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Phoenix, AZ. I have home insurance through Liberty Mutual, I live in a house built in 2006, not too old. I just realized a water leak under the sink this week, and called them the same day. They sent out Stanley Steemer to dry the walls and tile and that company notified me that I had mold under the sink. Liberty denied my claim, even though I have $5000 worth of mole coverage because they "assumed" that the leak was going on for a long period of time. I really wished I could see through walls so I could've found the issue sooner! I'm switching now, they stated that it is stated on my policy, but it's not. It's a separate form you have to search for that states it. They won't help you at all, they could care less about you and your family. Save yourself the trouble and don't even consider them.

After the harshest winter I have ever lived through, the roof began to leak through the interior walls. I filed a claim with local LM office and had the roof inspected, only to get the news the roof needed to be replaced. LM sent out an adjuster, she looked at the damage and confirmed the interior had water damage, cause by ice dams. Ice dams are locations on the roof where water freezes, then melts, and refreezes. In the meantime, I called the local LM sales agent asking for his help to have the roof replaced. Answer: "we don't cover roofs which are more than 20 years old," which happens to be the age of my roof. Asked him where this rule is stated in my policy, answer; "it was in your original package." Note: original package, which just happened to be 20 years ago. Told agent I don't have those records. He stated he would have to look for them in the LM system.

That was 3 weeks ago, asked him where, where in my policy does it state LM does not cover roofs which are more than 20 years old. Several days later, I received a multi-page document which is nothing more than a copy, of my automatic renewal (which is another issue). Last week, I got a call from a LM employee, who was told I had a question about where my policy states, "we LM don't cover roofs which are more than 20 years old," He directed me to look under "perils". I cannot find any statement under perils, or in the entire policy, which declares, roofs are not covered.

I had my home insurance with Liberty Mutual since 2007. In 2017 I discovered that the floor of my house is sagging. After calling them to see it, the adjuster they sent didn’t even bother to look in the crawl space, and said that it is sand shifting which is not covered by us. Later I called some foundation contractors, they peeked in the crawlspace and found a water leak that has been there for the past 10 years due to faulty plumbing work who didn’t even connect the drainpipe of the kitchen, so all the dirty water was dumped in the crawlspace. After notifying Liberty Mutual about the findings, they said that we don’t cover long term damage, they only cover sudden damage. They didn’t even pursue the case to make the plumbing company insurance pay for the damage, they left me alone having to deal with them. So, if you are counting on them to fix your damages for other than the sudden ones then just think again.

We had a water pipe break in our home sometime during the night on 8-13-09. We discovered it first thing in the morning. The insurance company was immediately called, and they dispatched a company out of Vallejo called Rainbow International. This company is owned by Cannady Construction, one of the approved vendors used by Liberty Mutual. Initially, we were happy with the response and cleanup. We were uneasy about the fact that even though the carpets were completely soaked, neither the carpet or pads were removed. Special equipment was brought in to "top dry" (method) our home.

We met with adjuster Andrea on 8-17-09. She walked in the home with the owner of Rainbow International (Cannady Construction). At first, we were comfortable in using the company's suggestion of Cannady Construction. However, during the walk-through of the damage, we became uneasy because of what we observed. Basically, it was the adjuster's opinion that much of the damage did not have to be removed, even though there was obvious staining in the sheetrock of water damage. Grout in the newly installed tile floor in the upstairs bathroom (source of the water leak) was missing, and the floor was slightly raised.

Cannaday Construction was telling the adjuster what work would need to be done, which included his opinion that the floor would have to come up. The adjuster immediately said they were not replacing the floor and indicated the floor needed to be re-grouted. This scenario continued into the downstairs where obvious sheetrock damage was "just going to painted over" and only a small portion of the sheetrock was going to be replaced. There was obvious bubbling in the paper, so we were confused by the unwillingness of the adjuster to replace what we felt need to be replaced. The adjuster was only willing to paint a portion of the front room, even after we explained that we no longer had that paint to just touch it up.

I conducted extensive research on the internet and talked with several restoration companies and contractors. I had two contractors (actually 3 when you include the air conditioning contractor) come in, and all agreed that the carpets should have been pulled, the pads removed, and that all the water-damaged areas should be pulled. Apparently, just because the house was dried, it does not mean there is no moisture present in the inner walls where meters do not accurately read.

The adjuster returned to our property on 8-28-09, this time with her manager accompanying her. From the onset, it was apparent they were here to prove their initial evaluation of the 1st appraisal. Thank God, we had the contractor present whom we have chosen to do the work, because other than changing their opinion on some painting to the living room, they were not going to change their stance.

When we sell our home, we have to disclose that we suffered a loss. How can we sell our home at a later time if we just allow the insurance company to paint over the damage and cover up what happened? We are outraged by the treatment we have received. From the research we have done, it appears what Liberty Mutual is doing is called "low balling" in an attempt to get us to accept inferior repairs to our home, so they do not have to pay for the needed repairs. Their claim that this is merely the investigative and negotiating phase of the claim does not sit well with us. We feel they are basically trying to intimidate us into accepting inferior repairs to our home, and we are outraged.

We have filed a complaint with the California Department of Insurance, but we have reservations as to how well that will be investigated given all the budget cutbacks that have occurred in California. Any suggestions? The dollar amount of the claim is estimated between $20,000 and $25,000. I expect an additional offer, but so far, Liberty Mutual has wanted to pay only $5,000 toward the claim.

Liberty was one of the first policies I found, I feel like I had a good connection with them based on my auto loan policy. I also chose this plan based on the suggestions by my parents and what they have always had and done. Liberty came with all the coverage I could want on a house with the damage I could imagine happening, I like prices and what they include for coverages. I love the ease of access to the office and the awesome customer service. Very good experience but they had no remorse in handling my AC HVAC unit that broke on a 2 year old new construction property.

On April 5, 2013, I had my pre-inspection with One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating for my air conditioners before the beginning of the summer months. At that time, they put in a new condenser fan motor which cost me $425.00. The repairman wrote on the receipt “Spring Maintenance - fan capacitor reading 50% under rating, for motor running high amps”. Also, I have two units that were put in the same day and time back in 2004. I have had no problems with the other unit.

Then on Friday, May 31st, I got home from work and heard a noise. I thought it might have been the fan in my son’s bathroom, so I went into the house and the bathroom light was out so the noise wasn't coming from there. I put my purse down and went back out into the garage so that I could see if I could hear the noise again. Sure enough the noise started again, and I knew immediately that it was my air conditioner. As I am walking through the house to get to the unit outside, I called One Hour Air and had a lady on the phone and was telling her what was going on. She said to go back in and turn the thermostat off. As I am turning to go back, I hear this explosion and turned around; and I had smoke coming out of my air conditioner unit. It was the same spot that the repairman had worked on back on April 5th. The lady on the phone told me to go back and shut the switch off by the unit which is attached to the house. She said that she would send someone out that evening to look at it.

The repairman came and looked at the unit and then told me that the compressor burned (which happens to be what they repaired in April). He told me to get the parts to replace the burned ones would cost me around $2,800.00 and that he suggested getting a new unit. On my receipt he wrote the following: “Diagnosed - compressor over amping, burned hard start kit and dual run cap for D/S unit. Installing new 5 ton split system.” To me this was a unit that didn't have the life expectancy that it should have. My other unit is running fine, and like I said earlier was put in the same day as the one that blew up.

While the repairman was sitting there and giving me the new prices for a new unit, I called my homeowners insurance company (Liberty Mutual). I felt that this would be covered under my policy because it is connected to the house. It’s not like your refrigerator, stove, etc. that is just sitting there and not physically attached to the house. They took my information and said someone would be getting a hold of me in a couple of days.

June 4th, I sent a copy of all the receipts to my agent at Liberty Mutual, and we were emailing me back and forth asking for phone numbers for One Hour Air so that she could talk to the repairman. June 6th, I get a call from the agent, and she told me that they couldn't cover the repairs because it is not a part of my policy. I couldn't believe that because I specifically told them when I signed up for the policy what I was looking for everything to be covered because I was a widow with a handicapped young man and needed to make sure that I was covered on things that I didn't know how to repair.

