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Liberty Mutual Life Insurance
Liberty Mutual Life Insurance

Liberty Mutual Life Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

Our family has been insured by Liberty Mutual for years. We have both Auto and Life insurance policies. The representatives are always very helpful and the rates are great. When I had an auto accident a few years back they were very efficient making sure that everything was okay and let me know that if I needed anything to just give them a call. That was a great relief to know that they were genuinely concerned about me and my family, and the process went without a hitch. Thanks Liberty for being there for me and my family.

They are very caring and they understand that sometimes you have an emergency and can't pay your premium and they will work with you to make sure your insurance doesn't lapse. They are also excellent with handling insurance claims.

Liberty Mutual, they have been extremely helpful in keeping our premiums low. When I provide lower quotes they match it. They give us suggestions on how to keep our premium cost down such as defensive driving courses and umbrella policies. They have great customer service. Always willing to answer a question. Easy to sign up, make changes. Easy to use website and portal to make changes and check information when I am able especially as I work and am not available during business hours.

We have not had to use this company so I cannot comment on much but I do know that we didn't have to have any physical exams or fill out excessive paperwork to be approved for the insurance. The cost is reasonable.

After my husband died Liberty refused to pay me his spouse because their headquarters were in Illinois not Texas. Texas is a common law state, my spouse and I were common law for 7 yrs and Liberty refused to follow our state law where we lived and from the state we paid for their insurance. Instead they gave insurance to my father in law who bought a new car. And myself and my children were left with debts, mortgage, broken sewer lines and the death of our husband, father and sole provider. We paid 250 a month for what? No insurance nor 401k that my husband paid so his wife And kids could be taken care of. We lost our home, car, everything in the home just trying to pay for everything. They go and gave it to father in law that we saw 1hr a year on Christmas because they say they don't honor Texas state law of common law marriages.

They have fair rates, and I feel like they care about me and my well-being. They've always been there for me. And the older I get the smaller my Bill becomes. And they guarantee my rate never increases even if I have a new illness or am hurt.

I don't like being lied to. Increased payments. Rude. Take out automatic payments. And take out 2 payments instead so my balance in the negative. Had them for almost 1 year and there will not be a 2 year.

I have copies of a policy, they said it does not exist. The Hewitt customer service say it is not in the system because it lapsed. They sent me a letter of the lapsed policy, however, I never received that letter. I said that never happened, then they said I had to retire from Liberty to qualify for the policy. I received a retirement policy from the Federal government when I left them, so I am not believing them. They will not allow me to have this policy, and I am retired. I just want what I'd rightfully mine, I worked hard for my retirement.

I really don't have any experience. I got the insurance through my credit union years ago and all I do is pay them through my checking account every month and every year they send me my new insurance cards and my new renewal information. Every now and then I may add a car or take one off but that's about it. Any accidents I've been involved in I was always hit in the rear of the car so I was never at fault and the other drivers' insurance had to fix my car.

Because I had a life insurance policy with LM, I thought to lower my increasing auto insurance with another company by switching to them. This is a lesson in NOT believing advertising. The first rep took my info and set up a policy; when I went to check on it and make the first payment, they had the policy completely wrong. The 2nd rep. supposedly changed the policy but could not send the corrected one for me to sign.

So I called another rep who put me through to policy services. This rep was patient and seemed very competent. She discovered that the incorrect policy, if correctly written, would require a nearly $900 deposit. I cancelled any further business with them on this issue. Wouldn't you know that they CHARGED THE POLICY PREMIUM ANYWAY, caused an overdraft for my policy and my existing insurance, and have yet to refund the money, even though they said it would take 3-5 days. It's been 7. When I called on the 7th day, they said it would take another 6 days! Assuredly, I am cancelling my life insurance because I HAVE NO FAITH THAT THEY WILL EVEN PAY A CLAIM. RUN!! DON'T BELIEVE THEIR HYPE.

I hit a deer last year and they promptly got me a rental and let me extend it out until the car was finished and the repair was excellent. No hassles or questions and no rate change.

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