Liberty Mutual Renters Insurance Reviews

Liberty Mutual Renters Insurance
Liberty Mutual Renters Insurance

Liberty Mutual Renters Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

Need to replace things. When something happens no matter what you do not have to sit around waiting to get old things back what had in the first place. They jump on your claim in one heart beat and not keep you waiting a long time, like other insurers. Other ones tend to rip you off and not even care. They go by their promise and not make your life miserable and angry and not care at all. You get your claim when you need right away. No back talk. You be covered for what you have paid for and need to not wait a long time and end up with nothing. In the long run you get everything replaced.

Customer service is always friendly and professional. They are so helpful and knowledgeable. I am so happy with all the service I have received from them. My claims have always been handled quickly like it was their own claim they were trying to get through. They work their hardest to make sure that you are taken care of and to treat you like family. They work hard to make sure they find the best option to suit your needs so that you're not paying for more than you need and you're not inadequately covered. The coverage is exceptional. It meets all my needs and then some without me having to worry about it breaking the bank. A great company offering great coverage.

Customer service is excellent. They are friendly and knowledgeable. They show respect to everyone. They keep you up to date on our policy. Fees are low and easily affordable. I highly recommend them to everyone. I didn't have a claim thank goodness. But if I did I know they would process the claim as soon as possible. Anyone wanting good coverage should definitely find out their rates. They have a lot of different options. You can get very good coverage. They will cover most everything in your house. If you need them they will be there for you. They have a lot of different coverages. They will work with you on payments be it monthly every 6 months or yearly. You just can't go wrong with them.

Four days ago I went onto their online site for a free quote on renters' insurance. The quote was way over my current costs so I didn't even finish the application. Since then I've received voluminous emails and telephone sales calls from both Liberty Mutual and OTHER insurance companies. I am now being truly harassed. Apparently they SOLD my information and now I may even have to change a telephone number that I've had for about ten years. Again, my phone rings constantly, etc. Spare yourself what I'm going through and STAY AWAY from quote on their online site!!!

The employees were phenomenal. They made sure I understood the complete ins and outs of the policy I had chosen. They answered all my questions thoroughly. The employees explained everything extremely thoroughly with filing a claim process. They were very helpful. They offered many different coverage options in which the employees worked to find the best coverage option for me and my property. The whole process was super easy and it didn't take long to find the right coverage.

They were available at around the clock hours and helped me with my problem fairly quickly. There were multiple ways to contact them. I've have not filed a claim yet but I am confident that if I did the claims process would be smooth and painless. I believe they would also be fair. They have a wide variety of policy options available to their customers and discounts can be have with the bundling of those options. The representative was very good with helping me choose what insurance options I needed. I was able to obtain more than enough coverage at a very affordable price and the process was easy thanks to my representative. They were very helpful and knowledgeable.

Everyone was always helpful and understanding, even when answering the most inane questions. One woman in particular (Donna, I think her name was) stands out as a super support while I chose insurance. Claims processing is never fun and although my dad helped me out with the bulk of it, I had a lot of help through my insurance also. My friend used to work for Liberty and also helped me to contact the right people. Just when I was about to pass over the crazier coverage, my friends' apartment caught fire because of some electrical work being done. I quickly made sure that was covered too! Almost everything I could think of is covered! It was very helpful to have someone tell me about the chances of this or that happening and leading me to the right coverage.

Liberty Mutual is polite and helpful to all its customers. Getting help is very easier. Questions are happily answered for any of your concerns. I would definitely recommend it everyone who is looking for a easier way out. My claims process was very easy to go through. I had little to no problems at all compared with the other companies. I would definitely stick with Liberty Mutual for further contact and help. The policy options are great. They are convenient for customers. I personally had no problems with their policy options. They give a wide range to consumers which is very appealing to us. The coverage option is the best out of everything. They make sure you get a good coverage for your money. Basically you get your money's worth with regretting any decisions. I would recommend.

I have been with Liberty Mutual for almost 2 years. To my surprise, I was just checking my bank statement and found almost 3 transactions from Liberty Mutual in one month. After further investigating and wasting couple hours of time, I realized that my agent took the Liberty in his own hands to open a renter policy on my previous address and a life term policy with my fake signatures. Just file a complaint with Liberty. Lets see. FURIOUS....

Customer service was absolutely great. Always willing to ensure that all of my concerns and issues were always addressed and made me feel like they valued me and my family's business. Claims process was smooth and unproblematic. In what usually can be a frustrating experience, they ensured that everything was done swiftly, accurately and fair. They offered great policy options for all different types of people to use. Whether you were looking for something to cover a lot or just a little, they offered many different types for you to choose from. The coverage was phenomenal. It ensured that everything we had in our apartment was covered in case or any fire, theft, or any other unforeseen tragedy that could bestow a family unexpectedly.

Liberty Mutual has awesome customer service. They are very helpful and friendly. They answer all my questions. We didn't have any claims but I have every confidence that Liberty Mutual would have handled them very well, with professional and a friendly manner. Liberty Mutual has many policy options. We love Liberty Mutual, they are a fantastic company! Liberty Mutual has great coverage. We had a 20,000 thousand dollars policy coverage and it was plenty of money to cover what furniture we had for renter's insurance.

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