Then on June 10th, I get a letter in the mail from Liberty Mutual and it was a slap in my face. In the letter, the agent stated “Based on our investigation into your claim, we regret to inform you that we cannot afford coverage for the replacement of your HVAC system because your policy does not afford coverage for mechanical breakdown or wear and tear.” Really, “they cannot afford coverage” - what about the everyday person. Do they think we can?

I called the claim department. The first person I talked to got the information, then transfer me to another person. His name is Robert **. So we started the claim. I told him I had 3 broken Windows. He asked if they happened at the same time, of course I told him the way they happened. He said "so then the windows didn't brake at the same time." I said "well not exactly." He said "well we are going to file 3 different claims" which the deductible is 500 hundred dollars per claim which means that Liberty Mutual will raise my insurance fee and I'm gonna end it up paying out of my pocket for the broken windows. I do not recommend Liberty Mutual. As they say in their TV ad I didn't pick the wrong insurance policy I picked the wrong insurance company. I have been their customers for about ten years and this is how they treat their customers - bad, bad, very bad.

I just got "Blindsided" by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company; a 45% premium increase in annual premium and no claims by me, ever! Found an even better deal than their old rate today. A 20% decrease beats a 45% increase, that is truly Liberty! With a 45% premium increase you obviously do not want my business and the feeling is, YES, Mutual!

I like that Liberty Mutual has great customer service and answered my questions without judgement. I like that, at the time, they offered the lowest rate on my policy. I have since found a better rate. However, I also took customer service and how I was treated initially into consideration when I was choosing this company to insure my property. But, I would like to improve this company's rate to insure our home and to improve access to them in our area. Now, I would like for them to be more competitive in my area.

I applied for homeowners insurance (HI) after my old company raised my premium by $200/yr. with no claims. I went with GEICO since I like their car insurance. Unfortunately, GEICO routes you to Liberty Mutual (LM). LM was happy to give me a policy with better coverage for $600 less than my old policy. After a few weeks of coverage, this fellow showed up at my house with a camera. He told me he needed to take pictures of my house for LM. Two weeks after he was over, I got a letter from LM letting me know they were cancelling my HI policy. They gave me reasons: Overhanging branches, chipped paint, exposed wood, detached gutter. I laughed out loud at this absurd nonsense when I read the letter.

First off, I'm in the roof clearing business. I'm a Certified Arborist and a good deal of my business involves clearing roofs of trees that are touching the roof. I routinely do this for insurance companies. The standard is eighteen inches, but I give three feet of clearance, normally. My trees do not even come close to my roof. The lowest point is more than four feet away. "Overhanging branches" was new to me, though. I have a grand Live Oak that has enormous leaders. Some do go over my roof but they are sturdy and are many feet above my roof. To remove them would kill the tree over time, as the weight distribution would be unbalanced. Next: My house was painted a year ago. I did an inspection, after I read the letter, and found three six inch areas where a few raised chips could be seen.

Gutters: None of my gutters are detached. I have two downspouts that run straight from the gutters into hard plumbed drainage receptacles. You can climb on these downspouts. Exposed wood: I have an overhang that was put up to protect a planned hot tub. Painting it will take a "grueling" ten minutes. This whole episode is truly ridiculous. Had LM given me a chance to "correct" the issues as above, it would have taken me about an hour to do so. All would have been a simple matter except the branch issue, as noted.

So why didn't they instruct their photographer to tell me what the possible issues were? Why didn't they send the guy out BEFORE they took my money? It would have been a simple matter. Why don't they list on their website the things they look for that will make you ineligible for their HI? I would strongly caution you to not consider going with LM unless you are living in a newly constructed home with small trees that do not go over your roof at all. The paint chips, exposed wood, and detached gutter issues were most likely add-on issues to make me simply throw up my hands and find another company, which I have done. FWIW, if you read more complaints in here, you will find that LM does this cancellation routine with many other folks. I suggest you avoid LM.

I spoke with Liberty Mutual agent about changing my homeowners policy from rental policy to main residence policy. He gave me an outrageous quote, which was over $400 more than the one for a rental home. I told him it should be less, not more. We argued about it and he gave me a lot of bogus reasons. It was so high. This caused my house payment with escrow account to go up by $47! Now I have received a refund check for $687 because of the overcharge. Thank you Liberty Mutual, however you need to fire that agent. I had asked to speak to a manager, however, would not allow it plus said the manager would give me the same quote. I have been with Liberty Mutual for over 15 years and have had my auto and homeowners policy with them so I am appalled with how I was treated by that agent. I appreciate the refund but would have preferred a lower house payment!

Liberty Mutual has a three-dog limit. Really three dogs Corgi/Poodle mixes. They won't write a policy if you have more than 3 dogs. Reading these reviews, they don't pay out on any claims anyway so, what is the point of getting insurance from them?

I did research and looked over quite a few companies and Liberty Mutual was the best place for me. Liberty Mutual was a better choice for me my family and my home. The homeowners policy was better than any other policy that I found with any other company. I like how they take the time to get to know me and my policy. They have full coverage for anything and everything that I want and need for my home. I feel safe and secure with them. Always have and always will. Everything they've ever done and currently do for me and my homeowner's insurance policy is right on what I'm wanting for my policy. I couldn't ask for a better company.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company entraps a homeowner policy owner who mistakenly makes a claim for an excluded loss!! The entrapment happens when the policyholder calls to report a loss and doesn't realize it is excluded from the policy. The "Claims Intake Person/Robot" doesn't bother to ask if you know whether it is excluded or not. I'm not a lawyer or insurance professional and didn't know my policy excluded my loss and didn't think to ask. Once the computer keys are pressed to input a "claim" for something not in your policy, an irrevocable report, like a black mark, is out there for every insurance company in the nation to see, coast-to-coast. In my case, Liberty Mutual made ZERO payout. Doesn't matter--the national "REPORT RECORD" doesn't show that and your property is BLACK-MARKED!!!

I only recently started homeowners insurance with Liberty Mutual via GEICO Insurance. They are easily 40% less than other historically big name-founded insurance companies yet have same amounts of coverage for claims, etc.

My husband and I decided to finally shop around for rates for both homeowners and auto insurance. We have been with the same insurance company for quite some time and have had no issues. However, we thought it may be financially smart to make sure that we are getting the best value for our money. As such, we decided to call Liberty Mutual. Unfortunately, we had an AWFUL experience. Particularly, an agent by the name Keith ** was very condescending! Instead of taking time to explain their process, he was unprofessional by finding humor in my questions. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, he hung up the phone. Little did he know, I called back in order to submit a complaint regarding my experience. The supervisor was very kind, attentive and professional. However, Keith gave them a very bad first impression. Needless to say, we will not be moving on to Liberty Mutual.

I’ve had my homeowner’s policy with Liberty Mutual for about 10 years. 6 months ago, I filed a claim for water damage in my basement because of a buried runoff pipe that cracked under my front yard. Liberty Mutual only covered the water damage ($2000) and not the repair ($10,000). I paid the ten grand out of my pocket, fixed my basement, called it a day. This morning I get a letter from Liberty Mutual stating that they are cancelling my homeowner’s policy because I am “high risk”.

I immediately pick up the phone and learn that I have no recourse at all and have 60 days to find other coverage. After paying thousands and thousands in premiums over the course of 10+ years, Liberty Mutual had to write a check for $2000 and then kicked me to the curb. “Customer Loyalty”, “Liberty Stands with You”, “We Take Responsibility Seriously”. What an absolute double load of crap! I had no idea how bad Liberty Mutual was until this happen and I started looking at reviews online.

Liberty Mutual was recommended by my loan officer when they were finalizing my mortgage loan. I also qualify for a discount due to the company that I work for, which is very helpful with the rate that I am being billed. I like that the rate is fair and the policy was easy to set up online with payments handled through my mortgage company. Also this company processes claims very fast which was very surprising to me. I had my garage burglarized and my claim was processed in a week. They were very nice and did not make me feel like a victim. But I would like to know that my policy would not skyrocket due to a claim.

I had Liberty Mutual Homeowners insurance for almost 12 years. Never once I made a claim and never severely late. So this December, we ran into some financial difficulties and I was 2 months late with our homeowner’s insurance payment. I will get all the figures, but it was roughly $1,000 a year, 10 monthly payments.

