spent all my money and I have no choice but to move back into the house which still has yet to be looked at. Every phone call I get apologies but no results.

My family keeps asking me what's happening and what's going to happen to us and what about the baby and where is he supposed to sleep and all I can say is "I don't know" and "I'm waiting for someone to call me back" which, by the way, I keep having to call and I hear rustling around in the background as they're looking for anything related to me. Never mind that I had an appointment to wait for a phone call at a specific time. We were able to rent an apartment for a month so that things could be done while we were away but that time has passed. It could all be done by now if that one adjuster would have had his report filed but we were screwed instead. That really hurt us. We lose!

Liberty is a good company to do business with and work with you to get the coverage that you need. They have reasonable rates, they are good at what they do and they do their best to get you the most coverage for the least amount of money that they can but their hands are tied by the government. The agent was very helpful and understanding. I got the policy in person. The policy is easy to understand and the process was easy to complete. On the other hand, the deductibles are too high but it is what they said they had to be. I would like Liberty to keep the premiums from going up and getting less coverage for the money you spend.

I had an insurance adjuster come to the house and she laid down all of the options that were available to me. The Liberty Mutual Flood Insurance covers most disaster type for my area which is an increased risk for flood zone. The process was straightforward and convenient and it was done in person. Cheap to cover my house. Had it for a few years now after being in flood risk zone. I like all of the features in my policy... except the fact that it does not cover every type of flood that is possible in our regional area.

The Liberty Mutual Flood Insurance coverage is very comprehensive and is worth the amount of premiums which we pay for every 3 or six months out of the year. The agents are very helpful in helping you decide which is the best coverage for me. Choosing the type of coverage was quite simple and this procedure was completed in person at the company's office. But, the insurance company should add more features into the coverage plan to cover other types of damage in the home. Also, they should offer several more different plans and coverage for flood insurance.

The coverage assists with motel stays, replacement of the home and the large items replaced that has been damaged by the flood such as stove, fridge, washer/dryer, also helps rebuild your house at an affordable deductible. The purchasing process was easy. The agent came to the house, did a walk-through, and walk around, gave us three options, and we choose which one we wanted for an affordable price. I was pleased and found the entire experiences reassuring.

Liberty Mutual Flood Insurance has great coverage and it very easy to understand. I had looked around at other companies and what they were offering in terms of flood insurance and settled on Liberty because they offered the best coverage for my needs. Though it is the normal type of coverage offered by most companies. The agent explained things well and the price wasn't too bad either. Very good so far.

The Liberty Mutual Flood Insurance company was very informative and let me know what kind of flood insurance I should have for my area. They were kind, patient and answered all my question and concerns with fact. Their policy is very respectful of the client. They offer a good price for a good coverage. I completed the process in person because I like to see things done. It was a simple process to choose the right flood insurance for my area.

However, customer service is lacking a tad and it can take awhile to find a good public communicator. Member service is a bit **. Communication on the phone is inadequate. Liberty Mutual can also be a bit immoral or switch up insurance without consultation. When regarding an error the company is very hesitant to issue a refund when regarding and error. They will at times also refuse to refund or correct unless another payment goes through.

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