I called Liberty Mutual and they said, “We are dropping you.” So then we hurried up and got New Jersey homeowner’s insurance at the price of $640.00 for one year. Wells Fargo kept sending me homeowner’s insurance papers at the price of $3,000 plus a year. Now, they want $1,083.00 for 3 months. I told them I am contacting a banking commission. I can see $100 a month, but not this. Please help me with this issue. I have no money to use an attorney. Please help me.

I bought a home for cash and set up conventional homeowners insurance with a million dollar blanket policy with Liberty Mutual before escrow closed. I was completely honest with the Liberty Mutual agent. I told him I bought an older bank-owned home and was immediately going to start renovations. The home was in livable condition, heat, air, water, electricity, showers, toilets, windows, but I wanted to personalize it. I told him, in detail, everything I was going to upgrade. Single panel windows to double pane. Sliding door to French doors. New kitchen and baths. New tile throughout. Etc. Also was honest in telling him that since the home was older and bank-owned and had been sitting on the market for a while the outside needed painting but that the roof was still in good condition.

I also had a thorough home inspection before purchase stating the house was perfectly livable. I offered to send in a copy. When the inspector came out, my six-man crew was working on the house. Samples of my choices of paint colors were already on every side of the house. Several windows and the French doors were already in. New materials were stacked in the carport. It was obvious the house was being upgraded, and because of the size of my crew it was obvious the job would be finished quickly. Liberty Mutual cancelled my homeowners policy because of cracked paint on the fascia. I truly believe if my painter was painting at the time of inspection, I would have been canceled for a ladder hazard. Or paint can debris. Or unauthorized use of a tarp. I'm beyond livid!

Never a problem with these people. I have had home and automobile coverage with them for about 40 years and as a result most of my family and friends use them. Going back through the years I have had claims and times where assistance was needed. There is always someone there to help you with any type of situation.

We moved into our first house, and got Liberty Mutual through Geico before closing. A few days after closing, while we're still moving in, we get an inspection for the insurance. He assures us the mess from moving doesn't matter, he's looking for genuine hazards. A few weeks go by and we get an email saying we are LOSING COVERAGE due to poor upkeep of the property. I call Geico, who sent the email, and they explain that even if we do the repairs they require, we will still need to get a new policy from someone else through them, and Liberty Mutual may not give us a full refund of our prepaid yearly premium.

I would like to list the repairs required now. See if you can spot the bull. Window boarded up (fine, already done, I understand this one). Siding Missing (in about a 1 sq foot area in the backyard. Who cares but fine whatever). Debris in yard (no... there isn't. Maybe when we were moving, and getting boxes out of the way yeah... maybe don't do the inspection before people have TRASH SET UP). Paint peeling on shed (seriously? The kicker here is it's not painted. It's an aluminum shed.) So... apparently my house is uninsurable because of the horrible life ending risk of... my old shed looking like crap.

When we were hit by baseball size hail in 2016. I spent 6 months of my life fighting daily with Liberty Mutual who paid out ACV reimbursement instead of RCV for damaged items and I only ended up receiving 1/5 of the RCV reimbursement. Liberty Mutual - our claim rep, and his Boss rarely returned phone calls, never answer emails and basically just blew me off. I was totally on my own fighting for my claim reimbursement. What a miserable and isolated experience to go through. Do not get coverage from LIBERTY MUTUAL unless you never have a claim to file.

When I signed up for my home owners' insurance policy, the agent assured me that it covered "pretty much anything." Apparently, it does not. The adjustor was rude when I talked to her on the phone, came to my house a week later, spent less than five minutes, and then explained that Liberty Mutual doesn't cover our pipes leaking. I am very disappointed, especially because the repairman fully expected it to be covered.

This is my only experience with liberty mutual. The employee was rude in both of my interactions with her--practically accusing me of letting my pipes leak so that I could replace my cabinets. And they have collected a good deal of money for absolutely no work.

I carried auto, renters and homeowners insurance with Liberty Mutual for years. The payments were auto deducted from my checking account. I cancelled the homeowners after no longer owned property. I don't look at amounts deducted so it took me a while to notice Liberty was still deducting for homeowners a year later. After speaking with customer service they denied me cancelling account. They refused to reimburse me and subsequently sent me a bill for premium after cancelling auto deduct.

The auto division is same. I followed up several time regarding small vender bender. They sent me to get estimate at their vendor and the vendor conveniently lost my estimate paperwork. I followed up again and the claim adjuster told me to send photo of the damage to my bumper. I did. No follow up. Don't use this company. They are crooks. I have severe health issues and everything is an effort and The stress and frustration Is more damaging to my health than the loss of money. Save yourself and avoid this company.

If I could give 0 star I would for this company. Since the last northeaster storm on Friday, March 2nd 2018 we didn't have power, heat, water and everything else because of a tree fell down and hit the house a little bit of the front roof, vinyl siding and water spout. Also brought down the electric wire. I called the same day the incident happened and guess what? We have to wait until today a week later and still no adjuster came. Matthew said he will send a field adjuster who is coming from Texas which is so ridiculous while we are here in New York. I asked him why isn't there any adjuster from NY. He couldn't answer. And not only that, I have two small children that I had to put them at their grandma's house and missed school because of this. I really really really would not recommend this insurance company at all cost. I will update my review again after the adjuster come and fix everything.

This is available through my work via payroll deduction so get additional 10% discount. Never had major claim but small ones came out well. Only downside is no coverage for vacant rental properties, but not a common situation.

Went through hurricane sandy. Now my house needs to be raised with icc funding and they are refusing to pay. Have been a customer for 15 years.

Purchased policy after contact online when insurance changed from hunt lodge to rental property. Great price. 1 year later price doubled. Said policy didn't include all it should - so why did they issue it. Paid for 6 months. 8 months later got cancellation. Said they had sent 2 notices but didn't try to email or phone me so figure if sent notices must have looked like junk mail. Asked if I could renew. Said I had to have a new policy as it had been 60 days and had to pay $24 - they said was past due. Paid the $24 and then got quote 10 times original price over $2000 on $1000000 property - said because prior policy had been cancelled. Told them shove it. Luckily no claims till found other carrier.

I feel bad for those who have had negative experiences with Liberty Mutual home insurance. I read those reviews after a tree fell on our garage and worried about it. But, we had an excellent experience. We have had Liberty Mutual home insurance since 2005. They are the only company who will insure our home because it was built in 1850. They are also the most reasonable insurers. This incident was the first home loss claim we have filed.

A tree fell on our house on a Saturday. We called emergency tree service first and then Liberty Mutual. On Tuesday morning, the adjuster, Will, came to the house to inspect. He was very professional and understanding. He cut us a check on the spot for 1/3 of our policy limit. He added the tree service to his system so he could pay them directly, taking stress off of us.

It took a while for us to find legitimate contractors. Once we did, I sent three estimates to Will. He reviewed them. I told him we were ready to start the work. Within three days, he stopped by our house with a check for the balance. On top of that all, he forgave our $1000 deductible because the garage ended up being way more expensive to replace than anyone could have guessed. My experience with Liberty Mutual has been nothing but excellent. He responded to phone calls and emails in a timely manner. I never felt abandoned or stranded throughout this entire process.

They were cheaper than my last insurance company and they have a good reputation. I will always stay with them. I have had three claims in a period of six months. Lightning struck my home, hailstorm hit my home, and my shower pan broke and flooded my bathrooms and bedroom. They are fast to pay for any claims. Liberty is a wonderful insurance company but maybe improve the price.

I had my house and auto combine with this company. Suffer roof damage, the adjuster forgot our appointment! We have to wait a long time and the claim for roof is awful! And not fair! We will change company which have better service.

The prices were the best I found while I was shopping around for insurance companies online. The other companies were pretty high in price and out of my budget. Liberty Mutual worked best and it was hard to beat this price. They have all the features I wanted as well.

I filed a claim last year for a little bit of damage caused by a broken pipe from freezing weather. The estimate to repair was $1,500 with a $500 deductible. So Liberty Mutual paid about $1,000 for this claim. Then later in the year when my policy renewed, the premium went up from 1,080 per year to 2,180 per year, more than the cost of the claim!!! Don't do business with these crooks unless you don't plan on using the insurance!

I have been with Liberty Mutual for about 4 years now. They had great rates and were easy to deal with. Unfortunately, my home was affected by Hurricane Sandy this year. Parts of my siding and fascia blew off due to the high winds. Today, 12/03/2012, I received a letter stating that my damage was not caused by the storm and they were closing my claim. Huh, that's it, no explanation, no "well you know the siding may not have been installed properly." Come on, really nothing. All that is known to me is before storm, I had siding, after storm I do not.

And when I called to start my claim, they told me I had a $1,000 deductible so far because they would have to check to see if NJ had a hurricane clause. Since when are we a hurricane state and why wasn't I told that I might be out of luck if a hurricane takes away my home (venting now)? Okay, everyone, please be careful and read your policies completely. Make sure you are fully protected even if it costs a little more. I am attaching the email I sent to them as well:

I had damage caused to my home due to Hurricane Sandy. I had one of your representatives come look at the damage. It clearly shows siding and fascia missing from the side of the home and some parts hanging. I received a letter today that states that the damage was not caused by the storm. Hmm, let me think, high winds did not cause damage to my home that clearly was not damaged before. I would like a second person to come to my home during a time that I am available and clearly explain how the damage to my home was not caused by the storm. Please contact me via email so that we can address this matter promptly as now with the winter coming not having the siding on some portions of my home will cause more damage that I will hold Liberty Mutual responsible.

My wife and I recently bought a new townhouse. We acquired homeowners insurance through Liberty Mutual. In the spring of 2011, a severe hail storm damaged our roof. After agreeing that we needed a new roof, they refused to accept a reasonable estimate to replace the roof. They sent us a check that was less than any roofer would accept.

We are at a loss, as to what to do. We are both retired and I am disabled as well. We have a limited fixed income. We are still trying to find a reputable roofer. LM's agent claimed that we waited too long to negotiate. There are over 70 town homes that need their roof replaced. 20% of these are still waiting replacement.

Liberty mutual insurance has all these commercial sites about being the best and all. But I purchased insurance for my cars and home. They clearly told me my deductible on my house was 1000 on everything. I asked the agent three or four times. Then a couple months after a wind storm come by damages my shingles. The adjuster approved for the roof to be replaced. I was going to get 6,900. Then liberty mutual calls me and tell me my deductible is 5%. So instead of 6,900. I get 2,300. Now tell me how in the hell do I replace my roof with that?? This company lies and WOULD NOT recommend to anyone.

The Liberty agent is a former colleague of my husband's and he was new to the company but we believed in him and went with the company. It has proven to be a smart mover. The agent for the company has a personal approach to his customers and he makes certain that we are aware of any changes to the policy and addresses all concerns.... The policy we have is over 20 years and we have only filed 2 claims, it would be nice if we were rewarded in some way. Perhaps a discount on the annual fee, some incentive to remain with the company.

I got a letter from my home loan company about my escrow being -2500. My home insurance last year was 2100 and went up to 2400. I called to tell them I wanted them to lower my replacement cost. I bought my house for 136k and their replacement cost was 526k. They wouldn't lower the replacement cost so I called Allstate. In 10 min I lowered my premium to 1400. They are rip off artists. Also we had a hail storm and wanted them to come check out the damage and they said if they come out I will get a hit against my insurance even if no damage.

These people are the worse. They take your money and when it comes to paying a claim they try to find every excuse possible not to pay for certain things. The roofers had to remove shingles and in doing so had to remove part of the lower flashing of the chimney. Well Liberty Mutual does not want to cover the chimney work. The worse. Do not waste your time with them. Find someone else.

My main reason going with Liberty Mutual was cost savings but I also looked at reviews both positive and negative to determine if I was comfortable doing business with them. If I have a claim I know I am more than organized to help it go more smoothly. I would like the company to treat everyone more like people and more personalized service. Liberty Mutual has great customer service and convenient business hours to call. The premiums are very competitive to other company's premiums. I have spoken to customer service and they were very helpful and answered my questions and concerns.

My husband chose Liberty Mutual more than 12 years ago without discussing it with me and I have been satisfied with them as they always treat me right every time I file a claim with them. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company has processed both auto insurance and homeowner's insurance claims for me quickly and without any problems for more than 16+ years. They always provide excellent response no matter what my need is and they have always handled my claims in a professional way.

I filed a home owners claim for vandalism back in 2013. LM refused to supply a claims adjuster to come out to my home. They insisted I correspond with them through emails and snail mail. I sent pictures and documents as well as provided them with all other info. Total vandalism damages are at least $10,000 or more. LM said we will send me a check to get me started on repairs for $2600 in which they did in 2 separate payments. I told them I needed more to cover all repairs and they refused to talk with me any more.

I contacted the State of Mo Dept. of Insurance, and till this day (8/15/2014) the State of Mo has only made them supply an adjuster to come to my home to take pictures. I'm still in limbo after waiting 4 months now without any word from Liberty Mutual. The last word from the State was that I may have to hire an attorney. This is why I pay State taxes is for their office to be there when I need them for insurance scams. The damages are causing more problems in the long run due to a broken Solar Unit which is causing the roof to leak. Other exterior damages have left my landscape looking like a tornado had struck and still I'm waiting for payment. LM has refused to speak any more to me. This is also why I filed a complaint with the State of Mo. I advise all to never use Liberty Mutual Insurance ever unless you plan on getting scammed. They will increase your rates without any claims filed and never pay out on the claims you do file. This is total fraud by Liberty Mutual Insurance!

I recently switched from State Farm to Liberty Mutual on auto insurance and they wanted to include my home too. They insured it then sent an inspector out to look at roof. I was home and the inspector drove up across the street, never got out of his truck. Reported clogged gutter and limbs hanging over the roof. Cancelled me. 1. It is fall. Leaves get in gutters. I have them cleaned several times a year. 2. The tree does need trimming but they did not offer find out if I was proactive in trimming it. It is well known the insurance companies are involved in "cherry picking" clients. That is, very low risk clients. But that is what insurance is for. Right? Buyer Beware.

We have had Liberty Mutual since September 2008 and was attracted to this company because the rate of $667 for first year. This was fairly competitive compared all others we found. In February 2009 we had to make a claim (small one) - water leaked from bathroom and destroyed sheet rock. Total payout was $400. Renewal time in 2009 our policy had been rated and we paid $767 for the year. Unfortunately we had another water leak in July 2010 between two bathroom walls which resulted in water "seeping" under hardwood floor in entire downstairs area before it was caught. This claim was about $4400. I was told by the LM adjuster that this leak (as well as the first leak) was because of "builder error" because of nails piercing water lines and the nails eventually deteriorating causing the leaks. This time when policy renewal time came around in 2010 our premium more than doubled to $1648. We were shocked but continued our coverage.

In 2011 our premium again increased to $1744 and again in 2012 to $2140 annually! By this time I'm starting to panic because mortgage payment escrow had jumped nearly $200 a month! The phone calls to LM started! I was told I had to "wait it out" and get out of that "5 year window" of having a claim before rates would decrease! They also had increased my "dwelling" replacement cost over $100K in just 5 years without explanation! To my surprise and after several phone calls and questions my policy increased yet again this year to $2202 annually! Upon checking on coverage elsewhere I was advised that Liberty Mutual should not have rated my policy because these claims were not my fault. It was further explained by this insurance professional that my claims with Liberty Mutual had been subrogated which LM never advised me of!

The customer service at Liberty Mutual is lacking. In my opinion they are a bunch of financial bullies! I have obtained BETTER, more adequate coverage elsewhere at less than 1/3 the premium I WAS paying those crooks! ($602 annually). STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!

Water found in crawl space- not visible in Kitchen- claim approved. Provided check for flooring as one piece even though laundry room not damaged. Our Policy is expanded, full replacement, inflation protection- SC Endorsement pays for undamaged siding or vinyl when unable to match up to $15,000. We could find no exclusion for cabinets.

Adjuster continues to avoid request for coverage definition of undamaged cabinets- 50 yrs old built in place wood/custom grade plywood. Mitigation Company left wet moldy cabinets in carport per Liberty instructions. Not until six weeks later did Liberty tell us they expect us to have contractor build boxes and use old doors and drawers which are now covered in mold. Contractor says new doors and drawers and stain makes replacement of only damaged cabinets cost prohibitive. Loss has been documented with photos and timeline. Philip ** and Tim ** are the SC Liberty adjusters stating we should use the moldy doors and drawers as their promise to restore us to pre-loss condition.

Liberty Mutual was recommended by the individual who sold me the house. Also, I would see a lot of advertisements around town about this particular insurance company and I like their logo. They are very attentive to my needs and they are very trustworthy. They are doing a great job insuring my home and they are reasonable when it comes to prices too.

Liberty Mutual insurance refuse to pay for pool water damages because they don't visually see the damage. What about chemicals in the pool water... stay away from this company. If you have problem contact your state insurance commissioner to file a complaint.

My 92 year old parents have had Liberty Mutual auto and life insurance policies since the 1950s. A homeowners policy was added after 2000. Over all those years a few claims have been made on their auto insurance. On April 2018, a water leak was first observed in their basement and reported to Liberty Mutual on that same day. The claims agent refused any reimbursement for my parents because the leak had occurred for over two weeks. Allegedly, that information was received from a Ben Franklin plumber who did the work however, the individual who spoke with the Liberty Mutual agent was never identified when we spoke with Ben Franklin.

To date, my fixed income parents have paid out over $8,000 for plumbing repairs and mold abatement procedures. In addition, the emotional stress they have suffered due to this incident has been extreme. Because of our extraordinary dissatisfaction with Liberty Mutual's response to my parents' claim, both the auto insurance policies and the homeowners policy will be canceled. We comparison shopped and found that State Farm would provide car insurance and homeowners for $220 a month less than Liberty Mutual. We will be sure to share this story on social media.

Glad seeing so many 1-star reviews meaning that I'm not alone. Had a minor leak from the roof pipe because of the heavy rain, which then grew worse after another rain. Filed the claim, they called back and said that since the damage was accumulating, they won't pay for it. Saw no desire to be on consumer's side, only a desire to avoid paying. Stay away from them. The representatives totally unresponsive, no help, no understanding. Find yourself another vendor.

My wife was using Liberty Mutual before so it was an easy decision and it was very easy to transfer from her condo to our house. Many other providers were more expensive. Liberty has good prices and is easy to renew. They have local branches too that I can visit or call. I would like for the insurance premium to decrease though. Other than that, it is perfect. I like that it has online bill pay and I can view and do almost all my transactions online, which I prefer.

All those looking for car insurance, do NOT consider Liberty Mutual. They told us that they would take automatic payments out of our account at the beginning of each month and then failed to tell us that they weren't authorized until we signed a form and sent it back. They failed to sent us that form in the mail. They failed to inform us that they weren't taking payments out like they said they would (I admit, we should have been keeping better track). They failed to let us know that they cancelled our insurance and had left us unknowingly without it for 2 months. They failed to mention that we owe them a certain sum of money and that they would send that debt to collections.

We got the letter in the mail from collections today and that is how we found out that we haven't had insurance for a while, that we owe money, and that oh by the way our credit is being threatened. COLLECTIONS had to let us know, and Liberty Mutual never told us ANYTHING. No email, no call, nothing in the mail, NOTHING. They are unorganized, back shanking buffoons who don't deserve my money. End of rant.

Liberty Mutual was reasonably priced and offered the things that I needed to have considering that I live in an area where there is a possibility of fire and flood. I chose Liberty Mutual because it had the things I needed at a better price than the others and other people recommended them to me as being reputable company in our area. I would have liked it to be less expensive though.

I purchased homeowners insurance from Liberty Mutual for several years. Each year my rates increased significantly in spite of filing no claims. The final year they wanted to raise my premiums over 20%, again in spite of zero claims. I called the company to try and get some idea as to why and they performed a quick assessment over the phone. This assessment indicated they would need to increase my premiums even more. I informed them I would not be renewing at that time. I received several emails indicating that my policy was about to expire but thought nothing of it, as I had informed them I would not renew and just figured the policy would lapse. They have now turned the matter over for collection to a credit collection service. I have never been late or missed a payment in my entire life. Stay away from Liberty Mutual. they are sharks, bottom feeders and blood suckers all rolled into one IMO.

In 2008 and 2014 Liberty Mutual denied my claim of water damage causing loss. The company that built my home went into bankruptcy and closed down so I could not get anywhere with them. In 2014 my AC broke causing water damage on the base board, carpet, furniture and clothing damage. Liberty once again denied my claim. This company is unfair, collects premium, and does not honor the terms of the policy. How do I get legal representation for this matter?

When I first signed up Liberty Mutual checked on rebuilding costs should be house be destroyed. At first it was very high and the rep agreed that the amount did not seem realistic. She checked again and came with a lower cost. They are very nice though. I think they should ask how often other people are here. I don't have a lot of guests so I'm less likely to be sued than someone who has people over all the time. I already had auto insurance with Liberty Mutual and I receive a discount through my employer. I have since changed my auto coverage to another company, but I was receiving a multiple policy discount. Overall, Liberty Mutual is expensive but good coverage.

I went to the Liberty Mutual website and found their online quote calculator very useful. It gave me a quote for full replacement cost of a house my friend is buying and then let me change many of the coverage options including the replacement cost. I went through a lot of different coverage options and even have auto-generated emails confirming my quotes.

I then call up their 800-number to get more details on the quote and the representative told me that their underwriters would never issue a policy without full replacement coverage and his computer won't allow him to compute such a policy. So I don't know what the point of having an online quote calculator is if it generates coverage options and quotes that the company would never provide. Needless to say, I won't be using Liberty Mutual for my insurance needs.

My homeowners insurance is very expensive. However, adequate coverage is provided and a replacement home can be completely built if there would be a fire or other disasters. The insurance agents are very professional and whenever I call, provide me with useful information. I have learned a lot from Liberty Mutual regarding types of roof and compete coverage. They have been very helpful on trying to provide discounts to reduce premiums. I have had to file a claim several years and the process was very quick and the payout was very quick. The website is very user friendly and efficient.

Roof damage by hail - The claims adjuster sent us an estimate as follows:

Replacement cost - $4,573.67
Recoverable depreciation - $1,992.86
Deductible - $2,206.00

Net claim - $374.81

Needless to say, we were shocked! I did not know that a roof had depreciation value. Personal property, yes, but not the roof! So in other words, we have to pay the $4,200 for the roof and submit the receipt. They may pay the recoverable depreciation! What is going on? It's like we are talking about a sofa. This is really a new one for me!

We have our home insured by Liberty Mutual Group in Glendale, Arizona. Recently, we had unusual cold weather as the weather man stated we were colder than Alaska for two days straight and below freezing for several days after that. This started on the January 14, 2013. On Saturday, 01/19/13, we noticed there was not enough Hot Water from our water heater. After inspection, we realized it needed water heater repairs which were finalized. After this, two plumbers determined that we had a Slab Leak in the foundation concrete. The foundation is part of the house and therefore would be covered by the homeowner's insurance, but when Jeffrey **, insurance adjuster, came to inspect it, he took photos and then denied the claim. We have found out that taking photos is illegal if a claim is denied via a US Marshall in which we could possibly have several employees arrested in violation of the law.

Our true complaint is this company doesn't seem to want to cover anything in this policy. The house is on the lot and the mortgage includes the lot when you purchase the home. This leak is on the foundation of the house, yet they make every excuse not to pay the claim. What angers us more is that they knew before they came to my home that they were going to deny the claim. Yet, they took photos and then told us it was not covered. The news channel has reported that many residence have suffered with pipe breakage during this cold spell. We covered our outside pipes to protect them. But this is below the foundation concrete which the house sits on. There is no way of knowing that this could happen. Yet, they denied this claim. So now, I am in my second week of no hot water simply because Liberty Mutual takes 3-5 days to send an adjuster and obviously I have to pay for it myself.

Whether or not this gets resolved from Liberty Mutual Group, I caution the General Public against purchasing their homeowner's insurance from them. Also for the general public's knowledge, I am continuing to file legal complaints with the state insurance fund, Attorney General, BBB, and blast it out to millions of potential clients in an effort to warn them of such pandemonium if they were to file a claim with this ruthless Liberty Mutual Group. Oh, and if you are wandering about the first claim, they denied it was two feet from my front door, the cold water inlet pipe that feeds the house water. They did the same thing, stalled for days before they denied it by phone on that particular instance. So we went a few days without any water in the house. They also wanted to come and take photos at that claim and I denied them any admittance to do so, because it is illegal for them to post to your file without paying the claim.

I like this insurance companies because they have an agent and competitive fees. Their fees help me keep the insurance and help me feel confident. They are easy to talk to and resolve all your issues in prompt time. They are accessible and are willing to do anything they need to make your service better. But I would improve the fees of their insurance and the fast paying of their claims. But all in all the insurances are great and always help figure things out.

My credit union had been trying to warn me that I was paying too much for insurance. They went to raise my homeowners insurance again for more than $1,000 a year, and I decided to shop around. I found a much better deal with a great company, and I could take a vacation on the money I was paying over and above for less insurance with Liberty Mutual. I'm also saving $100 a month on my car insurance now. Their customer service even sucks because canceling my policy that I had had with him for 24 years I didn't even get asked why I was leaving, because they must know. They then had the audacity to send me a check saying that you pay your insurance in arrears which is the stupidest thing I ever heard. I would never waste your money with this company! It's like throwing money into a fire.

I have been with Liberty Mutual since 1972 and have always been treated fairly and with knowledgeable representatives. I originally decided on them because my sister was an employee there and suggested that I go with them. Their home office is in Boston and I worked across the street at John Hancock at the time. I like the fact that I deal directly with the company and not through an insurance agency. I also like that I get a multi-policy discount because my car is insured with them, too.

Liberty Mutual was very convenient. I was able to do all my business over the internet. I did not have to call or talk to anyone or have anyone come out to my home and do not have to do inspections. However, sometimes or most of the time the price can be very expensive. Liberty should lower prices and will get more customer.

I had Liberty Mutual for about 12 years then switched when my agent went to another company. I was with the other company for the last 8 years. My wife and I thought we should check around on pricing to see if we were still getting a decent deal. LM gave me a better price on both my home and auto so we switched, worst idea ever. After 1 month I received a letter stating they could not insure my home due to a set of deck steps without a railing, siding missing on my garage and debris in my yard. I called LM and they stated to fix those items and submit pictures and they could keep the policy in place.

First I contacted the inspection company to find out about the siding and debris. Their report showed approx 6 pieces of siding off my garage wall, and their picture actually showed my ladders set up around the missing siding. The inspector had come just after I had removed the siding to replace it after a woodpecker caused damage. As a matter of fact the new siding was sitting on the trailer behind my truck 20 ft away when he took the picture. The "debris in the yard" was the siding that had been removed sitting next to my ladder. When I received the cancellation letter the siding had already been put back on and the entire garage stained so that was an easy fix, I took a few pictures and went on to the hand rail. The side steps on my deck are 5 steps high and did not have a hand rail so I installed one then took pictures of that as well.

All this was sent in to LM customer service to appeal the cancellation. They said it was submitted to underwriting and I should know in 3 to 5 days. When I called back after a week they told me it could not be reinstated because of the 3 previous issues, even though they were taken care of. I sent in a complaint to their complaint department and received a call saying she would look into the whole matter. She then called me the day after the policy was cancelled to let me know the underwriters were not willing to reinstate it due to the 3 issues even though they were taken care of. Luckily I had already changed back to my previous company and took my auto coverage as well. This whole process was ridiculous and very stressful.

I have a great credit rating and have never filed a homeowners claim so there is no need for all this crap. If this is how it is just to get the policy how will they treat me if I ever need to file a claim. I wouldn't use this company ever and will let everyone I know hear about this. By the way I showed my old agent that I went back to the report, pictures and the pictures I sent back in and he couldn't believe how I was treated. Beware of Liberty Mutual.

Raised HO rates 22% from first year to second year. Called my sales representative several times during the week and left messages with no response. Received a call from an assistant who told me the rates reflected an overall increase. I have had no claims on cars, motorcycle, or HO coverage. Customer service very poor although when I transferred my policies to LM received excellent customer service. Seems only interested in maximizing profits after the sale. In addition customer service person had no interest in my concern(s) and advised to let her know what I decided to do.

I had been a customer of Liberty Mutual for 43 years. Before me, my family was with this company for another 35 years. This year I reluctantly allowed Amica to review my coverage and rates only to find Liberty was double the newly quoted rates. When I inquired, I was told "the rates were the rates." Besides the higher cost, service by Liberty had steadily declined with errors on my account, missed coverage and even now poor follow up after canceling my policies. The young man handling my account did not forward the notice of new coverage since "it was not his responsibility." It is a disappointment. Bigger is not better. I guess loyalty does not have its rewards any more. I recommend anyone with Liberty have the insurance reviewed annually.

Liberty Mutual is the best insurance I have ever had. I have heard horror stories from other people who have had to submit claims with other insurance companies. I had to have them cover storm damage to our house and they made the process easy. Also have them for car insurance. Someone ran a red light and totaled our truck. Again, absolutely no problems! Will not go anywhere else for our insurance needs! Awesome job!

Liberty Mutual has been our homeowners insurance carrier for generations totaling over 30 years. After knowing our family for generations for all this time and our minimal number of claims as would be expected, we did have a huge fire loss which was not on our home property but rather at a storage facility not under our control. This huge devastating fire occurred on Feb 18, 2015 at a storage building in Waterbury, Ct. and can still be found on the internet under Fire decimates 115 storage units in Waterbury Feb 18, 2015. We had 4 storage units at this facility where we paid approximately $500 a month in fees storing items both personal and for resale. Liberty Mutual claims that if you are selling a personal item such as a living room set, as soon as you list it for sale whether it is on Craigslist, newspaper, Letgo, OfferUp, eBay, or anywhere, it is no longer considered your personal property but that it is considered business property for sale.

We had $150,000 insurance at our home and usually insurance companies cover 10% including our Liberty Mutual insurance for personal property off your premises therefore our insurance coverage for the 4 storage units would have covered $15,000. In this fire, we lost over $100,000 in both personal and business property and with our breakdown of all our personal items, Liberty Mutual had their own lawyers determine that NONE of our property was determined as personal, despite the fact that we gave them a breakdown of our personal Holiday items, clothing, furniture, and all personal items totaling about $40,000. We itemized everything to the best of our knowledge including photos, estimated purchase price, and depreciation but again, the lawyers for Liberty Mutual said they never saw such detailed records but yet did not have an open mind about this claim and the total claim was denied.

They have their lawyers make a decision and you cannot fight it. If you are considering Liberty Mutual for insurance, but sure to check on the internet for all the negative feedback and complaints against Liberty Mutual as you will be amazed. They will grab your money and pay out menial but refuse to pay any larger claims. Furthermore, we were paying over $2,000 a year for homeowners insurance and for the exact same coverage we are now paying less than half that cost for insurance from Farmers Insurance. We may have lost the claim for $15,000 for our fire loss but after 15 years, we will have gained because of saving over $1000 a year in their outrageous premiums.

It has now been 3 years since the fire and we have saved $3,000 in premiums by dropping Liberty Mutual and going with Farmers Insurance. Of course with us paying the outrageous premiums, they didn't want us to leave, but they are the ones to lose out in the end. BEWARE of Liberty Mutual and feel free to contact me as I will NEVER discard all my paperwork regarding this fire and our loss.

They have good coverage for fair price. Like Alex Trebek says on another T.V. ad three words. Those words are Price, Price, Price. Comparing the different companies I found the price differential is incredible. I like Liberty Mutual's T.V. Advertising stating what they can do in a case of emergency. Not only do they cover houses and property but other items that need insuring. But the insurance industry in whole needs fixing. Things that should be changed is the price of the premiums especially for seniors on Social Security. The company that will address that is going to become more successful in the long run.

Liberty Mutual are crooks. Sold my house a week prior to when my policy would have been due. Unbeknownst to me, my mortgage company paid and renewed my policy. When I found out, I called to get a refund, but they will only give 25% of the full premium back. Kris ** was unapologetic. When ask to talk to her supervisor or manager, she would not, or give me their names. True insurance company, deny and hope we give up. So I guess it is ok to insure a house you don't own, but I bet they would never pay out. I guess legal action is my only recourse.

We were told by our mortgage company that we needed to shop for home owners insurance, so we started calling agencies. I called Liberty Mutual and I told the agent when I called that I was only shopping for quotes so I could compare prices. The agent, "Nicole" gave me a quote and got some other information from us. After we hung up, about 10 minutes later I get an email from LM telling me my policy had been issued and to please log in and pay the premium. I emailed "Nicole" back and told her I told her I was only shopping, and that we had decided to go with another carrier.

A few days later, I get another email from LM telling me to log in and pay the premium. Three days after that, an agent calls and tells me "welcome to Liberty Mutual!" to which I tell her we don't want insurance through LM, we are going with Progressive and I asked her to please remove us from their system. She said she would. A week later, we get a phone call from our mortgage agency saying Liberty had faxed them a copy of our policy with them and billed them for $1700.00. This whole thing screwed up our closing date because the mortgage company thought we were going with progressive like we told them we decided! We obviously did NOT pay their stupid policy, and I called once again and told them under no uncertain terms that we do NOT want their insurance!

What a terrible terrible way to do business. Trying to FORCE someone into buying insurance! "Nicole" needs to be FIRED if she can't understand the difference between a QUOTE and not "Omg! Sign me up!" Beware! Don't even bother calling this shame of a company. $1700.00 for homeowner insurance. Uh yeah, no. Progressive was $704.00!

After receiving unsolicited mail from Liberty Mutual about homeowners insurance, we decided to contact them about coverage because our insurance co. at that time was raising our insurance coverage and was trying to get away from covering manufactured homes. We told the representative we were in a manufactured home and wanted to see what our cost would be. The price seemed very reasonable so we went with them. Today we called to check on coverage for earthquake coverage also. One thing led to another and we found out they do not insure mobile or manufactured homes.

So for the last 5 years we have been paying our premiums and not being covered! If something had happened, we would have had zero coverage even though they took our money for five years. Their representative at the time was told about our manufactured home because we knew from previous experience that not all companies cover these types of homes. As far as the money spent for the last five years for NO coverage, tough luck. Avoid Mutual Liberty like the plague!

I made a claim to Liberty Mutual for my TV that fell off the wall and got damaged. They told me even though I had personal property coverage, and additional replacement coverage for that property it was still not covered?? Then they started naming off perils that would have been covered such as a airplane hitting the house and damaging my TV. What are the odds of that? About the same odds of them paying a claim I guess.

They made excuse after excuse on why I was not covered, just so they wouldn't have to pay the claim. They indicated that I should have bought a all risk coverage for my personal property, and that would have covered my situation, of course at more cost. I was already paying $29.00 a month for renter's insurance which was a rip off already. Further they didn't even offer me the all risk coverage when I signed up. When I mentioned this to the representative he identified that not all locations even offer that coverage.

They are just a bunch of thieves committing fraud on the large scale. They have no problem stealing my money in payments but yet they won't actually insure me when things happen. That's false advertisement. Also not offering me required coverage and then denying my claim based on coverage they didn't offer is a complete scam.

No insurance adjuster for 7 days after fire, because it was 4th of July holiday, hired restorative company who did not pull proper permits.

I called to get a quote for homeowners insurance on a home we just bought. The agent was sassy to begin with but I can handle that. So they began by asking about the house, garage, and then to the household. She asked how many adults, we said 2. She asked how many children, we said 3. Next she says "how many pets," answer is 1. The next question is "what kind of dog," reply was pitbull. She say "Oh we don't cover that kind of dog at all." I say, "Shouldn't that be discrimination because they were removed from the vicious dog list in Ohio." She says to me "We make the rules, not you..." And then she hangs up on me.

I don't complain about much but I thought to myself I'm more vicious than my dog. I called back to discuss with a supervisor and he tells me, "She was just stating facts." I said, "And what was she saying when she hung up on me?" How unprofessional Liberty Mutual can be... That place is a joke and do whatever they want to. No consequences for their actions.

Adjuster left us with estimates he calculated and evidently only of what they wanted to pay for damages, not actual costs of repair. Then wouldn't release final payment of balance, cheap way of screwing people out of about 30% of claim. Have complained to my state Rep. Have meeting with Iowa Insurance division, oversight agency chairman, Doug ** first week in June. As I understand it, this practice could be defrauding Ioans out of funds due and payable under Fair Compensation Act compliance under their state license/permit. And to think all we wanted was the balance owed to us via claim. Not to mention the company has raised our rates three times to almost five times what the original policy cost was!!

We had a house fire. It was started by a new dryer in our basement. Liberty Mutual sued to the dryer company. Got their money. We had paid Liberty for full replacement insurance for all contents. We receive 1/10 of what we were owed. I had just purchase a new computer and had the back off it, was adding new memory. They told us that the was broke and would not pay us anything. It was exactly 6 weeks old. They sent our clothes to their crappy (we had no choice) cleaners and wash everything together. All the clothes faded into each other. I had just purchase a new brown 300.00 leather bomber jacket, it came back grey and still smelled of smoke. All of our clothing was ruined. They did not replace anything. They told us to take or leave it. They sent out two 6'6" goons to intimidate us at Service Master. They told us if we did not shut up we would never get anything.

After 6 year we finally go a small pittance from Liberty Mutual. Fortunately we had pretty good resources to carry us through. I just feel terrible for those people that don't have that. Because Liberty Mutual will bury you with paperwork. Forget about attorneys they are all in bed with the insurance companies. For every attorney you hire they have 50 on staff to fight you. They have no agents to deal with. If you go to their office in Grand Rapids, MI. They have 3" glass put up for their protection. They will not give you any information. You are always dealing with a mysterious claims committee. When you purchase insurance from Liberty Mutual, you might as well flush your premium down the toilet.

We just hired a contractor to do some tile work in our new house. He related that had Liberty Mutual insurance on his vehicles. He lost his leg in a motorcycle accident. They blame his gout for the amputation and would not cover medical bills. He was in intensive care at Vanderbilt hospital in Nashville for 5 month. He also had a visit from their goons. He was run over by a truck that had Liberty Mutual insurance. They had him coming and going. There are so many nightmare stories about Liberty Mutual out there. This company should be broke up. Don't believe their advertisements. Please pass on the information on Facebook, warned the people against this company of (Whatever you want to call this kind of business).

This company was there for me when other companies wouldn't insure me. They insured me at a rate I could afford and with all the benefits I liked. They have great prices, and coverages. They were also quick to understand my needs. I can call them at any time with any concerns and they are more than willing to help me with my concerns. But I would always like cheaper insurance and easier ways to pay my premium. It always not easy to my online account. I had a one-time argument with a overworked individual that was short with me on the phone. But she apologized to me.

Last year my son and I switched all of our insurance to Liberty Mutual. Agent was accommodating and fantastic! We were making the switch from Nationwide on homeowners and auto because of exorbitant rate increasing. Agent was well aware of this and assured me that their rate increases would never increase more than 3-4% per year as compared to the 15-25% rate increases from NW. Just received renewal notices and over a 25% increase in homeowners rates. LM Greensboro branch manager explanation blames it on NC regulation. Was told my agent would help mitigate this problem. Instead received a non-renewal notice because I refused to sign the "Consent to Excessive Rate" increase letter required by NC, I think for them to charge rate that exceeded allowed rate increase. I was still waiting for the agent to mitigate, and this is how I was treated. Maybe he was glad I wouldn't sign it yet and he didn't have to deal with it. I don't know.

Needless to say, I am very disappointed at being treated this way while being a new customer with no claims. Customer Service and my agent had been very helpful in answering my questions until I questioned the rate increase. Then he wanted to talk about it on the phone when I requested email explanation. Too many life events made it extremely difficult for me to take phone calls when email worked effectively. Went round three times before receiving the email accommodation. What a waste of my time this has been. It's like they didn't want to give me straightforward answers. So no mitigation on the rate has yet to occur. I sent one final email attempt to receive that. In the meantime, I am looking for other Homeowners insurance company. Now I'm worried about authenticity of the life insurance policies we bought from them.

I didn't write down the male agent name that I spoke with. Everything was pretty straightforward as insurance quotes go. Until he asked if I had an animal on the premises. I advised I have a dog inside, a mutt. He immediately was suspicious of breed. I said that I always say a West Highland mix. I said I saved her from a high kill shelter. He didn't care about that information. He wanted to know what she was mixed with. I said a terrier. He wanted to know what kind of Terrier. I said she is not a Pit Mix. Although my neighbor has a Pit and he is sweet. The agent needed to know what type dog to go forward. I said any company this ridiculous that I had not experienced before is not for me.

After we hung up I saw HOW POOR the RATINGS are for LIBERTY MUTUAL. So glad I didn't make that huge mistake. EVEN more stupid than driving 3/4ths of a car (like their commercial) is getting insurance with them. Please Google: Liberty Mutual Reviews (horrible).

Liberty Mutual has sent out non-renewal notices to all of their policy holders in our area. It has made it virtually impossible for us to find Homeowner's Insurance. All the other large insurers who we have called are not writing new policies but are grandfathering their existing customers. We are long time (10 years) policy holders with Liberty Mutual with no claims. What a way to treat your customers.

I have life, auto and home insurance with Liberty Mutual and have always been please with the service they provide me as well as the rates. Their customer service is great and the online bill pay for all of my policies really makes it simple for me to pay the bills on time.

I have had this homeowners insurance for several years and I am pleased with it. This company is a very reputable company that has a long history of helping people handle claims easily and quickly. The customer service of this company is also very good with knowledgeable staff always ready to help.

I had insurance with them for almost 2 years. I'm disabled barely making it. Never had a claim. They increased my premium without telling me and took it off my debit without even asking me. I ask why and the lady told me they had to pay out a lot for other claims. They made me short on my food that month. They really stood by me. The Salt Lake city utah office all they're about is money. Nothing else.

A homeowner insurance adjuster came to my home to assess damages. When he sent me the picture he had several pictures of my granddaughters, who are minors, and my 19-year old daughter in their night gowns. He did not ask or inform me that he was photographing us. I feel that our privacy have been violated and now these pictures are out in cyberspace. My granddaughters' mother, who was at work at this time, is now very upset and wants to file a lawsuit. Is this a violation of privacy and civil rights?

Liberty Mutual is a great company. They have a great price, and fast and great service. They are always on time when you need them. If you have a flight they make sure they handle anything that needs to be handled. If I call with any little complaint they help me. They don't just put me on the side. They give me all the service I need. I definitely will recommend to friend or family. They're very reliable.

I bought a home and the title agency signed me up for this homeowners insurance. Six months later I learned it is charging me double what I should be paying. I cancelled and got another co. Now I want my refund. They are being VERY SLOW at issuing me a check.

I'm sorry to bash but people need to know. Liberty Mutual sent out an adjuster to see about damage to my roof from a storm we had earlier this year. I decided not to make a claim after the inquiry and never asked for one cent because their estimates were totally unrealistic. I sold my house and am buying a new house. I'm looking into insurance quotes and all of them are super inflated. I then found out that they placed a claim on my record and are refusing to take it off even though I didn't follow through with it. The company policy, and their definition, is that a claim inquiry and claim are the same thing if damage is found to have occurred, whether you use your policy or not. How shady!!!

My mother is a 78 year old, African-American widow and has always paid her insurance premiums on time and kept up maintenance on her home. In 2010, due to the washing machine water backing up in her sink, she had a fortune 500 drain cleaner company come out and run a snake through her drain to unstop it. The technician reported that she needed to contact her insurance company because dirt was in her drain line. After contacting Liberty Mutual an Liberty Insurance Agent came out and then recommended "Paul Davis Restoration". This turned out to be a very, very horrible experience because in 2013, she had the same complaint that her washing machine was stopping up in her sink and the kitchen floor was raising up.

In 2010 when Paul Davis did the repair the kitchen floor was sinking. So after submitting a claim for damage in 2013, Liberty Mutual said at first they would pay then changed it to they were not going to pay and although we had 3 previous estimates this year from other plumbing contractors and had Code Enforcement come out and all stated that the work done by Paul Davis Restoration that Liberty Mutual Agent did was shabby and needed to be pulled out and redone. Liberty stated they were not going to pay because Paul Davis company was responsible. Unfortunately we had to let Paul Davis come back out and they stopped one leak in the drain and said there were new leaks in the cast iron pipe they put down. Liberty is saying that they are not going to pay because we should have had someone to fix it although Paul Davis stated there are new leaks. We did everything we were told to do. What can we do?

Liberty Mutual is not there for their customers and their advertising of they are there for their customers and not like other companies is bull. They take your money and won't pay out on legitimate claims. They find loopholes in order to get out of paying for claims. I will never recommend them to anyone. Very bad customer service and don't give a crap about people.

We have had Auto and Home insurance with Liberty Mutual for many years. We have never put a claim in. Their rates were skyrocketing. We called them before the next home insurance was due, stating we wanted to cancel the home insurance portion (we do not have a mortgage and were taking a chance til we could find a more reasonable insurance). When we paid our auto insurance in full, via snail mail with the auto insurance stub, they took a portion of it and put it towards homeowners insurance. We got that straightened out. Since then we have gone with other insurance companies for both home and auto.

Today we get a collections claim in the mail. We have spent half a day trying to straighten this out. But they say we did not cancel until after the next due date. That is not true. We asked them to check their phone records but all they kept saying is that they understand we are upset but they can not remove the bill as they had covered us (unknowingly) for a month or so. The conversation was repetitive and we were not getting anywhere. They offered to lower the claim by $10.00. Needless to say we encourage you to look elsewhere for insurance. anything above a 1 star rating are for folks that have not been screwed by them, YET. By the way the TV commercials that are on every 20 minutes and that their customers are paying for, SUCK!

I had Liberty Mutual in the past and been very happy with them. They responded very quickly when I had a claim for hail damage on my roof at my old house. They have local offices here in Austin and they have been around for a while and have great ratings. They have great rates and respond quickly, friendly service and have local offices and a mobile app. If you leave a message they call you right back. My homeowners insurance is build into my mortgage though and I don't like that the insurance premiums go up with the value of the house. But other than that, they are a good company and I would definitely recommend them.

In short, Liberty canceled our home insurance due to claim from Hurricane Matthew, we had car insurance with them and switched and saved $1200.00 a year, then they charge us $170.00 cancellation fee because we were not through our year commitment. Called other companies and they charge $20-$25. Terrible company. PLEASE I beg you do not use this company and lose the money we have lost. Thank you.

They are a very good insurance company and they help you get the best rates. They are very good at making sure you get the very best deal you can get and you are very well taken care of. They also pay your claim on time and are very nice to you too.

Lost jewelry. Mutual Liberty's service was efficient. However their appraisal process significantly undervalued item compared to independent appraisal we had. When attempted to resolve through the agent. Never returned call. Stay away from this organization.

In 2009 I purchased a Flood Insurance policy with Liberty Mutual at the direction of the mortgage company at the time because the property was in a flood zone. At some point over the years that changed and FEMA designated the property was not in a flood zone. The bank was notified, nobody notified me, Liberty Mutual continued to tell me I have to have the insurance. I believed them. I am paying $1,800 for flood insurance now that I have had to carry for years per the instructions of the insurance company. Even today they refuse to cancel the policy although the bank has forwarded me documentation of the change in zoning, which has been forwarded to Liberty Mutual. They refuse to give me any money back. They refuse to update the documentation they are viewing as they explain to consumers what is required insurance for them to carry.

Had Liberty Mutual been using updated FEMA maps, they would have been able to tell me that I am not required to carry this insurance. That would be factual. Instead they lied to me repeatedly over the years and tell me I MUST have the insurance. This has cost me thousands of dollars. I continue to try to cancel the coverage. Something is wrong here. I am a veteran with a brain injury and if I see a problem, others must as well. PLEASE HELP ME GET MY MONEY BACK.

I've had all good experiences so far. Everything about the company is positive. Their customer service is good. Easy to do business with, good rates, and good coverage too. They also have an easy website to navigate and get things done as self serve at my own convenience, any time of day.

On August 28, 2011, hurricane Irene caused wind and rain to penetrate the roof of my condo causing damage to the living room wall and carpeting. The condo insurance paid for repair of the roof but Liberty Mutual has claimed, despite a great deal of evidence, that my homeowners does not cover this claim. In fact, the policy clearly states I am covered.

The insurance is supposed to cover everything in the home and outbuildings, as well as things and people on the property. The insurance is supposed to give a piece of mind and it does for the most part. The insurance is a salvage insurance. It is expensive and is something we need it to have, because we have made a claim. It's not right that once you make a claim you are targeted for things to fix in order to keep your insurance policy. The policy we have was the one that our broker told us was the best for the money, but it is probably best to shop around and see who offers the better deals periodically.

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